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I agree with you: BD Part 2 portrayed the Volturi very bad."If the fight had happened, it would have ended with 90% of the combatants, Cullen and Volturi alike, destroyed. There was simply no other outcome once the fight got started, given the abilities and numbers of the opposing sides.[...] It was a game of maneuvering, with the champion winning not by destroying the other side but by being able to walk away"said SM in her site. If the Volturi are so dangerous, why portray them so incompetent?

In regards to the 90 percent death of the combatants, I really think whichever side would have won wouldn’t have lost any numbers because they would have put together their fallen comrades post-battle. Unless someone took the time to rig up a campfire, they wouldn’t have been able to burn the vampires they dismembered during the battle. Even more so, it wastes valuable time to burn someone that was just dismembered, which could lead to someone taking advantage of their distraction. So, I think it would have to be either all the Cullens + witnesses (minus Irina) or the Volturi living (and I’ve already made it abundantly clear as to which side I think would have won in this post).

But, it mainly comes down to two points: SM has a very Bella-centric POV and the fact that Breaking Dawn was a rehashed version of Forever Dawn. 

Honestly, I think SM is too consumed in her Bella-centric POV. She sees the Volturi as completely incompetent and corrupt (and I mean I’m not denying that they are corrupt to some extent) because she views everything through Bella’s eyes. And to be perfectly honest, Bella has a very limited POV in terms of some of the minor characters, which affects how some of the minor characters are portrayed (e.g.: Emmett never once defends Rosalie, not even when Jacob throws a bowl at her). In addition, SM needs to write a story that will lead to her happy ending- meaning Bella + Edward + Renesmee + none of her favorite characters have an unhappy ending, even if it means throwing other characters (like poor Irina) under the bus. 

An example of this is how she thinks that if Bella’s shield works, the Volturi are completely out of the game. Everyone under Bella’s shield is able to use their special abilities. Therefore, the Volturi literally just have to get Jane, Alec, and Chelsea under Bella’s shield via Renata to totally decimate the rebellion. No one can touch Renata, and the Cullens + witnesses possess no long-distant offensive abilities. I suppose you could argue that Zafrina could blind them, but vampires are much more ruled by their sense of smell than sight. So, I imagine that they could sniff out Bella. Plus, I tend to think the Volturi Guards are prepared for this sort of non-linear situations (discussed here with wonderful additions from @jessicanjpa and @kyilliki). Now, I’m not saying it would be that simple, but it’s just silly that Aro would feel that threatened by Bella’s shield. Like, yes. It really sucks, but it isn’t end game. 

When SM originally wrote Twilight, Forever Dawn was suppose to be the only sequel. Then, I guess her editor convinced her to make it into a trilogy because those sold better (which then evolved into the Saga). Breaking Dawn was pretty much an edited version of Forever Dawn, which is why the Volturi and other characters are portrayed in a drastically different manner. Take Irina for example- why didn’t she go and talk to Carlisle or her family about what she saw before running to the Volturi? Did she not hear the “strange heart beat” from the child? The answer to all of these questions is probably just that SM needed those events to occur in order for the story to progress in the way she desired. Aro might have noticed the strange heart beat from Renesmee, but Irina did not because she needed to bring news to the Volturi. Another example is how Aro went from an ambiguous evil in New Moon to a chaotic evil in Breaking Dawn. SM needed Bella to leave Volterra human, but also needed the conflict to occur in Breaking Dawn. Why didn’t Aro call his dear friend Carlisle first to hear his side of the story? I suspect it is the same reasoning. 

Cas invites Dean to see a movie. It’s been ages since Dean has sat in a theater, eating popcorn and smiling at the explosions of an action movie, and he has nothing to do today. So he says yes, and they spend the afternoon relaxing like normal humans, though neither of them are.

