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Urban Legend

Pairing: Draco Malfoy / Cormac McLaggen

Setting: Non magical, vampire AU

Warning: featuring a very, overly dramatic Draco Malfoy. Non-linear narrative.

A/N: the, not hypothetical anymore, early birthday drabble for @provocative-envy. Happy (early) birthday!!!

alt: AO3, FFN

word count: ~1.3K

[morning after]

Draco Malfoy woke up that morning, feeling more refreshed, stronger, than he had been last night.  He sighed in relief, stretched a bit, and got out of the bed. His eyes flew to the guy on the bed, gaze travelling upwards greedily from those abs to his handsome face to his blond hair –

Blond hair that was a different shade of blond than his own –

Oh no.

This couldn’t be.

Panicking, he rushed into the bathroom, slamming the door violently behind him, and stared at the mirror in despair.

Behind him, Cormac McLaggen woke up on the bed with a groan.

[night before]

In retrospect, he probably shouldn’t have done this in a dim-lighted pub where he couldn’t very well see clearly the exact color of the other person’s hair.

But Draco was half-drunk and he was unfocused and the thirst was killing him, and the guy in front of him was kind of gorgeous even when he was bragging and Draco wasn’t really listening to anything he just said.

And he’d got blond hair, and something registered in the back of Draco’s mind, like something just clicked and he thought it must be fate, plus that he was really thirsty now –

So he asked, in a voice that the drunk-Draco thought was a casual and charming and husky but the sober-Draco would probably be horrified at, “Can I bite you?”

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Just Friends (Pt 2)

AN: Before the calm, comes the storm. Y/N and Taehyung are petty fighters, who need to resolve their issues. 

Link to Just Friends Part 1: https://inspirationtakesme.tumblr.com/post/158041441768/just-friends-part-1

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“Y/N open that door!” Tae said for the 8th time, and you were just as determined as the first to not let him in. 

Why? You were freaking out. 

What had just happened between the Taehyung made you feel too much. You were dizzy with how good that kiss was. 

You had to sort it out though, you needed to let Tae know that what had happened could not happen again and that both of you just needed to stay friends. For you sake, more than his. Inside, you were more afraid of loving Tae when he wouldn’t. You said you didn’t want to ruin your friendship, because if you ever ended up loving Taehyung, and something bad were to happen- you wouldn’t know how to ever go back to being friends with him.

You finally plucked up the courage after his 12th call, and opened the door to see a nervous eyed Tae in front of you. 

“It can’t happen again.” The first thing you thought about when you saw him blurted out of your mouth.

‘Why?” Tae asked, taking a step towards you, but you took a step back holding out your hand in a stop sign. 

“We make mistakes Tae, let’s move on.” You said, looking down.

“Kissing you wasn’t a mistake.” He said, seriousness lacing his tone. You bit your lip nervously, because what you were about to say was harsh. But it was needed, if you wanted to stay friends. 

“Well it was for me.” You said, looking him in the eyes finally to witness his eyes changing from a brief distraught to an anger. 

“You don’t mean that. I can see it in your eyes. “ He took on a commanding voice, and started to approach you until you were cornered into the wall in your room.

“You.” Kiss. “Think.” “Kissing.” Kiss. “Me.” “Was”. Kiss. “A mistake?” Taehyung didn’t know if any boundaries existed between you two, as he had started to pepper the skin under your jaw with kisses as he spoke. 

The worst thing was, you were frozen. What was even worse than the worst thing was that you weren’t going to stop him, because this could be the last chane he kisses you. 

“Y-yes.” You said, flustered from his assault on your jaw. But then some power came over you, it was the power of realising that things could and probably would end badly. Light hearted Tae and you, were probably a mess waiting to happen. You were friends first. And would always be just that, best friends. 

“I don’t think, I know it was a mistake.” You said, pushing him away. 

“Let’s just try and get past this okay? It’s a mistake, Tae. We all make them. I think we should take some space.” You said, because it felt like some distance between Taehyung and you could help. You were both adults now, and naturally you had to figure out some boundaries with your best guy friend. Things were different when you were 12 at a skate park, at 20 your heart and desire could make things messy. 

Tae looked royally pissed, you could see his nose flare as he held his rare anger in. 

Without saying a word, he left the room and shut the door with a bang. 

For the rest of the night, you slumped down on your bed, your only source of comfort being Hoseok who brought you some soup because you didn’t want to go downstairs. 

For the rest of the week, Taehyung and you had avoided each other like the plague. When you saw him coming from one direction, you diverted course. When he saw you, he either made sure to blank you or just divert his course. 

Things were getting…strange. 

You were invited to go rock climbing with one of the back up dancers, which you accepted because it was getting lonely having the guys at practice, or in an awkward situation because of you and Tae and well, you and Taehyung weren’t speaking so hanging out with him was out of the question. 

