even when it seems like nothing is going right

They had been sitting side by side for quite some time now, neither of them speaking; they only seemed to need their eyes to communicate the words they weren’t willing to say out loud. She sighed, looking away from him, her gaze falling over the dark pool that reflected nothing – nothing of the scene going on at its edge.

Her eyes sparked with something he couldn’t quite pinpoint when she turned back up to him suddenly, and whispered, “you look at me like you love me.” She said it so softly he wasn’t sure if he had even heard correctly. He knew she was right, but all he did was look right back at her, his heart beating a little irregularly, when he whispered back, “you look at me like you love me too.”

She turned away from him then, sighing once again because she knew, she knew with everything she had that they loved each other, but it would never be enough.

—  excerpt from a book I’ll never write//a love story//s.babiak

i am officially caught up and i hate myself for putting myself through that torture. 

i feel like cinder is going to swoop in and look like some sort of white knight and that will give her power, or she literally just wants to destroy everything which seems like a waste to me. it seems to me pyrrha is going to get the fall maiden’s powers, but then again nothing about this season has been going right so for all i know everything will go horribly wrong.

adam’s voice sounded so sinister when he said “hello my darling” to blake, but what really struck me was blake’s facial expression, body language, and voice. even after she told the team about how someone in her past abused her trust, she still for some reason seemed in so much disbelief at adam’s behavior, which really hurts. because you can tell that she still, in the deepest part of her heart, believed in adam’s goodness. now her heart has been broken, and with it so has mine.

i just want my children to be safe.

anonymous asked:

Sorry, I know you said you won't answer anymore baby related questions, but I saw your response. I think the biggest problem with this storyline, apart from the fact that it should never have happened in the first place, is that right now, it seems completely pointless. I'm like, just do something with it. Anything. I'm waiting for some pay off and so far, nothing. Characters need to go through a lot so we feel good when they overcome it, but with this plot, what are they even doing, you know?

I’m actually gonna answer this one because - NO, I don’t know what you mean anon. You say it’s been pointless, they haven’t done anything with it,  and there’s been no payoff and I can’t disagree more. PLENTY has happened.

It’s been like what - a dozen episodes since Zelena dropped the pregnancy bomb on Regina? And in that time:

  • Regina and Robin have decided, despite the shit storm, that they still want to be together.
  • Regina plotted to kill/write Zelena and the baby out of existence and then decided that that wasn’t the person she wanted to be - she takes the right path.
  • Zelena tried to escape to raise the baby on her own, and even thought that would make Regina’s life a zillion times less complicated she put Robin first and said HELL NO - that is Robin’s child and you will NOT take it away from him.
  • Emma sped up the pregnancy with magical onion rings so the baby was born WAY ahead of schedule - HOLY SHIT that was crazy.
  • Regina and Robin take a huge risk and offer Zelena a chance to be in the child’s life (and unfortunately theirs)
  • Zelena decides she’d rather kidnap the baby instead and gleefully brags that she plans to raise her to be wicked.
  • Again Regina says HELL NO - I won’t let you harm this baby - and tornados Zelena’s green ass to OZ.

That’s A LOT for just a few episodes anon.

Through this ridiculous baby story line we have seen a ton of growth for Regina. She has repeatedly put others needs and interests ahead of her own desires. She learned what her happiness stems from and learned the RIGHT way to go about achieving it. And we’ve been shown that she and Robin are very much in love, very strong, and VERY dedicated to FAMILY. 

And the season is only half way done.

I’d like to see more storyline for Regina and Robin outside of the baby drama. But it’s not a pointless story line and it’s been anything but boring. If you don’t like the idea of the baby that’s fine - but that little peanut is here to stay. Better get used to her anon.

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"i knew you liked me."

the 100 ways to say ‘i love you’ teen wolf edition

they were laying in danny’s bed because he had invited noah over and the pair decided to lounge on the bed, talking about nothing in particular. somehow, the two began to talk about the person they liked. of course, danny was quite eager to hear who noah’s crush was. though he wasn’t really going to tell him who he liked; he was going to SHOW him. that was when noah leaned in to press his lips against danny’s. they were soft & tasted of cherry. how nice. the moment just seemed so RIGHT in his head; they were both alone, in danny’s room, and nothing could interrupt them. he was almost instantly regretting what he had done (even if he wanted to do it again) because the other hadn’t said a word. that was until he heard those words in the form of a soft mumble. “i knew you liked me.” he couldn’t exactly help the fact that his cheeks were heating up as he gazed over at the boy. “you did ?” he gulped nervously, “… do you like me too ?…”

Haeri lets out a sigh, she actually just settles down and crosses her arms, putting enough distance to just stare at him. Staring, isn’t the word, she isn’t pleased. Not even the slightest bit, that kiss, that quick good for nothing that shows how distracted he is? That didn’t help either. “Yeah, well, but at least when I do give you my attention I give it all away but seems like I might need to change that right now and go find Sesshou, at least he won’t be double-timing right in front of me and totally ignore the hell out of me.” Is she being childish? She’s being childish and that makes her frown even more, add to that a clear sulking expression, she seriously didn’t think she would be the whiny type.