Cas invites Dean to go to dinner. Dean’s hungry, and he’s sure that’s why Cas asked. He says sure, and Cas zaps them to a restaurant much nicer than the usual diner. He smiles like he’s done something good, and Dean smiles back, his stomach rumbling and mouth watering at the smell. So he eats the most delicious steak he’s ever had as Cas only watches, and he drinks scotch, laughing as Cas tells him stories of his past.

Cas invites Dean to the bunker’s kitchen, where he has made a pie for Dean’s birthday. Cas looks so proud, and it’s such a nice gesture, that Dean ignores the slightly off taste of it and proclaims it the best pie ever. Cas beams at him. So he eats another slice, allowing himself to feel special and celebrated for just a few minutes.

Cas invites Dean to a Netflix marathon, to a LARPing battle Dean finds more awesome than he intended, to the best fishing spot Dean has ever seen. Dean has fun with Cas, finds it easy and comfortable to be with him. Sometimes it feels a little intense, but Cas is an angel, and their relationship has never been exactly normal. Dean figures it comes with the territory. So he always goes along, even when Cas suggests bowling, and he always enjoys himself.

Finally, Cas invites him to a nice restaurant on Valentine’s Day. Dean just can’t say yes this time, especially with Sam standing right there, eyes wide as he waits for Dean’s response. “Uh, Cas? That’s a little too much like a date, don’t you think?”

Cas only narrows his eyes and tilts his head in that infuriating way he has. “But Dean, we’ve been dating for months.”

Dean’s heart jumps at Cas’ words as they sink in, and Dean realizes it’s not an entirely unpleasant feeling. Cas has just given a name to something Dean’s been aware of and actively ignoring for a while now, and he can’t shove it down this time. Not with Cas looking at him with those blue eyes, all hopeful and sweet.

“Yeah, Cas,” he sighs, rubbing at the back of his neck and looking at the floor, “I guess we have.”

“Then let’s go.” Cas holds out his hand.

Dean doesn’t look at Sam as he laces his fingers through the angel’s, but he hears him snorting with laughter as Cas pulls him toward the garage where the Impala waits for them.

“Have a good time!” Sam calls after them.

Dean knows he will.

Neko Atsume Gothic
  • One by one, the rooms of your house disappear. One day, all that remains is your backyard. You don’t know why, but you know that if you put out certain objects and fill the cat bowl with food, the cats will come. This becomes your life. Filling the cat bowl. Buying the cat toys. Watching the cats.
  • A faint, peaceful tune is always playing. The sound of meows is ever-present, even when the food bowls are empty and the cat toys lie dormant, with no cat in sight. You do not know where the music or the meowing truly comes from.
  • No matter how much food you put out, they are never sated. They are always hungry.
  • Then you wonder if it’s actually the cats eating the food. Although the food continually depletes while they are present, you realize you have never even seen them eat it. 
  • In fact, you never see any cats come or go. They are either present or they are not. 
  • You begin to wonder if the cats are truly real. You realize they are all actually the same cat, with the same faces and the same movements. Only their colors, and occasionally costumes, differ.
  • And who puts them in costumes? Are these cats sentient? Why do some cats respond to the names of deceased historical figures?
  • The cats do seem to possess greater intelligence and resourcefulness. They leave behind fish to show their gratitude. Fish you can use in a strange market in exchange for goods for the cats. Who makes these goods? And why would they accept fish as any sort of currency? What does the owner of this market use the fish for? 
  • You could save up 10 gold fish to trade for 250 silver fish. But gold fish is hard to come by, while silver fish accumulate fairly quickly, so this trade is useless to you. The only trade you are forced to make, in what must be a capitalist society more unforgiving and unfair than your own, is 500 silver fish for 10 gold. How this kind of exchange could exist in any kind of sensible or stable economic system in whatever society these cats must be part of, escapes you.
  • One day, everything goes completely black. You wonder if you are about to lose consciousness. Out of the abyss quietly walks one of the cats to the center of your vision. It sits there, quietly, silently, unmoving, waiting. When you finally approach it offers you something. A memento. This happens time and time again. The items they give you seem to have little if anything in common, most are useless, some are disgusting. They don’t seem to have any particular value, but the way each cat presents it to you, tells you it means a lot to the cat. You feel incredibly grateful with each memento, saving each one, and you don’t know why.
  • You save enough gold fish to buy what they call “an extension”–you are able to make one room for your house, but this room is for the cats only. You think you may be able to live here, reclaim your life again. But you cannot enter the room. As before, you are a but an observer. You realize there is a cat bowl in the room already. You fill it with food. You put toys in the room. The cats come again. You are happy.
  • Are they cats? Were they always cats? Are they lost souls in purrgatory, carrying lost items from their former short, brief human lives? Are you meant to watch them in this endless resting place, for the extension of eternity, a quiet, passive host, waiting for an end that will never come?

