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Aftermath | Jughead x Reader

Request: please do an imagine where the reader and jughead has just broken up and they make up in the end
A/n: This is like stages of after a breakup, I had so much fun writing this. I hope you still like it, even though they don’t get back together.

Part 2

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1. Denial 

Jughead: stop texting me y/n, we broke up.

Y/n: right. im sorry.

Your boyfriend had just broken up with you a couple days ago, but he wasn’t just your boyfriend. You two have been best friends for 10 years now, maybe you thought it was stronger then the 7 month relationship. Turns out it wasn’t. Jughead didn’t want anything to do with you, probably because he has Betty now. You were flabbergasted, 10 years of friendship and he threw it all away.

2. Sadness 

He threw it all away, all the memories, all the fun. Every up and downs you two went through. Jughead threw it all away, by now the tears were kicking in. “He- y/n what’s wrong?” You looked over to see your Best Friend, Cheryl Blossom looking at you with a worried face.

You were about to break, but before you could you were brought in a tight hug. “He threw it all away Cher… he threw it all away.” It took so much effort forming those words, it was hard to understand, “everything will be okay, I’m right here and I’m not throwing anything away.“ 

Those words cut you like a knife, Cheryl was your only friend at the moment, you have met the twin when you were only a couple months old, she has never left you. She was your other half. 

3. Anger

He threw it all away. The 10 years of effort, he threw all of it away. You’ve spent the afternoon crying in Cheryl’s comfort. But you weren’t sad no more, hell no. You were fuming. HOW COULD HE THROW AWAY 10 YEARS!You have spent 10 years of your life to get dumped. I DONT THINK SO.

Y/n: Fuck you! I put so much freaking effort in for this friendship and you’re just gonna throw it away. 10 freaking YEARS! You’re a cold hearted cunt, have fun with your new best friend. Hopefully she doesn’t waste 10 years of her freaking life.

You have just hit send, Cheryl looking over your shoulder has been reading the whole thing. "Don’t worry y/n, he’ll realize how stupid he is soon enough. Just wait." 

3. More Sadness 

It was now Wednesday and whole school happens to know about your break up. You didn’t really give any craps, considering it was a small town and the people here like to gossip. Every once in a while a student that you have never seen comes up to you and ask if you were okay.

As of the core four, they couldn’t even look at you in the eye. Jughead felt guilt, knowing time was very important to you and you have felt he has wasted it.

Betty felt sadness, she blamed herself for stealing your boyfriend and ruining your friendship. The two of you weren’t all that close, but she knew if she didn’t have anyone to go to she could count on you. She didn’t have that anymore.

Archie felt like a crap friend, you two considered each other best friends. He knew there was something going between Jug and Betty, but he thought nothing of it. Now he knows he should have went to you right at the beginning of the feeling.

And as for Veronica, she felt anger. You were one of the very first to welcome her to the squad and town. She knew something was going on between Betty and Jughead and she never spoke a word to you. She was angry at herself and her two friends.

The core five have turned into four and it will never be the same again. And they knew it. You were now a Vixen now, always have been, but that’s the crew you hang with now. And you fit in perfectly. You were always a popular, but you didn’t control it like Cheryl and Chuck.

"Are you okay?” Yet again a random student has come up to you and asked you that very question. “I’m fine.” The student has left and you continue putting books in your locker.

“Your face doesn’t look okay.” Reggie, of course. “What do you want R?” You and Reggie have always been friends considering of his stuff with Jug. Oh, Jug. “I don’t want anything, I just come to tell you that your pain is showing. That’s all." 

And with that he walked away, he might be a jerk but he definitely wasn’t stupid. You took a deep breath knowing if you didn’t, you were going to break. And you couldn’t have that.

5. Acceptance

After that little thing with Reggie, your parents let you stay at home for the rest of the week. They knew how important Jughead was to you and understand what you were going through. It was Monday again, you felt good. The last two days you and Cheryl redecorate your room, get new sets of clothes and makeup. You felt fresh. Everything was finally looking up.

