even though you probably don't think there's anything to forgive you for

🎶🎶When You Collect Records🎶🎶
  • Hipster: *moves dusty old boxes out of the way* Whoa, an old record player. It looks like it's in working order too! *runs outside*
  • Hipster: Yo, dad!
  • Dad: What?
  • Hipster: We're getting rid of all of poppop's stuff, right?
  • Dad: There's something you want, isn't there?
  • Hipster: There's this old stereo record player in the attic.
  • Dad: What do you need a record player for?
  • Hipster: My record collection.
  • Dad: I didn't even know they still made those things. Can't you just listen to music on your phone?
  • Hipster: Dad, there's a big difference between listening to music digitally and on record.
  • Dad: Fine, I don't wanna get into it with you right now. You can take the record player. You just have to get someone else to take it to your place for you. My truck's full.
  • Hipster: Thanks dad! *smooches dad on the cheek*
  • *later at hipster's apartment*
  • Friend: So, like Patch Adams ends with Patch Adams half-naked in front of a ton of people. I don't know if it was meant to be funny or like a weird sex thing, but like the movie was just a deeply disturbing character study. I can't stop thinking about it.
  • Hipster: That sounds boring. *unlocks door to apartment* Ta-da! Here it is! My new record player!
  • Friend: New? Looks fucking old to me, dude.
  • Hipster: Well, it is old. That's the appeal. And we're going to listen to the new Sufjan record on it.
  • Friend: Is that actually how you say Sufjan? Apparently, I've been pronouncing it wrong this whole time.
  • Hipster: Well, you won't after this record. There's an entire track where he just says his name for four minutes. It's amazing. *plays records*
  • Record Player: *coughs* Hello. Hello! Where am I? Doctor? Hello! Why is it so dark...............................Can I breathe? I can't breath. Oh god, I'm not breathing! Oh god, oh god, oh god, oh god, oh god! I.....................................
  • Hipster: Uh, that's not Sufjan.
  • Friend: It totally isn't. Is it some guest vocalist? I like the new direction he's going in. No instruments or singing, and long stretches of silence. Very experimental.
  • Hipster: *stops record player* I think maybe we should do something else for now.
  • Friend: Fucking lame! I wanted to listen to more Sufjan.
  • *days later at the record store*
  • Hipster: Yo, I think the Sufjan Stevens record I bought from here might be some kind of mispress.
  • Store Clerk: Really? It's a pretty major album. I doubt there'd just be a mispress like that.
  • Hipster: Yeah, but listen to it. It's not Sufjan at all. It's some girl talking.
  • *hipster and clerk listen to a completely normal Sufjan Stevens album together*
  • Store Clerk: What are you talking about? This is definitely Sufjan Stevens.
  • Hipster: Okay, but it wasn't like that when I listened to it at home! I even listened to it with my friend and he heard the same thing!
  • Store Clerk: Maybe there's something wrong with your record player.
  • Hipster: Hmm, maybe there is.
  • *back at the apartment*
  • Hipster: *turns on record player and just listens*
  • Record Player: ...I'm awake again. Why did I black out? Did I even black out? God, I'm not breathing, but it doesn't matter. Why don't I need to breathe? Am I even alive?
  • Hipster: Can you hear me?
  • Record Player: Doctor. Doctor! DOCTOR! Why can't I move? Why can't I feel anything. Keep yourself together. It'll all make sense soon. Calm down. Just breathe deeply. Fuck, I can't breathe! AIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I CAN'T BREATHE! DOCTOR! DOCTOR! DOCTOR! HELP! HELP ME, PLEASE! I'M STUCK! I CAN'T MOVE! PLEASE HELP ME!
  • Hipster: *turns off record player* It's just a recording, I bet. I can't believe I talked to it like an idiot... *nervously turns record player back on*