He looks up. It’s the longest he’s looked up since he looked at his phone. Sometimes there were increments, to prove he was watching the movie, to prove he was attentive as he should be when he’s not. But this? This is different. He looks up and it’s weird for him to look up once her words settle in, he’s usually always looking at her, and she usually never has that expression on her face. “I’m sorry.” And he could add a babe to the end of that but he’s not trying to test his luck. He holds up the phone to her, now sitting up and getting all the weight off his chest with a stretch. “Wanna yell at my boss for me, he’s trying to take up all my time next month. I was busy negotiating my schedule with him and my trainer.” And with that he throws his head on her knees only staring up with the most pitiful expression that honestly isn’t an act. “They’re trying to take you away from me.”

Those bad days

So a lot of us on here have the kind of thing wrong with the chemicals in our brain that makes it so that we have good days, and bad days. For me, that’s MDD. One of the things that really seems to be something that we kind of forget we share is that on the bad days, even the smallest thing that goes wrong can seem horrible, but even the most important thing to go right seems like nothing. 

Watching the video below, I kind of think it shows how I personally feel on those bad days. That feeling when you’re finally so done that all you want is to get a drink of water, and you can’t even seem to do that right. It feels like the facial expressions on this guy’s face. I’m just overwhelmed and frustrated and can’t deal with it, and all I’m thinking about is that I can’t get a freaking drink of water done right. In the meantime, everyone else sees what’s really going on, that even though I can’t see it, that I’m still good at something. 

Maybe I’m weird, but I really like this video for that reason. And also because it’s freaking amazing. 


How often do you wake up to take your dogs out to potty?

When I brought Echo home she would sleep the night like you angel, but since then she has developed the need to get me up at least two times every night. I’ve tried taking her out right before we go to bed and changing when she eats but nothing seems to change when she wants/needs to go out. Recently it’s become an even bigger issue because she has decided that she must spend forever in the snow sniffing around and I’m growing very impatient with her (considering it’s freezing at night and I’m starting to not be able to tell when she actually needs to go out vs just wanting some late-night entertainment). Interestingly enough she hardly ever wants to go out during the day. Nothing I’ve done seems to change this either. Does anyone have any suggestions besides limiting her water intake?

It’s been over a month and the aching as not yet let up. I’m starting to think it never will. I keep searching for something that I’m not sure even exists. You know when you walk into a room just to forget why you entered in the first place? I feel like i’m in a constant state of that feeling. Nothing seems real. That’s the safest option for me right now. In my head you’re just at work. In my head you’re still here. I don’t know if I’m ever going to be ready to face reality. Even if I decide to do so, it’s never ever going to be the same. There’s always going to be a part of me missing. Have you ever tried to dig a hole in wet sand? No matter how hard you try, you’ll never get the sand to stop caving in along with the water. That’s kinda how memories and thoughts of you have been. No matter how hard I try, I can’t repress them. Maybe that’s the problem in itself. Maybe I need to think about you and memories to face whatever it is my brain is avoiding. I’ve handled a lot of shit. but I just don’t think this is something I can face. I haven’t had a dream about you in a long time. Did you stop caring? Was that the last time I get to see you? You were, and always be my favorite person on the planet; even if you’re no longer on it with me. I feel as if someone has punched my chest so hard my ribs shattered into my heart. Breathing is like trying to drink out of a straw with a hole in it. Typically when that happens people get a new straw. Unfortunately for me, I can’t get a new heart. As long as I’m here, I’m going to make sure that even if you’re not around, your memory will always live on. You impacted so many peoples’ lives. I hope I can be like you one day. I hope wherever you are, you’re happy. I hope you don’t have to search for comfort in the bottom of a bottle of rum. I hope that up there, your smile is sincere. And although I hope for nothing but happiness for you, I hope you miss me sometimes. Hopefully not as much as I miss you or else you’d be miserable all the time. Was I your best friend? Or was I one of the negatives in your life? I don’t even know if I want the answer.. I’m sorry I haven’t written to you in a while, I cry a lot when I write to you and I haven’t wanted to let myself go. I don’t know how I’m gonna make it without you, but I’ll update you on my “progress”. It was Australia day the other day! I put up the bandana in my room, hope you don’t mind. I love and miss you very much. I hope you come home soon. (I really need to stop telling myself that)


January 28, 2016.

