even though there are 3 different generations

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Hey, so I got a question. In your opinion, how much time /should/ have passed between the war and the 100 coming to the ground? Because I personally think that 97 years isn't enough time for a whole new system, civilization, and language to form

if you look at english, it took a few hundred years between dialect changes from old english to middle english to modern english etc. trigedasleng is a form of pidgin english, where basically vowels/consonants are shortened and slang is introduced as common phrases/words

if you look at the words alone you can usually guess the origin of where they began and how they were fashioned 

hod op = wait, from “hold up” 
shof op = be quiet, from “shut up” 
em pleni = enough, like from “that’s plenty” 

even in english we have words like these, for example, “goodbye” originally started as an entire phrase: “god be with ye”. eventually accent/dialect changes removed consonants “god b’ wi’ye,” which eventually led to the shortened form we use today. there are other examples of shortened/modified words in modern english like “morrow/morning” etc. 

they said that trigedasleng was developed as a way to communicate between clans and that only the warriors spoke it, meaning it was likely developed piece by piece as a code language, as needed. as usage expanded, so did the vocabulary, and it was close enough to english that most people could probably infer the meaning of new phrases and/or words without the need for a dictionary, translator, or formal teachings. it’s probably a sort of immersion teaching, where kids are reared in places where trigedasleng and english are used interchangeably. (see “spanglish”, etc, or any instance in which bilingual people often switch up languages mid-sentence, or even the phenomenon of “code-switching” with different dialects of english.) 

it’s plausible that the code language could have developed over a shorter amount of time than a natural language would have. if it’s primarily being used as a code though, i feel like it would take some time before it would develop into a fully rounded language like what the grounders use.

but, even if you assume that a language like trigedasleng could have fully developed within 97 years, the society could not have. 

97 years is roughly 3 generations. that means that, in theory, there would have still been people alive (great grandparents) who would have been alive pre-nuclear fallout. if that was the case, i don’t see how an entirely new culture would have developed when the preceding culture/society wouldn’t have died out just yet. the great grandparents would have taught their children, and so on and so forth. their forebears would have likely continued to live in some way similar to those before them, or tried to return to a sense of normalcy following the war. a development of a new religion, cultural beliefs, and the “savagery” that is presented as the grounder government, would not have had nearly enough time to develop within the span of just three generations. 

i’m not an anthropologist, so i can’t give any concrete quotes or anything like that. but i would assume that even removing trigedasleng from the equation, grounder culture and civilization would have taken centuries to develop to the point that it’s shown in the series, not 97 years.