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So... I watched yoi, then ended upon youtube binging on figure skating videos. Do you have advice on how to start following this amazing sport? Like, when are the first competitions coming up? Is there anything really important I should know (like, in a figure skating sub culture)?

Your timing couldn’t be more perfect! I have been thinking about doing an intro for new figure skating fans for a while… I know a ton of posts like this exist already, but one more doesn’t hurt, right?

Let’s do this! *rolls up sleeves*

(By the way, if any other skating fans spot any mistakes, please let me know so I can correct them.)

“Watching IRL Faceplants!!! on ICE” 101 for Yuri on Ice fans! (And any other newbies)

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First of all, I advise you to follow the wonderful, sent-by-the-gods blog @soyouwanttowatchfs . As the name suggests, they share information on watching and following competitive figure skating, introductions to skating rules, schedules, streaming info, etc. I’m going to reference them a lot here!

The team is also super helpful and answer questions, though make sure that what you’re asking about isn’t already explained in their guides or FAQ. Right now, it’s smack in the middle of the competitive season and they tend to get a metric ton of asks.

There is also an affiliated blog, @soyouwanttolearnfs , for those looking to start skating yourselves — competitively or just for fun and exercise!

I’m not going to cover basic skating rules because YOI already does that, but if you’re curious about more details, there are always the handy intro guides linked above. I’m going to quickly talk about the other skating disciplines, the competitive season, how to watch competitions and how to dip your feet into the fandom. Also look out for the skaters in the funny gifs: they’re worth following closely!

Game Mode: Single-Player or Co-op?

There are four main competitive disciplines in figure skating:

  • Men’s singles: covered extensively in the anime.
  • Ladies’ singles: yes, ladies’, not women’s. Antiquated gender norms, I guess.
  • Pairs: two skaters (per ISU rules, specifically a man and a woman. Antiquated couple norms, I guess) performing together. Includes jumps in unison, lifts, throws, death spirals, and other elements that give me mini cardiac arrests.
  • Ice Dance: like pairs, but obligatorily dancing to the beat of the music and not the melody/words. Also does not include jumps, throws and death spirals (for which my heart is thankful).

There is also the always-forgotten synchronized skating. Think synchronized swimming, but the water is frozen and people wear knife-shoes. It’s not an Olympic discipline, but there are major ISU competitions for it.

*Awkward segue* …the much talked-about ISU is the International Skating Union, by the way. They make much of the rules. Expect to see a lot of people cursing them!

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(Right to left: Shoma Uno and Yuzuru Hanyu admiring the plastic Marseille GPF medals. If you look closely, you can catch a glimpse of the superhuman cryptid Nathan Chen.)

The McFreaking Competitive Season

Figure skating seasons take place around the northern hemisphere winter months (for obvious reasons), roughly from August to April. In terms of major competitions, the typical season looks like this (courtesy of this post​):

  • Oct/Nov: the YOI-famous Grand Prix series (GP series), consisting of Skate America, Skate Canada, Rostelecom Cup, Trophée de France, Cup of China, and the NHK Trophy. They are invitational.
  • Early Dec: the Grand Prix Final (GPF), which caps off the GP series (and the first half of the season) by pitting the top 6 skaters/pairs of each discipline against each other.
  • Late Dec/Jan: the national championships (Nats) of each country, which is one of the top factors that determines which skaters will represent the country in international competitions. The ones that get the most attention are Japan, Russia, US and Canada.
  • Late Jan: the European Championships (Euros), consisting unsurprisingly of European skaters (including Russians).
  • Feb: the Four Continents Championships (4CC), consisting of skaters from, well, the remaining four continents.
  • March/early April: the World Championship (Worlds). Pretty self-explanatory. Also marks the end of the season.

Now, despite YOI making such a big deal of the GPF, it’s only the third most prestigious competition. The second is Worlds, and once every four years, the Winter Olympic Games take place and a general bloodbath ensues.

If you’re lucky enough to live in a country that actually gets some low temperatures (unlike me *ugly sobbing*), search around to see if there are local skaters and competitions you can follow. If you’re lucky, they might appear on local/national TV, and if you’re extra extra lucky, you could nab tickets to watch them in person!

So, when I say you arrived just in time, I mean that nationals have just ended, the European Championships are about to begin (25-29 Jan) (click for schedule + streaming info) and 4CC is on the horizon! We’ll be having a lot of fun over the next few weeks!

[Information on how to actually watch this nightmare and engage with the skating fam fandom below the cut]

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Can we talk about how potentially jealous/possessive Even could be? After the whole 'no, aren't we in a group together, Isak?' 'lemme just interrupt you kissing'. Like, Even has been crushing on the guy for so long and I dunno, Even just strikes me as a protective bf. In a cute way, of course.

(anon 2) Why was it such a surprise to everyone that Even had liked Isak first? I thought it was pretty obvious in the way Even was looking at Isak from the first glance that there was a certain desire for him to be recognized by Isak. But I came into the fandom like yesterday so maybe it’s easy for me to say, lol. But it just seems like people’s minds were blown when he said he’d noticed Isak from the first day of school. Anyways. ✌️

I can’t really speak for other people, but my guess would be that people were not surprised by the fact that Even had liked him before (he was pretty obvious about it when he approached Isak, not once but multiple times), but that they were surprised that he’d been interested since the first day of school… months before their first conversation!! At least that’s the impression I’ve gotten?

Otherwise… I really don’t know? I always thought the way Even telegraphed his interest to be VERY OBVIOUS. But then again Even is so smooth he somehow gets away with it…

It’s actually really interesting if we backtrack and look a bit closer at Even in the scenes with him and Isak… (you betcha I’ve made gifs to illustrate this!!)

The way Even makes his interest known can hardly be called subtle:

1) Making a point of taking all the paper, despite clearly knowing Isak is there, as a means to start a conversation, acting all nonchalant about it.
2) Kissing Sonja while not tearing his eyes from Isak. 👀
3) Asking Isak to go to the Halloween party, suggesting they pregame, and then casually punching the locker open (he’d clearly seen Isak struggle with it).

Where Isak was sort of shy and careful not to broadcast his interest, Even was assertive, unabashedly staring right at Isak without breaking eye-contact.

1) When he notices Isak staring he just looks straight at him.
2) He scans across the room and quickly zoom in on Isak.
3) Once again catching Isak staring, he holds Isak’s gaze as he walks across the courtyard. He even makes a show of putting on his sunglasses. Smooth!

