even though that's what he does like.. all day

Neighbor! S. Coups

(Note from the admins: These imagines might become a fanfic series featuring the reader X a member of seventeen if enough people take an interest!)

  • probably gets locked out of his residence
  • sometimes not his fault though, might be a broken lock
  • but watch him leave his key inside , this dude smh
  • is that one who walks his dog early in the morning/dawn
  • goes jogging often too
  • older brother of all the neighborhood kids
  • the leader of the neighborhood watch
  • everyone looks to him for advice on how to fix stuff 
  • even though he can’t do shit
  • so probably just leads everyone to mingyu , and eventually people learn
  • he’s still a young adult though
  • lives by himself, it’s pretty quiet in his residence which surprises people who visit for neighborhood meetings
  • sometimes plays really good hip-hop which even people who don’t like rap can enjoy
  • enjoys an occasional ballad
  • can’t cook. at. all. gets food from all the neighbors around holidays because he’s such a sweetheart
  • buys everyone gifts for christmas or other end of the year holidays
  • calendar on the fridge with everyone’s emergency contact info in case of emergencies and also has everyone’s birthdays
  • is probably coming over all the time asking for food stuff because he forgot to add it to his shopping list
  • and as his neighbor who actually always your fridge stocked , you oblige  
  • “could I get an egg?” “can I have half a cup of sugar?”
  • though what he does with these ingredients no one really knows
  • until you find slightly burnt but edible cookies on your doorstep the next day
  • at least he tried
  • remembers and accounts for food allergies and dietary restrictions
  • the next day you bring him a batch for your homemade cookies
  • “here’s for the effort, even though half the ingredients were mine”
  • invites you to come in and y’all snack on some cookies watching y’all favs tv show
  • seungkwan somehow saw you with cookies walking into seungcheol’s place
  • gathers everyone and barges into you and seungcheol’s calm movie friend date
  • you bought like 30 cookies and all thats left is the crumbs on the floor
  • now you guys are cleaning bc 12 boys can really make a mess
  • “seungcheol where’s your cleaning supplies”
  • “um, i ran out?”
  • you two are wiping all the spilled cola off the floors and end up dying of laughter
  • he starts doing this little rap about the floor
  • and you go along with it even though your lyrics might be terrible
  • you only get closer
  • and now he’s your go to when you need help lifting or just advice honestly
  • and your his go to when he needs some food to eat or advice too
  • you guys have a comfortable, fun friendship
  • laughters always there and and so is a listener
  • probably the occasional neighbor prank

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Concept: Hal talking shit in eldritch tongues.

Everyone is concerned even though he only does it at their enemies.

Collab with @loudst

Let’s talk about the great king Thranduil who can’t decide what he wants shall we
Because its been so long since he forgot how it is to be happy and closed himself in this bubble of not feeling anything at all because thats better than all the pain
And here comes this mortal who suddenly actually makes him laugh again and he knows he could take that chance for happiness but at the same time he knows that the man will die soon and he will be left broken and alone again
So he tries to ignore his feelings again but it doesnt work, he’s not able stay away, but he refuses to let himself fall into it; he visits Bard every day and then disappears for months; kisses him and then doesnt talk to him for four weeks; called him meleth nîn once after drinking too much wine and then ignored him when Bard asked what does it mean; and yes this is not like him but thats the point
Except finally Bard gets tired and annoyed of all of this, and next time Thranduil comes to visit him he closes the door to his face (even though his heart is breaking because he’s totally in love with the elf but he just can’t do this to himself and his kids)
Of course Thranduil is totally offended and they dont see eachother for a while after this until finally Thranduil sends for Bard because hes the king of Laketown after all and they need to discuss some king stuff like grownups
Except they’re both acting like fucking five-year-olds during the conversations and are so pissed at eachother and finally the “what the hell is your problem” question gets asked
And Bard starts yelling and calls Thranduil manipulative and accuses him of playing games and treating him like a toy and Thranduil is deeply offended until Bard adds “…and all this wouldn’t even hurt so much if I didn’t…” and stops abruptly and blushes
And in that moment Thranduil realises what a jerk he was and also that he never wants to hurt Bard ever again and he doesnt have a choice he loves this man and most importantly he realises that this feeling is mutual
And all the anger fades away and he leans in to kiss Bard and Bard doesnt stop him and they dont even have to say sorry they just know
And Thranduil knows its going to hurt but damn it its worth it
Oh my lord i just have so many feelings about this sorry