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nurseydex headcanon: Nursey saw the sign in his dorm that said fish were allowed as pets and immediately bought a betta. It's red and (as bettas are) very aggressive. He names it Dex.

Picture Nursey, standing proudly atop his bed, arms outstretched in a pose not unlike the familiar scene in the Lion King where Simba is presented to his kingdom for the first time. Instead of a lion cub, Nursey is clutching a tiny, spherical fish bowl in his hands. He has had one (1) can of PBR. 

“This is my son. His name is Dex. He’s a betta and he’s red and I love him.”

Dex watches the scene in front of him, peering suspiciously at the tiny, bright orange betta swimming idly in the fish bowl. Dex is decidedly unamused. 

“Why do you have a fish?” Dex asks, cautiously. It’s a legitimate question. 

Nursey looks down at Dex with a small, proud smile. “My dorm finally allowed students to own fish. And since I’m a legal adult, I bought myself a fish.” Nursey plants a loud smacking kiss to the side of the fishbowl, which makes Dex wonder just how scared shitless that poor betta must be at the moment. Nursey continues, “I got him on a discount because the pet store told me that Dexy here killed two other fish. I’m actually like, 80% positve that this is you in a fish’s body.”

“That doesn’t even- ”Dex pauses to sigh, and potentially hold back a smile. He can’t let Nursey know he’s enjoying this. “Should I be flattered that you named your goldfish after me?”

Nursey gasps, affronted.“Don’t talk to me or my son ever again.” He stage whispers, covering the fish from Dex’s view with his hand. Dex just rolls his eyes fondly. He can’t believe he voluntary chooses to spend time with this idiot. 

(All fake annoyance aside, Dex stops by Nursey’s dorm a lot more often after that day, just to make sure that Nursey is remembering to feed the poor thing. He changes Dex Jr’s water regularly and cleans his bowl even when Nursey doesn’t ask him too. It takes a long time for Dex to admit that he is essentially raising a fish-child with Derek Malik Nurse. When he does admit this to himself, he finds that he doesn’t mind at all.)

Chapter 155: The PLIGHT within the HEART comes UNDONE

Note: Read the notes at the bottom for clarification. Remember, NO SPOILERS PLEASE, in the comments or anywhere on this account. I have not finished the novel. I stopped reading for now so that I can translate. No copy/paste and all that other shenanigans either. Vote/likes are highly appreciated. (◎ヮ◎)

SURPRISE  again! I lied yesterday! MUHAHAHAHA~ |✿'・ლ・’| ᵒᵐᵍᵎᵎᵎ

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Chapter 155: The PLIGHT within the HEART comes UNDONE

After losing contact with Bai Luo Yin, Gu Hai immediately called Bai Han Qi. It was then that he found out, for the past two days, Bai Luo Yin has not returned home. He used every method to seek Bai Luo Yin out but even then he couldn’t find any information to his whereabouts. When he recalled Bai Luo Yin’s strange behaviors from before, uneasiness started to intensely shroud his heart.

Wandering anxiously around the streets all night, Gu Hai became dazed and his vision blurred a bit.

