even when it seems like nothing is going right

The Seventh Wheel: A Case for Black Lion Lance

Alternatively titled: Lance Deserves The World Because He is My Son and I Love Him

Okay, so Shiro’s gone and someone’s gotta fill his big ass shoes. In the toss-up between him, Allura, and Keith, I’m going to be arguing in this post that Lance could be the guy to do it. And, fair warning, this is going to be ridiculously (like, ridiculously) long lmao so here’s the TL;DR right now: I think that a) Lance already shows the character traits of a good leader, and b) there’s a good chance of him becoming one, given his impending character arc. 

It also has a chance of not happening, of course, but who cares?? I already started writing this thing, so:

Alright, let’s begin at the beginning, because that’s always a good place to start.

Lance is first introduced to the audience as the classic loud, arrogant, goofy flirt. The perfect comic relief character. He rescues a guy because his “rival” was gonna do it first and he can’t have that, the first thing he does in the giant robot cat is fart, and he hits on a girl who just fell out of a pod in a magic castle. He’s there to make you laugh.

I can’t imagine anyone looking at a character like that and “You know what? This guy could be a leader.” Allura says it herself in episode 1. The black lion is supposed to be the decisive head of Voltron, a person who’s a natural born leader, who’s in control, and,

Basically, calm, collected, and respected. “A natural born leader.” So, definitely not Lance. Case closed.

But, not really. Because Lance actually is calm and collected. He’s just not respected. He has all the leadership traits– the problem is that he’s not treated as someone who could be a leader.

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You Could Be Twins - (Peter Parker & Tom Holland AU)

Prompt: Peter Parker meets Tom Holland

Warnings: Fluff, mistaken identity 

Word Count: 1,098

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

A/N: This is a crossover. Enjoy! This is a oneshot no more parts to this.


“Ned I don’t know if this is such a good idea to go to this party. We aren’t even popular” Peter told his best friend.

“Peter come on this is going to be great. Maybe this will be your in with Y/N” Ned reminded him.

“Y-yeah yeah yeah you’re right” Peter nodded turning forward to the entrance of the enormous house.

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“You’re staring at Mister Vimes, Reg.”

“Am I?” Reg asks, eyes fixed on Vimes’ back as he speaks to some new recruits.

“Yes Reg,” Nobby says. “You’re staring, Reg. Why’re you staring?”

“He… just reminds me of someone, sometimes. The Commander.”


He’s twenty-five and he’s standing on top of the barricades, flag in his hands and pure defiance in his voice.

He’s twenty-five and he should be dead, is dying, blood gushing from more wounds than he can count but he’s still crawling forwards, still fighting, propelled by nothing but willpower and conviction because he will. Not. Give. Up.

He’s twenty-five – but is he, still? – and fresh air washes over his face, not quite ridding him of the taste of mud and dirt still filling his mouth.

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everyone who meets harry: harry is a natural born star there's just something effortlessly magnetic about him he's just so special on his own without even trying. harry's team: you know what we should do? fabricate an intricate fake image built on nothing but lies to make harry seem like the heterosexual rockstar i wish i was when i was younger.

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Hello what do you love most about yoongi and good luck choosing because I literally can not choose

Okay, so like you said, there’s no way I choose ONE thing that I love most about Yoongi. So I’m just blather on about a bunch of things I love about him instead 

  • His passion for music. I’ve talked about this a bunch of times, but I’m gonna say it again. THE BOY WROTE A SONG CALLED “FIRST LOVE” ABOUT A PIANO! Imagine loving music so much that you consider a piano to be your first love :”)) I wish I was as passionate about anything as he is about music

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  • He’s so freaking relatable. I love when he’s just in the background of a shot looking dead on the inside or something. I’m like same :)))








  • When he’s in his element on stage. Is there anything hotter? 
  • The fact that he’s admitted that he used to look down on idols:

But clearly loves his members and fans so much and goes along with all the idol-y stuff he has to do without ever seeming bitter or resentful about. He’s even said that he wants to continue being in BTS for years:

  • His savage lyrics:

Example: “If I’m the sun, you’re the moon, because when I rise, you go down”

Example: “Like your parents, my heart hurts every time I see you, I’ll put a period at the artery of your music career”

Example: “All ya fried rappers should be thankful I am an idol”

  • His sad/touching lyrics: 

Example: “The things I could only imagine became reality
My childhood dreams are now in front of me
I was a nothing that performed in front of only two people, now Tokyo Dome is right in front of me”

Example:  “ Dream, may all of creation be with you
Till the end of your life
Dream, wherever you are,
Will welcome you
Dream, may your trials
End in full bloom
Dream, though your beginnings might be humble,
May the end be prosperous”\

I’m putting a read more here, but everybody should click it

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My friend texted me late one night and was wondering 10 reasons to keep living. This is what I told her.
  • sometimes nights will feel cold and empty when there’s no reason for it. live for these nights. embrace them. dance in them. do what you need to feel complete again, make tea, watch movies, write poetry and wear your prettiest pajamas. and when they are over, rejoice because you made yourself feel whole again. you did that. live for the nights in which you heal yourself.
  • words have more power than you think. they can save you. you need to live to see these beautiful words that will come, and sometimes they’ll come to you in the form of songs or poetry or texts or even the words that come out of your own mouth. live for these words.
  • there’s no such thing as a stupid reason to stay alive. think of these reasons and hold onto them. you want to see the finale of your favorite show? you want to wait for that clothes order to arrive? you want to play your entire volleyball season? and when those little things to look forward to run out, find more. live for the tiny things that make you happy.
  • being “something” is easier than you think. passions come across when you’re not even expecting them. you love morning tea? live for those morning cups of tea. buy a teapot, get yourself a ton of flavors of tea. try every flavor of tea known to humankind. make your own tea. open a tea shop. make a tea kettle. live for your passions.
  • boredom is a dangerous thing. I know sometimes you want to lay in bed and do nothing, and sometimes that helps but more often it doesn’t. a lot of the time staying busy will be the only thing that will help. find those little distractions and live for them. they may seem like chores or busywork but you’ll grow to love them, I promise. paint your nails, try a ton of hairstyles, go through all your drawers and throw out old stuff, do 100 sit ups, spend an hour looking through all your music and create a master playlist of your favorite stuff, research things you’ve always wondered like ‘why do cats have whiskers’, look up motivational videos, watch interviews of your favorite band. you’ll feel productive. do anything to keep your hands and mind busy. live for being busy.
  • self-love is hard to achieve and it’s a lot of work but it’s so wonderful. learn to love yourself. stop rejecting compliments, accept them and maybe you’ll finally come to see them as true. self-love isn’t thinking that you’re perfect, it’s knowing that you’re human and beautiful and you have more prettiness in you than flaws. it’s also knowing that yes, you are beautiful on the outside in your own unique way, but you are more beautiful on the inside than anything. make it your mission to finally recognize that you are a good soccer player, that you have really pretty colored hair, that you are your own worst critic and you are full of stardust and fairy kisses and you can conquer the entire world. live for loving yourself.
  • people are not as fragile as you think. you keep watering yourself down and you’re receiving watered down love. it won’t hurt them if you show your entire self in all it’s glory. it won’t hurt them to tell them what you really think. you are full of comets, stars, galaxies that they should be dying to see. show who you truly are. and if people are too fragile to handle it? leave them. if they can’t handle the complete version of you, the you that makes you happiest, the you you’re not ashamed of, then they don’t deserve you. live for being yourself.
  • we are a flawed, broken people. life doesn’t have a meaning. the universe will end someday. people get sad and hurt every day. these are all things that are true, sad, but true. sometimes we just need to acknowledge that things are true, let ourselves feel what we feel, and move on. live for acknowledgement. but also…
  • we are a flawed, broken people but that makes us all the more beautiful. life doesn’t have a meaning but you can make one for yourself. the universe will end someday so we should make it as beautiful as we can before it leaves. people get sad and hurt every day but they get better. live for positivity, live for knowing that you’ll be okay.
  • once in a while it will seem like nothing is going right. it may seem that way right now. but remember that you always, always have someone, in good times and in bad. even if everyone else abandons you, I’ll be here. I will stand by you in your brightest days and your darkest days, in my stormy skies and in my sunshiny afternoons. I will be a shoulder for you to lean on, I will do my best to make you happy when I can and help you when you’re sad. live for the people that love you and make you happy. live for me, and the countless other people that want you to keep walking this beautiful earth. live because there is so much left to see, live because there is too much left to do. live because one day, you’ll be sitting at your kitchen table with sunlight streaming through the window at just the right angle with a cup of coffee and a gentle smile on your face, and you’ll have a wonderful job and a beautiful family and friends that love you with their entire hearts, and you’ll be so, so glad that you stayed alive to witness that very moment.
Desperate for Love pt. 2 [Suga Angst]

