even though they abuse him so

Mon-El didn’t think he was ever gonna see Kara again… but the person he’s found in himself while on Earth was still the kind of person who wanted to try to make the best of the situation if it meant making a better world for his people. The kind of person who stood up to his parents and wanted freedom and equality to be the things that they rebuilt Daxam with.

He shouldn’t have been forced back into an abusive environment but even though he was terrified and must have been heartbroken at the thought that he would never see Kara again - he took a stand and tried to do what was right.

I’m so proud of him. He has become an incredible person and watching his development and growth has been wonderful. I can’t wait to watch as he keeps growing and gets closer and closer to becoming the hero I know he can be.

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so my abusive dad knows im nb. knows im transmasc. knows im not a girl. but i can just /feel/ it sometimes that wherever he is, he's referring to me as his daughter, as a young lady, whatever, and it just makes me want to scream. because he'll never respect me (not that he would if i was cishet but still) and i know he sees me being trans as shameful and even though ive had top surgery and am on t, and graduated college, i know he still thinks i'll outgrow this childish "phase". god i hate him!

I’m so sorry your dad refuses to accept you. That’s very shitty of him.

I hope that he will change in the future, or that you will at least be able to put some distance between you and him. You deserve so much better than to be around people like that.

The more I think about Sun and Moon

The more I FUCKING love it.

Yes I do think there are wasted opportunities with UB for main story but that’s a tiny pebble compare to the massive stones of awesomeness.

The Pokemon are fun and really cool! The Pokedex gives a layer of depth and surprising realism to these fantasy monsters.

The characters are amazing.
The trial captains are unique
The Kahuna are strong

Hau is fucking lovable
Lillie’s character growth is really amazing
Gladion’s slow opening is good too!

The villains are what take the cake though.

Each of them have so much in depth that goes really far.

Guzma has an abusive dad who (depending on what you think) either beat him or transferred his own failures into him. He acts stupidly tough but he raised a fuckin Wimpod and every single grunts cares for him.

Plumeria is the Admin but she looks and cares after every single grunt with genuine love and affection. She even starts the Trials anew to turn over a new leaf and Challenge you! She’s a tough chick!

Each Grunt is implied to be rejected who wants to join Skull cause they feel accepted.

Lusamine was amazing awful. She did absolutely horrendous stuff to Lillie and Gladion but post game reveals some hidden stuff about her.
She lost her husband because of Ultra Beast, and he disappeared forever and she (possibly) got infected beforehand. We know she used to be a good mom before she went crazy, and Nihilego’s Toxins are said to bring out people’s desires out to an insane degree. So there are many factors to her actions which makes it complex.

Wicke turned out to be the loving mom we all wanted and what Gladion and Lillie should’ve gotten if Lusamine didn’t go crazy. She truly is pure.

Faba is a snobby asshole who’s barely a threat and hilarious cause of that.

Fuck this game is soooo good!


But Draco.

Who has always thought Harry was such a miserable, fame-seeking, rule-breaking, prat, finds himself out at a bar (trying to drown his own memories) sees the devil himself.

And of course they sit at a table together because, if they’re going to get drunk into oblivion, why wouldn’t it be with who they’ve ‘hated’ for the past 10 years.

But then Draco finds himself talking about how, even though his parents loved him, he felt like he wasn’t quite good enough.  And he goes on. And on.

And then Harry, out of a sense of courteous obligation, drunkenly tells Draco about his growing up years.  How the Dursely’s locked him in a broom cupboard for days at a time, with no food.

Or how they always emotionally abused him, and occasionally physically too.

Or how he never knew that his name wasn’t “freak” or “boy” until he goes to primary school.

Or how he so desperately wanted to be normal. But no, because fate has a sick sense of humour, he got cast as the “saviour” and “chosen one” - once again not having a name.