  • Record Player: I blacked out again. I blacked out. For how long? Is there even time here? Hell. This is hell, right? Did I go to hell.........................................
  • Hipster: *listens to the record player for hours*
  • Record Player: Negative 6893 bottles of wine on the wall! Negative 6893 bottles of wine! Take one down, pass it around, Negative 6894 bottles of wine on the wall... fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck! PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME! AIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!
  • Hipster: *keeps listening*
  • Record Player: Soul of Christ, make me holy, Body of Christ, be my salvation. God, please forgive me. I'm sorry for all of my sins. Please free me. I'm so sorry. Please. Please. Please.
  • Hipster: *still listening*
  • Record Player: FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU! SHITTY DOCTOR! FUCK YOU! LET ME OUT! LET ME OUT! *sobs intensely* FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU! FUCK EVERYTHING! Please just let me go.
  • Hipster: *nervously walks up to record player and lightly taps on it*
  • Record Player: ...A knock. A KNOCK! PLEASE HELP ME! I'M STUCK! PLEASE! *record player begins shake violently*
  • Hipster: *backs away in fear*
  • Hipster: *unplugs record player*
  • Hipster: *gets hammer from the closet and begins to break apart record player*
  • Record Player: *drips red*
  • Hipster: W-What? *cracks front of record player open*
  • *rotting viscera falls from the record player*
  • Hipster: O-Oh... *stuffs viscera back into the record player and duct tapes over it*
  • Hipster: *turns record player back on*
  • Record Player: ...I can feel. It hurts. Why does it hurt now? Why does it hurt? Why? Why? Why? WHY!? WHY!? WHY!? *spurts blood through it speakers and begins to gurgle*
  • Record Player: *hops forward* Please just let me go. Please... please. I'll do anything. I just want to see you again. I'm so sorry. This isn't what I asked for. I'm so sorry. *hops forward again and comes unplugged*
  • Record Player: *tips over, bleeding heavily onto the carpet*
  • Hipster: *silently cleans up the mess*
  • *some time later*
  • Hipster: *calls dad* Hey, dad. Oh, nothing. Uh, I just need to borrow your truck, If not tonight sometime this week. I just need to get rid of something. No, no, that's fine, I can do it myself. Yeah, tomorrow morning is perfect. Thanks Love you too. Bye.
  • *the next afternoon*
  • Dad: So, what did you need to get rid of this morning?
  • Hipster: Nothing important. Just some old junk... Dad, what kind of person was poppop?
  • Dad: Well, he was only the greatest man I've known in my life. Really caring, dedicated to his family. When you were born he loved you so much. He was a bit of a loner, though. It took a lot to get him to open up. Even around me and your grandmother. He was a bit like you. Always a huge music lover.
  • Hipster: I see. Was he ever a doctor?
  • Dad: That's a weird thing to ask. Nope. He hated doctors. Didn't trust modern medicine one bit. It's ironic. His cancer probably wouldn't have gotten to him if he did. But, your poppop was always so stubborn.
  • Hipster: Oh, okay then.
  • *some days later*
  • Friend: New carpet?
  • Hipster: Yup, old one was ugly wasn't it. It was time for a change.
  • Friend: That's what I've been telling you! I'm glad you finally came to your senses. What happened to your record player, though?
  • Hipster: That thing? I threw it away. It was busted.
  • Friend: That sucks. Are you gonna buy a new one?
  • Hipster: No.
  • Friend: But you won't have anything to play your records on.
  • Hipster: Yeah, but I buy records because I want to support the artists. They're not really for listening. Besides, lossless is better. FLAC is the future.
Expressions during the post-science fair argument in AToTS

