even though these things are not necessarily important

tactile ronan headcanons
  • I just think that he touches adam all the time and it’s not just a sexual or even necessarily romantic thing; it’s a “you’re here and important to me so I’m gonna touch you a lot because that’s one of the easiest ways for me to communicate” thing
  • when it’s really hot out adam will Suffer if they cuddle at night because ronan is one of those space heater type dudes. ronan insists on having like, one hand on him though (you know those people who need at least a corner of blanket on them to sleep no matter how hot it is - that’s ronan but with adam’s limbs)
  • speaking of summertime…..adam freckles a lot when he’s in the sun and ronan always has to point out the new ones when they appear. (”was this one here last year?” “idk why would I keep track of that” “wtf parrish you have the entire periodic table memorized and yet you don’t remember what your own shoulder looks like? freak”) (they’re both freaks)
  • I’ve mentioned this before but ronan is pretty much one of those dogs that doesn’t understand it’s way too big to sit in people’s laps
  • if adam ever gets like…a paper cut…ronan is THERE he’s like ok we need to fucking disinfect this let me help you
  • he also definitely DEFINITELY does the thing where one hand is sort of on the small of adam’s back sometimes when they’re in public together, not pulling him around or anything just making sure he’s still there (and to piss off homophobes lbr I could make an entire post abt the various ways ronan accomplishes that too)
  • (for his part, adam absolutely loves how freely and gently ronan touches. it’s completely unfamiliar and a little surprising to him at first - he’s gone a lot of his life without much in terms of positive physical contact - but after a few months of being with ronan he doesn’t know how he managed without it)

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top 10 favorite fics?

This has been sitting in my inbox for a hot minute, honestly, because this is a super difficult question. I’m sorry it’s taken so long to answer! I want to preface by saying that I’ve read a ridiculous amount of fic in this fandom, and I’ve loved so much of it, and there are plenty of fics that I would die for that aren’t on this list. also i’m constantly reading and finding new universes to love, so this list could change any day? but here goes, my top 10 favorite (at this very moment in time) hl fics:

10. Relief Next To Me by dolce_piccante (334k)

What can I say? Is this fic overhyped? Maybe. Is it ridiculously long? Sure. Is it nothing but pure fluff? Yeah, you’re right. Would I die for it? Absolutely. I find myself revisiting this universe over and over again, and that’s saying something for a fic this massive. I just love how fun the relationship is, so whenever I’m feeling blue and need to get away from anything angst, this is one of my go-to’s.

9. let it shine under the morning star, orphaned (22k)

This is one of the first fics I ever read twice (I’m not normally a fan of re-reading fics) and I still go back to it from time to time just to experience the amazing aesthetic this fic has. It’s set during the Belle Époque, one of my favorite historical eras in terms of the arts, and the imagery is just beautiful. Read this while listening to some Chopin or John Field; it’s totally lovely.

8. the impossible now by stylinsoncity (54k)

Oh, god. This fic is incredible. There are a lot of really great original plots out there, and there are a lot of good time-travel/universe swapping fics, but this one takes the cake. The angst and the conflict resolve are super well done, and this is one of those fics you just can’t stop reading even for a second. I remember staying up one night reading it all in one go, yelling at Kelli the entire time. I think I’m due to revisit this one myself!

7. You Come Beating Like Moth’s Wings by supernope (81k)

The Barcelona Fic™!!!! I read this pretty early on when I became a 1d fan and it’s stuck with me as one of the most fun and adventurous fics I’ve ever read. The entire idea of a whirlwind romance while traveling abroad is an automatic set-up for fun times (as well as a little angst) but the best part of this fic is the slow burn. If you haven’t read this one, you absolutely must.

6. Black with Autumn Rain by whimsicule (93k)

If you’re looking for originality, look no further tbh. Listen, I’m a huge horror/sci-fi/fantasy fanatic, and I’m obsessed with anything different, so obviously there’s some bias going on here, and I recognize that this fic may not be for everyone. However, it feels like this fic was written for me. This is one of those fics where the romance takes a bit of a back seat to the actual story, which is something I love, and the actual story is what keeps you hooked. On top of that, fucking phenomenal writing. Read this one when it’s raining, preferably with the lights off.

5. 210 Days by cherrystreet (16k)

Listen. Are you listening? Okay, good. This fic changed me. This was the first of Shelly’s fics that I ever read, and I couldn’t stop screaming about it for weeks. Shelly is, quite honestly, the queen of hurt and comfort. Did I cry while reading this? Of course. But I finished this fic feeling so content, hopeful even, for Harry and Louis, and for how strong their love is in this universe. I got hooked on the writing right away, but even more than that, I got introduced to Shelly’s incredible ability to write about the pain of the real world while highlighting all of the good things that happen as well. This fic is a huge gift; it brought me comfort during a really shitty time in my life, it made some of my friendships stronger, and it introduced me to one of my favorite people in this fandom. Anyway, the writing in this is totally poetic, so if you want to know what it feels like to be adored, read Harry’s letters to Louis in this fic and get back to me.

4. Have You Coming Back Again by whoknows (31k)

It’s crazy to me that this fic is number 4 on this list instead of number 1, because the first time I read this fic I ranted and raved about it for a ridiculously long time. The first time I tried to read this, I couldn’t get into it. Fortunately, I tried again after a few weeks and when I did get into it, I got into it. I adore the characterization in this fic. The writing is, of course, totally on point. “You’re just obsessed with fluff,” you might say. Well you’d be right, but that doesn’t change the fact that whoknows has a gift for writing a fun, playful romance.

3. Here in the Afterglow by fondleeds (89k)

Ah, here’s where I really get emotional. When lysha posted this, I had already read her first work, which I adored, so I was really excited for a well-done historical au (I’m a hoe for historical au if that isn’t obvious, btw). But nothing could have prepared me for this fic. Not only are all of the historical details totally spot on (the MUSIC IN THIS IS.. INCREDIBLE!!!), but the story itself handles the coming out “trope” with such incredible finesse and care, it’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen. There is so much LGBT+ history in this fic, and it’s treated with the respect it deserves, which is something I really haven’t ever seen in any other fic before. When I finished it, I just had this immense feeling of thankfulness for the pioneers of LGBT+ rights, which is not something you’d necessarily expect to get from a fic?? Anyways I’m rambling but I really can’t emphasize enough how wonderful and important to me this fic is. You absolutely must listen to 70′s rock while reading this, btw.

