even though you could be stupid sometimes


Peter Hale x Reader



Imagine: You have a major crush on Peter Hale, but, because of the Pack, you have to keep it a secret. One day, when he comes to your house injured, you are not able to hide it any more and comes clean to him.

Word Count: 1560

Being ordinarily human in a town crowded with supernatural creatures could be pretty boring sometimes; especially when all of your friends saw you as a fragile thing who could get broken if exposed to a high amount of shit. It was stupid, though. You were not a doll or anything related, for God’s sake; plus, even though fighting was not your thing, you could help on other stuff, like cleaning and bandaging the injured. Your aunt Melissa had taught you a lot of medical stuff, making you perfect for this task. However, bone killer Scott shut you out entirely, pledging you were too young to be on this life.

“As if I cared!” You snorted, angry. “Fucking Scott. Fucking rules. Fuck! Fuck!”

You threw, bored, the remote control on the couch’s corner, giving up on finding a decent show to take your mind away from the horrible powerless feeling you were experiencing. People needed your help and you were stuck at home, not able to do nothing about it. Why did you let people manipulate you like that?

“This calls for some booze”, you thought, standing up and heading to the kitchen. Sure, drinking would never solve entirely your problems, it’s not like it’s magic, however, you would at least calm down. Otherwise, it was very likely that you would rip Scott’s throat with your bare hands.

While trying to reach the highest shelf to grab the tequila bottle, you could not help but giggle, suddenly imagining what the pack would do if they discovered your secret crush on Peter Hale. Poor tiny human Y/N falling for a monster. It was ironic.

Finally getting hold of the bottle, you took a sip straight from it, not bothering to get a glass. The liquid went down burning and you smiled, enjoying the sensation. It was damn good, as usual.

Taking short steps, you went back to the living room, ready to put on some music and swirl your hips to it. All of that was probably due the alcohol excess, you were never a strong drinker. Yet, whilst you set up the stereo, you heard odd noises. As if someone was walking clumsily through wood sticks, breaking them with its feet.

“Shit.” You muttered, approaching the window and slyly looking through a brief shaft. There was nothing there. “I’m going crazy. That’s it.”

As soon as you returned to the room, you heard it again. This time, though, the door was swung open and a bleeding light brown haired man leant against the doorframe. What the hell was Peter doing here, at your place? Has he lost his mind?

“Hey, princess.” His voice was weak and he coughed, blood staining your carpet. “Care to help me a little?”

Your thoughts were mingled and confusing, but you propped up and went to help him. You pushed the door closed behind you and dragged him to the couch, staring deeply at his eyes. He seemed so defenseless!

“What happened?”

“Kate is back in town.”

“Kate as in Allison’s aunt?” Your eyes were widened as you quizzed him worried. “Fuck, wasn’t she dead? How did she come back?”

“As it seems, she was not killed. She was turned.”

“Into a werewolf?”

“Not quite, princess. We still have to figure out that part.” You could notice him struggling to talk and it shattered your heart the mere sight of your beloved hurt.

You always had a thing for bad boys, that was true; however, when Peter tagged along, you knew he was different. Sassy, slightly bossy… Heck, a perfect match for you. Still, you had to keep it a secret from him and everybody else. No one was allowed to know about your feelings, because it would turn out to be a major problem, considering how overprotective your cousin could get. Argh! You hated it. All of it.



“Are you okay?”

“Sure I am.” Your reply came out with a fake laugh and a awkward gulp. “I think I should be asking you the same thing.”

“Uh, I’ll be okay. I only a need a shower.” He smirked tenderly, reaching to touch your right cheek. “Your heart is beating like crazy.”

Yes, this you could not hide or disguise. Seeing him hurt and in pain made your heartbeat go crazy. More than it would normally get when you were around him.

“I’m just…” You licked your lips, fighting to keep it together. “You scared the hell out of me.”

“Uh, I’m sorry.” Hale seemed disappointed, which made you bit your bottom lip. “You were the only person who came into my mind.”

“I’m flattered you considered me as an option.” A sarcastic remark slipped. “People tend to treat me like I’m made of glass.”

“What?” Peter sat up straight, wincing in pain by doing so. “You’re so tough, princess. So resilient. I bet you would make a badass werewolf.”

