even though this is terrible quality


Foster Sprites - There you go ! It’s finally done ! Even though I’m not entirely satisfied with it, I’m glad to say that I had - a bit of - fun ( but it was exhausting ) ~

queenie reads minds, but she’s isn’t some omniscient, “all knowing” narrator who knows everything. it’s a terrible, beautiful, large flaw in her abilities.

even though newt is very much still in love with leta, his expulsion led to him harboring bitter feelings towards her, thinking of her as a “taker”. this implies that he gave a lot to her but felt as though she only took, never gave. hence queenie: “she’s a taker, you need a giver”. however…

this doesn’t mean leta is a bad character. she is described as damaged, confused, complicated. a tragic figure. for all we know, she might have not fit in with slytherin because she didn’t possess the associated quality of self preservation. for all we know, it could be a quality as to why he fell in love with her. i don’t think newt could possibly fall in love with such an inherently, irrevocably wicked soul. i don’t think he’d still have her picture placed in the open of his safe place, and still possess such profoundly strong, fond feelings for her after all this time.

she didn’t make newt take the fall, he did so on his own accord, but it resulted in his soured feelings towards her and it also damaged their relationship and friendship; he still is in love with her, but that’s how it is. they fell out or their maintained relationship faded away.

newt has a big heart and i don’t doubt that as a youth, he had an even bigger heart. he said in comparison to his youth, he changed, and it’s likely because of what happened with leta. i highly doubt that leta was abusive. but i also don’t doubt that young newt was naïve, and gave too much either; though i don’t think he is gullible. older newt is more aware of the nature of human beings, but he still is in love with leta. in light of this, if she was as bad as some people think, i don’t think he’d still have such strong feelings for her.

regardless, as the saying goes, no good deed goes unpunished. and i’m pretty sure that it applies perfectly to newt scamander.


You guys!! I made an actual fanvid! It took me like 5 hours to make even though it’s less than 2 minutes long and for some reason the quality is terrible on youtube even though it looks okay on my computer, and I know the concept’s not very creative and it’s nothing like those majestic fanvids people make…

But still!!!


Have two pictures because I couldn’t decide which one to post.
(P.S. I really love that first one because I look super masc there, even though the picture is terrible quality)
-Mod Gabe


Jormungandr, zie of the ever-shifting tides, serpent of the depths, Thor’s bane, child of Angrboda and Loki Laufeyson, ruler of the unknown secrets of the ocean.

My Jormungandr statue before final touch-ups and glossing. I’m posting it now as the gloss is supposed to cure for a couple weeks and I’m impatient to post photos of this since I’ve put so much time and effort into this devotional artwork. Materials used were sculpey polymer clay (literally the cheapest sculpey available from Walmart and I think it’s like 5 years old to boot), acrylic paint, and my finger nails to mold all those goddamn scales. Gloss will be mod podge.

Sorry for terrible photo quality. I tried my best with a broken camera. Info on decision making/thoughts below the cut.

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You Were Beautiful by DAY6

Yeah, I have to talk about them too. This one isn’t going to be as organised though.

Just know that every damn time, every comeback, I fall in love with them even more. I swear. That “EveryDay6″ project is the best idea JYP has ever had in his entire life. The fact that I actually forget that a new month means a new song just makes it better, but that’s only because I have a terrible memory. 

Anyway. Regarding the song, it’s like everytime,they’re telling us a story in the most beautiful way ever. They’re all beautiful and talented and have a wonderful voice. They never miss, even though I get that it isn’t everyone’s style. But just give it a try because that is quality. 

Regarding the MV, now. I couldn’t be happier, really. When “I wait” was kinda simple and blur and confusing, like the waiting feeling, this one is powerful, and damn it guys, it even is linked to Congratulations. That story they’re telling us about is so heartbreaking, so deep. God it’s so good. Plus the way the scenes with the girl are shoot make it seem like we’re intruding, and that kinda is true. I love it. 

About the lyrics, now. I don’t have much to say except that I love how they’re not talking about how they hate her now for breaking their heart, but how they loved her and why. This is so relatable in a way. Because yeah, she broke up with him, she’s with another guy now, but it’s still a part of their life, and it remains good memories. Which explains why it hurts, but that an other story. 

This is just perfect in every way. I love them, I love the song, and I can’t wait to be in March to hear the next song. 


