even when he knows not everyone will

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Why not? I'd love to see what you come up with! What about one where The Losers Club go to Rocky Horror Picture Show, or gay pride? Maybe high school age. Either one sounds fun! :)

Thanks! I don’t know much about Rocky Horror Picture Show so I’ll do the Losers enjoying Gay Pride I guess!

-Ok so, At first the crowds overwhelm them. Eddie grips tightly onto Richie’s hand as they maneuver through everyone. But shortly after staying, Eddie starts to pull Richie behind him and lead the way. 

-All the Losers are there, Bill carries all their signs. He lugs them around, but when the time comes, he passes them out and holds his up excitedly. He hops up and down and waves his around. He doesn’t even care about his stutter when he cheers. 

-Beverly loves to run through the crowds and meet everyone, Ben has to hold her hand to keep her from wandering off. But she’s already made like 100 friends. They’ll just be walking around and hear “Hi Beverly!” and all the Losers are like “When did meet them???”

-Ben loves to do arts and crafts so he painted little designs on the Losers faces before they left. He even brought his portable supplies in his backpack and will sometimes be pulled aside to paint designs on peoples cheeks and etc. because Beverly spread the word.

-Mike brought snacks in his backpack and is very prepared!! He has a tiny rainbow on his cheek done by Ben. [He brought sunblock for Eddie who forgets he has sensitive skin]

-Richie is flourishing!! He is having the time of his life! He bought Eddie a rainbow flag. He even chipped in and bought Stan his own Pan flag, which he loves. 

-Eddie is tiny so Richie gives him piggyback rides and lets him sit on his shoulders. Eddie waves his flag around and is careful not to grip to tightly around Richie. 

-Stan loves his Pan flag!! He is also a little nervous about crowds so he hovers around Bill and Mike for a while. If anyone is thirsty, he gets the bottles of water from Mikes backpack and makes deliveries! [Even to Bev who’s like way ahead of everyone]

-They had a sleepover the night before and painted signs, they might’ve gotten sidetracked though and had a small paint fight. Stan’s still finding multicolored spots on his skin and wipes them off intensely but with a smile. 

Teen Wolf. Hurt!Theo, H/C fic [CH1]

Summary: Theo had earned his place in the pack, except ‘earned’ wasn’t exactly the first choice of word any of them would have picked. More like, he punched his way in and just kind of stayed. But he proved himself useful enough more often than not until eventually even his general presence ended up not being so bad after all.

So when Theo just stopped showing up one day out of the blue with no explanation, everyone was more worried than they really wanted to be.

Liam got a sudden bad feeling in his gut in that instance, the moment Theo’s eyes found his. He could see hints of tears starting to pool in the corner of his eyes, his breath hitching in his chest when he opened his mouth to speak.

“It’s okay,” Theo said; his voice hoarse and gravelly, barely over a whisper. “You don’t have to stop.”

Chapter 1 [ao3]

At the end of the day, no one really knew when it happened, much less how it happened. Obviously all of them only trusted Theo as far as they could throw him–though most of them could throw him pretty damn far, which didn’t really account for anything, but nevertheless, no one trusted him, no one even liked him all that much, but somehow, somewhere along the way, he’d begrudgingly become an indispensable part of the pack.

No one acknowledged him as part of the pack, especially not Stiles or Malia…or Mason or Lydia or—pretty much everyone but Liam and to an extent, Scott—which didn’t account of anything because Scott was Scott and Liam was the one who freed him from the hole in the first place. Everyone else was much smarter than that.

But they all reluctantly went along with it anyway. Every time he contributed to something of worth there would be at least one scoff and a disgusted cough sounding in the background; when his contribution to a plan ended up panning out and helping them defeat an antagonist or two, everyone would reluctantly offer their mumbled thanks and their derisive comments muttered under their breath. After everything he did to them in the past, it really was the best case scenario though.