“Sure, what time?” You asked, tucking you hair behind your ear. Hansun was cute, and the way his biceps looked when he crossed his arms had you intrigued. 

“I’ll pick you up at 7?” He smiled. 

You said yes, before he took his leave saying he had to get to practice. You were so happy to be going out to have fun, because the past week had been tense for you. It was work, not to mention your job meant keeping track of Tae, and also the situation at home. This was a much needed distraction, so you practically skipped home and started looking through outfits to wear. You wanted to seem practical because you were rock climbing, but cute too. 

“Ya, Y/N where are you going tonight?” Namjoon asked, as you came downstairs to fix your eye makeup in the big mirror fitted in the living room. 

“Rock climbing with Hansun, one of your main back up dancers.” You said, perfecting the last of your eyeliner.

You could see him become silent all of a sudden, as Jungkook and Taehyung came back from practice and walked into the living room.

“Wooo Y/N, where are you going?” Jungkook asked, smiling at how you dressed. You could see Namjoon signing to him to cut it out because Taehyung was next to him, shooting you daggers. 

Maybe letting them know would help Taehyung get the deal. You and him couldn’t be together. 

“I’m going out with Hansun.” You said, now applying your deepest shade of red lipstick. 

“Why?” That was the first time you heard Tae’s voice talking to you all week, it was soothingly soft to your ears. 

Luckily, your ability to reply was cut short by a knock at the door. Outside was Hansun looking dapper as ever. He looked effortlessly cool.  

“You look beautiful, like a doll.” Hansun said, earning a blush from you even though the doll look wasn’t what you were going for or thought you looked like at all. 

“Uh, is Taehyung-hyung coming too?” He asked, to your surprise. You looked where Hansun was looking, and nearly jumped when you saw Tae standing next to you shooting Hansun what looked like daggers. You though he shot daggers at you, in comparison to the look he was giving Hansun, Tae had been giving you play puppy daggers. 

If looks could kill rang in your mind.      

“No, unless you want to come Tae?” You said, unable to hide the scowl on your face because you were pissed off Tae had the nerve to stand over you like that. 

“What time are you coming back?” He asked, now looking at you trying to seem uninterested. 

“When I will.” You replied, before stepping out and into Hansun’s extended arm. 

Inside you felt bad, no, horrific that this is what the level of communication was between you and Tae. Snide little remarks and comments. Hansun had asked you if everything was okay, to which you explained that things were fine and that Tae was annoyed at you for messing up his schedule. The backup dancers knew you were best friends, because before the incident Tae would play wink at you when you checked in on them during practice. Now, he just made you hot and bothered by being an extra good dancer every time you came in to check in on them. 

Rock climbing was fun though, Hansun and you had learnt a lot about each other. His family were from Daegu, he had moved here because he loved dancing, he was doing Chemistry at university at the same time and loved to play hockey in his spare time. Everytime he smiled though, or tried to tease you- you couldn’t feel a connection back. You were only use to Tae’s teasing and only made giddy by Tae’s smile. 

It was like he had ruined you for all other men without even touching you. 

You had ended your night with Hansun after a quck stop at a fast food place, where you guys shared a milkshake and played a game he thought of. Little did you know, it was nearly past 12 when you guys were ready to leave. You had fun though, for the first time that week- you laughed. You laughed with Hansun had felt threatened by the little kid in front of him beating him at rock climbing. 

You also laughed at how he fell flat on his bottom. Hansun was fun, not as fun as Tae your mind said though but you pushed those thoughts back.

Hansun walked you to the front of the door, where you were about to say goodbye but you could tell Hansun was debating about whether he should kiss you or not. That was a turn off, because you liked decisiveness but he looked conflated. 

Before you could give him a chance, or even stop his chance the door flung open. 

Standing there was a plan you knew was made up, Tae was with a garbage bag ready to leave outside. 

It ruined any mood, or the non existent mood between you and Hansun. You looked at him apologetically and Hansun smiled ‘next time’. He winked, and you really wanted to feel butterflies or something. 

After Tae finished with the garbage, he dragged you by your sleeve inside. 

“Aish it’s late and freezing. You’ll get a cold.” Tae said, before looking at Hansun.

“See you tomorrow at practice, junior.” Then Tae shut the door in his face after he said bye to you. 

“What the hell was that?!” You semi yelled. 

“Do you think the garbage just walks out of this place?” Tae shot back, acting clueless. 

“Why are you so late?” He asked, following you into the living room. 

You rolled your eyes. He had no right over what time you came back. 

“Y/N, answer me! What kind of idiot makes his date walk all the way from Sikon Road to the Han River?!” He yelled. 

You were about to twitch, becuase how on earth did Tae know that.

“You followed me?!” You properly yelled this time. 