And Draco, who thought he knew Potter (and why he was a prick), finally understands.

and he wants to go curse the Dursley’s into fucking oblivion for making Harry Potter suffer so.  He’s just so angry, and upset that he spills his deepest secret - that he’s gay (and his family is on the verge of disowning him, and it terrifies him because they’re all he has left)

And of course now Harry has a choice to make - whether to leave, or kiss Draco right then and there because he has wanted to hear those words come out of Draco’s mouth for so long (and of course, they’re both drunk, so who would remember it anyways?)

But then imagine the next morning when they’re lying in bed together, and they’re both awake, but (and it might be the hangover) they’re both just so content lying in each other’s arms.

And it stays that way.

For the next night,

the next morning,

the next week,



and then by this point, they no longer visit that old bar.  They no longer need to drown out their feelings, because dammit they have each other now.

Can we talk for a second about my boy Jace Lightwood continuing to stand up to his abusive father throughout the episode even though he knew what the punishment would be? About how he heard that he was irrevocably tainted and he still tried to do what was right?? After having been tortured relentlessly? How he killed who he thought was Valentine twice, when before he hadn’t been able to raise a blade against him?? I’m just. So proud of my son for being so strong and trying so hard to hold onto himself in the face of all that

Tony Stark Headcanon:

What if Tony has trigger words like Bucky does, but instead of it being programmed into him, they’re a result of Howard’s abuse. There’s research out there that links trigger words and childhood trauma.

So, what if Tony has a list, it could be small it could be big, that no one knows about. Not Pepper. Not Rhodey. Not the team. Not even J.A.R.V.I.S. knows about the list. 

I don’t think he’d get hostile like Bucky does, though, he’d just shut down emotionaly and mentally. He retreats to a “happy place” in his head that not even Charles Xavier himself could get into if he tried.

The list would probably be more of phrases than words, most likely a mixture of both. 

Phrases like “You’re worthless/not good enough”, “Get out before I (enter bad thing here)!”, and “You’re just like you father/You look just like your father.” probably would be the kinds you’d find on the trigger list.

I feel like the words would be easier for Tony to process. He’d just hide behind attitude and sunglasses until he was alone and could let it all out, finally cope. Words that would show up on the list are probably “Worthless”, “Pathetic”, and maybe even “Liar”.

On top of everything, if someone were to yell/shout/scream the word/phrase at or around Tony, he would close off ten times faster. 

When L/xa is in the s3 trailer more than Murphy:

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When N/ylah has more promotional pics than Murphy:

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When C/stia who was only talked about twice casually and never shown has a more popular ship than Murphy:

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When Murphy is excluded from gifsets about the delinquents:

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When L/xa is treated as a main character but Murphy as a guest star:

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When Murphy gets raped and everybody just says it’s a way to disrespect L/xa: 

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When Murphy represents rape and abuse victims and a lot of people on the aro and ace spectrums and with mental illnesses relate heavily to him but everybody says he should die because he did shitty things 3 seasons ago:

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When people post hate in the Murphy tag and refuse to remove it:

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When people call Murphy a serial killer even though there’s actual requirements needed to meet that title and he doesn’t have them:

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When Murphy saves Cl/rke’s life so she can save the world but everybody ignores that so they can keep hating on him:

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When people say Murphy is terrible because he doesn’t like Cl/rke after she exiled him and accused him of a crime he didn’t commit and blamed him for F/nn’s massacre and never apologised:

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When Murphy has the opening scene to s3 and everybody says it’s boring and a waste of time and they should have given it to anybody else:

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When people make fun of Murphy for spelling die wrong even though because he didn’t have the same education level as the rest of the delinquents because he was imprisoned earlier:

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When people attack Richard for saying Murphy gets hurt and abused about the same amount as Raven even though that is canonically accurate:

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When people use Murphy as a generic antagonist in their fics even though he is neither of those things:

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Bar fight?

crud, this was the last one in my inbox and it nearly got buried under all the other asks



It’s the kind of sleazy, dingy bar where people start fights for fun–the kind of place McCree liked when he was younger, though not so much anymore–so he’s not surprised when the man who’s been shouting abuse at him and Hanzo for a solid minute gets angry and shoves him. 