I was rewatching a bit of AToTS and was paying a little bit more attention to the way Ford is animated during one part of the argument he and Stan have right after the science fair. Cue rambling analysis.

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dreadfulhighways  asked:

this is for an oc im in the process of creating, can i get some hcs of todoroki, bakugou and izuku's (seperate) reactions to finding out their fem crush/ there's unspoken mutual attraction between them - with a very powerful quirk is actually the daughter of two infamous villains from another country - but they don't know that said crush's mother actually sent her to her aunt where she was raised and wanted to become a hero since childhood, and this can be as angsty as you like! thank you!

you’re welcome!! ahh, I hope I did these okay?


  • at first, he’s totally in shock! depending on where he figured it out from, he might not even believe it for a while, instead thinking that it must be some kind of mistake or something
  • if he is totally certain that it’s true though, he’ll ask s/o about it. outwardly he’s very calm and collected, but even though he’s trying his best to be understanding, he honestly feels a bit betrayed.
  • if she explains the situation to him, including how she was sent to her aunt specifically because she wanted to be a hero instead of a villain, Todoroki will still feel a bit conflicted, but he won’t press any further and quickly excuse himself to sort out his thoughts! he’s still upset that she didn’t tell him earlier, but he gets over who her parents are fairly quickly. If anyone understands that people aren’t the same as their parents, it’s Todoroki.


  • he’s COMPLETELY in denial when he first finds out, regardless of how he came across the information. he won’t believe it in the slightest, but he’ll still confront s/o and ask her about what he heard
  • if she denies it… well, that’ll be that! Katsuki will accept in immediately, and likely try and fight anyone who says otherwise. If she admits though, he’ll blow up. he’ll be angry and honestly hurt, and probably leave the area as quickly as possible, not letting s/o finish her story in an attempt to leave before he says or does anything stupid. he may feel betrayed, but he still cares about her, and he’d rather leave before his anger gets out of hand
  • eventually he does cool off though, approaching s/o again to let her finish her story. Once she explains that she moved to her aunt because she DIDN’T want to be a villain, he’ll be relieved— but that isn’t to say the relationship would be immediately mended! He’s still slightly distrusting of s/o for a while afterwards, but after enough time he’ll eventually go back to their old relationship!


  • though he’s surprised, he won’t hesitate to approach s/o about it! as much as he’d like to not believe it, it DOES make sense. Still, he’d want s/o’s input more than anything!
  • he’ll sit and listen quietly if s/o chooses to explain everything, but it’s clear he’s a bit shaken. His feelings on this new information is largely still a jumble, but he does understand that everybody deserves a chance, and even though he apparently didn’t know s/o as well as he thought he did, he still knows she’s a good person who wants to become a hero!
  • he isn’t as fast to forgive and forget as Todoroki, but he isn’t as upset as Bakugou either. It’ll take a little while for him to fully adjust, but not absurdly long!
Worth the Wait

things get a little heated between you and your boyfriend for the first time aka nathan stops and gets embarrassed

request that took me 5ever (sorry anon)

word count: 1,890

Taking things slow was a typical thing for you. Often you wouldn’t jump into anything too quickly; you liked taking your time, getting comfortable and adjusting as needed. You never wanted things to be too fast. That was until you met Nathan.

The two of you had been dating for about two months, the first part of your relationship being the normal “we’re not together, just going on dates” phase. It wasn’t maybe until week three when he finally asked you to be his girlfriend. For someone who took things very slow, the wait for the relationship to be actually official felt agonizing. It was a new strange sensation for you, but even after the first date you were wondering when he’d ask.

Nathan was different than anything else you’d ever experienced in your life, you wanted to jump in right away, to keep developing your partnership. However, if you had to be honest you did have some doubts about Nathan. Not any in regards to how you felt about him, but it seemed as though maybe he didn’t feel the same way. Sure, the two of you spent an abnormally large amount of time together, which you didn’t mind, but things hadn’t really picked up between you two physically yet. You of course didn’t need physical affirmation from Nathan to know he cared about you, but it sure wouldn’t be terrible. The problem was you felt so invested and ready to quickly jump in that Nathan’s small step back made you harbor skepticism.

All of your friends constantly asked if you and him had “sealed the deal” yet and as annoying as it was, you kept wondering when it would be time. You had only had sex with one person before, and it took you forever to get comfortable enough to them to really be intimate on that level. With Nathan you knew right away that you deeply trusted him to let him see you so vulnerable. In any other case, when you were your normal take things slow kind of girl two months would be too soon to you. People had always teased you about it, but some of the worst decisions someone can make are when they’re rash, unsure and hasty.

Here you were however, thinking about the best way to get things between you and Nathan started physically. He had been over to your apartment plenty of times in the past two months, but tonight was the first time you finally got to go to his. You found this once again a bit annoying with how slow this was all going. You wanted Nathan and you wanted him tonight. Going through your closet for what had to be the hundredth time you still were unable to pick anything worthy enough to wear. You and Nathan would be watching a movie; you figured it would be a little suspicious if you showed up in some sort of skintight dress. Sighing, you decided to opt for the usual top and jeans. You guessed that you would just have to do more with less.