“What are you going to do about it? What would I tell your mother if some weirdo takes you away huh?” Again, Tae took steps dangerously close and the tension was radiating off him. It seemed delicious to the reckless part of you. 

“You know Hansun’s not like that.” You reasoned. 

“The heck I know what Hansun is like!” His voice rose. 

“The other members are sleeping, why don’t you be considerate at not shout?” You said, wanting Tae to keep his voice down. 

“I’ll date whoever I want to, it shouldn’t matter to you.’ You hissed. 

“Date whoever you want to, after me.” Tae challenged, making contact with your skin and running the tips of his fingers up and down your arms. The passion was burning in his eyes, as it was yours. 

“Why, do you have to be like this?” You asked, taking a step back again as your body mourned the loss of his eclectic touch. 

“Because, ever since we met after all those phone calls and time apart, I realised how much I wanted you because you weren’t the little punk who was my best friend. You became the girl I wanted.” Taehyung admitted, eyes pleading with you.

“I can’t see you with anyone else. “ He said in a low voice. 

You wanted to give up, to say screw it and say yes. But it would end badly. Taehyung wouldn’t know how to seriously be in a relationship, it’d be fun and games until he got bored surely. 


“Goodnight Taehyung.” You said, not looking him in the eye as you left the room.

The next morning after a night of tossing and turning, you awoke to hear voices from the boys.

“They haven’t been speaking to each other for the past week.” Jimin whispered to Jungkook at the breakfast table.

“They looked like they could kill each other yesterday at practice.”

“It’s so unlike Tae, I saw him looking out for her yesterday when she went rock climbing and then yelling at her for coming back so late. It’s weird.” Jungkook added.

“You guys are like two old women, stop it.” Namjoon butted in, but equally curious about what was going on between the most happy go free member of BTS and his best friend.

“We should name ourselves the secret grandpa gossip club. Stay out of it.” Suga added, with Hoseok sending them a glance of disproval.

“He’s coming downstairs!” Hoseok said, hearing Tae’s footsteps.

Tae had beaten you downstairs, but you were sick of hiding. You went downstairs yourself and into the kitchen to fix yourself a bowl of cereal. 

Tae was in the process of frying some eggs, but he was useless at cooking and you couldn’t bear to see him struggle, even though you were fighting. 

“Move.” You said, taking the spatula from his hand. You effortlessly flipped the eggs and fixed the one Tae had nearly destroyed. 

You took the plate he passed you and loaded the eggs onto them. 

“I hate fighting.” You said out loud, even though it was meant to stay inside your head. 

“I miss you.” Tae said into your ear.

“I’m always around.” You reply, shaky. 

“No, I miss doing this.” He said, wrapping his arms around your neck as he hugged you from behind keeping a distance between his lower region and your ass. It was a friendly distance.

“But I dream about doing this.” He said, closing the friendly gap and pressing himself against your ass and lowering where his hands were wrapped to your upper torso. 

Your breath hitched. You were so close to giving in. 

“I want to smile at you when you make that face.” The face you were making was probably one of contortion, of want and need and confusion. 

“What happened to being friends?” You asked. 

“You said it yourself, you grew up. I grew up. Can we be friends, honestly Y/N? Look at how inseparable we’ve been since you got here. I can’t be just friends with you anymore.” Tae said close to your ear. 

You were at a knife edge. To give in or not was the most haunting decision for you. It wasn’t easy at all. 

“Is this about sex? Maybe that’s it, we can have sex and I’ll be out your sy-” Tae cut you off.

He playfully bit down on your collarbone.

“If we’re together, all you’ll complain about is how good the sex is. It’s not a system thing with me, babe.” Tae said, making you actually melt. You were a pin drop away from giving in. 

“Fine.” You said, giving in as you felt Tae’s nose descend down the side of your neck. You could feel his lips smiling into your ear.

“Thank you.” 

“Don’t say anything if you get bored of me.” You warned. “I’m probably just your new plaything.” You also added. 

“As if, my Y/N.” Tae said. Hearing his soft, deep voice so much made you feel at home. It was like all the tensions from the past week disappeared. The only tension left was sexual. 

You could feel a significant member on your ass as Tae was still pressed against you.

“The boys are in the next room. Control yourself, Tae.” You said, shooting him a dagger from the side of your eye.

“Look at me like that once again and I’ll bust right here and you’ll have a situation and so will I.” Tae warned, before a smile crept back up on his face and he kissed your cheek. You were blushing and hot inside. 

When you both decided to go back into the living room, you were surprised to find the rest of the guys still there.

“As leader, I’m taking the initiative to say Y/N and Taehyung, you guys need to work on your-” Namjoon stopped as he noticed your relaxed features and Tae’s hand interwined in yours.

“Problem fixed, hyung.” Tae said, placing his plate of eggs down on the table.

“Aish, we spent two days trying to come up with a speech to make you guys patch up.” Jimin whined as he rested his head against your shoulder.  

