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“Mother has been poisoned !” - Batfam x Reader (batmom)

Ok, Imma translate @laetitia-prst​‘s request (my fellow French person yo), so, basically : 

SUMMARY : Batmom has been poisoned by a new villain who wants to get known by killing the famous Bruce Wayne’s wife/partner. The batfamily is on edge, they gotta save her, because they’d be nothing without her…And then laetitia-prst talks about the ending and important plot points but hey, no fun if I translate that too right ? So here for poisoned bat mom,I feel like maybe it’s going a bit fast ? I didn’t really wanna make more than one part for this story so it’s long, and I’m afraid I might have rushed some things up…I hope you’ll still like it :s :  

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You were with Damian, asking some mango juice at the bar for him (the barman was being a dick, and refused to serve your son because “he was too young”, even though he didn’t want an alcoholic drink, so your quite annoyed self went to get it for him), when things went south. 

-Mother ? Mother are you alright ?! MOM !

You don’t really know what happened. You felt a painful prick on your thigh, where your fancy dress was opening slightly, as if you just got stung by a wasp, and all of a sudden…Everything went blurry. Next thing you know, your youngest son is trying to catch you before you hit the floor, and his arms are holding you with all his strength, as if afraid you’d disappear. 

-Father, father ! Dad ! DAD !! 

You can feel Damian shake, but you can’t see properly the line of his face…his distress is making your heart tighten, and you have to reassure him but when you try to raise a hand to cup his cheek and stroke it gently, nothing happen.

You hear more than you see Bruce falling on his knees next to you. You feel his hands taking you away from Damian, you feel your son resisting a bit, reluctant of letting you go, you feel yourself raising from the floor…But you don’t get it. 

What is happening ? 

Your vision is even more blurry than a few minutes before, and the last thing you hear before drifting into total darkness is Bruce saying : 

-What the Hell happened ? 

Everything goes dark as you fell unconscious. Your husband feels you go limp in his arms, but before he can really react, a man in the assistance, wearing a gaz mask and khakis stands on a table and, with his best evil laugh, says : 

-My names is Mutagen, and you can bet that by the end of this week, I’ll be the most famous criminal in all Gotham. Spread the word, especially to Batman.  

Jason almost catch him on the spot, but the man jumps out the window and disappears…Who the hell was he ? 

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I’m Standing Right Here (dad!Tony x reader)


1. Please can you do a Tony Stark x daughter reader? Like reader is around 18-19 y/o but feels really unwanted (doesn’t have a mum) and that nobody really pays attention but Nat (mum figure), Wanda and Steve (best friends) are always there? Sorry if this was long and specific xxx 

2. Can you do an angsty Tonyxreader where instead of the reader, it’s Tony that’s having problems and his bad habits are getting worse but everyone just thinks it’s stress until he tries to kill himself one day? And everyone, especially the reader feels bad that they didn’t notice and don’t know what to do now to get him help

I couldn’t bring myself to do a suicidal Tony, so I went with it a little differently, hope you don’t mind!

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Anonymous said: Hi! Could I please request a scenario where Endeavor has never approved of Todoroki’s S/O. Then one day he gets critically injured during a battle and she saves his life with her healing quirk. (Even though she didn’t have to) After that, he attempts to be nicer to her (though awkwardly), much to Todoroki’s surprise. (Brownie points if she’s shy and absolutely terrified of Endeavor XD) Thank you!!

Endeavor and being nicer? Why am I not surprised that it takes getting critically injured for that to happen, arghhh.. Anyway, Anon, here you go! <3 

Warnings: None

Todoroki could laugh right now at what he was seeing.

His father, Endeavor, restricted to a hospital bed, no doubt cursing each and every one of the doctors who’d advised him—strongly—to stay in the hospital for just another day or two under observation, just to be sure his health was as fine as he looked. (That is, if you took away his minor injuries, and the fatigue and annoyance that came with being in a hospital, apparently.) After all, even famed heroes could get injured, and Todoroki had been there to see his father receive his injury during the battle he and you had happened across while at the mall.

Todoroki knew he shouldn’t be this amused.

His father had almost died from the injury, and regardless of his questionable reputation as a pro-hero, his death would’ve been devastating to those that actually looked up to him. Todoroki was well aware of how much worse it could’ve been without you there to heal his father with your quirk, and it seemed, Endeavor did as well, huffing whenever he saw Todoroki tapping away on his phone, exchanging texts you with about his father. Like the doctors and nurses, you’d expressed worry for Endeavor’s well-being and the aftereffects of your healing quirk on him.

