even though this is a tour cast

don’t get me wrong I’m super excited and hyped for the last jedi/episode viii but I am honestly dreading everything about it. I’m dreading the trailers, I’m dreading the promotional tours, I’m even dreading the credits, but most of all I’m dreading every single scene with Leia because I know it’s going to hurt so so much

don’t think I won’t notice a more than hushed silence in the audience during every second that Carrie is on screen

I dread the promotional tours because don’t think I won’t notice an empty seat when the cast gets together (and don’t think I won’t notice that Mark will be the only one of the originals there) I dread the credits because I’m sure there will be a title card that says “In Memory of Carrie Frances Fisher”

I’m just really dreading this movie even though it’s still months away

I Only Want To Say...  -Jesus, “Gethsemane”, from Jesus Christ Superstar

I had the opportunity of a lifetime to meet Sam and Caitriona in NYC on September 30th. They are absolutely luminous in person - both physically and, I don’t want to sound like a hippie or anything, but spiritually.  They just glow with beauty from the inside.

But I almost didn’t get there.  The weekend before, the weekend of the first ever MPC Gathering (September 22nd-24th),  which should have been a joyous meeting of people from all over the world, was filled with anxiety and in some cases, downright fear for me.  Two things were happening simultaneously that weekend:  I was being stalked by a fellow peaker, with all my actions being reported to arguably the biggest troll in the fandom. And because of lies spread by that same troll and others of his ilk, the organizers of the NYC event were threatening to take away my ticket because other people on the guest list/the organizers believed the lies that were told about me and complained about my presence.     

These lies have been told about me for years; lies, given their source and vehement repetition, have become accepted as truth over time. I can’t prove a negative. I can only say who I am and what I have done.


The first issue - stalking - I was followed to a dinner, information that was only available to fellow peakers in a private group, information that was shared on public social media.  I was watched at all the MPC events and my “behavior” and whereabouts again were reported.  Sharing of information from the private MPC Facebook group is against the rules and grounds for immediate removal.

One of my posts from the private, official MPC Facebook group was screen capped and shared - again a violation of trust as a peaker and very much against the rules.  This post was used to spread lies about me allegedly deleting things because I was “afraid I’d let too much information out” or something of the like. 

I have emailed the information about the stalking and sharing of information from MPC to Jordana Brown and Alex Norouzi with no response.  I have also contacted them in private message.  I sent a group message this morning; only John Valbonesie replied.  Jordana has re-posted the Facebook rules, adding verbiage about bullying, but as of the time of her post, both Caroline Spencer and Melanie Leopold were still members of the group.

I also contacted the police about the stalking, as well as my lawyer.  For now, we are holding the information and waiting. 


The post that was shared from the private MPC Facebook group referred to a visit I made to Edinburgh which included a paper making class.  I booked my class through her public website.  I know other fans who have done just what I did, have bought works from her or commissioned pieces.  I paid and learned about/made paper.  We never talked about Sam or Outlander.  Why?  Because it wasn’t appropriate or relevant to what we were doing.  

I had a delightful afternoon with another lady, learning about and making some beautiful paper.  As an artist, I was fascinated to learn a new expressive form, especially visual.  I will treasure those pieces beyond any souvenir I’ve ever bought because I made them with my own hands. 

N.B. - it is GlasGow not Glascow, cattle being few and far between in the city

In the Tumblr post above - which includes my post from the MPC Facebook page (my words, my post, my property, so I’m not breaking rules by sharing it)  - multiple references are made as to why I would be in Edinburgh.  I have gone to the capital several times each time I’ve been to Scotland, it’s a beautiful city, with so much history and so many things to see.  Bloodwise Scotland is there (not in GlasGow).  Ailsa Aitkenhead, my collaborative pianist for my concert, teaches at the university and so we rehearsed there. Additionally, I don’t think I need to justify where I go on holiday to anyone nor do I need to confine myself to one city.


I can’t recall all the lies that have been told about me over the years.  Obviously I was accused of stalking Sam and his mother on my recent trip.  More recently I’ve been accused of having a Tumblr dedicated solely to posting daily hate directed towards Sam and Caitriona.  This lie was so ingrained in the fandom that I had to talk to Bloodwise on the phone to clear the air, lest they pull all support of my fundraisers (they are still hesitant to support me on twitter because of a certain, well-known, blue check troll)  

This (flutefantasy) is my only Tumblr account; as you can see, it’s not very active.  

