even though series 2 was all one flashback that would have been cheating

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what do u think is the worst/funniest anti ih argument? to me, it was when kubo said his plan was to make ichigo and rukia's kids meet each other and they said "ih/rr is just a plot device for the kids to meet, they arent important to the story" jdfjds

Some of the most ???? anti arguments I can think of are:
-When they used moments from the beginning of the series in attempts to cancel out something that happened later in the series (i.e. this new, recent moment doesn’t prove xyz because THIS moment from 400 chapters ago exists to debunk it!! checkmate, orgs.) Because apparently they work in reverse and don’t understand how development works.

-IH is unhealthy because Orihime is just too dependent on Ichigo ://// btw Ichigo CANNOT FUNCTION without Rukia. 
-ichihime won’t/shouldn’t happen because it’s “too much orange” (because it’s impossible to fall in love with someone who has a similar hair color as you. This then lead to the argument that Kubo changed Ichigo’s hair color from black to orange after the pilot chapter so that he could end up with Rukia?? I don’t even know).

-Speaking of the pilot chapter, the obvious IH implications of Rukia figuring out that Ichigo had feelings for Orihime and then confessing those feelings to Orihime for him meant nothing and the pilot chapter was obviously pro-IR because….Rukia shrank after losing her powers and was taking a bath in Ichigo’s teacup? idfk where to start with this one.

-Ichigo has a closer bond with Byakuya than he does with Orihime (I’m not joking, they seriously argued this).

-Ichigo going to HM had nothing to do with Orihime; he went there to fight Grimmjow because he was pissed off that Grimmjow hurt Rukia that one time (…lmao. Even though Grimmjow mentioning that he “tore Ichigo’s nakama apart” [x] had no effect on Ichigo [x], and he didn’t get the reaction he wanted until Orihime was mentioned [x] [x]).

-IchiHime is toxic and unhealthy. btw i ship ulquihime 

-Ichigo didn’t rage-attack Ulquiorra for saying Orihime’s name even though he literally refused to fight him until Orihime was mentioned and then lashed out in immediate, consecutive panels directly following the mention of Orihime’s name, which was also followed up only 13 chapters later with a confirmation from Nel in bold print that Ichigo dove towards Ulquiorra after hearing him say Orihime’s name. But nope, it had nothing to do with Orihime. Orgs are delusional.

-Something something she dried his rain yadda yadda authorial intent blah blah blah black sun white moon. (Repeat 3x) 

-Orihime made a metaphor about being the rain once and Ichigo hates the rain because it brings him misery so basically Orihime is the cause of a lot of his misery and despair and he needs Rukia because, you guessed it, she dries his rain (again, not even joking).

-Orihime isn’t in love with Ichigo even though she was given an explicit love confession in canon. You see, she only has a shallow crush on her fantasy version of Ichigo. This conclusion is based entirely on two daydreams that took up as little as one and a quarter pages in a 686 chapter manga, as if that .2% of material is the greatest testament and summation of her feelings, and irrevocably cancels out the other 99.8% of evidence of her feelings (including the fact that she saw Ichigo at his worst, as a ‘monster,’ and instead of that shattering her so-called ‘fantasy,’ she still loved him just the same. Or that time she was literally brainwashed but it somehow wasn’t enough to do away with her silly, shallow crush?? As if her love was so deep and profound it couldn’t be erased?? Strange.)

-That moment in the final battle when Ichigo hollowfies and then smiles at Orihime and says “yo/hey” and they argued “he’s not smiling at Orihime, he’s smiling at the wall” (………lmao).

-Ichigo thinks of Orihime as a little sister type, which was still argued even after he blushed about her body while his mentors played Cupid for them for five straight pages.