As he sat on the armchair across from his father, Todoroki’s phone buzzed with another text from you, this time with a picture of the flowers you’d bought. Wanting to drop some off, you’d asked earlier that morning what kind of flowers Endeavor liked, to which Todoroki replied that his father had no preference for flowers. Of any kind. It was possible he’d burn them out of boredom, so even the prettiest of flowers weren’t safe with him.

Todoroki texted you a short compliment on the picture, then looked up from his phone. Endeavor was frowning at him.

“Is it that girl?” he asked, his tone rough. He leaned against the headboard of the hospital bed, arms crossed. Apart from his question, there was no other noise in the room. Endeavor had refused to watch anything, so the TV remote remained untouched, and music was just out of the question.

“Yes,” Todoroki said stiffly. “She’s bringing you flowers.”

He didn’t feel like getting specific. If it wasn’t important news about a hero or villain, updates from his interns, or a discussion about Todoroki’s proficiency with his quirk, it was lost on his father. All Might was the hero to freely talk to about flowers, not Endeavor.

Todoroki heard his father scoff and saw him avert his eyes elsewhere.

“Flowers,” he echoed, sounding insulted, but Todoroki couldn’t hear the notes of contempt that were usually in his father’s voice when the conversation was about you. In fact, he hadn’t heard them since you’d healed his father, which was both a surprise and a concern.

Had his father actually been that affected by his brush with death? No… for most, almost dying would be life-changing, but for heroes, especially pro-heroes, it was always a risk. A better question would be… had you saving his life change his father’s mind about you?

There was a sudden knock on the door. Todoroki knew it had to be you, from how soft it was, but before he could do anything, Endeavor called out to the door, much louder than he needed to.

“Come in!”

Todoroki saw the door open slightly, allowing in flowers in deep oranges and reds to bring some color to the mostly white room. You had them in a vase, which you were using to hide behind as you stepped inside, flashing Todoroki a panicked face that only relaxed when he walked over to help you set the flowers down, his fingers brushing against yours comfortingly in the instant he took the vase from you.

“M-Mr. Endeavor,” you greeted his father. Your attempt at being polite earned you a snort from the pro-hero.

“Endeavor,” he corrected.

“E-Endeavor,” you repeated, motioning nervously to the flowers. “These are for you for… using my quirk on you… I-I can bring you different ones, if you don’t like them.”

“Leave them,” Endeavor ordered, closing his mouth tightly. He appeared to be struggling with something, lowering his head to scrutinize the flowers from the hospital bed with critical eyes. And it could’ve just been the gentle lighting of the room, but where Todoroki was, standing next to you, it looked like the flames on his father’s face were dimmer, somehow.

His stare kept locked on his father, Todoroki waited impatiently for him to get his point across already.

“Your quirk is… useful,” Endeavor then said, uncertain, as if finding the right word had been a strenuous task. His eyes were now on his work phone, so he was unable to see the matching looks of surprise you and Todoroki had, before Todoroki took your hand and led you to the door.

“We’re leaving.”

Todoroki turned back to his father. “I take it you’ll be fine on your own?” he asked, deciding to play the role of caring son, while Endeavor was still in that sorry state of his.

His father said nothing, only scoffing in reply. Todoroki took it as a yes, following you out the door that he felt relieved to close once you two were in the hallway.

He felt you squeeze his hand. “I think your father was trying to be nice to me,” you said, awed.

You suddenly gasped.

“Oh my god, should I have said thank you earlier?!”

Todoroki laughed.

Smeared Lipstick (Peter Parker x Stark!Reader)

Description: Stark!reader. Peter needs to prove that he knows the Stark’s and Spider-Man, so he asks Y/N for some help.

A/N: so this is my first fic EVER. Please give it (me) some love! (Also I don’t know how to make a cut off on mobile so uhhh my bad? Lmao)

Word count: 1892

Warnings: none? Please let me know if you find some I guess??



Y/N Stark sits in her bedroom in the Avengers tower drawing in her sketchbook and thinking back on the last year of her life. The Accords had torn her family apart, leaving the tower feeling desolate and empty.

Y/N thinks back to the fight in Berlin while shading in the finishing touches on the Winter Soldier’s metal arm. She remembers being angry at her father for insisting she stay in the hotel during the fight, even though she wouldn’t have been much help against Steve and the others.

Her mind wanders to the newest addition to Tony’s team; Peter Parker. Y/N’s role in Berlin was watching over Peter; making sure he didn’t get lost or bother Happy too much.