But for a moment, let’s talk about the things I have NOT done

N’er have I e’er

  • Followed Sam in an airport taking pictures of his ass while he shopped for magazines   
  • Stood over him on a plane while he sleeps   
  • Almost drowned at Blackness Castle trying to see him filming   
  • Got hurt at Dunure Harbor trying to see him filming   
  • Climbed trees 10 feet above the wall at Dysart Harbor, which in turn is 30 feet above the water, to take pics of filming  (and I was in Scotland during the filming of those scenes)    
  • Grabbed Sam’s ass, kissed him on the lips, had him sign a body part or gotten a tattoo of his name or image    
  • Threatened to punch Sam or otherwise cause him bodily injury because I thought he wasn’t paying enough attention to me 
  • Hung out (for hours/days) where he supposedly lives and is known to shop, eat, etc, in the hopes of seeing him (this happened as recently as September 2017 even though Sam wasn’t in Scotland)

In 2015 I happened on the filming at Deanston Distillery.  I was on a tour with my friend Kristina, led by Steve McLeish of Outlandish Journeys.  We had just left Doune Castle and saw the filming signs. We followed them to the village.   I saw the drivers and gave them gifts I had for them and the cast. The cast were busy filming.   I was the only fan there. I could have had exclusive access. Did I wait for hours for them to finish? No. Because I was on a custom tour and wasn’t going to waste hundreds of dollars or time in Scotland sitting around and possibly not even get to see them.  Feel free to contact Steve on twitter and confirm this.


You make up lies about me left right and center. You pass them off as scripture and people believe them, to my detriment. You know you are lying.

I have donated, done concerts (at my own expense) tweeted about and taken part in fundraisers for all Sam and Caitriona’s charities. I tweet weekly love for Sam and Cait. I fully support them, their careers and their charities. I believe their personal lives are their business, not ours. 

I don’t engage with trolls and haters. I post and interact with my friends.  I mind my own business.  You seek me out to bully and harass me.  I have most of you blocked.  Yet my social media is screen capped and I seem to be a constant topic of conversation.  My social media is all positivity, humor, animals, Outlander and some politics. What does your social media look like? Hate and ridicule and lies 

 NOTE - All of these tweets/accounts, and more besides going back years have been reported over and over again by me and others, to no avail.  

Have I done/said things I regret?  In this fandom or in life in general?  Yes.  Anyone who says otherwise is a liar or living in a fantasy.  I’ve made amends where I can and live with the things I can’t.  

In line at the NYC event, I was next to a couple of ladies.  We talked for about 30 minutes waiting to get in.  At one point, one of the ladies said “I hear one of those nasty shippers is here tonight. I won’t say names but she plays the flute”.  I thought for a second if I should say anything or let it be.  I looked her in the eyes and said that was me.  She didn’t believe it.  It took a few minutes of convincing because she was sure the “flute shipper” was a crazy person and I was so nice and normal.  Then she said she had met other people in the fandom who had “reputations” and they were also nice and normal and not at all like what social media portrays them to be.  I found this to be such a relief.  

The only sour note (sorry for the pun) was that she left me with this comment, and I’m paraphrasing because I don’t remember her exact words “well just behave so that I can tell others you aren’t what they say”.  (I later learned that she attacked me on twitter the following week.  I was told this by others, as it turns out she has me blocked.)  

Behave? Am I recalcitrant toddler? Do I or any other member of this fandom need to have my actions monitored for appropriateness?  

That right there I think is one of the issues in this fandom.  If you don’t “behave” according to what one group thinks is acceptable, then you are crazy, delusional, awful, stalker, etc.  Sadly I got a lot of dirty looks throughout the night in NYC.  The organizers made sure that I was ok and happy.  I am grateful to them for that.  But I wonder if Caitriona and Sam know the true depths of pettiness and hatred they were in the midst of that Saturday night.  Do you realize that the things you accuse me of are not only things I haven’t done but are actually true of you? 


Jordana has finally responded to me tonight - after I made a public post in the MPC Facebook group.  She refuses to enforce her own rules and remove the two people who shared my information in a willful and malicious act, not an accidental or innocent share.  She states she will talk to one of the two of them but that is all.  I have to wonder if Shatner has some influence here. 

So I saw Newsies Live tonight. There are so many great things. But here's what I can remember.