You can read it as Even just being very social and friendly (which I do think he is) but the way he’d always conveniently situate himself in Isak’s space when Isak was alone also revealed a deliberateness that clearly transcends casual!

1) waiting for Isak in the bathroom.
2) Initiating conversation when Isak gets on the tram.
3) Staying behind to help Isak clear up.

Couple this with Even’s constant insistence that Isak come with him, Even never even tried to explain or excuse his wish to spend time with Isak alone.

1) When Isak clearly isn’t interested in Kosegruppa, he hazards the chance that Isak would rather share a joint with him.
2) Says he forgot his I.D. and invites Isak to his home.
3) Despite being at Isak’s place (w Sonja) he suggest they go anywhere. He wants to be with alone with Isak, rather than at the pregame or the party.

And this isn’t even mentioning how Even acted all the times someone elseEmma was around Isak. Even surely realized that she was a rival for Isak’s attention, and he wasn’t nearly as friendly with her once he knew he had a shot with Isak (at the Halloween pregame).

1) Sitting closer to Isak, bumping shoulders & insisting they be paired up.
2) Interrupting Isak and Emma’s make-out and squeezing Isak’s shoulder.
3) Locking eyes with Isak, then pointedly looking away as Emma looks at him.

(This is probably reaching, but rewatching ikke vær frekk I noticed how Even was facing his friends, but then is facing Isak’s group in the background after Emma approaches Isak to invite him to the pregame. Regardless if it means anything, surely Even realized that Isak was potentially going to meet Emma that Friday when Isak asked Even to buy beer.)

And then after they finally get together…. Even breaks it off with Isak because he thinks that Isak won’t want to be with him once he finds out that Even is bipolar. But even then Even can’t stay away. Not completely. He sends all those notes, showing how much he thinks about them and longs for Isak, it’s such an intimate and revealing thing. And he’s clearly suffering just as much as Isak…

1) Despite hearing Isak saying he doesn’t want mentally ill people around him, and probably already thinking they will have to break up, he reassures Isak that his parents will love him, and kisses him (goodbye 😭).
2) He can’t truly stay away, when he bumps into Isak in the canteen he even brings up their little insider joke. Because of course he hasn’t forgotten.
3) Within minutes of Isak demanding Even decide who he wants to be with he shows up at Isak’s door. For once hesitant and not initiating anything.. 💔

Thank goodness Isak went for it after that… (even though they really should have talked at that point!).

Ultimately the advice he gave Magnus was taken straight out of his own book!

Yes, I think it’s pretty clear that Even had it bad for Isak from the start! I also think it’s pretty clear that Even has a bit of a jealous/possessive streak. Not to the point of being controlling or distrusting, but definitely in that cute “I want to be with you so bad I’ll do really awkward stuff to make it happen” way. 😂

Even should be glad he’s handsome, charming and hella smooth tbh!!

Wow, you must be the fakest supercorp shipper I have ever seen. 

Yes, Chris Wood is an actor and by all accounts, he is not the worst dick this planet has to offer. However, he’s not some golden wonderboy who can do no wrong and can’t ever be criticized for fear of hurting his straight white boy feelings a bit.

He’s an ACTOR. Part of his JOB is to take criticism. And while death threats are completely over the line and I’d never make one, I definitely have seen way more instances of “Get a job, Chris!” than I have EVER seen “Chris needs to die” from the Supercorp fandom. 

Which isn’t to say that there aren’t bad eggs in the Supercorp fandom (as there are in EVERY fandom, including the Karamels and Sanvers, believe me, I’ve encountered quite enough of them to know that). I don’t doubt that there are Supercorp fans who have made legitimate death threats to both Chris Wood and people who like him or his slave-owning character or his abusive fictional relationship with Kara Danvers on Supergirl. In fact, I’d guarantee that there are people who have made death threats towards the Karamels. But there are plenty - more than plenty - Karamels who have sent death threats and hateful messages to the Supercorp fandom, too. As well as Karamels who hate on Katie McGrath or Mehcad Brooks (I don’t have any proof of death threats said towards/about either one of them, but I know Mehcad got a lot of hate when he was first cast and continues to get racist messages from fans). 

However. Things like calling him “Crispy Wormwood” or making jokes about his forehead and his receding hairline, while somewhat immature, are really not all that harmful in the long run. Chris Wood is a straight cisgendered white man who makes a lot of money as an actor and lives a life of luxury that most of us can’t even contemplate. He lives a life of complete and utter privilege. A few (well, more than few, the Supercorp fandom is MASSIVE) people making jokes about his shiny forehead or his receding hairline probably don’t even make a dent in his ego. And they’re not even comparable to the kinds of things said towards/about Mehcad or Katie (or even Melissa and Chyler and Sharon and David, I’m sure) since most of those comments are based in sexism and racism. Both Mehcad and Katie have to deal with things like sexism and racism on a daily basis through a number of microaggressions I’m sure most fans aren’t even aware of or could accurately count up. Whereas Chris Wood doesn’t have any of that. Men don’t get routinely shamed for having big foreheads, or killed for having big foreheads, or are unable to get jobs because they have big foreheads. He’s not dealing with microaggressions of any kind in his daily life and since he’s such a woke feminist bae according to all of you guys, he would be the first to admit that. Which means that seeing a few comments about his forehead or his hairline really aren’t going to affect him all that much, if he even sees them at all. 

As for the other hate directed at him, well. Suffice it to say a lot of us were pretty pissed off at how this season went on Supergirl and had Chris Wood dealt with it a little differently, things might be a little different. Because there is an enormous difference between just “doing your job” and saying a few nice things about your character or the ship you’re in because it’s your job you don’t want to get in trouble, and completely gassing up what is clearly an abusive relationship and talking about your sexist slave-owning character as if he’s just “misunderstood” and “really the hero of the story” and making it sound like Kara becoming his mentor and essentially being sidelined in favor of his character’s storyline was in any way of a good thing. If Chris Wood was a much of a woke feminist bae as you all want to believe he is, he’d have said some different things about his character and the ship he was forced into. He can’t help how his character was written, of course he can’t. No one’s blaming him for the writing or for the character’s existence, that would be ludicrous. You may notice that we all hate Andrew Kreisberg and Kevin Smith to a rather absurd degree, too, because we know where to place our blame, thank you very much. 