If their offhanded insults and disguised mockery affected him in anyway, he didn’t let it show. He’d reply with a typical lopsided smirk and a cynical comment which would usually rile up at least one member of the pack, most of the time it was Malia, but at some point, even Malia’s blind hatred dulled down to a rather blunted point and the back and forth trading of insults turned to be more of a habit rather than out of actual hatred.

Eventually everyone pretty much came to accept his looming presence in the background and his biting sarcasm being throw at one person or another. No one was willing to admit it, but it became a rather comforting thing having Theo in wings as a backup or just having him there handing out his two-cents on supernatural subjects that he really had no business knowing. He always gave off the vibe that he knew more about things than he really let on, and having someone with that kind knowledge would always come in handy, so everyone pretty much forced themselves to tolerate his presence. It really was the least they could do after he helped them with the Ghost Riders and neutralizing the Anuk-Ite during the final boss battle the year prior.

But when life and death problems started becoming less…well, a matter of life and death; when trouble with murdering Argent patriarchs turned into headache inducing problems involving rogue omegas and beta werewolves that had lost their packs. When deadly mythical creatures hellbent on destruction of civilization became more of a problem of finding shelter for various supernatural beings that had come seeking out the only person they could count on to give them asylum: Scott McCall.

When everything was said and done, everyone assumed that Theo would be quick to pack it up and leave for somewhere more glamorous, where he didn’t have the ever critical eye of an Alpha and his entire pack and most of the Beacon Hill sheriff station always on him, always watching, just waiting for the minute he messed up, the second he’d step out of life, to pounce.

But he stayed; he hung around, popping up like a bad omen even when his help wasn’t really needed. Most of the time they’d find him over at Liam’s house or just hovering in the background no doubt conspiring something terrible while thinking up new and more creative insults to unleash on people. On occasion they would even catch him leaving the animal clinic. Deaton was never of any help when they asked what he was doing; he’d just smile his tight lipped smile that seemed to conceal more than what he let on. Eventually everyone just stopped asking, accepting his presence like a necessary evil. After all, it was as the saying went: ‘better the devil you know’, which was why the lack of Theo’s scathing commentary and his dark looming presence hovering in the background felt quite strange the first day he stopped showing up.

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Same like he Big Bang one but EXO reaction to their crush acting and looking very serious at first but during a group outing or something they find out that they're actually a huge goofball.


He’d always find you so intimidating. He would figure it was just your resting face that made you look so serious all the time, and when he finally got the guts to ask you to come to a small dinner party he was having with the others he was glad he was right. It would be a good transition into him flirting with you. The more he hung out with you he’d use it as an excuse to flatter you. ‘You’re so much prettier when you smile.’

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You being stand-offish would make him feel better, especially since when ever he heard other men talking about you, it was always to say you looked unapproachable. He’d only want to see your goofy side when it was just you and he, and even though you two weren’t dating (yet) he’d let you know that only he was allowed to see that side. Still, if the two of you were in a comfortable setting and you were falling back into your serious side he’d poke and flirt until you started to giggle and act goofy again. 

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You would be so intimidating that at first he wouldn’t even be sure if you liked him as a new friend. One of the other members who knew of his crush would be the one to push you forward to actually talk to Yixing. He would be embarrassed by his lack of balls to come to you first, but he’d still be thankful that he was talking to none the less since you were actually the nicest person he had ever met. 

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Teasing you about being so serious would be the only way he knew how to cope with his feelings for you. What he didnt expect was you to start teasing him back. It would start this war between the two of you of who could make the other blush more. Every time he saw you slipping back into your set face ways he’d pinch a cheek or poke your side until you smiled and started to be goofy again. 

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He thought you were sexy because of your hard exterior. It made you look so mature and so unapproachable, making him liking you a fun challenge for himself. But when he discovered you broke down into this goofball his heart would melt, and it would continue to do so every time you would smile at him in the way that usually indicate you were about to do something cute. 

