even though on the subs it says that's not what he says

It’s all fun and games until someone gets roasted

“Can you do a miniminter imagine, where deji or rice roast his girlfriend in a diss track, and him and the boys are reacting to it?” 

Okay so it wasn't till after I wrote this that I realized I completely misread the prompt, but don’t worry I’m going to write a new one that is just right for the prompt! But thank you for being my first request! It honestly means a lot to me! I hope you like it.

“Simon, I told you not to get involved anymore,” you whined as you walked to the kitchen to grab some water, “It’s unnecessary and childish, you’re better than this.” Simon followed you into the kitchen quickly, “Okay but technically I was already involved in this, and he made a disstrack on me Y/N. What do you expect me to do?”Of course Deji dropped a diststrack on Simon, he has nothing better to do with his time obviously. All this drama was childish and pathetic to you. You rolled your eyes while you opened the fridge and grab a bottle of water, as you shut the door you turned to face Simon and crossed your arms, “I expect you to be the bigger person in this situation.” 

Simon let out of huff of frustration and ran his fingers through his hair, “Y/N, baby, I need to defend myself. I can’t just let him get away with making a video about me and getting millions of views and subs from it.” You stopped listening to him and starting walking towards Simons bedroom, but as soon as he noticed you leaving he quickly followed you and cut off you; standing right in front of you. He grabbed your shoulders and gave them a light squeeze. You looked into his eyes and saw concern on his face. 

You knew all this drama was upsetting him, even though he didn’t want to admit it. Simon always shut off his emotions and never really expressed what was wrong with him, one of the few things you have been working with him on. But you could tell that he’s been a tad bit sadder ever since all the JJ drama has started. Simon let his hands wander down your arms until his hands found yours, he gave both hands a soft squeeze while pulling you forward until your foreheads were touching. He closed his eyes and spoke softly, “What do you think I should do?” 

You gave his hands a long squeeze and gave him a quick peck on the lips, “I think you should ignore him and move on, you’re a better person than him babe. Don’t let this bug you.” You felt Simon nod his head against your forehead, he let out a breath and moved away from you; “You’re right, but..” You gave him a confused look and tilted your head to the side, “But what?” He gave you a big, cheesy smile; “I can still make a reaction video right?”

You rolled your eyes and smiled fondly at him as he ran up the stairs calling for Josh and Vikk.

“Hey guys. So Deji has decided to drop a diss track on me, and I have decided to react to it, but for moral support I have the rest of the Sidemen here with me. Say hi boys.” All the boys wave to the camera and Ethan lets out a chuckle, “Lets hope this is worth our time.” Everyone lets out a murmur of agreement with his statement, “hm, probably not.” Josh adds, which gains a strong laugh from the other boys. Simon looks into the camera and claps his hands together gaining the attention of his peers, “So lets get started.” 

Simon presses play and the music begins, you’re laying on his bed trying to distance yourself from all the chaos while still being able to know what’s going on. Even thought you don’t agree with everything thats going on its still amusing to be apart of. You were just scrolling through twitter on your phone with the track and boys comments being background music to you. Every now and then Simon would pause the video and the boys would let out a whole hearted laugh about how weak Deji’s bars are. It wasn’t until you heard your name that you started to focus more on what was going on.

And Simon mate, lets talk about your girl. Whats with all that makeup, what’s she trying to hide? If she ate all that makeup maybe shed be beautiful on the inside. 

Simon paused the video once again but this time no one laughed, all the boys looked at Simon with wide eyes covering their mouths while Simon directed his attention all on you. You sat up from your position on his bed and walked over to where the computer was resting on Simons chair, “Replay that.” “Y/N..” You looked down at Simon and shot him a firm look, “Simon, replay it.” 

Simon replayed and confirmed what you just heard, Deji made fun of you. Confused and shocked was how you felt right now, never once have you spoken to Deji. But apparently he thinks he has the right to talk about you in a negative way. Nobody spoke for a full minute before Ethan spoke up, “Well that was a weak worse wasnt it?” Josh nods his head in agreement and leans forward, “Yeah I mean y/n doesn’t even wear that much makeup, whats he on about?” Simon finally spoke up and leaned back in his chair, “Well obviously he ran out of stuff to say and just needed an extra verse.” The others nodded in agreement and let out a few chuckles. 

You backed up from your position and made eye contact with Simon. You can tell he was annoyed at what Deji said, and you knew he was worried you were hurt by what he said about you.You finally decided to speak, “Simon.” Now all eyes were on you, Simon nodded his head, “Yeah?” You glanced at everyone before nodding your head and looking back at Simon and smirking at him. 

“Finish him.” 

Simon let out a chuckle and smirked back at you, “Already ahead of you babe.”


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warnings: smut, mentions of dom-sub kink, choking, spanking, hair-grabbing, rough long sex,  domJin. 

                  if you are a minor or you aren’t comfortable in reading this kind of scenario, please divert to another imagine. thank you :)

description: jin x female! reader. A friend spills the beans on who was your first bias and Jin decides to permanently make him your ultimate bias.

request: Okay but I have an imagine. Imagine one of the boys weren’t your bias and while in the middle of sex for dirty talk they say “I’m not your original bias huh? Who’s your bias now” then you say their name and then they’re like “I want you to say it again” and you scream it again and then theyre like “thats right I better be or I’m going to have to teach you more of a lesson jagi”.

a/n: I hope y'all like this really. I’m still improving in writing smut :) this is domJin sooo ;)) -Ira

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Try to pin me for illegal deductions? That's a paddlin'

This occurred about 3 years ago.

I shut down my framing company to pursue a job as a site supervisor for the development I had been building in.

Started with the builder after I had built the last house, and managed to get 3 out of 4 of my guys a job with the builder, so they wouldn’t be affected my decision. (the fourth guy was a piece of shit, who I never fired because his work ethic was awesome, but had a terrible attitude, bad habits, and was wildly hated by the rest of the crew. He was only there because he made me money. sorry)

First couple months go well, my three guys have settled into doing more than just framing, though they were not enthused about certain tasks, but who really likes working in a muddy hole, or highly physical labour tasks.

My guys were always dirty. Always wore “shitty clothes to work, as did I. Who wants to destroy I nice pair of jeans, or a new clean white t shirt, by getting them stained, or torn. So, our professional "look” left a little to be desired.

