even though you don't like fish

  • Aries:
  • you burn a fire inside me
  • cause you're the one who makes me tea
  • make that kettle nice and hot
  • drop it low and break a pot
  • Taurus:
  • you remind me of a tree
  • always rough and covered with the love of a flea
  • you remind me of my dad
  • expect for the fact that you spank me when i'm bad ;)
  • Gemini:
  • i like to play jump rope, preferably double dutch
  • a rope for each of your personalities
  • i broke my leg playing, but you're like a crutch
  • i still love you even though you cause so many brutalities
  • Cancer:
  • roses are red
  • chivalry is dead
  • along with i
  • but your presence raises me up like the crust of a pie
  • Leo:
  • rawr means i love you in dinosaur
  • come to my house and i'll let you score
  • when we play the wii
  • because i know you'll be mad if you don't beat me
  • Virgo:
  • you wash the dishes
  • i clean the fishes
  • my wish came true
  • when life brought me to you
  • Libra:
  • you bring balance to my life
  • like a scale resting on knife
  • please don't pick up that knife
  • don't stab me and end my life
  • Scorpio:
  • if you stabbed me, i'd say thanks
  • if you wanted to rob someone, i'd drive to the banks
  • because you are the one
  • not the two, but the one
  • Sagittarius:
  • adventure is your middle name
  • breaking hearts is your game
  • is this making you cringe?
  • well my hair has a fringe
  • Capricorn:
  • very organized and put together
  • i can count on you no matter the weather
  • rain or snow
  • you always know where to go
  • Aquarius:
  • you carry the agua
  • take me to nicaragua
  • where they speak a lot of spanish
  • sometimes it seems you just vanish
  • Pisces:
  • time to watch the news?
  • more like time to take a snooze
  • be in touch with yourself
  • and always focus on your health

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I'm trying to build a new planet for my sci-fi/fantasy story that's mostly water, but I'm having a really hard time coming up with creatures. I'm shit with biology and I don't want to be lazy and be like "oh look, this far off planet has sharks too!" Any advice on how to create new species?

There is a simple little game you can play for this, and you don’t even have to be good at biology- though you do learn a little along the way. :)

1.First, pick a few of your favorite sea creatures.  Shark, octopuses, angler-fish, and jellyfish are all pretty common, so I’ll use them for my example.

2. Think about what makes them special. This could be related to what they are most famous for, or what you specifically like about them- any particular trait, physical or otherwise, that you might find fascinating. Hint-hint, we are going to use these traits as sources for inspiration.

For example:

I like sharks because they have lots of rows of teeth. They have lots of teeth because they are carnivorous. 

I like octopuses because they are very clever and they have cool tentacles. 

I like angler-fish because they are bio-luminescent. 

I like jellyfish because they are pretty, squishy, and they sting.

Now, obviously all of these animals have a lot more traits than just those, but by narrowing it down to just those few things each, we have made a nice little list of things that we can steal for our new animal.

3. Step three, create your own animal. My new animal can now be described thus:

“The sailors have a legend among them, of a rarely seen creature as lethal as it is awe-inspiring. At first look, it seems a beautiful gift, soft and drifting, seeming almost to glow faintly across its smooth violet body, but that is merely a deception against the danger that lies within. It is seen as a bad omen only to see it from the deck of a ship, and being in the water with the beast spells almost certain doom. Those who have felt the misfortune of losing a crew mate to the monster can tell the story in vivid detail: the way the creature slides softly against the ways, entrancing in its light, the silence with which is overtakes is prey, the unfurling of its long tentacles from the underside of its body, and before the unfortunate fellow can make a move, he is captured in its grasp, his muscles frozen by its sting, another helpless victim to the many rows of sharpened teeth hiding just below the surface.”

Wow! Just like that, I have written an entry for a brand new sea creature for my lore journal.

A few extra tips:

-You don’t even have to go into that much detail for every creature- only for the ones that have significance to the characters or story. Even one single trait can help spark a new little friend for your sea world. You want a fish that can camouflage? Or a creature that has claws? Okay, cool. Give it a name, and with one line it can add to your new world.

-A lot of inspiration can also come from understanding why some of the sea creatures of earth have the traits that they do. Why does it function that way? What purpose does it serve? Does the camouflage help it hide from predators, or to lay in wait for unsuspecting prey? Are the claws used to hunt, or merely to crack open shells? The difference can define the creature in its own way.