2. It Comes and Goes in Waves/It Always Does by roaroftheninth (51k)

Am I a fake for making this my #2 even though I only first read it a few days ago? Maybe. This fic, just recently completed, is another absolutely original fic that stands out from anything I’ve ever read. The thing about this fic is, the romance (like BWAR) is secondary. This is more a story about a soldier, who has to deal with the loss and pain he was left with after WWII, and his struggle to accept his own self-worth and happiness. Everything about the story itself is just flawless: the writing, the characterization, the plot, the imagery, the dialogue, the vocabulary itself - all of it is fantastic. I know the MCD tag scares people (it definitely scares me too!) but I promise it’s survivable, and the ending is happy! Given, if you like cookie-cutter fic with a predictable plot with all smiles and no tears, this fic isn’t for you. Then again, real life probably isn’t for you. If you want to read something real, something powerful and thought-provoking, read this. (Also, bonus points to this fic for SLOWWWW burn, an amazing tension-release, and a beautiful ending).

1. Tug-of-War by cherrystreet (63k)

You knew I couldn’t make a fic rec without having cherrystreet on here twice, right? The reality is, all of Shelly’s fics should be in my top 10, because I love them all, but there is no universe that compares to TOW. As always, her writing and characterization are on point. It’s obvious how much Shelly cares for this universe in the details of this fic, and it’s obvious how much she loves Louis and Harry in the way she carefully handles their fragile hearts in this particularly angst-driven story. Like the previous recommendation, this fic perfectly captures the pain of the real world, while still emphasizing that things can get better, that if you don’t give up, or even if you have already given up, you can change things for yourself just by believing that you deserve it. This fic is, naturally, littered with hardships and addresses real human sorrow, but it’s also full of love and hope, and lots of laughter. I’ve read it multiple times, and every time I’m left smiling and a little more in love with hl than I was before, so if you’re waiting to read this one or you haven’t done it yet because you’re afraid of the angst, I promise it won’t hurt you.

Sorry this was so long and so extra, but Top 10 is truly an outrageously difficult question! And like… it could change by tomorrow, for all I know! Anyways I hope you enjoy these if you haven’t read them yet, and even if you have read them maybe try giving some of them another go! All of these universes are too wonderful not to enjoy multiple times.

Fandom and the Intersection of Feminism and Race

Intersectionality – specifically, the intersection of feminism and race as it pertains to Black women – has become a bit of a Tumblr buzzphrase that is generally applied to major social issues. But it has a real and important place in fandom as well, and while that is generally accepted on the surface, it has come to mean (to folks to don’t actually get it) simply acknowledging the existence of Black women.

Here’s the thing, though. Intersectionality isn’t white women reblogging photos of black women with the caption “omg so beautiful!” It isn’t fancasting Lupita in everything or having “poc” headcanons of white characters. It doesn’t even necessarily mean supporting existing Black women characters (though that’s a start). Those things are inclusive, but they’re not necessarily intersectional.

To understand the intersectionality of feminism and race in media (and, by extension, fandom), one must understand the fundamental differences between what is considered empowering for white women vs. what is empowering for Black women. (Hint: due to many years of dehumanization of Black women while white women have been portrayed as The Ideal, these two perceptions are almost diametrically opposite.)

Take the Strong Woman who isn’t there to be loved. White women love this trope, because white women in media are so often primarily seen as love interests. I can understand how that can be frustrating, and how it can be refreshing to see, say, Furiosa in Mad Max. But – and this is important – the Strong Woman trope, applied to a Black woman, reads entirely differently, and to ignore that ignores intersectionality altogether.

Black women have almost never been the ones who need protecting in media. Black women aren’t sick and tired of always being love interests. The Strong Independent Woman (thanks in part to fandom repeatedly using the term to try and keep women of color in their romance-free place) has become virtually a slur when it comes to Black women in media in the same way the Damsel in Distress makes white women’s skin crawl. If you care about intersectionality at all, it’s important to understand that. The experience of Black women in media is the Bizarro World version of white women’s experience.

Most “inclusive” feminists can see the disparity between Scarlett O'Hara and Mammy, and (I hope) understand that Mammy was dehumanized and otherized. The Scarlett and Mammy trope lives on today, with only the most un-PC parts of the Mammy character removed. Otherizing Black women is not yet widely considered un-PC. It still continues in the media we consume every day. And just because they’re often glorified for being so strong, so tough, and so independent it doesn’t make it OK.

Abbie Mills is a tough, independent badass – but Katrina embodied “womanhood,” precious and pure. Michonne is a tough, independent badass – but Jessie embodies “womanhood.” And on and on.

It has been said so many times, but it hardly ever seems to sink in: It is progressive and feminist for Black women to be the precious ones, the love interests, the damsels who need saving. 

So if you instinctively ask why a Black woman can’t just be strong or get upset if she is “reduced to a love interest,” allowed the kind of romantic storyline you take for granted and spit on, the answer is: Your brand of feminism doesn’t apply here.

And, you know, that doesn’t negate that brand of feminism. Intersectionality (of all kinds) asks you to look at feminism as something that is complex, not a set of one-size-fits-all rules. 

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How common is the fear that we're lying to ourselves about our trans/queer identities? I'm fairly grounded in who I understand myself to be but it doesnt always seem like I can trust my own feelings. This casts doubt on everything and leaves me constantly unsure of myself. Any advice on breaking through this?

It’s very, very common.

Any queer identity, either by orientation or by gender alignment (though by gender alignemnt especially, in my experience), is under constant scrutiny from cis Straight people. And we internalize that, to the point where we scrutinize ourselves to the breaking point.

And that is the goal of any bully, of any abuser - for us to do the dirty work for them. For us to hurt ourselves, so that they don’t have to. Because they know they can’t be around harassing and invalidating us 24/7, so they need to make sure we pick up from where they leave off.

And it’s very hard to break free from those thoughts, from those habits. Because they’ve been carved into our brains for so long and so deeply.

One thing, one very important thing, you can do when you are having these thoughts of doubt is to remind yourself of this. To remind yourself that this doubt isn’t necessarily yours - it’s theirs. It’s just that they have taught you to feel it and tricked you into believing it is your own.

Remind yourself, work towards making yourself believe, that their treatment of you is wrong. That their doubt is unfounded. That you, of course, know your own feelings - your own gender and orientation - far better than anyone else ever could.

Just knowing that the doubt is unfounded, even though you might still feel it, can be a huge relief.