You wore a purplish - gray kind of top dress, knee high boots with a heal, a black cowboyish necklace. As for your makeup you kept it natural and your hair was curled. After getting ready you went downstairs ate your breakfast and waited for Cherly and her car. 


You got out of the car and you felt all eyes were on you. You felt good, you felt like a new person. They just thought they were just looking at you, looking if you were okay. And honestly, you are.You opened the doors of hell and heads turned, you walked that hallway with power and confidence. Cheryl walked a little behind knowing you needed this attention. You were okay and you did a great damn way of showing it. 

7 years ago i began the adventure to find myself a snake. Didnt end up getting one for another 4 years… didnt end up getting a corn snake either.

Also, ironically, ended up with a Lavender morph corn snake even though miamis are still my fave.

i wish i could find the guy i spoke to. He ran a website that was called southern moutain corn snakes or something like that. it had a direction and mountain in the name. the dude had SO MANY MORPHS and was very kind and taught me about stargazing.


News that never got over here when it happened back in August; one of my hoyas decided to produce it’s first flower spur and give it’s first set of flowers! “It’s a Christmas Miracle!“ I said to myself in the scorching middle of summer lol. I was expecting the Hoya from my Aunt to bloom first (as it has old flower spurs, even if it is stressed to all heck even now), but nope, this guy that I bought and grew from a sprig loooong ago back in College decided to bloom in the house first. My mom was really surprised/impressed at the perfect pentagonal flower buds. I’m just surprised it decided to grow a flower spur in less than 7 years since they have a rep at being such slow-to-mature plants. I didn’t really notice a smell at the time so I can’t really say how true it is about smell for hoyas in general, though there could be a lot of factors in play for lack of smell.

Admittedly all I got are Hoya carnosa like this specimen, but I always considered my carnosas to be charming gatekeeper hoyas; the start of bigger species collections. Honestly if I could I’d get my hands on at least 3 other Hoya species like Hoya kerrii I’d be all the more a happy camper. Till then I’ll have to stick to enjoying the classic carnosa charm.

Photographed August 13th & 15th 2016

Stay (Birthday Series 1/7)

Okay, so 24 years ago on this day an angel was born. Nothing would be the same without his creative genius and his swag and savageness (is that even a word?) so HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIN YOONGI <3 you amazing human being (tbh is he even human though T.T)

GENRE: Birthday Fluffity Fluff Fluff

SUMMARY: It’s. Yoongi’s. Birthday!!!



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You nudge his side and watch as he rolls over so he isn’t facing you anymore.


You start to poke at Yoongi’s back but he ignores you, pretending to still be asleep.

Giving up, you start to get up from the bed, but almost immediately, you feel Yoongi’s arms snake around your waist, preventing you from getting up any further.

You try to stop your smile from getting too big but it’s hopeless. He hasn’t even said a word to you yet this morning, but he’s already made your day. Funny how love works sometimes.

“Yoongi?” You turn back to look at him, and you can’t help but laugh. He’s sitting up a little now, but his eyes are still closed and his head is tilted, just slightly, to the side.

“Mmm…” He pulls you back towards him until your back is pressed against his chest and he lays his head on your shoulder.

Your grin grows wider. “Yoongi, we should get up soon. It’s already ten in the morning…”

He shakes his head a bit and you let out a tiny shriek. “Yoongi! Stop! Your hair is tickling me!” You laugh as you try to pull away but his grip on you only grows tighter.

“No…” Yoongi lifts his head with a sleepy smile, but keeps you in his arms. “Stay here with me… the bed isn’t comfy without you, Jagi.”

You feel a blush spreading across your face and you try to hide behind your hands. “Yoongi…”

“Besides, it’s a special day, you know,” he looks at you with an innocent look on his face and you almost burst into another fit of giggles because it just isn’t Yoongi to be cute and childlike normally, especially not in the mornings.

“I know,” you twist so that you’re facing him properly and you place your arms around his neck. You lean closer to his face, almost to the point where your lips are almost touching his, before tilting your head so your mouth is next to his ear. “It’s your birthday…” you whisper, and then you lean back to see a lazy smile stretching across his face.

