even though she can not speak


I want Mags”

Another thing I love about Eto is how she channels both a modern aesthetic and natural/archaic imagery.

Because we have her appearing as this nude, child-like woman in her most villainous encounters. The only thing covering her is usually a robe and bandages – both pieces of garb that link back to pre-modern civilization. 

And in this role, we see her speak about God while eating an apple – Genesis imagery. You can’t get much older than the beginning of man. We also see her on a shrine when she has a flashback to when she encounters Arima for the first time, making it appear as though the shrine represented her. It even looks like the shrine is in the same beaten shape that she is in.

But then we see her as Takatsuki Sen writing her postmodern horror novels set in contemporary society with two computer screens and a laptop. She has water bottles and logo merchandise surrounding her. She almost always wears her hair up in messy buns, a pretty recent trend. 

And her organization Aogiri in itself meshes these two themes together. Aogiri functions upon the legend of the One-Eyed King that goes back over 100 years, and they wear those archaic robes in almost every situation. However, Aogiri functions like a contemporary terrorist organization, and fits a lot of trends in terms of 21st century civil conflict.

Bileygr the King especially reflects that overlap, because it’s an epic – a kind of narrative I associate with Homer, Dante, and Milton. The name itself references Norse mythology. But she announces it through television news media and uses modern society’s technology as the method to convey this work.

And I think that’s partially why I think Eto’s such an interesting villain: she has the same earthshaking and surreal feeling that old horrific, Gothic villains bring you while remaining relevant and effective within the contemporary society.

Just a little thing I thought of

Candela: When speaking with Team Valor, Candela prefers to use the terms “recruit” and “soldier”. She mostly uses them ironically since Valor is considered the more militaristic type team, even though Mystic is just as bad as pushing their trainers to the limits and having them become the best they can be. However, when she feels the need to be especially strict, she will get snappy and serious and “recruit” is what she flings around most of the time. If she knows a trainer’s name, she will use it.

Blanche: Blanche views Team Mystic as a giant study club, and because of such, prefers calling the trainers “student”, despite the fact that some trainers are actually older than them. If they know a name, they’re likely to use it, but they never actually have a particular pet name for all the trainers. They’ll usually say “Everyone” or “You”. When frustrated or angry, they tend to call people “Fool”. When disappointed, they usually just sigh and call others “Pupil”. (Ex- “Once again, my pupil has failed me”)
If feeling somewhat happy, they toss around “Friend” a lot.

Spark: Spark often switches nicknames through out the week, or even the day. He tends to cycle between “Dork” (”Alright, my little dork), “Cadet” (Let’s go, Cadet!”), and “Loser” (”Get in loser, we’re going Pokemon hunting”). He refers to everyone as “Friend” or “Lovely”. With women, he uses “Sweet Pea”, with men he uses “Sour Pea” because he thinks he’s funny. With anyone in between (Blanche), he calls them “Sweet and Sour” with a straight face before giggling.
Hurt or disappointed results in a sad “Kiddo” or “Kid” because he views all his trainers as his children or little siblings.
No one who has heard Spark angry has lived to tell the tale. (In all reality, Candela really hurt Spark once. He had called her “Love”. And that had hurt more than you can imagine. Because someone that angry still taking the time to not call you a mean name is worse than all the bad names you could ever be called)

Jane Foster as Thor was never handled correctly

I’m sorry but when everything revolves around the character being female, something is wrong. All the previously established personalities go out the window simply because Thor is s woman; Crusher Creel becomes a raging misogynistic stand in for criticism when he’s never displayed attitudes like that, Titania refuses to fight her because she “knows how hard it is to be a female counterpart to a male hero” even though she routinely fights She-Hulk, Odin suddenly becomes the patriarchy incarnate and goes so far off the deep end that he can’t even rule Asgard,. Speaking of Odin, that bullshit battle with him was garbage; Thor Odinson,the Asgardian son of Odin, couldn’t hurt his dad on his best day so how the hell does cancer ridden human Jane Foster damage a being on par with Galactus?

The whole time it felt like the writers wanted me to go “Wow she’s so much better than Odinson” but instead of showcasing it in a believable way they just say it and expect it to be true. I’m not even gonna talk about her adventure with the Warriors 3 who try to judge her worthiness even though they fight along side Sif all the time. Jane never felt like more than a pr move; like her very character was created under the “girls rule and guys drool"motto.