“Damn, this is so good to hear.” A smile curved your lips, for you were genuinely satisfied. “Now, enough with this. You need to shower and I’m going to find you clothes.”

“All right.” Hale nodded and tried to get on his feet. You could nearly feel his ache to walk and, once more, made your poor pumping organ skip a few beats. “Where is the bathroom?”

“I’ll take you there.”

Right then you realised how hard this situation was going to be. You cared too much about him to keep your shit under control for that long. It was a true challenge for your sanity; one you hoped to win.

Twenty minutes later, you found yourself lying lazily on your bed, staring at the white ceiling and pulling carelessly the soft fabric of your denim shorts while waiting for him to come out.

You took a deep breath in order to relax; yet, before it made any effect, the door was opened and a shirtless dripping water Peter walked through it, looking refreshed. This tore apart any chance of relaxation. Matter of fact, it made you more tensed up than ever.

As you sat upright, your gaze locked on him and you licked your lips, nervous. Hale must have found it pleasing to watch, for he chuckled, delighted, leaning to grasp the bundle of clothes that were by your side.

“Do you like what you see, princess?”

“I would appreciate if you call me by my name.” You retorted, looking away. “Why don’t you get dressed already?”

“Does my nudity bother you?”

“Yes. I mean, no. Why would it?”

He traced your jaw with his long slim fingers, getting you to look at him. Once you finally gave up and rose your chin, meeting his eyesight with yours, you found them soaked with tenderness. His blue eyes engulfed you like a high strong wave.



“Confess.” The raspy voice requested, his thumb stroking leisurely your cheekbone. “Tell me you love me, because I can hear your heartbeat from miles away.”

“Please, don’t make me do this.” You did not break the eye connection, no matter how quivery your voice were. “I don’t want to say it.”

“But you do love me.” He knelt in front of you. “God, you’re beautiful.”


“Why I find you beautiful? Because you are! So perfect and freaking gorgeous.”

“No.” You shook your head, giggling. “If you know how I feel, why do you want me to confess it?”

“Well, I wouldn’t want to make a fool of myself by falling for a girl who wasn’t in love with me as well.” A sinking feeling hit your stomach as you slowly understood what he was saying. “Oh, fuck! Did I scare you?”

“No, you didn’t.”

“So kiss me, please.” Peter asked, smoothly. “Go on, princess.”

A smug smirk enlightened your face and then you crashed your lips onto his, tasting all at once. He grasped your waist and pulled you closer, whilst you tugged his hair, wanting to release all the tension built up. It was so much better than you had imagined! His tongue fought with yours for dominance, the whole kiss heating up the place.

“Easy, tiger.” You whispered, splaying your hands on his chest as Hale was inches away from popping your shorts open. “I didn’t think you were this excited to be with me.”

“Ever since I laid my eyes on you, I knew you were going to be my doom.” Peter pecked your lips and continued. “The worst was that I didn’t care at all. I wanted you to crush me with your love. I wanted you to break my walls.”

“Did I?”

“Damn hell you did.” Both of you chuckled. “What about me? Did I crack Mrs. Y/N Y/L/N?”

“You know you did.” Your voice was soft. “I am hopelessly in love with you.”

Peter Hale hid his face on your neck, smiling against it, half surprised half glad by your statement. He stayed quiet for awhile, just sucking on your skin and leaving love bites behind. When he finally reached your ear, he could not help but mutter the words you wanted to hear:

“I love you too, princess.”

Your heart warmed up upon hearing that and you sealed your lips once more, realising how deep were your feelings towards each other. You two were meant to be. Definitely a love written on the stars.

I’m going to say I have to disagree with what I’ve been reading about the Legends of Tomorrow episode. I don’t think at all that it was OOC and Mick’s betrayal is actually quite understandable. They have been building up to it in a clear way.

While there were occasions where the team trusted Mick (some of which, they hardly had a choice), most of the time they treated him as if he were stupid - sometimes, even in an offensive way, like when they doubted his brain was strong even though he had been tortured for who knows how long. You could say only Ray generally treated him well enough for him to get fond of him.

Overall, the reason why I think it’s well-written is because it gives you a good perspective on the difference between him and Leonard: while both were treated with little trust at first, Leonard picked the team over Mick in season one because they team didn’t treat him like a complete brainless meat.

