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Linguistics in DGM

So I know I’ve seen it said somewhere that the exorcists would probably speak multiple languages (and by extension so would… pretty much everyone in the Order tbh).

I imagine it’s a bit of a headache if you’re a newcomer. The Order doesn’t really seem to think too much about its members unless they’re super important, after all, so I doubt they’d provide much by way of lessons.

So you get to the European headquarters and you’re just immediately bombarded with hundreds of languages. One man is shouting at another in German. A woman walks by, greeting you in Greek. And maybe you speak Spanish, but you’re not from Spain; you just transferred over from the North American branch and you can’t decide if the man speaking to you is using idioms from other languages or if that’s just slang in Spain or, hell, if it’s a slang term exclusive to the Order itself because the Order is just a huge blend of languages swirling together, so that could happen.

Please give me Lenalee speaking German or Russian—you know, one of those languages perceived as intimidating. Really, she’s being perfectly friendly, but you don’t understand what’s being said. Trust me, there’s nothing more intimidating than your German-speaking relative bellowing how pretty you are in German and you not understanding (although I highly doubt Lenalee’s going to be bellowing in German).

Please give me Allen trying to fluster some poor schmuck in a game so he just switches languages and starts speaking one of the Latin languages like Italian and it works because of course it does. It’s Allen for crying out loud. When that boy wants to charm you, he is going to charm you—even if it’s in another language.

And you can generally tell how long someone has been at the Order by how many languages they speak or even how garbled their accent is from picking up so many other different accents.

But wait, what about the Clan? Do we think about them? There’s literally thousands of years of memory stored there, guys. You can bet they speak lots of languages.

Sitting in on a dinner with the family might be fun; they might start speaking some ancient languages completely unknown to the world. Or maybe Bondomu starts shouting in an obscure, old dialect of Japanese.

Tyki answers in the same dialect and then looks confused because he most certainly doesn’t even know Japanese in the first place but Wisely just tells him that yes, that is a thing now.

But sometimes, sometimes when things get really serious, Adam will start speaking Hebrew and everyone will get very, very quiet, because that’s the language of the original scripture—Adam is speaking of the past, and their hearts ache when they think of what happened to them, what the Innocence did.

it’s a good thing the beast was a prince in a castle with a shitload of live-in servants and not like… a really shitty manager at a mcdonald’s or something. he refuses to fix the enchantress’ order when he gets it wrong and all the tired teenagers and broke 20somethings get turned into fry-cookers and mcflurry machines. some of them are pissed because they’re not even getting overtime for this, while others are relieved because being turned into furniture is about as close as they can get to the Void without actually dying

“When his mother died and his cruel father twisted him up to be just like him… we did nothing.”
*yelling from the back room* “SPEAK FOR YOURSELF, BERNICE, I JUST WORK HERE!”

#263: You’re Not The Best Cook


Okay so this isn’t me, at all. I’m very well around the kitchen and I know how to cook several things considering I’ve been to cooking school and I’ve also lived alone for a month so this is for all of you who don't’!!! I appreciate you too :^) 

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“Y/N…  I know you told me to stay out of your business and all that but your toast is burning.” He was so careful with speaking, almost too afraid that you would freak out on him but he couldn’t just stand there and witness the toaster sooner than later being caught on fire. You looked away from your magazine to see the smoke slowly build up from the toast that had clearly been too long in the toaster, the smell was even there but you hadn’t noticed yet. “Shit.” You mumbled quickly and ran over to take it out of the toaster. It was hot, warm, and completely burning your fingers but what you hated about it the most was the fact that Luke was right. The toast was completely black. “I-, I can’t even make toast properly.” You sounded completely defeated and at any other scenario he wouldn’t have laughed but this time he couldn’t stop. It was so affectionate you did it yourself before throwing the toast into the trash, deciding to start over again.