Where have this bastard gone? Why does he always disappear mysteriously like this? Why doesn’t he think about the consequences before he does something? Why doesn’t he consider how worried the people around him would be?

As these thought devour his mind, his tightly clenched fist smashed against the steering wheel.

Gu Hai’s heart was pained with anger and anxiousness that refused to leave.

Just as he was about to start the car and continue on with his search, he suddenly received a call. Glancing at it, he doesn’t recognize the unfamiliar number, yet with anticipation he picked it up.

“Gu Hai.”

When he heard Bai Luo Yin’s voice, Gu Hai had the urge to smash his cellphone, however, his gripped tightened instead; it was as if he was holding on to a lifeline, beckoning it for help.

Looking at the front of the phone, he shouted: “Where the fuck have you been for the last two days?”

“Where are you now?”

Gu Hai steadied his breathing and tried his hardest to calm his troubled nerves. His tired eyes glanced around in all four corners for his own location. After he informed Bai Luo Yin of his whereabouts, he threw his phone to the passenger seat. His grip loosened before he allowed his head to fall back. As he closed his eyes, a long and deep breath finally escaped his lips, bringing out with it the fear that consumed him.

Fortunately, nothing happened.

Guessing that it was nearly time, Gu Hai unlocked the door and got out. He stood outside beside his own car and waited for Bai Luo Yin. Five minutes later, a taxi stopped in the distance not too far where he was. Bai Luo Yin’s shadow emerged from within the taxi. The raging fire that Gu Hai had just suppressed a moment ago, suddenly exploded as he stared at Bai Luo Yin and took large strides toward him.

Since Bai Luo Yin left Zhen Da Cheng’s place, he wasn’t able to wash his face, or eat a proper meal, instead full of joy and expectations, he rushed to look for Gu Hai. Just as he paid the driver, he felt a quick and powerful pull, causing his body to uncontrollably move backward.

Gu Hai gripped the back of Bai Luo Yin’s collar and fiercely dragged him toward the side of his own car. He then pushed him heavily against the car door.

Anxiety was painted on his face as he looked at Bai Luo Yin and bellowed with rage, “Where the fuck did you run off to for the past few days? Do you know I looked for you all night? Do you know how worried and anxious I was?”

Bai Luo Yin didn’t even have the time to shake away or consider the pain he felt. But instead both his hands shot out and tightly clutched Gu Hai’s arm. The excitements in his eyes burned Gu Hai’s cheeks. It was hard for him to suppress the eagerness, the intense emotion that welled in his voice, “Gu Hai, do you know? I’ve found out the cause of your mother’s death during that time. She was not killed because of your dad’s design. You’ve misunderstood your father……”

Gu Hai’s face did not show even the slightest sign of astonishment or that he was touched, on the contrary, it was drawn with darkness and gloominess instead. He emphatically interrupted Bai Luo Yin’s words and angrily rebuked: “I only asked you, where were you these two days?”

The throbbing excitement in Bai Luo Yin’s pupils gradually cooled down. The corner of his pasty, colorless lips slightly moved all of a sudden and with difficulty he threw out a few words, “I went to Zhen Da Cheng’s house, that is……your uncle.”

Suddenly, Gu Hai flew into a violent rage. Both his hands shot out and ferociously held Bai Luo Yin’s shoulder. His voice like a raging thunder, loudly sounded off, “Who told you to go find him? Who told you to go?”

As Gu Hai violently shook Bai Luo Yin, swaying him back and forth, the thin and flimsy pieces of paper that he had held tightly on to, fell to the ground.

His eyes became lifeless.

It was as if the aftermath of spending the last two nights in the freezing cold had finally decided to appear at this moment. His stiffened fingers pressed into Gu Hai’s arms and one at a time, he peeled them off before inch by inch tearing himself away.

Then he turned and left.