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I'm yet to get to German subjunctive but your post intrigued me so much, could you tell me more about this German awesomeness? :3

This… is gonna be long.

Okay, so in German, we have two forms of the subjunctive, creatively called Konjunktiv I (the present tense) and Konjunktiv II (the past tense). Konjunktiv II is much better known because it’s also what we use for the conditional, so I’ll start with that one before going on to what I meant before.

So first of all: forming it. You take the imperfect forms, if there’s a possibility to stick an umlaut on, you do so, and you add in an -e(-) as part of the ending if there wasn’t one already. Eg:

war       -      wäre
warst    -      wärest
war       -      wäre
waren   -      wären
wart      -      wäret
waren   -      wären
Here you see the added umlaut as well as some e’s

hatte       -      hätte
hattest    -      hättest
hatte       -      hätte
hatten     -      hätten
hattet      -      hättet
hatten     -      hätten
Here there were no e’s to add, but we have the umlaut

ging       -      ginge
gingst    -      gingest
ging       -      ginge
gingen   -      gingen
gingt      -      ginget
gingen   -      gingen 
Here there are no umlauts, but you see the extra e’s still

Many weak verbs have no difference in form, eg passte could be indicative or subjunctive. 
With some exceptions, the only verbs that are really used in Konjunktiv II are auxiliaries or modals (so sein, haben, werden, müssen, wollen*, sollen*, wissen, dürfen, können, mögen..). Wollen and sollen don’t take umlauts, and some of these verbs have forms you may have already seen (ich möchte, ich könnte for example). Werden (würde, würdest, würde, würden, würdet, würden) is used as an auxiliary for most other verbs, eg ich würde passen instead of ich passte and ich würde gehen instead of ich ginge.

The main use of the imperfect subjunctive / Konjunktiv II is for the conditional or for hypothetical situations etc. For example:

Wenn ich reich wäre, würde ich nie wieder arbeiten.
If I were rich, I’d never work again.
Wenn ich die Zeit hätte, würde ich gern mitkommen.
If I had the time, I’d gladly come along.
Wenn ich Auto fahren könnte, müsste ich nicht den Bus nehmen.
If I could drive a car, I wouldn’t have to take the bus.

Onto the present / Konjunktiv I then. First we’ll talk about forming it, then I’ll explain its uses. This also works with extra e’s - you take the stem of the infinitive (ie remove the -en), and add the endings -e, -est, -e, -en, -et, -en. So we get:

You’ll notice that the ich, wir, and sie forms are all the same as the indicative, as they already had the e.


But what’s important is that almost all irregularities (except for sein, which I’ll get to) leave when you do this - you really do just take the stem, regardless of the verb.

habest* (not like hast)
Here again the ich, wir, and sie forms are still the same.

könne (not like kann)
könnest (not like kannst)
Here you’ll see that the ich form is also different because it’s not longer irregular like it used to be, though wir and sie are still the same

As I said, the one verb which has its own forms is sein, which goes sei, seiest, sei, seien, seiet, seien.

The most important thing that the present subjunctive is used for is reported speech. If you’re relaying somebody else’s words, you kind of “take a step back” from it, and so people can see that what you’re saying is not what you think, or even necessarily true, but what someone else has said. You’ll see it all the time in newspapers and any journalistic writing, really.
(I’m looking for good example sentences and so many of them are relationship advice hahaha)

Er sagt, ich sei seine Traumfrau (oder: Er sagt, dass ich seine Traumfrau sei).
He said that I’m his dream woman.
Sie sagte mir auf Englisch, sie könne kein Deutsch (oder: .. dass sie kein Deutsch könne).
She told me in English that she couldn’t speak German.
Er sagte, er habe das schon gemacht (oder: Er sagte, dass er das schon gemacht habe.
He said he already did it / had already done it.

It’s almost exclusively used in the 3rd person (sometimes in the 1st but not really ever in the 2nd). Because it communicates the idea of reported speech, you can use it without a clear “speech” word (sagen, behaupten, laut etc) and it means it can sort of take the idea of “supposedly/supposed to” or “apparently”. 
(NB - it also has a small use in like “wishes”, in parallel to other languages, so sentences like “long live… (Germany, the king etc)” or “thank god!/god be praised!” (es lebe… (Deutschland, der König usw) / Gott sei dank!) would also take this)

Finally, although it’s the present subjunctive that is normally used for reported speech, if the form is the same (so normally for the plural), you would replace it with the past. For example, in the sentence Die Leute sagen, sie haben kein Geld (The people say they have no money), haben could be indicative or subjunctive, so you’d see it put into the Konjunktiv II instead to make sure it’s clear - Die Leute sagen, sie hätten kein Geld.

This is a very long post and yet I feel like I’ve covered an awful lot in a very short space of time. Let me know if there’s anything I messed up or anything else you want further clarified!

@ the AOS fandom

Please tag your stuff related to abuse

I’ve noticed a lot of people reblogging my posts about it without tags and I think that’s bc a lot of people don’t usually tag at all, but with it being so prominent at the moment, especially in regards to Fitz, I think it’s important for us all to remember that enjoying drama and fictional pain and painful headcanons (which I love, don’t get me wrong) may also be exposing people to things that they find deeply upsetting, discomforting, unhealthy or even triggering.

For some people these things aren’t just about ~thefeels~ and even though we all know it’s not real and it’s all going to be okay, that doesn’t make it not abuse and it doesn’t negate what some people think and feel in relation to this viewing experience. Depicting and discussing abuse doesn’t necessarily make the show evil, either, but it’s still there and while we’re here on a platform specifically designed so that people can shape their viewing & interacting experiences, we should be taking advantage of tags to be good fandom citizens.

Look after your fellow fans and please tag.

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Would Matt ever be able to take down Elektra (in fighting; any style)? Honestly tho...? (I don't think he can..)

it’s just…. not realistic matthew. even if emotions weren’t a part of it he doesn’t have her training by MILES. he has a pair of sticks and she has pointy metal things??? tbh tho even if it was hand to hand he still doesn’t stand much of a chance bc she’s much more brutal. ALSO elektra can canonically get past his radar, though not easily, so that wouldn’t necessarily be the advantage it is to him when he fights other ppl??? and she knows him well enough to know what fucks with his senses so basically it’s bye bye matt

What do INFJs want in a relationship by Elaine Schallock

What do INFJs look for in a partner?

