even to the end he's still teasing her :')

Dragon Ball Couples.

As a young girl growing up watching dbz, I enjoyed Goku and his friends in battles saving the earth from one thing to another. But I personally also loved the relationships that Akira made.

Now looking back at it, I found a few clichés that made me love these couples even more…including the new couple.

1. Goku and Chi-chi (Gochi)

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The childhood friends cliché.

The oblivious boy forgot the promise he made with the girl that liked him when they were kids. Only to be reunited after a long time in a tournament where he completely didn’t recognize her.

Sparking hate in the girl that foolishly clung to the promise they made as kids. But after revealing who she is, he finally meets his promise of making her his bride.

Chi-chi is the sensible and mature one, while Goku is simple-minded and goofy in their relationship. A relationship that still manages to stay strong even when he isn’t home most of the time, and still holds a caring love.

2. Vegeta and Bulma (Vegebul)

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The love-hate cliché.

Or the smart girl and the bad boy, he thought he was superior to them all and tried to order around Bulma. But she was not having any of his attitude, and he liked the challenge.

She was a huge component in his life, and the strong wife that he needed to keep him in place. Even though she isn’t physically strong, she stands her own ground against Vegeta.

Let’s also not forget Vegeta went against a God, because his wife was injured, like he literally lost it when Bulma got smacked. Charging with full power at a unbelievably strong opponent for beating up his beautiful wife. 

They may bicker, but they sincerely care about each other.

3. Gohan and Videl (Godel)

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The high-school sweethearts cliché.

Granted at first they didn’t get along (aka Videl was suspicious of Gohan), but he was constantly there for her when she was in trouble. He kept her safe all in the same time trying to hide the fact that he has a secret.

A secret she uncovers and uses to blackmail him to teach her how to fly and along the way she realizes she likes Gohan. Who is as his father oblivious, but you can see he cares for her, a great example is when he couldn’t hold himself back when she was getting beat up in the tournament.

That loving gaze after Videl’s battle against Spopovich, when they looked at each other and understood…

They are the dorky couple that fight together as superheros, or the popular girl with the cute nerd type of troupe.

4. Krillin and Android 18 (K18)

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The enemies cliché.

Or the bad girl with the good boy, way out of his league. It was cute seeing 18 teasing and flirting with Krillin, especially when they were fighting against each other.

But when she was in trouble he made a choice not to end her life and told her to run away. He fought against Cell, even though he wasn’t strong enough, and tried to save her.

And then he used a wish to take away the bomb from within her body, and wanted her to be happy instead of using it for himself. She was grateful over his decision, and thanked him from the bottom of her heart.

Although she left, she still managed to come back to him.

A surprising couple that formed from caring acts (attraction) even though they were enemies. 

5. Trunks and Mai (Trumai)

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The first love cliché.

Honestly (it should apply to gochi & godel too lol), their relationship is so sweet and caring that I can’t describe it. But there is no lie that Mai is Trunks first love.

The girl that he has fought alongside with and been by his side. Time couldn’t keep them apart, and everyone can see how much they mean to each other. Even their younger-self’s have chemistry and don’t hide the fact that they like each other, in a weird love triangle lol.

Two cute dorks, that are in the middle of a war against evil and don’t have time to cuddle and love each other ;)


Hi guys! I feel like it’s been ages since I posted something but I finally had some time again. This is very smutty like always so please don’t read it if you aren’t comfortable with filthy stuff. It’s not been proofread so please forgive any mistakes!xxxx

Harry felt like he couldn’t hold himself back anymore, like he had no control over his body.
He craved her.
He hadn’t had her in so goddamn long. Maybe it was a week, maybe two or maybe a month, he didn’t know. The only thing he knew was that it was way too long since he had her underneath him.
It was his fault though. He was so incredibly busy with working on his music and jumping from one thing to the other that at the end of the day there was no time for Y/N.
She understood that though, better than anyone else. She knew from the beginning that sometimes his work would get in their way, and she wasn’t mad about that. She supported him as good as possible.
The only thing she was a bit sad about was the fact that she couldn’t support him in that way right now. She knew he was exhausted when he came home and she understood that he wasn’t up for sex then but she also saw the frustration in his eyes and how painfully hard he was in the morning.
She noticed his whole body being tense, his shoulders never relaxing and his neck always looking like he couldn’t properly move it. She just wanted to help him.
But she also know he wouldn’t let her. He always denied that he needed something.
“No, love. M'just tired.”
It was true he was tired, but he also needed a release.
And because she knew he wouldn’t do anything about it anytime soon she took matters into her own hand.
She knew the effect she had on him, especially when she wore his clothes or a pair of lace panties or…
His shirt with lace panties.
He had a day off and she had a feeling he would want to spend it sleeping and working some more but she wouldn’t let him.
So when she knew he woke up from his nap she made her way upstairs in his white Rolling Stones shirt and a pair of white lace panties that left nothing to the imagination.
She walked into the bedroom and felt his eyes on her half naked body immediately. She made her way to the drawer right across the bed and bent down, acting like she looked for something at the bottom. She knew his eyes were looking at the place she wanted them to look, almost feeling the heat on her skin.
She turned around after a few moments, catching Harry’s eyes roaming her whole body with hit bottom lip between his teeth. “Have you seen my-”
“Come here.” he interrupted her.
“What?” she asked with fake surprise.
“Come here. Please.” he almost begged.
She made her way to the bed, crawling on top of it until she reached him.
“What’s going on?” she asked him.
He took hold of one of her legs and made her straddle his hips, sighing when her skin came in contact with his.
His hands moved from her thighs over those goddamn panties, up to her waist underneath his shirt.
“Should ask you that.” he replied with a cocked eyebrow.
“You come up her looking like… God, baby.”
She smirked at his flustered state, his cheeks slowly turning pinker and his eyes getting wider.
“You like it?” she questioned teasingly.
“You know what you do to me when you wear my clothes. And lace panties. But both together… fuck.”
She giggled softly and leaned closer to him.
“Did that on purpose, you know. You haven’t touched me in so long. Thought that this would finally make you do it.” she whispered into his ear.
He groaned and closed his eyes briefly before opening them again and letting his hands wander from her sides to her back, pressing her tightly against him.
“You think so? I don’t know about that, pet. You teased me quite a lot with this little outfit. Think I need to punish you a bit for that.”
She whimpered and released a quiet ‘god, yes.’ Maybe it wasn’t him who was that needy after all. Maybe it was all her.
He removed his shirt from her body in a split second, pressing her naked chest to his immediately after.
His lips began to press wet kisses against her neck, making her sigh out at how good it felt. He reached her chest on his path, his lips wrapping around one nipple and sucking on it until it was hard and repeating it on the other one. She was moaning and squirming already even though he hasn’t done anything yet.
“Turn around.” he told her, helping her until she was lying between his legs with her back to his chest.
He let his hands grab her tits for a moment, squeezing them slightly and pinching her pink nipples gently before he let his hands stroke over her whole upper body, his lips constantly pressing kisses to her neck.
His fingertips reached the line of her panties after a bit, teasingly stroking her skin right above the lace and making her body shudder with the tickling touch.
“Love those panties. So pretty.” he whispered into her ear.
Her eyes were closed so that she could enjoy his touch as much as possible. She wanted him to rip that unnecessary piece of clothing from her body already and touch her. But Harry had other plans.
His hand cupped her over her panties, a low moan rumbling through his chest when he felt her wetness through the almost none existent fabric. Y/N sighed out when she finally felt his touch against her aching center, her hips lifting off the mattress immediately but Harry held her down and wrapped one arm tightly around her waist so she had no ability to move.
His fingers stroked over her whole sex before they landed on that one spot that would make her eyes roll back and her lips part with breathless moans.
He began to rub her clit gently over the lace, her thighs tensing immediately. Sounds of pleasure left her lips when he sped up his movements and applied more pressure, her over sensitive nerves even more responsive to his touch than usually.
“You like it?” he asked her even though he knew the answer.
“God, yes.” she moaned out.
“I’m not even touching you fully, and you already loose your mind?” he teased her.
It was true. He wasn’t actually touching her completely, but still she was absolutely fucked out.
“Yes.” the word was dragged out, her voice getting high pitched at the end.
Harry made sure to touch just the right place, made sure he pressed and rubbed it with just the right pace.
He knew she was about to loose her mind, explode right in his lap. He knew the pent up frustration would make her come even faster than usually.
“Harry.” she whined when her body began to squirm and her legs began to trash around.
“What, darling?”
“Touch me. P-Please, I- Oh.”
“But I am touching you, baby.”
“N-No, want you to touch me without these panties, please.”
“Nuh-uh.” Harry made.
“Told you I had to punish you.”
She almost cried out but held herself back from protesting and getting into even more trouble.
“I’ll let you come though.” he whispered.
He sped up his movements and pressed against her clit harder, making her slip over the edge and loose any control. She was moaning louder than ever, Harry was almost worried she was in pain. She was squirming and trashing around in his lap, her whole body shaking against him. The moans kept on leaving her body, echoing through the room.
Harry was moaning himself too, he always enjoyed it when she came. He cupped her between her legs again when she finished completely, loving the way she rubbed herself against his hand to ride out the last bit of her pleasure.
“Harry.” she whimpered after a bit.
“Shh, love.”
He moved away from her body, letting her lay down with her back against the pillows. He shuffled on the bed until he was between her legs, his hands separating them so he was able to situate himself in the middle. She looked at him with glossy eyes, looking so goddamn fucked out that Harry almost lost it right there.
He lied down between her legs, his hands on her thighs, hooking them over his shoulders. Y/N whimpered at the image in front of her, his face between her thighs always made her feel some type of way.
She hoped, hoped so fucking much that he would rip that stupid piece of lace from her body but he didn’t. He spread her legs as wide as he could, his fingertips stroking softly over the fabric that made him loose his mind.
He leaned down and kissed along the path above lace, wandering down and letting his nose run over her, breathing her in. He rubbed the tip of it over her clit, feeling how soaked she was. Her scent swarmed his senses, getting so intense that he couldn’t help his tongue licking her over her panties. It felt strange against his tongue to not have her skin against it but he didn’t stop, to eager and desperate to lick her to her next orgasm.
Her hands shot down to his head, her fingers getting lost in the mess that was his hair. The way she pulled at his hair created a sting that almost turned into pain but he didn’t mind, he liked it rough.
She was pulling him closer, making his face bury into her even more but he loved it by the sound he made.
His tongue licked over her with broad strokes, the tip of it circling her clit over and over again. It felt different, the fabric created a different sensation but it was a good different.
It didn’t take her long to break apart again, shaky moans and choked gasps left her while her whole body tensed and arched off the bed. He licked her through it, moaning against her to create that bit of vibration against her that always made her loose it.
When she came down he came up for air, his lips swollen from how they rubbed against the rough fabric of her lace panties. He connected his lips to hers in a hungry kiss, pressing her into the pillows. A whine left Y/N’s mouth when his teeth sunk into her bottom lip, the sting a bit too much for her to handle right now.
He pulled back after a few moments and took his boxer shorts off, throwing them behind him. Next was finally her panties, a relieved sigh left her when they were finally off her body.
Harry’s eyes roamed her naked body like a starving man, the hunger clear in his look.
“Turn around, love. Please.” he almost begged her.
She did what he said, turning on her stomach so her backside was on full display for him. He spread her legs apart immediately, groaning quietly when he saw her dripping wet pussy.
She turned her head to look back at him, begging him with his eyes to do just anything. Somehow he understood what she wanted and positioned himself between her thighs, lined the tip of his rock hard cock up with her entrance and thrusted in immediately.
A relieved moan left both of them when they felt each other again. God, how they missed this.
Harry made sure he was as deep inside of her as possible, his hips pressed against her ass, before he began to move. He let his dick stroke her walls almost carefully before he began to sped up his movements.
“Harder. Please, I need it harder.” Y/N whined from beneath him and his eyes almost rolled into the back of his head.
He fucked her harder than, his hips snapping against her ass and creating a filthy sound that added to the wetness of her pussy and her moans.
“God, yes. Fuck me, Harry.”
He groaned and let himself fall down on her back, his arms no longer able to support his body. Y/N let out a surprised squeal when his cock reached even deeper than and she had no way to move anymore. Harry rolled his hips against her ass, the movement making his dick massage her walls roughly.
He was moving so fast and hard, his cock never leaving her walls, only hitting that one spot over and over again. She was screaming and sobbing underneath him, the sensitivity of her pussy and his harsh thrusts almost to much for her to handle and she felt the control slip through her fingers.
He was fucking her so good, as good as he always did. And she felt so goddamn amazing, as amazing as she always did.
They both didn’t last long and soon they both were coming with loud shouts and moans and shaking bodies that felt like they would never come down from their mind-blowing orgasm. Harry let the ride out their highs, his hips not stopping their movements until it was over..
He pulled out of her and fell beside her to the mattress, both breathing harshly and occasional whimpers leaving their lips. Harry turned his head to look at her and smirked when he saw how fucked out she looked and knew that he did that to her.
He mustered up the strength to move his body so he could stroke her cheek and see her fully.
“You good, my love?”
“Yes. God, yes.” she sighed with her eyes still closed.
Harry chuckled at her and pressed a soft kiss against her cheek.
“Missed you like that, you know?”
That’s when she opened her eyes and looked at him.
“Missed you too.”
“I’m sorry I didn’t have any time for you lately. Should have taken days off and spent them with you and not neglecting you like this.” he whispered sadly.
“Hey, s'okay. Think you made up for it quite well.” she grinned.
A slow smile spread over his face and he nodded.
“Thank you for being patient with me.”

