even though this is evil twin

Queen Bee from the Miraculous Ladybug’s cartoon ! Or at least what her Kwami and her might look like in season 2 according to the latest concept arts revealed by Jeremy Zag.

So, what do you think of her ? Many people believe her to be Chloé Bourgeois since the very beginning but a twin sister theory recently popped out in the name of Amber Bourgeois. I have to admit I’m down with both ideas ! Either we get a GREAT potential character development for Chloé OR we get a reverse evil-twin and the chance to learn more about the Bourgeois family. But then again, something else might come up, who knows ?

Anyway, was happy to be able to draw her even though, once again, this is not my best creation. Done using watercolor pencils, as usual !


It wasn’t to be you who was to wed Joffrey Baratheon. It was supposed your eldest twin, Margaery. Joffrey had liked you, though, he found your innocence intriguing.

So he decided to wed you, instead of your sister. He had managed to get out of it by saying he wanted a wife that was pure, untouched. Even though Margaery was, nobody believed it.

You didn’t want to marry Joffrey. He was cruel, evil, and a murderer. No doubt he would hurt you.

The two of you had a large wedding, much to your discomfort. Joffrey wanted a large wedding, so a large wedding he got.

Luckily, he had actually cared for you, so he had moved the actual wedding inside of a tent, where only highborns were aloud.

Maybe marrying him wouldn’t be so bad. That was last thing you thought before saying ‘I do’

You didn’t expect the after party to be as celebrated as it was. You had half expected someone to be killed, but it was just peace.  People had actually cheered for Joffrey.

Celebration had lasted that day, nobody leaving hungry. You had changed Joffrey, and everyone noticed, except you. You would be known as The Golden Queen

You woke up that next morning, no longer pure, and no doubt with child. Yet, happy.

Joffrey was gracious, loving, nothing like you had expected. It was actually wonderful. You no longer cared about what he had done before. He proved to you that he wasn’t as cruel as you thought.


So we’re all worried that Dipper’s relationship with Ford and Mabel’s with Stan is going to start subtly pulling them apart from one another. 


Circumstances forced the Stans to spend more time bonding with their younger opposite, and in doing so they remembered what they loved about their own twin? What if instead of the old Pines driving the young Pines apart, the young Pines brought the old Pines together?

That’s what’s gonna happen, right guys?

What I’ve Learned From “TD High”  *WARNING: SPOILERS*
  • Gwen’s life is a mess
  • Gwen’s mom’s name is Martha? And she’s still in love with her husband that left her??
  • Gwen and Shawn are related??
  • Everyone runs off either crying and/or screaming
  • Everyone is gay
  • Everyone is considered a slut and/or a whore
  •  Popularity is everything
  • Lashawna is a bad hairdresser
  • Amy is a baby killer
  • You can be prom king and queen as a junior in high school
  •  You can go to jail for a couple days just for murder, but for selling drugs it’s a few weeks
  • Even as a goth girl you can still get pretty attractive popular guys
  • The biggest insult you can get it about your split ends
  • Heather is a homophone
  • Noah’s gay ass never shows up on time
  • Literally everyone dies
  • Everyone is in love with everyone
  • High school students can work as a nurse or doctor in the hospital??
  • Everyone is a cheater
  • plottwistsplottwistsplottwists
  • School buses just randomly explode
  • Heather only cares about popularity and clothes ((that was a given though))
  • Because you’re a female, you automatically get blamed for being a murderer
  • Shawn is the only brother ((and sibling)) of Gwen and he dies
  • Mal only kills females
  • Brick is a dick to homosexuals, but later comes out as one
  • Dakota is a loser even though she has paparazzi all around??
  • Dakota is pretty desperate
  • Scott is a fucking idiot
  • Noah is an emo gay lunatic
  •  NoahxLightning forever fuck Rodney
  • Lashawna is gay for Gwen and writes pretty emotional poems
  • Ridonculus Univercity is in both Canada((I’m guessing)) and Italy and is looking for artists
  • Gwen would drop the opportunity to go to Italy just to be with her dick boyfriend that doesn’t even remember her
  • You can get out of going to jail by showing the cops a suicide letter
  • You can learn how to steal a phone from a back packet in jail
  • You can hook up with murderers in jail
  • The best way to commit suicide is running in front of your crush’s car and getting ran over
  • The second best is swallowing pills and calling everyone about it to make them feel bad
  • Everyone hates everyone
  • Heather thinks Gwen is cool???
  • Lightening is bi??
  • There is a King and Queen of Graduation Day
  •  When you get hit in the head with a pole, you gain your memory back
  •  You can elope on a plane to Italy
  • Grammar doesn’t matter
  • Plot development doesn’t matter
  • Character development doesn’t matter
  • I’ve never been so attached to a series
  • I’ve never cried so hard in my life
  •  I want to attend TD High in the fall
  •  Please make Ridonculus Univercity series pls