“Hold on! You’re cooking? Pinch me in the arm because this will either be a nightmare or a beautiful dream.” Calum commented once coming into the kitchen, four things were going on at once and you were battling to keep up with everything. “A beautiful dream I hope.” You said quietly with sweat on your forehead, if it wasn’t for the fact that you constantly had something in your hands you would have opened a window. “What happened? Did you suddenly wake up and thought ‘I should cook for my beautiful boyfriend’?” He questioned as he opened the fridge to get a water bottle. “Something along the lines of that.” You mumbled concentrated and searched for a spoon so he could have a taste of the sauce. He smiled when you reached out for him to taste, but once his face grimaced you knew the nightmare had come. “Hey…” He cooed quietly and placed a kiss on your forehead. “Efforts for trying babe. Shows you care to make me happy.”


“This is not to sound offending but they actually look good.” His eyes were wide once you took the baking sheet out of the oven and placed it on top of the stove. You were pretty impressed yourself, you had tried to bake cinnamon rolls so many times but they had never turned out to look like this. “Maybe it was because I gave them a bit of mixed egg on the top? That’s why they are so golden.” You observed impressed and watched him take a small napkin he could use as a plate. He also seemed very pleased once he smelled the small cinnamon but after he took a bite you knew something was wrong. “It’s delicious.” He announced like it was nothing but you grabbed the cinnamon out of his hand and saw it was completely raw inside. “Michael you don’t have to eat it I know it’s bad.” You mumbled but he shook his head in disagreement and swallowed. “I have to taste everything you make me, it’s a promise. But you know, some day I will end up with food poisoning.” 


“I can’t believe you’re making me do this.” You mumbled and hovered over the bowl to fill it up with some flour you were making for the sauce. So far so good it looked and smelled okay, but you would constantly look over your shoulder to watch for Ashton’s approval. “You’re doing great. Now just grab a bit of flour and use that to make it thick.” “But I just did?” You questioned confused and pointed down at the beige box you had in your hands. “Honey no wait that’s salt you’re using.” Silence fell upon the room when realizing what you had done and you lightly smacked your hand against your forehead. “That’s it I’m ordering pizza.” You mumbled and leaned over to grab your phone, you had already ruined dinner for tonight there was no way you could make it any worse. “Pizza it is then.” Ashton sighed softly and looked down at the pot, he wouldn’t stop until you finally learned the secret of good cooking. 

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I know that I probably don't have to say it to you, but the just because the Russian team feel they have good reason to see Yuuri as a 'playboy' (which I always read as only a slightly more polite term for 'slut') doesn't make it justified or okay. Aside from Viktor and much, much later Yuri, none of them even bothered speaking to Yuuri? But they feel entitled to judge him? And then later just laugh it off and carry on without a care when he moves to Russia? Will it at least be addressed?

It’s actually not seeing Yuuri as a ‘slut’ that leads people to call him a playboy. There’s no judgement about the amount of sex people in Rivals have from anyone and it’s not the idea that Yuuri is sleeping around that is causing the judgement. I chose to use ‘playboy’ as the term they use as it is a callback to Yuuri in the show telling the Eros story, about a playboy who comes into town, seduces people and then casts them away uncaring once he’s done. So instead of meaning ‘slut’ when they say playboy implying he’s bad for sleeping with lots of people, they say playboy because it refers not to a judgement on how many people he sleeps with but to the way the people he sleeps with are treated. And additionally, Viktor never calls or sees Yuuri as a playboy (or a slut for that matter). But certain other people do and they have justifications for why they do

New fic: Strong enough to carry him

Thought I’d squeeze in one final Isak POV fic before we officially have a new main tomorrow! So here, have some Evak, plus an unexpected pairing that may or not be inspired by this Very Important™ photograph.

Title: Strong enough to carry him

Pairings: Isak/Even, Eskild/Mahdi (I know, I know, shhh, just let it happen to you)


Isak is starting to lose the plot of the syndicated crime drama blaring on the television—and trying to figure out a way to get Mahdi to explain it to him without sounding stupid—when it happens.

Before Isak can open his mouth to speak, Mahdi turns to him, clears his throat, and casually asks:

“So…what’s Eskild’s deal?”

Or: Mahdi thinks Eskild is hot. Isak just wants to get through this with his sanity intact.

Read it here on AO3.