Gu Hai didn’t chase after him. After he frantically vent out all his feelings, what remained was the emptiness and desolation. His brain became a blank piece of paper and the ability to think has already been lost, disappearing with the sound of Bai Luo Yin’s footsteps. He looked at the file slightly swaying carelessly on the ground. One by one, he picked the sheets of paper off the ground, not even daring to look at it. He wanted to immediately rip them up but he doesn’t have the courage to. In the end, unable to control his temper, he kicked the car door at full force. This kick alone left a deep hollow impression on the metal surface. Even more so, this hollowness was riddled with despair and agony.

Bai Luo Yin wandered the street lifelessly. He relied entirely on his instinct to identify the direction in which he was going. Both his legs felt heavy with each step he took, it was as if lead had been poured deeply inside. His neck could barely support his head as a buzzing sound rung off in his head. The buzz rung again and again, wearing him down. He placed his hand on a random sign that was standing nearby for support and quietly relaxed for a while.

To the side was a restaurant. Bai Luo Yin already hasn’t eaten anything for the last fifty plus hours or so. So, even when a bowl of noodles was placed in front of him, he still couldn’t tell what it smelt like or how it tasted. His appetite had waned away long ago and what replaced it was, the numbness.

Conjuring just enough appetite, he took a few bites. But immediately after these few bites, he suddenly felt an overwhelming sensation stabbed at his internals, bringing with it a strangeness that sat at the tip of his throat. Using what little strength he had left in him, he quickly rushed out of the restaurant and threw his guts out at the side of a trash can. He gagged and huffed for air as he puked out what little he had consumed. The urgency to let all the substance out was so strong that it made him become extremely lightheaded and even more fatigue.

It’s so painful!

Tears spilled out of his eyes uncontrollably and left trace marks on his pallid face.

He staggered his way back home between consciousness and unconsciousness. Once he arrived at home, he immediately went straight to his bedroom and plunged on the bed. The feeling of it was so strange to his body that he couldn’t tell if it was soft or no. But.

It’s so cold.

Bai Luo Yin lethargically tore his wet clothes off and covered himself with two quilts.

It was still cold.

His body heat didn’t so much as drain away or seep out slowly, it abandoned him with callous speed to leave him helpless and shivering in the wake of its violent escape. He tried to control the trembles that unfurled all over his body but it was of no avail. After struggling for a while, he lost consciousness.

Gu Hai remained at home for the entire day depressed. Between sleeping and awaking, awaking and sleeping, he didn’t bother going to school. Nor did he contact Bai Luo Yin. In the end, he slept until he couldn’t sleep anymore. He picked up those sheets of paper from the side of his pillow. Page by page, word by word, his brain swallowed all the information up, engraving itself deeply inside.

After looking through it, Gu Hai quietly sat up for a while, eyes glued toward the window, looking at the outside.

The inside of his hollow heart were so dry and desolate, that not even a single drop of tear flowed out.


Jiang Yuan opened the door and saw Gu Hai’s depressed face, her heart thumped for a second. She had been terribly worried for several days now and finally, this young master has returned just as she had hoped.

Gu Hai didn’t even give Jiang Yuan a glance as he passed by her and went straight to the second floor.

Jiang Yuan stood at Mrs. Gu’s bedroom door. She had already sufficiently prepared herself. If Gu Hai discovered something abnormal, if he started tossing around blames, she will take responsibility for all of it.

In these three years, Gu Hai had stayed in this room countless times. When he entered his footsteps were heavy and when he left, his footsteps were drenched in sorrow. Never had there been a moment like this, calm, revere, and grieving in silence……he finally admitted and accepted this reality, his mother has already passed away.

“Mom, why were you willing to die for him, but not willing to live for me?”

Gu Hai attentively gazed at Mrs. Gu’s photo in silence as he wiped away the tiny dust particles from the photo frame.

“A man that is able to make you willingly give up your life, must be a good father right?”

Gu Hai’s childhood emerged from the back of his mind; the images of every little interaction that he had with Gu Wei Ting floated clearly in. Those moments, those three years of feelings that he himself had covered and deeply buried has subtly began to regain its position at the bottom of his heart.