But look at how Melissa Benoist handled some of the questions about Karamel lobbed at her in interviews versus how Chris Wood handled them. Melissa so clearly can tell that this relationship is written badly and doesn’t think it’s the best but as the main actor in the show, she is forced to say a bunch of nice things about it. But she manages to dodge a lot of those questions and often repeats herself with what are more than likely lines fed to her by the studios (i.e. “Kara is happy” “You can’t trust a Luthor”). Chris Wood doesn’t do any of that. He seems quite happy to call a relationship where he screams at the woman he claims to love in the middle of her workplace and physically refuses to let her leave an argument she is trying to walk away from so as to keep from making even more of a scene than he’s already made “the sweetest couple on TV right now!” He seems perfectly happy to just say that him not listening to Kara (about how best to protect people, about their relationship, about how slavery and sexism are bad things) isn’t a symptom of his rampant misogyny that really should be resolved long before he and Kara become an item, but is really just his poor little character just being a misunderstood hero all along. He seems perfectly happy to talk about how his character has basically taken over the show and gets the actual hero’s journey this season that should have belonged to Kara instead of making sure that audiences know he’s there to support Kara/Melissa and not the other way around (a la Tyler Hoechlin as Superman). 

We can criticize Chris Wood all we want and we have plenty to criticize him for regarding his participation in ruining this show and bringing it down so far from its promising, more feminist start. We can call him the worst actor of our generation all we want because that’s an opinion on his skills and everyone has different tastes. We can call him ugly all we want because plenty of us think he is and again, everyone has different tastes. We can make jokes about his forehead and his receding hairline because they really aren’t going to do anything to hurt him (or his fans as much as they seem personally oppressed every time we make a forehead joke). We can call him out for talking about his character and his character’s relationship with Kara in a way that makes it pretty obvious he has zero clue how UNfeminist it is. And you’d think woke feminist bae Chris Wood would be aware of it, wouldn’t you? You’d think woke feminist bae Chris Wood would realize how incredibly racist it was to replace a Black love interest with a white slave-owning love interest. You’d think woke feminist bae Chris Wood would realize how incredibly sexist it was to have his character get the only real character arc this season instead of the show’s titular female lead. You’d think woke feminist bae Chris Wood would have had at least a few things to say to make sure viewers knew he had at least some awareness of what was happening with the writing and, while he can’t do anything to change that, that he doesn’t agree with it and that he as an actor still supports Kara/Melissa’s storyline. But he never did. Not once. 

So as a fellow Supercorp shipper (and an extremely bitter Karolsen shipper for that matter), I’d like you to stop and think for a moment about this post. I’d like you to go look at some of the bullshit Karamels have said about us and some of the things Karamels have said about the actors in this show that aren’t their favorite woke feminist white boy bae Chris Wood. I’d like you to see some of the slurs they throw at us that are abelist, homophobic, racist, and sexist. I’d like you to look at some of the things they’ve said about James as a character and how often they talk about him in incredibly racist ways. I’d like you to see all the homophobic things they say about Supercorp as a ship and the people who ship them. And yes, I know there are some Supercorps who have done some really nasty shit (sending death threats to Karamels and saying racist things to Rahul Kohli for starters), but the Karamels are in NO WAY innocent in any of this.

In fact, that’s actually how I became an “anti” as you might term it. I wasn’t even in the fandom for a really long time, though I have watched this show from day one. And I made one comment on one review about 2x13 and got a SLEW of hate sent back to me about how I was “crazy” and a bitch and a professional hater. All because I wrote about how I disliked Mon-El and Karamel. Just once. 

And it never stopped. I wasn’t writing anything about the actors or any of the shippers. I was JUST writing about the ship and the characters and I got continually harassed on the internet for it. Eventually I started talking to a few people on Tumblr who shared my opinions and found an entire fandom who agreed with me, an entire community who felt the way I did. 

So yeah. Now I write shit about the actors. Now I write shit about the shippers. Because they attacked me first. They called me names first and were hateful to ME first so now I don’t give a shit about how any of them feel because maybe they deserve to have a little bit of their own medicine dished back to them, to feel the way I felt. Now I troll them and make comments on their posts about how ugly Chris Wood looks in one particular gif in a gifset because it’s exactly the kind of shit that was done to me, but now I can at least find it kinda funny. 

Is it juvenile? Sure. But I’m bitter and angry over how this fandom treated ME and it didn’t come from the Supercorps. It came from the Karamels. 

You say you’re here to protect those of us Supercorps who got jumped on and harassed on the internet because of some toxic people in the fandom? Well, I’m one of those toxic people, but I used to be one of the people you claim you want to side with and help. I’d guarantee a lot that the people who are now so “toxic” were once more like me and have since gained a shit load of bitterness and resentment, not just towards the shippers but towards the producers and the writers who have done this to us, who have taken a show that used to be about feminism and made it a show about glorifying sexist mediocre white men. But we can’t say anything critical without getting a shitload of hate back from people who think Mon-El is just a space puppy who has literally done no wrong ever in his life (including owning slaves and being a sexist douchebag who was involved in a tyrannical monarchy that oppressed its people? Sure, Jan). It’s not our fault they think criticism of a fictional character somehow is an attack on the entire show as a whole, the actor behind said character, and themselves as shippers. Or that those shippers seem to think that the characters are real and have feelings and that us disliking them and saying so on the internet will somehow hurt Mon-El’s feelings or something. Don’t ask to me to tell you how Karamel minds work, I’d prefer not to have to put myself in the shoes of a bigot who romanticizes an abusive relationship. 

Chris Wood doesn’t need your protection, he never has. If you want to appreciate him for his terrible acting and his five expressions and his bland looks, go right ahead. No one can stop you and no one honestly gives a shit. But don’t act like the Karamels are these saintly victims who just get continually shit on by the “toxic” Supercorp fandom and not that the Supercorp fandom is actually more routinely shit on by the Karamels and that’s how some of us became more “toxic” in the first place. 

Go take your place at the Karamel table and leave the Supercorp shippers alone. Maybe you can be like M’gann and change the minds of some of the Karamels, show them the light or something (although I’m not sure you have any light to show them). Try to be less of a Mon-El at least, abandoning his own people for his own self-gain and absolving himself of every sin he’s ever committed and eschewing the blame somewhere else.

PITCH-SLAPPED: a fan-guide to the Barden Bellas and gay lady ships of the Pitch Perfect franchise

So you just watched Pitch Perfect again and you’re feeling a little enamored with those aca-awesome characters. Or maybe you finally saw Pitch Perfect 2 and you’re just a bit obsessed after that tent scene. Or perhaps you’re not sure how to deal with the wait between now and July 2017 when Pitch Perfect 3 finally comes out.