Nonverbal Jack (Pt. 2 - Texting)

(part 1 here)

Overall, Jack isn’t great with technology. The exception to the rule is texting. Ever since he got his first cell phone Jack loved that he had the option to just text people. He didn’t have to actually talk to anyone. He didn’t have to spend an hour working himself up for a five-minute phone call.

His parents worried at first it would encourage him to be closed off if they just texted, but his therapist assured them it was best to let Jack communicate however he was most comfortable, as long as he was communicating. So they started a habit of texting even when in the same house, sometimes when in the same room. On weekends Jack could go a full day without saying a word out loud and he loved it. Even when he could speak he found it so much easier to find the right words when they were written instead of spoken.

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Naruto opening 20 (SNS)

So I was just casually listening to the Naruto Shippuden opening 20 (again) and I noticed a few things that I just had to share.

Let’s start from the beginning

Sasuke looks like he is thinking about something and as soon as he opens his eyes, Naruto’s face pops up. (I see what you did there SP) And that’s not all~! The frickinnn lyrics at that moment. I don’t speak Japanese but it’s something along the lines of: ‘I keep screaming until I reach the light’. 

This fits so well because Naruto was Sasuke’s light in his darkest times.

Then, the lyrics go: 

‘I’ll never let go of your hand’…..

‘I’ll never give up on you’ - This is what Naruto has always said throughout the manga to Sasuke and how he will never give up on him until he brings him back ♥

And if that still isn’t enough to make your heart scream then rest assured, because the next part of the lyrics will get you.

‘Our hearts are connected, even if we’re far apart!’

Do I really need to elaborate? It speaks for itself.

‘So let’s keep living on, together’. 

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How do you feel about Tim with short hair? I know that lots of people don't like it, and I agree the the shaved head was really weird, but I really love Timmers with his Young Justice hair, both the comics and cartoon, what do you think?

Hey nonnie! Aesthetically speaking, I actually really like Tim with short hair.

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oh god

i’m just imagining bitty getting really pissed off at jack. idk what he did but it was something Bad and bitty is in a cold rage about it.

(maybe jack is stressed out about hockey things and he ends up losing his temper and he takes it out on bitty. jack ends up screaming at him, tells bitty he needs to fuck off and stop bugging him all the time about things that he’s not a part of. it’s really uncool. it’s totally jack’s fault for being an asshole and for letting his anxiety and fear get the better of him.)

their initial fight is interrupted when jack has to leave for practice, and once he’s gone bitty spends 3 hours cooking an elaborate meal of all of jack’s favorite foods. there are like, two courses and side dishes and desserts and everything. he made rolls from scratch. it’s a gorgeous spread.

bitty lays everything out on the table and waits for jack to get back from practice. bitty has been watching the clock. jack should be home soon.

anyway then jack comes in the door and he’s like, still all angry and grumpy from their fight. he’s ready to hash it all out again. he’s prepared a whole speech about why what he did Wasn’t That Bad.

then jack sees the food. he tilts his head at the table. is that tourtière? he looks up at bitty, frowning.

bitty just stares him down.

jack opens his mouth to say something and bitty just shoves ALL THE FOOD OFF THE TABLE AND ONTO THE FLOOR. without saying a word, bitty calmly turns around and walks to their bedroom and slams the door.

jack’s like, shit. there is food all over the floor. it’s a huge mess. but he gets down on his knees and starts to clean it all up, scraping food back up onto the plates so he can take it to the garbage. the whole time, jack’s thinking about what he did. he fucked up. he realizes he Fucked Up. he’s not gonna give his speech about how bitty was overreacting. he wasn’t overreacting. jack was being a dick.

but also… jack is hungry. he just came back from practice. it’s all his favorite food. even though it’s been on the floor, he finally just eats a bite.

it’s the most horribly salty thing jack has ever had the misfortune of putting in his mouth. he has to spit it out. it feels like his taste buds have been burned off. jack is pretty sure he’ll never stop tasting salt.

it’s… he can’t believe it. but also he can? jack kind of groans in frustration. part of him isn’t surprised at all. he should have known. he should have known bitty would know that he’d try to eat the food anyway.

