even thought it's not tuesday

Know my better ~

(I was tagged @ask-spain-romano)

(and i also missed Munday yesterday, so srry about that.)

1 Relationship status: Taken? (kinda)

2 Lipstick or chapstick: I don’t use both.

3 Last song I listened to: It was a video game song, i forgot what it was from and the title of it.

4 Top 3 shows:
uhhhh…. tbh I don’t watch too much tv, and since Kissanime wasn’t really working for me, I couldn’t watch anime as well, I’ll just list the ones i like.

Osomatsu-san, Dragon maid, Hetalia

5 Top 3 characters:

Spain, Portugal, I dunno…. France?

6 Top 3 Ships:

Spamano, Engport, Spuk


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