“Don’t whine at my girlfriend like that.” Tae playfully scolded.

“Really? Gosh, what did they do in that kitchen?” Jin yelled, noting Tae’s happy expression and your smirk. Well, Tae shamelessly rubbed himself against you. That was it, but you couldn’t tell Jin that. 

Tae smiled, ‘Y/N made me eggs.” 

“Of course, I’m going to practice.” Jin said, skeptical of Tae. 

You laughed, and Tae laughed seeing your laugh. This was what you guys did as best friends, but there were now hidden smirks in between your laughs. Yep, definitely a couple. You were scared, because this was your best friend who you were now going to be a lover with. 

AN: Finally a couple! The next and last part of the requested (now series) will be a mostly, complete smut and some fluff so be warned if you want to stop reading here! 

Revenge - (MATURE & REQUEST)

Tugging on your bottom lip before letting out a moan, you watched as Justin hovered himself over your body, leaving kisses along your stomach and towards the band of your panties. The pleasure you would feel which just came out of kisses showed how passionate Justin made them, each and every single one of them would send chills throughout your entire body.

“How bad do you want me right now baby?” Justin asked, now smirking agaisnt your skin before beginning to caress your inner thigh with his lips. You were almost short of breath and your eagerness for Justin felt as if it was on a whole other level. It had been days since you guys had last seen each other, nothing else was on your mind.

“So fucking bad.” You groaned feeling his lips detach from your thighs and finally approach your panties. He kissed through the lace, holding your hips firmly with his hands as he spiralled the tip of his tongue over your clit.

Using two hands to cup your breasts, Justin gazed his eyes over almost every inch of your body, licking his lips as he admired the view. As much as you loved to tease sometimes, you were too desperate for that right now, all you wanted was to feel Justin and he wasn’t getting the message.

“Come on, please baby.” You pleaded, furrowing your eyebrows then letting out a sigh of relief as he tugged your panties off in quick response, pulling them off your frame and tossing them to a side.

You felt his large hand travel from your breasts towards your now to be throbbing clit again and just as you thought this teasing stage was over, it wasn’t. He slowly hovered his index finger over you clit, yet to even touch it, locking his eyes with yours. You hoped he’d see the desperation in them.

“Justin.” You breathed, running your fingers through his blond hair, tugging gently onto the ends, frustrated. You bit against your lip again, watching as he held his head low and snickered to himself. The joy he’d get from teasing you.

“What do you want me to do?” He asked before whirling his fingers as lightly as possible over your clit, sending more chills up your spine even at at the smallest movements.

“Just fuck me already.” You begged, hearing the thirst and desperation in your own voice this time. “Please.”

“Whatever you ask, babygirl.”

Justin began to finally rub and massage your clit with his thumb, causing you moan and whimper in response until he became slower and slower by the second, clearly on purpose. He knew it’d get you even more heated and this frustrated. That smug look on his face showed it all. You couldn’t believe you actually thought the teasing stage was over this time.


It was later on that night and you had just came out of the sower, whilst Justin on other hand was downstairs watching the hockey game. He turned down the offer of showering together for some reason, which you couldn’t quite wrap your finger around. You didnt take it personally though, it was no big deal, honestly.

Your feet pattered against the hardwood floors as you entered the living room, finding Justin slouched on the sofa, phone between his two hands, eyes practically glued to the tv. You were originally planning on going straight bed after the shower but you wanted to give Justin a dose of his own medicine.

“Hey!” You giggled, sitting right next to him. He gave you a ‘confused’ look but you brushed it off your shoulder and began kissing his neck, which you knew he’d love, he always does.

“What’s up with you?” He asked letting out a laugh, still focusing on the tv and not giving you the full attention that you wanted.

So not saying a single word, you loosened the towel around your body and studied Justin’s face for a second. The way his eyes widened, how he licked his lips, the clench of his jaw. You moved your hands away from your lap and placed them on Justin’s crotch, before rubbing slowly through his sweatpants, causing a groan to escape his mouth.

“What are you doing babe?” He asked, a smirk immediately appearing on his face.

“Fine.. I’ll just stop if you want or i can..” You teased trailing off, whilst removing the towel from your body completely now. You snickered to yourself as he finally switched off the tv, followed by his phone being tossed across the sofa, leaving you both in dead silence.

It had only been a couple of minutes and Justin had already been begging for you. You had his length between your lips as you bopped your head up and down, purposely slower each time. Feeling him gather your hair with his fingers, you closed your eyes, actually feeling pleasure from his heavy moans that filled the room.

“K-Keep going baby, faster.” Justin grunted as he adjusted his position and bucked his hips upwards, throwing his head back. “Shit I’m gonna-“

Smirking you yourself, you detached your lips from Justin seconds before he reached orgasm and stanched your towel away, quick to wrap it back around your body. You tried to hold in your laughs as you left him with a face of shock and annoyance. What a shame.

