even though you don't deserve it

do people honestly not remember Wells? seriously though because I keep seeing all these post about how Clarke will be forever changed and she’ll never love again and this death will effect her more than the others and I’m like: ????
bc honestly I think I would be a lot more effected by the death of my best friend (since they were children mind you) than a person who I’ve known for 2 weeks regardless of whether or not I was interested in them…but maybe that’s just me
so seriously does no one remember Wells?


- Are you hurt?
- Yeah, a little.
- A little?

I know there’s a ton of pressure on women to be cheerful and whatnot, but I am so done with the glorification of negativity and cold bitterness. I’ve been cold, I’ve been bitter, and I’ve been negative. I’ve been ✨  misunderstood ✨ , and I’ve given in to the glorification as a means of self-preservation. And I’ve been all of those things on a regular basis, for years. But what I’ve realized since getting out of such behavior patterns and attitudes is that clinging to those things for strength was nothing more than a glorification of unhealthiness. I wasn’t overcoming stereotypes – I was deeply depressed (and often blind to the fact). Yes, we live in a difficult and deeply unjust and miserable world. Yes, there are tons of reasons to be angry. We NEED to be angry at the state of the world and we need to act and push others to act. But being /constantly/ angry is tiring and being constantly negative is immature. Yes everyone functions differently, and I /understand/, but I am so done. Being around dark things drags me down, and I am done. Be angry, act, but try to make things better. Strength is trying to rise above the negativity of the world. Strength is fighting to be better by being kind. Overcoming sexist stereotypes is sometimes not being afraid to be warm and soft and “feminine” if that’s what you want to be. I’m done with the rest of it. I’ve been dark and cynical and frigid and ✨  strong ✨  but all it did was give power to the things that were actually dragging me down and feeding the shiny darkness. I’ve given a decade of my life to it, and I’m done. 



We’re lucky he even thought of us while he was eating and relaxing! I can’t believe someone would write that to him as though him doing Vlive solo is not good enough–as though they’re sick/bored of seeing him!?!? 

And how many times do I have say “STOP ASKING ABOUT THE OTHER MEMBERS!” ??? I understand you have your favorites or your biases or whatever but that doesn’t mean you have to be indifferent and fucking rude towards the other members! God damn. Do your bloody bias dance when they’re not around! Or maybe just love and respect all of them!!!


So I played the demo of UnderTale and it’s such a cute game :o 

I haven’t been in the best mood so I made this to remind all of you (and myself) that you are filled with determination

Stay Determined~

Whether you start on broken roots or not, remember that you still have a chance to make your life yours and to make yourself happy. Fight for your happiness even though you have every reason not to. Defy all logic and reason and fight for what you want, whether you deserve it or not. Don’t let circumstances determine your life. Take ownership of your life, because it’ll either be your biggest blessing or curse.

Thank you so much Barack Obama. You are a truly smart,hardworking, amazing and wonderful man who deserves a lot of recognition. Even though I was still a kid when you were first elected back in 2008 in I was so excited and happy that you were elected. You worked hard during the 8 years you have been president and have done many amazing things for this country. I can’t believe 8 years ago you were first elected and now you gave us probably one of the most thoughful and inspiring farewell speeches. Me and a lot of other people (Americans and non Americans) will greatly misa having you as our president. You are probably one of the greatest presidents ever.

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Don't cheat.

Cheating destroys the other person emotionally, mentally, and physically.

I have first-hand experience with this. I became an emotional roller coaster for months. I dropped a good 15 pounds because I couldn’t eat. My head was full of confused thoughts.
If that person decides to stay with you even though you’ve cheated on them, you better thank the Lord and treat him or her like royalty for the rest of your life. Because you do not deserve that. If you feel the need to cheat, or you’re interested in other people, or there are temptations you do not want to withstand, break up with your partner. They do not deserve being cheated on. Nobody does.

Having side chicks is not cool. Don’t ever encourage someone to cheat or have a side chick. It’s disgusting, wrong, and you should be embarrassed. Don’t ever gloat about being able to get away with this. Shame on you.

I absolutely hate the act of cheating.

When you cheat you are scarring that person for life. You are making them think that they are not good enough or that something is wrong with them. You completely belittle them.

Who do you think you are to do that to someone?

it’s impossible for me to accept anything anyone says about me that isn’t negative

it’s so hilarious to me that people somehow equate wanting a redemption arc for a character with an explicit endorsement of that character’s actions. it’s such twisted logic. of course i know this character is wrong!! of course they’ve done evil things!! that is literally why i want them to be redeemed!!

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babe what are you even talking about we literally only get like one malec scene per episode? lmao miss me with that "clary is sidelined" bullshit she gets the most screen time even though she doesn't deserve it

First of all, don’t call me babe. 