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The fact that he liked you so much would drive him nuts, especially since you came across as not wanting to have anything to do with you. When he invited you to do something with him and some friends he was first surprised that you said yes, but was even more surprised at how you seemed to completely transform. The time you two spent from then on was absolutely amazing and he’d find himself looking smug. He knew a side of you most people didnt get the chance to and that made him fall even harder for you. 

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Being the same way, he was more excited to find someone who could goof with him in privet while still being able to intimidate the other boys. The two of you would get close with this game, say and doing things that made the others gulp, only to turn the corner and giggle about it. He’d find himself falling for you more though when you were your goofy side, there was something about that side of you he could protect and he loved that feeling. 

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He’d find himself trying to match his intensity to yours and failing miserably. That would actually be how he found out about your sweeter side, and he’d like that side a lot better. He’d want to keep you all to himself as much as possible just so he could get to know your sweeter side better. 

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He would have seen a glimpse of your sweet side causing the crush, but the times seeing you after that were all of you being very stern. He was so intimidated by you and everyone, to include you, knew it, still the way you were so off-putting made him fall for you even more, something he couldn’t explain. When one of the others quietly let it slip to you about his crush you’d kill your game of being stern with him, and you could see the change in his eye as you started to be goofier with him. 

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Honeslty everyone always talks about reddie but like... never about bill/either? I mean I guess they havent read the book. Like, Stephen legit says that "Richie was the one person, until Audra Phillips, that understood him that well" and has pretty much done everything but straight say that Eddie has repressed feelings for Bill, probably to do with his repressed homosexuality. Ed did the thing where he said something deep while staring dreamily at him from a distance. This is why ot3s exist

I know right?? when I first saw the movie I though everyone would finally talk about Bill/Richie but I was kinda suprised when I came here to see all these reddie stuff (then I watched the movie again and of course, it was full of reddie stuff I didn’t see at first), but seriously, we need more Bill/Richie or even Bill/Eddie around here!!!

or, you know what,,…. bill has two hands, he can both hold eddie’s and richie’s hands at once

Waiting for CloneShiro and Allura’s Vlogs to join the coalition

and low key hoping somewhere in his clone’d up brain , Clone Shiro has a flashback to Allura and comments about it.







*Pref this scene, and i want Lance to make a comment about this and Shiro confirms he was still holding Allura’s hand off frame. This makes Lance freak out even more, and the whole gang just go off, especially Coran with Allura downplaying everything but blushing just the same!!

And Allura makes a comment saying how all Paladins care for one another, cutting to flashbacks of everyone working as a team, but this scene is when we see Allura rushing to Shiro’s aid! Lance makes a comment saying when she will rush to his aid and Keith mentions when she picked up Lance when they were dealing with Lotor’s generals.

but since I ship Shallura, I know this is how Montgomery and Dos Santos feels about my hopes and dreams


The space husbands are reunited. I had to remind Shep we were at work and sexy times with Kaidan would have to wait till after hours when everyone was gone. He was huffed up about it, but Kaidan calmed him down with promises of “benefits” later. 

*Side Note*

I’m a nerd about this and I don’t even care, hahaha. I love this. One again, huge thank you to @shepard-alenko for making this reunion possible. Every time I look over at these guys I just get a big smile :]

fdkdsl this is really dumb but i feel like tigerstar is the type of person who like, DESPERATELY tries to act like he knows who everyone is talking about, all the time, even if he doesnt ACTUALLY know who the person is, he’ll pretend like he does and get SUPER mad when someone tries to tell him he doesnt know who they’re talking about

darkstripe: so i was talking to sunfoot earlier and-

tigerstar: sunfoot….like sunfoot sunfoot? 

darkstripe: uh….yeah?

tigerstar: huh….sunfoot…….was he in windclan in life? didnt he lead a battle or something?

darkstripe: i….i dont know?

tigerstar: sunfoot…….sunfoot….

darkstripe: ….you dont know who im talking about tigerstar it’s fine

tigerstar: NO i know who you’re talking about, sunfoot he’s got yellow fur and-

darkstripe: no he doesnt, YOU DONT KNOW WHO IM TALKING ABOUT

tigerstar: YES I DO

The Good Place: Random Thoughts S2:E1/2

First off…major spoilers ahead if you haven’t watched the season premiere…

We cool? Good. Here it goes….