Miles Morales and Kamala Khan are examples on how to properly handle legacy heroes. They are their own characters that don’t constantly need the fact that they are a minority thrown in everyone’s face and they don’t exist to shit on fans of the originals nor try to one up the originals. Jane never felt like her own character because she never had the journey to being one, it was just pick up the hammer and now you are the best thing ever!


“Did you clean the table?” Harry asks Louis once Rose is done speaking, now occupied with trying to see if she can reach over and touch Harry’s hair from where she’s sat. At Louis’ nod, Harry frowns. “You didn’t have to do that. You’re my guests here, I could’ve dealt with it later.”

Louis just smiles easily, though, adjusting Rose on his lap so that she’s facing Harry better. She manages to tug on a loose wave of hair, and she makes a noise of triumph that both Louis and Harry smile at.

“I don’t mind,” Louis murmurs to Harry, even though he’s looking at Rose. “This one here seemed very excited to talk to you.”

And, okay. Harry can’t help but think of how domestic this feels, all of a sudden.

[harry is a photographer who’s trying to find his place. louis is a single father with a smile that feels like home.]

author: anyadisee

word count: 52k

one shot, complete

Let Go

Remember to let her into your heart, then you can start to make it better

She has always grown up wearing her heart on her sleeve but gradually, Callie had learnt not to. She’d become cold almost, distant, impossible to reach unless you looked hard enough. She’d been soft, vulnerable and in turn, destroyed. So she became untouchable. Except, maybe to Arizona. Who could always, even now if she really wanted to, if she tried, reach her.

Eventually, Callie forced herself away from the woman in her arms, watching as Arizona wrapped her own arms around herself instead, protecting herself, keeping Callie out. It feels like a physical blow of pain.

“It doesn’t have to be this way.” Callie breathes out, finally, stumbling over her words as though she can’t get them out quick enough, letting them tumble into the open and hang there between them both.

The silence between them speaks far louder than any words ever could.

“Arizona.” Callie says her name as though they’ve never been apart. The same way she always whispered it. Between bed sheets, in the dark, when no one else was around. As though her lips were made to repeat the name over and over in the same way her soul does. Like a secret. Like it belonged.

“Stop it!” Arizona’s shout startles even herself, she can’t bare it any longer, can’t hold it inside. “Stop. Stop trying to go back in time, Calliope.”

“You know,” Callie ignores her, “every time you say my name like that, I remember how it sounded the first time. Not the first time you said it but the first time I heard it. You didn’t scream it, you didn’t even moan it, as such. You just whispered it, begged it. As though it was the only thing you would ever possibly need. You were sweaty and I’d traced every inch of your body. It glowed. Your hair stuck to your face, your hips were desperately moving from the bed and I couldn’t make you keep still. You were like a map. I had to follow you to find my way back, find my way home. I knew then, that first time, that you were home. That no other home would ever feel as right, as safe. I knew I would love you then. And I knew, somehow, that I’d never stop.”

“But you did.”

When Callie looks up at her ex-wife she sees the tears streaming down Arizona’s face, years’ worth of devastation she no longer has to pretend she doesn’t feel.  

“Arizona, no. No. I never did. I never stopped loving you, even for a second. Even when I hated you, I loved you.”

“Just… Not enough.”

Reaching out to clasp a trembling hand, Callie shakes her head, desperately, “don’t you get it? Enough. So much more than enough, my love.”

Arizona lets her eyes fall to their entangled hands and her heart does something uncontrollable in her chest. She knows all too well though, that it is hope, in the end, that kills you.

“You walked away, Callio- Callie. Nothing will ever, nothing can ever be the same again. I gave you the best of me, I’m not about to give you what’s left as well.”

“If you don’t stop me, Arizona, I’m going to walk away. I’m going to leave Seattle without you. And you’re going to look for pieces of me in everybody you see. You’ll look for someone whose smile makes you lose your breath. Someone who infuriates you and irritates you in the most wonderfully miraculous ways. You’ll get a text and hope, every single time, that I’m the one that sent it. That I’m somewhere thinking of you as much as you’re thinking of me. You’ll keep jewellery that shouldn’t have any meaning to you anymore and yet it does. I’ll haunt you. And you’ll never get over it.”

“How do you know?” she can’t help but ask. She wants to know. She wants to know everything.

“Because that’s how I’ve felt every single day since we’ve been apart.”