“What kinda asshole are you, blowin’ into town dressed like some dumbass cowboy?” the man spits, while McCree situates himself back on his stool and checks to see if he spilled any whiskey on the bar. “Shit, both of you are some kinda weird fuckers–”

Hanzo quietly sets his beer down, gets to his feet, and walks behind McCree to the obnoxious man; before McCree can even say anything, Hanzo hooks his foot behind the man’s ankle, trips him forward, and slams his head against the bar, letting him crumple to the floor afterward. 

“He doesn’t just get to stand there and insult you,” Hanzo says mildly as he sits back down, and McCree’s heart swells with warm, if perhaps extremely misplaced, affection.

Sleepy Credence would include:

Request: Omg please do sleepy credence if you’re up to it??? I fell in love with your newt one so??? That’d be hella nice (by anonymous)

Credence. That beautiful, sad, innocent, abused boy. I really want to hug him and his broken pieces so hard they stick back together again. UNFORTUNATELY, MACUSA THOSE BITCHES CAME IN AND BLASTED HIM AND NOW NO ONE CAN HUG THE POOR GUY LIKE WHY. MUST. THEY. KILL HIM????

there should be a law that no one can harm an Obscurus because they are sweet innocent children UNDER THE AGE OF 10 YEARS LIKE WHO WOULD HARM A TEN YEAR OLD even though Credence is overaged and a Squib, NO ONE SHOULD HARM HIM


also, we should start writing more credence things?? lemme know if you would want to read credence stuff. honestly he’s my favourite character in the movie (excluding for newt ‘i am precious’ scamander, of course)

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Also, Ezra Miller is a gift from God. Harry Potter nerd and DC fan, playing Credence and the Flash?? He lives my definition of a pug life, tbh

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Okay, after ranting and confessing my feelings, here it is: 

Sleepy Credence would include:

  • Constantly rubbing his face (like above^) to keep his eyes from sliding close
  • Always blinking to “blink” the sleepiness away.
  • Whenever he talks, his voice would be softer and more muffled than usual, his reaction to whatever people say would be 10x slower
  • For example, he drawls a bit, like instead of saying “what?”, he would say “whuh, whuuuaaat?”
  • A bit like Newt, he would nod off dreamily, eyes always half-closed
  • And also like Newt, he would definitely fall asleep standing upright, except that because he usually moved at his own pace, it would be a while before anyone realised that his eyes were closed and he wasn’t moving at all
  • He would fall asleep anywhere. And I mean anywhere, if he was tired enough
  • Mary Lou Barebone (that monster) would smack the back of his head to snap him out of his daze, in which he would blink confusedly at her before apologising
  • He would never yawn, because he knew it would mean that he was bored and tired of something, and Mary Lou definitely wouldn’t like that.
  • He would crash into something when he was walking, exhausted, before looking around to see if anyone saw it. If no one did, he would continue walking like nothing happened
  • Basically, he would try to pretend that he wasn’t tired or sleepy to avoid the scoldings and beatings if he put a toe out of line. Trying not to yawn, napping secretly, attempting to stay awake– it was only because of that woman he called “Ma”. Or else, I swear that darling would sleep the whole day away

a/n: I hate Mary Lou. I would say that I’m sorry for saying this, if I offended anyone, but I really don’t think anyone would like her. So no… not that sorry.




This part is really bugging me… 

Is Sangwoo purposely preying on people with personality flaws or something? First his father who was abusive, the CEO daughter was apparently a snob who thought she was better than him, the old guy from the bar who was a filthy pervert and now Jieun a school friend who is a bit of a bitch. I know Sangwoo has this superiority complex going on but it’s making me realise these have all so far been people with issues. Not sure about his other victims though. 

Bum sees himself below Sangwoo but even despite that Sangwoo believes Bum accepts him as a killer and yet he is falling for him even though he’s under weight, smelly, weird and has a limp. Bum actually looks a bit taken back there in that last panel too his face to me screams “I never knew you had this side to you” but then again Sangwoo could just be a lying bastard who is using these types of people purposely to turn on, twist it to make them look bad and just kill. 