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I ALREADY SENT AN ASK TODAY BUT FUCK THAT ANON. While factory farms aren't pleasant eating meat to live isn't "animal abuse". Humans are natural omnivores and even if you. /could go vegan but didn't you still wouldn't be supporting """""animal abuse"""" .GOD I just hate people sometimes you shouldn't have to explain and defend yourself over something so stupid.

it’s really hard bc this has happened b4 on this blog (a long time ago tho) nd people who followed me then know that if i dont get a certain amount of nutrients (more than normal people should get) i could get very very ill. my body cant absorb things correctly nd even though im on supplements (on top of eating foods rich in the nutrients i need) i am barely getting enough of the nutrients

my doctors tell me that they don’t think me going vegan would be a good idea (it’s been brought up before). tumblr is so brainwarped into thinking that it has to be one certain way or youre evil. i think people like anon forget that not everyone is gifted with a fully functioning body and that we have to make do with what we have

sorry for my ramblings but thank you so much and i hope you have an amazing day angel!! ☺️💕 take care!

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Do you ever feel trapped? Like in your life haha! I want to travel the world, experience and learn but I'm only 15. I feel like everyday I'm wasting my time in school with people I don't even like. There's so much I could do but I'm to young.. idk I was just wondering if you have ever felt like that? I just want to be 18 so I can do whatever I want to and not just go to school and be at home all the time.

No. Even though it might be a little boring sometimes, I love my everyday life. Instead of wishing you were somewhere else, make your current situation amazing. Get new friends, do stupid things, explore your town etc!!

man.. after that analysis on Papyrus’ kindness, it triggered me. Because, It makes me relate more to him. No matter how bad people can get, I always want to believe they have good in them, that they’re just..broken y’know. And..people think it’s stupid and crazy and, perhaps it is sometimes. But it really can’t be helped; you don’t wanna drown in their pit of anger, and try to find a way to talk to them, encourage them to vent out..even though in the end, it’s still their choice whether to listen to you or not, and all you can do is understand it whilst reminding yourself you did all you could.

…man, I really love Papyrus.

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이런말하기싫은데 이 듣보잡 좁밥새기를 순위에도 오르고 그렇게해준건 오로지 내음악 꾸준히 들어주는 팬들덕인듯 정말고마워요 진심으로 가끔 뻘짓 해도 정말 음악만은 멋있게 만들겟음 새해복받우셈 그리고 도와준 사람들 다고맙!

I don’t want to say things like this, but I’m just a nobody and a piece of shit and the only way I could get on the charts was because of my fans that always listen to my music so thank you really even though I do stupid things sometimes I’ll make sure that I make good music happy new year and thank you to all those that helped!

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아그리고 그냥 음악이야 ^0^

Oh and it’s just music ^0^

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Can you see a scenario later on when Fushimi and Yata are dating where Yata gets upset because Fushimi isn't exactly the nicest or most romantic person alive? Like sure they throw their stupid insults at each other still, but why can't Fushimi be mushy or say he loves Yata sometimes too? Do you think Yata would become insecure in the relationship because of this?

I could definitely see this happening, Fushimi’s not really used to things like outward displays of affection and even though Yata knows that I think he’d probably feel really frustrated sometimes, like would it kill you to say ‘I love you’ every once and a while. I could actually see there being insecurities on both sides, like on Yata’s end he feels sometimes like he’s doing all the work in this relationship, he’s the one who’s usually initiating things and being the mushy romantic, planning dates and buying the occasional gifts and saying all the ‘I love yous.’ And it makes him worried because, yeah, he knows Fushimi’s not the best with romance or feelings and Yata’s trying to give him space but at the same time Yata sometimes wonders what Saruhiko really feels about him. I can see him just turning it over in his mind, like he wants to believe in Fushimi’s feelings because he loves Fushimi so much and they’ve been through all this shit and they’re still together but it eats at him because he really has no idea what Fushimi’s thinking half the time. Then one day I could see him just snapping, like they’re having what would normally be a round of good-natured bickering but then Fushimi blows off something Yata meant sincerely and all Yata’s anger and insecurity boils over and he straight out says aloud that he wonders sometimes if Fushimi wants to be with him at all and do you even love me since you never actually say it.