– Being ‘in’ on the reboot of everyone completely subverted my own enjoyment of the show and I felt nothing but angst along with the four main characters, knowing now that what was happening to them was in fact “torture.” Deep-in-my-stomach-angst.

– This needs to win Ted Danson an Emmy this year. When he delivers his lines with such sincerity, even though we are in on the fact that he is lying, just makes for some wonderfully subjective interpretations of his delivery. That grin suddenly seems evil. We read a little more bite to his inflection. It is the role of a lifetime.

– In an EW interview, Kristen Bell said that Eleanor goes all “Veronica Mars for lack of a better description.” And yes, yes she does. Right down to her black leather jacket.

– I love love love that this season touches on the idea that Chidi, Eleanor, Jason, and Tahani *imprinted* so deeply on each other in the first round that Michael was unable to wipe that part of them from their collective consciousness.

– Denise being “jealous” of the better role, and also maybe of other people’s relationship with Chidi, was a fantastic addition to this complex story. If she isn’t “human”, how is it that she feels something towards Chidi? There is obviously so much more to this character than just wanting to take a larger part in the plan.

– Anyone else feel that Eleanor’s hunky “soul mate” who keeps ripping off his shirt and going to the gym may have been modeled after someone *else* from K-Bell’s past acting life? Anyone? Anyone? ;)

– Tahani showing her true colours so quickly was a huge surprise. Again, I am left wondering if some of the personal growth they achieved in the first place stuck with them for the second (and third) reboot.

– The same goes for Jason. The fact that he felt compelled to confess to a group of people he barely knows may point to more imprinting left over from the first place.

– Eleanor and Chidi really are soul mates.

– “I was a garbage man in Winnipeg.” Hooray for a shout-out to my hometown!!

– So in the bad place, what happens? You get your penis flattened one day, regenerate, then get twisted in two the next? By the way, brilliant way to torture philosophers with the interpetive dreams come to life. Bet Freud and Jung were pissed.

– Michael hiding the second reboot from his superior adds a wonderful level of terror to this test. What will happen to the four friends if Michael fails once more?

– Any and all jokes about Crocs shoes are welcome in my books.

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My dad makes fun of me for liking BTS. He won’t let me play their songs in the car bc he doesn’t understand them and yet he plays Spanish songs when he doesn’t understand Spanish. My dad makes fun of any music that I like, and it makes me feel sad bc I thought it was the one thing that we had in common. I’m just over here trying to show my dad new music and he blocks it before he’s even heard it.

you guys openly talking about your interests with your parents and friends that’s wild sdkmsjdfjd i don’t know what to say tbh i’m not very open about this stuff i never even play regular music outloud because everyone has difference tastes and i don’t want to accidentally annoy anyone. so to me your father’s reaction sounds like what’s to be expected of course idk how close you’re and i’m sorry if this situation upsets you but uh i can’t relate sorry


Here, have a bit of some goofy Keith with a healthy amount of sheith, I know I needed it.

“We all had a crush on Keith,” says Hunk nonchalantly as they’re relaxing in the lounge, Keith being the only one absent.

Sitting beside his friend, Lance gasps.

“I did not!”

“Especially you, dude.”

On the ground, with a disassembled computer splayed out in front of her, Pidge snickers.

“It’s true,” she says without even looking at them.

“You weren’t even there when he was!”

“Maybe, but I was there for the months after, when everyone always made comments about him. Also, we shared sleeping quarters.”

Lance sputters, desperately searching for a rebuttal. His eyes fall on Shiro, on the other side of the room, reading… a book upside down? That guy really has all the talents.