Taking a final glance of yourself in the mirror of your bedroom, you deem yourself appropriate for the occasion and go to the kitchen to grab the keys of the counter.

“Tonight’s the night.” You say to your roommate sitting at kitchen bar.

She looks at you for a moment, “Really? For you and Nathan?” You nod your head and she laughs a bit, “Sure, okay.” You take a step back, offended at her words.


She sighs, “Nothing. I just feel like if it was going to happen, it would have happened already.” You roll your eyes at her. What could she possibly know about your relationship with Nathan that gives her the right to say that?

“Well you’re wrong, because it is going to happen. Tonight!” You take one last look at her, annoyed and head for the door, keys in hand.

If there was one thing that bothered you more than anything, it was how people were constantly trying to control your life and the order things happened in it. All of your friends had a say about your new relationship with Nathan, but tonight it was time for you to fully be in control.

“Do you want any more popcorn babe?” Nathan asks shaking the bowl in his hand. “I’m fine,” you reply, eyes straightforward.

You had been at Nathan’s place for over an hour and there was absolutely no progress towards your main goal of the night. Every time you’d remotely try anything Nathan’s face would grow panicked and make some sort of excuse that he had to check on something in the kitchen, his room, or wherever. Your doubts were only beginning to grow. How could he not want you as much as you wanted him?

“Is everything okay? You’ve been kind of quiet tonight. Do I still smell too much like chlorine? I know it bothers you sometimes.” Any other day you would have laughed at the comment. When you went on your first date with Nathan all you had said was ‘is that chlorine?’ Any other day you would think how cute he was for worrying about something he couldn’t stop. No matter how many showers he took, he would always smell like chlorine.

“No it’s not that.” You look down at your lap and begin fiddling with your hands, a habit you had picked up for when your nerves kicked in. “Then what is it?” Nathan counters.

You didn’t want to be that girl, but it was bothering you so much you knew there was no way you couldn’t be. “Are your all for this relationship?” It was clear he was stunned by your words considering the initial look on his face. His eyes widened, “Of course I am!” You watched his face change from shock to hurt in seconds, suddenly wanting to take back even remotely saying anything.

Nevertheless you continue, “It just doesn’t seem like it. Everything is moving slowly and it just feels like your holding back.”

“I’m not holding back!” Nathan says raising his voice a bit causing you to immediately roll your eyes. “Oh reall-”

Before you can finish, Nathan interrupts your words by placing his lips on yours. Although there’s a bit of a surprise on your part on how forward he was being you soon copy his actions of movement. Both of your mouths move together as you desperately try to convey your thankfulness for this moment, for being there with him. His lips are addictive and you both find yourself connecting and reconnecting ever so often for a bit of air.

Your hands move to his hair, tugging at it a bit. He lets out a groan against your lips and you feel yourself heat up at the noise. The atmosphere felt electric, this was what you had been wanting. To feel the closest to Nathan that two people can be. Moving your hands to his shoulder you pull him down on the couch so you can lay on your back with Nathan hovering above of you. He follows your move, never disconnecting your lips, but leaves a huge gap between your bodies. The space separating the two of you was a little awkward, but as you felt Nathan begin to kiss your neck and leave dark marks behind, you decided to let it go.

The way he was sucking and nipping at every inch of your neck had you letting out a quiet moan, not being able to hold back. You placed your hands on his forearms and began to rub them, soon becoming confident enough to move your hands to the top of Nathan’s jeans, wanting to feel him.

Just as your hand found the button and zipper, you felt Nathan disconnect from your lips, quickly jumping up from the couch and walking around the room with a pained look on his face.

You felt like you were about to break into tears. Was it that bad? Did he really not want you? Flashbacks begin to play in your mind of your last boyfriend cheating on you for not giving him what he wanted. For not being good enough.

The thought of Nathan not wanting you was enough to break your heart completely. When you were with him, you couldn’t imagine your life without him by your side. It was impossible.

Figures, you thought, this is what I get for jumping in too fast. Stupid, stupid little girl.

You feel as though you have to say something. You needed to know what was going on in his head.

“Did I do something wrong?” You ask quietly, afraid of the response.