Of course then this makes all Fushimi’s insecurities flare up because he’s suddenly hyper aware of how much of the emotional heavy lifting Yata’s been doing in this relationship and doesn’t Yata deserve better than him. I imagine it’s not that Fushimi’s totally unromantic, it’s just a mix of him sincerely not knowing how he’s supposed to act in a relationship and just his own issues, like he rarely manages to say 'I love you’ but he thinks it all the time. Or sometimes when he wakes up before Yata he’ll just stare at Yata’s sleeping face and maybe stroke his hair and think about how good-looking his boyfriend is but then when Yata wakes up and asks what he’s staring at Fushimi instinctively retreats behind his walls and clicks his tongue, saying that he was just wondering if Yata was ever going to get up and make breakfast. Maybe in the aftermath of the fight Fushimi ends up sulking off on his own and  I think finally someone would probably have to intervene, like Munakata sits him down to talk about what’s bothering him and Anna shows up at Scepter 4 because she wants to talk with Fushimi and basically everyone gets to drill it into Fushimi’s head that if he loves Yata he can’t just keep it all in his mind, he needs to show Yata or Yata won’t understand. So then maybe Fushimi goes back to the apartment and Yata isn’t there so he tries to make like a romantic dinner but he’s not very good at it and he almost sets the place on fire. Yata comes back in time to put out the fire and he’s like what the fuck were you doing Saruhiko, seriously this is why I don’t let you cook and that’s when Fushimi manages to blurt out this quiet little 'I love you.’ Yata stops flat, eyes wide and Fushimi repeats it again. He sort of stumbles out that he’s not…good at any of this and Yata’s probably better than Fushimi deserves but he does love Misaki and he’ll try to say it out loud as often as he says it in his head. Yata can’t really stay mad at that so he hugs his stupid boyfriend like see, idiot, was that so hard and Fushimi almost clicks his tongue and looks away but he stops himself and hesitantly hugs Yata back instead.

Vimes had a momentary vision of vengeful darkness rising through the caves like a tide, faster than a man could run…
…which was stupid. You couldn’t see dark.
Hold on, though…sometimes you could. Back in the old days, when he was on nights all the time, he’d known all the shades of darkness. And sometimes you got darkness so thick that you almost felt you had to push your way through it. Those were nights when horses were skittish, and dogs whined, and down in the slaughterhouse district the animals broke out of their pens. They were inexplicable, just like those nights that were quite light and silvery even though there was no moon in the sky.
He’d learned, then, not to use his little lantern. Light not only ruined your vision, it blinded you. You stared into the dark until it blinked. You stared it down.
—  Terry Pratchett, Thud!
For a long time I’d been stupid enough to assume that I could handle everything on my own. That’s vanity, though. Nobody can handle everything by themselves. Sometimes, you need someone’s help—even if that help is only giving you a little of their time and attention.
—  Harry Dresden
Contest Entry #7

Title: Be My Cherry Pie?
Author: randomfandomff
Pairing: Dean x Reader – Flirting, Friendship
Word Count: 1000

Here we go again, you thought to yourself rolling your eyes at the older Winchester. He seriously thought those cheesy lines would work on you? How could anyone actually fall for that crap? It did make you smile a bit though, you had to admit. Hell, sometimes you even liked the attention he gave you, but even Dean should know when to stop.

You’d been hunting with the brothers for a few years now so you were definitely used to Dean’s antics. He’d take any chance he could get to try his stupid lines on you and pretty much anyone within shouting distance. You knew because you’d actually been a witness to him trying to do just that; oh that poor, clueless girl.

Closing the book you were reading you turned to see Dean sitting next to Sam at the table giving you his crooked half-smile, the smile that you knew damn well could make anyone melt and swoon. Thing was, you weren’t just anyone. Sure, Dean was attractive and he could be darn sweet when he set his mind to it, but after spending so much time with both brothers you didn’t think you could ever see him as more than a really good friend. 

Dean wasn’t exactly what you would call “boyfriend material”. His reputation preceded him, sexy, sly, and stubborn - a very dangerous combination. 

As a friend, though, he was everything you could ask for. He always brought your favorite junk food when out on a run, he watched re-runs of your favorite show with you when you were feeling down, and always made sure you were safe when out working a case. 