Whatever the reason: you’ve come to tumblr to assuage those Pitch Perfect feels you got goin’ on and discovered a whole fandom. AH! So much to sort through. So much to feel. What even is Pitch Perfect tbh???? How do I join the fandom? Do I have to sing? WHAT ARE THE RULES HERE? 

Don’t worry. We totes got your back. 

(warning: the following post is very very long and really really effin gay)

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Eggsy’s Body Language Meta (1/10)

Now available in one post on Ao3.

 All parts.

Okay, so this is a meta I did in response to a request from @blackmakethme for analysis of Eggsy’s body language in relation to the characters Harry, Roxy, Merlin, JB, Arthur, Gazelle, and Valentine.  Disclaimer 1: I ship Hartwin.  Like, a lot.  I tried hard to keep it out of the meta, but I’m afraid it’s seeped in and rather permeated the thing.  Especially considering that writing this actually made me ship it even harder. XD  I do think it should still have value if you don’t ship it, but I’m giving fair warning.  Disclaimer 2: I have done research on body language in the past but didn’t do any for this specifically.  This is literally just me talking about what I see and how I interpret it based on all my other thoughts about Eggsy.  Obviously, this is all my personal opinion, and people are free to agree/disagree/discuss freely. :3  Disclaimer 3: This thing is monster long, and obviously, not everything here is gonna be some golden nugget.  I did pour my heart into, though, and in the process learned a lot about how I think of Eggsy.  I like to think I said a lot of good stuff in here, even if it’s not all revolutionary.  I really hope you’ll make it to the end (but I also know that’s a big undertaking and understand if you don’t).  

Lots of gifs under the cut, so beware (roughly 20 per post).  Please enjoy.  I sold my soul to Satan for this.  XD 

Thank you very much to everyone who encouraged me during the excruciating process this became. XD I love you all.  This fandom is truly phenomenal. 

(Also, before we get started, please, if you want to use any of these gifs, credit back to me.  I have worked extremely hard on this, and the gifs alone took me probably 10-15 hours.  Thanks.)

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Swanqueen is canon.

This made me want it. At first i just thought it was over the top tv drama and their dynamic was still fresh and we really didn’t have a good grasp of the characters yet. but i felt this moment like a lightning bolt of possibilities. i knew because of the characters being attractive and oddly connected that at the very least the fans would be like, “I would totally watch these two gettin it on.”

This seemed like a mind game, Regina being polite and wanting her gone, but oddly interested in who she was and how she came to be in storybrooke. I Still wasn’t convinced that anything was going to come out of this, again, still in the discovery stage, but still wondering if she was thinking about apple cider + the taste of Emma’s lips. Those first looks were quite suggestive.

And then omfg, I mean right? By episode 2, I was full on shipping this and it was officially fueling exactly all of my sexual fantasies. This is, and always will be an obscene amount of eyesex. Regina just fires this fuck me now, right here in the grass look, and I actually killed the dvr because of it.

But this? this made me believe. THIS, is canon. forever in my heart. I totally thought she was going to kiss her, and it totally looked like Emma wanted her to. And when they didn’t my body genuinely ached. I felt the disappointment of this unrequited yearning for days.

And shit, because even though there was sinister intent, there was yet another look of staggeringly intense eyesex and if you only saw this gif without the context of the scene you would absolutely think they desperately wanted to rip each others clothes off, even in watching the context of the scene Emma didn’t know how to react to Regina seemingly being nice to her. So she pretty much just acts likes everyone does when standing in front of their crush not knowing what to say.

And after waiting for season 2 to start, this happened almost immediately, and I was shocked because of all the people to defend her, of all the people Regina cursed, Emma really did get the shit end of that stick. Yet, here she is, the only one willing to defend her when the angry mob shows up at her door.

And god dammit now they trust each other? “she’s not dying” and my poor shipper heart is just melting at every god damn scene at this point.

Oh and when she has the opportunity to rid herself of Snow White and the savior, she doesn’t, because she loves Henry, you know the kid, Emma’s son? Yeah totally loves the shit out of him and doesn’t want him to loose Emma. I.e. Emma is important to her.

And then the save youselve’s scene, I will stay behind and sacrifice my life and Emma calls bullshit and they make magic together, which honestly was kinda cooler than the idea of them making out, can you feel the sparks between them? I mean this scene was a literal slap in the face to that old saying. And the look they give each other when they think they both might die. God dammit because now every god damn thing is swanqueen and it hurts.


And because this is a family that loves each other, for better or worse they have excepted each others flaws and learned to work together. And the Swan Mills hug made my heart melt.

Saddest moment in human history. everyone cried. every single person in the world, some, for seemingly no reason, felt an epic sadness when this moment happened. If only those poor souls knew what was happening.

son of b*^*#@% these looks just kill me and now its more than just wanting them to hump and paying actual money to see that, i just want them to admit they love each other and maybe passionately kiss for a few seconds. Thats it and i will just die.

then of course the look she gets when she thinks she accidentally killed her. Also a great hair porn moment but there is pain in her eyes and it almost killed me to watch it unfold.

Then dammit, because we were so close, and then this shit happens over a beard who as it turns out, treats her like shit, and Emma is just busted up over it. Her promise, her family, is broken and if she could just explain, they could work it out. Although her heart was broken and i hated to see Regina sad, a part of me jumped out of my skin and was like YES! one beard down, one to go, Viva La Swanqueen bitches!

At this point in the series i started to question why this keeps happening to me, I’m a good person, i work hard, i pay my taxes, i don’t deserve this kind of torture, yet another god damn look that is just a punch in the heart to all the loyal swen fandom. I apologize for this, someone should.

Maybe I need you? Maybe I need a lobotomy at this point, I need this or that, but Regina just gay faced told Emma she needs her and i need to lie down. followed up by the “you’re better than this” scene and uggghhh i need a drink.

women after my own heart.

