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Him: “Happy birthday to your brother”
Me: “That was yesterday”

We met through a mutual friend. Instantly fell hard for eachother, started dating. I was 17, he was 20. Our relationship started out great, even though we lived an hour away from eachother and neither of us had a driver’s license. 
My parents accepted him right away, offering to let him sleep over once a week, because his school was in my city. I couldn’t be happier.
After about half a year, he started changing. Wouldn’t answer my messages, even if we were having a conversation. Stood me up several times. Lied to me. Cheated on me. Chose porn over me. I didn’t find all of this out right away, but after a year of dating.

I found out that when he came home from school, which was almost at 5pm everyday, he would watch porn nonstop. Literally nonstop, from 5pm to 2am in the morning. Only stopping when he went to have dinner. Ignoring me. Ignoring his friends. And I wouldn’t have minded the porn, almost every human being watches it. But it was so much, and so often, and he completely ignored me during it. Even when we were having a conversation, he would just stop answering for fucking 8 hours at a time. It broke me, why wasn’t I enough?

He then started manipulating me, telling me he was addicted, that he couldn’t help himself… And I fell for it. Tried to help him, looking for a therapist to help him, but he refused everything. He lied to me a lot; how he had a girl friend when he was 14 and she jumped in front of a car while he was with her and killed herself. Asked his parents; it wasn’t true. He made everything up to get attention.

Or the time he told me was sick, that he was going to bed early and try to sleep it off. I told him I hoped he would get soon better, even asked him if I should come over and take care of him. “Not needed,” he said. I later found out that he wasn’t actually sick that evening; he just didn’t want to talk to me and went to a club. He went there because a girl asked him to, and he cheated on me with her that night. I didn’t find out until about a week later. He had logged in on his facebook through my phone, but forgot to log out.

I found out everything that day. I asked him, he denied everything. I told him about the facebook, he still denied everything. Luckily I had screenshots of everything, because he deleted everything. I showed him, he started getting mad at me. That I had no respect for his privacy, that I didn’t trust him. Which I did, up until that point.
I called him names. He called me names. I broke up with him. He still tried to contact me. I blocked him everywhere, except for texts and calls because I didn’t know how at the time. He started stalking me. Calling me, texting me, constantly checking my tumblr. It finally died down after a month or two, when he got a new girlfriend.

But being the bitch that I am, I warned his new girlfriend. That he is manipulative and tries to make the other person the bad guy. She told me they were already broken up; he cheated on her with the same girl he cheated on me with. She also told me that he told her that I was doing nothing with my life. I had just finished high school (high school takes 6 years where I live) and was working. He, on the other hand, was 21, barely finished studying and never had a job. She knew right then that something fishy was going on with him.

And now? It’s been 2 years since all of this. It has been quiet around him, I have a new boyfriend whom I love dearly. But he popped up again about 2 weeks ago. Checking my tumblr page everyday (I have statcounter installed). And not once a day, no, multiple times a day. And I’m scared. I’m so fucking scared.

gloriousmonsters  asked:

What's your favorite high fantasy book? That's a really hard genre for me to find decent books in. (my current one is The Goblin Emperor, because even though I couldn't remember anyone's names the main character was great and the worldbuilding felt solid, plus it was neat to read a HF where there were no humans)

I’m really not a high fantasy person, haha. I don’t like it at all, that’s why I read so much of it, to try and find out if there’s one for me. There’s just so much racism in HF that I feel like it’s an impossible task. Stuff I did like: 

  • the bone witch by rin chupeco (necromancers, japanese-inspired)
  • inked by eric smith (super cute world where everyone is born with magical tattoos)
  • uprooted by naomi novik (polish folktale retelling with magic and creepy forests)

I haven’t read this one and not heard of it either! Interesting.

hey im answering everything for the next hour, hmuuuu


So it’s day 1 (sort of day 2) and my day has been great! And so was yesterday, even though I only set up my goals yesterday evening. I had a yoga session this morning, which was really nice :D So either way, my goals so far:

  • Run 3km per week 
  • Yoga once a week 
  • Gym once a week 

As for my intake, today’s breakfast was oats with banana and some cereal as topping, lunch was leftovers from yesterday’s dinner and today’s dinner was noodles with baby corncobs, broccoli, carrot and chicken in soy sauce. Snacks in between were ‘breakfast cookies’, an apple, fruit purée (banana/apple/passionfruit), rice crackers with cheese, and a bit of sushi from one of my flatmates who brings leftover sushi from the restuarant he works at <333

I was able to refuse quite a few ‘do you want a cookie?’ offers today and I resisted the urge to buy something unhealthy multiple times (no sugary coffee, no snacks during grocery shopping, no candy bars in the office canteen).