[SUBBED]  - Yuria on Suicide (Bokura ga Kangaeru Yoru EP 2)

And here on Google Drive (You never know when they put videos down for copyright XD)

- Also, check Yuria on Bullying if you haven’t yet -

So, just like last week, I decided to sub Yuria’s parts of the debate.
It was yet again a heavy one (it seems like the topics will get lighter from the next ep though) but I think pretty much everyone said something interesting. I particularly appreciate the views of one of those two young men, the sociologist I think, and it was nice to hear the girl’s stories. (Sae’s one was quite intense!)
I think Yuria has had the luck to grow up in a really warm, wonderful family, and that shows (it’s not just about her kind heart, because such qualities can be born even in the most terrible conditions and especially because they were terrible conditions, but it’s that plus a particular feel I think gets conveyed by her as a person and her words).
Note that this comes from someone who has a piercing and a tattoo, but I find that first part of her speech very nice. First of all because it’s refreshing to hear the realistic and reasonable version (no intent to offend, just to present my POV) of the religious precept of not doing anything to the body received by god, but most of all because I think it shows how much she respects herself and her parents, which is…beautiful. (I’m aware of how this translates for me, and the bitter point is…it fits XD)
Lastly, it hit my heart to see how she was enduring tears at the end T_T

ps: correctly, she hasn’t been practicing dance in grade school, but since grade school (until middle school). Fixing here to avoid deleting the vid and posting a new one since DM doesn’t allow to substitute vids. I did change the one on Google Drive :)

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Are there ANY good and/or okay episodes of the reboot? Cause so far, it seems like... No...

…I mean, eh. I’m not going to be a complete stick in the mud and say that there aren’t funny moments in the reboot. ‘Cause some jokes actually land (like one or two of them have, anyway… I’m weird, I think the only joke I thought was remotely clever was the monster Uber thing ‘cause I liked the idea of the monsters of Monster Isle being enterprising like that). And I can see where they tried to actually make things entertaining at times even though they still suck. But there hasn’t been an episode so far (and I haven’t watched every episode because I had to stop since the quality was consistently terrible) that I could honestly say, for me, was any good overall.

  • kenna reads a passage of the count of monte cristo for some accent challenge
  • kenna 'is that really what my voice sounds like' may
  • military officers are not wheat berries

passage reading i forgot to do for the accent challenge (sound quality even worse a-)

this is The Count of Monte Cristo (duh), chapter 49, Modern Library Paperback edition (which doesn’t credit the translator), the count speaking to M. Villefort

New details for my weirdly obsession with tlk xD

So. I wanna tell you something how i became so much obsessed with tlk/tlg. I watched the lion king 2 years ago for the VERY FIRST TIME on YouTube, with terrible quality. (Because the copyright thing) and why i watched it? I saw a drawing of a lion on a furry Blog on tumblr, and it was tagged under Simba. (Really i didnt Even know Who Simba was at the time- i didnt know anything from the movie) i liked the drawing Style and searched Simba in YouTube. There it was. A movie from Disney. I heard the Name before but Never though that this was the movie that filled my life so much Like today. So i watched the movie under my blanket because i shamed me a little bit to watch a Disney movie with 18 years. The next Day i felt me very Bad, something Like love sickness feels. And right i turned home i had to watch it again and the feeling was gone. At this moment i realized that this movie is more for me then just a movie. I began to buy me all the 3 movies and started a fanblog on tumblr. I buyd me posters. Yeah even a plush which im really happy about to buyd me it. (Its really huge- and good to cuddle with x3) and now. I show my obsession to the world, and dont shame me for it, im happy about it to found the movies and all the stuff around. Yeah that was a little Story of me..

Now- when you watched tlk the First time and why you are obsessed with it (or Not?)

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Ya know, I'm half tempted to get into your fandoms just so I can read Quality fic again. That or I'm just gonna go binge read a bunch of your older stuff.

Yoooooooo anon welcome to the funhouse that is my tumblr right now. You will probably notice how there’s been a gap on AO3 in terms of updates for roughly a year (for any fandoms) thanks to a truly spectacular burnout where I learned the difference between writing even though you’re lazy vs writing when there is literally nothing left to give.

Fun times, especially currently. I’m just getting back into the swing of things so I’m decidedly inconsistent on the quality front, however we are all about maintaining positivity over toxicity on this blog so why not pick up a few new fandoms and reread a few old faves? :D

I have a delightfully terrible taste in canons. I’m guessing you were in on FFXIII? What are you currently into, anon? Curious!

Thank you for stopping by, though! Lovely to hear from anyone!

zodiac signs are overrated, here's dating advice based on which one of my garbage sons you are
  • Royce: date someone who is spunky and brave, qualities not held by you, the foul and unfortunate creation of my wife
  • Preston: do not date, for dating will only lead to further tragedy, and the production of gutter grandsons who are more filthy than my mind can do a fathoming of
  • Lance and Blake: you must date two people, each of whom loves only one of your names, and loathes the other, for this alone will bring harmony to your trash existence
  • The Dreaded Laramie: date someone who accepts you for who you are, even though you are uniquely terrible, and haunt my existence daily with the words that you speak to make me sob