But this, this fucking killed me. I’ve been sitting around waiting for months trying to figure out how Regina will save Emma. Envisioning her in multiple scenarios from summoning Emma, to bickering with the stupid beards about how she will never give up on her, so… I guess the point of this epic post is this…

Dear OUAT staff, If Swanqueen isn’t endgame, be prepared for the label of “THE WORSE ENDING TO A SERIES EVER.” Because after this roller coaster of a relationship so far, for these two and their son to not end up together as a family, for these two amazing women to not end up as a couple, will be the biggest folly in television writing ever. Every single episode since 1x1 has been the makings for the most incredible love story I have ever seen. And if so, kudos and thank you, for letting me and swen and the ouat fandoms be a part of it, for creating it, for being the reason I found a home in a fandom. The reason I started writing again, *actually tearing up. And if not, then it was just another tv show. #This could be history in the making.

Love the ship, hate how it was handled

I’m about 234902304923049309340 years late to the party, but when has that ever stopped me? 

Disclaimer: I know i’m gonna talk about a ship a lot of people don’t like, but I do, so here’s some thoughts on it.

When I first saw AOU, I hated it with a passion. I still hate it on more levels than Dante’s hell has layers, but I don’t hate Brutasha anymore. What I hated about their romance was the way it was handled, not the concept itself. To make it easier for you to decide whether you want to continue reading, here’s a brief overview of the points I’m going to make:

  1. Natasha’s characterisation has always been flawed
  2. Love does not make Natasha weak
  3. Bruce Banner is good enough for her
  4. Dismantling the scene that everyone hates

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I remeber when I wasnt in ted fandom - when I wasn;t watching the show - I saw the gifs of Daryl and Carol hug. I then though "oh, how nice that this muscule mountain redneck is going for this solid rock woman, not the other ladies, that are younger in a show". I genually though that Daryl and Carol was canon. That they were a couple, that they were soulmates and that everyone kinda knew it. well... I wasnt wrong.

Oh Nomy thank you for coming into my inbox today..

because I wanted to write something Caryly tonight and you gave me the perfect excuse…

not that I need one…

But yes, I ‘ve heard that one alot from people outside the fandom who though upon seeing that scene that they were a couple and… well… LOOOK at them..

and can see

why people 

would  think they

are in love..

I mean come…..

(gifs not mine) 

Gaaaah that look…

And you touched on something that is the reason I love this sip so much. The fact that it is not your typical ‘two beautiful, perfect people falling in love’ kind of shlock that shows having throwing at us for years. 

Carol is not your typical leading lady, meaning not that ‘sweet young than’ or ‘hot chick’ they they always seem to hook up the hot guy with. Not in the conventional way at least. She is older, with grey hair, has scars and a history to her. But she is utterly gorgeous mind you.. I mean look at those eyes. It’s no wonder he can’t stop  staring at her. 

And Daryl, well he’s not typical either. He’s dirty, got scraggly hair, ripped clothes and looks like he hasn’t showered in 3 weeks (making that ‘scent mark thing one of my fav bloggers said once even more spot on ha) He’s not a charmer with the ladies, is awkward and clueless in that sense really.  He’s not a typical male lead either He’s fine as hell mind you… just not typical. 

And Carol is not just a ‘love interest’ or a ‘hook up’ for him. She is more than that. She is love, his girl, his best friend and (i’m convinced) his soulmate. When Norman says its ‘deeper than that’ this is what he means I believe.  And tis’ the same for Carol too. 

It’s unique, it’s special and dosen’t need the ‘labels’ and stereotypes of what a typical love story is. This relationship is all about unconditional love between two people who are physically and emotionally scarred, and not always the pretties things to look at. And they are not about ‘fixing’ eachother either, they don’t need to be fixed, or change into something they are not.  

They love eachother for WHO they are, faults and all and that my dear Nomy is what shows up on screen during that scene and so many others. Its what drew you in. And made us all (still) squee like idiots when it’s on our screen. 

True love my friend… ti’ll do it every time..

So you were definatly not wrong :) 

Better late than never...

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I’ve been in fandoms (mainly SW and HP) for over a decade, and through the years every once in a while I’ve written fanfic. But for Richonne I only wrote (so far) one fic: Breath Mints

Gee, I wonder WHY I choose that title…

(gif via mintchonne)

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Why am I Richonne Trash?

Because they are SO PERFECT for each other! I’ve ALWAYS been Rick Grimes trash. ALWAYS. Since Season 1. Yes, even through all the Lori drama. 

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And I’ve ALWAYS thought Michonne was a BAD ASS chick, not one you should risk messing up with, ever since she showed up in Season 3. They are two tough cookies. 

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At first I didn’t see their potential - I’m a late sailor on this ship - but sometime during the end of season 5, I truly saw the glory that is Richonne. I’d like to think that I saw some inklings back in “Clear” but truth be told I only fully really realized their potential on season 5. JUST when we had to go through Jess!hell. Figures. Richonne just…smacked me on the face and I was, “OF COURSE!”

The best part? They are two WHOLE persons on their own. They don’t need each other to be complete, to kick ass, to kill a bunch of walkers, to defend their friends and adopted family, but they CHOSE to be. And that makes them happy. And STRONGER. They are not co-dependent on each other, they COMPLEMENT each other, because they CHOSE to. (Yes, Rick may be whipped, but it’s by choice! XD)

Not to mention they are just HOT together. 

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And Mrs. Clutterbuck rooting for them is just TOO DARN CUTE not to be excited by it, LOL.

ALSO! I bought Rick Grimes and Michone Funko Pops so I could have a set…

When did I jump aboard this glorious ship?

Like I said, end of season 5. Difficult to pinpoint when exactly, but I think it was when Rick told Michonne about his plan to take over Alexandria, about how he lied to her, about the stolen and hidden guns, and how SHE could have talked him out of it. And instead of yelling at him, she reasoned with him about how that was a bad idea, about how they could make Alexandria work BUT in the end she let him keep the gun and said that she was still with him, no matter what.

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Are they married, or ARE THEY MARRIED? They actually have a more functional and supportive relationship than most married couples I know!

Favorite scene:

See above answer. Favorite bits: Michonne saying “I’m still with you” and Rick looking from Michonne’s eyes down to her mouth. It seems to be a trend, as well as Rick looking at Michonne’s ass… XD

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I know, this look is from another scene, but it’s more evident here than on the aforementioned scene.

ALSO? The scene from next episode (6x13) that they showed in the sneak peek? It has HIGH CHANCES of becoming my new favorite scene, but since it hasn’t “officially” aired yet, I’m not taking it into account. 

You can have it as a bonus, though:

(gifs by heartfulloffandoms-x)

Future for Richonne:

Happily ever after? As much as possible in a zombie apocalyptic world? Perhaps a baby - I know Michonne considers Carl and Judith her own kids, but I’d like to see a Richonne baby, thank you very much. 