After awhile, the owner thought our mish-mash of a crew needed some cleaning up. Ive always subscribed to the analogy “gotta crack an egg to make an omelette”, so I wasn’t personally concerned about our outward appearances, our work should speak for itself.

I’d saved the builder 9$ per square foot, per house, and I could see he was happy about that, under my direction, the rest of the trades had increased the quality, without any incurred cost, and our houses just “looked” better than competitors, during construction.

I get called into a meeting, half way through the week, and the owner says “ I’m tired of you guys looking like no one owns you, your work attire should reflect the quality of homes we’re building, here’s a bunch of uniforms, enough so everyone has one to wear every day, and an extra in case you work Saturday’s.”

I say “ hey boss man! That’s a great idea! It’ll make my guys feel more included and happier! You’ve even embroidered their names on everything! That’s super cool!”

My guys were ecstatic. New shirts, pants, steel towed boots, and steel towed cold weather rubber boots, jackets, hard hats, hi-VI’s vests, you name it. All name brand, high quality stuff, Supplied by the company. It was Christmas in July.

Until they got their pay cheque.

Each guy including me, was deducted $1357.00 for “uniforms”

My lowest paid guy at $15 and hour, OWED the company money.

Next guy made $3.16.

Highest paid guy? A cool $57.

Me? Well I received a cheque less my “uniform” deduction for a little over $2500. I made more money building for him, than I did managing his site.

I was f*cking furious.

This is where the revenge comes in.

I paid my guys for their deducted wage, and then did some research.

Guess what?

Where I’m from, if you require an employee to wear a certain uniform, you cannot pass that cost off to the employee. It’s to be supplied free-of-charge to the worker.

This was also around the time I had been using my personal accounts at suppliers for odds and ends.

I called for a meeting, printed out the labour standards act, highlighting to pertinent areas, and explained to the boss, not only was it illegal, what they did almost cost my guys their homes, if I hadn’t stepped up, they would have been evicted, child support wouldn’t have been paid, and it could have been a lot worse.

My boss took this all in, and said “it’s not mandatory, that’s why you guys have to foot the bill.”

I said “okay boss man, my guys can’t afford to drop $1357 on work clothes, so I’ll have everything returned, most of it has never been worn, you can return what’s still new, I’ll pay the difference”

We all went back to work, wearing our torn jeans, ripped shirts, and stained jackets.

Problem solved right?


I was fired two days later. Since they were “my guys”, that meant them too.

So rather than tell the guys what happened, I told them to roll up all my tools, and anything I had paid for, take Friday off, and I’ll let everyone know what’s going on over the weekend.

Started back up framing that Monday, for the competing builder.

But that’s not where it ends.

I filed a complaint with labour standards, filed a builders lien on the 15 properties I had been managing for unpaid expenses and waited.

When he refused to acknowledge any claim against him, I escalated to lien his personal home. I had done $25,000.00 worth of work to his home, which was to be paid after the sale, plus an extra 10% for waiting.

That really got his attention, as his house was “sold”, pending the closing of the buyers own property.

The lien made it so he can’t sell, without paying me out first.

I ignored all calls, except from his lawyer, and he essentially shut down business, and blames me for doing so.

Long story short?

I got my money, but to this day refuse his $25,000.00 for payment as it lacks the 10%, plus 3% per month late charge.

He could sell his house, but he refuses to pay me out. Owes me about $56,000.00

F*ck that guy.

dc heroes highschool au

so i was thinking about this and its my new baby but its really long so im putting part of it under a read more

  • the school is called justice academy and the school colors are blue, white and gold
  • theres a martial arts class at their school that bruce teaches bc he’s lonely and we all know he doesn’t have a real job
  • clark is the lunch lady who reminds kids to eat their vegetables
  • everything made in the caf is grown in the school garden that he has and he shames kids into not picking the unhealthy foods
  • bruce is smashing the lunch lady aka clark n he thinks no one knows but really the whole school gossips about how rich dude/part time gym teacher bruce wayne is banging sweet lunch lady clark
  • also clark and lois have an open marriage so they don’t have to hide their relationship but bruce is like……..yeah but i don’t want ppl to know i’m dating someone who says y'all’d’ve'st
  • Kon HATES it bc he and tim are also dating
  • diana is the wrestling coach and everyone marvels at how good she is except donna and cassie (bc thats donnas mom and cassie’s aunt and she  loves to embarrass them) n she’s known for having a rivalry with her the arkham academy coach, barbara minerva, aka her ex girlfriend
  • also diana is an ancient/world history teacher teaching history as it happened
  • Diana during the first day of class: The common theme in world history is that White Men Ruin Everything 

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sheridandwyer  asked:

May I please request headcanons for the RFA + V + Saeran finding out MC is both very ticklish and has a tickle kink/gets turned on when they tickle them? They'd probably try to hide the fact that they're turned on/pretend they aren't ticklish so their s/o wouldn't find out, becuase they're embarrassed and feel like a freak because of it? They also maybe enjoy bondage/ tools once it's out in the open? Tools meaning things like feathers, blindfolds, (or for me anyway), especially brushes. (1)


◄ Zen ►

  • He’ll notice the thing VERY quickly. He loves to tickle you and so he’ll always see you acting so weird when he does so. It may happen even before your relationship goes far enough and he won’t know right away what kind of reaction it is. He will be curious though and so - he will eventually put the things together, no need to even tell him.
  • As soon as he realizes the thing, he will be veeery cautious about it. He realizes that it may make you kind of uncomfortable and so, he’ll instantly avoid doing it in public or when he feels that you’re not in the mood.
  • It’s his joker card, he’ll wait to use it in the best time. As soon as the things get steamy, his hands will start to wander all around your body, making the whole thing intimidating and even more exciting.
  • He’ll experiment A LOT. He’s sincerely curious about all your soft spots and preferences and he’ll take his time discovering all of them. No need to talk - he will find out anyway.