He stops his self-thought and turns to you with a panicked look on his face, “No it wasn’t you, it was me. I don’t know why I did that.” It was clear he was trying to make you feel better, but the comment only made you feel worse.

“Am I really that horrible?” You ask, still on the brim of tears spilling everywhere.

“No, you’re not! I actually have really strong feelings for you, in fact I don’t know if I’ve ever felt this way about anyone ever.”

“Then what is it?”

He looks away for a moment as if he’s embarrassed, “I don’t want to hurt you?” You blink at him twice as if to communicate that you’re not following. “What do you mean?”

He turns at least four different shade of red and bites his lip, “I’m just huge and you’re so small, I’m afraid I’m going to hurt you or something.”  

You can’t help but feel all your worry wash away. Your doubts of him not being as engaged as you were suddenly become a thing of the past. “Nathan… You’re not going to do anything to me. I’m not a china doll.”

He sits on the couch beside you, “You are to me and I’d never forgive myself if something happened because of me. I’m nearly 230 pounds, if I would have laid down directly on top of you I probably would have broken your pelvis.” You bite your tongue having to stop yourself from making an inappropriate comment and place your hand on the back of his head, “Please just trust me that everything will be okay.”

He sighs and looks down at his hands before looking up to give you a heartfelt smile, “I really care about you.” You feel yourself break out a smile and connect to your lips to his quickly. “I really care about you too Adrian.”

“I’m sorry for taking this whole thing too slow, I just need a little time before I’m ready to trust myself with you, because you really have no idea how much I want to-“ he cuts himself off and blushes, “sorry.”

Smiling at him, you grab onto his hand and stroke his thumb with yours.

You had been complaining about how often in your life people would try to control you with the pace you took things, and here you were doing the exact same thing to Nathan. All you had wanted was someone to be patient with you and the way you did things. Nathan deserved that and more.

“No need to say sorry. You’re worth the wait.”

11x20 first reaction

GOD DAMMIT NO You can’t finish there!! I mean I know I said I don’t like the idea of Chuck as God and when he started talking about cat blogs I thought my worst fears had come true, but the way he was able to switch back in an instant to a really menacing figure really helped. Which is also to be honest it’s the first time I’ve felt fearful of a supernatural being in SPN in a long time, probably since we first saw Lucifer in season 5. So kudos to Rob for being able to pull that off, and kudos to Robbie for writing something completely over the top but pulling it back for the big emotional punch at the end. And man was that a punch!

A beautiful song sung beautifully by Rob that’s I’m still kinda speechless over. If we didn’t have a season 12 in the works I’d say it feels like they’re definitely gearing up for the ending, as in the actual series end. The way Chuck wrote the final pages almost feels as if an indirect message from the writers teasing us that they know how the story ends - though logically it’s doubtful that they’ve gotten that far yet.

And do excuse me for jumping every time the word ‘river’ is mentioned now but one of the first lyrics of ‘Fare Thee Well’ (which is too similar to Team Free Will but that’s by the by) is ‘I’d fly up the river to the one I love’ which not only returns to the idea of the river ending at the source, but also brings back the idea of love.

It appears to be love and home that is waiting at the finish line, just like for Jesse and Cesar in 11x19. 11x13 hammers the idea of home being where the heart is, and 11x12 tells us to follow our heart etc. It is love that is going to bring Cas back, and also love that is going to guide our boys, like the dove in the song, towards the finish line *sobs*. Maybe it will also be love that stops Amara from completing her ‘re-writes’, meaning the love of her brother rather than the false love she is trying to force upon Dean, but that’s just speculation. But you know what? God said he was lonely in the beginning, it’s possible that Amara felt just as lonely? Two polar opposite forces feeling totally isolated because they don’t understand one another. And now Amara is trying to get back to how things were in the beginning, only in place of God she wants Dean by her side (shout to all those who love the idea of divine!Dean). Someone who she believes can love her and can bring her peace.

“It’s all going away, forever. But not you Dean.”

On another note I get what people are saying about the info dump, I can’t remember everything that Chuck and Metatron talked about without re-watching the episode, and it did sometimes feel like a check list of previously unanswered questions (which is as good as it is bad, I guess). I.e. the amulet was switched off, God did keep bringing Castiel back etc.