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ALSO, I can’t wait to see more Grimes Family 2.0 interaction, especially between Carl and Michonne, because we have seen basically ZERO interaction between them since “The Next World” and Richonne becoming canon.

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I LOVE their relationship, Carl was the one who made the call that welcomed Michonne into their group, they have been best friends since forever, and I have my suspicions that he might as well be the #1 Richonne shipper of the group - even if Carl was surprised when he found his “parents” were putting on some clothes to talk to Jesus (but not as much as Rick and Michonne were when they found him on that corridor, LOL).

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Who I tag: 

EVERY Richonne shipper who hasn’t done this already - I’m pretty sure everyone already has done this, LOL - I took WAY too long to answer it…

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Thoughts on ‘Consumed’: the Carol edition

I’ve read a ton of wonderful meta on Daryl and the way he acts toward Carol in ‘Consumed’ – how he’s more open, more considerate, more talkative, more touchy-feely, and just generally more emotionally available and plugged in than we’re used to seeing him. All of that is true, and of course it’s one of the reasons I love the episode so much.

But now that it’s the middle of hiatus time and we still haven’t heard Carol say a word about the girls to anyone – now that we’ve ended the season with Carol still clutching her emotions in a death grip for fear that if she lets the mask slip for even a second she’ll endanger someone else – I want to talk about this .gif and how it relates to my Carol feelings in ‘Consumed.’

[.gif by memoriesinatrunk]

Because see, a thing is that I feel what Carol feels. (Which is why when she said this, I burst into tears for what was probably already the fourth time in this episode.) Doesn’t matter what the feeling is. I plug into her emotions without even trying. And so much of what we’ve witnessed since 4x02 is Carol’s constant struggle – sometimes successful and sometimes notsmuch – to keep her emotions tightly reined in. In a way, she’s trying to feel nothing, trying to force herself to make decisions based on logic and pragmatism alone. (Naturally this isn’t working for her at all, given that by nature she feels everything as deeply if not moreso than anyone else in Team Family.)

I’m aware that different people have different theories about why she’s taking this particular approach, and that’s fine. My personal opinion is that deep down, she’s scared shitless. Every time she’s let her guard down in recent history, something horrible and tragic has happened. So the relentless squelching of her feelings serves at least two purposes. First, it ‘frees’ her to make decisions that aren’t based on emotions. Second, it protects her from the pain of allowing herself to feel those feelings in the full horror of 3D and surround sound. She’s done this before. She knows what it’s like to work through grief. And right now I just don’t think she feels as if she’s allowed that luxury. Other people deserve it (like Daryl). By her own admission, apparently she doesn’t.

Which leads me to what we see her doing in ‘Consumed.’

Since the moment she made the choice to kill Karen and David and Rick banished her for it, she’s closed in on herself. She doesn’t offer information freely. In fact, she doesn’t do much unnecessary talking at all. She doesn’t let people get too close. She doesn’t trust.

But ‘Consumed’ serves as kind of a breather for someone who lives Carol’s emotions, because it serves as kind of a breather for Carol.

Throughout this episode, she’s more relaxed, more open, more honest, and more willing to poke and prod at the sore places than we as viewers have seen her in a year. (The scene at the end of ‘The Grove’ is an exception to this, and I’m long on record as finding that scene cathartic as hell, despite the fact that it breaks my heart into twelve million pieces every time I watch it.)

The examples of this are numerous:

  • Her straight up (if brief) answers to Daryl’s questions about the womens’ shelter.
  • Her confession that she still doesn’t know what she would have done if he hadn’t showed up by the car.
  • The fact that she brings up the girls. It’s Daryl, ultimately, who shuts that subject down, even though I believe that he had good intentions in doing so.
  • Her epic “I don’t want you to die” speech, which culminates in a completely voluntary admission that she’s not even sure she believes in God or heaven anymore. (Sometimes I think this is really overlooked in meta – the crushing significance of this statement coming from a woman who, in S2, took an immense degree of comfort in believing that Sophia was in heaven. The loss of that certainty, coupled with what happened with Lizzie and Mika, has to be devastating for Carol. It’s just one more thing she has to handle all on her own, now.)
  • Her willingness to show fear in the fan. She reaches out for Daryl’s hand of her own accord, and her face is absolutely terrified. She’s not trying to cover a single thing.
  • The candor of her response to Daryl’s “What about you?” as they’re standing by the window looking over the city. She could’ve said “I’m fine,’ but she told him a whole story, beginning with what happened when she and Sophia went to the shelter and ending with the frank admission that she truly has no idea who to be now that all the former incarnations of her have been burned away.
  • The levity of her “You don’t know me” jab after Daryl has the temerity to mock her taste in art.
  • Finally, her statement in the above .gif, which is a response to Daryl’s question, “Why don’t you tell me what’s really on your mind?”

And that is the part that kills me, because she does. She tells him. She doesn’t evade, deflect, sugarcoat, or bullshit. She lays it all out there for him to deal with, the fact that she – the woman who was once the unquestionable emotional center of the group – is pretty much lost as hell right now.

So my point (and yes, I do have one;) is that while the fandom can and will go round and round until the end of time regarding the nature of Carol and Daryl’s relationship, it’s unquestionably canon that there is no other human being on earth with whom she feels more emotionally safe – with whom she feels more free to be the most authentic version of herself. There’s no one else in the world who makes it okay for her to be this vulnerable. (This idea is emphasized in ‘Them,’ when she freely admits to him that she can’t allow herself to “feel it.”)

Her defensive walls crumble when confronted with his understated, empathetic concern. Consequently – and seriously, all things shipping aside – this is one of the main reasons I hope they have screen time together in S6.

Because I need Carol to take a breather and stop worrying about everyone else for five minutes. I need her to worry about herself.

[Huge giant enormous thanks to Donna for making the above .gif just for me. You’re the best!]

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I like that you're getting into The 100 & Clexa thing because I like your gifs and edit. Anyway, about your tag, I don't think Lexa needs to be redeemed. She didn't do anything wrong to her people. Sure, she hurt Clarke in that process, so what we need is a scene with both of them processing what happened, why each had to do what they had to do, and moving forward with that.

No. Noonononnono no anon. 

Okay fandom, let’s talk about this for real. I feel like a lot of you are almost romanticising Lexa in a way that absolves her from the severity of her actions. Lexa didn’t just ‘hurt Clarke in that process’ she pretty much spat on everything they were working towards in terms of the alliance and sentencing Clarke’s people, her friends, to death.