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“I love him. But he doesn’t know(s) But it doesn’t matter. Because he loves her.”


Yoongi moved out from the apartment a few days after that the two of you had the fight. Or the confession.

He went back to being cold and didn’t say a word and although you were glad he didn’t, you still wished that everything somehow went back to how it was. How it was before you dug in too deep.

You stood outside his now empty room and looked around. You had never seen his room. Not even once since he always locked the door even if he was at home. But now standing there, the wonder about how his room looked like was still in your head.

Was it as cold and dark as him, with a black desk, black chair and black blankets? Did he throw his dirty clothes on the floor until the whole floor was covered with stinky socks and shirts that smelled like him?

The room you had tried to sneak into so many times was now standing there, empty with nothing but a key that he had left behind, on the floor.

He had left without even telling you about that. The key that you had given him on the first day when he first moved in wasn’t given to you on his last day. He had left it on the floor because he was avoiding you. And for once, you were happy he was.

Your days went and came, faster than you’ve ever imagined that time would be. It had already been a year since the last time you saw him.

There was no point in lying - you had been extremely careful with going out and accidently bump into him. But fortunately, that hasn’t happened although you’ve been working at The Face Shop, knowing exactly who the woman he was so deeply in love with was.

Ji Hyo was everything you were not. Her slim, model like figure made you look down to your own and wonder why the hell you haven’t been paying attention to take care of yourself more. Her face could light up a whole room when your face seemed to shut down an entire house. Her genuine way of talking, smiling, touching and even doing nothing could make any man pause what they’re doing, just to look at her.

Yoongi was right. You weren’t her and you were never going to be her.

You wanted to hate her. But she didn’t even know you beside the fact that you were her employee and friend. She was even the best boss you have ever had, how could you hate her? She didn’t know that you were in love with someone who loved her. She didn’t know any of that although the two of you had grown to be great friends.

Perhaps that’s why, when she came that day, smiling brightly with a man you haven’t met for a year, holding his hand and walking right to where you were seated, it finally hit you straight in the face that you should’ve told her. Or left before that.

His eyes were intense, staring right through you. In your head, you wished that this was all a dream. I fucking nightmare.

“Hey Y/N! I want to introduce you to my boyfriend.” Fuck.

It wasn’t a dream, a nightmare. It was reality. As you stood up, your eyes moved from Ji Hyo’s face to his stone hard face before they moved down to their locked hands. His eyes never left you as much as you wished they could.

“This is Yoongi, my boyfriend of five months.” She said, turning to face him with the biggest grin on her face before she turned to you, still smiling. “And this is a close friend of mine, her name’s Y/N.” You didn’t meet his eyes although you knew that he was still staring at you. You could feel his eyes burning holes on your skin.

“Hey guys,” you snap your head to meet Ji Hyo’s worried look and you felt bad for not even being able to look at her and be honest about how you feel.

You wanted to tell her that you had gone through four years of developing feelings for him, to only have him break your heart a year ago and still, a year later, seeing him still made your heart flip and skip a beat.

You wanted her to know that there was no love stronger than the love he had for her, because that was exactly the love you felt for him. You wanted to let her know that he had missed her all these years, the same way you had missed him, all these seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years with and without him. You needed her to know that he had been needing her this whole time, just as much as you still needed him like you needed him yesterday and the days before that day. You wanted her to know that the look he had in his eyes whenever he looked at her was because he wanted her to be his and unfortunately, that was the exact same way you looked at him.

“We’re going out for lunch.You want to go out and grab something to eat with us?” The question is from Ji Hyo and she’s asking you. But you didn’t answer right away because could see him in the corner of your eyes, he tensed up just by the mention of spending time with you.

“No it’s fine. I still have some things to do and I’m not that hungry. You go ahead and enjoy your lunch without me.” You avoided his eyes the whole time that you were talking, only giving him a fast glance to see that he was still looking at you, just like he had done since the moment his eyes landed on you.

“You sure?” You nodded, letting her know that you’re sure about staying.

“Wait here babe, I’ll just go and grab some things before we leave.” She pressed a short kiss onto his lips before disappearing to her office, leaving you with him. Or him with you. It doesn’t matter because right then, everything you could see was him. Your heart skip over a few beats and it got harder to control your breath.


His name left your mouth as if you had been dying to say his name but it still felt familiar although you hadn’t said that name for over a year, out loud.

“Y/N.” The way he said your name was hard, as if he was trying to not let any emotion get through his lips.

“How are you? It’s been a while.”

“I’m great. You?”

“I’m fine.”

You looked away for a few seconds after that before you faced him again.

“Are you happy? Happier now?” You asked him because that’s the only thing you wanted a proper answer to. If he was happy and not as moody like he used to be. If she made him happy.

It took a while for him to answer but when he did, it’s like everything you’ve ever done to him means nothing at all. Absolutely nothing. “Yes. I’m happy, Y/N. I’m happier than I’ve ever been.” You took in a deep breath and shut your eyes tightly, mostly to prevent the tears to leave your eyes.

You should’ve known better and stopped right after that to stop yourself from breaking any further. But you didn’t because again, just like a year ago, you pressed the buttons until it was too late to regret it.

“Does she make you happy?” You didn’t even know why you asked him that. Of course she made him happy.

“She makes me feel like I own the world, Y/N. Something I didn’t think that I could feel, with anyone, until her. She brings out the happy and bright side of me that I didn’t know existed, until her. She can make my day hundreds of times better just by a simple action or a simple word. And there’s no need for her to say that she loves me because just by having her and telling her, letting her know that I love her is enough.” His eyes soften as they look into yours when you finally open your eyes.

It felt like a year ago all over again. It felt like you were in your apartment, listening to every word he had to say about her. How much he loves, misses, needs and wants her. It felt like you were brought back to the scene where you first got your heart broken and it felt like although it wasn’t even fully healed, it just broke a little more than last time.

“So to answer your question and to all the unquestioned questions, I love her, despite the fact that I know that it won’t last forever. But I’m taking risks with her because that’s everything I’ve been doing since I first laid my eyes on her four years ago. Because that’s what you do when you love someone, right?”

You didn’t realize until then that he was you and you were him because what he felt for her could be described as your own feelings for him. You realized then that you still loved him and were going to love him for a long, long time, despite the fact that you were never going to have him. You took risks when it came to him. You pushed him too far and you pulled him to near, not realizing that all he ever needed was her and not you.