A Realization (Elriel Fluff)

Written for this prompt from @tinylittlebluebird: ‘Azriel slowly starting to realise how he feels about Elaine but does not know how to approach her if at all.’

It took Azriel far too long to realize what was going on. He’d always thought that love happened fast – that when you fell, you fell hard and in an instant. After all, when Mor had come into his life, it had been a like a lightening strike in his chest. Mor, who’d been beautiful and confident and free even as a young woman trapped by her family. Mor, who’d teased him and danced with him and saw him as something other than a monster.

Cauldron, he’d loved her so fast. She’d been the first female to give him the light of day. And he’d hoped, for so long, that whatever it was between would extend past friendship.

A beautiful dream, really. But an impossible one, he would later realize. In the end, this friendship between him and Mor was more than enough. He still loved her, of course. (How could he not? Mor was entirely unique and a genuinely good person, through and through.) But he was no longer in love with her – he’d had to let that part of himself go until it became nothing more than another facet of their complicated but treasured history.

Considering this, it was no surprise that he had trouble recognizing the feeling that had so slowly built in his chest. It was just so dissimilar from what he thought he knew of love. Because when Azriel was around Elain, it wasn’t like lightning under his skin… no, it was a softer, gentler thing, though by no means any less potent. It felt like flying on a clear day, when he knew his wings would carry him true but the thrill of the fall was never far away.

Elain hadn’t sprung on him suddenly; his feelings for her hadn’t hit him in an instant. Instead, they had grown without him realizing – grown in the presence of her sweet smiles, in the fierce spirit that many didn’t see, in the strength with which she fought against her more violent visions. They grew with every passing day, with every happy look she sent his way, with every time she sought his company above all others. And Azriel hadn’t had a word to describe why that pleased him so.

It was love, of course. That had been the word he’d been looking for this entire time. Love.

(He was in love, truly in love – Azriel could hardly fathom it.)

Still, now that he knew what this feeling was, this ache deep in his chest… now that he understood the true depth of his love for Elain, he had no idea how to act around her. He clearly wasn’t as observant as he liked to think, considering that in five centuries at Mor’s side he hadn’t seen where her desires lie. What if Elain didn’t feel the same? What if she wasn’t interested in anything other than his friendship? His quiet companionship?

She was a woman who had just given up a mating bond, after all. And if Lucien Vanserra wasn’t worthy of her, how could he claim to be any better? He didn’t have a Cauldron-given connection to Elain.

But still, that feeling persisted. And sometimes, just sometimes, he saw something in the way Elain looked at him… and he thought that maybe this look was a mirror of his own. But how could he be sure? After Mor? After his long and lonely history? 

He didn't… he didn’t want to risk loosing Elain. Perhaps it was best to simply remain friends. She didn’t need him pushing his affections on her unwarranted. Certainly not after that bastard of a fiancé had so cruelly turned her away. Nor after she and Lucien had tried so earnestly to accept their bond, only for it to end in disappointment.

So he tried his best to act normally around her, as he had always done. But this new awareness he had of her, of his feelings for her, made it nigh on impossible. (Which, really, was just ridiculous – he was the spymaster, his entire life revolved around being able to charm others, to lie through his teeth so he could get the information he needed. Why should this be any different? Why couldn’t he pretend now?)

(Ridiculous. Utterly ridiculous… But, Cauldron, Azriel wouldn’t change it for the world.)

He shouldn’t be freezing up every time she put a gentle hand on his arm, her brown eyes all lit with excitement as she explained a new discovery to him. He shouldn’t be hesitating at the entrance to the garden whenever he saw she was already there, kneeling amidst the grass without a care. He shouldn’t be avoiding her when he knew she was looking for him… He shouldn’t be hesitating to pick her up and carry her to her bedroom after a particularly bad vision, the kind that made her collapse in exhaustion.

These were all things he’d done before, before the realization that had blind-sided him so completely he couldn’t even look at Elain without that awareness filling his very blood.

And now, walking around Velaris, he definitely shouldn’t have locked up completely when Elain hooked her arm through his. It was an innocent gesture, one she’d done dozens of times before – whenever they explored the city together, really. (Elain had started this tradition with him back in the early days, when they’d all still been healing from the events of Hybern. She’d wanted some time away from the house and away from her well-meaning but oftentimes overbearing sisters. What better way to do that than explore the City of Starlight with a new friend? Cauldron, Azriel had enjoyed those days… had enjoyed showing Elain the wonders of his home, making her smile with delight, the fog of her gaze momentarily lifting…)

(In hindsight, perhaps his feelings had been obvious for a while.)