The Ni/Fe function pair serves as a very powerful screening tool for the INFJ in everything from friendships to romantic relationships. INFJs are constantly evaluating their relationships, keeping at least one finger on the pulse of the relationship at all times. It is my experience that most INFJs (wisely) won’t even bother to invest in a relationship if they sense someone is lacking in authenticity and/or has major ego defensive issues. (The exception to this rule is the INFJ that is attracted to the idea of making a “project” out of a relationship – taking on an egoic partner as a challenge, someone in need of enlightenment, etc. This, of course, is a risky and inadvisable move; one that I believe is unhealthy for the INFJ.)

If an INFJ is working from a healthy place, (s)he will likely be looking for these qualities in a relationship: openness and honesty, patience, genuineness, a minimum level of intellectual compatibility, good communication, friendship, perceptivity and receptiveness from his/her partner, some level of interest in social issues, and, if we’re being honest, thanks to the influencing powers of the inferior function (Se) physical attractiveness can and often does play a role (whether it should is a different matter!)

What do INFJs need to feel satisfied in a relationship?

Communication. Communication. Communication. They really struggle with partners that either cannot or will not communicate. This isn’t necessarily limited to the expression of feelings, though this is important, but thoughts, ideas, insights, etc. Conversely, they also need to be able to feel comfortable communicating with their partners. INFJs are surprisingly verbal (more so than any of the other introverts), and they need clearance to speak candidly about their perceptions, even at the risk of offending of their partners. This is why a lack of ego defensiveness in their partners is so important. 

Communication takes precedence - the idea being that with open and honest communication, almost any other challenge can be navigated - but other things that INFJs need to be satisfied in a relationship include respect (especially for their Ni insights), semi-regular expression of love/affirmation, willingness from their partner to devote time and energy to work on the relationship, a high level of trust, and some level of willingness to try new things and share new experiences.

What should INFJs avoid in relationships?

Again, ego defensiveness is number one. An ego defensive partner can also induce ego defensiveness in the INFJ. When the relationship starts to go down that road it can be extremely destructive. INFJs tend to do very poorly with passive aggressive behavior, which can quickly lead to the erosion of respect and love in the relationship. They are not like Fi types who can internally manage their feelings. Instead, INFJs actually do better when they keep their feelings out in the open where they can be appropriately managed and dealt with. If their partner can’t handle this, then it might not be the right relationship.

INFJs also need to be wary of the pitfalls that are specific to their inferior sensing function. It is important that they not be blinded by physical attractiveness, sexual compatibility, or material wealth to the potential character flaws in their partners. Placing these factors ahead of other more substantive N traits (like intellectual compatibility, mutual respect and understanding, etc.) should be avoided. 

Are certain personality types more compatible with INFJs?

As a general rule, I don’t pitch the “this type should never pair with that type” philosophy. However, it is true that certain pairs will naturally have more rapport than others making the relationship easier to navigate on the whole. Sharing absolutely no function pair in common is a set-up for a relationship that’s going to require a great deal of work on the part of both partners in order to understand and appreciate one another. Additionally, in my experience having conflicting judging function pairs is more problematic than conflicting perceiving function pairs (i.e. partnering an Te/Fi with an Fe/Ti is usually more problematic than partnering an Ne/Si and an Se/Ni).

That said, INFJs seem to do well with NTP types, either INTP or ENTP, thanks to shared judging systems (the Fe and Ti combo, just in reverse). Additionally, the preference for intuition creates a special bond with respect to discussing the metaphysical and theoretical together. INFJs have also been known to partner with ENFPs, INFPs, and sometimes ENFJs. Because intuition is so dominant in INFJs they are usually fairly reluctant to get involved with other S types (though, again, there can be an intense initial attraction to Se dominant types thanks to the inferior function). They can usually maintain a fairly positive friendship/acquaintanceship with STP types, but it’s not likely to extend into a successful long-term romantic relationship.

Lastly, I would say it’s very uncommon to see an INFJ partner with an Si type. This combination is the most likely run into problems because the gap in understanding between INJ and ISJ types is almost too great to overcome, at least not without a great deal of work. As it usually happens though, Ni and Si types tend to have such an aversion to each other at first meeting that it’s unlikely they’ll have the initial attraction required to get a romantic relationship off the ground anyway.

What advice can you give INFJs looking for the ideal relationship? 

I would say that INFJs may actually need to be wary of searching for the “ideal relationship” as such thinking tends to fuel the perfectionism that can get INFJs into so much trouble. INFJs have lofty ideals where people are concerned. The truth is that while this is genuinely well-meaning, it can have very damaging consequences if not properly balanced with realistic expectations. INFJs put high standards on themselves and they expect the same from their partners. But people are flawed (goodness knows the INFJ isn’t perfect either), and they will fail to satisfy the INFJs ideals from time to time. When something (or rather someone) doesn’t live up to their expectations, particularly if they are in the grip of Se, they can be incredibly condemning. 

For this reason it’s important that INFJs not put too much emphasis on outcomes, or physical manifestations, when it comes to what they expect from their partners. Here is an example where an “’A’ for effort” really goes a long way, even if the execution is flawed. INFJs (and NFJs generally) may need to learn to be more forgiving and less stringent when it comes to their expectations. It has often happened that a partner, under the constant critique and tutelage from the INFJ on how to be better in the relationship, walks out because they can’t handle the constant feeling of failure. Of course, this only seeks to confirm the INFJ’s suspicions that the partner was not, in fact, up to the “ultimate” standards placed before him/her. If the INFJ continues in this way it’s unlikely that (s)he will ever find a suitable partner. 

Instead, INFJs do better to select a partner with great potential and willingness to learn and grow. This means finding someone with the qualities mentioned above such as a lack of ego-defensiveness, openness and honesty, etc. These foundations are good enough to qualify as “ultimate”, and I believe the will to learn should be valued above performance on any of the INFJs’ given “stress tests”, as I like to call them. If the INFJ and his/her partner share great potential (i.e. a good foundation of communication and patience) with a shared desire to work toward the “ultimate” relationship (even if this a relatively illusory end goal, like a limit approaching a defined point but never actually reaching it) that is the ultimate relationship.

Energy Manipulation: Polarization habits (don’t make you a bad person), and how to break them

Often when we do a thing for long enough, we forget bits and pieces when we turn around to teach someone else the thing. So, the energy manipulation posts that you all have been reading may be a tad (read: very) incomplete. That’s okay. That’s why we have addendums. This is a long read. I tried to keep it short, but there’s a lot to address on this subject matter. There are also more exercises in this one post than in any other, so bear with me.