Questions, when Dean shouted ‘stop this!’ was he addressing Amara or Chuck? Or a better question may be did the plea reach Amara or Chuck? Either way this is probably the first prayer that God has answered in a very long time.

And does this mean that Amara torturing Lucifer has had no effect on God? Since he hasn’t apparently done anything to save him. Or perhaps this is the reason why God calls upon Metatron to help him. I guess it would be interesting if God purposefully called Metatron in the hopes of getting the good kick up the backside he needed to get him back in the game, so to speak. He’s not only been hiding in the bar, he’s been hiding behind the ‘Chuck’ persona for such a long time and strangely enough, I wasn’t expecting this anyway, it’s Metatron who lays the truth bare and pulls God out from behind the mask.

Speaking of Metatron I’ve always had a soft spot for the little s***, but he nearly made me cry here. Yep, I’m gonna admit it. To finally see him display some of the characteristics of humanity he preaches to God about (he’s weak and he cheats and steals, but he hasn’t given up. He searches for food in a dumpster but then gives it away to a dog - no singing and dancing though thankfully xD). It’s a redemption arc, and he’s gaining a sort of forgiveness in feeling true remorse for his actions but at the same time he still has to continue his punishment, no fixes, no becoming an angel again… He himself admits that is probably a good idea.

I’ll probably think of more, and there’s loads more in this episode to talk about *carefully studies every poster in God’s bar* - I haven’t even mentioned Sam and Dean in all of this! but man I am really looking froward to see where we’re headed. All around I had my doubts but this turned out to be a great episode :) Go Robbie!

