even though she hardly talks

i get a lot of happiness trying to envision the conversation that started the shift from blue/gansey to blue/gansey/henry 

  • blue and gansey are sitting alone watching tv or something. gansey is probably on the end of the couch, blue leaned against his side
  • both of them are thinking about it. they are thinking about it really quite hard. the tv is too quiet to actually be heard but they’re both so lost in thought that they don’t notice
  • finally blue takes a sharp breath “u know. henry’s pretty cool. actually”
  • and immediately gansey’s internal monologue is i know i know i know i know do you ever want to kiss him on his mouth i know i know i know
  • but out loud he’s like “yeah. yeah i like him a lot. he’s .. cool”
  • and blue nods. “yeah. cool.”
  • and they go back to silence. it’s a loUD silence. they both hear it. gansey starts tapping his fingers
  • it’s annoying but blue can’t even be bothered, she hardly notices
  • gansey opens his mouth to talk, though he doesn’t say anything, he just makes that noise where you’ve almost decided you’re gonna speak but then dont
  • blue turns her head too sharply “huh?”
  • “oh it’s just……….. you know. sometimes do you ever……… stop me if this is…… bad….. but do you ever…………….”
  • but he never finishes the damn sentence he just looks at her. he practically has question marks in his eyes
  • and blue kind of sits back a little 
  • and she very carefully says “………… y..es……”
  • and he replies “….yes?”
  • as if to clarify, she goes on, “like…… henry……… he’s super cool….”
  • they beat around the goddamn bush for so long before gansey finally breaks, “DO YOU EVER WANNA KISS HIM TOO” and blue just shouts “YEs ” and then she kisses gansey
  • and then they go find henry and repeat the entire Talking In Circles “you’re just ……… really .. cool, henry……” process again , but this time it’s henry who flatly asks “is this about how desperately y’all wanna kiss me because believe me, i’ve Noticed”
  • and that’s that
Something has changed Yousana oneshot

Once, when Sana was 15 and the boys were 17, she invited a friend from school to her house. At the time the whole balloon squad was also there. They greeted quickly and Sana and her friend disappeared in her room. They spent whole afternoon giggling about school and boys and then somehow her friend got interested in the balloon squad. At first Sana felt a little bit akward talking about them in such a way. She always considered them friends, almost her brothers.


The girl asked her a question that triggered the transistion.

“If you were to marry one of your brothers friends who would you choose?”

That was a silly question. Sana knew it, but to her own surprise she answered without any hesitation.


She is no longer friends with that girl. Not anymore. However she is aware that the moment was crucial, because since that day she looked at Yousef in a different way than other boys. It might have been a slow transition. It may have taken her long time to actually understand how she feels, but she somehow knew. Sana knew that something was up. That Yousef Acar was special to her.


The balloon squad always respected and liked Sana. So did Yousef. Even though she was distant and they hardly talked. He understood that though. It is quite usual that siblings stay away from each other’s friends. Maybe it was Sana’s way to show Elias that she respects his personal life? Who knows…Yousef had to admit that although she was distant, she was never rude. She was always kind and teasing towards them. He was quite fond of these rare occasions that she joined them. These situations were for him like unexpected gifts . Like the time she decided to play FIFA with them or joined them at the basketball court or when they went to the cinema together. Somehow after every each of these encounters he hoped that she would hang out with them more. Well, it never happened. It always stayed as irregular as it had been before.

He actually never understood why he cared so much. It’s not like he had a crush on her. He just…He was just genuinely curious about her. Sana was so different from other girls he met. She was…Fun.

The time Yousef understood it really wasn’t just curiosity, was when he has turned 18. Yes, it took him quite a lot of time to realize it. He invited all of his friends from Bakka to his birthday party as well as Sana. Well, he hoped that she would come with Elias and the rest of their squad. However, when he saw his best friends arriving she wasn’t there. He was disappointed, but when he asked about her he kept a huge smile on his face.

“I can’t see Sana. Is she gonna be late?”

Elias gave him a apologetic smile.

“Sorry, bud. She couldn’t make it. She is preparing for an tomorrow exam.”

“So that’s how it is called now, huh?” Adam gave a knowing look while Mikael and Mutta laughed.

Yousef frowned a bit. What was that about?

When he glanced at Elias, he saw that his best friend was also confused.

“We saw Sana today. At the cafe. She was with some guy. Yeah, there were some books laying around, but they seemed pretty close…” Adam continued.

Elias gave him a furious look.

“Even if. That’s my sister and you won’t be talking about her in such a way, bro.”

Adam nodded and the Sana’s topic was gone. Boys started talking about something else.

Yousef, however, couldn’t move on to another subject. In that moment he was hit by so many emotions, that he never thought he would feel because of Sana Bakkoush .

Anger. Sadness. Jealousy. Wonder. Desire.  

Who was that guy?

Could Sana really stand him up on his birthday for someone else?

Well, he was aware they weren’t world’s closest friends, but he thought that she at least liked him a little bit.

Was she really into him?

And why the hell he is thinking so much about Sana’s date while he should celebrating with his friends?

In that moment Yousef knew. He knew that it was never just curiosity. He was falling for Sana Bakkoush  from the beginning, ever since their first encounter and now it was too late. Because he has already fallen in love with her.

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43. Nights are so lonely without you. + 14. Teach me. Train me. Own me. (requested by @sleepygrimm) for the six sexy words meme.

“I miss you.”

He groans out a laugh over the line, and the sound is enough to make her chest tighten. It’s incredibly silly to miss him when he’s only been gone for two days, but she can’t quite help it. Her (their) bed already feels a little too empty without him, his side a little too cold when she runs her hand over the spot he usually takes up. She doesn’t know where this is coming from. They’ve been apart dozens and dozens of times before, not of their choosing, necessarily, but they’ve dealt with it. And she was fine. She’d miss him, but not quite like this. Not quite like every part of her somehow aches, her body craving his touch.

“You’re killing me, doll.” To his credit, James sounds amused rather than patronizing. “I’ll only be gone one more night.”

“I know.” She closes her eyes, lets out a breath. “I just feel–”


Yes.” She feels herself smile. He chuckles, voice low and deep and sending tingles down her spine.

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