“I’ve got a lot of things planned…” you kiss his cheek lightly, “but if you don’t wake up, then I guess we can’t do any of them…”

“No. I want to do them.” He pouts like a child and you almost melt because he’s too cute. “But…”

You raise your eyebrows. “But what? Don’t you want to see what I prepared for you?”

“Of course I do,” he frowns slightly, realizing that his words didn’t come out the way he meant. “But… it’s just… can’t we stay in bed a little longer?”

“Longer?” Your eyes widen, even though you know Yoongi loves his sleep. “It’s ten, Yoongi. Ten o’clock. How can you even still sleep?”

He chuckles. “Not to sleep. Just to cuddle. And maybe some sleep.” He slowly lies back down in bed, taking you with him.

You let out a happy sigh as you rest your head on his chest as he wraps his arm around you. “But then we won’t get to do all those things…”

“We can still do them. I want to see every single thing you prepared for me,” he says quietly, “but right now, I just want you here by my side, doing nothing, but it’s also everything because you’re here with me.”

“Aww Yoongi…” You snuggle closer to him and he wraps you closer. “Okay, but you promise that after we’ll do everything I planned right?”

“Of course, baby. You must have worked so hard.”

You lift your head up to place a soft kiss on his lips. “Anything for my oppa.”

“Jagiya… don’t start anything you might not be able to finish…” he groans slightly and tries to steal another kiss but you pull away playfully.

“Jagi…” he gives you another cute pout and you give in straight away. You lean down to kiss him again, and he lets out a hum of appreciation.

You smile as you pull back a tiny bit, just once more, and you look at Yoongi with a soft smile.

“Happy birthday, Yoongi-oppa.”

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heyo. I am currently 13 years old and I decided 7 months ago that I was male. I haven't been able to come out yet and I don't know if I should. my mum and dad are both pro lgbt yet I can't bring myself to tell them?? yet I know they would be perfectly fine w/ me being trans.

It’s okay not to come out right away! Even though I knew my mum would be fine with it I still didn’t tell her for six years! It takes a lot of courage and it’s okay if you need to/want to wait a bit before telling them!

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one fact for as many stars as the quality of your personality ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

⭐️ the only scars I have are two on my upper lip from entirely separate sports-related injuries
⭐️I used to take gymnastics lessons with a friend who is now competes (very successfully) at national level
⭐️I had serious potential for playing the saxophone (my teacher said so anyway lmao sorry that sounds so conceited) and tbh I still regret that I gave it up
⭐️ever since I started piano lessons when I was 7 or 8 I can’t stand long fingernails I have to clip mine at least once a week even though I gave up playing years ago
⭐️I feel really lost and restless if I don’t have at least one huge philosophical idea running through the back of my head like idk I’m not trying to sound clever or anything it’s usually very abstract but lately I’ve been low-key thinking about how weird the relationship between time and space is like places exist and we exist and we could exist in those places why does it have to take x amount of time for that to happen aren’t human bodies the weirdest cages I hate them

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I first became depressed 7 years ago and even though my life has definitely gotten better since then, I still feel like I'm not much better if that makes sense. Mentally I'm better but my social life is nonexistent. It makes me so sad because no matter how hard I try to make friends no one ever reciprocates, this even happens with my family. I know when I'm with others I'm not a depressing bore so I don't get why no one ever wants to be around me and I'm tired of being my only friend. It's sad

Good for you for getting better mentally, that’s awesome!! 

I think you just have to keep trying. Don’t give up!! Sometimes it takes a bit to find those people that you just sorta click with and bond with, but don’t let it get you down that you haven’t found those people. It took me a bit to find them as well, I’m still looking myself! So just remember, you’re great!! You’re gonna find those people. Remember to spread positive energy :)

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Chihiro couldn’t have been more happy– 

The sun was shining brightly over the golden sand, and the waves ebbed over the sand making it dark and muddy. As the waves flowed back, it would reveal creamy and dark colored shells, just begging to be picked up and collected. He always thought these shells were so pretty, even though they were on a river and they were small mussel shells. The shells always reminded him of home, where his family would go to the riverside and swim in the fresh water.  However, he couldn’t swim for long, even though he loved to swim.