TV series Homura goes to the post-Rebellion world.
  • Kyouko: Yo! Thanks for inviting us over Homura!
  • Mami: Pardon our intrusion, Akemi.
  • Sayaka: Thanks for inviting us in, transfer.
  • Madoka: Pardon us, Homura!
  • Homura: Come in.
  • Mami: Right. Let's get this last-minute summer break catch-up session get underway.
  • Sayaka: Are we going to finish in time?
  • Kyouko: Sucks to be you guys. I dunno why you even bother going to school when you clearly don't have time for it while hunting witches.
  • Madoka: Oh! Speaking of time... Homura, what if you stopped time so we have more time to finish?
  • Homura: I suppose I could do that, but I can't stop time long enough for it to be meaningful in this situation.
  • Madoka: Oh, I see...
  • Sayaka: Yo, transfer. Can you do anything else apart from stopping and going back in time?
  • Homura: What do you mean?
  • Sayaka: Like, can you go to the future as well?
  • Homura: I never tried it, there wasn't a point.
  • Sayaka: Well, you know... if we're not going to finish in time then there's no point doing our homework now right? We could just spend the day playing instead!
  • Madoka: Sayaka!
  • Sayaka: What?! It's true! Homework is all or nothing, you don't get points for doing only 80% of it or anything!
  • Madoka: W-Well yeah but...
  • Mami: Miki, that's a reckless way to think about it isn't it?
  • Sayaka: But it's so much more efficient this way!
  • Kyouko: Sayaka's got the right idea hasn't she? If ya ain't gonna be able to do it then why bother in the first place? Unless ya WANT to do your homework?
  • Mami: No, not really...
  • Madoka: Homura, what do you think?
  • Homura: I think I'll do it.
  • Sayaka: Yeah, that's the spirit!
  • Homura: Don't misunderstand. I'm only doing this to see if traveling to the future is possible or not.
  • Sayaka: Yup, just keep telling yourself that you tsundere~
  • Homura: How is that tsu-... Never mind, forget it.
  • Homura: ((Climbs onto her bed))
  • Homura: I'll be going now. Don't come on to my bed, it would be terrible if I came back and phased into your or something.
  • Kyouko: Ouch.
  • Homura: Here I go....
  • Homura: ...Did it work?
  • Homura: No one is here. Perhaps I've traveled forwards after all?
  • Homura: What day is it? I have a feeling I overshot too far ahead...
  • Kyubey: Oh? When did you arrive back from school?
  • Homura: Gah! Kyubey, what are you doing here?
  • Kyubey: I heard a noise so-
  • Homura: No, I mean what are you doing IN MY HOUSE?!
  • Kyubey: I was cleaning just a while ago...?
  • Homura: Huh?! Why?
  • Kyubey: Because you told me to, mistress.
  • Homura: When did I ever-! ...Mistress?
  • Kyubey: Is something the matter, mistress?
  • Homura: ...Hold up, let me check something here. Are you... my servant now or something?
  • Kyubey: Yes.
  • Homura: ....Since when?
  • Kyubey: Since you defeated us Incubators, mistress.
  • Homura: Could you stay outside my room for a second? Don't come in until I tell you.
  • Kyubey: Yes mistress.
  • Homura: Also, don't you dare eavesdrop on me.
  • Kyubey: Of course not, mistress.
  • Kyubey: ((Leaves the room))
  • Homura: .....
  • Homura: AW YEAH SON
  • Homura: FUCK YEAH
  • Homura: ....
  • Homura: Ahem.
  • Homura: Kyubey, you can come back in now.
  • Kyubey: ((Walks back into the room))
  • Homura: Did you hear anything?
  • Kyubey: Not a word.
  • Homura: Excellent.
  • Homura: Tell me more about the fut-...I mean, about right now.
  • Kyubey: Right now?
  • Kyubey: Hm... Right now your familiars are cooking dinner. We didn't expect you back so soon so its not rea-
  • Homura: Familiars?
  • Kyubey: Yes, your 12 Clara doll familiars.
  • Homura: But don't-... I thought-.... Only witches have familiars right?
  • Kyubey: That's correct mistress.
  • Homura: ....Am I a witch?
  • Kyubey: Not at all mistress.
  • Kyubey: Ah, I see your confusion now.
  • Homura: Y-You do?
  • Kyubey: You're wondering how you kept your witch familiars even after you stopped being a witch aren't you?
  • Homura: I USED TO BE A WITCH?!
  • Homura: Wait, I got BETTER?! Really?!
  • Kyubey: Yes, why do you sound so surprised?
  • Homura: Oh! Well, uh... it's just a little surprising you know. That's not supposed to happen, right?
  • Kyubey: True. It was quite unusual.
  • Homura: So uh... How did I stop being a witch anyway?
  • Kyubey: You transcended.
  • Homura: ...Into what?
  • Kyubey: Is something wrong mistress? You know we Incubators don't understand the form you call a demon.
  • Homura: D-Demon?! What? How did I turn into a demon?!
  • Kyubey: When you defeated Madoka Kaname, mistress.
  • Homura: ....
  • Homura: What?
  • Homura: WHAT?!
  • Homura: WHAT THE HELL?!
  • Kyubey: Love.
  • Homura: .......
  • Homura: .......
  • Homura: .......
  • Homura: ...... What?
  • Kyubey: That's what you said at least.