Hmm, maybe Dean isn’t such a —

“So … whaddaya say sweetheart?” he coaxed winking at you and interrupting your train of thought. 


You watched him take another bite of pie making a point of licking the cherry-red filling off the spoon ever so slowly.  “Did it take you all night to come up with that one, Dean?” Sam groaned interrupting Dean’s ploy. You turned to look at him just in time to see him roll his eyes at his big brother. Sometimes it seemed to bug Sammy more than it bugged you when Dean got like this. 

Dean turned to his brother, “Butt out, Sammy.” You saw Sam give a slight smile and shake his head knowing well that your response would be the same as the previous thousand times Dean had tried to hit on you. He knew you could definitely handle Dean, but he turned to look at you just to make sure. After giving Sam a slight nod that meant you had this covered, he obediently turned his eyes back to his computer screen, but you knew his attention was still on you both.

How many different was could Dean Winchester hear the word no before he got the message? Usually you’d just sigh and move to a different room or shoot him a look that very clearly said, hell no. This time though, you decided to have a little fun with it.

You looked down to your lap, avoiding his eyes. When you were ready, you turned to face Dean - chin down, eyes big, and without a word gave him the sweetest, most innocent smile you could muster. You stood from the couch, aware that you now had both brothers’ attention, and began making your way over to Dean in slow, steady strides, eyes firmly fixed on his. 

You felt his searing gaze on you from head to toe even as you finally stood before him. You gave yourself a mental high five for having chosen to stay in your sleeping attire. What you wouldn’t give to know exactly what these boxer shorts and practically see-through tank top were doing to his very active imagination. 

He tried to appear smug, like he knew he’d won you over. You weren’t so easily fooled, though. One look into his big, green eyes and you could tell he had no idea what the hell was happening. You reveled in it. Glancing over at Sam you almost broke character seeing his mouth gaping and eyes popping out of their sockets. He looked even more confused than his brother. This was going to be great.

Continuing your little game, slowly you kneeled gliding your hands from his knees up the length of his thighs exerting the slightest pressure, enjoying both brothers’ reactions. His eyes roamed up your torso reaching your face once more stopping on your lips as he subconsciously licked his own. Perfect

You scooped a bit of cherry filling with your middle finger from the plate on his lap and slowly licked it off, never taking your eyes off him. He was absolutely bug-eyed, mouth practically drooling and it took everything in you not to crack and fall over laughing right then and there.

Dean’s lips moved, but no real words came out, just a strangled sound that let you know you had him. You couldn’t believe it. Dean friggin’ Winchester, all-around playboy and master of seduction was actually speechless. You couldn’t contain a proud smile that escaped your lips. You knew you wouldn’t be able to keep up the ruse much longer so you decided to finally let him have it. 

You stood once more and prepared to go in for the kill. Hands on his thighs, you leaned over his face your gaze piercing his and hearing his breathing hitch, leaning closer and closer until …


“Damn it, Y/N!” he growled getting up from his chair. You couldn’t contain your laughter any longer and Sam finally understanding what had happened and breathed a huge sigh of relief and let out a hearty chuckle as well. Dean threw his plate onto the table in front of Sam and stomped to his room. Once you could finally stop laughing you yelled after him, “That’ll show ya, Winchester!”

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‘I can feel the atmosphere in a mine, sir.  Any dwarf can.  And that one is rancid with fear and dread and horrible confusion.  And there’s worse things in the Deeps than the Following Dark.’

Vimes had a momentary vision of vengeful darkness rising through caves like a tide, faster than a man could run…

…which was stupid.  You couldn’t SEE dark.

Hold on, though…sometimes you could  Back in the old days, when he was on night all the time, he’d known all the shades of darkness.  And sometimes you got darkness so thick that you almost felt you had to push your way through it.  Those were nights when horses were skittish, and dogs whined, and down in the slaughterhouse district the animals broke out of their pens.  They were inexplicable, just like those nights that were quite light and silvery even though there was no moon in the sky.

He’d learned, then, not to use his little lantern.  Light only ruined your vision, it blinded you.  You stared into the dark until it blinked.  You stared it down.
—  Terry Pratchett, “Thud!”