Elain froze beside him, almost in tandem with him. She glanced up at him worriedly, her brow scrunched slightly. Azriel was all too tempted thumb that concerned crease away, to trail his fingers from the side of her brow bone to the delicate point of her chin.

“Are you all right, Azriel?” she asked him, big eyes still focused on him. He liked how she said his name – always Azriel, never Az or another nickname. His full name had always reminded him of the dark dungeon he had spent so much of his childhood in, of his brothers’ mocking voices as they set his hands ablaze. (‘Little Azriel is crying, but what else could we expect from a pathetic half-blood bastard?’) But Elain brought something good to his name, said it with such tenderness. From her, his name felt like a blessing, not a curse.

“Fine,” he replied eventually, not-at-all convincing. “I’m fine.”

She bit her lip nervously. “Are you sure? You’ve been acting strange of late. Is it– Have I done something to offend you?” 

No. No, you haven’t.” Azriel replied vehemently, though Elain remained doubtful. He touched the hand she still had on his arm and tried to be lighthearted. “You are completely innocent of any supposed crime; that I can promise.”

She nodded, turning her hand over so she could tangle their fingers together. (A friendly gesture, Azriel had to remind his racing heart.) “Good. I was worried. I had thought–”

Azriel frowned at the abrupt stop. He gentled his voice. “Thought what?”

She gazed stubbornly at their hands, suddenly shy. Azriel stilled completely under her soft touch and waited; he had the odd feeling that whatever she would say now might change the course of their relationship forever. In his silence, he watched her closely. There was color high on her cheeks, her hair coming loose from where she had it gathered at the back of her neck. She kept her eyes away from him, lifting her free hand so she could hold his in between the both of hers. Elain smiled a little as he let her play with his fingers, though it was tempered by something anxious in her demeanor. Azriel was tempted to speak, to sooth away the nervous line of her brow, but felt that his speaking might make her retreat. 

Still, his own nerves weren’t helped by the waiting. He could sneak into enemy territory without fear, could fight his way through the most of dangerous of battles without hesitation… but this? This connection? Putting his heart on the line? These were things he never truly understood how to do. Even after five hundred years of life, he didn’t really understand how to approach someone for something more than the simple pleasures of the flesh.

So, Azriel held his tongue and hoped and hoped and hoped

Finally, she spoke. “I thought… I thought that maybe I was too forward. That you didn’t want me like I… like I want you.”

Azriel blinked in surprise. All attempts at calming his heart became futile, for it stuttered in his chest before racing faster than ever.

And then a smile bloomed on his face, unstoppable. Too forward? Want me like I want you? You are everything I want, Azrel thought in disbelief. But he didn’t say that. Not yet. Instead his grin widened as he slowly cupped Elain’s cheek with his free hand, tilting her head up until their eyes met. Suddenly, he knew exactly what to do, his free-falling heart guiding him true.

“I think the day that anyone thought you to be too forward, Elain Archeron, we would all die of shock,” Azriel said lightly, an almost imperceptible mischievousness in his voice.

“No, I– Wait. Are you teasing me?”

There’s that sparkle of delight I’ve been waiting for, he thought as he stared into her bright eyes. All hints of shyness had disappeared with his bad attempt at humor, her own lips pulling into that lovely, lovely smile of hers. She lifted a hand to cover the one he still had resting on her cheek. 

“Only because you’ve made me an incredibly happy male,” he told her then, with raw honesty, uncaring that they were in the middle of the street, that anyone could see them. “How could I not want you, Elain? You are– You are everything.”

He couldn’t find the right words… but it didn’t seem to matter, as Elain’s smile became watery, overcome with emotion. And words seemed to fail her as well for a moment, her breathing faltering for the briefest second even as her eyes shined with a thousand different feelings that Azriel wanted to spend a lifetime deciphering.

She squeezed his hand tight and then rose to the tips of her toes, ever so slowly bracing herself against his body. “Azriel,” she whispered, barely audible, before slanting her lips over his.

And Azriel? He grinned wildly into her kiss, into Elain’s kiss. The free-fall feeling was back, the ache in his chest doubling, but for the moment he was unafraid. Because he wanted this. And he loved her… he loved her. So he tugged her against him, crushing them together and deepened their kiss, chasing her tongue with his.

When they finally pulled away from each other, Azriel couldn’t help but let out a chuckle even as his cheeks warmed slightly.

“What? Why are you laughing?” Elain asked curiously, a fond smile tugging at her kiss-bruised lips. 

He tilted his head at all the people around them in the street, at the way they were all purposefully not looking at the two of them. “While I fully support where this was going, I think perhaps it might be prudent to wait a while. I don’t think the citizens of Velaris would appreciate the view.” 

Elain’s cheeks soon matched his own, becoming a lovely rose color in her embarrassment. She hid her face in the soft fabric of his shirt, looping her arms around his waist. And yet her body shook lightly as she laughed at the revelation that they were still very much in public.

Mother above, I love her, Azriel couldn’t help but think.

Perhaps he should have told her then, said those three little words. But Azriel decided instead to wait. Although it had taken them a long time to get here, this was still new – fragile and precious even. And he wanted to learn her, to know her like he had known no other before. And he hoped she wanted to do the same with him.

Besides, Azriel was patient… and they had nothing but time. 

Eventually, he spoke. “What do you say we finish what we came out here to do? There was that restaurant I wanted to show you.” 

Elain lifted her head. “I like the sound of that,” she told him quietly.

Azriel couldn’t resist pressing a quick kiss to the corner of her mouth before he pulled away. Soon they were walking down the street again. Only this time Elain’s hand wasn’t placed in the crook of his elbow. This time, she kept her hand firmly in his.

And there it stayed.

partners [george weasley]

request:  15 & 32 for george weasley? ( not even sure if you write for him but dang, i think your writing is really good and i’m curious on how you’d write for other characters. thank you. 😉 x ) - @bookthrills

word count: ~2200 (i totally lied about the 1500 word limit omg HOW did i go 700 words over my budget)

a/n: so basically i’m a terrible human being and HAD to write this before ANYTHING ELSE. i have so many requests atm AND I LOVE YALL FOR IT IM JUST SO OVERWHELMED so sorry if there’s a delay in ur request im trying my best!!! also this took so long bc im a bad influence and partied after finals. it got bad. ANYWAY I LOVE U AND THANK U SO MUCH @bookthrills UR A GR8 WRITER go check out her blog she rocks my socks

15: “can i kiss you?”

32: do u like me? check yes or no

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*a short first date prompt, I had to include today’s clip. Enjoy a little more of Chris x Eva!*

It wasn’t exactly his scene. Christoffer Schistad has never done anything like this, for anyone.

And yet, there he was, making sure that the bowl with nachos was standing perfectly in the middle of a glass table in his living room.

She changed him in so many ways, that he probably still didn’t realize it.

Chris did take a note of the fact that he wanted to be with her so bad, and that has never happened before. And to be honest, he was quite taken aback when she refused. He wasn’t used to girls denying him, he always got what he wanted. Maybe that was the reason he liked her so much.

She challenged him, Eva made him question everything he knew so far.

He didn’t even know when spending time with her became a routine for him. Schistad was always keen on not hooking up with the same girl twice. That was one of his rules – it prevented the other party from gaining feelings.

And now, he got caught in his own trap. Chris stopped counting his escapades with Mohn after a third time. And each time he saw her, he wanted more.

Even William was always surprised when he told him he was doing something with her, or that she was coming over.

It was obvious that he had a little crush on a certain ginger haired girl. And he finally admitted it to himself the morning he woke up next to her. He realized that he could get used to it, seeing her face first thing when he opened his eyes, see her smile and even kiss her to wake her up.

And when his hand was tracing the outline of her face, he wanted his mind to remember it, in case something went wrong, and he wouldn’t be able to see her anymore.

That moment, he knew that he fell hard, and that there was no going back.

So he made up a story about a dream that he had, he was so nervous whilst telling it, hoping she would understand the message he wanted to convey.

Instead, she hit him with a brutal truth. We are never going to be together, a cheating fuckboy. He wasn’t proud of his past, but he also couldn’t change it. And Chris knew that Eva would never trust him. At the same time, he wanted to change her mind so badly.

He wanted to show her that he was not that person anymore, because the Penetrator Chris was now just Chris who wanted to be with her.

Schistad spent hours and hours thinking of a way to do that, and nothing that was good enough for her popped up in his head. She really did deserve the best.

So he did the only thing he could think of; messaging her ex-boyfriend.

He felt awkward even typing the message so he added ’hahaha’ at the end. And then he regretted it immediately, because he realized he sounded like an idiot.

Chris wanted to know what she liked and didn’t like, what would make her happy. He wanted to start with the flowers first. Girls liked flowers, right?

He never gave any to anybody.

Finally, after few minutes Jonas replied and gave him the advice he wanted.

And so now, he was sitting in his living room, making sure that everything he prepared was ready.

She was supposed to come any time, but Eva didn’t know that he planned a little date night for them. He felt kind of weird doing that, and he wasn’t sure if it was okay as he has never done anything like this before.