◄ Jumin ►

  • He’s not the one to tickle you often. It may happen completely by accident that he touches you in this manner, or he won’t mean it at all. Your reaction won’t go unnoticed though and he will ask you right away what’s wrong - not realizing the nature of your reaction yet.
  • Since you’d try to hide it from him, it’ll only make him more curious. His strategy won’t include trying to talk. He’ll just keep touching you like this until you spill it out. And when it clicks… oh, boy.
  • Normally, he’d just smirk and keep going, but - since he was doing it so unawarely - he blushes furiously and apologizes weirdly, moving away and trying not to look at your flustered and messy form, really weird and inappropriate thoughts streaming through his head.
  • He tries, but fails. He knows the thing and he’ll use it on you every time he catches a chance. It’s an easy way to make you vulnerable in front of other people. Is there any better way to drag you somewhere more private~?

◄ Yoosung ►

  • The boy didn’t know why were you so against tickle wars. Maybe you just didn’t like it and so he didn’t push you. He seemed to just learn that you don’t like being touched like this.
  • You couldn’t stop touching each other at all though and so - he accidentally runned his hand among your skin, making you make a very interesting expression that you so desperately tried to hide. 
  • “W-wait, MC… D-did you just…?” He’s confused and embarrassed, you don’t know how much. But when he realizes what he did, he sincerely doesn’t know what to say, blushing way more than you. 
  • He will be even more careful with his hands than before and won’t use it on you unless you want him to. He’ll wait for your permission to touch you and so - he’ll make sure you’re always comfortable with it. 100% sub

◄ Jaehee ►

  • She seems to be tense sometimes, but in private - she won’t mind being a bit touchy-feely. That’s why she’ll pretty quickly notice your reaction to her touch. And - since she’s a woman as well - she will instantly know what’s the meaning of it.
  • She will be very careful, not wanting to make you uncomfortable and so - you won’t actually notice that she knows. It will seem as if she’s just being polite, not touching you without your permission.
  • But still, she knows. And as soon as you two get close enough, she will know how to make the things more interesting. It will be clear that she knows exactly what she’s doing. 
  • She can be a huge dirty talker when you’re a mess from the whole thing. It turns her on to see you trying to control it. It’s her joker card to make you 100% submissive.

◄ Seven ►

  • He’s a tease bomb, we all know that. He can be a ball of fun if he wants and it won’t take long for you two to get into a tickle war. So when he sees that you don’t react to tickles as a normal person would… well, it’s indeed interesting.
  • You’re trying to avoid this and so he starts to wonder. Was that expression sad, filled with panic? Well, it was not. So…
  • When he realizes, he’s oh so much into it. The first thing he’ll want to try will be tying you up and performing the torture. And so he will do this when you don’t expect it at all. Like, no sex, nothing naughty. Only a rope and endless tickling. He’s curious how far you may actually go like this.
  • He loves it the most. He will always know how to touch you and use it on you when you don’t expect it at all. And if he starts, you can be sure that it loads to something much more interesting.

◄ V ►

  • He’s not too vivacious person and so, he will rather avoid the tickle wars. He can be very affectionate though and so, he will once or twice touch you in the good way.
  • He will instantly notice the change in your attitude. He will apologize right away, as you seem to be uncomfortable with that. He will become much more careful with his touch from now on.
  • …and it will be like this till some more heated moment. He for sure won’t stop himself from touching you in the gentlest way he can, still keeping in mind that you may not like it if he’s too rough or abusive. But it turns out that you react the most to the smooth, feather-like touches. And he quickly notices that these are not bad reactions, which makes him a bit confused, but also veeery interested.
  • He will use it occassionally, being very gentle and affectionate. He won’t want to make you uncomfortable if you’re not in the mood and so, he will usually wait for your permission or a sign. Sometimes though, he’ll use it on purpose to heaten the moment. Bless him!

◄ Saeran ►

  • He himself is a bit afraid of affection. And so, if he notices you being uncomfortable with his touch, he will instantly think that there’s something wrong with him. You’re not the one to let him down though and so - you’ll feel obliged to explain the thing.
  • He’s kind of weirded out and at first he doesn’t believe in what you’re saying. He’d stare at you as if you’re an UFO. He’s just so confused, honestly considering which one of you two is the mentally unstable one.
  • As soon as he acknowledges the thing, he will get incredibly curious about it. What is it that makes you so vulnerable, how will you actually react to him doing this on purpose? He’s still a bit insecure, but the curiosity is too big. And so, he will - after a bunch of internal battles - decide to try it out.
  • You can’t imagine how much he likes it. As soon as he gets rid of the self-counsciousness in this matter, he will do his best to learn all your weak spots and use the knowledge in the most sadistic way you could imagine. is ur body ready?

anonymous asked:

Hi Mister, Okay so I would appreciate your perspective on this... I think my boss knows that I'm a submissive/little but I'm not entirely sure. When ever I get my work done to his liking he says "that's a good girl." AND he doesn't laugh when I'm being sassy he just looks at me and presses his lips together as if he's refraining from doing it saying something. He will also speak in length with me about all things Disney. Is this all in my head? Do doms typically act this way in public too?

ahahahaa..ahaha.hahahaa….. ahem.


Let me preface my words with a true story from Mister’s diary:

I remember plain as day when she walked into the library. Scattered.. emotional… confused. Her spirit frantic, searching, clamoring for any sense o relief and safety it could find.  She had all the traits that my inner being had been so well trained to recognize. Right down to the way she moved.

My heart grew an inch and so I approached her, calmly and gently in the way I would always when I became awakened to the kindred soul among me. 

“You need me” I gently said to her. The look on her face of shock was amazing as her spirit awoke to who I was. She didn’t know what to say to me, so I gently reached out and touched her little wrist. 

“It’s going to be ok, you’re safe with me. Tell me what you are wanting to do”

I solved the problem she was having and then invited her outside for a chat. We spoke about many things for the span of around 45 minutes.

3 weeks later she was kneeling in front of me eager to fill any desire I had.

- Perspective -

Now, for me to say your boss is a Dom or Daddy is difficult because I dont know the full context of your workplace, how you present yourself, or if he has somehow investigated you and found your profiles and what not.

What I CAN tell you, is that advanced Dom’s and Daddys like myself pride themselves on both self awareness and behavioral recognition. When I was first coming up as a Dom, my mentor trained me in non verbal behavioral recognition skills. Recognizing your sub/littles needs and wants through simple behavior right down to the way she greets you, and also communicating on a full cerebral level without words. 

In fact, you could line up 50 people today and I could choose every single one of them that identified as a submissive without ever speaking a word to them. I’ve done it several times… and even today, I can tell when one is bothered or off simply in the way they say hello through a text.

three of my in person subs became such simply from my ability to look at them from across the room and immediately make a spiritual connection with them.

