even though she can not speak

Seriously though when Zedd and Kesha’s song True Colors drops tomorrow please buy it when you can. The profits will benefit someone who’s struggled with assault and abuse and who’s voice was silenced when she tried to speak up. Who was dismissed her rights even when she said she spoke the truth. Who was told to lie about her assault case in order to gain her freedom. In this situation , Kesha needs all the support she can get and the easiest way to do that is by spending the 1.29 for the song. Illegally downloading doesn’t do shit.


I want Mags”

Why Carrie Fisher is such an awesome Star Wars cast member

  • Endured the double bun hairstyle even though she hated it because she thought she’d lose her job if she complained
  • Made Mark Hamill put her Leia clothes on all the time (she prob even tried to get him to wear the golden bikini)
  • Immediately said “I’m in!” when George Lucas asked her and Mark if they were interested in doing more movies
  • Once referred to herself as Jewish Space Princess
  • Multiple BTS pics of her in the 80s kissing droids, Chewbacca, and touching them inappropriately
  • Tried Harrison’s pot while filming and it made her give up on pot completely
  • Partied with the Rolling Stones & Harrison before filming on Cloud City
  • Was still drunk while filming said scenes
  • Remembers Leia’s complicated lines from the first film
  • Warned Daisy Ridley and John Boyega that they would have stalkers after doing SW movies
  • When filming the scenes as Jabba’s slave, she said “So just because I’m wearing a bikini I can’t speak anymore?”
  • Has called herself Mrs. Han Solo on more than one occasion
  • Filmed the scenes as Boushh even though she was sick and couldn’t breathe under that mask
  • Admits she’s Princess Leia’s protector
  • Has a big slave Leia doll in her house
  • Called Jabba an ‘ignorant slug’ on a Return of the Jedi blooper
  • Harrison once pranked her and pretended he was hanging himself in her dressing room and he was naked and she told the world this story, thank you Carrie
  • Agreed to do commentary for the original trilogy first DVD release in the 2000s when George Lucas gave her a copy of the Star Wars Holiday Special filmed in 1978
  • Shows said Holiday Special when she wants guests to leave her parties
  • Refers to Han Solo and Princess Leia as space dates
  • Once called Kylo Ren “my little Hitler”

now that we know that clarke can speak trigedasleng, I just want one scene, at least, of lexa telling clarke something heartfelt in trigedasleng, not knowing that clarke actually understands her

imagine lexa telling clarke in trigedasleng “ turning my back on you was the hardest thing I will ever have to do. your eyes haunted me wherever I went.”

or better yet imagine lexa and clarke seconds before lexa’s fight with roan. with lexa telling clarke “I love you” even though lexa thinks clarke wont understand her because she wants to tell her her feelings just in case she doesnt make it

I just need one scene. give me one scene where lexa miscalculates clarke’s knowledge of trigedasleng and accidentally admits something. because I would honestly combust if that actually happened


My nickname when I was little was aeneulgeuni (someone who acts and looks older than her age). When I was living in Busan, I’d sit on a bench with the grandmothers in my neighborhood and talk to them. I think that’s why I talk like an old person. They usually talk about their children or farming. Or that they’re worried because they planted beans and it won’t grow. I chime in here and there and that’s why I learned to speak like a grandma. I don’t use words that young people use.


Is CAMREN real? I am not part of their inner circle to give a definitive yes or no on that question. What I can say is, even though their words of denial are telling me no, their actions are telling me a completely different story. In my world, actions speak way louder than words. It is quite clear, through their actions over the past couple weeks alone, something is happening with them.

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Molly apologizing to Fleur and making sure Ginny never called her “Phlegm” again

Harry making his children understand why Fleur is so important and making sure they call her “Madame” out of respect

Hermione discussing Wizarding Banking with Fleur, as she would know having worked for Gringotts, and Hermione having the utmost respect for Fleur, as she is an educted, biligual woman who went to work in this complex system AS WELL AS being the woman selflessly helped her recover after being tortured mercilessly by Bellatrix

Bill learning French and speaking mostly French so his children will learn both French and English, so that there can be as little of a language barrier between his children, their mother, and their mother’s family


one of my favorite things to think about is chewbacca and ben

Chewie who always hovers around Leia when she’s pregnant (even though she’s perfectly capable of handling herself than you very much)

Chewie who tries to hum lullabies to a screaming baby Ben but scares him instead

Chewie who gives Ben piggyback rides and doesn’t get mad when his baby hands accidentally pull his fur

Chewie who’s surprised when Ben can finally speak and can understand him

Chewie who tells Ben about his father; the hero, the legend, and the softie of a best friend

Chewie who is a second father to Ben

Chewie who does everything with Ben

Chewie who doesn’t understand why Ben is shutting him out

Chewie who tries his hardest to reach out to Ben and show him he cares

Chewie who’s heart breaks when he hears of what Kylo has done

Chewie who knows that Kylo killed both of his best friends: Han and Ben

Chewie who sees the little boy in a war and can only imagine the little boy he held in his arms and told adventures to

And by one of my favorite things to think about I mean my least favorite

Let’s Speak English #105: Style Sassy!