• we collectively accepted the OBC and Touring casts to play teenagers even though no one (except AKB and BF) look like they’re young. Jeremy Jordan literally looks like an adult who has his life put together. But we as a community accepted this. It’s great.
• the trivia before and during intermission gave me life thank you
• I almost started tearing up as soon as the intro music started. I felt the tears when AKB started talking. I grabbed a tissue when Santa Fe started.
• The dancing!! So good!! Most everyone was too old and could still do the amazing choreography. Bless.
• the singing!! Same thing!
• the acting. My fav!
• the music was soooo good! Like I’ve seen this show when it toured in 2015 but damn. The orchestra was hella good.
• Crutchie and Davey are still my favorite characters.
• My roommate went into this musical knowing like three songs that I played earlier that day. She was freaking out the whole time Crutchie was getting taken away.
• 'Brooklyn’s Here’ is still my favorite ensemble song. All the voices sound so well together and it’s a great coming together song. Bravo.
• side bar, the kid who played the little brother? He looked hella familiar?? If anyone knows why please tell me because I have no idea where I’ve seen him from.
• have I mentioned how much Teddy Roosevelt is my favorite president lately? Because he is. And I love whoever played him for this show.
• I’m pretty sure I saw the guy who played Mr. Pulitzer when Newsies toured and it was really nice to see his facial expressions during the negotiation scene up close.
• speaking of up close. the makeup. I couldn’t tell if it was stage makeup (in the sense of needs to be seen from far away) or normal makeup (that doesn’t need to be seen from far away so not much needs to be put on). But it was good. Except Meta Larkin’s winged eyeliner was super big and idk how I felt about that.
• all of the tech was beautiful. I’m a lighting person so obviously I looked for that. But the one tech piece that stuck out was the projections. Damn. All the words of the newspapers that scrolled up the stage and those metal box stage things was amazing. 10/10 for the projections designer you definitely stole the show.
• idk what this post was supposed to be anymore but I loved Newsies Live so much. I want to see it again like right now. Please.
• also maybe spell people’s names correctly this time thanks.
•your friend
•your best friend
•your brother

Rock Band AU
  • Their band name is The Last Glaives
  • you’re assigned to film the backstage documentary, so you get to see the real them while they’re touring
  • Noctis is the main vocalist, he writes the music and is the most popular member of the band
  • Prompto is the backup vocalist + plays the Bass
  • “Because nobody notices if u make mistakes on the Bass!”
  • he and Noct are always in interviews together because Noct is bad at public speaking and Prompto is AWESOME at it
  • they’re always memeing on their official profiles, it’s how the idea of the band started in the first place
  • the band first went viral because Prompto accidentally posted a backstage snapchat story publicly where his prank backfired and the black chocobo pecked him in the crotch
  • he’s always embarrassed about it, but it launched them into fame overnight so all is good!
  • Nyx is on the Guitar, a solo musician who uses a discontinued vintage model which he named Galahd, the gorgeous instrument is always with him in every publicity photo and is as famous as he is
  • “I’m a temporary member since the band changes guitarists every tour, are you sure you should be filming me?”
  • Gladio plays the drums and is the only one who can keep up with the messy way Noct writes the parts
  • sometimes dyes his mohawk flame red so when he whips his head around during his solos it looks like a phoenix coming alive onstage
  • “I just love pounding on the drums, you know? You don’t get to let loose and be yourself in a normal day job.”
  • Ignis used to be the permanent Guitarist but a terrible car accident injured his playing arm and left him with a face full of scars, he stopped playing on stage after that.
  • right now he’s focusing on being the manager of the group’s activities
  • He deals with the businessy side of the band, taking care of contracts and sponsorships, and the complicated reports to the agency about their activities and progress.
  • He’s the persistent voice in Noctis’ ear when it’s time to stop procrastinating and to start writing on that new song or album
  • “Sometimes I have to help him find inspiration in other works, or by showing him how happy he makes his fans with every new piece. Other times, it is straight up bullying him to put down that video game and get in the studio.”
  • Prompto’s favorite part is when the fans go crazy at the sight of him, the screaming and flustered chaos before a song is what gives him life
  • Noct’s favorite part is the singing, especially when the audience have memorized the lyrics and are singing it with him
  • Ignis is surprisingly popular considering he only showed up for a few early songs, he blames “the cliche character traits” he falls into with the glasses and suit
  • he’s not aware that he’s really attractive even outside the character trope and even with the scars on his face, he just can’t see it!
  • no pun intended
  • at first Gladio seems under appreciated musically, because nobody notices the importance of the drums in a live performance, but he’s okay with it
  • “it’s just fun to play a gig with my buddies and get it right every single time!”
  • he’s super popular on fanblogs though, so who cares what snobby magazines think!
  • Nyx is relatively older than the rest of them and actually belongs to a different agency, but the group has no permanent guitarist and his schedule was open
  • their music is always upbeat and intense and he liked it, but he was never one to stick with any one band for too long
  • The running theme of their music is the need to bring back the light to a gloomy world, and they’re the warriors who would do it if it cost them their lives
  • the fans don’t realize it, but Noct actually has a chronic illness that flares up one time while you’re filming and you catch the whole ordeal on tape
  • it starts off like a panic attack where he can’t breathe, which makes it difficult to actually sing his lines and they end up having an unscheduled intermission
  • but it continues to escalate to the point where he can’t hold himself upright without assistance, his knees buckle from under him and his headaches get really bad
  • you film Ignis trying to convince him to cancel the rest of the night’s show but he wouldn’t disappoint the fans like that, and pushes through with sheer willpower
  • Prompto is crying and worried for his friend’s life, even though “It happened before but it’s still hella scary!”
  • Gladio slaps Noct on the back in encouragement and helps him back to the stage to finish the night
  • “Noct’s stubborn, so I might as well support his dumb decisions. at least this way i’ll be there to catch him before he falls.” 
  • Nyx is concerned but entertained by the whole fiasco since nobody actually died “it’s like that time I toured with Libertus and he fell off stage but insisted on finishing the concert with his leg in a fresh cast.”
  • at the end of the show you ask Ignis if you should cut this part out of the documentary, and he considers your words for a while.
  • eventually he tells you to keep it in, the fans need to see how hard they’re is working for the world’s happiness
  • it started off as just another job but now you’re really in love with all these boys and their music is bomb!
  • somehow Noct gets you into filming a documentary about his fiance’s career: “The Heavenly Oracle”, an opera prodigy and her pianist brother.