IF… this is the case with him, then congratulations. Though I would absolutely NOT recommend you pursue a relationship, because he is after all, your boss and source of your income.

But… for all intents and purposes, he does sound quite like myself and how I might act if I was still that kind of position. 

I was just speaking to someone about this yesterday… the spiritual component to our lifestyle that many often bypass because they dont even know it exists or how to nurture it in the first place.

My last sub… I could completely control her in a public crowded room with simple eye movement and gestures. with a simple look she knew exactly how I wanted her to be, what to do, and how to do it. Because I had trained her to connect with me on a spiritual level. Those in this lifestyle, who are truly genuine, we all have.. as cliche’ or cheesy as it may sound… kindred souls that cry out to each other beneath the surface. 

Its the same reason my first mentor recognized it in me and woke me up and its the same reason that IF.. he is a Dom and in tune with himself enough, that hes seeing it in you.

Journal Entry, 2/10/2017


Big bro says, keep a journal, lil bro.  And I think I used to do that but I can’t remember and I can’t find it anywhere.  Big bro says dont worry, so I don’t, but I wonder if I’ll lose this one too, just like the last one.  Don’t remember too much from those days.  Lil foggy, lil hazy.  I remember goin to the gym, startin to go to the gym.  That was like, what, a year ago or so, I think.  I remember struggling with 50 lbs.  I remember thinkin, hey, in a year’s time, I’ll be pushin up more weight and here I am pushin more weight.  It’s like I read a fortune cookie or got my future told and here it is, bein fullfilled. 

So yeah, I been makin progress, I think.  Take my supps at night, the Z-core stuff.  Supposed to make my testosterone bigger.  I dunno about all the math stuff, I just kinda listen to what big bro says.  I wake up, take the meds that are in the box marked F, cuz its Friday, then I eat some breakfast, then I supp up for the gym.  Even got some extra cardio in today cuz it snowed like a mother the other night.  Get home from the gym, super fuckin pumped.  A lil dizzy, even.  So pumped that I take a shitload of selfies and send em to big bro.  Even take a flexin, posin video, and send it to big bro.  Got a lot to work on, but thats okay.  Big bro knows best - gotta grow for big bro.  Right?  Right.

Last night big bro kinda spooked me a lil, lol.  We were talkin on the phone, like we do every night, and he said, “Your kinda like an experiment, lil bro,” and I was all like, whoa, wait, what?  These, like, dim alarms rang somewhere down in the sub-basement of my brain for a minute.  “But you dont gotta worry, lil bro,” he said, and I know I dont gotta worry, but sometimes like that elevator of thought goes down there and I’m all like wtf is going on?  I speed back to the past in my head and I see myself pushin my glasses up on the bridge of my nose and talkin real fast with someone across the bar, bout some book we were both readin.  I remember gettin all tense and angry, kinda like when I do a shitload of crunches, like 50 or 60 or so, and my abs are all tight and my veins are pulsin at the temples of my head and my shoulders are all tight, but YEAH, fuckin 60 crunches!  Time to go do 3 sets of 12 side crunches.  Gonna feel that tomorrow.  Big bro’s gonna be so proud.  “You there, lil bro?” 

“Yeah, big bro,” I say, though I’m a little hazy in the brain.  Ding!  Some kind of bell going off in my brain, like the bell between rounds in a boxing match, or a wrestling match, or a UFC MMA fight.  Big bro’s gettin me into UFC a lil.  I like the rough n tumble shit.  Big bro sends me selfies sometimes and he’s all in this kinda like fighter’s stance and he got this confident gleam in his eye.  He just got a haircut and he says when I visit it’ll be time for mine too.  I am gettin kinda bushy up top.  Like to keep it pretty short.  Not too short, but you know.  “Don’t worry about it, lil bro,” says my big bro confidently.  Everything he fuckin does is confidently.  He could part a crowd just by walkin thru it, head high and stride wide.  “Big bro knows best.”

That’s usually when I cum, actually, lol.  Big bro’s voice in my ear makes me cum, and usually so hard that it flies up to my forehead lol.  Never cummed like that before.  Fuck, never even talked bout cumming before, but big bro coaches me to be more comfortable with that.  It’s fuckin natural, right, just like jackin off is natural.  Just workin out another muscle.  Just like goin to the gym and workin out, watchin my heartrate climb.  Big bro watches my heartrate too, every day thru the monitor I wear on my wrist.  Every day.  And I keep track of my water and tell him every fuckin thing I eat, so he keeps track of my macros so I can get big for big bro.  Grow for big bro.  That’s what’s best.

Uh, I kinda lost my train of thought.  Hard as a motherfucker though, lol.  Feels so good to think about big bros voice in my ear.  Urgin me on, sometimes only in a whisper, sometimes in a shout, sometimes commanding, sometimes coaxing.  Sometimes persuasive and sometimes firm.  Sometimes I lay around in a fuzz of gray static, with his voice curlin around me like mist.  Sometimes he is the sun exploding over the dark horizon, a clarion sound trumpeting that I WAKE UP, FEET ON THE FLOOR, LIL BRO, and before I even know it, I’m up, hands on the pill box, downin what big bro says, shake is already in the blender.  Sometimes before I even know it, I’m out on my way to the gym.  Am I even wearin a shirt?  Well, if I dunno, I just ask big bro, and he’ll tell me. 

So uh thats it guys, lil bro out for now.  Gotta take a muscle nap cuz I just went to the gym and had my postworkout shake.  Got some real life shit like work or whatever to do tonight but I’ll get thru it becuz on the other side big bro will talk me down to sleep and thats my favorite part of the day.  Well any part of the day with big bro is my favorite part of the day.  Sometimes feels like hes takin over, and soon I’ll just be like, a part of him, but I dont mind.  As long as I get to make more muscles, thats cool.  Fuckin love big bro.  Dont need to worry, dont need to think.  Just cruise on thru and flex some more.  Take some pics and flex some more.  Soon enough big bro will be by my side and thatll be the best day ever.

redwolf1283  asked:

Promt: Sansa sees Jon in the crypts choking LF and gets really hot. Hope that's okay to ask for. Thank you

for you @deansdarling1283 ! Hope this is ok! Not really dom/sub and actually a little bit of fluff but I may continue this series into a multi-chapter fic with more dom/sub stuff because I LOVE(x infinity) dom/dark Jon… *gasps* omg look at what you made me do! LOL

Unbeta’d so pardon if any mistakes.. A little excerpt of a continuation based S7x02 and from the anon prompt that inspired Winter in Our Bones, Fire in Our Hearts :) 

*Spoiler alert for the bits of borrowed dialogue from S7x02 between LF and Jon from the crypt scene*

Rated slightly M for strong language.