All the others were enjoying themselves on the artificial beach, or picnicking nearby. None of them were near the water at all. Chihiro was the only one on the shore, building his courage to go into the ice cold water. After all, swimming would probably make him stronger. He had his fix of food.

as the soles of his feet waded in the water, he saw something swimming in the distance. Was there already someone in the water? Maybe it was Asahina?
He went in deeper, to discern who it was– it wasn’t a person at all. It was a monster.


Chihiro began to internally panic, staring at the serpent-like humanoid as it was swimming around.

“M-Monster…?” he called out questionably, but too quiet for anyone to hear. He found himself to scared to even move; he just trembled in place, fixing his tank top and his sarong nervously. 


Random Art Drop!

So recently I decided I would start doing some art work again. My idea was I would go back and redesign a creature I made some 7-8 years ago when I was little, it was called the “Xilix” and my little kid brain decided to call it “The Perfect Predator” even though in no way does it live up to its name. At first I was going to completely redesign it and just make it OP as hell, but a part of me still really likes the original design, so I’m just going in expanding the canvas, and redrawing the entire body. So far I have worked on the head. The above picture is the original design, and the below picture is the new line art. I came across a problem though when I decided I wanted to redesign it’s eyes. After spending 16 hours of brain melting agony and trying about 20 different types of eyes, from tentacle eyes, to alien light sensory pits I finally settled on a design I like. After working with my sister @ayumi-nemera we came up with the new eyes you can see there, more alligator/dinosaur like eyes. This is the first art I have done in a long time so I hope it’s coming out alright. Now I just have to figure out what I’m going to do with its head crest. Anyhow I hope you guys like it! :)

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1: Are you named after someone?
MDMA hopefully

2: When is the last time you cried?
a while ago, I can’t remember

3: Do you like your handwriting?
its fucking awful I didn’t even get my pen license in year 3

4: What is your favorite lunch meat?

5: Do you have kids?
nah boiiii 

6: If you were another person, would you be friends with you?
perhaps, I think I can make people laugh which is good, I know a good time

7: Do you use sarcasm?
always in every situation 

8: Do you still have your tonsils?
yes unfortunately they are fucked though

9: Would you bungee jump?
hell yeah

10: What is your favourite kind of cereal?
fruit loops or something

11: Do you untie your shoes when you take them off?
nah fuck that

12: Do you think you’re a strong person?

I think I am, I always get myself up and do my best 

13: What is your favorite ice cream flavour? 


14: What is the first thing you notice about people?
I have no idea tbh ahahah

15: Red or pink? 

I dont really care

16: What is the least favorite physical thing you like about yourself?

probably my nose of like the area where my jaw connects to my neck lmao

17: What color pants and shoes are you wearing now? 

im nekkid

18: What was the last thing you ate?
frosty fruit 

19: What are you listening to right now?
louis Theroux and the brothel 

20: If you were a crayon, what color would you be? 

maybe like blue or something wtf

21: Favorite smell? 

rose water

22: Who was the last person you spoke to on the phone?
my mum

23: Favourite sport to watch?

24: Hair colour?
dark brown

25: Eye colour?

26: Do you wear contacts?

28: Scary movies or comedy?
scary movies

29: Last movie you watched?
Triple 9…it was shit

30: What color of shirt are you wearing?
im nekkid

31: Summer or winter?
winter!! love the fashion 

32: Hugs or kisses?
maybe hugs 

33: What book are you currently reading?
Tjust finished fight like a girl and am gonna start lilac girls for my bookclub lol

34: Who do you miss right now?
my kitten and my friend 

35: What is on your mouse pad?
I don’t use one lol

36: What is the last TV program you watched?
oj simpson vs the people

37: What is the best sound?
someone you’re attracted to reaching orgasm 

38: Rolling Stones or The Beatles?
Rolling Stones 

39: What is the furthest you have ever traveled?
mm probably New York? or Greece? idk which is further