-Ichigo being a blushing, sweating, flustered mess for five straight pages about Orihime, displaying the most obvious, universally-known visual cues in manga that illustrate attraction, doesn’t actually prove that he’s attracted to her because he didn’t explicitly say he was attracted to her. Also, he panicked and said that her clothes were “a little too revealing” (while trying his hardest not to look at her so his face wouldn’t catch on fire) so he was obviously grossed out and definitely not attracted. The persistent blush on his face and the sweatdrops dripping from his brow mean nothing. 

-Orihime is desperate for wearing her final arc clothes to get Ichigo’s attention… Ignoring the fact that it’s explicitly stated how she was deceived into wearing them by Urahara and tried to cover herself in shame when she realized she had been tricked because she did not want to be sexualized to get Ichigo’s attention. But why bother with reading comprehension when we can call Orihime a desperate whore instead?

-Ichigo supposedly “friendzones” Orihime, but Orihime almost changing clothes in front of Ishida because she mistook him for her best female friend (“oops! I thought you were Tatsuki!! lol”) means nothing and the narrative meant for ishihime to happen even though Orihime spent literally the entire manga in love with Ichigo.

-Ichigo didn’t go to HM to save Orihime, he only went to fight. Because they took Grimmjow’s words literally and don’t seem to understand that the two go hand-in-hand because Ichigo fights in order to protect. 

-Orihime voluntarily went to HM just to “copy” Rukia’s SS rescue arc in a desperate attempt to get Ichigo’s attention????? (Even though she was completely bewildered when she realized her nakama had come to save her because she didn’t think she was worth saving. And then she literally tells Ichigo he doesn’t have to fight and can leave her behind to die as long as he doesn’t get hurt anymore. But yeah, she wanted to be saved for attention.)

-Orihime’s “Six Hearts Beat as One” speech about the six nakama wasn’t actually about the nakama. It was about Orihime accepting that Ichigo and Rukia were in love and that she could never compete, even though their feelings were never so much as implied as romantic in canon, nor were the two of them ever singled out in Orihime’s speech. Still, somehow, “six hearts beat as one” translates to “IR forever.” Go figure.

-Bleach, a shounen manga, in which Kubo himself stated “Bleach is a story about Ichigo,” was actually a fated shoujo love story about Ichigo and Rukia being destined lovers. Because, black sun white moon. And don’t forget the colorspreads. 

-Orihime annoys Ichigo and he doesn’t like spending time with her, which is why he turned down her offer to go visit Chad in the FB arc (Even though it was made clear that he didn’t turn her down because he didn’t want to hang out, but because he couldn’t, as he already had plans to meet Ginjou at the FB headquarters. And if he didn’t like spending time with Orihime he literally wouldn’t have invited her up to his bedroom the day before for the bread date, thus, voluntarily spending time with her. But, logic.)

-Orihime doesn’t accept the real Ichigo because she was afraid when he hollowfied, ignoring that she only expressed fear that Ichigo himself would be harmed by the hollow rather than that he would harm her, and that she has obvious trauma regarding hollows after the incident with her brother, which is why a flashback of that incident was provided. But no, it had nothing to do with her own personal trauma or her fear for Ichigo’s well-being. It was all to prove that IH is ~toxic.

-Orihime should not have married the man she loves who also loves her in return. Instead, she should have married the guy she has zero romantic interest in because maybe his dad would loan her some money. IH is toxic and ishihime is true love because, true love means marrying for money. Also, Ishida is entitled to marry her because he’s so nice to her :))))) She owes him, otherwise she’s a selfish bitch. She’s responsible for mating with him in order to restore the Quincy family line and she should be ashamed of herself for not marrying him and must cheat on her husband with him in order to make amends. We will also berate her and call her a worthless tittywhore but please remember that she could have redeemed herself by marrying Ishida instead :))) we only want what’s best for our worthless tittywhore after all :)))

-Kubo made IH happen because Orihime is his self-insert waifu and he ruined the series to give his fave what she wanted….even though they spent the entire series prior to this claiming that Rukia was obviously Kubo’s fave, and that he only created Orihime so that she could fail in comparison to Rukia/IR. Bonus points for the argument that Kubo wrote moments where Orihime was harmed by enemies in order to “”punish her”” because he hated her. But now she is his fave/self-insert waifu who gets whatever she wants. Makes sense. 