(later, when they’ve made up, bitty’s like, “yeah, of course i over salted everything. i knew you’d take a bite. you love tourtière. …also, we need to buy another canister of salt.”)

anyway that’s the day jack fully realizes that bitty is a terrifying human being. jack might lose his temper and say stupid things sometimes, but when bitty’s angry he will calmly take you and everything you ever loved apart without even blinking.

jack never yells at bitty again. he’s learned his lesson.

(mostly because when jack apologized bitty looked him seriously in the eyes and said, “baby, i forgive you. i understand how hard things are for you right now. but if you ever speak to me like that again i won’t cook a meal for you like i just did. i will leave your ass and you will never see me again. alright?”)

My life is over now.

I’ve finally found the one straight ship I’d pair for Kirishima and its probably the most crack pair I’ve seen in fandom. Honestly, I was so stuck on not having Kirishima be bi I just could not get into any of his straight ship options, I just couldn’t see him in that way even with proof (he’s interested in girls but I just didn’t feel it).

Then I just so happen to come across a nice twitter fanart of this pair and I was a goner. Damn you weird inner shipper, what makes you tick!!!??! ಠ_ರೃ

The very idea is just so endearing when I think about it: Kirishima would be so sweet for her, he’d take his english lessons more seriously just to see the bright beautiful smile she’d give when he attempts to speak in completely broken english with her and she’s utterly charmed by his effort because he’s such a sweetie, grinning and blushing the whole time. 

*sigh* I’ve fallen and I can’t get up_(┐「ε:)_

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Autistic Steven from SU or autistic Jessica Jones for the detailed hcs if you don't mind? Thanks!

The posts in our Jessica Jones tag are essentially all my thoughts on that headcanon. For Steven…

  • Can’t control the volume of his voice. Speaks very loudly most of the time and yells even when the people he’s talking to are right next to him.
  • Social norms don’t come naturally to him (in one episode he says “Pearl? Did I do something wrong? You gotta tell me!” because that’s the only way he can know). This is even more complicated for him because he has to follow human social norms around humans and gem social norms around the Crystal Gems.
  • Stims by singing, humming, playing his guitar/ukulele, and he makes lots of general stimmy movements like flapping, spinning, dancing, etc.
  • He’s got a serious case of hyperempathy. He can’t stand to see humans or gems suffer or feel bad and wants to do anything he can to help them and make them feel better, and when he can’t do anything he feels terrible and helpless.
  • Always wears the same clothes. He has piles and piles of the exact same shirt. For both familiarity and comfort reasons.
  • Runs away from uncomfortable social or sensory situations.
  • In one episode he’s reading a book called How to Talk to People. He does often have trouble communicating himself and his emotions, but usually just when he’s upset. All his friends and family are pretty good at knowing how to communicate with him and interpret what he says.
  • Has trouble interpreting others’ intentions and emotions.
  • Very understanding of others’ autistic or neurodivergent traits and does his best to accommodate them.

okay so I might be a hardcore sinner but even I know you don’t call an idol “daddy” when you meet him

you just…don’t do that

have some respect honestly

Alright listen up because I am going to talk about this scene right here. More specifically this moment because it breaks my heart every damn time I have to watch it. Because that’s his older brother. That is Gabriel’s older brother. The same brother who sat back with him and laughed as they watched their newest prank on Michael unfold when Gabriel was just a fledging. The same brother who taught Gabriel how to make things appear and disappear from nothing, small things at first, like a rose or a small bird (”See Gabriel? Just snap your fingers like- yes! Just like that!”). The same brother who took the blame when Gabriel had made it so Michael’s wings were bright pink for three months. The same brother who had given him a pat on the back and laughed until his sides hurt when Gabriel had created the platypus (”Look Luci, look! It’s a duck and a beaver! And I’m gonna make it lay eggs!”) The same brother who had to leave one day, despite Gabriel’s desperate cries, pleas and “Take me with you Lucifer! Please don’t leave me”s. (”I have to Gabriel, you will understand in time.”) And this moment right here, this is where all of those memories come back to Gabriel. And that’s why he looks so broken, so betrayed. Because even when he had nobody, he had Lucifer. Gabriel loved his older brother so so much, and it’s so hard for him to see who Lucifer’s become. So hard to see that his big brother isn’t there anymore, that he’s a monster.