Because that’s what you do when you’re desperate for love.

And that’s what you do when you see him smiling the moment he sees her again.

And that’s what you do when your heart break some more when you see them kiss while they wait for the elevator.

And that’s what you do when you finally break down on the ground, sobbing and crying.

Because that’s what you’ll always do, just like how he always does it when it comes to her.


I’ve never got so many positive comments about an one shot before and wow, WOW, you guys are unbelievable! I have know idea how I should thank you but THANK YOU SO MUCH! Reading every message that I got from each one of you was one of the most beautiful moments of my writing-experience. 

I’m so grateful, happy and lucky to have such wonderful readers and I’m so thankful to those who had showed their appreciation for me.

I know this isn’t happy ever after - but those who has read my works know that 80% av my works won’t be a happy ever after. I hope you enjoyed reading this although it wasn’t fluffy like I know you wished that it was. But I feel like this is their destiny. It’s how things are between them. 

I hope you loved Desperate for Love just as much as I loved writing it. Thank you for giving me a chance to write part 2 for their story.

Again, thank you. <3

Thank you, my love, for making me smile on the days where things seem to never go right. Thank you for making me feel like the most beautiful person that has ever existed in the world (even though I know that’s not true whatsoever). Thank you for listening to all my rants and for dealing with my craziness, which is uncontrollable honestly. Thank you for sticking by my side when I try to push you away, I really don’t deserve you. Thank you for your undying support because without it, I’d be so lost. Thank you for saving me from drowning in my own thoughts and shining light when I thought there was nothing but darkness. Thank you for everything… without you, there wouldn’t be a me. You make me want to be a better person and not even for you, but for myself. I love you and even if we’re not together in the future, at least I’d know that the light does exist in this world.

supergirl sentence meme: episode 1-3

  • you may know his story.
  • i’m not afraid. 
  • you will do extraordinary things.
  • you’re safe here. 
  • earth didn’t need another hero.
  • there were no witnesses except for this homeless guy who swears the perp had horns!
  • there’s no such thing as aliens.
  • you might feel differently if you read this website…
  • i have a date.
  • what’s going to happen to them? to their families?
  • you want to save the paper? go find me a hero.
  • what’s she gonna do? fire me right after hiring me?
  • but first, you have to tell me who you are.
  • i feel like i’m not living up to my potential.
  • you always wanted to be normal, right?
  • when in doubt, go with blue. it is your colour.
  • you try saving a plane for the first time! see if you don’t make a mess!
  • are you okay? me? am i okay? are you okay?!
  • were you scared? i mean, i was scared too, but you– you had to be terrified!
  • i need a drink.
  • what were you thinking?! you exposed yourself!
  • saving people is what they’re born to do.
  • there’s something about me that for most of my life, i’ve run from it. but last night, i embraced who i am and i don’t want to stop.
  • oh my god, you’re a lesbian.
  • i’m not gay!
  • why aren’t they dead?
  • can’t promise her death won’t be public. and messy.
  • human casualties are irrelevant.
  • where’s my cape?
  • capes are lame.
  • we realised we weren’t alone in the universe and we might soon be getting more immigrants.
  • they’re planning something. we’re just not sure what it is yet.
  • they were trying to kill you.
  • you couldn’t even stop us from capturing you.
  • you wanna help? go back to getting someone’s coffee.
  • i know you don’t want to hear this, but she’s dangerous.
  • i’m sorry, darling. i just can’t hear you over the loud colour of your cheap pants.
  • i’m a girl. and powerful, and rich, and hot, and smart.
  • i don’t need you or anyone else fighting my battles for me.
  • how many innocent people are going to die until you prove that you are not a coward.
  • killing you will have to do.
  • you’re gonna be okay.
  • i’ve never felt pain like that before.
  • you were right. the world doesn’t need me.
  • how could i compete with you?
  • your family believes in you.
  • there is no correct path in life. you will lose your way many times.
  • be wise, be strong, and always be true to yourself.
  • i told you, i don’t trust aliens.
  • people of this city will die because of something i did.
  • i don’t wanna die.
  • that’s what makes a hero.
  • don’t you have a city to protect?
  • find her and kill her.
  • no one can be allowed to stand against us.
  • is that the fastest you can go?
  • i see you share your cousin’s appetite for wanton destruction.
  • believe it or not, he’s just looking out for you.
  • growing up, i always thought you were such a bad liar.
  • even you have your limits.
  • there was an implicit promise that she would be, at a minimum, above average.
  • i just started to think about this kitten video i saw online earlier. it’s so funny what they make those cats do.
  • get your head out of the clouds and back behind the desk where it belongs.
  • that was a really good pep talk. excellent use of pep.
  • we hunt aliens.
  • shouldn’t you be sleeping?
  • he has many fine qualities. sadly, cooking is not among them.
  • i want to help people just like you some day.
  • not only do they have the element of surprise, but they’ve also had time to master their abilities.
  • you’re relying on your strength without technique.
  • when you’re facing a superior opponent, you need to use their strength against them.
  • any woman worth her salt knows that we have to work twice as hard as a man to be thought of as half as good.
  • every step of the way, i had to fight, to work hard, to get better, to come out ahead.
  • i don’t wanna be a part of whatever you’re planning.
  • i got some mad sewing skills.
  • who names their snake fluffy?!
  • people are really starting to believe in her!
  • god, what, did you order more pizza? you’re a beast.
  • i’m not a scared little girl anymore.
  • you’re out there, fighting, risking your life, and i still trust you.
  • i have a policy against using my friends for business reasons.
  • i have a policy against losing.
  • i’ve been waiting quite some time to get one of you alive.
  • growing up, i was taught that to accept help from people is not a shame, it’s an honour.
  • he’s so used to going it alone, he doesn’t know any other way.
  • part of being your own man is knowing when to accept help.
  • i was scared, but i’m not anymore.
  • i’m here to save you all.
  • do not stand against me.
  • every species has a will to survive.
  • show me how to fight. train me to be as good as you.
  • you never let that loss diminish your light.
  • this is not a job i take lightly.
  • how can you eat sticky buns for breakfast every day and stay so thin?
  • i think i fell asleep. yesterday was a pretty long day.
  • she– she tricked me. she’s like a villain!
  • it’s a big day for journalism.
  • it’s like riding a bike or severe childhood trauma. you never really lose it.
  • it’s going to make that caitlyn jenner vanity fair look like a penny saver pullout.
  • the story’s spreading like wildfire across social media.
  • everybody wonders who they are at some point in their lives. you’re gonna figure it out.
  • it’s okay. i’ve got you. i’ve got you.
  • i want him to know what it feels like to lose everything.
  • so what are you saying? we just sit back and do nothing?
  • you don’t hear that loud, high pitched, incessant humming coming from the vents that’s making it impossible for me to think straight, let alone string together one coherent sentence?
  • i am very proud of the fact that my many years of being here, i have never thrown a phone at anyone. i would very much like to keep that record intact.
  • if i call for help now, i’m done. we’re done.
  • if i’m going to be defined, it’s going to be by my victories and my losses.
  • it’s gonna be alright. you don’t need to hurt anyone.
  • compared to me, that guy’s a dope.
  • the writing is beautiful. lyrical. the kind of story they make you read in journalism school.
  • she embodies the worst traits of her generation: the earnestness without purpose and the unshakable belief that she has a right to be heard, even when she has nothing to say.
  • that’s why i’m gonna go talk to him, the way i’d want someone to talk to me.
  • i’ll punch him real hard until he falls down. that always seems to work.
  • i’m not here to fight you.
  • i know what you’ve lost, too.
  • it feels like you don’t believe in me.
  • i’m sorry that you’re mad at me, but i’m not sorry you’re still alive.
  • your story is just starting.
  • look at you, all dressed up in your big boy suit.
  • girl knows power when she sees it.
  • you’re very sexy, but as i recall, you’re big on promises and not much else.
  • nothing says powerful more than leaving your own party early.
  • saving the world means saving everybody.
  • i was scared that i was going to lose you.
  • what’s so bad about falling?
  • don’t do anything stupid.
  • i’m sorry for what happened to you. but you are going to jail.
  • you wanna see him hurt? killing me would do that.
  • you could’ve been killed!
  • if that potsticker is not in my mouth in two seconds, i will melt your face.
  • deep beneath that seething disdain, she respects you.
  • you should be proud of yourself.
  • do not watch homeland until i get back.
Under The Weather

Fandom- The Outsiders. (Two-Bit X Reader)

Warnings- Nope. It’s cute.