From the first the time he thought highly of him, with respect until he loathed, hated him……by just lighting the fuse of an explosion, three years of misunderstandings and pain burst into flame. He suddenly understood the expressions in Gu Wei Ting’s eyes, grief, remorse, sincerity, helplessness……also, there was another scene that he had erased from his memory: the night before Gu Wei Ting got married, he stayed in this room for the entire night. Early in the morning, he stood up and faced his late wife’s picture, and with the utmost respect, he gave her a firm military salute.

“Mom, I don’t have any other request. If you love me, please always bless and protect me and Yin Zi until the very end.”

Gu Hai looked gratefully at Mr. Gu’s photo and bowed.

Finally, he tenaciously glanced at it once more, straighten his back, and steadily marched out of this room.

Jiang Yuan was the already outside pacing back and forth in circles, countless times already. When she saw Gu Hai emerging from the room, her expression was rather calm as her heart suddenly loosen with ease. It seems, he didn’t find anything wrong.

“In the future, there’s no need to go into my mother’s room and clean it everyday. The things that she used when she was alive, if it’s valuable, leave it there and if not, burn it.”

Surprised ate away at Jiang Yuan’s appearance, making way for her eyes to slightly widen. In actuality, she doesn’t know the meaning nor the implication behind Gu Hai’s word. As she waited for the raging storm to approach, Gu Hai had already effortlessly removed himself from her line of sight.

The sky outside was sunny and cloudless.

Even though classes were about to be dismissed, Gu Hai still went back to school. Yesterday, he had treated Bai Luo Yin so badly and made him so angry that he disappeared without uttering a single word. Now, the anger in him has vanished and all he felt was moved. He wanted to face him and expression his feeling of gratitude. He wanted Bai Luo Yin to know that, everything he has done for his sake, is worth a lifetime of Gu Hai’s thanks.

However, Bai Luo Yin’s seat was absolutely empty.

The look on Gu Hai’s face abruptly changed. He immediately dialed Bai Han Qi’s number on the spot.

“At the hospital.”

Hearing those three words, Gu Hai’s head was just like an explosion that had blown up, he frantically rushed out of the school building, flagged down a taxi and went directly to the hospital.

A scene incessantly rolled again and again in Gu Hai’s head, Bai Luo Yin emotionally grabbing his arm, proclaiming to him the results of the past two days. He had never lost self control like this before, he had never been faced with such a difficult situation like this before……at that moment, he must’ve wanted him to give him a hug, and say, ‘you’ve worked hard’, even if it was just a meaningful look in his eyes, it would have been enough. Even if it was just that, it wouldn’t have made it so unbearable for him to turn away, leaving only a disappointed and lonely back.

Once he arrived at the hospital, Gu Hai hurriedly walked toward Bai Luo Yin’s ward.

Aunt Zou was the only one there.

“Da Hai, why are you here?”

“How’s Yin Zi?”

Aunt Zou pointed toward the inside of the ward, “He’s sleeping.”

Gu Hai softly pushed open the door as not to make so much noise and entered. Bai Luo Yin was lying on the hospital bed, his face was colorless, pallid. He looked pale and haggard, unlike his usual self. Gu Hai sat beside the sickbed and looked carefully at Bai Luo Yin. From the lines of his eyes to the ones on his lips, he took them all in.

Pain then coldly carved itself into his heart. It felt so terrible watching him like this and knowing that he was hurting.

Yesterday, he also had this appearance.

Yesterday he came looking for me with this appearance! Why didn’t I see it then? Why did I uncontrollably yell and shout at him? Why was my head full of anger and rage? Why didn’t I push it away and make space to care for him, to love him?

“Yin Zi.” Gu Hai softly called out.

Bai Luo Yin heard Gu Hai’s voice and slightly cracked his eyes open, but quickly closed them again.

He didn’t have the strength to talk nor did he wanted to talk.