He heard someone putting in the code number to open the front door, and a while later, his eyes met hers as she was making her way down the corridor.

Schistad showed her the code as they decided it would be easier for her to know it, and so that she could come in without him having to run to the door.

She looked as good as ever in her favourite green top, and her hair curled into loose curls.


She smiled at him, putting down her bag at the kitchen counter, before flopping down on a couch next to him. “Hi.”

When she finally settled in, he leaned in and gave her a kiss. Eva put her hand on his neck, trying to deepen the kiss, but Chris decided to draw back before it was too late and they would end up in bed. He didn’t invite her over for sex, not that night, so he pulled away, licking his lips.

She looked at him questioningly.

“I thought we could maybe watch a movie?” Chris pointed at a DVD on the table.

The girl still looked really confused, but followed his gaze. And then her eyes roamed around everything he prepared, the snacks, the drinks, even the bowl of nachos that he made as a main dish of the night. She picked up the movie box, and she started laughing.

Now he was the confused one.

“Is this some kind of joke? You’re pranking me, right?”

He didn’t really know why she reacted like that. Maybe partially because she wasn’t expecting him to do something like that, but he had to admit – he was kind of hurt by it. It only showed that his efforts were pointless, she’d never want to be with him, nor trust him.

When she saw his blank face, she must’ve realized that he was being serious, but she couldn’t stop laughing.

“I’m sorry, I just really, really hate that movie. And I can’t stand the taste of nachos.”

Chris’ mouth opened in awe. He came to a realisation that he was played by none other than Jonas. And he kind of did it to himself, after all he did go to her ex-boyfriend for advice, not to mention that the guy hated his guts, he should’ve known that he wouldn’t be serious and help him get a girl he once loved. Or maybe he was jealous.

At that moment it didn’t matter, what mattered was the fact that he made a complete fool out of himself in front of Eva, who was still chuckling thinking it was some kind of prank.

“What is all this about, Chris?” She asked, when she finally calmed down.

Schistad had enough for one night, he wanted to tell her to go home, but he couldn’t. He wanted her to stay. And this was his chance to be honest for once, without playing any games or beating around the bush by making up some stupid story.

“I asked Jonas for help.”

She laughed once again, and this time he joined in. This whole situation was actually really funny. “What?!”

“I asked him to tell me what you like, what I could do to win you over.” He simply stated. “And I followed his advice. Fresh Guy and nachos, perfect ending to a perfect night.”

Eva’s laugh was one of the most pleasant sounds to his ears. And the way she laughed could also be admired, at least by him. And he did, he stared at her while she was still trying to process this whole situation.

Then, they talked. And went for a walk. He bought her flowers she picked herself and now he knew that she loved lilies.

She would casually start teasing him about the event he prepared for her, at some point she even told him that she never expected that of him and that he surprised her, in a positive way, thankfully.

Once again, he was doing something he has never done before.

He went on a date.

With Eva Mohn.

And it was the most perfect date, and he could have never imagined it to be better than that.

Title: Just A Dream (Reader x Peter Parker)

Summary: The reader as terrible nightmares, which leaves them wandering around Stark Tower late at night. Luckily, Peter Parker is there to protect from the bad dreams.

Word Count: 1608

Warnings: Nightmares

A/N: I actually love this so much ugh so so so cute LOL. I want Peter Parker to comfort me when I have bad dreams (@ tom holland) I hope you enjoy!

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anonymous asked:

Bellarke: actors in a soap opera with so many plot holes and things that could never happen realistically

thanks for the prompt, I hope you enjoy!! ao3

“How dare you.”

Bellamy looks up with a grin as his dressing room door crashes loudly against the wall. “I see you’ve read the script.”

Clarke falls across his couch like a swooning southern belle, one hand to her forehead.

“After all we’ve been through, Bellamy. I can’t believe you would father one of my own sister’s twins.”

“Just one of the twins,” he points out, spinning his chair to face her. “Because that’s biologically possible.”

“That doesn’t make it better,” she sniffs, but her expression cracks into a smile when she looks over at him.

This is why Clarke is his favorite person on set. She, somehow unlike the rest of their cast, is aware of just how ridiculous their show actually is.

Which is part of why he likes it, honestly. He got into acting because there didn’t seem like much of a downside– if he didn’t get regular work, it was something he could fit around his patchwork schedule of minimum wage positions, and if he did get something more steady, it seemed like it would pay a lot more than Starbucks.

He never set out to be a serious actor, hence why he had no reservations about going out for any job, from voicing a squirrel in a Geico commercial to, yes, soap operas. He took the job because it gave him enough hours to get health insurance from the SAG. But ask him why he looks forward to going in to work every day, and he’d have to try really hard not to mention Clarke Griffin.

“Really?” He asks now, propping his feet up on her thigh. “It wouldn’t be worse if I was the father of both her twins?”

“You slept with her even after I saved your life.”

“I wouldn’t have gotten hypothermia if you hadn’t pushed me down that well in the first place!”

“I was possessed by my dead lover’s ghost,” she says, fighting a smile. “It was really traumatic for me.”

“For you,” he mutters. “Which one of us had to spend six hours in cold water?”

“I thought it was twelve.”

“I’m not talking about Antonio. I’m talking about me, Bellamy. They couldn’t even make it warm water?”

“They were going for realism,” she says, patting his ankle patronizingly.

“Yeah, realism is really important to this show,” he snorts. “Realistically, I doubt I would have taken my shirt off if I was hypothermic.”

“It was wet, it wasn’t keeping you warm,” Clarke points out, finally letting herself smile. “Besides, if you’re going to die, might as well go out looking hot.”

“Oh, you think I’m hot?” He teases, nudging her in her most ticklish spot with his foot.

She yelps and swats at it. “You were shirtless and ripped and wet. Yeah, I think that’ll do it for me.”

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Reunited - Three

A/N: Part three. Thank you all for your feedback on this, you guys are awesome. Also thanks to my beta, @thorne93 and my buddies @hanny-writes-spn and @melonshino for agreeing to be my testers. I love you all.

Characters: Jensen, Reader, Jared, Rose (OFC)

Warnings: Language, Fluff. Multiple POV’s

Wordcount: 2408


Jensen’s POV.

“So you’re having dinner with a girl?” Jared asked, having a hard time understanding his friend’s rambling.

“No, Jared. The girl. Remember the one I told you about? (YN)? We were together all through high school,” Jensen reminded his friend. He had put his phone on speaker so that he could keep unpacking as he spoke on the phone. Jared was still living in LA, but he was searching for a home in Austin as well.

“How in the hell did you manage that?” 

Jensen had talked to Jared about you a few times over the past years and even if Jensen hadn’t come right out and said it, Jared could tell that he missed you a lot.

“I don’t know, and I’m not gonna dwell on that now. I’m cooking her dinner tonight, just to talk and get to know each other again,” he said excitedly. “You should have seen her, man. She looks so beautiful.”

“Dude, you’re being all mushy. I can’t talk to you when you’re like this,” he teased.

“Fine. You’re still coming next weekend right, for my housewarming?”

“I’ll be there early on Thursday, see you then.”

And with that the call ended, and Jensen could focus all his energy on getting his kitchen done. He didn’t really have much left, just a few pots and pans and then he would have to go shopping.

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anonymous asked:

Can i request uhhhhhh an MC who has those glow in the dark stars on her bedroom celling and shes embarrassed about it ( but also loves them bcos she loves space ) and how the RFA + saeran + v would react to it ?? Big fan btw ^^

hello hello and thank you so much! ^^ also a big fan?? rip my heart

ahh I used to have them too they were great! this was also hella cute!!   (female mc since you used those pronouns in your request!)

no cut cause that didn’t work well last time haha ^^;; also route spoilers


  • are you kidding?? he has them too. that’s not even a “probably”
  • probably saw her bringing a new pack of them to the apartment and got excited
  • when he first brings up the space station mc squealed at the idea and he got super blushy 
  • but she didn’t know he knew she had the stars 
  • when he comes over to the apartment she offers him the bedroom at first, forgetting she put them up 
  • he denies that but she eventually forces him and realizes as soon as they walk through the door 
  • she starts getting all embarrassed and stutters about taking them down
  • but he just laughs and pats her head, telling her that he has them too 
  • the two of them end up talking about how cool space is and fall asleep on the floor lmao 
  • they are now the Space Aesthetic™ couple


  • he went over to help clear her apartment when they move in together
  • mc was looking around the living room while he unknowingly went to her room
  • he saw the stars and automatically thought they were super cute
  • when mc found him he was looking at the ceiling with a huge grin
  • she took it as a “im laughing” grin and got super embarrassed
  • “ahaha sorry about those,I just..like space…I know I should’ve gotten rid of them by now..”
  • Yoosung literally does not care: “they’re adorable!!” 
  • his name on the messenger has a star there’s no need to be embarrassed, mc
  • they end up taking them to their new apartment and keep them up
  • probably buy even more and cover all the walls, too. and in different colors