Big summarized point to this whole post:

Use real creatures as inspiration or a basis for your new creatures!


who you should fight: gone edition
  • sam: this kid is literally always looking to fight someone. he'd fight his own ass. he's ridiculously powerful, too. don't fight sam.
  • astrid: she spent like five months in the woods living off of berries and willpower. don't fight astrid.
  • quinn: he's ripped from fishing all the time, and he's generally a good dude. don't fight quinn.
  • dekka: she'd appreciate the fight, but you'd lose. she'd be nice about it, though, and maybe buy you something to eat afterwards. fight dekka at your own discretion.
  • brianna: she'd knock you out before you got the chance to blink. don't fight the breeze.
  • edilio: okay, you can fight edilio, but WHY would you do that. why would you want to even mildly bother him. don't fight edilio, holy shit.
  • howard: he's not much on his own, but he's best buds with orc. don't even think about fighting howard.
  • orc: fight orc if you wish for death.
  • lana: she MIGHT heal you after she destroys you, but she might not. fight lana at your own discretion.
  • sanjit: this kid is a fucking wild card, okay? if you fight him, he'll keep coming back for more. his name means "invincible". don't fight sanjit.
  • virtue: i don't know why you'd want to fight choo, but you'd win. even so, then you'd have sanjit on your ass. don't fight choo.
  • dahra: what the fuck. what the fuck. why would you fight dahra. what the fuck. don't fight dahra.
  • caine: see sam. don't fight caine.
  • diana: while she'd appreciate your effort, then you'd have caine to deal with. don't fight diana.
  • penny: penny is filled with rage 24/7. unless you're looking to face your worst fears, don't fight penny.
  • bug: do it. fight bug. he deserves it, absolutely. fight bug.
  • drake/brittney: DO NOT APPROACH. DO NOT FIGHT.
  • albert: you can and should fight albert, but then he'll sue you. fight albert at your own discretion.
  • mother mary: why...would you fight mary. she's already been through too much. don't fight mother mary.
  • orsay: she's just kind of sad. see mother mary. don't fight orsay.
  • zil, and anyone else in the human crew: please fight.
  • taylor: you can definitely win against taylor, but don't hurt her too much. she's not that bad a person, really, but she is kind of a jerk. fight taylor, but take care.
  • toto: see taylor. fight toto, but take care.
  • roger: he's doing his best. don't fight roger.
  • jack: you'll lose, but do it anyways. fight computer jack
  • sinder: sinder's too good, too pure, but she'll probably pull some magic vegetable voodoo on you. don't fight sinder.

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I'm so close to texting this guy even though I'm certain he doesn't want to talk to me anymore but I'm pmsing and bored and kinda want him right now...help

my advice is always do what feels right in the moment but just think about it from his perspective, like i’m the most cynical person ever so my first thoughts are always like ‘do i look desperate? do they think they have a hold on me? are they gonna use me?’ i don’t know basically put yourself first and do what feels right for you like what situation is the best outcome for you, yano??? idk i’m probably the worst person to ask for advice coz my immediate advice is BLOCK HIS NUMBER AND KILL HIS GOLDFISH but idk i hope this helped ily

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El Diablo headcannon: He is really into aquariums and stuff. If you were his handler in Belle Reve and you took him as a joke, he would actually really enjoy it. I think his favourite would be the Angel fish, just for the sake of irony. El Diablo likes Angel fish. He probably would also have a shark tattoo on his lower body, where people can't see. He just really likes fish because they're basically the opposite of him. Don't even imagine low key excited Chato wandering around an aquarium.

I’ve never thought of this, but you’re so right. Chao totally seems like someone who would be drawn to water based stuff. I think after Belle Reve though, he’s probably got PTSD from the water torture they used to keep him in line, but before that I can just imagine him taking the kids as babies and showing them all the fish.

“And that’s a clown fish, see baby?” “Nemo!” “Yeah! exactly beautiful, that’s Nemo. I’m so proud of you.”

Originally posted by mermaidtittiezzz

I work in a vape store where there is a fish tank. No one seems to know how to make sure the fish tank runs, but is more then happy to let me deal with it even though I am more then willing to explain how to keep the tank up and running SAFELY.

Like today I was called before my shift to be told that two fish had passed and I ran down the checklist of things you are supposed to do before you put fish in a tank. In the state on NJ tap water has high levels of chlorine as well as some heavy metals and so you are supposed to condition the water. They didn’t do any of this and expected the fish to go merrily on their way.

So I came in early expecting them to be there when, lo and behold, only the other employee is there but no owner. So I waited, and I waited, and no one else showed up. I have become so frustrated that I just went a head and did all the treatment stuff on my own, did a bacteria donation with water from my personal tank, and am working to dechlorinate the water.

Now I know the fish may not make it through this process because it should have been done first before they were put in, but at this point I feel like if they die because I brought in two beautiful juvenile koi who would have done amazingly and they let some fuck up of a person throw in a fish with Ick and killed them.

I’m into this tank for about $150+ between care taking and fish donation. It’s really becoming annoying to me about the fact that when I wrote everything down, and I mean everything, before they put anything in the tank and it jus seems to have gone out the window entirely.

I guess I will tell you all what happens tomorrow with the tank since I’m working. Once it all cycles it should be easy to tell what the next steps will be or if I tell them just to get goldfish if this is how it’s going to go.