I had a great day :) I am noticing the ‘lack’ of sugar though, craving sugary things more often than not. That’ll subside in a few days, I guess. Until then I’ll just have to be strong and strict to myself :’)

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Holy Crap Tumblr...

We saw Stephen King trending and yelped “oh nooo!” in the middle of the canteen - we thought he’d died! xD

Turns out the trailer for “IT” is just doing the rounds (not going to link) - much as I love Tim Curry as Pennywise, this remake looks bloody creepy :/

I blame you, Mr King, for my coulrophobia!

Ami: I gotta admit - even though I ain’t a horror flick fan, IT was a great story…

I am now a striminal

But I’ve watched Beauty and the Beast again and I can safely say I love it now. The first time I watched it all I could do was compare it to the original, but the second time through I let myself enjoy it. Emma actually did a great job as Belle and even though I wish they had taken the makeup route on the Beast Dan played the hell out of him. Also, I love Evermore even more than I already did which I didn’t believe was actually possible.


sixofcrowsnw challenge: take two ≡ best moment of your otp

kanej + religion

Me on my way to Korea to give Taehyung the oscar that he deserves for his tremendous acting performance as Hwarang’s sunshine, Hansung

So Naruto ended... again...

Which means it’s time for feels ;‿;

Shippuden is over, and the focus of the franchise is now switching to Boruto. So, while we don’t exactly have to say our final goodbyes to this fictional world, this was technically the last time we had Naruto as the main character. Ever… probably.
And it just hit me hard, that this was the last time Team 7 were our heroes!

I personally only read the manga, and didn’t really watch the anime except for the first like 100 episodes of the original series, which introduced the little me to the franchise. From then on, it’s only been occasional visits to the show, like when a big manga moment was getting animated. 

However, I did watch all of this last arc that mostly adapted the novels, because I’m a sucker for domestic lives of these characters. I was a little bummed they didn’t adapt Sakura Hiden (SP neglecting Sakura and SasuSaku as always, I’m used to it) but other than that, I loved this Epilogue of sorts, it gave most characters a more proper and detailed closure. Well, at least we got to see what most of them were up to after the war.

While I can’t complain we got to see the preparations for Naruto and Hinata’s wedding, I can’t help wishing we’d seen even further into the adult lives of Team 7. They were the main characters, and their bonds were what drove most of the plot. I believe they deserved a heartwarming moment or two at the end. Something nostalgic to remind us of their earliest moments, only with more maturity and more emotional depth. 

Now, I absolutely loved the NaruHina wedding preparations, and how the focus on romance in the arc highlighted the final pairings, and also that tiny, but meaningful SasuSaku moment when Sasuke’s hawk landed specifically on Sakura’s hand.
But with all that, I still can’t help feeling like I was missing an actual Team 7 moment. A moment between Naruto and Sasuke, and the whole team together, Kakashi included; something to show how far they’ve come. Even if it was just a single, very short scene, I’d be satisfied.

I personally always imagined Naruto ending with Team 7 going on a mission together, like good old days, but with the way Kishimoto ended the manga, it obviously wasn’t going to happen. So a close second, in my opinion, would have been a Team 7 reunion.
Of course, Naruto and Hinata getting married was also important, because it conveyed that Naruto is finally a grown, dependable man now, and it’s fine if they wanted to end the show with it. But Team 7 has been such a crucial part of the show that I found myself eagerly expecting an after-credits scene featuring Team 7 finally reuniting and having a moment of their own. It would have been THE perfect ending!

Nevertheless, I still cried my eyes out throughout most of that finale! And a part of me died again. The manga ended back in 2014, so I didn’t think I’d feel quite so strongly about the anime ending, but I did. The fact that it was the last episode actually surprised me, I didn’t know they were planning to end Shippuden just before Boruto started. So it hit me all at once, and I was a crying bundle of emotions ;‿;

All I can say is, even though I was more of a manga fan, the end of Shippuden yet again marked the end of a phase in my life (I feel so old, I’m like the fandom grandma, and all these kids will watch Boruto for the next few years and see us original fans as dinosaurs or something). 
And I must say - I will keep following the Naruto franchise through Boruto’s story (don’t forget, you’re here forever!) - and to my first and only hero, Naruto,



Joji giving Flint a run for his money and going down Like A Boss  (ಥ﹏ಥ)


Glen gives Gil a piggyback ride; Pandora Hearts by Jun Mochizuki

Favorite manga moment as requested by anonymous~