I relate to bum, because when i was younger and in a really dark period of my life i too used to imagine someone, anyone, who could save me and validate me and make me feel secure about who i was.

Yoonbum has seen sangwoo as a saviour, who held everything; friends, affection, warmth, care, comfort, connection. Yoonbum has been raped before and it almost happened again in the army, but he was saved this time; sangwoo saved him. And it’s not like sangwoo helped him up and carried him away, but bums state of mind probably boils sangwoo up even more in his head.

In the spoilers it’s ripped away, the last bit of it. Sangwoo’s changing actions, from scary and violent and dangerous, to being exactly what bum imagined him to be. Even though “I can’t today..” is kinda funny (its so cute and funny haha), it’s also so sad because imagine how much sad lonely abused depressed yoonbum has dreamed about doing couple-things with sangwoo, in a healthy happy relationship. Is he imagining sangwoo teasing him, having fun, lusting after him? 

And when they go shopping, even after it all he still thinks “Isn’t that what couples do?”. Maybe somewhere, imaginary kind sangwoo is. i i dont doubt one bit that yoonbum could forgive sangwoo if he apologized and became who bum thought he was. which is fucking heartbreaking.

But when sangwoo says “i’ll sing for you”, a thing that a normal amazing boyfriend would maybe proudly do to his boyfriend in a crowd full of pretty girls, that seems like it’s bums wakeupcall, and it rips him apart. He has probably hoped that someday ‘kind sangwoo’ will reappear and save him. But he won’t, and yoonbum has realised he is all alone, nobody wants to help him, and this monster of a being is standing there singing for yoonbum the way that ‘kind sangwoo’ should have. The last bit of hope that someone will come save bum is gone, and i think that’s nearly exactly what happens in these frames.

Theory: Why did Sangwoo made Yoon kill that guy?

This is a theory that had come to my mind lately;

This theory is based off the though that Sangwoo is very aware of the fact that he is a killer and that these actions will mark him for the rest of his life. Doesn’t sound very surprising so far, does it? But let’s assume there is still a part in Sangwoo that is human, weak or vulnerable- we saw a glace of this side of him when he talked with Yoon about their pasts. We leaned that he had an abusive father and asked Yoon even before if his dad was the reason he cut his wrists. 

I guess he asked Yoon not only because he was curious but because he wanted to get to know someone with a similar, abusive childhood, someone he can relate to.

And at some part, Yoon was that person who shared the experience of violence in his childhood with him. Maybe Sangwoo realized that he found a person he can relate to, that’s why he was so gentle with Yoon in the following chapter.

Already having a guess where I’m gonna go? Let’s take a look at the scene when that guy S. met in the gay bar, was killed. Here, it’s obvious that S. never intended to let Yoon die, even if he betrayed him during that card game (maybe to mess with him or to test his trust). 

So my theory on why I think S. brought that guy home in the first place and made Yoon ‘commit a murder’ ; to make him and Yoon equal.

Sangwoo is a serial killer. As far as we know, he killed 3 persons- maybe even more. Contradicting to Yoon who maybe is a obsessive stalker but innocent in the regard of murder. 
So in order to close this gap and make them able to fully relate to each other, Sangwoo made Yoon do this. 

It’s only a theory of mine so let me know what you think but please note that I know this is a fucked up way of thinking.
I don’t want to defend Sangwoo for his actions, I just try to find the motives behind his actions.


Okay so I wanted to do another gifset breaking down a training video.

This is Mike Hughes, and the video is ‘Defensive Aggression Behavior With Abused Horse’. He states that the horse in this video was abused, causing the aggressive behavior. He differentiates the behavior in this video from ‘true aggression’ by pointing out that the horse does not continue its attack, but instead only does what it has to do to escape the situation, and then flees.

He says, after the horse throws him down, ‘Immediately I’m gonna get up and send him to work round penning exercises. It’s really important that we don’t cause pain or fear to the horse, making him feel threatened worse than he already feels even though that was not our intention.’