Keep reading

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Hello there! First of all, your blog is awesome :) I wonder if you can answer my question. I have seen several statements concerning INFJs and "raging" / "being angry", though i couldnt quite figure out what the exact problem INFJs have, concerning these emotions. Could you spare a sentence or two about this topic?

“INFJ rage” is a common thread I think because INFJs can become very easily impassioned by the select subjects and people that matter to them. Of course this will vary from INFJ to INFJ, but one common thing we experience is that when something important to us is violated, we feel a level of rage which (although isn’t necessarily ever outwardly expressed) is all-consuming and near explosive. For me, I rarely become angry and almost never express it (the collateral damage would be too great) but when I do, it is so fiery that I imagine screaming, exploding, even becoming violent (though I never would irl). I think this is because INFJs reserve true anger for only a few very important things. Like with friendships, it’s all about quality, not quantity. I don’t scatter my anger about for trivial things. Anger is for truly horrible things like violation of human rights, war, abuse, rape, and anyone who treats the people I care about poorly. If you toy with those things around me, I will at the very least be screaming at you in my head. But I will most likely never say anything out loud. Because the social repercussions would be to great. Because I’d melt your face off. 

Stay Awesome :)

you always find beauty in the one you love 💕

I was watching that oh so important video of Jungkook repeatedly saying ‘I want you’ to Jimin while he’s doing his little photoshoot and saying he looks handsome when I suddenly remembered something. In the bts in Sweden photoshoot, Jungkook was real upset about his freckles and the blush on his face. I thought this was odd, cuz in the ‘i want you’ clip, Jimin has got a looot of blush on. He looks like a little blushie angel.

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Be Consistent

“I know alpha dominance is crap, and I love playing with my dog and being sassy with her, but how do I help her understand when I’m being serious and that she needs to listen right away?” –A reader

I think it’s a mistake to say, “well alpha dominance is wrong” and then go into the far opposite direction and say, “my dog can do whatever he wants.” Yes of course alpha dominance is a myth, but our dogs don’t have the capacity to rationalize like a human adult, and must often be convinced to do things that they don’t necessarily want, because they don’t understand that it is for their own good. 

You can explain to a five year old child that even though he doesn’t like going to the dentist, it’s important because otherwise he could get cavities and those hurt an awful lot more than having the dentist just take a look in your mouth. You can’t do that with a dog. 

Dogs can be trained to do things they don’t think are necessary, because it makes us happy and because they get a reward, but they still won’t understand the reasoning behind it. For them, loose leash walking is a strange quirk their companion has, but as long as they get to go on walks and get treats, it’s fine. Sitting before meals is a peculiar request, but as long as they get their food, it’s all good. 

Now, because dogs don’t grasp the significance behind certain requests, they aren’t going to understand the “exceptions”. For example, if you decide to let your dog sit on the furniture, she’s not going to understand why she can’t sit on the couch when your grandmother comes to visit, no matter how much you explain that she has fragile bones and she could break her hip by plowing on top of her. 

The solution would be to make her wait for permission before climbing up on the furniture, so that unless you give her a cue, she won’t do it. But that’s not really the point here. The point is that when you are training your dog, you need to be careful what play habits you have with your dog, and whether you are unintentionally setting yourself back by allowing certain behaviors to come up without correcting them. 

Your dog does not understand the exception. She does not understand the difference between “play time” and “training time”. She won’t understand why it’s okay to jump on you and nip at your arms one moment, and then the next it’s no longer acceptable. You can’t use your pillow for a pillow fight, and laugh it off when she grabs it and dances around a little bit, and then get upset when two days later she thought it was okay to tear it open and eat the feathers. 

The important thing here is consistency. Teach your dog behavioral cues and enforce them. If you want your dog to jump up on you occasionally, teach her an “up” or “jump” command, so she only does it when you say so. If you want your dog on the couch occasionally, teach her the “come up” command, and the “go to your spot” command, so you can let her up on the couch sometimes, but other times you can send her to her own bed to chill out. If you want to play bitey dog with her, put rules into place, and, most importantly, teach her the “aus” command. No matter how you decide to play with her, you need to be able to communicate with her that when you say, “aus!” playtime is over and she needs to stop what she’s doing and chill. 

When your dog does something you really don’t want her doing, don’t laugh it off. Don’t joke and say, “cut it out, you!” without reinforcing it. Be firm. Follow through. If she’s got something she can’t have, teach her to drop it, each and every time. If she has a habit of stealing food off the table, stop her, every time. Don’t just laugh one time she steals your bacon, but then flip out the next time she does it. She will not understand why it’s funny one day and not funny the next. 

Teach your dog that you mean what you say, and that she needs to follow your commands, so that if a situation arises where she tries to make off with the kitchen knife, or bolt across a busy street, you can tell her to drop it, or to stop, and she will listen. 

Be firm and consistent with your rules. I promise it’s okay to be strict with your dog, as long as you are doing it in a loving and encouraging way. 

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you mentioned minhyuk's love language in jealous monsta x... what do you think all of their love languages are?

there are 5 different love languages:

- words of affirmation
- physical touch
- quality time
- acts of service
- gift giving

I gave each member two different love languages. The first being the main priority and the next being a close second.

Shownu: Quality time and physical touch. I feel like for Shownu, he needs to spend time with his significant other and to be able to physically touch her, even if it’s not necessarily intimate. When these two things begin lacking, that’s when he may feel something is going awry in their relationship.

Wonho: Words of affirmation and physical touch. I think Wonho would be the type of lover who will do anything and everything for the woman he loves but he needs to be constantly reassured that what he’s doing is worth it, he needs to know how much you care about him otherwise he’ll believe you don’t want him anymore. Likewise, though not crucial, physical touch would be important in your relationship (i.e. holding hands, kissing, hugging, intercourse, etc.)

Minhyuk: Physical touch and words of affirmation. Physical touch would be more important to Minhyuk, although words of affirmation comes to a close second, but as you can already see Minhyuk is very touchy with his members but that is because he feels that degree of closeness to them. I feel that Minhyuk will become touchy with his s/o to express his fondness to her. He needs someone to hold when he says the three magic words, he won’t just throw it out there.

Kihyun: Acts of service and quality time. I feel that Kihyun would find himself wanting to cater to his s/o, making her meals, caring for their child when she can’t, taking responsibility whenever he can. I feel like that’s something Kihyun would subconsciously do for his s/o without any thought at all. He would just do it. As for quality time, he’d love to just be in her presence, even if they’re doing nothing, just sitting on the couch together is enough for him.