“Shiro!” He exclaims, and they all startle as they turn to him. “Shiro was the one people had a crush on! So there!”

Hunk seems to consider this.

“Yeah, but… they’re different kind of crushes, you know? Both unattainable, but for very different reasons. Also, it doesn’t change anything.”

“Of course it changes things! You said /everyone/. Well, he didn’t.”

“I meant everyone in our year, Lance. As in, the ones who naturally came in contact with Keith?” Hunk rolls his eyes, looking very confident in his point.

“Also,” adds Pidge mischievously, “who’s to say he didn’t?”

Lance gapes, but before he can retort anything, Shiro straightens on the couch and faces them, speaking for the first time.

“I did not have a crush on Keith,” he says, looking extremely offended. Lance doesn’t even have the time to feel smug. “I was in love with him.”


“Was? Shiro, are you breaking up with me?”

They turn towards the doorway where Keith is standing, leaning against the wall with a faked hurt look on his face. Shiro almost trips on his own feet in his haste to get up. 

“What? No! I-”

“It’s too late,” Keith shakes his head, the epitome of sadness. “There’s someone else that would treat me right, and now I know I have a chance.”

He walks over to the others, who are still frozen, skillfully evading Shiro’s grasping arms. He ignores his boyfriend’s whining, and kneels in front of the couch.

“Hunk,” he starts solemnly, “are you saying… you also had a crush on me?”

Hunk blinks, still stunned by the turn of events, and then blushes slightly. 

“Well I mean, it was hard not to have a crush on you man, you were so cool. You never talked to us, but we’d all kind of daydream about becoming friends with you, even the ones that were jealous jerks.”

The sincere answer knocks the fake seriousness out of Keith, and the red paladin is left wide-eyed and a little pink, left hand reaching towards his embarrassed friend. 

“Hunk, I…” he stops, and smiles a little. “Congratulations, you’re friends with me now.”

Hunk looks back at him, surprised, and then grins widely, taking a hold of Keith’s hand.

“Man, they’d all be jealous of me, now!”

“Nah,” Keith says, shaking his head. “They’d be jealous of me.”

“Aw, Keith…”

They stay like this for a moment, holding hands and smiling at each other, before they’re interrupted.

“Okay, that’s enough,” Shiro says, abruptly walking over and literally throwing Keith over his shoulder, who shouts in surprise. The black paladin immediately turns around and walks towards the door, then pauses and looks over his shoulder at Hunk. 

“See you in the training room later, paladin,” he says, eyes narrowed, and Hunk gulps.

“Shiro, stop it!” Keith says from his spot on Shiro’s back. “Hunk, it’s alright, I’m the one who trains with him. See you guys later!”

And with that, they’re gone.

After a few seconds, Lance scoots over closer to Hunk and jealously takes hold of his best friend’s arm. He’s still in shock, but at least capable of speech now.

“What the hell was that?”

Pidge, still holding pieces of tech on the ground, slowly shakes her head.
“I have no idea.”

They’re in bed, later, Shiro curled around Keith as close as he can get, clothes on the ground and blankets pooled at their waists. It’s warm, and peaceful, but he hasn’t been able to get it out of his head.

“Do I really not treat you right? Because I can change that, you know. Anything.”

Keith had almost been asleep, the warm and solid body at his back a comfortable presence, but he stirs at the feeling of Shiro’s lips moving against his neck. Silently, he brings up his hand, entwined with Shiro’s, and gently kisses each of his lover’s fingers, reveling in the hitched breath he hears behind him.

“Idiot,” he says softly, his eyes closed.

He can feel Shiro smile, humming happily, and it lulls him to sleep.

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wow ok so i know everyone is talking about lily right now but im just so happy niall is getting the recognition he deserves. the praise he got from bob lefsetz who is known for being the master of critiquing! ive been a subscriber to him for about 4 years and he's never even done a piece on h*rry

yes i loveeee that review. and i am SO happy niall saw it. it just helps to cement everything that we’ve always known about niall when i read honest polite and unbiased critiques about him and the person is impressed. hes such a good boy and so talented and im glad ppl are waking up and taking notice. 