A minute later he says again:

‘It’s really important that the exercises do not cause pain or fear to the horse. He is not being aggressive so to speak, in his mind he felt threatened from the abuse he suffered in the past.’

Obviously this guy is ten degrees kinder and more rational than our favorite downunder horsemanship, Clinton Anderson. But there are obvious flaws with what he’s saying.

First of all, he’s failing to recognize the actual stress he is inducing in the horse. Not only is the horse proving its fright by physically attacking him, you can see other signs of stress. In the last few gifs, note the heavy licking and chewing, and how the horse looks and leans away from him.

The horse has learned, through the round pen exercises, that leaving is not an option. He’s been taught a conventional exercise using light and sympathetic levels of negative reinforcement. This trainer is not driving him hard. There’s no sweat, there’s no relentless chasing and smacking on the ass, there’s just enough pressure to get the behaviors he wants (go, stop, turn, come up to me, hold still while I touch you). But the trainer is still using fear to train, despite his claims that doing so is counterproductive.

This is the inherent problem in using negative reinforcement with a horse like this. Using conventional round pen methods, you’re forced to apply a stressful stimulus in order to train. The nature of the exercise teaches the horse that he has no options. If he doesn’t stand still, he’ll be punished. He’s afraid of this. But he’s also afraid of being touched, because he has learned through past experiences/abuses that human touch is bad news bears. This leads to the dangerous scenario seen in the first two gifs. This is a horse that has learned to suppress its aggressive behaviors (notice there is no precursor to the attack, no pinned ears, no obvious body language) until it absolutely cannot stand to do so anymore, and then suddenly attacks and flees. This is what happens when you present a horse with zero options: unpredictable aggression. This horse is stuck between a rock (his fear of touch) and a hard place (the punishment of being ‘sent away’ in the round pen).

An alternative to this exercise would be to work the horse at liberty - and I mean truly at liberty, in a big arena or pasture where he has the ability to run away, and actively teach him that he is allowed to run away. Giving the horse the option to run away prevents fear-related aggression. Once the horse is no longer trapped between what he fears and what you will do to him if he flees, you can begin to offer motivation for him to permit the things that he fears. Touch his shoulder first with a whip to give yourself distance (for your own safety, and also to allow you to better observe his body language), mark and reward with food. Once he readily permits this touch in order to get a reward, he will habituate to it, lose his fear, and then be counter conditioned (this stimulus/the shoulder touch = food reward) to even enjoy the exercise. This is how I resolved aggression in my kicking, biting, late-gelded horse when I first began working with him.

There is no fast fix for this type of deeply ingrained aggression. Whether you’re using negative reinforcement, positive reinforcement, or a combination of both, it takes an accumulation of neutral or positive experiences to eventually overwhelm an enormous backlog of fearful associations. But trying to resolve fear by using fear as seen in this video, is at best counterproductive, and at worst incredibly dangerous.

Becoming Close With Credence Barebone Would Include  :

· Meeting him at a NSPS rally 

· Taking his leaflets even though you were a wizard

· You initiating the conversation with him first since you found him interesting and he was too shy to start the conversation

· Him apologizing whenever you made a joke thinking you were making fun of him

· You telling him that you would never make fun of him countless times sincerely

· Your first ‘date’ being small tea shop far away from the NSPS rally so Mary Lou wouldn’t see him 

· Him admitting he had never had tea before that day

· You inviting him over but him declining every time because he didn’t want Mary Lou to find out that he was going out

· Him offering to walk you home so nothing happens to you when its dark

· Hearing a knock on your door very late the night he walked you home to find him standing there with his head down squeezing his hands together tightly

· Inviting him in while he apologized multiple times for stopping by so late

· Healing his wounds and making him tea (Tea becoming something you always made for him since he was deprived of it before he met you)

· Holding him while he cried and talked about his life with Mary Lou

· Telling him about being a wizard and him being grateful that you trusted him enough to tell him something so big

· Talking to him about magic and showing him tricks that entertained and soothed him