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Since he's my favourite, could you please share about your impressions of Kenta when you have time? Thank you! And thanks already for all the other posts you made about the show XD.

Oh Kenta, Kenta, Kenta…

What more can I say to praise Kenta that I haven’t said a dozen times already over the past two years? lol  
But I do still have thoughts under the Read More

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Prompt:  Please make one where reader gets mobbed by paps on the way to one of sebs events and is insulted and asks questions about her weight making her all insecure and sebastian and rest of the cast comforting her when she gts there? Thank youuu so much

Warnings: insults and such

Authors Note: I love this gif. Seb is such a cutie pie!

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Groundhog Day Fan Week - Final Day (Life After The Loop)

I have decided to do something special for this prompt. Today is the final performance of this great show so I spun it into some sort of celebration of its own. Even though it’s closing today, it’s not the end of its journey. In fact, its journey has just begun. We will be seeing more of Groundhog Day in the near future and there is no stopping it. With plans of a national tour and an open-ended run at West End, there is a high possibility of more people starting to see how shiny this Broadway hidden gem is and spread the word. I am excited to how much it will grow but for now, let’s give the cast and crew a warm Punxsutawney celebration.

{The Punxsutawney Panels Compilation}

The Monsters Under the Bed [Alistair Ryle x Reader]

Author’s Note:  Oxford University is pretty high on my list of uni’s to apply for this year, funnily enough. 

But woo, guys, first Riot Club imagine/fic/oneshot ever! Took me long enough. I haven’t watched the movie in ages. I got another idea (for Harry, I think it’ll be) while writing this one which I’ll probably work on next, but I’m not sure yet. 

Also did you guys notice the movie tagline I slipped in here. Cheeky, cheeky.

Word Count: 2,583 

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The one thing take makes me side eye the shit out of this upcoming season is the fact that EK still doesn't have ANYTHING upcoming on her IMDB list for 2017 or 2018. When she worked on TWD 2011-2014 she ONLY had ONE other project except TWD EVERY year. 1 2011, 1 2012, 1 2013 and 1 2014. She worked steadily with 5 projects in 2015, 4 in 2016 and now 1 again in 2017 and nothing in 2018... Deja vu? And haters, don't tell me she can't get roles. She proved you wrong in 2015 and 2016.