She’s learnt not to wear her heart on her sleeve anymore. She wishes she’d remembered that tonight. Because the way her heart crumbles in her chest when she receives no response, when Arizona’s eyes remain glued to anywhere except her own, she knows not even the best surgeon in the world could fix.

So she does the only thing she can, the only thing she has left. She picks up her bag, silently, and she leaves. Knowing she’ll probably never come back. Not when the only reason she has to stay has already given up. Too much time has past, too much has been said and yet not enough at all.

It feels like hours but it’s mere seconds since she stepped out into the night, leaving the best part of herself behind.

“Callie!” Arizona screeches into the dark, her hair sticking to her face, breathing heavy in the pouring rain, “wait. Please, I- you have to wait.”

Callie stays with her back to her but anyway, in the rain it’s impossible to tell that her cheeks are covered in tears, “What!” She spins around quickly, “you think I want this, Arizona? I don’t want to want you. God, I’d do anything to let go. Penny is everything you aren’t. And that’s exactly the problem. I hate you! I hate you and I love you and you broke my freakin’ heart. So either love me back or let me the hell go, right now.

“You can’t just leave! Don’t, don’t leave. Calliope. Calliope. Please.

Callie needs to speak. She needs to find words and form them with her lips, they both do. But they’re crying too hard and hurting too much and all they can do is pour everything into each other. So they do. Years of loving, desperation, anger, need, it’s melted onto lips as they soften into one, it’s thrown from tongues as they clash together. It shows in the way they grip each other in a vice like hold, it’s mirrored in the way neither care as the rain pours and thunder crashes somewhere in the distance.

“Please don’t run.” Arizona whispers somewhere into Callie’s mouth, letting it get lost in-between them.

“I’ll only run to you.”

Mike’s reactions to El are so great though. Like hey there’s a strange girl with a shaved head who doesn’t speak that we found in the middle of the forest well we can’t leave her in the rain she can stay in my house. Oh your name is a number that’s cool, not even a big deal you can have a nickname too. Oh you have telekinetic powers that’s awesome but hey you don’t have to do that if you don’t want to. Oh you don’t know what that word means? That’s okay I’ll tell you with no judgement and without being condescending. 

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Somebody once described Speedwagon as the ultimate hype man. How about giving music a try, Jonathan? He could get the crowd all excited before each show you did. You don't even have to go the 'bitches-and-bling' route, you could rap about love and brotherhood and good times with friends. You could even get Erina to sing on a couple of tracks.

“I am afraid my singing is quite terrible! Though I can’t speak for Speedwagon, I have heard Erina hum before (when she thought I couldn’t hear her). The tone was quite dulcet, but I am not sure if music is really something she wishes to pursue.”-Jonathan

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Why is the Force a thing? The Force makes people commit so many atrocities. It'd be better if the Force weren't a thing in the first place.

That’s something Kreia would say, and she had her reasons. In a universe where a godlike force not only exists, but can be used by any who know how, to the isolationist, benevolent, and pure evil, it seems inevitable that conflict would rise.

And it has. It’s a series called Star “Wars”, and even though we can infer their presence, we do not see the long centuries of relative peace in the galaxy, only the great conflict that threaten it. But for all its power, I don’t believe the Force has total and utter control over the Star Wars universe, nor do I believe its absence would be a good thing.

If the Sith and the Jedi did not exist, or and the Force was absent, could you guarantee that Wars would not happen anyway? We live in a world where people cannot tap into an energy field to perform miraculous feats, and we can still can and are capable of annihilating each other. The Force might give us new reasons and ways to fight, but conflict continues. If there will ever be a day when mankind has managed to finally coexist in true peace with each other, we have not arrived at it yet.

Even if the Force does exist in every life form, I don’t believe it removes free will, that one has to live without the Force to be free to choose their own destiny. There is a power greater than that of the Force, something that Revan spoke of to Malak on the Star Forge and Anakin Skywalker embraced in his final moments. The Power of Redemption.

The Sith and Jedi know the Power of the Force, even if they relate to it differently. To the Sith, it’s gateway to greater power for themselves, and the Jedi it’s a way of becoming part of something greater than yourself. But their teachings both tell you that you can’t really leave it behind, that whatever destiny it sets for you the one your left with. Master Yoda believed that those who set down on the dark path were trapped in that destiny. Vader himself believed it was too late for him, as Palpatine must have, to believe he could torture his son in front of him without reprisal.