Hyungwon: Quality time and gift giving. I feel like Hyungwon might not be the best with his words when it comes to anything romantic so he would depend on wanting to see her often but never saying why. And buying her small gifts whether it be food, jewelry, or even stuffed animals just to show her how much he cares. It wouldn’t so much be a money issue but it’d be the best way he knows how to express his love.

Jooheon: Words of affirmation and quality time. I think Jooheon as well would depend on a lover who he could see often and just snuggle with whenever he wanted to. Long distance relationships would be hard for him because he wouldn’t be able to get that reassurance that everything is okay if there is a gap in miscommunication per say. So if that were the close, you’d constantly have to reassure him that he’s the one for you, otherwise he’ll think you found something better elsewhere.

I.M: Acts of service and physical touch. I can see I.M as the type to do things for his significant other whether it be voluntarily or involuntarily. When she asks him to get her a glass of water he wouldn’t have any second thoughts, he’d just get it. Not that she wants to walk all over him nor is he a pushover, he just would do anything for his s/o. As for physical touch, he’s very touchy with his hyungs and I don’t expect any less for his s/o, but tracing circles into your back with his fingertips, or holding your knee when he’s nervous, or just holding your hand are things that would calm him.

No matter what

Genre: Slight Angst/Fluff

Character: Jongin/Kai x Reader

Word Count: 2,008

A/N: For whoever requested this, I hope it’s up to your standards! Hope you all enjoy.

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              She ran as fast as she could, Y/N could hear cars honking as she recklessly crossed the street not bothering to check if the light was red or green, she’d abruptly apologized to every individual she would unintentionally bump into. The thick summer air was making it harder for her to breathe through her mask, while her hoodie and cap made her feel like it was ten degrees hotter than it truly was. Sweating and panting, Y/N anxiously waited for the door to open. She looked around discreetly hoping that no one had seen her and found her to be out of place. Within a couple minutes the open gate and door of the residence welcomed her.

               “He’s in his room.” Y/N bowed towards the leader gratefully, who knew exactly why she was there. Without another word she rushed towards his shared room.

               “Kai!” she called out bursting into the room, not bothering to knock. She wasn’t usually rude, but right now she had more important things to worry about than using her manners. “I brought you ice packs, ibuprofen, and some shoe inserts for now.” Gently, she placed the bag she had been carrying with her down on the bed besides him. Then proceeded to remove her mask, sunglasses, and baseball cap, the last thing she wanted was angry fans attacking her if they saw her go into the boy’s dorm.

“Y/N? What are you doing here?” that wasn’t necessarily the response she was expecting.

               “Well, Suho oppa told me you keep going to practice even though you’ve been prohibited.” A small distraught frown played on her lips as she spoke. “Don’t you remember what the doctor told you? He told you to use your inserts, wear the neoprene sleeve, rest, and go to physical therapy! Kai, you’re not supposed to be in the practice room further injuring yourself.” His eyes stared at her dully as she ran her hand through her messy hair due to the running. “But you insist on doing the opposite, I heard you haven’t even been to a single one of your therapy sessions!”

               “You know what, I don’t need to hear this from you!” Y/N jumped back startled by his sudden outburst. “Do you have any idea what it’s like to just sit in bed all day, while everyone else is out there working their ass off?” I do know what it’s like, I really do. “You don’t understand what it’s like to have injured yourself and have your career on the line because of that injury…” you’re wrong. “You better than anyone should know how much dancing means to me!” that’s why I’m here, you idiot.
               “Your career wouldn’t be on the line if you’d stop being so damn stubborn! You were diagnosed with shin splints, at first it was harmless, but because you couldn’t follow some simple orders something small and insignificant turned into something bigger! If you keep this up you’re going to end up under the knife and things might not be the same after that, then you’ll have realized that maybe, just maybe you should have listened to the doctor and those around you.” Don’t be like me.

               “Seriously, you piss me off.”

“Why, because I’m right?” she scoffed.
               “No, because you don’t know shit! You don’t know what it’s like to live every passing minute wondering if you’re going to be able to continue living your dream. I want to, but can I?” his voice only getting louder and louder through his gritted teeth.
               “Yes, you can… But you’re doing yourself more harm than you are good right now.” Trust me, I say this from experience. “Kai, for fucks sake, listen to the doctor’s order. If you would have done so in the first place then maybe it wouldn’t have escalated! But even now, you’re still at a point where the damage can be reversed… There’s still hope.”

               “Y/N, just shut up!” At this point she was certain anyone present in the dorm could hear them. “You don’t understand and never will! How would you feel if you had to give up doing what you love?” But I already did.

               “But that’s the thing, you don’t have to beca-“
               “Oh my god, I seriously can’t stand you right now…” at this point his voice was barely audible, but she could hear every spiteful word clearly.
               “You can’t stand me? Ha! Well, I can’t stand you either! I can’t stand here and watch you destroy yourself, your career, your fucking future, and everything you’ve worked so hard for!” she too, was annoyed, she didn’t drop everything she was doing to come over and fight.

               “Then leave.”
               “Wh- What?” her doe eyes bigger than usual, that had caught her off guard.
               “Leave, no one’s making you stay and watch.” Of course, not. No one makes me deal with your idiot self, I do it because I love you.
               “You know what? You’re right.” She wasn’t about to stay where she wasn’t wanted. “Goodbye, Kim Jongin.” Without any other words she stormed out the room and slammed his door in the process. One by one tears started to leak onto her hoodie, her bottom lip trembled, Y/N sniffled trying to control her own emotions.
               “Y/N? Are you okay?” it was Suho, his voice full of concern. “I didn’t mean to eavesdrop, but since things got kind of heated I overheard what Jongin said and-“

               “It’s okay, it’s nothing.” She replied wiping her tears with the back of her hand as she forced on a smile.

               “Y/N…” having known her for a while now he knew better than to take her word at this moment.
               “I have to go Suho oppa, take care.” Before he could even open his mouth to say anything else the girl had bolted out of the dorm, he sighed looking over to the younger male’s room. That kid was about to get it.

               “Yah!” Kai placed his hand over his heart, startled by his hyung suddenly slamming his door open. Suho stood there glaring at the younger member who looked at him with a baffled expression. “Kai… I can’t believe you.” He murmured shaking his head in pure disappointment.