I explained it to her as best I could, though that kind of specific conjugation tends to trip me up D;

That said, she seemed quite pleased and wears the shirt even more now.

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imagine lily evans in gof when she speaks to her son for the first time in years.

she walks towards him, all too aware of the danger that surrounds them, but she can’t help drinking in his appearance; his trembling wand, his determined grass green eyes, his mussed hair, his look of utter wonder at her approach.

lily knows. lily knows that even though she has a lifetime of words she has waited to lavish on her son, there is no time, that her harry is in danger and she can save him.

“we will give you time…”

“you must get to the Portkey…”

“do you understand, harry?” 

and her heart breaks just a little more at his bewildered but resolved face, and inwardly she begs him to understand, that she loves him, that james loves him, that they wished so much to protect him, that he must protect himself now, that he is strong and she loves him and–

and then james whispers “do it now” and harry is running, he is running, and lily knows, she knows that he will live to defeat their enemy, and some day, some day they will meet again and then lily will tell him everything that went unspoken to her son at age fourteen.

Please like or reblog if you think a white girl saying the "n-word" is wrong.

My sister thinks that she “can call her black friends that even though she’s white because they don’t care.” She also thinks it’s okay for white people to have dreadlocks and imitate “ghetto speak,” as she calls it. If you think she’s wrong, like or reblog this. I want to prove a point to her.

His accent 🙈

Nico’s originally from Italy, so I can imagine him having the accent still. Even though he was in the casino for a while, he was still around Bianca a lot, and she would *certainly* have an accent. That means there’s a chance that Nico would retain at least a part of his.

Of course, it’s watered down thanks to living in America for so long. But that said, I believe that it’s there in the rare moments he’s excited and off guard. He’ll start speaking with an adorable Italian accent, his eyes sparkling with energy that he hasn’t had in years. He’ll laugh and not even notice that people would stare.

Or, even better, he’d slip into Italian without even noticing. He’d be in a conversation with someone and get super excited. Then, in the middle of the conversation, would switch languages. He’d be smiling and continue with whatever he was saying, but it would be in Italian. The other person, in response, would either look very confused causing Nico to notice his mistake and grow quiet and embarrassed therefore ruining the moment, or would go along with it.


Will sat under the shade of a tree with Nico. It was a nice, sunny day. There was a breeze, so it was chillier than Will preferred it, but it didn’t seem to bother Nico thanks to his jacket. Will loved being outside, and Nico loved the shadows, so the shade of a tree on a sunny day was the perfect scenario for both boys.

They weren’t doing much at the moment, just sitting in silence and enjoying each other’s company. Nico wasn’t one for talking, but with his hand entwined with Will’s, there was no doubt in the blonde’s mind that the other boy cared.

“Hobbies.” Nico said, seemingly out of the blue.

If Will had been anybody else, he would have thought Nico’s comment was of no value; was something random that could be brushed off. But Will knew better than that. The comment was just part of the game that him and Nico played. Ever since the incident that had brought them together [A/N: see the first chapter of my new Solangelo fic], Nico had actually put somewhat of an effort into who he was.

Mysteriously, he still couldn’t answer the three questions that Will had asked in the beginning.

Will chuckled lightly, squeezing his boyfriend’s hand. “Hobbies… reading, archery, and soccer.”

“Soccer?” Nico questioned, turning his head to look at Will. “You play a sport?”

“Used to.” Will explained to him. “Since becoming a year-rounder here at camp, I haven’t played at all. I kind of miss it.”

Will caught a small glint of curiosity in Nico’s eye, as if he were about to ask another question. He opened his mouth, but it was gone as soon as it came, the question seemingly dying in his throat. He closed his mouth as calmly and as stoically as everything he did.

“Now it’s your turn, Nico.” Will told him expectantly. “Let me here about what you do in your free-time.”

Nico sighed heavily. The stony expression on his face looked strained, as if he were debating a life or death decision. Even though he knew that couldn’t be the case, it made Will’s heart beat just a little quicker with worry.

Nico looked down at the grass, picking at it with his free hand. “I used to be really into Mythomagic.”