She remembers sitting in the hotel with Peter the night before the fight. The two of them had watched whatever movies they could find, all in German with no subtitles, and they had made up the dialogue while watching. Y/N pictures Peter’s face behind his camera while he filmed her trying, and failing, to catch popcorn in her mouth.

Y/N looks down at her book and realizes she’s drawn Peter in his suit. His mask is off, his hair all messy, and a massive smile on his face. In that moment, Y/N knows she has fallen hard for this boy.


Peter lay with his back on a gym mat and Ned holding his feet down. Peter pretended to struggle with doing sit-ups as to not draw attention to himself. The nerdiest kid in school shouldn’t be able to do a hundred sit-ups in a row without breaking a sweat.

Peter hears Liz and her friends gushing on about Spider-Man and, before Peter can object, Ned blurts, “Peter knows Spider-Man!” Causing Peter’s mouth to fall open in disbelief.

“Y-yeah, through the internship, but I don’t know who he is.” Peter mumbles.

“Yeah, sure,” Flash starts. “And I bet you know Y/N Stark too. Don’t you, Penis Parker?” Flash laughs and everyone else groans at his immaturity.

“I do actually,” Peter’s voice gets quiet. “A-also through the internship.” He adds. All Peter can think about is what kind of mess he’s getting himself into. Sure, he’s not telling any lies, but it sounds like he is.

Flash takes a step forward. “Why don’t you invite the two of them to Liz’ party on Saturday? I’m sure they would love to come embarrass you.” Peter and Ned look to Liz.

“Yeah, the party’s going to be great,” Liz steps in. “You and Ned are welcome to come, along with whoever else you’d like to bring.”

“We’ll be there. Won’t we, Peter?” Ned says.

“Yeah, for sure.” Peter gives Liz a tight lipped smile and turns to Ned, glaring at him. The bell rings and Peter gets ready to leave the gym while groaning internally about the strings he’ll have to pull to get out of this mess.


Y/N glances up from her sketchbook at the sound of her cell phone ringing. She takes one last look at the page filled with sketches of Peter.

There are drawings of Peter smiling and laughing, but there are also drawings of moments where Peter didn’t know Y/N was gazing at him; his chocolate eyes aimed in a different direction or towards his homework.

Y/N picks up the phone. “Hello?”

“Hi, Y/N? It’s Peter.”

“Oh, hey Pete! What’s up? You mess with the suit again and need my help putting it back together?” Y/N says with an airy laugh. It’s music to Peter’s ears.

“No, not that.” Y/N can practically hear Peter’s smile through the phone. “I need a favour.”

Peter proceeds to tell Y/N about the party, basically begging her to go.

“Peter, why is it so important that I come to this party?” Y/N immediately realizes that she sounds almost annoyed. “N-not that I don’t want to come! It’s just,” she searches for the right words. “Are you trying to prove something?” Y/N says with a slight laugh.

“No! I-” Peter starts. “Okay, yeah I am. Nobody believes that I know you, and it sounds super lame when I talk about you and no one thinks I’m telling the truth.” Peter says in a rush. Y/N feels blush creep up her cheeks and she’s thankful that Peter can’t see her.

“You talk about me?” Y/N says quietly.

“Well yeah! You’re one of my best friends. Anyway,” Peter stumbles as he tries to change the subject. “This guy Flash always makes fun of me and says I’m not part of the Stark internship.”

“Well you aren’t.” Y/N says with a smirk.

“Yeah I know that, okay!” Peter laughs. “It’s just,” Peter’s voice gets quiet and he mumbles something else.

“Sorry, what was that?” Y/N asks.

Peter is silent for a second before saying, “He calls me Penis Parker.”

“Well, that’s not very creative. But yeah, I’ll be there. And I’ll be sure to roll up in one of dad’s nicest cars. Just for good measure.”

“Thanks Y/N. I’ve got to go, see you Saturday?”

“Yeah. Bye Pete.”

“Buh-bye.” Peter hangs up.

Y/N flops down on her bed and squeals into her pillow. Not only does she get to go to an actual party, but Peter will be there. She shoots up and runs to her closet to find something to wear.

Meanwhile, Peter is laying in his bed, phone still in his hand, staring at the ceiling in disbelief. He is so stoked that he girl of his dreams is coming to Liz’ party. He knows that everyone thinks Y/N is out of his league, but he can’t help but hope.


Peter and Ned have been at Liz’ party for half an hour and still no sign of Y/N. Nobody at the party got their hopes up for her arrival, but they’re still disappointed because they now have to hear Flash chant over the microphone.