LeT iT gO

“Let it go and you will be free,

Let it go and you will fill with glee.”

“How do I do that,” I ask “please just meet me halfway”

“You plaster on a smile, you hope and you pray.”

I’ve been praying for ever so long,

To wake up and just for one day not feel so wrong.

They say “just laugh and wipe off that frown,”

But they don’t understand that in my head, I drown.

I drown in my thoughts,

All messed up like scattered dots.

“When there’s a will there’s a way”

But they don’t even care anyway

Won’t care if I’m here

Won’t care if I’m not

So I might as well just tighten the knot.

“You need to at least try”

Understand that I do but then I just cry

Nothing ever seems to work out right,

So go on and hold that blade tight.

Like my cigarettes, away I am wilting

Slowly disappearing in front of your eyes

You won’t even notice till I am gone

Sometimes I want things to never get better,

Just to have the chance to write that final letter.

The pain simply will not go away

So please suggest another way

Because he is “too busy” to bring me to life,

Too busy to help end my pain and strife

I have to do that on my own

And it doesn’t help that I am always alone

They told me my life was not that bad,

Because they only saw what I had

But they don’t know what I lost

And that my sanity is the cost.

 - UnDiscovered Gyrl Original 

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Nothing in this world is more important and telling to me than the "I'm his wife and I knew as much as a woman he hated." Like... I wish you could see my face right now sis. we don't even know backstory and yet you've successfully painted a whole situation in that one line. You give us so much. From the electronic manifestation of the end of their relationship to the line "everything about you seems random these days" like... Sis. K gotta go.

sis… there’s nothing worse than looking from the outside in when it comes to anybody you care about but when you’re looking in on your HUSBANDDD.. i can’t even imagine how i’d feel :(((

the fading of their relationship via her calendar was important :(

Sitting here questioning everything you’ve ever said,
Because I was literally dead to you.
I just don’t understand
How a man
Can say he loves a woman
Then turn right around and act like she was nothing more than trash on the side of the road.
I allowed you into my humble abode
Where you left tiny reminders of you in all the cracks
So that when you left I’d always seem to find a piece of you.
A memory or a smell you turned my house into a living hell
I can’t take this kind of pain!
I’m going fucking insane with the constant
Same thought of
Will you ever even love me!?
No really love me.
I want a love on fire
With passion and desire
One that sets my soul on fire where I don’t question if they want someone else
Because damnit I am enough!
I may be a teenage fuck up
But maybe that’s because so many fucked me up before you.
You were just the cherry on top
You plopped into my life out of nowhere
And now you have me fucking scared
When I thought that I was fearless.

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Name: Matt
Nicknames: friendonkey (my league of legends name)
Gender: Male
Star Sign: Capricorn idgaf what the “new zodiac” says 
Height: 5'10~
Sexual/romantic orientation: good ol’ fashioned heterosexual
Hogwarts House: i dont even like harry potter but probably hufflepuff because idk they seem chill
Fav color: Wine red
Time right now: 11:45 PM
Average hours of sleep: 7-8
Lucky Number: 225
Last thing I googled: “hitler did nothing wrong”
Favorite fictional character: Neptune!
Number of blankets I sleep under: 1
Favorite artist/band: dont have a favorite
Dream Trip: Idk I want to go to anime conventions or something but there are good ones nearby
Dream Job: Probably advertising or PR
What I’m wearing right now: hoodie and my work slacks
When did you create this blog: like…. I guess it would be around 2010-2011 or so? I didn’t really start using it until 2013
Current amount of followers: 254 i keep losing followers promo me pls
What do you post about: Anime, games, food, cosplay, memes, political memes,  generally all around cool stuff
Who are your most active followers?: If you’ve liked or reblogged something from me or interatcted with me at least once or twice in the past few weeks there’s a VERY good chance you’re up there.

When did your blog reach it’s “peak”?: 255 followers ;_:
What made you decide to have tumblr: to be ironic
Why did you choose your URL: this is my steam name that i’ve been using for years

not tagging anyone because i already did one recently