  • Zen found out before they “officially” moved in together 
  • It was the night Unknown broke into rika’s apartment
  • She had trouble sleeping and at first Zen just thought it was due to what happened
  • but not even a bedtime story kept her asleep for long
  • When he finally asked if there was anything she thought would help, she muttered something about glow in the dark stars 
  • he didn’t hear her at first so she repeated herself but it also came with a fast spoken excuse about loving space and the stars 
  • you bet he thought it was the most adorable thing
  • actually went out and bought some and decorated the ceiling for her 
  • and after a bit of cuddling she was peacefully asleep 
  • she didn’t stay in his house for too long, but he kept them and put them in his room
  • now it helps him sleep because it reminds him of her
  • also reminds him of the first time he took her up to the roof aww


  • the first “girls night” they had at her place, she saw the stars while setting her bag in mc’s room
  • had more questions than an opinion on it, really
  • when she asked mc, she was like “oh no I was supposed to take those down;;” mc you can’t say the sweating emoji come on
  • Jaehee is immediately like “no no, they’re cute. I was just wondering”
  • mc explains to her how much she likes the night sky and space and it ends up being a long explanation with her slowing down and blushing in the middle of it
  • Jaehee is grinning while listening because her “best friend” is so cute 
  • believe it or not but those stars helped get them from friendship to relationship
  • mc’s stars were losing their glow, so Jaehee bought new ones for her birthday 
  • the present also came with a note of a cheesy pickup line(she’s never asking the rest of the rfa for those again)
  • said pickup line was: “these stars light up your room, but you light up my life” …@ myself that’s both cute and making me want to roll my eyes


  • mc was super embarrassed to tell him 
  • …so she didn’t 
  • she just kinda..bought some and put them on the ceiling when he was on one of his trips
  • she needed a bit of help…it’s a high ceiling
  • but he came back late at night, almost 3am, and saw that mc was sleeping with Elizabeth in her arms and the stars on the ceiling 
  • he found them cute so he wasn’t planning on doing anything except letting her know he was back and getting into bed 
  • she woke up all sleepy and excited that her husband was back 
  • wait…her husband’s back  and there’s glow in the dark stars on the ceiling
  • she’s wide awake again before he settles into bed and straight up starts apologizing for being childish 
  • Jumin is so surprised he just stares at first before he realizes and puts a hand on her cheek before kissing her forehead
  • tells her he thinks it’s cute and to not apologize for her interests 


  • V here actually visited her after like a week after the party(mc got with no one >.>)
  • she was surprised but invited him in because no one had seen him since like the third day she joined rfa
  • they talked about some stuff like where’s he been and the success of the party
  • V requested to take a look around the apartment to make sure it’s safe
  • he also probably never seen the whole apartment
  • when he turned off the light to the bedroom before leaving, he noticed something glowing
  • “mc..what’s that?” *cue unseen blush and desperate attempt to explain*
  • he listens and chuckles after her “I just love space” bit, which only makes her talk faster good job, jihyun
  • stops her by putting a hand on her shoulder and smiling
  • “I think putting up stars on the ceiling is a great idea, and it suits you”
  • it’s a secret between them, but V likes to tease her a bit because he has so many cute pictures of them and her grinning up at them


  • you see, Saeran won’t even let her get embarrassed
  • he loves it, immediately. it’s a rare time where he let his excitement get the best of him
  • “this is a great idea? it’s like always having the sky with you!”
  • mc is in awe of him being excited, she forgets being embarrassed
  • he totally rearranges them into some constellations 
  • Saeyoung doesn’t even say a thing, teasing or otherwise 
  • those little glow in the dark stars now mean everything to him
  • he really likes to cuddle with her and just look at the constellations they made 
  • but like, he doesn’t tell her that she still knows though lmao
  • they also end up with more than they started out with, even the floor has some

anonymous asked:

Your nice but of snark beneath Emma's picture in the finale review was fun... but also kind of true. OUAT has been on a steadily downward curve for some time and plummeted in the last few seasons, that's a given. Many people blame it on the ships; I blame it on the overly convoluted plots that strangled the characters, which were the main focus in S1. Ships got so much focus because that simply was what they could focus the characters on with the little time that was left. Any thoughts on that?

I think OUAT’s One Big Problem is that they can’t stick the landings on their character arcs because they’re trying to smoosh everybody together into one plot. The show routinely shoves its characters aside to try and create “suspense” through people frantically looking for Random Magical Doodads right up until the finales– but we’re not here for the Dollar Store Glitterpalooza Extras, we’re here for the characters. The doodads only matter as a pretext for getting our faves to have some sort of emotional change and interact with others; it’s the character’s emotional payoff we’re after, and it’s that payoff that the show has trouble executing during the finales and that’s led to the show’s creative downfall.

The Doodad Dilemma ™ first appeared in early S2, where the first third of the show was everyone in FTL running around after a series of Lucky Charms side-quests (magic beans! wardrobe dust! magic compasses! squid ink! hearts! etc.). But of course nobody gives a shit about “sparkly dirt,” as Hook so eloquently put it– we only care about the subsequent Hook vs. Cora subplot; we don’t care about a compass, we only care about how Mulan is willing to fight her friends to save Aurora.

Originally posted by intothewickedwood

What did the compass do again? (No, don’t tell me.)

At its best, the show uses these magical props as a device to link the FTL flashbacks and modern-day Storybrooke scenes together, while showing how the characters are changing. For instance, in S2 “The Queen is Dead,” the Death-swapsies Candle was symbolic for Young!Snow’s innocence, the Mills vs. Snow family vendetta through multiple generations, and how Modern!Snow failed the moral test that her younger self passed. When Modern!Snow picked up the candle in Gold’s shop I let out a little gasp because I was shocked Snow was going to whack Cora by proxy. The candle by itself is nothing– how it symbolized Snow’s dark side is what’s important.

Originally posted by ximena313

Holy shit, you guys

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NCT react to Jisung having a gf before any of them

Taeyong : He will be so shocked cuz he never expect Jisung would even have an interest in dating someone now cuz he is always that introvert kid who doesn’t talk too much. But, he’s happy as long as Jisung is happy cuz there is nothing bad about it, as long as they get back from a date before 6pm cuz mommy Taeyong is all about curfew with the minors.

Taeil : He’s surprised, maybe paused for awhile then give a good reactions. He will support Jisung and give him advice about his relationship. He’s just cool.

Yuta : Yuta was like “What?” “Really? I feel so pathetic rn, I don’t even date anyone in your age” he goes all the way with a sarcastic comments but in the end, “Nice one, take care of her okay” he’s just as supportive as Taeil

Johhny :  This guy will tease the hell out of  Jisung. He will go “OMG, Jisung and Y/N sitting on a tree, K I S S I N G!” then he will teach him a cheesy pick up lines and he will lol if Jisung did use it on her.

Ten :  He will be amused and proud of the maknae. He will advice him to focus on study too, not just dating cuz they are still young. Basically, he is supportive too like the other members.

Originally posted by dovounq

Doyoung: Doyoung will let out his mic and starts  an interview in his “Vroom Vroom Show”. He will ask Jisung endless questions without even bothering him to answer. I think he just want to make his show more trivia that’s all. He’s a bit jealous of the maknae tho.

Jaehyun : He will give an awkward smile and pats Jisung, “You’re grow up so fast” and sigh in his thoughts, thinking when will he be in a relationship. Internally feeling lonely.

Winwin : He just claps and congratulate Jisung like he’s marrying someone already and teach him Chinese martial art dance so that he can impress her which not really helping tbh.

Mark : Mark will be surprised and he kind of wondering how did Jisung even liked someone cuz considering himself never had a chance to even confess with his crush until now.

Haechan : Haechan will mock this kid forever. He is worser than Johhny XD He will go to Jisung and like , “Do you miss her already?What did she call you? Hunnybunny? Did you hold her hands already? Wow, Jisung is a man now” and so on. Poor baby Jisung.

Jaemin : Jaemin would be so happy for Jisung and will always be a wingman for him if Jisung is clueless on their date (Yes, Jisung bring him sometimes lol) He will talks about Jisung’s good sides,  so she will be impressed of Jisung.

Jeno : Jeno will be jealous cuz he’s a bean who wants affection from someone too (poor bean) but he’s happy that Jisung have a girlfriend. He’s one of the friends Jisung will bring to date too.

Renjun : Renjun will be so excited and he fully support Jisung. He thinks that he’s cute and sometimes tease him for being cheesy in front of his gf.

Chenle : Chenle will have his dolhpin laugh first cuz he didn’t believe that Jisung can date cuz it’s freaking funny for him to know but eventually be serious and like , “How dare you betray our single club”.

(p/s: gifs credit to the owner >.<)

thank you for requesting and the requests are still open so feel free to request anytime - Cuppy

i don’t want you to go, but i want you so

basically, this is part two of Pain and part one is here let’s all suffer

“Why’d you kiss back?”

In the split second after Gina asks this, voice raw and ravaged as bloodshot eyes beg her to stay, hundreds of thoughts run through Rosa’s mind.

But she acts on instinct, and that instinct is to flee, to leave, to place as much distance as possible between herself and Gina.

She’s running away from her feelings again, and a sadistic voice at the back of her head mocks her for it.