Second of all, this is my blog where I express my opinion. Someone asked me to express my opinion about something that involved Malec and Clace’s places on the show. My opinion is different than yours. I don’t know why you can’t just leave it at that. It’s not like I’m being a bitch about it. I’m not stating it as fact. I’m not making some grand declaration about the status of the show. I’m saying it’s my opinion.

I acknowledged that this season so far has been Jace and Malec centric. I never said that was a bad thing. I just said that there are other characters, Clary/Clace was brought up specifically in the original asks sent to me, that I would have liked to see more from and want to see more from in the future. 

Third of all, “screentime” means nothing. There could be an entire episode–a whole 42 minutes–of Clary sitting on a couch eating cereal and texting on her phone not saying anything, and it would mean nothing. Just because a character is on screen doesn’t mean we’re seeing character development. 

And for the third and hopefully final time, I personally would like to see more scenes that show Clary growing as a character. I think she’s an interesting character and I would like to see more from her. I would also like to see Luke, Izzy, and Magnus grow as individual characters more than they are now because I think those characters are interesting too.

Look I’m really sorry I’m not one of those fans that watches the show every week to see Malec. I’m sorry I like individual characters more than ships in any form of media. I’m sorry I don’t have the same opinion as you. There’s just nothing I can do about any of those things. 


With his perpetual shadow of facial hair and rugged physique, Bishop is rather handsome even if his demeanor is thoroughly unwelcoming. Late into his twenties, this veteran of the wilderness has scars and burns across his skin. Constantly on the look out, sniffing the air and checking what’s behind him, Bishop’s hands are always on his weapons. Every time you look over to Bishop, he’s looking right back at you.

Be the person Phil Lester would want you to be.
—  Toomanyshipsxx

Don’t ever give up.

Even if you want to, it’s okay to want to, it’s okay to break down and collapse in a sobbing pile on the floor, just don’t give up. You can simply exist for a while, as long as you’re living, then it’s a victory. You are victorious, every single day that you decide to go on, so don’t you ever give up. 

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I'm following u for almost 2 years and ur still my favorite artist! I love you and your art so much! Just wanted you to know 💕💕

Oh man
Oh lord
I don’t even know how to respond, really. That’s so sweet! I’ve been wondering if there’s at least a single person who is able to memorise my nickname, but I’ve never though I could be someone’s favourite artist. Thank you very much, I really appreciate it c’:

Also, I think it’s a great opportunity to say how much I appreciate every single person who follows my blog. I really would love to get to know each one of you personally, so you are always welcome to chat with me if you want <3

Hi, yes Hello everyone, I would like to know what is everyone’s damage with Yulia Samoylova? I understand hating Russia’s government, but umm… why are you hating on this woman who sent in a beautiful song even though she is not affiliated with her government? Like, just let her live people and enjoy the music.

A Song About My Favourite Animals
A Song About My Favourite Animals

A quality song, with quality lyrics, brought to you by someone with arachnophobia.

“I hate spiders, they make me feel so afraid
I hate spiders, though I know they don’t deserve this hate

I hate their webs when they touch my face
I start shaking when I see one in my place
And I’m probably a racist for hating their entire race
Let’s all put them on a spaceship and send them to spaaaaaaaace

I hate spiders, they have way too many legs
I hate spiders, some of them eat their lovers after they’ve had sex
And that’s really gross and morally wrong
Like spiders in general which is the moral of this song
And if you hate them too you should sing along
And I’m out of rhymes …but I really hate spiders

Some of them are hairy, some of them are big
And I wouldn’t dare to poke one of those with a stick
In fact, if I had to, I’d run away real quick
And you can all guess the next line: SPIDERS CAN SUCK MY DIIIIIIIICK

I hate spiders, I really hate them, just leave me alone
I hate spiders, I want to die when I see one in my room
I hate spiders, they’re the worst motherfuckers in the animal crew
I hate spiders, I just really fucking do.”


Screw shading, I think these look great enough without it.

I’ve had fun with this idea and this drawing and how silly it is.

The exact show I used the poses from was Power Rangers: Dino Charge, and each Sans is in the pose of the Ranger with the corresponding color:

Red - Tomato Soul - @amber-acrylic

Yellow - Lithos - @mirrored-with-puns

Green - Clover - @rainbowchu3

Blue - Edgelord - @louisethe4th (hope you don’t mind me adding the boots and belts)

Pink - Stardust - me

What’s bad is that this is the first time I’ve drawn all of these Sanses in full-body with color (since I sketched Clover before). What a way to premier them in my art style.

Hopefully I’ll actually try drawing something serious with these guys.