6B/ …and PRAXINA

Still from the main pack, here’s Praxina. “Big” sister of Mephisto. Even though they’re twins, that’s how she sees herselve anyway. Evil, relentless, she’s devoted to Gramorr and hates the princesses from the bottom of her heart. Her anger is both her strenght and her weakness as it ofter blinds her. 

She hates losing and don’t hesitate to put the blame on Mephisto everytime she can. Yet, deep inside her, she may not be as heartless as she seems to be, and truly cares for her brother, despites his many failures.

Design by Bertrand Todesco, Gaëlle Autin and Bénédicte Ciarravino. Color by Flore Pipari. (Believe me, it really was an impressive teamwork for these designer to create together the twins.)


Mephisto and Praxina introduction scene (LoliRock Behind the Scenes - S01E01)

Let’s go on from where we left Iris last time… Here’s the animatic of Mephisto and Praxina’s introduction scene. As already explained in a previous post, we wanted the twins to be really “Evil” at first apparition. You can see that the storyboard artist even gave them snake-eyes pupils on some shots, even though the character models always have “normal” pupils in the show, which make them even meaner. :) 

As you’ll watch more of our Behind the scenes, you’ll probably notice that the style can change a lot from a storyboard to another. It’s normal since there are several persons behind them (often one storyboarder plus the storyboard supervisor/storyboard supervisor assistant). It’s amusing how you can guess who drew each scene just by looking at the style.

Someone once asked us if it’s a problem, that the storyboards are rough, and that the characters or backgrounds can be a lot different from the model sheets? The answer to that is mostly “no” and a little bit “yes”. 

Mostly no, because we’re a team. What we ask storyboard artists to do is staging, not drawing perfectly (Although it’s always a plus when they can do it of course…). When it’s needed to redraw the character or backgrounds to match the model, that’s the design team’s job. Everyone completes each other, that’s how it works in animation. 

Now, the “little bit of yes”… sometimes, when the design is far off model on storyboards, it is reeeaaally complicated for the designers to have it match to the show’s style… and it can also be confusing. This “Snake-eye” for example. How to know if it’s just a matter of a different style, or some special demand from the director for the sequence? In both cases it results in a lot of headaches, especially for the director’s assistant and the storyboard supervisor. They’re usually the ones trying to figure out the answer. That’s why communication inside the team is the key to avoiding most of problems.

We’ll show you later some examples of the designer’s works, to see the evolution from the storyboard picture to the final design. ;) 

Lecteurs francophones ? Voici la version française du texte ci-dessous.

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Star vs Gravity Falls

I have an idea for an AU called “Star vs Gravity Falls”. Basically, Gravity Falls is just a normal town, the twins spend the summer there and have fun, then go home.

A few years later they go to high school and meet two students named Star Butterfly and Marco Diaz, quickly befriending both of them.

Mabel trades her grappling hook (which she still got from the shack even though the town is normal) with Star’s wand for a day, and proceeds to take over the US government, making herself the president and Star the First Lady. They lead America into an age of peace and prosperity.

Marco teaches Dipper karate, and they go on to become world champions. Dipper then returns to Gravity Falls to marry Pacifica, who he had bonded with over the summer all those years ago. Marco is the best man at their wedding.

submitted by nunnaya-biznuss

@malchanceuxchatnoir continued from [X]

Nothing was harder then beating up your own brother for being evil, it was something Félix hoped he would never have to face, yet, it happened, he was still in his Chat Noir outfit, even though his brother was back, one couldn’t be too careful.

“Something on your mind, Adrien?” He decided to ask, after a few minutes silence, his brother must’ve gone evil for a reason, he wouldn’t be surprised if it was partly his fault, if he were to be honest, it would be just his luck to accidentally upset Adrien.

“Something that needs to be…talked out?” he rephrased his question.