40: Do you have a special talent?
I can deadset fit my whole fist in my mouth

41: Where were you born?
sydney australia 


It’s that time of the year!!
My Top 10 Albums of 2016

10. Mikey Erg - “Tentative Decisions”
9. Into It. Over It. - “Standards”
8. Miniature Philosopher - “Get Divorced”
7. Touché Amoré - “Stage Four”
6. Modern Baseball - “Holy Ghost”
5. The Hotelier - “Goodness”
4. Posture & The Grizzly - “I Am Satan”
3. Pinegrove - “Cardinal”
2. Jeff Rosenstock - “WORRY.”
1. Arrows In Her - “It Tired Me All The Same”

And even though these didn’t come out in 2016 these albums meant something to me this year

Julien Baker - “Sprained Ankle”
PWR BTTM - “Ugly Cherries”
Bon Iver - “For Emma Forever Ago”
The Weakerthans - “Reconstruction Site”
The Smiths - “The Queen Is Dead”
Kendrick Lamar - “To Pimp A Butterfly”
The Obsessives - “Heck No, Nancy”

The gist of ATY

Hey, we met 5 minutes ago, wanna fuck?

Wanna keep fucking behind my husband’s back?

Wanna bring an LGBT relationship to light that doesn’t end in heartbreak that you have been building up for 7 years even though this couple started fucking 7 minutes into the show?


24/7 Assistant Part 2

Part 1

Imagine being the assistant to Bruce Wayne and meeting Dick and Damian 

Relationship: Work

Character: Bruce, Dick, and Damian


Gifs: Found on Google.


About a year ago I found out that my boss Bruce Wayne was the Batman, I was shocked, to say the least. So I decided to help him, not fight of course but around the cave. Bruce bumped my pay up even though I never asked him to and he wouldn’t take it back when I tried to give it to him. After a week of helping around the cave a met Nightwing or Dick Grayson.

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“Too Good”.....Pt. 7

I’m standing here in front of the man I love and trusted with my heart, asking an all too familiar question just after the crack of dawn…”Where in the hell are you coming from?” I spent six years married to Ryan, who had me ask this shit one two many times and now Moses is doing the exact same thing…Damn this is so messed up. Even though we were having major issues and I regrettably sent him that text, ending our relationship, it happened less than two fucking hours ago. Shit, to do what I’m assuming he did this soon, is fucked up, regardless of the circumstances. Even so, I’m praying that this was something spontaneous that occurred after I broke up with him. If that’s what happened, I may be able to look past it. His ex-girlfriend Trisha, although he will never claim her as that, is back in town and I’m sure he knows. She is trifflin as hell and has done everything in her power to try and derail our relationship, so I’m positive she’s already contacted him. He almost screwed up and cheated with her in the past when he assumed we weren’t gonna make it, and I wouldn’t put it past him to go after her now. Humph, it’s funny how life throws you for a loop sometimes. I rushed over here after breaking his heart with that dumb ass text, hoping that he would forgive me, and now he’s about break mine….Damn.

“So are you gonna tell me where you were or are you just gonna leave me in the dark?” I asked, as he stood silent, getting agitated.

“You know it’s funny how you left me, and now your standing here asking questions that ain’t got shit to do with you? You broke up with me Leah! I apologized for anything I did, looked past the grimy ass shit Mediatakeout showed YOU did, and tried to work it out, but YOU didn’t want to.” He yelled, getting defensive as fuck. “You came here to apologize and start fresh? Let’s do that. Damn baby, leave well enough alone!”

I thought about doing what he said, but truth is, I can’t leave this alone. He’s obviously hiding something he knows is fucked up. Humph, getting defensive and using phrases he sure as hell doesn’t use. I need to find out the truth and I’m not making any decisions until he gives it to me.

“Moses, I’m just asking a simple question. Why can’t you answer it? How can we start fresh and you can’t tell me where you were?” 