“Y/N what the fuck?” He growled causing you to giggle to yourself as you stood with your hand on your hip facing him.

“What? It’s just revenge from earlier.” You replied, a sly smile appearing on your face.

“Babe No… You can’t just- That’s not fair.” You heard Justin whine as you shut the door behind you after walking out, still laughing but feeling empowered.

grabby-hands-for-dettlaff  asked:

Ok i am totally freaking out with that update!! But you know what keeps me on the edge of a breakdown?? Is that Jack's flannel on Bitty's closet door? Ooohhhh my goooood.


unless…. it’s not.

WAIT not in a sad way but we’ve seen Shitty wear the flannel, jack wear it, and now obviously Bitty has it- what if the flannel is literally a HAUS flannel??

Like, it started as Jack’s (obviously) but then Shitty kept stealing it, to the point where Jack once washed it and then put it in Shitty’s closet (because Jack doesn’t pay any attention to which clothes are his and he had just seen Shitty wearing this the other day so it’s his??) and Shitty comes back to him and is like “Bro, it’s no fun if I’m not stealing it!” and this is sophomore year so Ransom and Holster, these obnoxious little frogs that seem to have practically moved into the haus already, overhear and suddenly it is a thing

A “steal the flannel” thing. Shitty goes to steal it from Jack one morning, only to find that it’s missing and then Ransom is casually wearing it at breakfast and “that’s MINE” shitty exclaims. “i thought it was mine” jack mutters but Ransom is smirking and the next day HOLSTER is wearing the flannel which is RIDICULOUS because YOURE GONNA STRETCH IT OUT, MAN. YOU ARE A FUCKING GIANT.

To save the flannel, Shitty forces Jack into a plan with him where Shitty pretends to be a ghost while Jack gets away with the flannel and Shitty thought Jack was going to give it to Shitty because captain jack usually stays above these things but Jack puts it on immediately, smirking and telling Shitty to trust no one, and Shitty realizes dear god they have awakened the competitive side of Jack Zimmermann and–

By the time Bitty gets to Samwell, the switch from person to person has slowed but that’s only because people have gotten better at hiding it. (maybe Bitty doesn’t notice it because he doesn’t live in the Haus and it’s very hard for him to imagine grumpy Jack Zimmermann doing anything fun) If they know you are washing it, people will sneak into the dryer to steal it (end result: this flannel does not get washed as much as it should tbh) and you have to be careful with hanging it in the bathroom while your taking a shower because it will be gone by the time you get out and it is not exactly uncommon to find someone digging through your closet. 

Basically, whoever is in possession of The Flannel is The Winner for that day. You get nods (and curses and man I gave it to Wendy Braxton to hold! How did you break her??) and respect and for a while, the wearer of the flannel gets to jump to the front of the breakfast line. 

Near the end of his Freshman year, Bitty joins the game entirely by accident. The Haus heat is wonkey again and he’s freezing and considering leaving because maybe pies aren’t worth this, but Shitty says “go grab something of mine, sweet southern baker.” and Bitty goes to the closet to see the Flannel hanging near the front (Shitty had been going for a “hiding in plain sight” strategy that had worked only because most of his clothes are on the ground of his room so “neatly hung up” is not ever what people assume. jack had searched for the flannel just last night for ten minutes while Shitty was in the shower and hadn’t even thought to check the closet.)

His arrival is a little bit like a bomb going off. 

“Oh, BITS, I SEE HOW IT IS” Shitty cries. “BETRAYAL!” “Dude, just walking down with it. Bold, Bitty, bold.” “I guess it did get a little stretched out, eh?” (that’s jack and bitty is pretty sure that’s a short joke. he is unimpressed.) and “I WENT THROUGH HOLSTERS HOCKEY BAG CUZ I THOUGHT HE HAD IT” ransom is screaming and it takes a while but eventually the game comes out. (Random and Holster do a Hockey Things presentation. Jack still isn’t sure where the PowerPoint came from.)

And it continues. Chowder is by far the worst at keeping the flannel but he is freakishly good at finding it. He keeps trying to give it to Farmer to hold and she helps him the first few times but then she gets annoyed by the hockey players breaking into her room sometimes in the middle of the night so she starts giving it to Bitty in exchange for pie. Everyone tries to keep it away from Nursey because they are afraid he’s going to put patches on it or some hipster shit and Dex claims to be above this whole “weird thing” but when he does stumble on the flannel, he wears it with pride. Meanwhile, Ransom and Holster are still way too into this. Except for maybe Shitty. Oh and Jack. Jack is the best liar and- let’s be honest. they are all way to into this.