“Mythomagic…” Will repeated. That name rung a bell in his mind, but he was having trouble placing where he had heard it. When it struck him, he smiled. “Mythomagic. Isn’t that Trading Card Game? Sort of like Magic: The Gathering?”

“And like Pokémon.” Nico said, sounding tired. “I’ve heard it all, and yes - it is a TCG.”

Will laughed at Nico. “So your a secret dork, huh? You into video games and anime too?”

Nico looked back at the ground again. “Maybe I am, maybe I’m not. Your point is?”

Will shrugged. “I don’t know, but I adore this new secret part of you.”

He meant to be endearing, but Nico looked just as upset and embarrassed as he always did when Will started to pry. Why Nico had let Will get anything out of him if it made him feel so bad, the blonde medic would never know. But he *did* know that he had to make Nico feel better, even though he had been the one to start the conversation about hobbies.

“Tell me more about it.” Will told him. Nico looked up at him, confused. “Mythomagic, that is. I know of it, but I don’t know much about it. Could you please explain it to me?”

Nico obliged. He tentatively began to explain the rules of the game. Will followed along, although it started getting a bit complicated. Nico kept looking up at him, then back at the ground as he talked. He seemed almost frightened to be discussing it.

Then, something amazing happened.

When he was done explaining the rules, he branched off. His voice was a couple pitches higher and he let go off Will’s hand. Normally, that would have been a bad sign. Nico receding back into himself was a silent warning sign his boyfriend would give him. But this time, he released Will’s hand to be able to talk with his hands.

His arms were flying just as fast as his words. Will had never heard Nico say something that hadn’t been thought through. This was a new sight. There was a sparkle in Nico’s eye that Will had never seen there before. A smile graced the boy’s face, and his voice reverberated with energy.

He began recounting stories and experiences of the game, laughing as he did so. Will had never heard anything as carefree and beautiful as Nico’s laugh. The pale boy talked about the game like Nico never talked about anything: with child-like excitement. It was free, and it was fun.

And as he spoke, Will heard Nico’s voice take on a slight change. Slowly but surely, an Italian accent overtook his words. It was adorable and innocent, the latter having never been a word to use with Nico. He looked at home, with the sunny day and Italian accent, as if the casino had never took home from him.

And then he completely lost Will. Nico’s words came out completely in Italian, and the boy didn’t even seem to notice. He just kept talking as if he were still speaking basic English. His eyes sparkled even more when he changed languages. Now, Nico seemed truly at home. He seemed truly comfortable; he looked comfortable in a way that Will knew he would never be able to make him.

Even though Will had no idea what Nico was saying, he didn’t interrupt. He simply enjoyed seeing his boyfriend so uncharacteristically happy. He let Nico have his moment of happiness and freedom. He seemed to be enjoying himself so much, Will wouldn’t dare interrupt him to break it to him. He was too cute and too happy.

Will was pretty sure he loved Nico even more after that afternoon.

Help for Introverts in an Extrovert World

The Western world demands that we be extroverts. This can be stressful for an introverted person who feels she has to act, or change her personality. If you experience this, perhaps the following tips may help:

1. Most important, don’t feel bad about being an introvert. Be proud of who you are, and affirm your gifts and strengths. Remember, there’s no one ideal type of personality

2. Try and speak out more – even though you find it hard – as your viewpoints won’t be noticed if they’re never shared or heard. And what you think’s important – you deserve to have your say.

3. Give yourself a break and sometimes miss social events. There’s no point adding stress by doing more than you enjoy. Why should you go to everything, and not spend time alone?

4. Make sure you take the time to recharge your batteries – as spending time with people may tire and wear you out.

5. Also, take small breaks when you are part of a crowd. Try and excuse yourself and spend a few moments alone.

“I’m a sign language interpreter and an American Sign Language (ASL) graduate, and I’ll try to give you a glimpse of how strange things can get…”

5 Reasons Life as a Deaf Person Is Weirder Than You Thought

#4. Misunderstandings Are Constant, and Baffling

In general, people don’t understand much about deaf people (we use the capital D to refer to the culture). I’ve had to interpret before in situations where a person blatantly asked me to fill out forms or answer questions about the deaf person, as if he or she was a child or mentally challenged. “They can’t hear, so clearly they need a legal guardian to handle life for them, even though they’re middle-aged adults.” It’s kind of like the assumption a lot of people make that foreigners who don’t speak their language must be “dumb,” even if the person happens to be in that foreigner’s home country, shouting at them in English. 