Note- Requested by anon! Thank you! :) (I used pronouns in this one. :\ )


  You smiled, tossing your head back in laughter. Soda and Steve were trying their damnedest to beat Dallas in an arm wrestling competition. Dallas was feeling extremely playful today, and was even nice to you. You’d arrived at the Curtis house and he held the door open for you. Granted, he probably watched your ass as you passed him, but you’d take what you could get.

  Soda clasped Dallas’ hand in his own and they placed their elbows firmly against the table. Soda licked his top lip and Dally merely blinked. It was tense for a second. You called ‘go’ and they began pressing against each other’s force. It seemed like milliseconds before Soda’s arm was against the table. Dallas grinned and leaned back in his chair victoriously.

  “How are you doing that?!” Soda demanded. At least with Steve he lasted a minute. Steve and Soda seemed weak in comparison to Dally. They looked pissed about it. Dallas grinned mischievously. You’d caught on to what he was doing earlier on. You laughed harder. Soda and Steve seemed to notice and shot you weird looks.

  “What’s goin’ on, Y/n?” Steve asked. You laughed harder then winced. Your stomach had been cringing up at random. It could have been your period, but it was a strange cramp. It felt like sharp pins being pushed through your skin. It was hurting on your lower-right side. You were sure it was nothing. The last time you were actually sick was when you were seven and had the flu. Nothing, not even a cold, had appeared since then. You were going to get through this, just like everything else.

  You looked up at Steve and Soda with a smile on your face. They were both right handed. It was easy for them to arm-wrestle each other. Dallas, however, would be difficult to arm-wrestle fairly. He’s left handed. You laughed softly. You glanced at Dally and he gave you a small nod. You were allowed to tell them.

  “Dallas is left handed. You two are arm-wrestling with your left hands. Your left arms wouldn’t be as strong as your right ones. Dallas’ left arm is dominant, so he’s stronger in that arm. It’s a completely unfair game.” You stated. Soda’s eyebrows knit in confusion and Steve sighed loudly. What idiots.

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anonymous asked:

How can you act like its unreasonable to think Keith will remain the prominent cast member, as he becomess a fucking wizard and leader of Voltron with blood links to their most plot important ally, as well as greatest warrior on the team? The seeds are right there. Worry may or may not be right, but worry absolutely is not unwarranted.

I mean, I think a lot of these are pretty shaky premises but I’m personally going to pick specifically at the “greatest warrior” thing mostly because…

Red’s thing is she’s the fastest and has the most firepower in terms of arsenal.

She’s also the weakest Lion in terms of resilience or endurance.

Keith is, like literally any other member of the team, a specialized build with obvious exploitable weaknesses. In Keith’s case he either is able to OHKO an opponent or he is dead. Extended stalemates tend to end very badly for him: see the Gladiator bot in s1e9, which was consistently able to drive him backwards until he hit a corner, see Zarkon in s1e11 who absolutely kicked his ass and hung him out to dry.

See, the entire Trial of Marmora in s2e8 where when challenged in terms of endurance, Keith’s willpower and refusal to quit are not framed as something that can keep him going, it’s framed as something getting him killed. If the Blade hadn’t been going for nonlethal strikes, Keith would have been dead in the first room.

Keith’s only assets are speed and firepower. The whole Trial of Marmora shows us that when Keith is outclassed in terms of those two things- up against faster enemies that he can’t drop in one hit- he’s screwed.

The fandom literally has jokes about how often Keith gets wrecked, and that’s because he’s the quintessential squishy wizard build except in even more peril because he doesn’t have any means to attack from a range longer than “right up here in your face” on foot. Red at least affords long-range attacks.

Like if you’re going to accuse anyone of being Way Better Than The Rest Of The Team why not at least go for like, Shiro, mister hardcore parkour throwdown-with-Zarkon-on-the-astral-plane-with-nothing-but-spite-and-this-laser-arm.

Little Things

When he wakes up in the morning with a croaky morning voice, his hair is all fluffy and soft curls are forming at the top. He will lean in to your cheek and press his dry lips against it as he waits for your eyes to flutter open.

Sometimes, he has those days where he just locks himself up in a room. He just wants to drown out all of his problems and thoughts. But there is only one thing he will always need. One person he will open up the door to. You.

His fingers will always intertwine with yours, gripping them to make sure you don’t pull away from his. He finds some sort of comfort in that. He will rub the back of his thumb against your delicate skin so that you know that you’re all his.

But he says it’s the best feeling when he can feel every single inch of you as his thrusts become sloppy as he orgasms. His face is buried deep into your shoulder and his forehead drips small beads of sweat. And when you tug his hair on the back of his neck as you come, he releases a low groan that seems like it comes from deep down in his stomach.

Sometimes at night, you’re wide awake staring up into nothing. And even though it’s dark, your fingers still find their way to trace over the detailed guitar tattoo on his right arm.

And sometimes when it’s just you and him, he will look over at you. He will admire every single part of your face. Like the little freckles that seem to come and go, or your beautiful eyelashes that flutter every time you blink. He will look at you so many times but he will never get tired of it.

Alpha/Alpha Verse (Omega)

Note: I don’t remember who asked about it, but someone wanted to know about Lance and Keith’s relationship when it came to Shiro.  Lance is a straight omega (attracted exclusively to alphas), which Shiro is a prime example of.  I needed a more Keith issue centric drabble to balance out all the Shiro centric ones, so I went ahead and wrote it.  Hope ya’ll enjoy.

Keith really wished Lance was an alpha, then he could just deck him without being the bad guy.  He didn’t understand why the omega was constantly needling him, and the way he always stood so close to Shiro, with those big shiny hero worship eyes.  It didn’t matter how much he scent marked the man, Lance never seemed to catch the hint that Keith didn’t appreciate him getting all up in his mate’s personal space.

It was like being back at the Garrison, where it seemed like every other omega viewed him as just keeping the spot warm.  He’d wanted to punch them too, and when a female alpha asked Shiro to go somewhere private right in front of him he’d hit her.  She’d at least had the decency to claim nothing happened when they were questioned afterward.

If he was fair, and he really didn’t want to be, Lance had never made a pass at Shiro.  He’d flirted with everything that even vaguely resembled an alpha on up to the Princess, since they’d gotten into space, but he’d kept his pick up lines away from the Black Paladin.  He just got too close, and made those damn eyes at him.

It really shouldn’t have surprised anyone when it came to a head.

The mission had been long and life threatening, when Keith got out of his lion all he wants to do is grab Shiro and go to sleep.  What he gets, is walking into the hall to find Lance hugging on his mate.  Shiro isn’t hugging him back, even as Lance is getting his omega scent all over the alpha.  Keith snaps.