Gu Hai quietly sat for a while then with a dark and gloomy expression tracing the outline of his face, he walked out.

Seeing Gu Hai smoking at the entrance of the corridor near the stairs, Aunt Zou seemed as though she had just realized something. She turned and walked toward him.

“Da Hai ah, did Yin Zi provoke you, so you shut him outside?”

Gu Hai’s expression was of confusion and surprise in that moment before he stared at Aunt Zou’s face, “Why do you say that?”

She sighed, “Ai……last night when he came back, he had a fever. Later, his fever was so bad, he was talking nonsense. Saying incoherently that somebody wouldn’t let him go into the house to sleep and made him so cold that it was unbearable. I thought, these two days he wasn’t staying with you, so I……ahhh, auntie is also just guessing. If there is no such thing, then don’t take it to heart.”

Suddenly, Gu Hai’s hand that held the cigarette, stiffened, crushing half of it while the other half fell to the ground.

<“I’m a bit cold. Talk with me.”>

“<Da Hai, hug me.”>

Aunt Zou watched as Gu Hai immediately jumped from the top of the second floor stairs to the ground of the first floor.

She couldn’t help but to be a bit scared of this sudden action.

What is this child doing?

While she was still in a frightened and doubtful state of mind, Gu Hai had already rushed out of the hospital.


Are you addicted?

The original novel is written by Chai Jidan

I do not own any of its content

I am merely an amateur translator/editor

Building Your Own Fish Caves!

Caroline and I decided to do a little art project. As fish lovers, we take pride in what decor we stick in our tanks. Caroline saw online that you could make your own fish caves, so we decided to give it a go!

I would definitely recommend this project because it is fairly cheap compared to the price of decor. However, this is not a one day project. Caroline built her’s in two days. I built my first one in one day and I am still working on the other one. Plus, you have to wait 24 hours for the glue to set and another 48 hours to cure the glue so it is not harmful to your fish. A total of 78 hours if you are lucky enough to finish in the first day. On one hand, I’m happy this is taking longer because it gives me something to do every day, but I’m so impatient when it comes to waiting for glue to dry.

If you want to try this project yourself, you will need non-toxic aquarium sealant. Make sure it is SAFE for your fish because that is your number one priority. We bought this at Petsmart. The good thing is, there is enough glue to make several caves, plus you have a little left over if your aquarium breaks (which is what it is actually meant for).

Next, you’ll need marbles or rocks. I bought marbles because they fit better with Blue’s tank, but Caroline bought rocks for her cichlid tank. Either works. The first caves we made were molded by paper bowls. We carefully glued each marble together inside of the bowl, then let it sit overnight. Caroline’s was much more sturdy than mine considering her rocks were bigger, but mine will be able to support itself in the water. You can always add an extra layer of marbles to make the structure sturdy. I also recommend doing all of this on  cardboard, even when using a bowl. The glue gets messy, marbles fall… It can get bad.

Obsidian’s was the easiest to make because of the mold. I used a little bowl that my bamboo came in when I bought it. I keep bamboo in a teapot, so I decided to recycle and glue the marbles onto it. I think it turned out nice! I’m waiting one more day for this to cure before I can stick it in Obsidian’s tank (and I will post pictures)!

Finally, I have Blue’s cave in progress. The first and second day I was able to add three layers of marbles (I stacked these rather than using a bowl for a dome shape). Today, I added just one layer because I had to make the entrance, which I supported with a piece of cardboard (not shown in the picture). This one probably won’t be ready to put in Blue’s tank until next week. It’ll look nice though!

If you guys try this out, let me know and submit pictures! We want to see what you can do :)


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Hi. I'm new to BB and I just wan't to ask why is Seungri being hated by many VIPs? They say he's arrogant but personally I don't see it that way, I see it more like his so called "arrogance" is a defense mechanism from all the hatred and bullying he gets. I don't know about the Korean culture but it's the first time I heard of Self confidence=Arrogance and as for his so called "Scandal" IMO it's none of our business, it's his private life and it was never been proven true. So why all the hatred?