“Damn…Umm…Aight…Look…This shit happened after you sent that text, Leah. I was hurt as fuck and made a dumb ass mistake. I know there’s no excuse but I’m just being honest. It didn’t mean shit to me, I swear.”

“What didn’t mean shit?? The fact that you instantly fucked someone else, Moses?? Who was it? I know it was some bitch you know.”

“Leah, come on…Let’s just put this behind us.”He begged, rubbing his hands over his face.

“You know what, you’re right. I already know you ran straight to Trisha, humph…I broke up with you, so I guess…” I said in a low tone, putting my head down, trying to keep it together.

“Trisha?? I didn’t even know she was in town.” 

“Well who the hell was it with? What are you hiding?”

“Leah…Just leave it alone…Please?”

”Just tell me!!!” I yelled, desperate for an answer. 

“Asia!! Leah, I had sex with Asia!!!…Dammit man!!…”

It took me a second to process what the fuck he just told me. This mothafucka had sex with Asia? His PR assistant? Who publicly embarrassed me? The bitch he refused to get rid of when I asked him to? The ho he claimed was a lesbian?? Humph, this wasn’t some random attempt to move on, this shit has been building up. Like I said before, something spontaneous I could accept., but this shit?? Hell no. 

 “Asia Moses? You fucked Asia?? Why would you do…?? Fuck it, I don’t even need an answer. You are the worst! This is the second time you put yourself in a convenient ass situation. Humph, but you know what, I’m glad that shit happened. It’s opened my eyes to a whole other side of you. I was never gonna bring this up, but I overheard you talking to Sean a while back. You told him that you tried to get at Asia back in Sunset Valley and carried on about how good she looks now. You had a thing for her then and you have a thing for her now. This shit didn’t just happen, Moses!! You may not have planned it, but you can’t deny that you couldn’t wait to stick your dick in her!!”

“You reaching hard as hell and blowin shit up!! That was years ago, Leah. As for commenting on her looks with Sean, there ain’t shit wrong with that and you know it. I was at her place earlier, trying to come up with ways to clean up that mess you started. She came on to me, I turned her down and was on my way out when I got your bullshit text. I tried to get you to change your mind, remember? And what did you say? “go do you and stop begging me to stay” She came on to me again and I just went with it. I swear on everything, I didn’t want to fuck that girl. I didn’t even enjoy it. I wanted you.”

“Are you seriously trying to blame me for you screwing her?? Like you didn’t have a choice?? Oh no! I’m not sticking around for this shit.” I said, as I started to put my things in my purse. “You and Ryan are two snake ass mothafuckas. Blaming me for shit, YOU did. I refuse to be that dumb, worthless, bitch that begs the man who left her for his mistress not to divorce her. You can give one of those rings over there to someone else. Someone who will put up with this bullshit.”

As I started to realize the gravity of what I just said, my hands started shaking, causing me to drop my keys and phone. Here I am, accusing him of thirsting after Asia when he wasn’t. After everything I put him through, from my petty ass posts on social media to wearing blatant inappropriate outfits, he still wanted to marry me. As much as I tried to ignore the obvious, there was no ill will in his heart when he did that shit. I got on the floor to pick up my stuff when it fully hit me: I caused this entire mess. I tried too hard to prove that I wasn’t the same submissive woman I was with Ryan and it backfired. I sat against the dresser and started to cry. Moses, who stood silently watching, approached and tried to comfort me.

He put his arms around me and kissed my forehead. While his embrace felt the best it ever has, I caught the sent of J’Adore Dior, the perfume Asia is always drenched in. That made me cry harder, prompting him to speak.

“Leah, I’m so sorry. You gotta believe me, baby.”

“I know, its just…I can smell her perfume on you.” I said, as I continued to cry. 

“Damn…Okay…I can fix that.” 

He hauled ass into the bathroom and took the shortest shower of his life. Apparently he wasn’t kidding when he said he would fix it, ha. In him doing that, most of the tension, hurt and anger we both felt disappeared. When he came out of the bathroom we smiled and let out nervous laughs. He moved my stuff, and sat down next to me. I put my arm around him and laid my head on his shoulder. He pressed his head against mine and we stayed like that for a minute or two until I broke our silence. 