Lexa made a deal with the mountain people who had been capturing and torturing grounders for years and years, all for what? Since when has Lexa been afraid to sacrifice the lives of her soldiers, since when has she lost the strength to look them in the eye and tell them to go die for her. Just a week ago she sacrificed TonDC to a freaking missile, when it could have easily been avoided. Why was she so gungho to live and die by “Victory stands on the back of sacrifice” then and not now?

She gets one offer from the enemy and it’s suddenly all, ‘ohhh sorry Clarke head and not heart, my people my people my people etc.’ What the fuck happened to Jus drein jus daun? Where is the justice? Lexa is literally nothing when you take away her values and her duties, not only to her people but to the alliances she makes. She beat down a grounder for saying the Sky People were not welcome, she made it known that the Sky People march with them now, and anyone who tries to stop that will pay with their life.

The Sky People were Lexa’s people as soon as she forged that alliance. She proved how serious she was about the alliance when she drove her sword through Gustus’ heart.

So why now, minutes before war, does Lexa go back on everything that has happened.

You know why?

Because Lexa is a big fucking coward.

In some ways it is as simple as “The duty to protect my people comes first,” and in some ways it isn’t. Lexa’s calling as the Commander is who she is, her life is about protecting her people. What interests me is how she lost sight of that the moment she witnessed Clarke stick a knife through the heart of the boy she loved. Clarke should have been punished for that, she wasn’t.

As time goes by, Lexa is willing to sacrifice more and more of her people in order to protect Clarke and her interests. Lexa goes out of her way to protect Clarke, on a couple of occasions she even orders grounders to guard Clarke when she herself can’t accompany her. She kills Gustus. She chops Quint down. She wants Clarke to leave her to die. She sacrifices hundreds of her people in TonDC. She risks being found out by letting Octavia live. She rests the fate of her entire army in Clarke’s hands because she trusts her.

For a good amount of time Lexa does not put her people first. If she was really putting her people first she never should have agreed to the alliance. See it from the perspective of the grounders. I mean, Clarke KILLED 300 OF LEXA’S WARRIORS at the dropship. Finn slaughted 18 people in cold blood. Yeah sure the enemy of my enemy is my friend but I don’t think that covers massacres…

Lexa gets blindsided by Clarke. And it is Clarke and not just the Sky People in general because I don’t see Lexa pouring her deepest darkest sorrows into Kane after a few days of knowing him. I think Lexa is so afraid of herself when it comes to Clarke because she is willing to sacrifice everything in order to protect her, in order to give her the things she wants. This is a girl she has known for what, 2 weeks? and she’s already willing to sacrifice an entire village for her. BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT “NOT EVERYONE. NOT YOU.” is about. I have no doubt that if Emerson never approached her with an offer, Lexa would have ordered every last one of her warriors to fight and die against the mountain. (In all honesty not that many people would have died because let’s be honest the mountain men are pretty pathetic when they don’t have their beloved acid fog protecting them.)

It’s the principle of the matter though, and Lexa was probably jolted to that reality when Emerson told her exactly that, retreat and we will set your people free, afterall isn’t that what the Commander does? Protect their own? Like there is no way Dante didn’t tell Cage/Emerson to play the Commander card, otherwise he wouldn’t have suggested and known the idea would have worked in the first place. 

And that’s when Lexa realised just how far she had come. Just how deep she had fallen. When almost every single part of her didn’t want to take the deal, that’s when she knew she had to.

The duty to protect my people comes first.

Love is weakness.

And that is my headcanon for Lexa’s betrayal. That is why for me, it’s going to take more than a chat over tea for things to be repaired. Everything that Clarke believes in was betrayed by Lexa, there should be no sugar coating here. Lexa’s betrayal is probably the worst one that has happened on the show. In my eyes she does need to seek redemption, otherwise it would make no sense to me for Clexa to continue on. Lexa did a really fucking shitty thing. Clarke can’t just forgive Lexa in a manner of a couple of episodes, if that happened it would honestly be detrimental to Clarke’s character because she is all about fairness and doing the right thing. I need season long arcs for this shit to be repaired, but that is what interests me more than anything. Slow burns are where it’s at, and in so many ways Clexa has only just begun. The potential for life ruining is so high with these two that I froth at the mouth thinking about it.

There is hope of course because the decision Clarke had to make in the finale is one that will lead to some level of understanding. I mean, they are very different because Clarke didn’t betray the person she kissed the day before to protect her people, but also… she did kill a bunch of children. So. You know. She understands the guilt.

If they can find a way for these two to actually love each other it would be a god damn beautiful storytelling miracle is what I’m saying. There is no easy path here and if they manage to pull it off, Clexa would be a ship to fucking celebrate for years to come. That’s why I have become so invested…because of everything this could be.

To be honest, I see this ending in Lexa dying. Either by sacrificing herself for Clarke or for the Sky People. And that makes me sad because Lexa is one of my favourite characters on this show and I would like her to stick around for a very long time thank you very much. But yeah, I have yet to think of a scenario in which Clarke forgives her and happily ever after. It’s going to be all big damn heroes and redemption via fire. Sigh. Oh Lexa, you stupid raccoon.

