even though we want dandy to happen

Do you recall a tweet to Joe that said “thanks for making grimmons canon” (it was posted on here as well). Which is all fine and dandy, but misleading. Grimmons is not canon. Nothing is actually canon until they come out. Vehemently denying a sexual encounter with your best friend is not the same as having a canon queer couple on screen. Both characters view the event negatively and don’t even want to talk about it. I shouldn’t have to explain how Bad that is as far as representation goes. (They didnt even say what actually happened in the closet. We jist assume they fucked. And it’s literally never been mentioned again, making it seem as though their hookup was simply a throwaway joke.) And this isn’t like a callout post to the person who tweeted that they were canon. Im certain they are clinging to any queer representation they can get, just like the rest of us. But commending the writers for making grimmons canon when it Is Not… I hope the writers don’t pat themselves on the back for making one throwaway gay joke, and thinking that one (decidedly negative) scene means that they did a job well done; that they’re heroes to the lgbt community. That being said, if this subplot is leading to actual queer characters, then fantastic! But if grif and simmons stringently adhere to the “we’re just friends” motif, then it doesnt matter if they fucked in a closet under the influence, because they’ll still insist they’re straight. So no, grimmons is not canon. Don’t commend writers for a job that is not done.

It’s not over until someone says “I’m gay.”