While I am cautious about IMDB, as it can be edited by anyone, I agree. Emily has yet to announce any projects besides some shows like the songwriter one she did in Indiana back in June. People figured that Tyreese, Noah, and Sasha would all die because their actors all announced main-cast roles for other shows. Emily has yet to have a starring role in a show or movie, even though she is a talented TWD alum. She also has yet to go on a tour that conflicts with TWD’s filming schedule. As I mentioned in another post, music and acting are her two passions. Besides recording some music this year and Ten Days in the Valley, she hasn’t done anything close to long-term for either. She also maintains at least two (though it’s really three since she still has her Georgia apartment) properties in major cities. You gotta pay the bills somehow. It could be argued that she hasn’t picked up any other roles so as to not conflict with Ten Days, should it not be canceled, but she appears to have a small part in it and she could find another part that won’t conflict with Ten Days’s filming schedule. Yet she hasn’t. For all intents and purposes, she schedules projects like she’s still on the show.

I Woke Up - Part 4

Part 3

There’s going to be one last part after this that will 100% have a happy ending, but it’s not written yet. But I have been researching both DWTS tour dates and Indycar race schedules so…..

Sharna told him what happened. He consoled her. He told her he felt sorry for her and that he knew it was hard for her to go through this and to lose such an important person in her life.

But he also told her that everything would be okay. He was sure of it. She would get over it eventually.

“Get over it?” she repeated. She fought to keep any anger out of her voice. She wasn’t entirely successful.

He insisted he hadn’t meant it like that. He was just trying to assure her that everything would be alright. That was all.

But she wasn’t entirely convinced. Both by his assurance that everything would be alright and his claim that he “didn’t mean it like that.”

She had felt it for a month or so now. But during the past couple weeks or so, after everything that happened with James, things were different. She knew it. Even though she tried to pretend it was nothing. But she couldn’t hide how much she was hurting. It wasn’t as though she talked to James every minute of every day. But now that she knew she couldn’t just pick up the phone and call when she wanted to or needed to, she missed him more than she ever thought possible. She tried to accept the choice that he made. She tried to respect it. To understand why he did what he did.

Easier said than done.

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Hamilton bootleg thoughts

It’s hilarious that some anti-bootleg people are saying “I’m not privileged! I’m just saving money to go! And I’ll still have to drive, like, 4 hours!!”
oh no…. how terrible it must be….. four hours….. and here I am, continents away, thinking I was so unfortunate….. oh you have opened my eyes…… 

smh there isn’t even a confirmation that it’s gonna be filmed, just an old article from last year that said it might be filmed: 

“I said we WANT to film the show with this cast before the year is out. That’s all I said. There are no plans for anything yet.”— Lin-Manuel Miranda (@Lin_Manuel) October 5, 2015

come on guys. stop telling us to wait for something that probably isn’t even going to happen. you can guilt-trip me into buying tickets (and I will, with pleasure) when they tour in Armenia. thanks.

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Emma is really big into privacy and has a no selfie rule so maybe that's why there are no pictures of Tom and Emma together despite the fact that a bunch of people tweeted about seeing them hanging out together. We never really seem to get paparazzi pictures of her either, regardless of where she is, unless she's on press-related outings or tours.

Yes, that’s possible. Emma is very protective of her privacy so maybe even though some people asked for selfies, Tom was mindful enough to refuse at that moment. I agree that we don’t really seem to get paparazzi pictures of her either so her whereabouts are generally unknown unless she is doing a press tour. 

Regardless, I hope that people won’t make a big deal about it and make things awkward between them.

1883 Magazine - 05/27/2016 (English)

Alexander Vlahos : Monarch, mistresses and Versailles

Posing for the camera amidst the historical paraphernalia covering the walls of a London darts bar, Alexander Vlahos is in his element.

Having previously starred in Merlin, the actor is now one of the lead characters in the new TV seriesVersailles, a Franco-Canadian co-production, scheduled to air on BBC later this spring. In this ten -part series that focuses on France’s most famous monarch, Louis XIV, Vlahos takes on the role of the king’s brother, Philippe D’Orléans.

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I just had a mini revelation. What if the fam is doing another sway like/feel show? Ignore me...just letting my mind play games. I don't even know what to think right now. The suspense is too much. They are so smart with how they play with our brains. Mind games to the highest order. In dire need of a Maks, Peta, Val, Jenna show then top it with Nyle, Rashad, Heather and the whole lot on my dream list. Just keep dreaming...😴

like SWAY how? with different sections? a brief stint in one city as opposed to a tour? I think they’ll have a tour based on what we’ve heard so far. I like your cast list though! 🙏🏻😭 I would die. but yes we’ll keep dreaming lol

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Do you have a favourite version of Jason Todd?