Hands, her hands, shove Gina away- wringing herself quickly from rigid fingers that had wrapped around her arm so tightly. It’s an almost aggressive move that Rosa regrets once she carries out, but earlier thoughts revolving how badly Rosa actually wanted to give in and stay scare her even more.

Gina’s apartment door slams behind her and Rosa feels herself jolt in shock; an unusual feeling because as a cop with over a decade of experience under her belt, slamming doors and much louder, jarring noises are her stock and trade. But this entire situation has been so surreal and unexpected and Rosa feels like an empty hollow shell.

But when she thinks about it- is it really so unexpected?

An endless stream of appreciative stares and constant flirting had followed Rosa when Gina first started working at the Nine-Nine, and time did little to diminish Gina’s shamelessness. There had been winks and heated glances thrown at Rosa all those times Gina caught her doing yoga; “invites” to the gun range even though Gina didn’t know how to shoot-

“You could teach me, sweetie. Teach me how to gun, hun.” Gina chortled at her own little pun, and even back then Rosa had difficulty not grinning when Gina was being all… Gina. She had her charms, and those charms were admittedly very cute.

“I’m going to the gun range to blow off steam. It’s going to be endless shooting for hours. I need this distraction, Gina.”

Gina had only winked. “I can be your distraction for as long as you need.”

As always, Rosa had rolled her eyes. And relented, letting Gina have her way, which she found over the years to be a common occurrence for herself. Gina would want to do something, Rosa would say no, and they’d end up doing what Gina wanted after some careful persuasion. But that wasn’t always a bad thing, since it did end up being a fun afternoon… and half an evening.

What? They lost track of time, and ultimately Rosa achieved her goal of releasing her stress although she never taught Gina how to shoot a gun on her own; she kept insisting that Rosa put her hands around her as Gina aimed the gun. Still, they had a good time.

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robertisbisexual  asked:

25 or 47 please and thank you

i got a request for 25 already so i’ll write it in a separate post!!

47. you’re not alone, you never were.

The world felt fuzzy, as Robert came too, as though there was a foggy film over the world, over the rolling green fields he’d come to know as his home. It was oddly quiet, too, which was strange, considering he’d been in the car with the radio playing full blast, a catchy pop tune thumping out of the speakers as he drove along the main road home to Emmerdale. 

Robert blinked a few times, wondering why his limbs felt so light, the tiredness he’d felt as he’d been driving gone. 

He vaguely remembered crashing, just as he’d passed the sign telling him Emmerdale was less than a mile away, a car swerving out onto the road in front of him. 

But he was okay.

That was strange, wasn’t it? The last thing he remembered was the impact of the crash, the world starting to spin as his car flipped, but somehow, he was parked in the middle of an empty road, the countryside calm and quiet around him.


Robert’s heart dropped into his stomach as he heard the familiar voice, a voice he hadn’t heard in close to seventeen years, now. “Mum?” he managed to gasp the word out, recognising the dark haired woman sitting in the passenger seat of his car, looking exactly the same as she had done when he’d last seen her alive, all those years ago.

Sarah smiled at him, the expression making Robert feel instantly at ease. “Hi, Robert.”

“How, I mean - how are you here?” Robert couldn’t let go of the steering wheel, confusion rooting him in one spot. “You’re dead, mum.”

“I am.” Sarah confirmed, taking a second to straighten out the hem of the jumper she was wearing. It was one Robert remembered her wearing a lot when he was younger, a dark navy colour. 

“Am I dead?” Robert asked, afraid to know the answer. If he was having some sort of out of body experience where he could talk to his dead mother, maybe he was dead too.

Maybe the crash had been worse than he thought. 

“No,” Sarah shook her head, a little sadly. “Not yet, at least.”

“So I’m going to die?” Robert’s stomach twisted, feeling sick at the prospect of this being the end. He still had so much he wanted to do with his life, he still had so many things he had to make up for.

“It depends on when help comes, love.” Sarah said, her gaze fixed on the empty road in front of them. Her voice was as soft as he remembered it being, as kind. “You came home, in the end.”

Robert nodded, feeling numb. “I always would have, one day. Can’t stay away from this place, apparently,” he let out a bitter laugh. “Even if no one else seems to want me around anymore.”

“I think a lot of people want you around.”

“That’s where you’re wrong.” Robert shook his head, his hands still tightly gripping the steering wheel. He wasn’t quite sure why he couldn’t let go, but every time he tried to move his hands, it was as though his brain wasn’t sending the right signals. “I’ve messed up, mum.”

“You were always good at that, love.” Sarah teased, her smile bright. “Nothing in life is unfixable, Robert. Whatever you’ve done, I know you’ll make it right again.”

Robert shook his head again. “Aaron’ll never forgive me.”

“Aaron loves you more than you ever give him credit for.” Sarah argued. For a second, Robert felt as though he could cry, because even if this was all a figment of imagination, it was still his mum sitting there, telling him that his husband loved him.

He’d never even gotten to tell Sarah he was bisexual. 

“I’m alone, mum.”

“You’re not alone,” Sarah shook her head, giving him a look so full of motherly love, Robert’s heart ached, seeing for himself what he’d been missing from his life for so long. “You never were, Robert. There are so many people in your life who love you - and no one loves you more than me.”

Robert was crying now, desperately trying to rip his hands from the steering wheel, wanting to reach out and hug her. “You’re not here anymore,” he sobbed, hearing sirens in the distance, shattering the peaceful quiet he and Sarah had been sitting in.

“I’m always with you, Robert.”

“Robert, Robert - please, wake up.” Aaron’s voice rang through the car, Robert whipping his head left and right, not able to see his husband anywhere. 

Sarah smiled at him, a sad smile fixed on her face. “I love you, Robert.”

“Please don’t go, mum.” Robert pleaded, his heart breaking at the prospect of losing Sarah all over again.

It’s not as though he had much choice in the matter, because all of a sudden, he was back in the real world, pain shooting through his entire body, sirens blaring and Aaron practically screaming in his ear. 

“Robert, Robert please.”

“Aaron?” Robert managed to splutter, his chest aching with the effort of speaking. He was flitting in and out of consciousness, but he stayed awake long enough to hear Aaron’s reply.

“I’m here, Robert. I promise ya, I’m here.”

anonymous asked:

Hey~ welcome cutie~♡ can I request the band's reaction to their s/o who gets drunk and just keeps telling them how much they love them because they're too shy and worry about saying it too many times?

(A/N Hi! Thank you! Hope you enjoy!)


At first, Murdoc is kinda a dick about it, saying that he knows and “How could ya not love me, I’m Murdoc fuckin’ Niccals!” He honestly does take advantage of you being super affectionate and proclaiming your love by hugging you and squeezing you tighter each time you say it. 

He won’t say it back until you two are alone later in the night (he doesn’t want to show weakness around the band mates even if they do know that you two are dating). He says is back softly every time you murmur those words to him until he kisses you to shut you up a bit. 

He’ll probably tease you about it in the morning but deep down he thinks it’s super sweet and really cute.


2D would honestly be a little concerned at first and a little flustered. He knows you love him he’s always known but it’s always surprising to hear you say it out loud. Every time you tell him that you love him it just puts him over the moon just a little bit more and he always says it back to you. He wants to make sure that you know he loves you as much as you love him. 

Eventually, (assuming you two are drinking together) he would start saying it louder than you as if to prove he loves you more which then prompts you to say it louder than him. You both are giggling and shouting how much you love each other. Russel and Noodle would think its super cute, but Murdoc would probably yell louder than both of you to get a room for that romantic shit.


She would be elated! Honestly, nothing would make her happier than to hear that you love her thisssss much, no seriously she’s the best you love her sooooooo much. She would probably playfully ask you questions to confirm how much you love her. Like do you love her more than peanut butter loves jelly (yes), more than Narcissus loves himself (absolutely),even more than Murdoc loves baths (hell yeah!). 

Eventually she would run out of comparisons and challenges for you to compare your love to. She would tell you to straight up prove it ‘cause she still doesn’t believe it (she’s just teasing you). You two end up making out and cuddling and kissing while she tells you that its her turn to show you how much she loves you.


This man would probably try to out-affection you. He would say how much he loves how you love him and so on and so forth. Russel would definitely take every chance to hug you, touch you, and cuddle you every time you told him how much you loved him. He would treasure every time you said it and then some because he knows how shy you are about saying it when you’re sober. 

This would also leave him in a great mood for weeks. He’ll just be sitting there and biggest grin will break across his face.

Cutie Cats & Ice Cream

Originally posted by akumatisedmari

A/N: Miraculous Ladybug (Ladybug/Cat Noir, lee Cat) -  30. “That…that feels nice…” by anon combined with Miraculous Ladybug (Ladybug/Cat Noir, lee Cat) -  8. “I’m fine! Everything’s under control!” by @shyzone

SPEEDWRITING FIC NUMBER ONE! All written in one night! Since both of you asked for this pairing + lee Cat Noir I didn’t know better than to combine them both, I hope you like it *-*

Summary: Ladybug, or well Marinette is still head over heels for Adrien. Buuut she has to admit, Cat Noir has his cute sides as well, especially when he’s  curling up on her lap, and giggling like a cutie when she tickles him.