And yet, Anakin listened to his son, and found freedom in a single sacrificial act of love. Revan, when confronted by Malak during their last battle saying that Revan was ultimately alone, the former Dark Lord merely answered that he believed in the Power of Redemption. Malak is dismissive of this, believing that through the force, fate and destiny led to that moment. But Revan did not say fate, or the will of the force. He chose redemption as his strength, and redemption means nothing if one doesn’t wish to be redeemed. Revan wanted to be a better person,not make up for his mistakes, and that is not the will of the Force. That’s just the desire to be good, and that I respect above all else.

I was talking to this woman at my college and she mentioned that she was raised in Japan so I asked her what it was like there. So that led to a conversation about how people look at her funny because her husband and child are Korean but she’s white and, in her experience, Koreans are very much of the mindset that you should marry within your own race. So people treat her differently in Korean/Asian places she visits because she’s white but married to a Korean man. But she thinks that people are people no matter their race and love goes beyond race.

And of course I talked to her about how strangely people look at me for liking Kpop even though I’m not Korean. Whenever I tell people my favorite band is BTS their response is always like “But you don’t even speak Korean.” and they look at me like I’m crazy.

Well yeah but that doesn’t mean the music isn’t amazing. Music has no language barrier. You can appreciate a song whether you speak the language it’s in or not. Granted, you can understand it better if you speak the language, which is why I’m so glad for translations, and often I do wish I spoke Korean so I could more truly understand what my favorite songs are saying. But either way I can enjoy a song even if I don’t speak the language.

Okay, so the Synthetic Love mod for FO4 is pretty damn legit; the synth version of your wife comes complete with a miniature quest where you take her back to the vault to prove to her that she is, indeed, a synth.

Afterwards, you can travel with her as you would any other companion, and she comes complete with affinity levels and a romance option as well. All of her dialog was taken from the female protag’s spoken lines, but they’re pieced together in a way that feels natural (atleast everything I’ve heard her speak in-game so far).

My main gripe is the “Nora Relay Grenades” she uses. They’re handy if YOU need them, since you use them to teleport her to your location if she’s falling behind, BUT even though I removed them from her inventory, she’s still using them mid-combat and frankly scaring the bejesus outta’ me :|

But yes, this mod is solid and very much functional. Would recommend, and I’m hoping we see a male equivalent for our female Sole Survivors in the future  ♥

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hey I'm a little confused on the whole sangdo sponsoring a girl thing, can you pls clear it up for me?

sangdo is sponsoring a child in Myanmar who he cares for a lot (he even called her his “daughter” after Gohn pointing out how similar they look). he’s really passionate about her, though since it is his personal life i don’t think that he’ll be speaking more about it out of the blue. she wants to be an artist and Sangdo is supporting her through it. this came from a dorm tour that they had (their dorm under stardom) during their debut!

I hope at some point in Memories, even if it’s over a span of a few chapters, we get to see Yuuki and Zero have a proper conversation over Kaname and his actions. I hope Zero gets an apology even though he wont accept it, and I hope he can help Yuuki to see that Kaname’s actions aren’t her own and she shouldn’t take all of the blame even though it was - frankly - a pain in the ass that she did and kept excusing him for it. I hope that all of the other main vampires at least can get the apology and time to talk about how they feel because of what Kaname has done - the mental gymnastics he put them all through over the years. I hope that in their journey out of the deep dark forest, Yuuki can release the others from Kaname’s sins and speak openly of how she truly feels for the first time.

Thanks to @fatalcookies for reminding me about Pearlsonas and Pearl OC’s, I got inspired to redraw the Pearl OC I once made when @projectormom made a call for fanmade Pearls sometime last year (also, yay, art improvement).

This is Barcode, named for, well, the barcode embedded in her left eye. 

She escaped from a facility that experiments on gems. She memorized the behavior of the guards and researchers then used that knowledge to sneak away without being noticed.

She doesn’t speak (even though she can) because of some lingering trauma from the facility,  so she communicates with her projections, or if she needs to be discreet, hand gestures and facial expressions. She rarely smiles and can get a bit snarky when expressing her displeasure about something, but she has a dark sense of humor about everything that’s going on.

She kept the jacket she wore in the facility, including the shackles, and continues to wear them as a reminder of where she came from. Doing this oddly fills her with hope and determination, because anything would be much better than that place. She promised herself she’ll take off the shackles for good once everything is over.

Fic Appreciation Challenge: Long Fic Monday

Making us choose one fic isn’t very nice :), so there might be multiple posts today - just a fair warning.