Lance nearly hits the floor as Keith tears him off Shiro and shoves him away.

“What is your problem!” Lance shouts.

“You, you are my problem!” Keith yells back, then he makes a gesture to emphasize the space around him, “This is what we call a personal bubble, Lance! Learn to freaking respect it.”

A big hand rests on his shoulder, “Keith it was just a hug,” Shiro says, trying to defuse the oncoming fight with the tone of his voice alone.

Keith’s having none of it.  He whirls on Shiro, “Does he know that!” He shouts, pointing at Lance, “Cause he sure seems keen on ignoring the fact you’re taken!”

“Dude, I am not trying to steal your mate!” Lance yells, interjecting himself back into the argument.

Keith turns and stalks towards the omega.  Lance takes a step back, eyes going wide, “Really? Could have fooled me.” Keith snarls, he follows as Lance tries to backtrack, pushing up close to get in his face, “Does this make you feel uncomfortable?  Like I’m a little too intimately close? Maybe it’s because I am! And you shouldn’t be getting this close to other people’s mates!” He shoves, and this time Lance hits the ground.

“KEITH! Back off Lance.” Shiro shouts, and suddenly his Galra hand is wrapped around Keith’s bicep. “You. Go now,” Shiro says to Lance, pointing towards the door.  The omega scrambles to the obey, pushing off the ground, and running for the door.

Keith waits until Lance is gone to yank his arm out of Shiro’s grasp, “Going to try to pretend I’m in the wrong,” It’d be typical of his life.  He gets pushed and pushed, until he finally pushes back, then everyone acts like he’s the one with the problem.

“You’re overreacting,” Shiro says sternly, Garrison approved look of disappointment on his face.

“You’re underreacting!” Keith snaps back, “You’re always underreacting.  Letting every Tom, Diane, and Harry hang all over you.”  Was it any wonder that everyone had always thought he was just a place warmer, when Shiro let absolutely anyone that wanted to get close to him.

“I’m not going to cheat on you,” Shiro says.

“I don’t think you’re going to cheat on me!” Keith shouts again, it’s just so frustrating.  Shiro is completely missing the point, “I just want some respect.” He emphasizes, “I want people to stop acting like I’m not here and that you’re available. I want you to stop encouraging it.” Stop acting like it wasn’t happening, “I want you to put up some boundaries, so people will stop hitting on you.”

“Keith,” Shiro’s voice has softened.  The older alpha reaches out, tries to pull Keith in.

Keith bats his hands away, steps back out of reach, “Don’t try to hug me.  This isn’t a hug and make it better type of situation.” He growls.

“I’m sorry,” Shiro has his sad puppy dog eyes on, and Keith has to look away.  No. This is a real problem and he won’t let Shiro smooth it over with hugs and kisses.

“No, you’re not.  You’re not going to do anything about so you’re not.” He says it to remind himself as much as Shiro.  The universe will cease to exist before Shiro’s personal space stops being open to all who seek it.  

Shiro tries to say something, but Keith cuts him off, “Don’t.  Just go to bed Shirogane.” Maybe the cold sheets will get him to think about what Keith said, “I’m going to train.  I’ll see you again, when I don’t feel like ripping your damn head off.” Keith storms out.

Now has a direct sequl Talking It Out

It’s quite easy to have faith when things are going right. But the true test of the believers is faith in Allah when His plan is nothing like what you had in mind for yourself. It’s faith that Allah will keep you on His path, even when your whole world seems to be falling apart.

Remedy (15) THE END

Bucky x reader

Bucky’s POV.

Notes: trigger warnings! Implications of sexual abuse, mentions of torture, swearing, injuries, angst, fluffy, smut, a very protective Bucky who knows exactly how to be sweet and careful.

A/N: This is it. I hope you enjoyed this story as much as I did writing it. Thank you guys for all the comments on this! And if you’re sad that this is over; we still have Reprogramming, which will be revisited sometime! x

Originally posted by closer-to-the-edge-of-glory

She still submits to me on occasion; willingly or maybe out of habit, her nature, I suppose. Not what she always was, but the way they made her. Lately I’ve been feeling particularly cross with Hydra. And by cross, I mean I want to fucking rip their collective heads off and shove them up their collective asses, and do the same with the two heads that’ll take the place of the first I rip off. This, because the better she’s doing, the more the horrifying things they’ve done to her show. She’s getting more spontaneous, witty, brave as well. She goes up against me if she feels like it, if only to play around but also when she means to push her own way instead of leaning with mine. I love her for it, I love hearing her say what she wants, I love the way her eyes shine with defiance and her jaw sets decisively. It also never fails to turn me on.

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Title: Playing with Fire

@negantrashlucille23​ requested: Maybe OC being the daughter of a very important customer… but like Ike is still married so that there can be some angst but there’s definitely something between Ike and OC And smut x) fluff anything you want really ^.^

Character(s): Ike Evans and Reader
Summary: Your father stays in one of the suites at the Miramar Playa, and the hotel’s owner, caters to his every need. But, when you finally see what this man looks like, you cannot help but tease him every chance you could get.
Word Count: 2,877
Warning: SMUT!!!
Author’s Note: Thank you, @negantrashlucille23​ for this request! It was so much fun to write. Plus, I wanted this to be as steamy as possible, so I hope I accomplished that! I also changed it from being Ike and an OC to Ike and the Reader, if you don’t mind! Thank you again, and enjoy! :-)

Forever Taglist: @disfigured-it-out || @chunex || @jasoncrouse || @oceanicseries || @dixonsbait || @negan–is–god || @see-you-then-winchester || @sable-the-trans-ham || @k4veggies || @labyrinthofheartagrams || @purplemuse89 || @ladyynegan || @scentofpineandhazelnutlattes || @may85 || @a-girl-interupted || @spn-cw123

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anonymous asked:

How would the bat fam react to a Nekomimi? (Cat girl)

At first I was going to write this as a headcanon but then, I figured it was probably better for me to write it in the form of imagine instead. Thank you for requesting, hope you enjoy it!

“Are those ears real?” Damian frowns as he stares at the ears that are perched on top of your head. You tilt your head to the side, looking down at him – you are only taller than him by a few – and nod your head.

“What are you exactly?” Bruce asks warily. You had appeared out of nowhere and even when he had tried to search about you in his database, nothing came up! That made him warier and safe to say, right at this moment, Bruce did not really quite trust you.

You frown. “I am what a human would call a cat girl.” You tell him, flicking your tail. It seems like your mother’s plan of transporting you to safety went awry. She had told you that you would be going to some place where you could be safe but so far, you didn’t think this place is safe. You had been attacked the moment you arrived although you did manage to dodge almost all of their attacks, given the fact that you always manage to land on your feet.

Dick chooses that time to speak. “A cat girl?” He glances at Bruce, before mouthing ‘Selina?’ and Bruce shakes his head. You bore no resemblance to Selina and he doesn’t think the cat ears and the tail are fake either. It’s a toss between being real and being mechanical. Bruce is betting on the former though.

“Are those things real?” Jason walks in with Tim and Alfred in tow. He approaches you and you look up at him. Now you are wondering how you manage to get yourself in to this situation. Judging from the stench of blood that is also around him, you knew you are most likely in a dangerous place. You let out a hiss, backing away from him. Jason frowns before rolling his eyes. “No need to get so hissy. Hey bats, did you pick up another stray?”

You let out another hiss this time stronger at being called a stray.

Jason smirks before he turns to look at you. “Is being angry the only thing you know how to do?”