-The conspiracy theories about Kubo making IH happen just to ~spite WSJ~ because it somehow doesn’t make any sense to these people that he didn’t make ichiruki romantic after explicitly stating in an official interview that IR was not romantic. For the thousandth time, and I quote, “despite standing in a close position with each other, it is not romance (laughs).” 

-Fans hate Kubo for betraying them with an IH/RR ending and will boycott his work, they say as WDKALY sells better than DSTS lol

Basically all of their arguments are terrible lmao they were wrong about virtually everything to do with the ships. 

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Hi! Amazing page! Just a question! So Felicity looks to be confirmed to be back for season 6. Will Olicity be back? I am really scared right now. Also, how will the new Laurel will be in relation to Oliver?

Hi! Thanks so much!

Yeah, Felicity, Laurel & Tina are all confirmed as regulars for next season as far as I’m aware. I haven’t watched the show since the episode before Laurel’s death (with the exception of the 100th) and I’ve heard that the show has made improvements in some areas (fight choreography, suspense, action), but the character development and the weight of certain plots still seems to be lacking.

Honestly, I have no idea if they’ll bring olicity back. I wouldn’t be surprised if they did because there is definitely a lot of bias in that regard. I’ve made no secret of the fact that I don’t like Olicity, mainly because of the progression of that relationship and how it brought out the worst in Oliver whilst reducing Felicity to one-dimensional or even cruel at times. 

The drama was so overdone and forced and it often made Felicity come across as selfish, petty, controlling, jealous and sometimes straight up emotionally abusive, whilst Oliver shirked all his responsibilities (leaving the city in the hands of Diggle, his traumatized sister he abandoned, and Laurel his ex-girlfriend who he spent the entire year prior treating like shit and insisting she wasn’t hero material) to do whatever Felicity asked and the one time he didn’t (for the sake of a child that he hadn’t known he had, hadn’t been given the chance to come to terms with, and had to lie per request of the child’s mother who he needed to earn the trust and respect of to prove he wasn’t the same cheating man-child who impregnated her) Felicity makes the whole thing about herself? And was super rude to Samantha when her baby was missing when Samantha didn’t owe Felicity anything and even apologized for putting her in a difficult situation. 

Basically, I went from being completely indifferent “i don’t care if it’s a thing as long as the show/plot/characters are still evolving/entertaining” to straight up thinking “Why the fuck is this being romanticized and why is it dominating entire episodes please stop”. And the one big glaring issue with bringing olicity back is quite simply this: it’s been done. They had angst, they had the will-they-won’t-they, they had the mutual pining and the seeing other people, they had the long road to get together, they had the driving off into the sunset ending, they had scenes of domestic bliss, they had a proposal, even a wedding of sorts, they had baby drama, they had a breakup, they had the heartbroken speeches…..like……….what more is there??? HOW can they hope to bring it back without running over old ground and doing a complete rehash of the same thing that was mind-numbingly over saturated last time. It’s like if you sprint the first leg of a marathon and then you’re running on fumes, panting and reaching and struggling to the finish line. You realize too late that you’ve got nothing left to give. If they hadn’t over-saturated the olicity dynamic, and had it as a subplot that evolved in the background slowly over multiple seasons, instead of flinging it all in at once, they may still have some legwork left to do before it’s told. But, it’s too late. They went full speed ahead and now they’re looking at all the ideas they burnt through without letting them stew/develop/last.

So what I DO know is this: I can’t think of a single way they can bring back olicity without it being boring and repetitive.

I don’t know how Black Siren will effect Oliver. I think it’s one of the most fascinating concepts though, there’s a lot of mileage there to see how they interact with each other. They’ll both have so many questions, we know that they’ve both lost each other on their respective Earths, so there’s going to be a process of “how are you like the person i lost? how are you different? where does the overlap end?” they’ll probably be sizing each other up/analyzing each other a lot because it’s kinda bizarre to be confronted with the doppelganger of a deceased loved one. 