Of All Things

Rating: M

Word Count: 2,107

Warnings: cursing, smut, dom/sub, rough, handjob, thigh riding, and much more.

Synopsis: Y/N is getting sick and tired of Luke, her boss, harassing her in the work place.


Disclaimer: This gif does not belong to me, it belongs to the lovely person who made it. ________________________________________________________________

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Daughter sentence starters
  • "Don't think about the consequences."
  • "Leave me at the altar, knowing all the things you just escaped."
  • "Don't you dare look back."
  • "This is torturous electricity between both of us."
  • "I want you so much, but I hate your guts."
  • "I hate you."
  • "Wipe away your tear stains."
  • "Thought you said you didn't feel pain."
  • "I pray a lot for you."
  • "I look out for you."
  • "I'll do whatever you say to me in the dark."
  • "You're too old to be so shy."
  • "I bite my tongue and torch my dreams."
  • "Things cannot be reversed."
  • "We both know I'll never be your lover."
  • "I only bring the heat, company under cover, filling space in your sheets."
  • "You let it go."
  • "I let it go."
  • "I was drunk again, causing accidents."
  • "You're not a friend, you're nothing."
  • "I think I should be a little more confident in myself, in my skin."
  • "Take me home."
  • "He don't recognize me anymore."
  • "Burned out flames should never re-ignite."
  • "I won't say a word, but I think he knows."
  • "I've hardly slept since the night he left."
  • "Pick it all up and start again."
  • "You've got a second chance."
  • "You could go home."
  • "You could still be what you want to."
  • "You've got a warm heart, you've got a beautiful brain."
  • "Our minds are troubled by the emptiness."
  • "If you're still breathing, you're the lucky ones, 'cause most of us are heaving through corrupted lungs."
  • "We are the reckless, we are the wild youth."
  • "One will die before he gets there."
  • "Most of our feelings, they are dead and they are gone."
  • "I've lost it all."
  • "My eyes are damp from the words you left."
  • "If you're in love, then you are the lucky one, 'cause most of us are bitter over someone."
  • "I'm forever missing him."
  • "Setting fire to our insides for fun."
  • "I can't forget it, though I've tried."
  • "I know you regret it, love, you told me so many times."
  • "I still wonder why you left with her and left me behind."
  • "Take your hands off him 'cause he's the only one that I have ever loved."
  • "I don't want to imagine words you spoke to her that night."
  • "Did she make your heart beat faster than I could?"
  • "Did she give you what you hoped for?"
  • "I hope it made you feel good, knowing how much I adored you."
  • "You're making me sick, love."
  • "Frozen hearts growing colder with time."
  • "I needed you."
  • "Now we are strangers."
  • "I’m a foolish, fragile spine."
  • "I want all that is not mine."
  • "I want him, but we’re not right."
  • "I should go now."
  • "I’m sorry if I smothered you."
  • "Hate is spitting out each others mouths, but we're still sleeping like we're lovers."
  • "I already know I'll lose you."
  • "By tomorrow I'll be left in the darkness, amongst your cold sheets and your shoes will be gone, and your body warmth no longer beside me."
  • "She don't even want to speak to you."
  • "Still reminding me what I feel, how he left without reasons."
  • "You can try to forget me but I won't let you easily."
  • "Despite everything I'm still human."
  • "I think I'm dying here."
  • "I can't stand to be so dead behind the eyes."
  • "Give me touch 'cause I've been missing it."
  • "I'm dreaming of strangers kissing me in the night."
  • "I'll escape with him."
  • "I've been thinking that I should see someone just to find out if I'm alright."
  • "I used to dream of adventure when I was younger."
  • "You always find the rain in rainbows."
  • "You're so cold to touch."
  • "Your kisses are not what I wanted."
  • "All I really need is you to comfort me."
  • "You don't understand, you don't hold my hand."
  • "All I ever wanted was your heart right from the start."
  • "Her kisses may be a beautiful art, but she don't really care about your heart."
  • "If I try to get close, he is already gone."
  • "He is restless at night, 'cause he has horrible dreams."
  • "I don't know what we're doing, I don't know what we've done."
  • "I think we should run."
  • "I won't tell my mother, it's better she don't know."
  • "We'll just keep each other as safe as we can."
  • "Will you stay with me, my love, 'till we're old and grey?"
  • "I'm losing my friend."
  • "Her eyes were blue and green like none I've ever seen."
  • "Through many years, their love did survive."
  • "I flew here under false pretense."
  • "I know you think you're still a child, but I couldn't give a fuck."
  • "I've forgotten what it was that I wanted."
  • "I won't be your doll."
  • "I don't look so good in yellow."
  • "I see the way you look at her, you don't do that for me."