“Master Jason, you should stop provoking her.” Alfred comes up to you before holding out a glass of water. He had gone to retrieve a glass of water for you earlier when Jason and Tim stumbled in to The Gardens behind the kitchen, with Jason supporting a bullet graze on his arm and a sprain on the wrist for Tim. So Alfred had to patch them up first, relaying what has happened.

Tim blinks a couple of times as he stares at you. The cat ears on your head look to be real and his eyes widen when he sees them twitching. “What species are you again? I am sorry if this has already been asked.” He quickly adds when you turn to look at him.

Tim is also probably the second person that does not come off as dangerous – the first being the old man. You repeated your previous answer. Tim takes out his phone before looking up several websites. He has heard a couple of people mentioning the ‘cat girl’ over the past few weeks but he can’t seem to pinpoint just when the conversations started coming up.

“My mother sent me here.” You finally decide to tell them. “I cannot go back to where I came from – mother has made sure of that. Perhaps, I am the last one of my people here. Wherever here is.” You explain, remembering the state of your own planet prior to being sent away.

Alfred sensing the tense situation immediately straighten his posture. “How about we all head to the dining room and I will serve dinner? We need to show hospitality for our new guest after all.” He suggests and without waiting for anyone’s reply, he simply walks you out of the room.

“I really want to pet those ears.” Damian mumbles. He wonders if your ears are as smooth as Alfred the Cat’s ears. Speaking of cats, he has yet to see Alfred for the longest time now and wonders where his cat has gone off to.

“Forget about those ears, I just want to know if she is skilled!” Jason exclaims.

“I need to have a meeting about this with the other League members. They may know about her species than I do.” Bruce mentions before getting up from his seat. “We should head to the dining room now lest we want Alfred to have all of our hides.”

Bruce did not have to say it twice for almost everyone immediately bolted to the dining room, except for Dick. He waits until everyone is gone from the room before turning to look at Bruce. “You don’t trust her?” He asks and Bruce shakes his head.

“At least not completely.”

Dick nods his head before patting Bruce on the back. “I will hold the fort down here and will try to see if we can get any more information from her so you can head to the Tower as soon as we are done with dinner.” Bruce nods his head at Dick’s suggestion before the two of them head over to the dining room. What an eventful night.

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Can you write an imagine where you and Justin Foley go to the dance together and then spend the night at your house?

Before starting, I just wanted to apologize for taking soooo long to update it. I’ve been with exams until just a week ago. Anyways, I think I got a bit carried away with the story and it has a lot more drama that it was intended to have in the first place, but yeah, hope you like it.

“Oh sweetheart. Are you sure you’re not going?”
“No mom.”
“But you looked so gorgeous in that dress… It really is a pity.”
“I know mom, but I really don’t feel like going anymore.”
“Okay… Call me if you need anything, honey, I’ll be downstairs.” She kisses her forehead before getting up and leaving, closing the door behind her. (y/n) sighed, rolling over her side as she buried her face in her fluffy pillow.
It was the day of the dance. A really important day to many, including (y/n). She was going with her boyfriend, and she couldn’t be more excited. That was until a few hours ago. She had to go back to the lockers room since she had forgotten something, and that’s when she saw it. Her boyfriend, making out with some girl in the back of the room. He was cheating on her. Who knows for how long. She kept it together for the rest of the classes, but when she got home she totally lost it. Going to the dance no longer seemed so appealing. Why go anyways? She’d only get laughed at for being such a fool and not noticing what her boyfriend was doing.
She remembered she hadn’t even talked to him about it yet. He’d arrive at her house like nothing happened, and she didn’t feel like seeing him, so she just messaged him.
‘We’re done.’ Those were her only words, and she hoped to get her message across just with that. (y/n) waited for him to read it, and right then blocked him. The last thing she needed was to see his lame excuses.
Half an hour later the front door’s bell rang. (y/n) was about to yell to her mom not to open, but she was too late.
“I don’t wanna see him.” She shouted from her room.
“But honey, it’s Justin.”
‘Justin? What is he doing here?’ She wondered, and as she thought this there was a knock on her door.
“Come in.” She grumbled, and Justin came into view. (y/n) hid her face in the pillow, since she didn’t want him to see her stained cheeks, but he still managed to see it.
(y/n)… I heard what happened with-”
“How do you know about that?” She asked, cutting him harshly.
“He was barging about it right after he received that message from you. Didn’t look like he cared too much though.”
“Already supposed his reaction wouldn’t be too great.”
“He didn’t say much… Why did it happen? You seemed happy with him.”
“I don’t wanna talk about it…” She felt her nose itching again, something that happened whenever she was about to cry. Justin knew that well, so he simply sat beside her, engulfing her in his arms.
“You know what you need right now? Some distraction, and I think the dance would be great for that.” He whispered as he drew circles on her back to soothe her.
“I don’t know, I… I feel like it’s only gonna make things worse.”
“Why though? I’ll be with you the whole time, and if him or any of his friends dare to come just the slightest distance near you I’ll make sure they don’t.”
(y/n) giggled at Justin’s over-protectiveness. He was always like this in this type of situations. And he was also the kind of person who didn’t change their mind easily.
“Do you want me to go that badly?”
“Yes! C'mon, it’ll be fun.”
“Fine. But I have to get dressed and all…”
“No worries, I’ll just wait.”
(y/n) rolled her eyes in annoyance, giving in to Justin’s request, as she got up to get her dress and put it on. It took her a while to get ready, and by the time she came back Justin was lying on her bed with his eyes closed.
“Wake up sleeping beauty.”
“I wasn’t asleep.” I mumbled before he lazily opened his eyes. Right when he saw (y/n) he froze, mesmerised.
“Do I look that bad?” (y/n) asked upon seeing his expression.
“No… You look way too good.”
(y/n) blushed, murmuring a 'thank you’. “Let’s go now. I didn’t make all this effort for nothing. Wait” She stopped midway through the sentence, thinking about something. “How are we going there?”
“By car obviously. I’ll take you.”
“Last time I checked you didn’t have a car.”
“Yeah… That hasn’t changed.” Justin admitted ashamed.
“Fine, you can use mine.”
Justin’s eyes lit up, as she handed him the car’s keys and he run outside excited.
                  *time skip*
The dance had already started by the time they arrived to the high school. A mix of blue light and music escaped through the open doors, and the outside of the building was decorated. There were some students scattered outside, completely opposite to the mass of bodies that crowded the gym.
(y/n) advanced reluctantly, thinking about what could happen if she saw her boyfriend, now ex, or any of his friends. Justin noticed and reached out for her hand, holding it tightly and giving her a reassuring smile.
“How’s it going?” Shouted Zach, wanting to be heard with all the loud noise as he approached them. “Hey (y/n). Thought you weren’t coming. Heard some say that.”
“This boy here kinda dragged me.” She said nudging Justin.
“Good thing he did, you’d be missing one hell of a party. I’ll be going now, just remember the drinks are over there. Might look the same, but the left one has a little extra.” He winked as he said this, and just as he had arrived he left, disappearing in the sea of dancing students.
The first destination were the drinks. Justin grabbed two glasses, filling his with the liquid contained in the left jar.
“What you choosing ma'am?”
“Getting risky today, aren’t we?”
Usually she wouldn’t drink alcohol, it wasn’t her thing. But that day all she wanted was to forget. And isn’t it said that alcohol helps with that? She took a sip, scrunching her nose as she drank. It didn’t taste too good. Truth said, once you got used to it, and she definitely did, it got better.
They sat by the bleachers for a while, both slightly tipsy, but that only made their conversation even more weird and funny. A few more glasses finished and they had lost any kind of sense of time. It could’ve been only minutes or hours. Not that it mattered, (y/n) was having the time of her life.
“Let’s dance!” Justin suggested after a while.
“Noo… I’m really bad.”
“C'mon, why come to a dance if you don’t dance?”
“Can’t argue your logic.”
He stumbled a bit as he got up, making (y/n) giggle, and he then proceeded to do a reverence, holding his hand out for her to take. She did and they walked, not without tripping a few times, to the centre of the dance floor. They shyly swayed to the music at first, but the drinks in their bodies easily put them in the mood, as they followed the rhythm of song after song. Whether it was because of each other’s company or just the atmosphere of the party, they were both able to forget any problem they had.
But of course nothing lasts for long.
(y/n) heard her name being called. At first she wasn’t sure if it was for her, but in no time she recognised who was calling her. Regardless of how drunk they were, she could tell who it was easily. She didn’t want to look. She didn’t want to face him. But she figured that if she took longer he’d only shout louder in order to get her attention, and she didn’t want to make a scene. 
“Yeah, look at me you slut!” He spit out once she dared to turn. “Real nice of ya! Leavin’ me through fuckin’ text. The fuck did I even do to ya?!”
She gulped, her voice sounding more scared than she intended it to be. “I saw you, in the locker room… can’t remember with whom, but I saw it.”
“And what?”
“What do you even mean with that? Do you expect me to stay with you after cheating on me?!”
“But ya not dumping me ‘cause of that. Ya doin’ it to be with that dickhead.” He pointed to Justin as he walked closer to him. Last thing needed was a fight, and thankfully (y/n) was able to hold Justin back.
“Fuck off. Haven’t you heard her? (y/n) doesn’t want to be with you. You fucked up good, so just accept it.”
“You ain’t tellin’ me what to do.”
“Justin, let’s leave. There’s no point in arguing with him, he’s too much of an idiot to get it.” She wanted nothing more than to be out of there. They walked out, as her ex continued calling them names, which were soon drowned by the noise.
It was shockingly quiet outside. (y/n)’s heart was pounding fast, as she made her way to her car.
“We’ve both been drinking, should we not be driving?” Spoke the logical side of Justin.
“I can drive. Trust me, I’m pretty sober by now.” Without a doubt she was. After the striking events from the night, any alcohol in her had magically disappeared. 