Featured Fic: Highwaymen

Fic Author: orange_crushed on AO3, or @robotmango on tumblr 

Word Count: 66 389 

Summary: Dean closes his eyes. He is under a blanket in his memories, fabric pulled up under his chin and his face pressed near to hers on the pillow. His father is asleep, snoring slightly, hands loose and expression happy, curled around her on the other side. She’s speaking in whispers. He knows that she was already pregnant then, that Sam was on his way into their lives, even though he’d had no idea what exactly that meant at the time. He can almost see her face still, warm and orange in the light of her lumos circling their heads like a firefly, but every now and then she blurs in his vision, like a lost thread of consciousness, something half-remembered.Bit by bit, he’s losing her.

Favorite Quote: “Cas,” Dean says, and puts a hand on his sleeve. “Do you want to?” he repeats, lower. He moves closer, so that there’s barely any space between them. Castiel tenses, then lets his shoulders sag down. He looks defeated. Kind of ashamed. “It’s okay,” Dean says. “It’s okay if you don’t, and it’s okay if you do. We’re here, aren’t we?” He squeezes Castiel’s arm. “We’re here. There’s no rush.” (There are some other great ones but they were to spoilery)

My thoughts: Okay, *takes deep breath*. The first time I tried to rec this to someone I couldn’t get out more than incoherent wailing. Because it contains so many things that I love. This is a Harry Potter AU that isn’t focused on the Hogwarts-years and therefore has so many other opportunities - and takes them! The canon elements that are there fit beautifully into the story, with some choices that aren’t very common in Harry Potter AUs. Also all the side-characters - Sam, who is so strong, Bela, and her back story, and most of all Mary, because even if she is dead, she is so important to this story, and that is so important to me. And I don’t know how, but without any descriptions the atmosphere grabbed a hold of me and it lingered. It felt a bit as there were clouds hanging overhead, with the constant risk of rain. Yet somehow peaceful. Dean’s sense of home and identity is explored in a beautiful way (the Welsh. The Welsh) and I cry over this interpretation of Castiel’s wings - but I love it.

A Feeling

She knows that something is wrong. She can feel it in her bones even as she tries not to. She has felt it ever since her mother made herself present in the Greyvale once more. She has felt it ever since Melanei was taken from her once more and forcibly put under their mother’s wing. She has felt it even before then, though she dared not utter a word of it.

Gods above and below, she can feel it, but tries not to.

She hears the cries over the stone as it rests on her vanity. The Archon, the Grand Arcanist, the Ranger-Captain, the Knight-Commander…they all speak of invasions. They speak of demons raining from the sky, and fel fire consuming the Barrens, Tanaris, Azshara… ‘They’re everywhere!!’ they shout.

You have no idea, she thinks to herself.

Her hands rest on her table as she looks at her own reflection. Lovete Felraven of the Greyvale. Such a pretty thing. Creamy skin, honey-blonde hair, eyes full of secrets, and lips ever curved in an enticing, sly smile.

Where is that smile now?

She has to steady her breath. Fear grips her heart as it pounds and races in her chest. The frost that is always present is not there. There is no puff of cold air with each breath. There is no shimmer of ice along her arms. There is no cold to her touch. She feels something else. Something she has tried not to. She can feel it in her bones.

Gods, she tries not to feel it.

A knock at the door startles her and she whips her head around. “Yes!” she calls, trying her best to keep that honeyed tone, even in the face of such chaos elsewhere.

“Your sister wishes for you, Lady Felraven,” comes Caethim’s reply from the other side of her door. “She speaks of the Legion and what must be done.”

She feels something uneven beneath her hands. Turning back to her reflection, her gaze moves down. As she moves her hands away from her vanity, she can see the wood – charred, twisted, and smelling of fel fire.

That sly smile is absent on her face as she looks at her own hands and calls back, “I will be there shortly.”

She knows what it is. She can feel it in her bones, but gods, she tries not to.