· Finding out he was talking to Graves and trying to convince him that Graves was not trying to help him, but was only using him

· Him begging you for help after he killed Mary Lou and went Obscurial 

· Comforting him and calming him down

· Expressing how much you wanted to kill Graves for hurting Credence, then having Credence tell you that he deserved everything Graves did/said to him

· Telling him how much he didn’t deserve getting hurt like that and how much you cared for him

· Helping him control his magic 

· Him living with you after Mary Lou died

· Late night cuddles after all of his nightmares (which occurred regularly)

· Noticing his craving for physical contact after being deprived of positive contact for so long

· Eventually just deciding to share a room at least until he stopped having nightmares and being afraid of sleeping alone

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what exactly are you looking for in a "from eden" au?

oh my GO SH im glad u asked !! if you’ve seen “from eden” vid it’s basically katie mchot, lil fella, and hozey mgcee they’re all like out on the road robbing gas stations n mess, breaking into places, and laughing like it’s all FINE . even though they’re wanted criminals and lil fella ( the kid, he’s not biologically theirs they found him in some old run down lol shack and apparently he’d been abused + abandoned ), so basically, if this was a supercorp au I’d like to think the ‘kid’ they’d take in would def b clark ( as kara was supposed to take care of him canonically and here she could fulfill that ) also specifically i used clips from melissa in that movie ‘band of robbers’ cause she’s a cop that gets roped into helping the ’ robbers ’ with their lil charade without realizing it. so what i’m thinking is this kinda vibe with kara having been a cop and lena a criminal and lena basically seduces her gay ass so kara “believes in her” and frees her from her cell . then they go on the run and visit dingy diners, sketchy motels, and all kinds of road stops . sex under the stars at like 3am lmao . anyways they find clark and become his mommies and settle down OR alternate ending and lena gets arrested so kara busts into prison to free her and they raise their kid together cuteee. all the while kara struggles w the morality of it but comes to terms w stealing etc because she really does believe in lena… but then lena comes to the side of good cause she loves their kid and kara so much . this badass au ends with lena being a soccer mom lmfaooo

this kinda vibe u feel: 

Brogane/Kogane family headcanons!

Oh boy here we go! This also takes place while Keith is on college!

  • Shiro still lives at home with Momma Kogane even though he’s engaged because he’s scared to leave his mother by herself.
  • Momma Kogane was Korean and Shiros father was Japanese. She moved to America and to the south to meet Keiths dad once Shiro was old enough because Shiros father was abusive.
  • She had Keith with his father and he passed away, so she was officially a single mother, but Shiro helped out as much as he could with the baby.
  • Shiro used to have rather long hair but shaved it off to look tough and like the dominant male of the house, and Keith really looked up to him as a kid.
  • Keith still looks up to Shiro but won’t admit it at all.
  • Keith talks about Lance all the time and Shiro teases him and messes with him.
  • Allura keeps asking Shiro to move in with him but he’s scared to leave his mom. 
  • Keith steals Shiros food all the time and Shiro is not afraid to pull the food away from him. That’s his. 
  • Shiro and Keith are gossip buddies. 
  • Shiro and Keith talk about their sex lives very vividly with each other. It gets sort of gross sometimes. 
  • Shiro still acts like he’s 5 even when he’s older than Keith. He wouldn’t ever admit that to the public though. 
  • Shiro and Keith fight like toddlers, Momma Kogane has to pat their heads roughly with newspapers to get them to stop. 
  • Momma Kogane is so short she needs to get a step ladder to hit Shiros head. 
  • Shiros secretly scared of the newspaper. 
  • Keith and Shiro still act like young teenagers and do some awful things in their bedrooms and watch horrible things and Momma Kogane scolds them.
  • Momma Kogane loves Allura and Keith and takes care of them whenever they stay over. 
  • Momma Kogane has no filter and will freely point out being able to hear sex or how big Alluras chest is. 
  • She also tells very embarrassing baby stories of them. Shiro joins when it’s about Keith. 
  • Momma Kogane is quite tiny too. 4′9, 5′1ish. She’s a small Asian mother who loves her children and she wears loose patterned clothing. 
  • Momma Kogane switches from Japanese to Korean and both of her boys can fluently speak those two languages along with English. They speak it fluently a lot in their own house. 
  • Momma Kogane has a chore chart.
  • She is also a very good cook. 