This is going to be really LONG.

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“Oh yea! Whose the best?! Told ya I’ll make that strike! Bet ya thought dat I was bluffing when I told ya dat I could do it, huh? Ya so shouldn’t have made a bet against the master. Now pay up!!”

That feeling when your period comes early…


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Never Is An Awfully Long Time

Peter Pan AU

The little yellow bird flew in one day after school, just came in the window while Blaine was practicing piano; the metronome ticking mercilessly and the sheet music blurred with angry tears. Those boys at school had been teasing him again, about his hair and his clothes and they called him gay he’d shouted, so what if I am?

And that had just made things a whole lot worse. But he didn’t cry. Came home and smiled at his mom and ate apple slices with peanut butter and didn’t cry. Did his homework, calculating the area of circles and finding constellations on a star map and writing a paper on Hermes and didn’t cry.

And then piano practice, the music swelling and his throat closing like a fist and his eyes burning and a little bird just fluttered right in through window open to the twilight sky, perching on the edge of the music rack on his piano. Crying was suddenly the last thing on Blaine’s mind.

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My name is Chirpy and my hoomans call me a “big fluffer.” I love to beg for food even when my bowl is full cause can never have enuff noms. Some of my hoomans moved away for something called “co-leg” (dumb) but they visit often and I purr so much when I see them


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Yoongi x Reader

Summary:  He was determined to save you and put a smile on your face once again, the same way you saved him from himself.

Genre: Angst, fluff
Word Count: 4,874 words
A/N: I am back! I hope this will warm you up and give you some positive energy! ❤️❤️❤️

24 hours since you’ve locked yourself in his room, curtains closed, lights off. 24 hours since you’ve been on his bed, hugging your knees, staring at the piece of wall ahead without any expression, without a single word. 24 hours since you had a sip of water or a bite of food.

24 hours since he last saw you. He was surprised to find you banging on the door of his small apartment late into the night, even though it wasn’t the first time. Surprised when you didn’t say a single word and made your way straight towards his room and banging the door shut. He would be fuming in anger if anyone came knocking on his door and trespassing his little home at this hour, but it was you.

20 hours since he last knocked on the door to his room, asking you what was wrong and trying to persuade you to at least come out of the room. He did not have to ask what happened. He could already tell on the back of his mind. There was only one thing that could turn you like this and he knew what it was very well. It was not the first time but he still did not know what to do. He did not know what he could do.

8 hours since he had been sitting on the couch after returning from an errand, accompanying you whom he was almost certain was still awake. Though he’d usually go to bed right after getting home from his exhausting errands, he didn’t need his sleep now. How could he sleep when he was practically going crazy on the inside? He was worried to the point his stomach churned at every ticking sound the clock on the wall made.

He could have just dashed to that bastard’s house and give him a good beating so that he’d end up lying on the hospital bed for a good 3 months. He definitely would do that if he was still the same person as he was 3 years ago. The last time he did it, you wouldn’t talk to him for six months and he knew better than to let history repeat itself. 24 hours was torturous enough, he didn’t need another 6 months of living hell.

Another 5 hours passed by and the sun had already risen above the horizon, warming up every corners of the city. Yoongi finally decided he had to do something. He shut his eyes and took in a deep breath. He could not take it anymore. The last time you locked yourself in for 3 days straight and were lying lifeless on the floor when he returned from a week’s job out of town. He could not watch it happen again. Even if you were going to get mad at him, he was going to get you out of the room.

As he ransacked drawers after drawers searching for that spare key he was sure he had somewhere in the house, memories that he shared with you flashed through his mind. While others seemed to grow more matured and more open-minded with every failed relationship, you were slowly turning into the person Yoongi once was. His heart clenched at the thought of that. No, he couldn’t let such a thing happen. He was determined to save you and put a smile on your face once again, the same way you saved him from himself 5 years ago.

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