*mood music & inspired by Crazy In Love (Remix) by Beyonce*

Return to Me

Sansa bristled at the thought how Jon scurried about getting ready to leave for White Harbour and yet there had been no word of him seeking her private audience to say goodbye. Didn’t she deserve at least a word or two after all that they had been through together?

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anonymous asked:

hey:) im new to the bts army. So far I've been watching bunch of videos about them and like reading anything that can help me get to know them better. What else should I know about them or what types of videos should I watch so I can catch up??? Thx :)

hey there!! welcome to the fandom! its a pretty wild time here but also super fun and i hope you’ve been having a good time with bts so far!! 

bts video and show recs under the cut!!

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Basically Civil War
  • Wanda: (sitting in cafe) Uh, should I say something that explains my powers to the people who didn't see Age of Ultron?
  • Nat: Yeah, may as well. Speaking of which, do I have a forced romantic subplot in this movie?
  • Sam: Nope, I can't see one.
  • Nat: Oh, thank god.
  • ------------------------------
  • Steve: Wanda, just like we practiced.
  • Wanda: What about the gas?
  • Steve: Get it out. (jumps in)
  • Wanda: Uh, Steve, shouldn't I have gotten the gas out before you jumped in there?
  • Steve: Don't worry, this is just a super soldier power that was never set up before now.
  • ----------------------------
  • Steve: You're going to jail, Skeletor. Sam said that would be a good joke, I don't personally get it.
  • Crossbones: OK, good joke, but hear me out: Bucky.
  • Steve: Shit, you've got me.
  • Crossbones: And now you're going to die.
  • Wanda: Don't worry I've got this.
  • Wanda: (throws the bomb at a building, killing several people, setting the whole plot of the film in motion)
  • Wanda: I don't got this.
  • -----------------------------
  • Tony: Ah, today seems to be going well. What could possibly go wrong?
  • Vague parent: Hello, your discount Skynet murdered my son.
  • Tony: Fuck, I thought the guilt tripping thing was over.
  • -----------------------------
  • Steve: Wanda, it's not your fault.
  • Wanda: Steve, it is absolutely my fault.
  • Steve: I know, I'm just trying to make you feel better.
  • Vision: (phases into room) I'm here to steal the movie. And also Wanda's heart.
  • Wanda: Vision, I love you, but please stop doing this.
  • Steve: Wait, has he done this before?
  • Vision: The last time this happened, I walked in on Wanda-
  • ------------------------------
  • General Ross: Hello, Avengers. I'm here to fuck everything up.
  • Wanda: Who the fuck are you?
  • General Ross: I was in the Hulk movie where Bruce looked like the guy from Fight Club.
  • Nat: Yeah, that was weird.
  • -----------------------------
  • Tony: I'm here to support the American government gain further control over superhero activity as I believe it is necessary.
  • Steve: That's odd, I'm here to fight against government control as I no longer trust them.
  • Tony: Yeah, it feels like our points of view should be reversed.
  • Steve: That says a lot about how we've progressed as characters. (receives text) Shit.
  • Tony: Language. What is it?
  • Steve: A side development to break the audience's hearts. We've got a lot of those.
  • ----------------------------
  • Steve: OK, Steve, keep it together. Hopefully Sharon Carter won't be in this, and you won't have to go through a creepy romantic sub plot.
  • Sharon: Hi, I'm here to quote the comic and kiss super soldiers.
  • Steve: Goddammit.
  • ----------------------------
  • Nat: Well, I'm here, something big is going to go down.
  • T'Challa: Hi, I'm the first black superhero on screen.
  • Nat: Wait, what about Falcon? Or War Machine?
  • T'Challa: They're sidekicks, they don't count in the same way.
  • Nat: OK, nice to meet you. Are any of your parents in this movie?
  • T'Challa: Yes, why?
  • Nat: Uh, let's just say you're story arc will involve revenge.
  • ----------------------------
  • Wanda: Why are you cooking?
  • Vision: I believe this is meant to set us up as a romantic couple.
  • Wanda: Well, it's working. Maybe Marvel have learned their lesson from Age of Ultron.
  • Vision: I believe Sharon and Steve also have a romantic sub-plot.
  • Wanda: Spoke too soon.
  • --------------------------
  • Nat: Steve, whatever you do, don't go after Bucky.
  • Steve: Sure thing Nat. (hangs up) Sam, we're going after Bucky.
  • Sam: The dude tried to kill us multiple times.
  • Steve: Yeah, but he's cute AF.
  • Sam: Fine.
  • -------------------------
  • Steve: OK, I'm in Bucky's flat, but he's not here.
  • Bucky: Who's not here?
  • Steve: OH MY GOD! Bucky!
  • Bucky: Still don't remember you.
  • Steve: Damn it.
  • --------------------------
  • T'Challa: Hello, my name is T'Challa. You killed my father. Prepare to die.
  • --------------------------
  • Tony: For god's sake, Steve, why did you save him?
  • Steve: He's my best friend.
  • Tony: He murdered a thousand people.
  • Steve: He was brainwashed.
  • Tony: Cool motive, still murder.
  • ---------------------------
  • Martin: Hello, I'm Martin Freeman. I heard Benedict was in the MCU, and I couldn't let him do that without me.
  • Zemo: And I'm Zemo, I'm here to screw everything up.
  • Steve: Yeah, no one really cares about you guys. Also, if you hurt my boyfriend, I hurt you.
  • Martin/Zemo: What?
  • Steve: What?
  • ---------------------------
  • Zemo: Vague brain washy words.
  • Steve: Bucky no.
  • Tony: Bucky no.
  • Nat: Bucky no.
  • Martin: Bucky no.
  • Everyone: BUCKY NO!
  • Bucky: Bucky no!
  • Zemo: Bucky yes.
  • Bucky: Bucky yes.
  • ---------------------------
  • Bucky: Escape, beat up superheroes, get away in helicopter. This is a good plan.
  • Bucky: Damn it, why does this blonde guy keep ruining everything? And why is he so hot?
  • -----------------------------
  • Tony: We need to bring Cap and Bucky in.
  • Nat: Who are we going to get to do that?
  • Tony: I know a kid. Even though there is literally no reason why I could even possibly know who he is.
  • Nat: Not the Spider-kid.
  • Tony: Why not?
  • Nat: I thought I was the arachnid themed hero.
  • -----------------------------
  • Tony: Hey, kid, your aunt is hot.
  • Peter: Please stop talking.
  • Tony: Also, I know you're Spider-Man.
  • Peter: How the hell do you know that?
  • Tony: I read the script. Would you like to go to Germany?
  • Peter: I can't, I'm finally a kid, I have homework and stuff that the other spidermen never worried about.
  • Tony: OK, but what if I told you you get to meet superheroes?
  • Peter: Would I get to meet Captain America?
  • Tony: ... yeah.
  • -----------------------------
  • Wanda: Vision, I want to help Captain America.
  • Vision: Wanda no.
  • Hawkeye: Wanda yes.
  • Wanda: Didn't you retire in Age of Ultron?
  • Hawkeye: We're kind of glossing over some things that happened in that film.
  • ----------------------------
  • Steve: Did you find Ant-Man?
  • Hawkeye: Yeah, why are we bringing him anyway?
  • Steve: We heard that Team Iron Man have got a comic relief sidekick with a insect theme, and we need to match them.
  • ----------------------------
  • Tony: So, it has come to this. Heroes vs. heroes. Friend against friend. Brother against brother.
  • Steve: Yeah, yeah, shall we fight?
  • T'Challa: Shall we indeed?
  • Steve: Hang on, Tony, why is he on your team?
  • T'Challa: Oh, don't worry about me, captain. I'm only here to steal the spotlight.
  • Spider-Man: Did somebody mention stealing the spotlight?
  • T'Challa: God damn it.
  • ----------------------------
  • Steve: Guys, the trailer's have given away most of the badass moments from this fight scene. We need something that's extremely memorable and awesome. Preferably something right from the comics.
  • Ant-Man: Hey, I've got an idea. (becomes giant.)
  • Spider-Man: HOLY SHIT!
  • Steve: That should do it.
  • -----------------------------
  • Steve: OK, just before the finale, we need something for the Stucky fans to go nuts over.
  • Bucky: How about you lovingly pat me on the shoulder and we reminisce about old times?
  • Steve: I love you.
  • ----------------------------
  • Tony: Hey guys, I'm here to redeem myself and help catch the bad guy.
  • Zemo: Hello, I'm the bad guy. I'm the one who orchestrated the bombing.
  • Steve: Right on cue.
  • Bucky: Guys, this is too easy.
  • Zemo: Hey, Stark, Bucky killed your parents.
  • Tony: OK, that's it. Bucky dies.
  • Zemo: Everything is going to plan.
  • T'Challa: Hello, my name is T'Challa. You killed my father. Prepare to die.
  • Zemo: OK, fine, kill me.
  • T'Challa: Actually, since this is a superhero film, let's arrest you.
  • Zemo: For fuck's sake.
  • Steve: LANGUAGE.