What I do need to stress though is: I haven’t shipped Lauriver since Season 1. Laurel deserves better.

See, here’s the thing: Lauriver have so many aspects that I love in ships - childhood sweethearts, friends to lovers, mutual pining, good girl/bad boy, “you will always be important whether we see each other romantically or not” - there’s so much history there. I loved Laurel’s interactions with Moira and Thea. I loved the flashbacks to their relationship pre-island. I loved to imagine the shit Laurel, Tommy and Oliver got up to when they were growing up together. 

Oliver is a gigantic asshole for cheating on her and he 100% deserved that telling off Laurel gave him in the pilot. Think of it this way: your boyfriend cheats on you and that sets in motion a domino effect that gets your sister killed, breaks up your parents, causes your mum to abandon you and your father to become an alcoholic, and then years later he shows up at your work and says “sorry” like that fixes things? OF COURSE SHE TOLD HIM TO FUCK OFF! WHO WOULDNT?! 

But then, Laurel realizes that she has no true comprehension of the things he’s seen/suffered through during his absence. She may have been betrayed and heartbroken and angry for what he did, but for all they’ve been through together, she can’t leave him to suffer alone. Not only does she apologize for her hostility, but she offers him a shoulder to cry on if he needs one. There’s something so inherently good about Laurel.

We see Oliver is a new man. He’s not who he was before the island. The whole theme of Season 1 was the idea that his experiences had changed him. Helena said “It was your crucible. It changed you.” Tommy said that if Laurel knew about Oliver being the vigilante - if she truly knew how much he’d changed and matured - then she would choose him, she would take him back. Oliver respects Laurel more now, he accepts that she doesn’t want to be with him. He gives his blessing for her and Tommy, he knew before they told him about their relationship but he didn’t say anything or make a scene because he knew it wasn’t about him and he had no right to intervene. He told her to be happy. He was patient and gentle and respectful with her upon his return in ways that he wasn’t pre-island. The flashbacks were awesome in season 1 because they showed a direct correlation with the present and we could watch Oliver grow. The fact that we see him realize too late what was important to him. The fact he stares at that photo of her constantly. The fact he bought ice-cream for her and they just sat and ate it together because he was happy to just be in her presence again because that was all he’d wanted all the time he was gone. The fact he never pressured her for more than she was willing to give him. The fact he told her that he thought death might be easier sometimes but “in the end there was something i wanted more.” Lauriver in season 1 was beautiful and heart-wrenching and the mutual pining was so! good!

But then in season 2 laurel starts getting demonized and victim blamed by the narrative constantly for bullshit reasons whilst oliver just becomes an egotistical, self-righteous asshole that takes the moral high ground he doesn’t deserve and just yells at her and disrespects her constantly to the point where I was seriously wondering if these were even the same characters. So, needless to say I stopped shipping them pretty quick after that. HOWEVER, despite not wanting them to be romantically involved, I do believe that given their history together, it’s plain logic that Laurel is still an influential figure in Oliver’s life. They’ve gone through so much together and grown both together and apart and back again. So, even though I don’t particularly want to see them be romantic, I DO want to see some acknowledgment that that history DID occur and DID effect them both a great deal, regardless of where they ended up.

Which is why I think Black Siren could be a great addition, because seeing Laurel’s face and knowing that it’s not actually her will of course cause Oliver to think back to the Laurel he knew and consider similarities and differences between the two. Siren may even have questions about her Earth 1 counterpart that could lead into more Laurel based flashbacks and more development and growth for Oliver as he reflects on his personal history and Laurel’s presence/influence in his life. So, even if Black Siren remains a villain, I still think that the concept of a doppelganger being made a series regular opens up the door for so many other plots and developments that will hopefully fill in some blanks and answer some questions about Laurel and Oliver’s relationship over the years regardless of the nature of it at any given time.