Anyway, all this to say, that that flannel? Sure, maybe it was a bit romantic that Jack gave it to Bitty (after risking life and limb to steal it from Lardo), but it’s hanging on the back of the door now only because Bitty is planning on putting it on and starting Junior Year right.

Clothed in Victory and a Challenge.

[part 2]

After two preseason losses, the Blackhawks bounce back with a win tonight! 

I thought that Alex DeBrincat and Vinnie Hinostroza had a great game tonight. These two definitely deserve a spot on the roster especially DeBrincat. If so, I’m predicting good things for both of them.

As for Anton Forsberg, I think he’s going to be a good backup goaltender for Crawford this season. Even Coach Quenneville said he played “excellent” which is quite a compliment from him.

Tune in on Saturday night for the Blackhawks’ preseason finale against the Boston Bruins. 

Until next time,
Go Blackhawks!

Oh, P.S., look what happened on the “Kiki’s Keys” Twitter tonight:

(How cool is that?)

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What even. Are you going to lb every game... first of all. Yes, it's a hockey blog. But honestly? My biggest thought? how the fuck could you live blog EVERY game?? So many overlap! You'd be watching like 6 games at once!

ajksdbhjfgd nooo i’m only gonna lb games for my teams.. even if i wasn’t full time at uni and working i wouldn’t have the time in the day

atm i’m gonna try and be watching every reg season pens and caps game and bruins and jets when its convenient. so not like. every team in the league. omg

So after all the thoughts and consideration I have decided that I will tone down on watching hockey. The reasons are I’m applying to universities this year so I really need to focus on school but also because of these unfortunate and disgusting events that are happening in hockey world. I’ll be lucky if I’m able to watch even a game sometimes. I’ll probably be watching Saturday night games on Hockey Night in Canada. Last year, I tried to make a safe space for myself by blocking out the negativity and only looking at the good things but this year has reached a breaking point for me. It also hurt my academic life as I got involved heavily into the fandom and cared about it more than my education sometimes. I will be active here and everywhere just not as much. We’ll see how this year passes. Also I’m a big soccer fan so I might spend more time on that than hockey. If you followed me for my craziness in hockey, sorry to disappoint you but real life is hard and I should spend more time on it even though I just want to spend my time escaping it. Hockey season is almost upon us! May your teams do well this season and maybe a Canadian can win a Stanley Cup this year (that just might be my wishful thinking).

Hockey Luke (Chapter Ten)

i just wanna saythat yall are cuties and thank you do being so nice about this fic ily


chapter one | chapter two | chapter three | chapter four | chapter five | chapter six |chapter seven | chapter eight | chapter nine

chapter eleven

The hockey tournament was almost over, we were leaving in two days, tomorrow was the final. Thankfully our team wasn’t out yet. It was actually kind of shitty if your team got out, because you still stayed for the rest of the tournament and it made you feel bad because you weren’t the one playing.  

Surprise surprise, the final was our team against Marks, so I hoped that they crushed him.

I had basically moved into Cal’s bed, I spent most of my time in his room. I hadn’t really hung out with Luke, or just the two of us at least since that time we watched How I Met Your Mother together, cuddling. I had ended going back to my room before Calum had gotten back to the hotel room because I was starting to fall asleep on top of Luke, and I would feel bad if I fell asleep there.

It was the night before their big game, and I really didn’t want to bother them. I had been helping out the coach at the practice all day, and I don’t know what more I could do to help. However, even if I thought that they didn’t want to be bothered, I got a text from Calum asking me to come over.

I slipped on my shoes, walking across the hall and finding Calum and Luke sitting across from each other, talking about what I think was hockey. “-he’s the best player, so try and keep him the furthest away from the puck as possible.”

When they saw me, Calum told Luke that they’d talk about in the morning. “Me ‘n Y/N are gonna go for a walk.” He said, standing up.

I raised my eyebrows. I was not aware of that. “We are?”

He nodded, grabbing at his shoes to pull them up. “Yep.” I shrugged, not really caring. “Okay. You sure I wasn’t interrupting anything? You guys were going to go and cuddle under the covers?” I teased, shooting Luke a smirk.

He laughed, remembering what we had talked when we hung out, but Cal only looked confused. “What?” He didn’t wait for my answer, starting to talk again. “Anyway, we won’t be back late.” He said to Luke, before ushering me out of the room.

“Why are we going for a walk?” I asked once we were walking down the hotel halls. He simply shrugged. “I want to clear my head. I’m too stressed over the game tomorrow. Remember last year when they beat us? I don’t want that to happen again.”

I nodded, understanding that he didn’t want to talk about hockey. “So I just don’t really want to talk about hockey for a bit. And the new kid reminds me of hockey, which makes me think of it, which makes me stressed again. That’s why we went for a walk.”

“That makes sense, I guess.” I muttered, not really understanding the part about Luke.