anonymous asked:

i feel this is the only safe space in the fandom to say this, but there are some really shitty things in the johnlock fandom that really piss me off. i've never been surrounded by so much ignorance about the gay male community and by women no less. the gay baby shit. the bottom shit, the virgin shit, the twink shit (which is being offensively misused by women in regards to queer men) all the john as the typical male asshole shit. God i hate this stuff.

this is a safe place.  i know exactly what you mean.  below i am going to put some of my person head cannon into the mix of things.  people don’t have to agree with me.  this got really long.

i’m going to start with John and how people have started writing/talking about him in a hyper masculine way asshole way.  the idea of hyper masculinity it actually really damaging to men.  people raise boys telling them not to cry, not to show emotions, to be strong and never show weakness.  when bad things happen they bottle it up inside instead of reaching out for help.  they are taught to be assholes to get what they want, that the world is there for there taking.  we create monsters, with stunted emotions.  this is what people are worshiping.  why?  

why do people want John to be abusive?  because thats what we are taught is sexy.  we are taught to think a men forcing us is fun.  people have put Sherlock in the woman’s role.  they have taken his strength, he has done some great hand to hand fighting in the show and made it so he won’t fight back.

to me John is very repressed emotionally.  i think he was taught to not cry or show weakness as a child, to keep it all inside.  he is very loving and has a strong moral code.  he’s not the kind of person who would get enjoyment from hurting someone he loves.  even at his angriest in HLV he kicked a table, and kicked it so it couldn’t hurt anyone.  the two times he hit Sherlock was party timing and what Sherlock said.  i think the first was because Sherlock hit him and John went into attack mode.  and the second was because Sherlock mocked his pain and John couldn’t take it. even then he could have done a lot more damage but he didn’t.

John seems like someone who stand on a precipice of anger and control. but since he’s met Sherlock he seems to be doing better.  He’s happier less stressed.  i see John and Sherlock’s relationship working like a sub/Dom one.  while at this point they aren’t having sex John is getting the emotional relief of being a sub to Sherlock who on several occasions has called himself John’s superior.  and John treats him that way.  i also think Sherlock enjoys being in control and as they enter a sexual relationship that sub/Dom relationship will expand into sex.  which will give John even more relief.

on to Sherlock and horrible terms people call him.  i just going to say i hate the term twink.  most of the gay men i know hate it.  i was out with a few friends of mine one night and some random drunk girl called one of them a twink and he got really pissed.  i know some club boys self identity as it and thats what they want so ok.  if it’s one of them call themselves a twink it’s ok but f i said it, it’s not.  the term ‘gay baby’ will piss me off till the day i die.  i have gone over it and defined it, tried to talk to people how horrible it is and they just try to shut me up.  all i can do at this point is make my blog a safe place for people who don’t want that kind of stuff on there blog.

the virgin thing, as i have mentioned before virginity is a myth.  it was invented to control female sexuality.  aka men wanted to keep woman under there thumbs to they told them if they had sex they had sex before marriage they would be unclean and couldn’t go to heaven.  the definition in the dictionary is: “the state of never having had sexual intercourse.”.  but what about all people who will never have penetrative sex?  some people don’t.  the truth is there is no medical or biological definition.