  • Homura: I said love? Like, out loud?
  • Kyubey: Yes mistress.
  • Kyubey: Everyone was there.
  • Homura: Oh god.... Did I say something weird?
  • Kyubey: "This is the pinnacle of human emotion! More passionate than hope, more deeper than despair... it's love!"
  • Homura: .....
  • Kyubey: That's what you said, more or less.
  • Homura: ..........was Madoka there?
  • Kyubey: Yes mistress.
  • Homura: So in a way, I basically confessed my love to Madoka.
  • Kyubey: Yes mistress.
  • Homura: While everyone was watching.
  • Kyubey: Yes mistress.
  • Homura:
  • Homura: ((Makes some gurgling, choking noises))
  • Kyubey: Mistress?
  • Homura: Kyubey.
  • Homura: Madoka's response.
  • Homura: I... I need to know what it is. Did she look... happy?
  • Kyubey: She look frightened.
  • Homura: FUCK
  • Kyubey: M-Mistress...?
  • Homura: WHY THOUGH?!
  • Kyubey: Why....?
  • Kyubey: It was probably because you were ripping her apart.
  • Homura:
  • Homura: What.
  • Kyubey: Ripping her in ha-
  • Homura: You're-... I-... That can't-...
  • Homura: Like, literally ripping her in half or-
  • Kyubey: You split Madoka Kaname into two pieces.
  • Homura:
  • Homura:
  • Homura:
  • Homura: Kyubey, please leave the room again.
  • Kyubey: Yes mi-
  • Homura: NOW
  • Kyubey: ((flees))
  • Homura:
  • Homura:
  • Homura: WHAT?! HUH?!?!
  • Kyubey: Yes mistre-
  • Homura: Tell me everything. EVERYTHING.
  • Kyubey: Everything about what?
  • Kyubey: Well... your soul gem was extremely dark so Madoka was using the Law of Cycles to-
  • Homura: The what now?
  • Kyubey: Law of Cycles? It's the universal principle that Madoka created when she became god.
  • Homura: Madoka becomes GOD?!
  • Kyubey: Yes mistress.
  • Homura: HOW?! WHAT?!
  • Kyubey: She wished for it.
  • Homura: She wished for-....
  • Homura: ....Grr, I won't kill you yet. Keep talking, so God-Madoka or whatever is doing this cycling law thing and...?
  • Kyubey: So Madoka is about to take you away to eternal paradise in her heaven-
  • Homura: I'm liking the sound of this.
  • Kyubey: When you grab her and stop her instead.
  • Homura: I'm not liking the sound of this.
  • Kyubey: You then rip Madoka in half, separating her human self away from her godly self and-
  • Homura: ((punts Kyubey into the wall)
  • Kyubey: But-
  • Kyubey: I'm sorry?
  • Homura: GAAAAHHHH!
  • Homura: ......
  • Homura: Alright, so I don't kill Madoka. That's a good thing. Okay. Okay, I've calmed down now. Carry on.
  • Kyubey: .......Yes, where was I?
  • Kyubey: Your soul gem becomes tainted with love instead of despair and you become a demon. You then recreate the world to your liking.
  • Homura: And... what sort of world is it?
  • Kyubey: I don't know.
  • Homura: What? Why?!
  • Kyubey: You kept quite a lot of the changes secret, no one knows what fully transpired except you.
  • Homura: Damn... Alright then, tell me what Madoka is like in this world of mine.
  • Kyubey: Exactly the same as before, I believe. Except your suppressing her godly self.
  • Homura: You know why I would have a problem with Madoka being god?
  • Kyubey: Not entirely, no.
  • Homura: Damn... Alright then, what's the relationship between me and Madoka?
  • Kyubey: Enemies.
  • Homura:
  • Homura:
  • Kyubey: ....Mistress? Are you having another heart attack mistress?
  • Homura: ((coughs up blood))
  • Kyubey: Mistress?!
  • Homura: W-W-.... Why are Madoka and I ene-...e....you know... "Not friends"?
  • Kyubey: Because you decided to make Madoka your enemy. You declared it yourself.
  • Homura: ((Coughs up even more blood))
  • Kyubey: Do you need medical attention, mist-
  • Homura: No, I need- Just gimme a moment here. Leave the room again will you?
  • Kyubey: ....Yes mistress.
  • Homura: ....
  • Homura: ....
  • Homura: FUTURE ME
  • Homura: You know what? Screw this place. I'm done. I'm done forever. I'm going back home. I'm actually going to end up killing myself here if I stay any long.
  • Homura: ((Time-travels backwards))
  • Homura: God, time-travel always gives me such a headache...
  • Madoka: Homura! Welcome back!
  • Kyouko: So it works right? Future time travel that is.
  • Mami: Welcome back, Akemi.
  • Sayaka: So? So? Do we finish in time or what?
  • Homura: Hey. Miki.
  • Sayaka: Yeah...?
  • Homura: You said that if something isn't going to work out in the end, there isn't any point bother trying to make it happen anymore right?
  • Sayaka: Y-Yeah...? Does this mean we don't get our homework finished in time or...?
  • Homura: ((Paps Madoka's shoulders))
  • Madoka: H-Homura?
  • Homura: I'm sorry Madoka. Goodbye.
  • Madoka: What? Homura?!
  • Homura: ((Walks away))
  • Madoka: Homura?! HOMURA?!
  • Mami: W-What happened in the future exactly...?
  • Kyouko: Huh? What's going on?
  • Madoka: HOMURA!
  • Mami: AKEMI!
  • Sayaka: TRANSFER!
  • Kyouko: KYOUKO~!