Olicity Fans Should Thank Arrow For Not Wrecking The Ship by WORDSMITH on MAY 15, 2014 (Spoilers be ahead) If you look at the internet today, there’s a very familiar soapy divide between (and among) fan bases within the Arrow fandom in the wake of last night’s pretty epic Season 2 Finale. Some Olicity shippers are livid, they feel they were toyed with and used by the producers and writers to create hype. Why? Because they got “The moment.” A much, much bigger moment than anyone was expecting: Oliver telling Felicity that while Slade thought he had the woman he loved (Laurel), he didn’t, because Felicity was that woman; followed up with an “I love you,” and a “Do you understand?” And it was a really gorgeous moment, but it didn’t last long. I’ve been saying that the reason they released photos of Felicity, Laurel and Slade was that we were in for a gigantic head-fake. Initially we figured Laurel was a red-herring, because Slade was spying on/through Felicity, but didn’t anyone wonder why a show so careful about spoilers released the biggies a week out? My guess was that Felicity had the cure on her, so I was right there, but I went a step further, thinking she’d offer herself up because no one would suspect her/to take the choice from Oliver. The point is, we built it up in our heads. We’re supposed to. It’s how this works. Olicity shippers felt collective heartbreak after Felicity, who hates needles, did in fact stab Slade in the neck, curing him and freeing herself like the brave little badass she is. And then we see the flashback footage of post-I-love-you Oliver handing Felicity the cure in a syringe as he asks, “Do you understand?” And twitter blew up with rage. “You used us!” “He put her in danger!” Come on, guys! This was a gigantic gift! And you did get played – beautifully. You did your jobs. They wouldn’t have done this if you didn’t love Oliver and Felicity so much. They did it because they love Oliver and Felicity, too. It’s TV law that if you bring two characters with great chemistry together too soon, you ruin it and likely the show. It also happens when you try to force relationships. The beauty about Olicity is that their chemistry is so natural you can’t escape it. You can’t even write around it. It just is. That makes them a beautiful time bomb. This entire season has been about Oliver and Felicity’s path from new friends developing trust, to genuine friendship and partners. It’s also been about Oliver wanting her close but pushing her away. This episode was a huge payoff for episode 6 when he tells Felicity he can’t be with someone he could love. Which says a lot about Sara, who he was bedding weeks later – the most toxic choice he could have possibly made, and the one right in Felicity’s face all the time. But did he love Sara? I think not. Or why didn’t he tell her? Why didn’t Slade try to kill her? He had multiple chances. She’s here and Shado’s not. But then Sara takes a page out of the Ollie-Handbook when he suggests cohabitation (with a very notable absence of those three three little words). Does he love Laurel? Yep. He’s said as much this season, but he’s not about Laurel right now. Basically, Oliver might be different, but he’s not clear of his past as Ollie. Ollie would have hit it and quit it on Felicity by now. He’s never had a female friend. This is part of why Felicity’s so special to him. She never cared about or wanted his money, she saw him for him and didn’t accuse him of being a murderer like his best friends and closest family had. She doesn’t try to change him, she tries to help him see who he already is and find that again. She’s the only person who truly knows him – at least as well as anyone can. While Felicity wears her pure, untainted love on her sleeve (and in her innuendos), Oliver wears his through deflection, shoulder touches, heavy sighs and creating distance. My favourite example of this is the episode where Barry Allen appears, provoking Oliver’s jealousy. Though we’ve seen that The Arrow can grin and bear some major pain (like when sewing up his own bullet wound), after Barry starts sniffing around Felicity, he growls like a jaberwockie when she gently applies first aid to his ribs. Thatwasthegreatest! arrow-gifs-4-strengths The reason everyone is so taken aback is the fact they see (like everyone with eyes do) that he does love Felicity. But the reason we should be happy is that he knows he’s not ready for her yet, and he’s not toying with her. It’s odd how there’s a double standard of how she can be inadvertently overt about her feelings for him, but not act on them while denying them to others, but he can’t do the same. That moment in the mansion felt true because there was truth in it. We’ve been watching Felicity be the reason Oliver stays in this fight, reminding him that he’s got her, that she trusts him and believes in him. This was Oliver proving the same is true of him for her. He gave the bravest person on the show the bravest job. A dangerous one. An unthinkable one. But first, instead of letting her in on the plan, giving her the syringe in the car and telling her to sell it in front of the cameras, he used the opportunity to tell her he loved her – and she believed him. That’s the feels right there, because Felicity always knows when Oliver’s lying, and so do we. He didn’t have to say it. He could have left it at “he took the wrong woman” and she still would have caught on when he gave her the syringe. He wanted to say it. Screenshot 2014-05-15 12.47.39 Most wanted “The Kiss” during the scene on the Island, but it would have been bad. Very, very bad. The equivalent of sex before the third date (or third season) bad. What was great, was that Oliver, who hadn’t smiled once before meeting Felicity in season 1, and who pretty much only smiles genuinely around her now, was nothing but enigmatic grins from ear-to-ear when Felicity told him she almost believed him. He was one happy camper. Oliver Light. ON THE ISLAND. Oliver Queen’s love life is not free and clear. Sara just split (and passed him to Laurel along with a leather jacket), Laurel is the unresolved supposedly epic love who “knows him to his bones” but didn’t realize he’d been cheating on her for, like, ever, or recognize him under a hood. He’s conflicted. His mother just died. His sister is gone. He’s broke. But he’s not broken. He’s got his team, but he’s also got Felicity – a girl you commit to once, and he knows that. He’s not going to toy with her, or get in the way of her personal life. He doesn’t even know if he deserves her, but he’s the only one. It was in capitals letters, bolded and underlined by Sara’s break up speech, which mirrored both Oliver and Felicity’s lines in their Why-Isabel chat. With Felicity literally waiting in the wings, no less. So, Olicity fans, rejoice. You were given a gift last night. For 10 minutes you got to feel all the shipping was worth it (and it was!) and then you got it taken away. We feel like we do because (and this is gonna get meta) we ARE Felicity! We felt what she felt last night. So when it does happen, maybe end of Season 3 into Season 4 (I don’t think they’ll rush it), it will be all the more satisfying. And if we’re lucky, Felicity’s going to have a romantic diversion of her own next season. That’s the soapy goods! And about “him” putting her in danger – can we stop being sexist hypocrites? When has Felicity not insisted on being the bait? Or just gone ahead and taken on an Arch Nemesis by herself? He also gave her a chance to back out when her gave her the needle, but she didn’t - because she’s his partner, she trusts him and they were all going to die anyway. (P.S. How are you not jumping up and down about the fact that Laurel was the equivalent of green screen in that episode. There was no pointed dialogue or monologue about her before during or after the fight. Nada. That’s a win. Take it.) So, Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim, Joseph Patrick Finn, Andrew Kriesberg, the Arrow Writers Room, Stephen Amell and (the always growing) Emily Bett Rickards…thank you – for not wrecking this ship. My 10 cents, Tara Lee Reed

For old time sake, I’m writing a review.

Because that was GREAT! I FEEL ALIVE!

I mean. I’ve already heard a few people compare In The Same Boat to Still, and that makes sense, because both of them are the twd equivalent of a bottle-episode, and the episodes have the same writer, and a similar feel, and deeply introspective themes, and ultimately, I’m willing to bet, a similar effect on the characters at the heart: Maggie and Carol are both going to be changed by this experience. Yes, they’ve killed people before, yes they’ve been beaten and interrogated before, and they’ve had to look at dark mirrors of themselves before, but last night meant something new, for both of them.

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