Comprehensive EMP Analysis and Predictions

Last week I posted a Meta about how we are due to return to CAM tower and I still believe that to be the case, however I’ve changed the details surrounding it. I also posted a popular gun-meta that has people believing that we will be revisiting the aquarium in TFP- and in a way, that is true, but it is not in the way you think.

In this ask and this post I began to postulate how I think things are going to go down, but I am going to expand on that theory in this post as well as collect a few other metas that I’ve posted over the last few weeks. I figured it would be nice to have a EMP theory masterpost for my blog so this will serve as that. It is thorough, so it is quite a long read. 

Let’s start at the beginning: His Last Vow. 

This is the episode I believe EMP begins because all of the signs point to that being the case. There are a few errant details and clues that would suggest that perhaps we have been operating in Sherlock’s mind since TRF, but ultimately, I do not think that is the case. There is such a thing as too long when it comes to EMP, but I do not think one season is that. In fact, I think its bloody brilliant.

In HLV, we have a relatively normal episode, up until Sherlock and John enter CAM’s tower, private office, and ultimately his private flat where the confrontation with Mary begins. 

Before Sherlock’s entrance into CAM’s private flat, we have him deducing whose perfume he is smelling. 

He doesn’t recognize it immediately, saying out loud, “Where do I know it?” 

John answers with, “Mary wears it.,” but Sherlock tells him that it is someone else and disregards Mary. He believes it is Lady Smallwood.

In this post, I point out the parallels of this scene with the one in TAB about Mary’s perfume deduction. In one situation, Sherlock correctly deduces that it is Mary’s perfume and in the other- he does not. I came to the wrong conclusion in that particular post, but the parallel itself exists for a reason. We’ll talk more about that when we get to TAB.

So, Sherlock goes upstairs to CAM’s flat, believing he is about to walk in on Lady Smallwood threatening CAM, but is shocked to find it is Mary. They exchange words, then Mary shoots him. Sherlock loses consciousness in seconds. What we see after that is not what really happened, but it is what Sherlock thinks is likely to happen. He believes John would have gotten to the room too late to save him or see Mary. He then goes into his MP to save his own life, but fails. He flat-lines. The doctors give up. He only returns to life when he realizes that if he dies, he would be leaving John alone with Mary and John doesn’t know Mary shot him. Sherlock comes back to life, but he does not regain consciousness. He begins what he referred to in both TST and LYD. He starts to calculate every possibility by accounting for every detail, effectively predicting the future. The lovely creators of EMP theory, (shout out to @monikakrasnorada @gosherlocked & @the-7-percent-solution ) dubbed this long-term premonition exercise: Extended Mind Palace.

So, there is some debate about whether Sherlock wakes up for a short period of time in the hospital only to consciously begin EMP after Janine leaves the hospital, but I believe he never woke up. Sherlock believes Mary is alive and she definitely is not. More on that later. 

Sherlock has a problem, he just doesn’t know yet what the true problem is. He believes he has to Save John Watson from Mary, knowing that if he left John alone with her and Mary never got caught for shooting Sherlock, that Mary would undoubtedly hurt John in the future. So, Sherlock begins running all the possibilities of how he can save him.

1.) Scenario 1: Tell John the truth, because he knows better than to keep things from him like in TRF, but trust that Mary has a very good reason for shooting him. He wants to see the best in her. He runs through what would happen if he decided to trust Mary and push John to forgive her. He gets rid of CAM to ensure their domestic bliss. He sells himself a fairytale. However, this fairytale ends up sending him to Serbia on a suicide mission and turns Sherlock into a murderer. Better scrap that idea. At the end of the scenario, the longest Sherlock has probably ever run, we get a crack in his subconscious. At this point, he is in so deep, his mind grows less stable. The ‘Miss Me’ broadcast seeps in, distracting Sherlock long enough to make him think there is another puzzle to solve.  