Word Count: 1054

“To a successful battle!” Ladybug giggled as she and Cat Noir lightly bumped their ice creams together as if toasting with glasses.

“To victory!” They had just defeated an Akuma, a piece of cake- battle honestly. It was a hot summer day as well, so they decided to celebrate their victory with an ice cream together.

"Hmmh. It doesn’t happen that often we get the luxury to hang out after a battle don’t you think?” Cat said while licking his ice cream. They sat on top of a roof, their legs dangling and swinging back and fort while they admired the pretty blue summer sky.

“I guess so. But don’t you dare spare your superpowers just for this, mister,” Ladybug said, a little bit sassy, and Cat Noir laughed.

“Who said I did?!” he asked, pushing her playfully.

“I noticed you did! Well it’s not like we needed it anyway but-” she blushed when Cat Noir suddenly changed from his sitting position to one where he curled up like a cat with his head in her lap.

“Don’t get too comfortable now,” Ladybug sighed, though she caught herself lowering her hand to pet him childishly, and she blushed a little when she noticed the softness of his hair.

“That… that feels nice…” Cat Noir purred, and she blushed even more. She kinda agreed with that. Her supposed mocking petting changed into affectionate scratching of his head near his ears, her fingers combing his blond hair curiously.

“Aren’t you a nice kitty?” she taunted, trying to hide her own enjoyment. The humming and purring sounds that left Cat Noir’s lips were too cute as well. She pulled back a little when he lifted his head slightly to lick from his ice cream, but then he put his head back and made a fake meowing sound.

“You can continue,” he said, and she rolled her eyes but did so anyway. She stroked his hair and even massaged his scalp a little. It was good they were chilling on the roof because it would have looked pretty strange. Then again, Cat Noir was wearing a cat suit. Hehe. It was just like petting a kitty right?

Smiling a little, she moved her fingers down in the direction of his neck, stroking the soft hairs over there, when a sudden squeak was heard from him.

“Are you.. okay?” she asked, and she experimentally curled her fingers again and grazed them softly across his skin to test if he was hurt somewhere. Cat Noir made a squeaky yelp- noise again and he tensed up.

“I’m fine! Everything’s under control!” he replied, and he giggled when her touched reached the side of his neck.

“I-it just tickles!” he giggled, and he scrunched up his shoulders a little and turned his head.

“Really?” Now it was Ladybug’s turn to be smug, and she ate the last remains of her ice cream cone so she could use both her hands to scribble all ten fingers down his sensitive neck.

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I have a prompt! (If you don't mind?) 2BX9S. Something intimate but Not lewd, that involves French kissing? Something that borderlines the SFW boundary's? Something That pushes the boundary without the characters going all the way? (Ijustlike9Slegsandkissing)

Her breath is hot against his skin, close, so close and yet so far and away, to his face as she lovingly grazes her thumb over his lips. She’s waiting for something, looking for it in his eyes, which are exposed to the world in a rare display of intimacy. It’s one of those things that’s unique to YoRHa androids, something that the Resistance kind never can understand.

Their eyes are always exposed, it’s never a secret, never a surprise, never a reveal when they finally see the colored optics gazing back at them. They can never understand what it feels like to see the eyes of your lover for the first time because they’ve always seen them. It’s normal.

But to him, 2B’s light grayish blues are an enigma that he can’t unravel in this short period of contact. He’s glimpsed them before, but never had the opportunity to stop and…

She’s still waiting, thumb anxious as it twitches where it lay pressed against his flesh.

He parts his lips slightly as he comes closer, brushing her hand aside and taking her mouth against his. Androids aren’t warm, their systems keep them infuriatingly cool and metallic, but he can’t deny that he feels heat where they connect, crawling down his skin and finding its way to lodge in his throat, causing his breath to stay and become erratic.

Her eyes have closed during this exchange and he’s slightly disappointed, but understands the appeal. In the dark, they can pretend far easier that this moment isn’t a violation of so many protocols and regulations and that they are the only ones in this world that matter.

He wonders…he’s heard…things…from other Scanners about intimacy. They’ve shared data on their own exploits – few and far they may be – and he wonders if she would…

His tongue boldly darts out, swiping her lips before making a hasty retreat back into his own mouth. Her eyes flash open in surprise and she pulls back, much to his growing anxiety and disappointment.

He can’t tell if she’s going to deck him or tell him off.

Gingerly, she touches her lips with two fingers, feeling the small trail he’s left on them. He’s going into a full pandemic, dread creeping into his spine that he’s completely fucked this up.


He flushes, embarrassed.

“Er…I-I was just trying to–”

“You’re doing it wrong.”


She grips his cheeks in her hands, causing his face to squish a bit in her grasp.

“Stick your tongue out. I’ll show you how to do it properly.”

Properly, turns out to be something he can’t quite describe with words other than “heated”. She dominates him in a way that he’s perfectly fine with, his skin exploding into shivers each time her tongue drags along his teeth. She instructs him that he’s supposed to put some effort into it on his own end, but he ends up following her lead, his own muscle being pushed and teased by hers.

“Incoming transmission from the Bunker.”

She tears away from him, wiping her mouth on her glove before he can even resister what the hell happened. He’s still dazed and almost drooling while she stoically receives orders from 6O, who seems a bit more chipper now that she’s found a new YoRHa member to fawn over for the day.

He’s still in a daze when her eyes come to rest on him again.

“If we can finish these orders in a timely fashion, I’ll show you the proper way to fight back.“ She says dully before leaping off of the building and gliding the drop with her Pod.

His pulse rate nearly explodes as he hurries after her, not caring what he has to do to catch up with her again.

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do you know where i can see the rita/trini deleted scene? or if you can put the transcript up? I just wanted to know if there's any other lines said that aren't in the movie because i'm writing a trimberly fic of the fallout from it!

I’ll write the transcript here and I’ll try to see if I can upload it later today or tomorrow. The only additional dialogue in the scene is after Rita’s “You’ve got spunk little Yellow”  line when she holds her by the throat on the wall. 

There’s also a little additional scene before Rita shows up, where Trini climbs through her window right after the campfire scene and she sits there for a while and she’s sniffling and wiping her nose and it looks like she’s crying a little and it killed me.

Here’s the additional dialogue with Rita though:

Rita: I see myself in you. I was an outsider on Zordon’s team just like you. They don’t even know your name. “Deedee?” (she laughs) They’re not your friends. Come with me (then she licks Trini’s chin). We can be friends. All I need to know is; Where is the Zeo crystal? 

Trini: I don’t know.

Rita: Sadly I believe you (then she pushes her up higher against the wall by the throat and Trini struggles a little bit). I don’t want to kille her just yet. I wanna play with her a little longer (lowers her back down on the wall). Tomorrow I am going to destroy Angel Grove. But in exchange for your life, you will find out where that crystal is and you will come to me. We can have a little deal. Me and you. As friends. Do not believe what Zordon says. He will betray you! I will protect you.

Trini: Where will I find you? (she kind of whispers this because Rita’s still choking her)

Rita: What?

Trini: Where will I find you? (she’s struggling to talk and she says this even quieter than before my poor baby)

Rita: What? (she’s basically teasing her here)

Trini: Where will I- (Rita sniffs her face and smiles)

Rita: Find me where the dead ships live. Deedee my friend. (Throws her across the room and then it ends like it does in the film)

In Secret 

(requested by anon)

word count : 1 977
summary : AU / Reader is a heretic and the Mikaelson’s little sister. Reader and Kai are dating in secret.
* not my gif

Y/N’s life has never been easy. Her siblings were the oldest vampires in history , the Originals. Klaus , her youngest brother was a hybrid like her , though not quite like her. Back before their mother Esther had called upon the spirits turning her entire family into vampires , Y/N had been the only one among her siblings born without her own magic. However she could draw it from others and later on when they had turned she had found out there is a way for her to siphon herself and do magic turning her into the first heretic. After their mother had died , Y/N had fled with her brother and best friend Kol running for centuries while their father hunted them down.
Going back to Mystic Falls that Fall had been the best decision she had ever made. She had gone to see how Jeremy was doing. Even though her family had caused him and his family and friends a lot of pain , they had become friends. During her visit she met her boyfriend - Malachai Parker. He was also a heretic but due to her over protective brothers (specially Klaus) their relationship had to be kept secret and she had introduced Kai to them as her friend.
Sneaking around in a house full with vampires was a tricky thing , luckily she knew her mother’s privacy spell and whenever they wanted to be alone she’d always cast it making sure no one found out.

