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All I’m saying is that the “Power to the Girls” sweatshirt wearing Kara Danvers I know and love would be offended at someone saying something as possessive as “she’s with me” and then trying to punch someone. That’s all I’m saying

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I (badly) smashed together 2 pics taken in CAS of 2 different hairs– has anyone made this particular frankenmesh or something similar? It’s the long straight hair from get together paired with the fringe/bangs from some basegame pigtails.


so I’m 99.99% sure that shiro lives through that doozy of a s2 finale and to the end of the show (because kids show, he’s a main, they’ve sunk so much time into developing him) but how sad is it that my experiences with western media tell me to never ever let go of the possibility that maybe my son - my handsome, strong, vulnerable, mentally ill, definitively asian son - could be killed off like it was nothing, lest I be disappointed yet again

So I went to sleep and woke up this morning feeling a lot less angry over the Not Today situation. I still think what they did to Jin was unfair, embarrassingly so, and that he deserved better than that. Without a doubt (Whatever you think about the mv, only 1 second of individ screen time for a member of the group is just unacceptable in any MV). But I needed a bit of distance. Because this is a k-pop band. Even if I love them, it’s not something to get that upset over. (I also had a real shitty day yesterday–someone keeps stealing my food.)

But I think the outrage was probably big enough that BigHit would have heard it, and well there’s not a lot that we can do anyway. Just hope that he will have fair share in the future and try to love on him as best we can. I don’t want Jin to feel guilty or uncomfortable for all this, I’m sure he has his own feelings and thoughts about it and we can’t know what happened behind the scenes. A win for BTS is a win for Jin, at the end of the day. 

Rather than let this divide the fandom, I hope that it’s a reminder to love our dorky, pun-wielding foodie sweetheart hyung Jin and show him as much love as you can, so he can hear about our support for him, rather than our fights with bighit or ourselves (or other fandoms). 

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Game Grumps Live was amazing!! I got to say hi to Vernon, and i made Danny and Arin laugh ♡

pro tip: if ur a guy (or girl/nb folk!!!!) and u ask out some1 n they say no for whatever reason dont turn around and call them ugly or a slur or anything like……it just makes u look pathetic

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hello! i was just wondering if you'd read any yoonkook fics recently that you could rec? i've run out of reading material :(

i have a couple new ones that i’ve read recently!

birthday gift | breathless | cake stopper | the castle on the hill | the collection (ch 29-33) | this feels like the first time | you stir up a mcflurry in my heart | your smile is my happiness

some of these might not be necessary new, but like posted last month or so. but i technically count it as new still