“We are two crazy ass mothafuckas.” I said, with a sigh of relief. 

“We??? You sure about that??” He said, laughing as I jokingly punched him. “But nah. I like to think of it as being crazy in love. Shit you have to be to put up with some of my baggage.” 

“Same here, ha. About everything, Mo I’m so sorry. I know I’m to blame for causing this mess. I hurt you with the crap I was doing and the break up. I wish I could take it back. I really am sorry.”

“Don’t worry about it, I could’ve chose to do shit differently but I didn’t. I hurt you too. That’s somethin I gotta live with. But…I just remembered. You said you were scared to tell me something??.” 

Up until this point, I completely forgot about it…That painful truth about my fertility, I was too scared to reveal. With my anxiety taking over I got up and started pacing around. He got up as well, grabbed my hand and tried to calm me down. 

“Whatever it is baby, we can get through it. Aight??”

“Ok.” I said, as tears formed in my eyes. “Well a few weeks ago I had some tests done at my gynecologist’s office and they showed that I most likely won’t be able to have my own children.” 

He looked at me stunned and confused as hell. His eyes were filled with pity and sadness, as he drew back his hand and ran it down his face. I wanted to burst into tears as a lump formed in the back of my throat. He was clearly distraught  but tried to hide it as he asked more questions.

“So like, it will be hard for you to carry them?? Cuz if that’s case we can always get a surrogate. Shit, money ain’t a issue.” 

“No, I wish it was like that. It’s my eggs that are the problem. While I have them, the quality is low to the point where it will be hard as hell to get pregnant and if I did, my chances of miscarriage are high. She said that’s most likely what happened before.” I said, as the tears finally poured out. “I was the reason why they didn’t make it.”

“Look none of that even matters baby.” He said, as he kissed my forehead, nose, and lips. 

“Fuck what those test say. They didn’t say you can’t have children, they said it will be difficult. It’s obviously possible since you’ve been pregnant, so I’m just gonna have to work my ass off at knockin you up. Shit, there are an assload of drugs and treatments. We can try it all. Now if it doesn’t work and we feel like we’ve had enough, then adoption is always an option, beautiful.” 

“You would seriously adopt??” I said, as my eyes widened and a grin formed across my face. 

“Hell yeah. Did you forget I’m adopted?? Even though it’s by my uncle and aunt, I still know how it feels not to have biological parents. My father passed and my mother didn’t want to have shit to do with me. If I could give someone else what Pops and Moms gave me, then I’m all for it. Shit, the baby would be ours and still be our heir.”

“Or heiress?”

“Exactly. Shit, don’t ever feel like you can’t tell me somethin, ok? I’m here for you always.” He said, kissing me again. “So umm, which ring did you like the best? I know you looked.”

“Oh you know me so well.” I said, with a smirk. “The Cartier one. It’s perfect.”

“Gotta go with the most expensive one, hunh? That’s good though, now I know what style to get when I have them make your replacement.”

“Don’t make me wait too long.”

“Trust me, I won’t.” 

We made out for a while until we stopped, since we were getting carried away. We both agreed that it would be a little weird if we had sex when he just left Asia’s house not too long ago. We laid down and talked instead. We have a lot of self-improvement to do and it starts today. I’m going to try my hardest not to be as quick to “jump the gun” or over react to situations. He’s going to try and be more supportive when it comes to my brand and most importantly, he’s getting rid of Asia, first thing in the morning.        


October 2016 andromeda broadcast highlights!!!!!