The drive down to her place was awkwardly quiet. Neither of them had too much of an idea of what to say. Regardless of that, (y/n) was able to decipher by Justin’s look that he didn’t feel like going to his own house. A sly smile appeared on his features the moment he saw how (y/n) pulled up at the driveway of her home. At first, they walked in carefully, trying not to make any sound in case her parents were already asleep, but that soon ended by the time they reached the kitchen and they saw a note which said that they had gone out.
“You want anything?” (y/n) finally said as she opened the fridge, looking for something to drink. 
“Nah, I’m good.” Another awkward silence followed. So much was going through (y/n)’s mind that she was completely unable to form any coherent sentence.
“I’m sorry for what happened.” Were Justin’s words after some long minutes.
“It’s okay, it wasn’t your fault. I should’ve imagined that would happen if a went to the dance. Let’s not talk more about it though, I don’t want to think about him.”
Justin nodded. “How about we watch a movie? To get your mind off all of it.“ 
"Yeah… I’ll go change then, you can choose whichever you like.”
Mixed emotions raced through her as she laid on her bed, trying her hardest to settle them down. Relief began to stand out over her other feelings. She had faced him, and at least now she could begin to forget him. She remembered Justin was waiting for her downstairs and she got back up with recovered energies, grabbing a blanket as she headed back to the lounge.

All the lights had been turned off, and the tv was now the only source of light, illuminating the room. A bowl with crisps had been placed in the table, together with some drinks, and Justin was already sat in the couch, waiting for her. (y/n) smiled upon seeing this, as she curled up next to Justin and covered both of them with the blanket. The movie started, and she snuggled closer to Justin, enjoying the warmth and how safe she felt with his arms around her. 
“It hasn’t been such a bad night after all.” She said halfway through the movie. “I mean, I’m having the best time now.”
“Yeah, me too.” Justin looked down to gaze at her. He couldn’t help but smile, seeing her with so much joy and tranquillity. Unlike (y/n), Justin was still drunk. He might have been staring at her for a solid ten minutes, until a sudden outburst of courage let him place a hand on her cheek, making her turn to face him, and lean in to kiss her. It took (y/n) by surprise, and there was no reaction from her. This probably made Justin aware of his actions, as he pulled back flustered. Regret washed over him as he realized what he had done. His drunk state had let him do something he had long time dreamed of doing, but had never had the courage to. 
“I-i’m so s-sorry I…” He stuttered, not knowing how to solve the situation. (y/n) didn’t know what to answer either, so she went with the classical plan of leaning in again, taking the initiative this time and kissing him. This time there was a reaction from Justin, as he kissed back with as much love and passion as he could, hoping (y/n) would feel it. And she did, as she was smiling and giggling the moment they pulled apart. She pecked his lips again before returning to their previous position, her head leaned against his chest and his arms secured tightly around her small frame. Not that they payed attention to the movie now, since they were both too busy thinking about each other, with a childish grin plastered on their features.

Tom Wilson - Chapter One

Tom’s POV:

I groaned as I untwisted myself from all of my sheets, rolled out of bed, and shuffled to the front door of my apartment that Andre was banging on.

“Tom! Come out right now! You never leave your apartment! We are going out today! Stop feeling sorry for yourself!” Andre yelled from the hallway as he pounded his fists against my door like a gorilla to his chest.

“Tom seriously – “ He began as I opened the door.

“Oh, hey. Didn’t think you were going to actually answer.” Andre said as he pushed passed me and plopped himself down on my couch.

“What do you want, Andre? You know I’m not feeling good.” I told him as I ran my fingers through my bedhead.

“That’s exactly why I’m here. You have been moping around this small ass apartment feeling sorry for yourself because Anna broke it off with you. It’s been almost a month. I’m getting so bored not having anyone to do anything with. You need to get back in the game.” He explained as he played with the Snapchat selfie filters on his phone.

He was right. My girlfriend of over a year… my first serious girlfriend… had broken things off with me. She was an athlete back in Canada and really wasn’t around. Things were just getting too difficult to keep up with. There was more bad than good, so she walked away. I was torn up. 

“My game is fine. Did you somehow miss both of my goals in the game last night?” I questioned with an annoyed tone.

“I’m not talking about hockey, babycakes. You know exactly what I mean. Don’t let one girl ruin your whole world. I know you got your heart broken but there are so many girls in the world.” He went on.

“I didn’t get my heart broken. We’ve been over this.” I sighed.

“Oh, you didn’t love that girl?” Andre asked as he stood up.

“It was complicated. You know that. She was never around.” I explained, for the millionth time.

“Whatever, man. Just get some clothes on. I thought we could go to Georgetown today. Get out of the building. It’s an off day, we should enjoy it.”

“Fine.” I answered as walked back into my room to change and wash up for whatever adventure Andre had planned for us today.


“So what’s on the schedule for today?” I asked Andre as I got into his black BMW.

“Filomena for lunch, shopping, Georgetown cupcakes?” He suggested.

“Italian food? I just woke up.” I questioned as we rode over the bridge and into Georgetown.

“It’s 1PM. And don’t act like you don’t want Italian food. You always want food.” He argued.

“Okay, true.” I answered reluctantly.

We parked down by the water and walked into the small restaurant, luckily not running into any fans. I hated running into fans when I was in a bad mood. Made me look like a bad guy.

“Table for 2?” Andre asked the host.