Throughout this scenario, there are inconsistencies that many have found too glaring to ignore. The dramatic feats of an internally bleeding man, the missing six months, the duplicate A.G.R.A USB drives (one John shows Mary and one that he throws into the fire), the super secret laptop with potatoes on it, CAM’s men not patting down SHerlock or John for guns, CAM saying, “It was very difficult to find a pressure point on you Mr. Holmes”, even though we saw him scroll through several at the beginning of the episode, the inconsistencies about CAM’s glasses and MP sequences, and the fact that Rosie was supposed to be born in December but Mary was still very much pregnant when Tarmac hell happened on January 1st. 

What is interesting throughout this scenario that Sherlock runs, is the way he casts John. On a conscious level, he wants John to forgive Mary for the sake of the MP exercise, but unconsciously he has made a lot of John’s actions and dialogue go directly against the forgiveness he is supposed to be feeling. Sherlock doesn’t want John to forgive Mary and its showing through.

Scenario 2.) Explore Mary and John’s relationship more, see if it is worth saving in the first place and try to better understand where the ‘Miss Me’ broadcast in his MP came from. We begin TAB (after the introductions are made) with Sherlock once against deducing a woman’s perfume. However, this time, he deduces its Mary’s perfume correctly and makes a jab at John’s marriage while he does it. There is a Watson domestic and Sherlock says quiets them then says, “The stage is set, the curtain rises, we are ready to begin.” This line is to symbolize the beginning of the new puzzle, not the one Sherlock is already trying to solve. He remembers the flashback of Moriarty’s broadcast and believes it to be worth looking into. He didn’t place it in his MP, and yet it made its way inside. He has to know how. In TAB he goes in an out of a deeper part of his MP, the mystery of the broadcast pulling him back under even when he regains focus enough to realize he needs to get back to his original plan. The “Miss Me” phrase and then later the note is a trigger for this. However, once he realizes none of it is real and that Moriarty is in fact dead, he stays in MP long enough to make a very important deduction about his relationship with John. There is always two of them. 

This episode is the basis for all of Series Four. I break that down in detail here.

In HLV, John was right behind Sherlock when Sherlock ran off to confront Mary. He wasn’t staying with Janine anymore. He leaves his post with her, just as he left his post in TAB. Sherlock deduces, because there are always two of them, that John would have walked into the room soon after he did, just in enough time to see Mary shoot him. In TAB, there are two sets of glass windows breaking. One that is unexplained (until the deduction sequence), and one Sherlock can account for. Sherlock realizes he remembers a second gun going off. He deduces that John shot Mary. Killed her. 

Scenario 3.) Sherlock realizes that John killed Mary and he also deduces that John would not kill CAM, as he was not an immediate threat. SHerlock knows he can’t outright kill CAM to protect John from CAM’s blackmail, because he’d end up going to jail or Serbia. So, in TST Sherlock runs a scenario to create John an alibi. Something so convincing that CAM’s word would be useless.  He uses old cases as a backdrop for how he would create an alibi for John, just as he used an old case to deduce that Moriarty wasn’t responsible for the unconscious ‘Miss Me’ inserted into his MP. It is no longer as important because John is once again at the forefront of his mind. He needs to figure out how to save him from CAM’s wrath. He creates a scenario that paints John and Mary as a happy and loving couple, adding the necessary fairy tale flair that we expect from him. He  knows that CAM will tell about Mary’s past, so Sherlock creates a new identity for her, something redeemable, something Mycroft could easily fake, so that when her past catches up to her eventually, it looks like John would have still been devastated by her loss because they were such a happy couple. He once again wrongly deduces the baddie is Lady Smallwood, but this time he casts someone else to take Mary’s place because Mary is a good person in this reality. The fact that Sherlock introduced the issue of who the baddie was and didn’t remember that it wasn’t Lady Smallwood, is a sign that his mind is breaking down further.  The fact that he labeled the entire thing “Amo” is his conscious mind trying to get him to focus.