“Anyway. I talked to Mark again.” He said. “Jesus Christ.” I muttered, that really was all we could talk about. “I thought you didn’t want to talk about hockey.”

He shot me a look. “I’m not talking about hockey, I’m talking about you, Y/N.” I let out a breath. “Okay, what did you say this time?” I asked, even if I really didn’t want to know.

“I told him that he was a fucking idiot.” Cal said and I couldn’t help but laugh a bit. “And asked him what he meant about you and Luke hooking up, because last time he explained it the story really made no sense.”

“Oh,” I looked down. I knew that Calum was going to go into weird big brother over protective mode. “And what did he say?” I looked back to meet Calums eyes.

We had made it out of the hotel grounds, and were now wandering around this small park next to it. “The same thing he said last time. That you and the new kid were making against the wall at the party.”

I didn’t say anything because there really wasn’t much to say, and I didn’t know how to answer to what he had just said. “So is it true?”

“No,” I told. I mean, it wasn’t. We weren’t making out. “But,” I added after, deciding to just tell Calum. I don’t know why I felt so anxious about telling him, it wasn’t like I had done anything wrong.

He didn’t seem surprise when I added the “but” like he had expected it to happen. “We didn’t make out but Luke was simply helping me out. He was helping me win the break up.”

“What does that even mean?”

I bit my lip. “He was basically helping me show Mark that he means nothing to me. Which he obviously doesn’t, I was just making that clear to Mark.”

He furrowed his eyebrows together. “So what he do? Luke, I mean.”

I shrugged, trying to pass it off as nothing. “It wasn’t anything big, he just made it seem like we were about to kiss. That’s it. And then, Mark came over to us and I got to yell at him. I got the last word.” I said, trying to push away the blush I was scared would appear when I thought about Luke pressing me up against the wall, and instead smiled when I told Calum about yelling at Mark.

He narrowed his eyes at me, seeming slightly skeptical but smiled nonetheless. “Okay. And that’s good. You should punch the guy in the face, too.”

I laughed, glad that Calum has stopped questioning me about it. “So you didn’t hook up with Hemmings?” Okay, so maybe he wasn’t done.

“No,” I drawled out, hoping to make it clear to him.

He still didn’t seem convinced. “M’kay.”

We weren’t gone for long, walking back to the hotel soon after. I went back to his room, Calum had asked me to help him mentally prepare for the game. I don’t know if there was much I could do, but I tried my best.

It was slightly awkward, since Luke was there as well. Luke and I were kind of friends I guess, I don’t know how close he and Cal were but Cal was my best friend, so naturally I talked to him more.

Mentally preparing for the game ended up being us scrolling through his the other teams Facebook pages and making fun of them. As stupid as it sounds, I think it actually helped Calum. I didn’t realize how late it had gotten, and I found myself slowly drifting in and out of sleep.

I didn’t realize until I had woken up, of course, but I ended up falling asleep in their room. When I woke up, both Calum and Luke were already up, doing these weird stretches on the floor.

“Oh hey you’re up.” Calum grinned up at me when I stood up.

“Why didn’t you wake me?” I asked, rubbing my eyes with the back of my hand as I yawned. I probably looked like shit.

Calum shrugged, standing up. “You looked peaceful. I’m going to go shower.” He said, heading off to the washroom.

Luke turned and looked up at me from where he was sitting on the floor, stretching his legs out. “Why does he always shower before games?”

I shrugged, rolling my eyes. “I have no idea. It’s one of his weird pre game rituals. Do you have any?” I asked him, sitting down crossed legged on the floor next to him. “Pregame rituals I mean.”

Luke thought for a second, shaking his head. “No, not really. Actually no, I do have one. It’s nothing big. I hit my hockey stick on the ice three times before the game.”

It was a little odd, but I’ve heard way weirder things. “Any reasons why?”

“Not really. I don’t know. It was just something I always did and now I find myself doing it before every game.”

He straitened his legs out in front of him, reaching forward to touch his toes. “Can you help me stretch?” He asked, sounding slightly hesitant. “Sure,” I nodded, getting up. “What do you want me to do?”

“Just like,” He pointed to his back. “Press down on my back so I can reach further.”

I used to do the same thing before my games, so I was familiar with the stretching exercises. I got on my knees behind him, waiting for him to bend forward to touch his toes once more before lightly pressing my palms on his back.

I slowly applied more pressure, pushing him forward, leaning forward onto him to use more force. I waited for him to tell me to let go, and while I waited I observed him. The hair on the back of his head was messy, and there was one particular strand that was sticking out that I wanted to reach out and fix, but I willed myself not to.

“Okay,” He said, and I snapped out of my daze and took my hands off of his back, leaning back again. He stretched his legs out in a V, this seeming much easier in his basketball shorts than his usual attire of skinny jeans. He reached forward, stretching his arms out in front of him.