| | > A small update to my rules: 

Please, even if I show interest in a ship, do not send me kissing/affection memes as a first interaction. It’s very unlikely, if likely at all, that I’ll speak to a partner and immediately start shipping with them. If we talk about and agree to a ship, I would still want to go through some non-shippy interactions to get a feel for the character before I jump into anything else. 

I’m of course, referring to romantic ships. If we’ve barely interacted and you send me an physical affection/kissing meme I will delete it.

This rule does not apply to flirting or general attraction to my character. Your character can expression verbal affection toward Hanzo, but as soon as you ask for physical stuff, I will require some previous discussion. 

thinking about ryuji makes me so sad, this boy has been through so much and was all by himself with no one to confide in for so long. he feels like a traitor to his team for acting on his emotions, kamoshida fucked up his track career, his dad treats him and his mother like garbage when he’s around. i can’t even begin to imagine dealing with all of that on my own, ryuji truly is an amazingly strong person. i love him and i admire his perseverance

So is it me or does it look like Loki is speaking from experience? What kind of relationships has he had? Thor has a love interest and a whole gang of friends, Fandral has women dripping off of him, and Volstagg and Hogun both appear to have families. Loki is shown having no friends of his own, being a kind of fifth wheel (well sixth, technically) to his brother’s gang, and is given not even a hint of a love life… except this. Who has he been with? When? Where? How did it end? If we assume that Loki had been sneaking off to the Nine Realms for a while before his brother’s banishment, it seems reasonable to assume that he has been with non-Asgardians. Did he once have a human lover?

dark-demon-s-tears: thank you!! Well it's all about a dream that I had >\\\\< Subaru had a crush with a girl two-three years older than him since he was little. And she always teased him that maybe when he grew older. Time passed and they don't speak each other that much (I mean he is Subaru. He is flustered even when she looked at him). So she thinks he has lost interest. (That's when I woke up... Shame on me) Until he "demonstrate" he is still into her (maybe kiss her I don't know surprise me? XD

(Woahhh~ this is a long one! I suppose I should warn you folks now, huh? This scenario has a lot of words and tons of angst featuring our well-loved vehicle. Hope you guys like it!)


A young boy of seven felt lonely. He was wandering in the quiet woods near his manor. He had no one to talk to and nothing to do. His feeling of inadequacy angered him so he decided to have a stroll to soothe himself.

   He simply admired the tall trees and curious flowers that were blooming all around him. He felt happy here. In the woods, there was only beauty. In the woods, there was no one there to call you a monster and look down on you.

   The boy stopped near a small creak. The water was flowing rhythmically and it calmed his racing mind. He decided to stay here for a while.

   Laying down on the grassy and moist ground, he sighed. The rustling of the leaves and the chirping of the birds rang in his ears. He preferred it that way. It was much better than someone shouting at you. It was his escape from the insecurities and self-hating thoughts that always swam in his head.

   “Oi,” he cringed. His serene reveries were cut off by someone’s loud call. The disembodied voice said to him, “lying down there is dangerous, you know! My mama told me nasty bugs and dirt will go inside your ears!” 

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