However, as I’m sure you noticed, Sherlock once again cast John in a role his subconscious knew John didn’t want to play. He just couldn’t help himself. Down deep, Sherlock knows that Mary isn’t what John wants or needs, but he doesn’t want to admit it to himself. The cheating arc we saw was Sherlock’s mind not cooperating with the process. It was rebelling against him.  Its yet another sign that, at this point, Sherlock’s mind is fracturing. He is in far too deep. Pieces of his mind that were once forgotten or deleted are making themselves known again. There are cracks in the foundation of his MP. The ‘Miss me’ DVD resurfaces, but this time its Mary, someone he has discounted as being the reason for the crack in his MP, but she does remind him of it. Once again, “Miss Me’ is a trigger. He decides to stay in his MP to figure out what this his subconscious mind is trying to tell him and also goes to MP therapy to think about what he should do about John. Now that Sherlock has taken care of the most important issue, making sure John is safe, he can run a scenario as to how he should handle the fact that John just killed his wife for him, an emotional event that Sherlock isn’t exactly prepared to deal with without careful thought. I also suspect that Sherlock may not be able to leave his MP even if he wanted to- he’s been triggered by the note “John” gives him, which undoubtedly says ‘Miss Me’ on it. He’s being forced a level deeper. This is representative of this text, “The curtain rises. The last act. Its not over.” The phrase is referencing TAB- the beginning of the second puzzle. Sherlock here knows he has already solved the case as to how to give John a good alibi, it just has to run through. Now he is forced to think about the other puzzle again. The crack in his subconscious holds him hostage until he figures out what it means. 

Throughout this episode there are glaringly obvious clues that things are not right. I summarize that here.

Scenario 4.)  In The Lying detective, we find Sherlock completely off his rocker, just like I anticipated because that was where we left off in TAB. Sherlock now believes that he must be prepared for the emotional fallout of John choosing to kill his wife for Sherlock. Sherlock anticipates that this will be an extremely upsetting and devastating experience for John. He makes no time for the baby that was in TST because there never was a baby and there is no need to involve it here in this deduction. He does feel guilty about the fact that none of this would have happened if he had just been honest with John about his feelings or never left him in TRF, you can see that coming through pretty clearly. Sherlock is punishing himself. He remembers John in ASiP, berates himself for not being more careful about John’s suicidal state then. He imagines John talking to Mary about Sherlock because Mary comes to represent their relationships potential. With her gone, they could finally be together. If you’re wondering why she became team Johnlock, its because SHerlock cast her as the physical embodiment of everything he should have done right the first time with John and everything he wants to do right in the future. She is also there to convince John of this, because I think Sherlock still believes John may need some convincing. (He also probably picked up on this- sad face) Sherlock runs through how he might do that. However, once again, SHerlock’s subconscious takes over Mary’s characterization and while painting her one way, his mind makes it so that she is ultimately responsible for all his strife. She set him up to fail. 

This is also deepest Sherlock has ever been, this is his forth scenario. Most people give up after three, but he’s gone one further. He is falling further into the pit and cant get himself out again. He needs John…but there is something pulling at him, haunting him. His MP is breaking down, he cant keep scenes right, he can’t keep facts straight, he’s remembering things he deleted. Sherlock’s mind is breaking down, allowing that which he doesn’t even know to protect himself from inside. From this crack, a trickle becomes a flood and Sherlock is bombarded with memories of his sister. A sister he didn’t know he had but his broken mind has supplied for him. We know Euros didn’t really shoot John because John is walking around fine in The Final Problem. No, that was Sherlock being his dramatic self, realizing the thing that has held him back from declaring and embracing his feelings for John, is the same thing that made him put on the sociopath mask in the first place. Whatever happened with his sister, she is why Sherlock is the way he is and she is the reason he isn’t with John. She put their relationship in danger. He realizes this after he picks up the paper “Faith” left in his flat. Triggered again, he goes one level even deeper.