               “I can’t believe how cruel you can be… Don’t you think that was a bit much? How could you say all that to your own girlfriend?” his voice was everything but calm.
               “Wait- Were you listening in on us?” Kai inquired in disbelief.  
               “Not intentionally, you two were practically yelling at one another, how could I not overhear you two?” he calmly explained, he wasn’t fond of the tone the other man was using. “Kai, I think you should apologize.”
               “Apologize for what? I didn’t ask her to rush over here to me, I also didn’t ask her to worry about me, and I definitely didn’t ask for her irrelevant opinion!” he replied before throwing the bag she brought filled with goods for him on the ground.
               “Kai…” his voice stern obviously upset by his actions.
               “No, she doesn’t understand what I’m going through, none of you do…”
               “That’s where you’re wrong, Y/N of all people would understand you the most. Don’t you remember?”

               “Remember what?”
               “Y/N was in your same shoes once before, except her ending wasn’t a happy one.”

               The previously clear skies had been overcome with grey gloomy clouds, the tree branches harshly hit the glass windows as a result of the wild wind, and she could hear the summer sky weeping as she sat in her small apartment all alone. It was almost as if the weather was mocking her, one minute it was happy and sunny then the next it was dark and sad, just like her. The sky must have been bawling for the both of them because she refused to let out anymore tears. After what happened she didn’t know where she stood with Kai.

               She was brought out of her thoughts by someone pounding on the door, if she remembered correctly she wasn’t expecting anyone. Curious as to who it was she walked over, before she could even open it she heard his distressed voice.

               “Yah, Y/N! Please open this door! Come on, I know you’re in there!” he called out hitting it a bit louder. Hesitantly she opened it just a bit only to be greeted with a shivering Jongin. His chestnut colored hair was sticking to his face, little droplets of water ran down his chiseled chin, while his clothes looked dark and heavy because of all the water it had absorbed. Opening the door wider, she invited him into her warm and cozy home. She could feel her heart clench watching him limp inside.

               “I’m sorry.”

               “For what…” she couldn’t help but be taken back by his sudden apology.
               “For everything I said earlier today, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it, I was just frustrated and- It doesn’t matter, there’s no excuse for the way I treated you.” His heartfelt voice filled the empty space in the small room, she tried her hardest to hold herself back from running over to the drenched boy and holding him close.

               “You’re so stupid sometimes…”
               “I know… I know…” he replied nodding furiously.
               “I just don’t want you to end up like me!” she mumbled sorrowfully.
               “I know-“
               “No, you don’t know because if you did you wouldn’t be straining yourself like this. You would be obediently listening to the doctor’s orders… Would I have done that, instead of brushing his words off then maybe I as well would still be living out my dream.” his breath hitched hearing her start to choke up.

               “I know…”
               “Didn’t seem like it earlier… You knew Kai, you knew how badly I worked just to qualify for the Olympics.” I know, Y/N… “Not only did I lose my chance because of my stupidity, I also lost my full ride scholarship to UCLA.” That was your dream school, you always wanted to study abroad. “Because of a stupid labrum tear I lost it all, no- because of my own stubbornness I lost it all.” Please, stop torturing yourself with the past. “No matter how many surgeries I had, it made no difference.”

               “I’m sorry.”

               “Are you really?”
               “Yes, I swear.”
               “Prove it to me.” He tilted his head slightly, wondering how.
               “I’ll do anything to make it up to you.” Anything? She thought smiling.
               “Please do as you’re told by the doctor, please stop forcing yourself… Please go to your physical therapies.”
               “Wi- Will you go with me? To the physical therapy I mean…”
               “Of course, I’ll be there for you no matter what, whether you want me or not.” Her laugh made him feel at ease.
               “I always want you there with me, ignore what I said earlier today… I was being an idiot.”
               “Aren’t you always?” she replied rolling her eyes. “Kai… How did you get here?”
               “I ran.” He answered casually, while she looked at him in utter horror.
               “Oh my god-“
               “I know, I know!” he interrupted knowing she was about to scold him once again.
               “Let that be the last time you do something so stupid, have you forgotten the state you’re in?”
               “But it wasn’t stupid, because I did it for you.”
               “Yah! Haven’t you ever heard of a taxi?” she countered.
               “I guess that slipped my mind…” she looked at him in astonishment. “Don’t look at me like that!” he whined covering his face from her judgmental eyes.
               “I can’t help it, how can you be twenty-two but only have the mental capacity of a twelve year old?” she pondered shaking her head at her pouty boyfriend.
               “Not even!” he argued defensively.
               “You’re right, seven year old. Now shut up and go take a shower before you get sick. I’ll leave some clean clothes on bed for you to change into.” With that she got up to walk to her bedroom where she had some clothes he had previously left throughout his visits.
               “Y/N?” he called out softly.
               “I love you.”

(Translation) Usagi-ka Darling

ウサギ科ダーリン [R18! Proceed only if you’ve above 18]

CV. Suzuki Yuuto

Get this CD from Amazon

T/N: This CD was cute, Suzuki Yuuto’s dim voice suits the character IMO. (More thoughts at the end of the post due to spoilers)

I originally had this post on my main blog, but I moved it over here so if you saw this before, now you know. (In case anyone accusing me of stealing or something)

As usual, my hetakuso japanese can’t be trusted, read at your own discretion. Feel free to correct me if i got any mistakes though. Enjoy!

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Explaining different sexualities with shapes: how I explain it to engineers/math people

For those of you that hate math and geometry, skip this post. I’m an engineer for a living and engineers are good at math and geometry. Typically, engineers are cisgendered, heterosexual, white men who have no clue about some things, so I explain different sexualities to them using shapes. I’ve pushed for more education of the engineers at my local university because while most of them are white cis-het men who don’t even notice their own privilege, once they figure it out, they tend to have good hearts and good intentions when it comes to learning more and helping others. (I’ve also used shapes to explain multisexuals in front of a college diversity class)

Pretend that all different people are different shapes:

We use all different shapes in engineering structures, and they’re all special in their own ways. (Some of this is still getting hashed out) For engineers, who favor function over how cool something looks, I say that gay people are catenary curves. (A catenary curve is the shape of the cables on a suspension bridge.)

Most people will say they’ve never seen one because they’ve never heard of it, just like many people think they’ve never met a gay person because the person was closeted or just don’t think it’s important to tell everyone their sexuality. But while they certainly aren’t the most common shape we engineers use, catenary curves are important and hold up some of the coolest structures we’ve ever built!