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Basically what I saw was that for Klaus, Caroline is still the one. One true love. The endgame. The ultimate. No matter who came before her and who comes after or in between…there is no other that means to him what she means to him. I saw a man who was struck with the memory of love the moment he heard her speak. A man who was fighting and holding back so much during that short phone conversation. A man who was putting an eternal amount of breaths in each and every word because that time could be the last time he ever, ever hears her voice.

And once again, he lets her go. He tells her goodbye, even though you can see that it kills him–that it kills them both. He keeps to his promise and to the deal they made that day in the woods. He’ll stay away. It’s all up to her. And between everything he said, all the advice, all the callbacks, all the well wishes…there is a simple promise that should she coming running to him, he’ll be there with open arms. No matter what. No matter how long it takes.

Another thing I love about Eto is how she channels both a modern aesthetic and natural/archaic imagery.

Because we have her appearing as this nude, child-like woman in her most villainous encounters. The only thing covering her is usually a robe and bandages – both pieces of garb that link back to pre-modern civilization. 

And in this role, we see her speak about God while eating an apple – Genesis imagery. You can’t get much older than the beginning of man. We also see her on a shrine when she has a flashback to when she encounters Arima for the first time, making it appear as though the shrine represented her. It even looks like the shrine is in the same beaten shape that she is in.

But then we see her as Takatsuki Sen writing her postmodern horror novels set in contemporary society with two computer screens and a laptop. She has water bottles and logo merchandise surrounding her. She almost always wears her hair up in messy buns, a pretty recent trend. 

And her organization Aogiri in itself meshes these two themes together. Aogiri functions upon the legend of the One-Eyed King that goes back over 100 years, and they wear those archaic robes in almost every situation. However, Aogiri functions like a contemporary terrorist organization, and fits a lot of trends in terms of 21st century civil conflict.

Bileygr the King especially reflects that overlap, because it’s an epic – a kind of narrative I associate with Homer, Dante, and Milton. The name itself references Norse mythology. But she announces it through television news media and uses modern society’s technology as the method to convey this work.

And I think that’s partially why I think Eto’s such an interesting villain: she has the same earthshaking and surreal feeling that old horrific, Gothic villains bring you while remaining relevant and effective within the contemporary society.

When are DC gonna learn that Ivy isn’t an emotionless asshole who loves to torture, rape and abuse people. She’s suffered abuse too and would want to use her powers to kill abusers, rapists and corporations that destroy and harm the earth. She’s connected to the green and loves and respects all life, of course she will feel maternal and empathetic and do what she can to help those in need and protect the earth and innocent life. Even though she can control people she would never rape them or take advantage of them sexually, the only people she would want to control and harm are people who cause hurt, destruction and pain to the earth and life on it.

You don’t make a character literally be the closest embodiment of ‘mother nature’ and then make her an abusive rapist who takes pleasure in torturing and killing innocent people.

Tips for Introverts in an Extrovert World

The Western world demands that we be extroverts. This can be stressful for an introverted person who feels she has to act, or change her personality. If you experience this, perhaps the following tips may help:

1. Most important, don’t feel bad about being an introvert. Be proud of who you are, and affirm your gifts and strengths. Remember, there’s no one ideal type of personality

2. Try and speak out more – even though you find it hard – as your viewpoints won’t be noticed if they’re never shared or heard. And what you think’s important – you deserve to have your say.

3. Give yourself a break and sometimes miss social events. There’s no point adding stress by doing more than you enjoy. Why should you go to everything, and not spend time alone?

4. Make sure you take the time to recharge your batteries – as spending time with people may tire and wear you out.

5. Also, take small breaks when you are part of a crowd. Try and just excuse yourself and spend a few moments alone.

Can we give SJM some MAD PROPS for having a lady protagonist with multiple romantic relationships????

How lucky is the ToG fandom, that we get to have so many complete, CANON, relationships for our girl Aelin?????

How many books (esp. YA) are there where you have a female protagonist who really only has one love interest?  I mean, sure, you get love triangles, but for the most part (and I’ll admit I’m generalizing here), you can spot that endgame from a mile away.  Otherwise, maybe her love is forbidden, or there are some other obstacles, but one fact remains: homegirl has got one *~true love~* even though she’s fucking seventeen.  I mean, statistically speaking, how fucking likely is that???

Not so in Throne of Glass.  There are FOUR–count them, FOUR–canon romantic relationships for Aelin.  And while you’re in the middle of them, they feel like endgame.  Finally, we get a realistic depiction of what it means to fall in love, and an acknowledgement that you can also fall out of it (or have it ripped away from you).

There has been QUITE A BIT of drama in the ToG fandom centered on shipping wars, but can we stop and appreciate how lucky we are that we, as readers, get such an awesome depiction of how romantic relationships actually work in the real world???