1. Sick coups :(((

2. Using dokyeoms nose to cut the cake

3. “I choose serenity because I want to sing a serenade to our carat”
“Our cameraman just made a frown face”

4. Wonwoo whispering to everyone even though they’re broadcasting

5. “Mother is me, and I am mother” -inspiring quotes by lee seokmin

6. Vernon being an absolute MEME in the background

7. Vernon and Joshua doing a weird backward high five thing

8. Woozi just does his signature finger gun in response

9. Jeonghan saying wOWWWWW when he walks in and scaring the crap out of woozi

10. Woozi telling carats that 500th day isn’t a big deal and to calm down lmao

11. Performance team photoshoot

12. Mingyu being bullied for dropping a mic one year ago

13. Won woo and his dAMN SWEATER PAWS

14. Saying OOOOOOOOOH whenever they get a number five on the calculator because five is “o” in Korean

15. Dokyeom body rolling

16. Seungkwan asking coups why he’s smiling and coups says its bc he’s watching his dongsaengs. Dokyeoms proceeds to body rolling again while maintaining eye contact with scoups

17. Joshua making a joke so funny that Vernon actually fell onto the floor

18. As soon as scoups takes a bite of his food, Vernon asks him for some. This is the second damn time Hansol how hungry r u

19. Later Vernon just takes the whole bowl for himself lmao bye

20. Seungkwan acting out rap signs when trying to explain busan

21. Woozi dropping his head onto the desk bc he can’t control his laughter

22. “Vest is going to be torn”

23. Dokyeom pushing Mingyu against the wall in mock anger

24. “Our carats are saying that 200,000 KRW is far too little”
“Then, scoups is going to pay more!”

25. ending the broadcast while apologizing for being “noisy and uproarious”


thought I’d join in with this cute lil meetup - the top two pics of me were taken 7 years ago, in comparison to the other 3, which were all taken within the past 2 months!! I feel a lot happier in my own skin now (even though there’s hella that I’m not happy with still) - enjoy!!

Haikyuu gothic
  • It’s your first day of high school as a freshman, and you can’t wait to sign up for the volleyball club. What do they mean there’s no volleyball team at this school anymore? Your dreams shatter before you, who didn’t research if things were as they used to be ten years ago. Your heroes were mere sparks on the muddy and unimpressive record of this high school’s achievements.
  • There it is again. The void lurking at your back. You know there’s nothing there, there’s never going to be. It’s hard to block it out, though. To forget there is never going to be anyone. Knowing this, you still won’t turn around to see, check if this time..perhaps… But it’s too frightening to even bring up the thought. One day, you hear it. I’m here, it calls.
  • Every day, practice starts at 7. Every day, practice starts at 3. Every evening, you leave the gym. You come back, since practice is gonna start at 7. It never ends, it only starts.
  • Some rumors have been going around about a King, apparently part of your club. There have been sightings of delincuents participating in your volleyball matches, and crows and cats fighting on the court. Your teammates sometimes refer to each other and their rivals as “guardian deities”, “impenetrable walls” or “grand kings”. You only see a bunch of flailing teenagers.
  • There’s nothing that can compare to the feeling of smacking a ball onto the other team’s side during a match. You’ve been blessed with an almost outwordly ability to jump higher than anyone else. You wonder if it has anything to do with the awesome way your huge crow wings look when you’re up in the air, soaring high above the net. Everyone looks like ants. You’ve ascended.
  • You look down to the space between your legs. There’s a volleyball there. How long have you had it? Probably all your life.
  • Everytime you open your itunes it opens to the same playlist. It’s the soundtrack of your highschool club activities. You don’t remember having signed up for any club. The music is ominously reminiscent, though, and you find yourself wondering if practice started at 6 or 7 when you lie on bed at night, listening.

5 years. Five long years filled with ups and downs, breakups and engagements, world tours, four albums and another on the way.

5 years ago, a band was created with no intention on being as successful as they are now. Five boys were put together and they forever changed the world.

Millions of lives have been saved, hearts have been filled and smiles have been seen because of these five boys.

Even though one memeber is gone, they will always be the five boys on the stairs.

7 • 23 • 10


I need feminism because I shouldn’t have been made to feel ashamed that in the 6 years since then, I have slept with 19 people.


I need feminism because I shouldn’t have to feel like my sexual activity is a symptom of mental or emotional instability.


I need feminism because “you sleep with all those random guys but you don’t find me attractive after all I’ve done for you?!”


I need feminism because I just can’t win either way.