Freaks and geeks: Lindsay Weir [ENFJ]


Extroverted Feeling (Fe): Lindsay is constantly trying to solve the problems of everyone in her life. To name a few instances, she tries to tutor Daniel when he’s failing Math. She gives Nick advice on dealing with his authoritarian dad and gives her brother Sam her opinion on his relationship with Cindy. She feels sorry for Kim, who’s living in an abusive family, and offers her a place to stay for the night even though she knows her parents won’t be crazy about her. Lindsay is in the process of becoming her own person and rebelling against her parents, but her somewhat devious means are very typical of an ENFJ  - she lies (the keg party, going on the road with The Grateful Dead) and manipulates her parents rather than openly defy them (trying to convince them to allow her to go to the ‘Who’ concert by saying Millie is going. She hates making waves and freaks out any time she actually gets caught, like when Mr. Kowchevski discovers she is helping Daniel cheat.

Introverted Intuition (Ni):Lindsay is obviously very intelligent and intellectual. As a result of Lindsay’s high GPA, she receives an invitation to an academic summit at the University of Maryland. She looks for the deeper meaning in life as when she stopped believing in God when her grandmother died or when she’s trying to discuss the meaning of life with Nick when they’re smoking weed. Also, Lindsay is interested in new ideas and wants to change the world for the better. She even debates about a female presidency with her stodgy ISTJ dad.

Extroverted Sensing (Se): Lindsay’s extroverted sensing is manifested  by her ability to be in tune with what’s happening around her. She easily picks up on the emotional cues of her friends and family and uses this knowledge to help or (in a couple of cases) manipulate them. A good example is the way she sees right away that Ken really likes Amy. Lindsay is also capable of living in the moment and grabbing at new exciting opportunities as when she impulsively kisses Nick.

Introverted Thinking (Ti): The most obvious instance of Lindsay’s introverted thinking manifesting itself is when she panics after smoking pot for the first time. Her way of coping with the anxiety is collecting all the facts she can about marijuana use from the encyclopedia. This is a typical reaction of an ENFJ under stress. Lindsay also frequently uses Ti logic to support her Fe values or goals, like when she defends Kim’s opinion about Jack Kerouac’s On the Road in English class.


So I read something before and it got me thinking. The fandom likes to portray Lance as the most emotional and Keith as the last emotional. But honestly, after watching Keith’s vlog then it should strike something in people.

Lance seems to hide his pain through a mask. He doesn’t really like to show it and when he does then he quickly changes as if he is afraid of everyone knowing how he feels. He will joke and smile all the time but even we saw that when he is alone then he begins to over think, remember when he was talking about everyone but just puts himself down? Lance literally isn’t open about how he feels, he only just now told someone how he truly feels about himself being a paladin to Keith but obviously Keith probably isn’t good in situations of comforting someone who is truly hurting. So like maybe Lance is more of the least emotional one, he is practically close to just leaving like how pidge almost left.

Now Keith, obviously he tends to show anger more. We never once see him truly upset except for when he was with the Blade of Marmora. He probably avoids hiding how he feels through anger or by staying quiet. He always stays away from the group as if he doesn’t want to get close to them also. The only person he let get close to him was shiro. This boy has trust issues and has problems talking about his problems unless he takes his sadness out by training, fighting, or venting to shiro sometimes. He just needs a hug honestly, everyone needs a hug.

The difference between Lance and Keith and that Keith seems to have ways to take out his feelings. Lance doesn’t even look like he has a way to take his feelings out on, it is as if he just conceals it away and let it build up before it bursts out of him. These two boys need to just vent to each other.

