even under pressure he is flawless

LMAO secret vacation my ass

They came out of the plane and ate together with staffs (i see you manager-sshi), they went together without covering their identity, they let people took pictures and even gave autographs to fans 

But they also said “oh this is a secret trip, we went behind lee soo man’s back, we would be put in difficult situation if there’s pict taken”.

Like???????? Seriously? You expect me to buy this contradicting bullshit? Seriously SM? 

Besides, why they brought up LSM anyway? Most people know the one who truly in charge nowadays is our lovely darling CEO kim young min (you and your PR team, sir, are not slick, fire them and fire yourself too).

And no, me saying this does NOT mean i diminish se_soo interactions. Yes, i do acknowledge them as close friends, i do notice they indeed have many moments before.

So don’t pull out “omg look kaisoo shippers are belittling se_soo to validate their ship” card on me. Don’t.

This vacation trip looks fishy to some people (because it’s literally everywhere, we can see them here and there, there are quite lots of posts/previews, so many witnesses yet they claimed it to be “secret”. Bitch please ) and people being suspicious of it doesn’t mean they’re looking down / hating on se_soo. 

Although to those who said “se_soo aint close” or “se_soo came out of nowhere” etc… get your shit together son. 

I am glad (this isn’t sarcasm) se_soo could spend time together in this vacation (which i believe was given by SM bcoz come on the staffs were there, who else paid this trip if it wasn’t shady mofo?)

Vacation is always good to relieve some stress* after all. 

*Remember that article about some people were complaining about ksoo’s skin condition (it’s legit ridiculous, why that article was even written hmm), stress could cause breakout (pimples). He used to have flawless skin even w/o make-up (ryeowook praised him for it in sukira 2013/2014) despite their crazy schedule, but recently his skin seems to tell that he’s under pressure. Just my 2cents tho.

Note: It’s funny that before Apr 1st we rarely saw ksoo but after that day we got lots of previews of ksoo exploring the entire SK like dora with few different people. 

What a strange coincidence. 

Anyway if I somehow manage to offend you and your sensitive little feelings, unfollow and/or block me.