“Mr. Andre,” the host began in a thick Italian accent, clearly remembering us from all the other times we’ve been here. “Our restaurant is rented out for a Georgetown University award ceremony. We do have one small table in the corner, we could seat you there if that’s okay?” Andre looked over at me for approval, and I nodded.

We weaved in between several college students and finally found a small table in the corner.

“This isn’t so bad.” Andre said as we sat down and began browsing through the menu. I nodded in agreement as I silently selected the chicken parm off the menu.

“Attention everyone!” An older woman said as she stood up, clinking her knife to her glass. “I would like to get started with the awards now.”

“Spoke to soon.” Andre said. We shared a quiet laugh.

“I just want to start by saying that we have grown into such an excellent Sports Management Program here at Georgetown. We truly are a family in this department and this year we have some of the most brilliant students I’ve ever had the privilege of working with.” She continued. “We have four awards to give away this afternoon. The first is our prestigious Academic Achievement Award. This award goes to a great young woman who has demonstrated her drive and passion for all of her classes. She always goes above and beyond with all of her work, and she finished up last semester with a 4.1 GPA. Congratulations, Y/F/N Y/L/N!”

A beautiful blonde wearing lace up sandals and a flowy olive green dress stood up amid the loud applause that Andre and I had joined in. She smiled and shook hands with the woman, then returned to her seat.

“Our next award is our Character Award. This award goes out to a student who is always willing to lend a helping hand. This student logs almost 20 hours each week tutoring others and is always a leader on campus. Come back up here, Y/F/N Y/L/N!” The woman announced.

Andre and I joined in the applause once more as the same blonde made her way to the woman, accepting the award and smiling for a photo. Her long dirty blonde hair fell just below her breasts, and her long tan legs looked as if they had been kissed by the sun. The woman went on to announce the other winners, but my eyes stayed on Y/N, watching her sway around the room and accept hugs from her classmates.

“Hello? Earth to Willy.” Andre began, snapping his fingers in front of my face. “Your food is going to get cold. What are you looking at?” He asked, turning around to spot what my eyes were fixed on.

“Willy! She’s hot! Make a move.” Andre pushed with an enthusiastic smile.

I shook my head. “I’m not ready.”

“I didn’t say you had to marry the girl. Just rebound hook up.” He suggested.

“After having a solid relationship, I’m really not into that anymore.” I told him, still watching Y/N float from table to table gracefully.

“Damn. The puck bunnies are going to be very disappointed about that.”

“Oh well.” I said as I finished up my meal. I contemplated introducing myself and grabbing Y/N’s number, but I couldn’t make myself do it. I needed to take the single life one step at a time. First step, getting out of the house and back on the town with my friends. Check. Maybe another day I could test out my flirting game.

On our way out of Filomena, I turned around to get one more look at Y/N. Our eyes met… hers were brown and inviting. She smiled sweetly at me, allowing a warmth to grow in her eyes. I regretted not going over to her from the minute I turned around.


“Why have you been so quiet today, bud?” Andre asked as he checked out at the Nike store.

I sighed. “Just had a lot on my mind.”

“Like what?” Andre asked. “You’re playing great… that should be your main concern and that’s nothing to worry about right now.”

“That girl that was in the restaurant. The one getting all the awards. She was really pretty. And seemed really smart.” I said.

“I knew you thought she was hot. You could probably try to find her on Instagram.” He suggested as he slid his card.

I made a face and shook my head. “Hell no! I never even said anything to her but I’m going to follow her on Instagram?” I questioned.

“Uh yes. Then, when she follows you back, you do the 3 picture like thing and then send a DM. Protocol.” He explained.

I laughed. “You’re ridiculous. I’m not into those social media head games. I’d rather just find her again and then talk to her.”

“Whatever, man. I really just want a cupcake.” Andre told me, brushing off what I was telling him about Y/N.

We made our way out of the Nike store and down the street to Georgetown Cupcakes, and the ridiculous line that wrapped around the building and down the residential street. We waited patiently in the line, barely moving an inch in the forty minutes we stood there. Our conversation remained light, consisting of the upcoming road trips and the solid memories from our Dad’s Trip this season.

“Tom, look.” Andre said, tilting his head to the side and motioning to Y/N, who was walking up the street next to the line with a few of her friends. She must have noticed Andre motioning to her, because she looked over at me, shooting me that gentle smile that I had gotten just a few hours before in the restaurant. She was in the middle of her group of friends, surrounded by a brunette on her left and a bleached blonde on her right. They stopped where we were in line and chatted for a few moments, soon saying their goodbyes.

“See ya! And Congrats Y/N!” Her friends said in sync as they walked down the hill, leaving Y/N standing a few feet away from me, alone. She turned towards me and Andre pushed me over to her.

“Hey.” She said with a giggle and a small smile.

“Uh, hey.” I began. “Not sure if you remember but a few hours ago…”

“You were at Filomena today. How could I forget?” She asked, a sweet look growing in her eyes.

“Right, well I just wanted to say that you are really beautiful, and congrats on all of your awards. That all sounded awesome.” I stuttered.

“Thank you.” She answered. “I’m Y/N, by the way.”

“I’m Tom.” I said with a small smile.

“I know. I’m a sports management major, remember? Obviously I know who you are.” She answered with a laugh.

“Oh, duh. Right, sorry. Well, maybe I could get your number and…” I tried, but was interrupted by Andre.

“Do you want to come to our game tomorrow night? Home game at the Verizon Center. He’ll leave tickets for you at will-call. And bring a friend.” Andre chimed in, noticing me struggling.

“Oh, sure.. that would be a good time.” She laughed hesitantly.

“Andre, please man.” I said quietly as he backed away.

“But my number, sure.” She smiled.

I handed her my phone and she punched in her number.

“I’ll text you. And tomorrow, I’ll leave you two tickets? Don’t feel like you have to come if you don’t want to.” I said shyly.

“Looking forward to it, Tom. I’ll talk to you soon?” She asked as she backed away.

“Talk to you soon.” I smiled as I stepped back in line with Andre.

“Back in the fucking game Willy baby!” Andre laughed.

“Shut up.”

anonymous asked:

Honestly, I know this is a little bit late but I'm kinda new, but I always though that US!Paps would like puns, because they're swapped... IDK maybe I'm just a noob... Sorry if this question is stupid... =T

((Don’t worry about it, it’s a fair question for new people to ask since I answered it over a year ago and it can be a pain to find since my dumb butt forgot to put it in the FAQ.

Now then, yes it’s true in like 99% of Underswap interpretations, US Paps likes puns and Underswap Sans has the dislike. However, back when I made the decision  about keeping the like and dislike of puns the same as  their Undertale counterparts, I noticed a lot of people think that Undertale Papyrus genuinely hates puns when that’s not the case. He likes puns, he makes puns, he just mostly seems to dislike them when Sans makes them when he’s not taking something seriously or when he makes them when Papyrus is trying to act cool. Nothing wrong with how people want to make him dislike puns but I feel it’s something that’s overlooked.

So,fun fact if you haven’t gone through everything in the story yet, it’s been stated that US papyrus here used to like puns, but even he doesn’t really remember why he doesn’t like them 

He likes jokes and pranks but right now, puns make him uneasy. But he’s not going to tell people to stop, especially not his brother who still gets enjoyment from them. Basically my Underswap Papyrus’ reason for hating puns is different from Undertale Papyrus’ reasoning for disliking them. And since my Underswap Pap doesn’t make puns, I have not opportunities to show Underswap Sans being miffed at them when he’s trying to act cool.  

So not everything’s 100% swapped for everyone here. Everyone still at least has one trait connected back to their Undertale counterparts one way or another. I hope this helped))