Asexuals, demisexuals and graysexuals are like circles, ovals, and loops. Most people don’t think about them very much, like you don’t think about the shape of a highway exit ramp that loops around 270 degrees and you don’t think about the shape of the stadium when watching a game, but these structures are important nonetheless.

Heterosexuals are like triangles- they’re one of the most common shapes in engineering and they’re the most common sexuality.

When you ask an engineer which shape is the “best” for building something (trick question- there is no “best shape” because it depends on what you’re building), people often answer “triangles”. Look up at the ceiling in a grocery store or a craft store- the ceiling will have triangle shaped “trusses” all over the place.

Triangles are common, and are assumed to be the norm. It’s not “a big deal” when an engineer designs a structure with triangles.

I like to compare multi-sexuals to quadrilaterals. (Here’s where things get into heavy geometry). A quadrilateral is any shape with four sides, and there are lots of different kinds of shapes with four sides.

I sometimes say bisexuals are parallelograms.

A parallelogram is a shape with two pairs of parallel sides.

There are lots of shapes that can be identified as parallelograms just like there are lots of kinds of people that can (but don’t have to) identify as bisexual.

A polysexual person is like a rectangle. A rectangle is a type of parallelogram, but most people don’t call it that because the term rectangle is more specific. Calling it a rectangle implies that it is a quadrilateral (multisexual), has two pairs of parallel sides (parallelogram) but also has four ninety-degree angles that make it a more specific type of parallelogram.

A pansexual person is like a square. There are a lot of conditions that need to be met for a shape to be a square: it has to be a polygon, have four sides, have two pairs of parallel sides, have four ninety degree angles and have the lengths of all its sides be equal. It’s also a type of rectangle and a type of parallelogram, but if it wants to be called a square because that is the most specific and accurate label, than that is its right.

There are also rhombuses and diamonds and trapezoids and all sorts of other shapes with four sides! 

We have a lot in common even though we don’t all necessarily use the same name. And we’re all important. Some for engineering, some for art, some for math, and the list goes on. So while different definitions of pansexual, bisexual, polysexual, etc. have things in common, they are also different.

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Could you give a brief description of HEALTHY individuals with Ti/Fe and Te/Fi? Or Fi/Te, Fe/Ti... Curious to see how they manifest when they're well developed.

I’ll write based on examples of real life people I know (edit: I was writing based on Ns, but it probably applies to sensors too).

Healthy Ti-Fe (IxTP): You look at things objectively and logically, but are aware of how you are affecting other people. You are attuned to other people’s needs, and are more tactful and accommodating. But you’re also in tune with your own feelings and how you feel differently from others in your group. You’re also aware of your own needs, and will speak up when you dislike something instead of repressing negative feelings or being passive-aggressive. You look for more ways to help others through advice.

Healthy Te-Fi (ExTJ): You’d still do things rationally and effectively, but you are aware of your own feelings and attachment to others, and factor those into your decisions. You’re more comfortable with expressing your affection and being vulnerable. You’re in control of yourself and know how to express your annoyance or anger tactfully. You are aware that people have different values, which are not necessarily “wrong.” You will not try to control the way they do things when it’s different from you. Instead, you inspire others to become as motivated as you are by acting as an example.

Healthy Fe-Ti (ExFJ): You’re caring, and you value everyone’s needs, but you’re not a pushover and can stand up for yourself. You can determine what people really need though an objective lens rather than assuming or using gut feelings. This allows you to truly help people become better versions of themselves. You’re not afraid of offending someone by saying things that must be said. You’re confident in yourself and won’t go over the top to make everyone like you. You’re more objective with your live choices and can make your own decisions instead of always waiting for input from others.

Healthy Fi-Te (IxFP): You are guided by your values and what’s important to you, but you’ve learned the practical implications of your choices. You know how to make your dreams come true through objective planning. You realize that those who have the opposite values from you are not necessarily bad people. You’re better at expressing your strong feelings into words and actions that other people can understand. Even though things you choose to do may start with your own selfish values, you aim to translate them into goals that are bigger and can also help others.

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My life as a transexual, Pt. 10

The ending of the my life story that I wrote one year ago:

As previously stated my situation have gotten alot better. I have my own place, people around me who support me and accept me for who I am and my girlfriend who means everything to me.

But it’s isolated here, so most of the days I just sit around without really doing anything. I see how my body falls back into being more and more masculine since I don’t have the energy to do anything about it.
I lost most of the friend I had when I had to move away for a while, so most of the social contact I have is either by phone or internet.
So it gets rather lonely here and those who I talk to through the internet usually just wants to speak to me since I am trans. Because apparently that’s a cool thing.
There’s also way to many people who try to flirt simply because I’m trans, which just seems strange. Why would you specifically go for someone who isn’t happy with themselfs?

I don’t really get why alot of people seem to talk to me simply because I’m transsexual. There’s really nothing cool about it, it’s just something that brings me down everyday since I feel like I’m born into the wrong body. That’s not cool, it’s horrible.
People seem to think that I’m strong since I live they way I want. But I wouldn’t go as far as to say that I’m strong in any way.
Sure, I live as I want even though people around me may give me shit for that, but I’ve also done alot of bad things in my life.
To be yourself is important, but it does not necessarily make you a good person.

There’s alot of reason behind why I’m where I am today. I’ve been weak, I’ve done alot of things wrong and made the people around me feel bad.
I always try to change that and become a better person, but saying that I’m strong when I’ve done so much wrong seems kind of wrong.

There’s no real point to this entry, but I just wanted to say that just because I’m living as myself does not automatically make me a strong person.
But I always try to become a better person, and that’s what’s important.

So, that’s the end to the story I wrote one year ago. Not much has happened since, but I will atleast make one more post to make sure that the story at least gets to the present.
But that’s it for now atleast!

nopecorner  asked:

Something involving the doctor occurred to me awhile back, and others have probably thought of this previously, but here goes. The Doctor says everything and everyone is important, right? Well what's River Song's first rule? The Doctor lies. Opinions?

River’s not the only one who thinks this though! The Eleventh Doctor himself even changed his number one rule from time to time: instead of “Don’t wander off” it became “The Doctor lies”.

But I don’t necessarily think that means he’s lying specifically when he says that everyone is important! I think River is referring to when the Doctor lies for the sake of the greater good (or at least, what he perceives the greater good to be), like during the whole “my death is a fixed point in time” thing, and really the entirety of The Wedding of River Song.

So when it comes to River and her experiences with the Doctor: yeah, I don’t really blame her for associating the Doctor with lying.