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  • me, to my therapist:here's all of the things i've gathered about my autisms, verified by my parents and other autistic peers, i literally meet all the criteria and i would like you to listen--
  • my therapist:listen. .. .. . ..ive worked with lots of autistic *children* and ur not like them.......i agree that u have all the traits........but have u considered that maybe ur dissociation is making you act like an autistic version of y ourself???
  • me:i've gotten pretty good at managing my DPDR, this has always happened,,,
  • my therapist:ur not autistic, don't worry,,, even tho we can address [literally every trait of autism i mentioned, including my SPD, executive function disorder, motor skill problems, etc.], ur not autistic,,,,
  • me:honestly what the fuck lady

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All idols have fuck buddies, what's wrong about that LMAO. I bet as we speak D.O is busy pounding into Sojin. It's no big deal, grow up boo

LOL, First of all, i can’t believe you’re saying that Krystal only meets Kai to have a good fuck, because with that you’are just implying that the girl is so desperate that she let someone use her for quickies even though she knows that this very person don’t have feelings for her.

Second, if you believe that idols can ONLY have fuck buddies then you’re the one who needs to grow up cause that dude from JYJ is a great example. As i said before, stop thinking that idol’s lifes only revolves around each others.If Kai or D.O want a fuck budy the last thing they would think about is some crazy famous girls with an IG and a fandom behind.

Have a great day anon ;)

btw, who’s the fuck sojin is? I searched on google and was asked if i meant joosin.

Disappointed. ..

Ok so now John can’t come over tommorow and fuck my girlfriend. It seems that he has some kind of unexpected family obligations. The ONLY obligation that he needs to worry about is the obligation to fuck Baby really, really well !!!! Of course I am kidding. In this lifestyle “playtime” has to take a backseat to family life. But I am disappointed. I can’t speak for all cuckolds. But as for me, I am not a cuckold 100 percent of the time. There are times, even though not as many as there used to be, that I don’t want some dude fucking my girlfriend. There are times that it pisses me off. So when I am “in the mood”, and right now I am VERY much that way, I really want for all of her hard work to pay off and for her to get fucked like she wants to!!! But I have learned in this lifestyle that you have to be patient so patient I will be……

8/26/2016 ♡

She lays naked in the center of my bed. I place rose pedals on her body, one by one, until she is fully covered by the flowers. Then I place two over her eyes and sit in between her thighs and stare at her. She laughs. “What did you do to me?” I can barely speak, I am so in love with her. “I don’t know, I just covered you in rose pedals..” She takes the pedals from over her eyes and leans forward as the rest fall to her sides. “They’re so soft. Just like you.” She rubs my arm with the flower and bites her lip. Still barely able to speak, “…even though it’s our anniversary we don’t have to make love, we can just lay here and hold hands and talk…” She puts her finger over my mouth. “Shhhhhh… don’t speak. Come closer to me.” I climb ontop of her. Kissing my collar bones, she slides her hand in between my thighs. “I love you so much.” I love when she says that to me as she’s touching me there because I can’t say it back but we both know I love her more than I love my damn self. I move her hand. “Do you love me or do you love my pussy?” I laugh and caress her face. “Both.”, she says. “I love you and I love your pussy. I love the way your mind works and I love who you are as a person. I love that I was able to marry the woman of my dreams.” I grab her neck and kiss her as if it was our first kiss all over again. She grabs me and throws me down on the bed. I can’t stop smiling. We grab each other’s hands as she kisses my forehead. She kisses the center of my chest as I grab all of her hair in my hand and pull her up towards my lips so that I can kiss her again. Sometimes it feels like I can never kiss her as hard as I want to or enough as I need to. I always need more of her. I can never get enough of her, the way she taste… the way her lips feel on my lips. It’s unreal. it’s electrifying the love we share. I remember when I first met her, I thought she was really fucking weird. I had no idea that I was going to fall in love with her, build a strong long-lasting relationship with her, marry her and then give her my world. We get under the sheets. She staring at me as I am staring at her. “Everytime I make love to you, I wait till you fall asleep and then I cry alittle bit.” she says to me. “What? Why? Is that a good thing? Why don’t you ever wake me up?” She pulls me close. My legs automatically become entangled in hers. “There’s so much emotion when we are having sex that I take that time to thank god that I found you… it makes me cry but it’s a happy cry like that one tear type of cry. I let it roll down my face and then I wipe it with my hand and then wipe it onto your face. She laughs. “Yeah, you’re weird. You’re so weird and I love that. I love you.” I kiss her and she digs her nails into my skin and I squeeze her body into mine. “Tonight I want to cry with you..” She nods and gets ontop of me. Placing herself inbetween my legs, she slowly starts to ride me. I moan and she grabs my throat gently. She leans forward and moans into my mouth, “Happy Anniversary.”


I haven’t written in so long. I hope this wasn’t bad… let me know if I should write some more!