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fandom has a very specific picture of keith in their head already so idk how much of this they’ll absorb, but yeah, keith has never seemed broody to me – distant, reserved, the “loner,” as he called himself, but never broody or angry or constantly ready to fight. he’s also clearly self-aware and introspective – it feels like he’s thought about this kind of stuff before, since he was aware it was an emotional subject that might come up when he started vlogging (either that or keith just assumes there’s a chance he might become emotional when he starts talking to himself???? what a bab). keith has a lot of stuff he clearly recognizes and wants to work on and i’m ready for him to get the chance in canon!!! 

I don’t know what I’m doing but this came to me today.
So here’s something I don’t really do much of anymore.

“Will someone ever love me like I’ve loved them?” she had asked. Harry was taken back but he wrapped an arm around her nonetheless. “is there a way of even knowing?” she wondered out loud and at the time, Harry had an answer.

Yes. There was a way.

“Through sincere actions… yes” he replied. And because she still looked confused, tears staining her cheeks, like she didn’t know anyone was capable of showing any sincerity when it came to love, he started to explain.

He started to explain to her how if someone is there for you, and cares for you and speaks the truth, then they have to love you. How actions spoke louder than words and that not everyone was always going to lie to her face. He explained how holding someone’s hand through a tough moment could carry so much more than just a friendly gesture. That sometimes just remembering some small detail that she thought was irrelevant could brighten someone’s day.

He understood her point of view. Just out of a toxic relationship and having had bad luck in love for the past 9 years can certainly drain you of hope. But he tried to put that hope back in her with his speech. He squeezed her hand in his, trying to comfort her as best he could. He ran his pointer finger around her back, remembering when she told him it soothe her.

He said that trying to cheer someone up can be a sign that they love them. That everything had some extra message we just had to learn to decipher. That there was no real explanation as to why someone had to do something or other to show they loved you. That was love; truly inexplicable.

In her eyes, Harry could see the doubt, he could see the pain and how she questioned his words. “then no one has loved me yet…” she whispered resting against his chest. And that was all Harry needed to realise that all he said was bullshit. That he couldn’t answer her question like this when he also wondered if he would be loved the same way he’s loved someone.

He thought of their friendship, and how it had evolved, and he thought of the times he’s seen her cry over someone that treated her wrong over and over. How he’s been there for her and tried to help her not lose hope on love. How somewhere down that path he began aching along with her.

Suddenly Harry didn’t really have an answer to her initial question, because, as he hugged her and sighed and gently wiped her tears with his thumb, he questioned if his actions really spoke as loud as he vouched actions did. He wondered if she’d ever love him like he loved her.

Not coping well. I keep thinking I see him or I feel him jumping up next to me or brushing by my feet. I keep doing things like leaving the door cracked a bit when I got into a room so he can follow and checking his food bowl. Tonight I went to get a can of cat food out of the cupboard and just broke down. Last night I sobbed and drank myself silly on apple brandy, then ordered an urn and a photo while I was drunk. Drunk me made pretty good decisions that I’m glad sober me didn’t have to make.

Today is my boyfriend’s birthday and I spent most of it crying even when I was really trying to be happy. He ended up going out with friends and I feel so guilty, but I’d bring everyone down if I went too.

Miss my kitty boy. 13 years with him it’s hard to know what to do without him.

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I'm anon from a while ago that has class with melo! Today in class our teacher does this thing where she calls onpeople to answer questions and she called on melo and he was saying uhhh for like 30 seconds and it was that awkward silence when you know that person doesn't know the answer😩 and then the teacher asked if he even wrote it down and he said no and everyone started laughing I was so weak he fr stupid y'all 💀😭😭


things i know logically: Bakugou doesn’t really cuss b/c japanese doesn’t really have cussing equivalents in it’s language (at least as compared to english), and in reality his language is just exceptionally, incredibly rude by japanese standards because of the informal way he refers to everyone and the impolite way he speaks and various other things

me, while reading MHA: this child is exactly the type of kid who would scream fuck non-stop in every conceivable way should he ever accidentally stub his toe