Y/N’s day had been exhausting , the circle of drama and horrors in the Mikaelson’s family never ended. Her family had enemies , lots of them and as one of the few of her siblings who could do magic , there was a lot for her to do. She walked into her bedroom closing the door with a loud bang , tossing herself onto the empty bed.
“Ouch.” Kai’s voice sounded from under her. He quickly uncloaked himself , rubbing his forehead where she had hit him accidentally.
“OH my God…” she got off the bed , covering her mouth with her hands , an apologetic look on her face. “I’m so sorry … I didn’t mean to - wait. What are you doing here ?”
Kai got to the edge of the bed , his hands on her waist as he pulled her towards him. He was looking at her with longing loving eyes as she rested her hands on his shoulders.
“I wanted to surprise you.” he said smiling. “Also I couldn’t stay away from you another day. I know you said things with your family are spinning out of control right now , but I want to be here for you ….and I can’t do that from my apartment two blocks away now , can I?”
Y/N pushed him onto the bed in vamp speed crawling on top of him , her hand on his chest. Leaning over him , her lips barely touching his. The past few days have been torture without him and she wanted nothing more than to be with him then and there.
“Tomorrow… Kol will be out of town with Davina. Klaus and Elijah will be out of the house. Freya will be busy with Vincent at the bell tower…” she whispered smiling. “We will -”
“ - have the house all to ourselves?” Kai finished with a grin on his face. It had been ages since they had gotten the chance to spend time alone in the house and Y/N had already started planning their day alone together. Usually they’d go out somewhere to be alone and enjoy each others company to the fullest , or they’d go to Kai’s place but it felt completely different when they were at her house.
“Yes.” she whispered , her lips smashing against his. Kai vamp speed rolled over her , pinning her hands over her head kissing her fiercely. Y/N pushed him off her and onto the bed next to her. “Hold up.” she said , getting up quickly to get the sage for the privacy spell burning. Kai flicked his wrist , locking her bedroom door.
Y/N turned around with a smile on her face. “Now… where were we ?” she pretended to think for a moment before Kai grabbed her by the waist tossing her onto the bed with him picking up where they left off.

* * *

Kai went to his apartment early the next morning to change and take a quick shower before heading back to the Mikaelson’s to spend the entire day with Y/N.
“Hey.” he said with a smile , hands in his pockets , just as Klaus and Elijah were walking past him. Elijah nodded at him while Klaus stopped for a moment , patting him on the back.
“What are you doing here so early in the day ?” he asked curious.
“Oh I was just down by that coffee place down the street , thought I’d swing by and say ‘Hi.’ Busy day ?”
Klaus laughed under his breath. “Always is.”
In that moment Y/N showed up with an apple in her hands. “OH HEY.”
“Niklaus.” Elijah said , his voice filled with impatience.
“Right ..Well have fun you two.” said Klaus and quickly left after Elijah.
Both Kai and Y/N stood frozen in their spots for a few moments listening in to mak sure they are alone , then wide smiles spread on both their faces. Y/N ran into Kai’s arms , jumping up and wounding her legs around his waist their lips meeting in a passionate kiss.
“Oh today is going to be so much fun.” Kai said , lightly brushing his nose against Y/N’s , before his lips found hers again kissing her gently. He let her feet on the ground , snaking his hands around her waist from behind.
“Do you want to help me make breakfast?” she asked smiling.
“Pancakes ?” he said , kissing her neck gently.
“And bacon.”
Kai spun her around in vamp speed smashing his lips against hers. “So in sync.” he smiled. “OH and this weekend , we are going to the movies. Guess which movie premiered a few days ago …”
“Baywatch.” she smiled at his wide grin.
“Yes ! Aren’t you excited ? Its going to be so much fun !” he said excitedly.
They headed into the kitchen and started on breakfast , except it was more like Y/N was making the pancake dough while Kai was too busy distracting her. He had wrapped his hands around her , his head resting on her shoulder whispering all the things he wanted to do today while occasionally every few minutes he’d place a gentle kiss on her neck then up her chin until she had stopped whisking and started to getting lost in him , his touch and kisses.
“MMmm Kai … s-stop. We have to make the pancakes or the dough will go to waste.” she murmured turning her head around to kiss him. “I promise afterwords its all you whispered to me.”
Kai pulled her closer for a moment before letting go of her and starting on the pancakes. He had a natural talent for making the perfect pancakes (and perfect everything really , lets face it) They made a mix of chocolate chip / blueberry pancakes - Kai was flipping the pancakes in the air while Y/N was catching them directly in the plate.
They sat together having breakfast , Y/N tapping his nose with whipped cream making him pout for a second before he broke up into laughter.
“You are going to pay for this.” he threatened.
Y/N laughed , winking at him. “Oh really?” she teased.
“Yes! Really!”
Kai got up suddenly pulling her off her chair and seating her onto the empty kitchen counter , tucking a strand of hair behind her ear. Everything still seemed like a dream to him - her smile when she sees him , the spark in her eyes every time they are together. He was afraid it would end and was prepared to do whatever it takes to keep her. Even going against her brothers if necessary. Kai gazed into her eyes for a long moment before his lips crashed against hers , hungrily wanting more and more. Y/N snacked her hands around his neck , pulling him closer to her , wounding her legs around him.
“I’d gladly pay every time if this is the price.” she muttered before pulling him in for another kiss. Kai’s hands tugged at her shirt for a moment before lightly sliding under it , unclasping her bra. He gave her a devilish smirk , a second later ripping it off her. His lips crashed against hers , then traced their way down her jawline to her neck. Y/N threw her head back , a soft moan tumbling off her lips. “Every time.” she whispered. Her hands sliding down his back ,pulling his shirt up.
“What … what is going on here ?” Kol’s voice interrupted them.
Y/N and Kai pulled away from each other , just noticing that Klaus and Elijah were a step behind Kol with unreadable expressions on their faces. Y/N got off the kitchen counter , quickly grabbing her bra from the floor tugging it in the back of her jeans.
“Um … we um … We were making b-breakfast.” Y/N said running her fingers through her hair , slightly taking a step in front of Kai who stretched out his arm protectively , pushing her behind him .
“Sure you were.” said Kol winking at them. Kai glanced at Y/N who looked even more startled than he felt. He cleared his throat and took a step towards her brothers.
“We .. we are in love with each other.” he said , his tone calm and serious. “There is nothing in the world that’s going to change the way I feel about her … I want to be with her , always. And …. I don’t care if you disagree. I’ll do and endure anything just to be with her forever. ”
Y/N stared at him as if seeing him for the first time. He knew her brothers would fight him on this and he didn’t care about the fact he might end up dead.
Klaus started laughing and clapping while Elijah fixed his suit , his lips pressed in a thin line. Kol raised his eyebrows looking at his sister.
“A family gathering and no one called for me ? Shame.” Rebekah showed up from nowhere, Freya and Hayley at her tail. “Oh come on , little sis. You didn’t really think we didn’t know did you ?”
Y/N blinked a few times looking around her siblings. Elijah was smiling at her , they all were. Rebekah looked at Klaus who seemed to be the only one who hadn’t figured it out before that moment.
“You all KNEW ?” asked Kai and Y/N in unison.
“I didn’t.” interjected Klaus.
“Well of course. Kai’s longing loving looks are hard to miss. You move , he moves … like magnets. And then there are those midnight visits to your bedroom. It’s kind of cute and I have to be honest - I am a little jealous.” said Rebekah smiling. Klaus glanced shocked at Rebekah and then at Y/N and Kai who were still frozen on the spot.
“Midnight visits huh ?” wondered Klaus.
“S-so you are not m-mad ?” Y/N asked her siblings.
“Of course we are mad. You made pancakes and didn’t save any for us ?! How dare you?!” said Freya , winking at them.
Kai seemed to relax at last , wrapping his strong arms around Y/N , a smile on his face. Klaus took a step towards them with a serious look on his face - his lips pressed in a thin line , his eyes on Kai. Y/N tensed sensing something bad might happen.
“Tell me , Malachai… What makes you suitable for my sister ? She is pure vampire you are nothing but -”
“Relax brother.” said Kol putting a hand on Klaus’ shoulder. “He is perfect for her.”
Klaus smiled and patted Kai on his back.
“I’m only joking.” he said laughing under his breath. “Welcome to the family.”


MASTERLIST March / April 2017


Our Song (Chapter 1)

Tokyo Ghoul Idol AU 

Summary: Hinami is a normal college student leading a normal, happy life. Ayato is an idol drowning in fame and fortune who suffers from sleepless nights and unforgettable nightmares. They meet through a variety show that gives Hinami the chance to sing with him. Initially bitter that she wasn’t given the chance to sing with her bias, Kaneki, Hinami starts to warm up to Ayato and sees the real person beyond the sexy bad boy he appears to be onstage. (Relationships: Ayahina + Kirishima family)

A/N: It’s finally here! I hope this turns out as well as I imagine it to be in my head. Please do reblog this if you enjoyed it! It will really mean a lot to me if you do. I know I’ve said this before but also, special thanks to @breakfast-at-anteiku​ for helping me out a lot with this. She’s played a big role in building this world along with him. Check out her blog for beautiful art!

Index: Masterpost | Information sheet | Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4

Chapter 1: Thanks To

Hinami’s given a chance to sing with an idol on national television during a variety show. She’s nervous and worried that she’ll make a fool of herself. And to make matters worse, the person who’ll be onstage with her is none other than Kirishima Ayato, the main dancer and rapper of the idol group Goat. Guys like him are always never a good thing, right? (3.3k words) 

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