“Can you pull on my arms?” He asked, sounding slightly hesitant again. I nodded, even though I don’t think he could see me, and sat down in front of him.

I grabbed his hands with my own, leaning back to pull him forward. Again, there was a silence that fell between us and this time I seemed to focus on his hands grabbing on mine. “Okay I think I’m good.” He said, sitting up right once more. Our hands were still latched together, as he stood up and pulled me up with him.

Once we were both up, he was still holding onto one of my hands. “Uh-“ I muttered, glancing down at our interlocked fingers. “I should get going. I want to change and I feel like sleep.” I tried to laugh to get rid of the awkwardness I was feeling.

He nodded, not saying anything else and walked with me to the door. I was going to pull my hand out his, but he grabbed onto me harder and pulled me back for a second.

“See you at the game?” He grinned, more of a question that a statement.

I returned his smile, and nodded. “Of course. You guys would never be able to play without your biggest fan.”

I quickly leaned in, pressing a chaste kiss on the side of his cheek before turning away and walking across the hall. I turned back to look at him before going in my room, seeing a lock of shock quickly disappear from his features to be replaced with a smile.

“I’ll see you there.”

a message for all of you <3

hey fandom family! <3 it’s been quite the few days, hasn’t it? the highs and lows have been wild. we’ve all worked so hard together and made so many beautiful things happen! but there’s also no denying that even if we all put our hearts into something… there are times when we just can’t overcome the sad realities of the world. most of us will never hear the sound of one another’s voice’s, never really hug each one another, or be the shoulder a close friend needs at just the right time - but that’s the nature of growing close across the cluttered vastness of the internet. still… i hope we can all take a page from @that-vicious-vixen ‘s book and try to focus on the good things!

I’ve made more friends and met more wonderful people in the last two and a half months than i have in the entire eight years since i moved to this ridiculous urban hellscape! LOL! XD and even though i don’t know even 25% of your real names or 5% of your faces, you’re still as real to me as anybody i hold dear and i would continue to give you my love, kindness, and respect every day of my life - no matter what!

there are a lot of “can’t’s” when you’re friends over the internet… i can’t snicker at @crackedverbosity in person when she’s having a fit writing about nonsense™! i can’t cover my eyes and giggle myself into hysterics over @gentleman-caller , @kyluxtrashcompactor, and @theearlgreyalpha ‘s stories during a we-wish-we-were-still-14 slumber party! i can’t go to a hockey game with @sannguine , or give @sigalawin even one of the 10,000 hugs she deserves for being so sweet, and brave, and kind! i can’t stay up all night with @smol-hux , @marlonbookcase , @reserve , and @nightsofllyn talking about AU’s and doodling every little bit of brilliance that comes up! i can’t laugh awkwardly with @sailershanty when i’m out-of-my-depth just talking and marveling at their pretty wrists and creative thoughts! i can’t ever go to an artist jam with @bona-mana , @jeusus@sakurita94 , @space-emos , @the-pudding-is-a-lie , @salemnevada or all the other ZILLION amazing artist i can’t keep  @*ing because it’s after 5am!!! i can’t ruffle @jathis ‘s feathers, or tell @no-hux-given with my own voice that she changed my life the days she messaged me <3 the “can’t’s” so go on and so do the list of people who deserve one…

but all these “can’t’s” only exist because i met you all. i only know what they are and wish they were true because you’re here and you’re real and you’re kind and amazing ~ and i hope to never lose one of you again. the “can’t” that comes in “i can’t ever get to know @hicstreme0 “ is a bitter and sad one… and i know we all feel that loss… but i hope we can all take this time to remember just why losing her hurts so much. because we feel like a family. just a bunch of idiots ~ obsessed with idiots ~ talking about love and loss, hard things, hard times, beautiful stuff, and things we never thought we’d ever share with anybody! to me ~ it’s an honour and a privilege <3

every day we have to make choices ~ and for some of us, those choices are harder to make because of things you can’t control about your head, your heart, your body, or your life; but we still have to make them. the choice to overlook negativity, the choice to give your time to someone who needs it, the choice to use positive language and affirmations when all you want to do is be sad, angry, and scream into the void. there are so many reasons to choose to be sad, to choose hate over love, and choose to put things out there that will hurt yourself and those around you… but… even if it’s just for now… i hope everybody will choose to let go of what’s hurting them, let go of the things we can’t change, and choose to focus on the beautiful things, and the beautiful people we’re sharing them with. This fandom is a strange place… and it makes for strange circumstances… but let try to not say “there’s a lot of hate and negativity IN this fandom” because we all know it’s that “there’s a lot of hate and negativity put ON this fandom” - but together, we can turn our backs to it and carry on like we always do: making things, making friends, and making time worth spending feeling giddy and ridiculous over stupid space boyfriends!!! <3

all my love and all my thanks~ Pidgy <3