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your bird creatures are really cool! i don't think you need to worry too hard about feasible biology... even today we don't have explanations for a lot of biological things in HUMANS, right? that being said, are they carnivorous or omnivorous? how are babies made/and or raised? are there any other special anatomical things about them that you could tell us about?

yeah like SINUSES????
But anyways, They’re omnivores! Though some show a stronger preference to meat than others…like. Snowbirds would probably be considered carnivores with how much meat they eat, fishers eat, well a ton of fish. The inlanders and desert birds benefit most from getting more non-meat foods, i think..
But yeah! 
Also I havent thought it entirely through yet, but I know there’s going to be a particular form of life that is..somewhere between plant and animal? that would probably be a staple in inlander diets, though I wouldnt know how to classify em haha
But yeah..omnivores

BABIES…well when two birds love eachother very much…
I havent decided if there are like, mating seasons or anything (and therefore mating season ~plumage~ heh), and i’m.. well i’m in the process of reworking their junk a bit. but the system is a lil different than ours, it’s sort of reversed? like.. the female bits take reproductive material from the male rather than the male giving it, u feel?
Babies come out as EGGS!! usually only one or two, rather large, eggs. When they hatch they’re around like..toddler functionality

how they’re raised depends on what sort of society theyre in! 
there are the three large and influential peoples (those nearest the gods) and it’s a little different for all. 
The desert birds around Ma’Ulob probably have a tendency for the sort of. large extended family sort of thing, very close with big fams. raising babies as a fam, cozy cozy.

Snowbirds around Atma i think have something more like..at least one parent and their child living away from fam on their own, sort of thing. at least 2 parents is /preferred/ though, for the sake of being able to balance work and child rearing. Probably common for any single parent to have help raising a little chick with a friend, ditching a partner is very frowned upon, i imagine

War birds (this is generally a mix of fishers and inlanders) around Svatku..have it totally different. Parents have little to do with their children, eggs are brought to these nursery things where caretakers look after them, and once they hatch, all these little babies..basically live together at School and are raised by teachers. Lineage is really only kept track of in order to avoid inbreeding. So families usually end up being close groups of friends, and teacher figures, rather than anything decided by blood.

Oh also they do lay like, unfertilized eggs. It’s not usually considered weird to eat these. Give one to your friend, make an omelette.
Eating a fertile one. however. is bad that is a very bad thing in civilized bird societies.

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Why do you choose to draw Undyne with such a long tongue? (I'm most definitely not complaining!) To my knowledge, there are no fish that have long tongues because they don't need that feature to capture prey or for anything else of significance. Maybe since Undyne is a land dweller she has some kind of use for it? Or it just looks really cool, even though it's more reptilian than fish-like. God I love speculative biology!

Again, it depends on how her species evolved :) If a long tongue proved to be useful in one way or another than it is logical that it stuck. Just as “our” fish developed legs or lungs - because they gave them an advantage.

Also, yes, it’s just plain cool. :>


Last twitter doodles you won’t be expecting for me to make. A fan character (or inkling OC whatever term you used), cause I blame sonikku0691​ since she also made one as well.

Anyways, this is Yellowtail. Easygoing yet wayward, they tried to be the toughest and freshest squid in Inkopolis. Wants to gain rivals but ends up being friends with most inklings they encounter. 

Yellowtail’s the tank of the team who uses either Rollers (Krak-On Splat Roller) or Brushes (Octobrush). Has a strategy of keeping their teammates close, and their enemies closer.

Though you won’t see Yellowtail outside a lot since they spend their days mostly at home playing the bass guitar and making music. Ryen is usually Yellowtails reason to go out more since they like to head-butt with him even though Ryen doesn’t have no clue why Yellow wanted to be better than him. They are very good friends by the way.

Oh, and some squid cameos. axl-fox‘s Mika and sonikku0691‘s Ryen in squid form.

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Pining Keith au where Keith is at the pet store with hunk and he sees this blue betta fish and can't help but get it and name it lance

Ok, but very important: Keith takes very good care of his betta fish in this au!! 

They live for a very long time, and they need to be properly loved :(( My family used to have a betta fish but my little sister did not take good care of it (our fault for letting a five-year-old seize the reigns) and our betta fish ended up suffering for two years or so… They were very, very sick by the end of their life, and I still regret what happened. No fish deserves that :(

I know you’re coming from a good place, but I don’t like it when people buy pets (even fish) on an emotional whim… If Keith decides to name a fish after Lance, he does it after at least a week of careful consideration, and he makes sure to come home prepared! Betta fish deserve to be treated very nicely, and you need to know what you’re getting into before you buy one…

Please be nice to betta fish :((

  • Aoi: the weather in Nagano is nice, huhー🌞 let's do our best, today again! as I'm writing this, my eyeball's look like those of a dead fish.
  • Aoi: don't make it sound like I'm always hungover!
  • Aoi: so, obviously I'm bound to get furious bout this, even though I'm usually this gentle person! can't help but give you the cold treatment, I guessー. aaah, that's a pity, huhー.
  • Aoi: well then, let's be good to one another today again〜🎸
  • Reita: let's have fun today! all 5 members signed the truck now so if you like, go ahead and take some commemorative photos!
  • Ruki: hey hey, good morning
  • mtr176cm: yup! good morning! (lol)
  • Ruki: good morning (lol)