You know, I’ve never really thought about it before. But if I did have to pick, I’d probably say Rebirth!Jason (so far). He’s been the perfect mix of the old pre-52 canon!Jason taken to a point where he can be believably acting as a part of the Batfamily and following Bruce’s rules. The attitude, the conflict of his personal philosophies against Bruce’s, his empathy and intelligence etc. He has all the parts of Jason that endeared me to his character in the first place, both as Robin and when he first appeared as the Red Hood in Judd Winick’s Under the Hood/The Lost Days storylines. It also helps that they restored his origin back to stealing the Batmobile’s tyres, which was one of the changes I hated in the New 52 the same as I did the All-Caste thing rather than Jason Todd’s Murder Tour of Scumbags 20XX

If you asked me before Rebirth, I probably would have said Pre-52!Jason. even though there’s parts of that canon I dislike a lot once Winnick stopped writing him. (for example: Morrison’s thing with Jason actually being a redhead and the bizarre idea that Bruce forced him to dye his hair, and basically everything Tony Daniels did to him in Battle for the Cowl, because fuck that guy).

I also really love Arkham Knight!Jason way more than I ever expected to. He hurts me so much (I’m actually rewatching an Arkham Asylum playthrough right now and torturing myself with the idea of Jason being so close but so far from Bruce the entire time it’s happening).

… this got way longer than it probably needed to be XD; But yes, Rebirth!Jason for the win so far.

Glenn Rhee in TWD 6.03- Thoughts

I’ve gotten many asks this mornng around the TWD 6.03 spoilers info and Q & A posted by @thespoilingdeadfans so am sharing my thoughts in one post and keeping everything together. 

While I am certain the Q & A info is what we will see on screen, I don’t think Glenn is truly dead.  

I think AMC is pulling a redo of what we have seen in past seasons with first Merle, Carol & Judith, but not Beth.  It is simply a stale gimmick which I hope will make better sense and play out better once we get the full context in later episodes. 

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Giselle’s not a huge HG Wells fan, but when she runs across Wells’s house on a vacation to London, she figures she might as well take a tour of it. What she’s not expecting, though, is to meet a charming woman named Helena there who seems to know more about Wells than even the tour guide. When they get to back to the United States, Giselle and Helena stay in touch and eventually start a relationship. But even though Helena is a wonderful girlfriend, Giselle starts to notice that her heart seems to be elswewhere, and Giselle starts to wonder if there’s something big that Helena’s not telling her.

Aka I really want Lucy Liu as Giselle.

So after the Wicked on Tour stage door I was walking back to my car, and I had to park far away even though it was dark and cold.

And I bumped into Stuart Zagnit/The Wizard/Newsies on Broadway swing/voice of Professor Oak in the original Pokemon after having a lovely chat with him at the stage door minutes before.

He recognized me and I said “Sorry, I promise I’m not following you, just headed to my car, I’m parked far away”.

And he said “Would you like a ride?”

So I definitely got a ride back to my car from a cast member of Wicked, Newsies, AND Pokemon, and we had such a lovely talk!!!!

What is my life??!

1D: why the brand matters more to new and old team

I’ve been itching to write this masterpost (?) about two weeks ago when I saw how Modest!’s favored tabloid rags wrote alarmists headlines versus Azoff tied publications in the US (generic, non-alarmist, forward looking). 

Also, maybe it’s a good thing I got some serious writing block for a few weeks because there were other events that happened (i.e. No Type leak, PFW, perfume launched, no homo promo) that, IMO, solidified my stance that this is a stunt and both teams are playing games to their advantage. But ultimately, I’m 95% sure that the boys are transitioning to Azoff and the reuniting storyline has already been laid out. The man has already staked his claim on the 1D brand and we’re just witnessing it. 

I just couldn’t put it into words back then even though the headlines released made me raised a big middle finger at Modest! but at the same time cooled me down over my excitement on new team (Azoff). To be fucking honest, and I made a text post about this, that if it were up to me, the boys should just go ahead and become an independent artists instead. But since it looks like the boys have cast their die on Azoff lot, well, here we are. 

All right, let’s get on with it!

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