here are one links to the myths and how they are debunked.  the virginity myth is terrible.

i am very sad that people are forcing virginity on Sherlock.  the show has mentioned he’s had sex but they are obsessed with keeping his a virgin and not only a virgin but a crying weak virgin.  let me make something very clear.  if the person you are about to have sex with isn’t sure they want to continue or if they’re scared, STOP.  you are raping them.

now onto bottoming.  personally i see John as a bottom but thats just me.  i mostly blame it on the fact that the first smut fic i read was a bottom John fic and the image of him being the bottom stuck.  while my preference is bottom John top Sherlock i do think they are switch couple, i just don’t read those fic’s.

the problem i see the most on tumblr is people not understanding that bottoming isn’t the automatic sub position.  that it isn’t un-masculine to bottom.  i know a lot of men who would be so offended if they saw how people talked about bottoming on here.  bottoming is about enjoying anal stimulation.  thats it.

sub and Dom is about a power exchange.  where a sub trust there Dom enough to hand over there power and for that Dom to help them though things.  it’s not violent, it’s about helping.  in a proper relationship the pair will set the scene to together, talk about what will happen, they will play, and then there will be after care and sometimes cuddling.  what ever the two need.

i also want to say (again) some subs bottom, some top, some don’t have penetrative sex.  the bottoming and the sub/Dom have nothing to do with the other.

i would love to educate some of these misinformed people about how queer sex actually works, and how the homophobic terms they use hurt people.  more then anything i would love to get them into a woman’s studies class.  for me a way i stopped using many of those bad tropes was to see how they effected me and other women on a everyday basis.  after i saw how they hurt me i would never think of using them against a character.

feel free to ask any more questions 

anonymous asked:

i doubt you have the mental illnesses you say you do. i factually know that you do, in fact, have bpd. there's not a single doubt in my mind. i was reading your thing about ocd and how there are some similarities between both illnesses, and i've come here to object that. ocd's about anxiety and perfectionism and checking things repeatedly. there was never an occurence where ocd was mistaken for bpd. that's ridiculous. i have bpd, and there are no similarities. i doubt you have bd and ocd.

You’ve got to be kidding, right? I “factually” know that you’re being completely illogical and making yourself look like an ass by investing your time into attacking me about something so frail. 

First of all, you haven’t obtained any of your so-called “facts” properly, it seems. Have you ever met me? Have you ever personally skimmed through my medical documents? Have you recently made a call to my psychiatrist? No. 

Second of all, I assume you’ve never received a broad and limpid image of what Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder actually looks like. OCD manifests differently in every sufferer; there are quite a few sub-types. There’s ROCD, HOCD (this type I’m iffy about, though), Pure O, OCPD, and just OCD. Depending on the sufferer, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder can share various attributes from each of those in a single case. Yes, OCD’s an anxiety disorder (and excessive checking is a common symptom), like you said, but no, it’s not about being solely engulfed by perfectionism. I know of many perfectionists who don’t have the illness, and I also know of many sufferers who aren’t perfectionists, thus indicating that your argument is STILL invalid! 

Now, let’s talk about ROCD and BPD. Relationship Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder is actually more common than people think it is. The only reason ROCD is commonly disregarded is, not only because of the misconceptions behind OCD in general, but because it’s often misdiagnosed as something else. This is coming from somebody who has suffered from Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder since they were a child, somebody who’s felt ROCD first-hand, AND somebody who’s been misdiagnosed because of ROCD. 
ROCD attacks the clarity you possess in your interpersonal relationships, hence its name. The symptoms are very similar to that of what you see in Borderline Personality Disorder, since… you know, BPD sufferers tend to idealize their loved ones, which typically ends with devaluation. In order to do something like that, you need to apply flaw to them, right? Well, it’s the same with ROCD.
People with ROCD frequently question whether or not they actually love their partners/friends, and these thoughts are always vaguely disturbing to the sufferer. They begin to engage in obsessional thinking, and when this occurs, they’re scrutinizing their partner/friend/loved one and trying to find reason in these thoughts, thus feeding into them more. 
A similar phenomena in both of these illnesses is unwanted fear. BPD sufferers’ actions are normally driven by a fear of abandonment, and ROCD’s an anxiety disorder, so this doesn’t require an explanation. I’ve read up on both of these and have consulted my psychiatrist about it, since I, at one point, was utterly convinced that I had BPD (as others did, as well). He told me that it was OCD, and while there are far more differences than similarities between the two, there are still numerous qualities they share. 
ROCD sufferers are obsessive, have bad separation anxiety, constantly seek reassurance from their loved ones, and sometimes even flee from relationships dear to them. These are qualities you see in people with BPD, as well. Before you attack and belittle me, please make sure you’re “factually” being factual, aight? 

And last, it’s so fucking cruel and presumptuous of you to fucking say that I’m lying about the two things that cause me the most fucking pain I could ever feel. I feel fucking pain every day of my GOD FORSAKEN LIFE, and you’re going to sit here and tell me that my illnesses are simply a facade? A lie to look cool? Go fuck yourself. I’d fucking love it if I were lying, actually!
Seriously, you’re a fucking dumbass. You come here attacking me with no correct or relevant information stored in that skull of yours. You don’t know me, you don’t know a goddamn thing about what I’ve had to go through. You’re literally the epitome of a dumbass. 

P.S. To get scientific on yo ass, BPD and OCD share the same malfunctions in brain chemistry. Amygdala and Serotonin are both affected in these illnesses, ergo the frequent misconceptions and similarities. Serotonin’s the happy chem, and when your Serotonin’s out of whack, you feel depressed and anxious. Okay, bye. 


ok so maybe i lied it’s kinda badboy!jeonghan (like small mentions of it lmao) but it’s my first attempt at one of these so here we go

@chocohoshi & @koraenese im so sorry for what you’re about to read

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In Which Sorey Says Goodbye

“Are you kidding? There’s another area? I thought we were done,” Zaveid groused. Mikleo shared the sentiment, but he wasn’t about to complain. Securing the area around the place Sorey would wait with Maotelus was of the utmost importance, and they weren’t going to slack off.