What a wonderful holiday. I am so fortunate. An amazing job that pays well above min wage that i can do from home. Im doing great in college, i have 2 A’s a high B and a C in math. My little girl is happy and healthy. I am loved by a man devoted to me… i havent made it official with him due to my busy life, but its nice to know men still want me even though i have a child. Cant wait for my future, i am a force to be reckond with…

Consider This: Trans!Harry

And of course I’m talking about Drarry, 

So Harry was sorted into Slytherin, right? And immediately Draco and Harry become friends, and this is before he’s out so everyone thinks of him as a girl.

I don’t know what his dead-name would be, it’s not important. 

Harry likes Draco because he’s smart and interesting and funny and kind of an asshole. 

Draco likes Harry because he’s nice and so NOT an asshole but somehow he still has this amazing sarcastic streak that surprises him everytime it slips out. 

Harry figures out he’s a boy around second year, and of course he would never tell shitty abusive Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia and Dudley. 

But he HAS to tell SOMEONE. 

So the first person he tells is Draco, even though he’s worried that maybe Draco won’t want to be his friend anymore, because his family is so snobby and rich and particular. 

And Draco is quiet for a while. 

And Harry is terrified, because he doesn’t know anyone at Hogwarts that well and he really likes Draco and considers him to be his best friend. 

And finally he just says; 

“Why the bloody hell does it matter whether you’re a boy or a girl?” 

And Harry is astonished, and he blushes, and sort of shrugs, because he’s still unsure. 

Draco looks at him.

“It doesn’t matter. At all. I don’t care.”

Harry nods. 

“Um, you’re the only one who knows,” 

“I thought as much.” 

“I just…I don’t know,” 

“Well? What are you going to call yourself? I mean you can’t go around being known as (..) if you’re going to be proper bloke!”

Harry blinks at him.

“Well, I was thinking, about uh- Harry maybe?” 

Draco snorts because that’s kind of a ridiculous name. 

“If you’re so sure.” 

“I think I am. Harry James Potter. Yeah. I think that sounds nice.” 

Draco mumbles something. 

“What was that?” 


And so it begins. 

And of course, after Harry comes out at school, Draco is constantly correcting and sneering at people who get his name and pronouns wrong, because he’s obsessed with being right and this is right up his ally. 

“The Girl Who-” 

“I’LL HAVE YOU KNOW that he’s the bloody boy you lived you utter arse” 





“(DEADNAME) Potter?” 


And when everyone expects Harry to start using voice altering potions and such, and he doesn’t want to, Draco is the first to defend him. 

“Did you plebeians EVER CONSIDER that it’s HIS BODY and he can do WHATEVER HE WANTS WITH IT!!!” 


Harry loves him so much for it, because it’s so uncomfortable to correct people and it makes him so anxious sometimes. You never know what kind of pricks are out there. 

And Harry and Draco just grow closer and closer as the years go on. But Harry’s oblivious as hell and Draco just doesn’t understand his feelings. 

So it takes an 8th year party where they have a drunken make-out session that literally EVERYONE is expecting before they figure things out. 

And since they’re so close, everything just falls into place. 

And Draco Malfoy does not become a deatheater, because he’s too busy protecting his boyfriend from transphobic idiots, and he figures that The Dark Lord is probably transphobic too, and he just can’t deal with that. 

If that means he stays at school for a few holidays, that’s fine with him, because Harry stays back too. 

It’s sad to me that Daikoku wanted a kid so bad that Kofuku went out and named a kid spirit for him (even though she released the kid spirit again). Then you have Yukine’s father who more than likely abused Yukine ultimately killing him. This really breaks my heart. All Daikoku wanted was to be a dad but Yukine’s father didn’t want to be.