There are a lot of signs in this episode that things aren’t as they seem. I wont go through all of them, but you can check my #EMP tag for some quality stuff. A quick list: phone booths every ten feet, walls changing color, skull hell 2.0, no mention of ELla, no mention of the note John supposedly gave SHerlock, ASiP parallels, and a host of other tom-foolery. There are bucket loads of evidence that TLD is not real.

So at this point, we are at conjecture, but seeing as how we still have half an hour of TAB to account for, I can make some guesses. There will be a long deduction sequence where SHerlock realizes he is dreaming because Euros comes to him as Moriarty did in TAB. There will be imagery of John in the well (the perfect place for Sherlock to stick him in his repressed mind- surrounded by water, i.e. gay love, but completely out of reach), having been placed there by Euros and she will taunt Sherlock about his relationship with John. Eventually, Sherlock will awaken, most likely because he remembers that John still needs him. When he wakes up, there will be a funny bit where John and Mycroft have essentially already done everything Sherlock was going to tell them to do about Mary and we get a nice role reversal from TLD. (There will be cute smiles between John and Sherlock.) With Mary out of the way and John safe from CAM, Sherlock and John will confront Mycroft about Euros. There will be a lot of backstory here and there is only so much I can guess. Due to the fact that John is paralleled to a dog often, Im going to make a stab and say that Redbeard was Sherlock’s replacement for Euros in his MP when he deleted or was forced to delete her. Other than that, I don’t have a lot to go on.

At some point though, we will get a waterfall scene parallel just as we got an Irene Adler/greenhouse sex talk parallel. However this time they will not be constrained by the times and our boys will be truly honest with each other. Love confession and likely a kiss will follow and our boys will end the episode happy and in love at Baker’s Street.

EDIT TO ADD:In a private chat @thisbetterbeworthit reminded me of some really important details that I left out here. The final problem! No, not The Final Problem the episode, but the final problem as given to Sherlock by Moriarty. I talk how the final problem is Staying Alive here and here, but my friend here has some excellent additional commentary.

How exactly did Sherlock stay alive in TRF and then again in HLV? No, I’m not talking about the exact details I’m talking about what made him want to and how did he find the strength? The answer to both of these questions is John. We know that the final problem is Staying Alive, and we know that John is the key to saving Sherlock, now it just comes down to Sherlock admitting this is what happened to him.

My new friend also pointed out that in TAB John says this,

Which would imply that there will be a scene where Sherlock will need to figure out how to wake up in TFP and this will happen after what would resemble the waterfall scene in TAB. I don’t think they will do a true confession here, because they’d want to save that for the real world, but I think they could do something that makes it obvious to the audience but not yet to John.

I think what a lot of people have trouble swallowing about EMP is how long it is taking to get Sherlock through it. However, if it is done this way, I honestly think this could be considered groundbreaking. Doing a dream sequence this way and doing it correctly could honestly be the finest bit of television I’ve ever seen. I mean, obviously, I like my own theory but I recognize that things may not be exactly like this. But even if this is just close- I think it could be amazing. I don’t care that it was an entire season, because we saw Sherlock grow and figure things out and we saw it happen in a way that allowed him to account for other peoples reactions because as he said in TLD, he knows them so well he can predict their behavior in scenarios he devises. We can take at face value that a lot of what we saw is what would have happened if Sherlock actually went through those scenarios for real. I love that we got to see two realities, I really do.

Hopefully, if I’m right, everyone else will do.

Check out this post for more information on the triggering process, courtesy of @deducingbbcsherlock

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My Long Ass Boruto Movie Review...

Despite the inevitable tension and two sided-ness that run rampant between the main ships in this fandom, I’m going to post my honest thoughts about the Boruto movie as if none of that shit exists. Just to clarify I am both an NH and SS fan, so yes my opinions will favor both in most circumstances. With that being said, I will start with this:

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