“Well, we’d better get started,” he said shortly. Zaveid sighed, but acquiesced. Mikleo knew he was tired; he was, too. Rose, Lailah, and Edna had left after Rose made her pact with Lailah. Mikleo had tried to hide his emotion at the idea of having a new Shepherd so soon, but he was pretty sure that Lailah had seen, because she was the one who suggested he and Zaveid stay behind to take care of Sorey.

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Is stardom really this Shitty?

I thought long about it if I should really write something about it or not. We all had read that post aiming badly at Stardom entertainment, written by an ex-fan of ToppDogg with several connections.
I myself cant really agree to the things she wrote…but also cant deny it but I have my own opinion about it. (I wont say its right nor its wrong)
So Ill write about it based on my own experiences with Stardom and with what Friends of mine who worked under stardom told me.
1.Mino were kicked out of stardom, thats why hes shooting at stardom and stardom artists now.
First of all…Mino werent kicked out, he left Block B and stardom entertainment because he were still underaged and his Father dissapproved him beeing part of a HipHop group~ Thats why he joined a Ballad group (BOM) afterwards and now that hes full aged, he can decide himself what kind of Music he will do. Also I dont even see it as Diss what he used during show me the money. Most rappers believe that youre only a good rapper when you show some kind of arrogance and confidence, and you can only show this when putting yourself better than the others. So I dont think he really meant it serious when he rapped, but only wanted to appear as real rapper. I asked Jucy since people said she felt hurt about his diss, and she said she was dissappointed in herself for not doing better but that she doesnt care about others “dissing” her.
2. Stardom fucked up with Block B
Yes they did…but the Team of stardom entertainment changed to 80% after that incident…and after the fake ceo dissappeared and Cho PD took over the ceo position again, they had a talk so both parted on good terms. Stardom helped them to build up Seven Seasons.
3. Stardom ent is corrupt.
I cant say anything to that since I dont work there and have no clue about their incomings and what they usually pay for things…
I just can say that after Block B left stardom fired most of his staff and had to quickly hire new staff people….and those people are really extremely chaotic, No one knows what the others do….and that is even said by the persons who worked there as internship. I know that the Fan-staff is really biased towards some fans, and HATES internationals…so Koreans easily get intern informations while internationals even have alot of problems during fan-sign events….But on the other hand, If internationals search the contact to the staff whos responsible for promotions, you easily get out all informations you want as long youre an International. I remember when ToppDogg were about to make their Open the Door comeback….Stardom started to post the member teaser pictures 7 Days before the MV Release (take down saturday and sunday since no one in stardom works on the weekend) ~ so 5 days, for 13 members…. and then my friend told me after 3 days: wow…they just realized that they dont have enough time to post all teaser pictures.
Another incident that happened were about the concert in europe. Stardom found an organizer who was willing to bring them to Germany, and everything were settled already~ The German-Organizer than told us that he had to cancel the concert sadly because stardom is not trustworthy. He said that they already had a deal to hold a concert in April but stardom cancelled it (I guess because they didnt only wanted to come to Germany) and now they had a deal, since the other concerts in europe were announced already, stardom had to write a short message on their facebook account that ToppDogg will come to Germany BEFORE the ticket sale for the other countrys start. Stardom failed that deal and didnt wrote anything so the organizer cancelled everything.
Then we all know about ToppDogg and Underdogg~ stardom had a clear Idea about the concept of both Groups, thats why they started with the “kingdoms”~ one Kingdom for every sub-unit + Underdogg as addition to the sub units~But however, they already announced underdogg when they didnt even had all members, so they casted 2 members afterwards~ one got kicked out…one left a while ago as well so they casted another one again in…and of course the concept were leaked out, so they wanted to come up with something new to surprise the audience but everything ended up in chaos again, so even the employees at stardom ent doesnt know what toppdoggs sub units etc are about.
I also know that Hansol had suffered from depressions for some time when he were called Gay by more and more fans, but stardom insisted him to keep up the fanservice with B-Joo, I dont know how he is now, I just know that it were like that not too long after ToppDoggs Debut. Also they created TD as 13 member group to not lose its trainees. even though Originally, TD were planned as 6 member group.
BUT~ The ToppDogg AND the EvoL girls trust Stardom ent and Cho PD~ The girls of EvoL had the chance to leave but they stayed. So I dont think they are really treatened worse. Just that stardom simply has no clue how to promote someone right (But there are more agencys out like that…just look at CCM/MBK or D-Buisness) 
One of my friends working there said: “I will keep on working here that one Day I can take over…no one here knows how to lead such a company right, no one knows what the other does or how to promote someone the right way…they dont know how to use facebook and Tumblr well…so If Im leading this company…I finally can teach them!”
So I think…there are alot of wrong things in the company..but not because they mean it bad but because they just dont know it better. 
And I know that its hard to not get furious when we hear stuff like that and worry about the ones we grew so attached to…But we all CANT know and tell whats going on behind the doors. Maybe Stardom is corrupt, but we cant know since were not investigators. Maybe stardom is shitty and treats its artists wrong, but we cant know since were not trainees there. So I think we shouldnt shoot blind at stardom entertainment but use our energy instead to support ToppDogg and EvoL….Instead of sending hating messages towards the company, send something that shows your love to your group to show stardom that its worth it to give them a proper promotion. If youre a Fan of EvoL…stop to ask” Where are evol? what is shitty stardom doing?” use your sns accounts to tell the girls personally that you love them and that you support them. The girs are so thankful for every single support…You can think about stardom whatever you want…but keep your thoughts in your head and the support for your beloved groups in your heart and hands~

take me out tonight (z/n)

It’s one dreary day in the middle of August, where the temperature is abnormally low and all this sporadic weather is really fucking with Niall’s body, so he decides to hit this small diner on their 4 hour break in hopes of scoffing down as much chicken broth as possible. Zayn joins him just because he can. It’s got flickering neon lights, streaked linoleum flooring, puke green booths with slashes 2 feet long across the upholstery, and a jukebox that barely hums over the insistent ticking of a clock. Zayn says he likes it, the feeling reminds him of his outdated aunt’s house. They order their lunch from a beautiful girl with long, curled eyelashes, whose name is, of course, Flo. By the time they’re done, Niall is pretty sure he might sneeze the noodles out of his nose, and Zayn just laughs at him, incredibly fond and ready to order the milkshake he knows Niall will want later on.

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