even though technically i'm not in the group


Oh goodness, the first South Park thing i’ve drawn in ages and it’s ghosty Tweeks. (After seeing this thing again I was a little inspired!!)
He doesn’t really get the whole non-corporeal thing yet ;; 

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Never going to see the first concert of a tour again. I love the boys but even I could see how embarrassed they were. Technical difficulties, not knowing the set list and just general awkward silences. I'm going back tomorrow night though, cause I didn't get enough tonight. They had a couple of new songs which was great but I wished they'd sung no control. Here's hoping the show is a bit more put together tomorrow.

well I have seen plenty of opening concerts by various groups and they’ve all been pretty excellent, so I hate to be that guy, but like…we’ve been saying for weeks they should have been rehearsing to prevent exactly what happened.

It’s sad and unfortunate and wildly unprofessional and unfair to fans. Everyone should get a performance that blows them away, hopefully they see the reviews and fix this.