“When I say penis, you say Parker!” Flash yells, causing the mic to squeal and everyone in the room groans and covers their ears.

Peter is just beginning to lose hope when he spots Y/N walk through the front door with all eyes trained on her figure. She looks stunning in her favourite outfit and her makeup done to perfection with red lipstick to top it all off. Peter can’t help but stare while Y/N makes her way over to him and Ned.

Y/N turns to Ned first. “Ned! How’s it hanging, dude?” She exclaims while giving him a handshake into a half hug.

“Yeah, I’m good, I’m good.” Ned nods. He can’t stop from smiling because all eyes are aimed at the three of them.

“Peter! How are you?” Y/N throws her arms around his neck. It takes Peter a second to respond, but he quickly rests his hands on her back before she pulls away.

“I’m good. Not gonna lie, I was a little worried that you wouldn’t show up.” He says with a nervous laugh.

“C’mon Peter! I wouldn’t leave you hanging like that! I ran late because Happy wouldn’t give me the keys to the Audi.” She says simply.

“Ah yes, everyday teen problems.” Ned states with a nod. “Oh no. Flash is coming over here.”

Y/N leans over to whisper in Peter’s ear. “Whatever I do, just go with it.” She pulls back and looks at Flash, who has stopped in front of the trio. Peter stares at Y/N with wide eyes.

“Y/N Stark. I’m glad you can make it. I’m Flash Thompson. You should come hang out by my DJ booth, instead of here with Penis Parker and his boyfriend.” Flash says cockily.

“Oh wow! I’d love to!” Y/N says in her sweetest tone, resting a hand on Flash’s arm and leaning in. “But, can you do me a quick favour first?” She asks, spinning a lock of hair around her finger and batting her eyelashes.

Peter stares ahead in disbelief. He can’t tell if this is part of Y/N’s plan or if she is really flirting with Flash. Peter can feel his heart sink.

“Yeah sure, what is it?” Flash smiles.

“Can you hold this?” Y/N takes off her coat and hands it to Flash while the three boys look on in confusion.

“Yeah, sure? I guess.” Flash takes Y/N coat.

“Thanks!” Y/N chirps and, without missing a beat, turns and plants her lips on Peter’s.

Peter’s eyes are wide with shock and he freezes, until he realizes that Y/N is kissing him. He immediately reacts and places his hands on the small of her back. Y/N cards her fingers through Peter’s curly hair and deepens the kiss, moving her lips faster against his and nipping at his bottom lip.

Once they pull apart, panting, Y/N let’s out a little laugh and tries to wipe off the red lipstick smeared on Peter’s mouth. Y/N turns to Flash, who looks livid, and takes her coat back.

“Thanks!” Y/N says, immediately changing her smile to the scariest look Peter has ever seen. Y/N looks away from Flash and throws a shoo motion in his direction with her hand. Peter’s eyes are wide and he’s sure the colour of his cheeks matches the shade of lipstick painted on his face.

“Okay, I think I have some makeup wipes in the car. Ned, you’ll be okay if we go, right?” Y/N is still trying to wipe the lipstick off of Peter’s face, while he just stares at her, sporting a goofy smile.

“Yeah, I’ll go find Michelle.” Ned wanders off while Y/N leads Peter out of the house, not noticing the high five shared between the two boys.

Once in the car, Y/N searches through the backseat until she finds her makeup wipes and takes Peter’s chin in one hand and begins to clean the lipstick off of his face.

“So, um…” Peter begins to talk, until Y/N interrupts him.

“Peter, don’t talk.” She furrows her brows as she works to scrub Peter’s lips. Her expensive lipstick takes a lot of work to remove.


“Pete!” Y/N laughs. “Okay. I’ll talk.” She keeps scrubbing, staring hard at his mouth while she works. “I didn’t kiss you just for show. I uh… I really do like you Peter. It’s hard not to think about you all day while I’m stuck in the tower by myself.”

Y/N takes on a blush that rivals Peter’s. Y/N sighs and leans back. “Okay. I think I got it all.” She starts to clean up her mess of makeup wipes covered in her red lipstick and inspects her own in the mirror in the sun visor.

“I uh…” Peter says in a mocking tone, earning a joking glare from Y/N. “I really like you too.” Peter says in a serious tone.

“Good.” Y/N says as she slams the visor shut and leans over the centre console to place her lips on Peter’s once again, but he stops her.

“Maybe you should take your lipstick off first.” He says with a smirk.

Y/N just smiles and scoffs. pulling out her makeup wipes again.

A Dangerous Game (Suho Mafia!au fic) Chapter 10 - Cinderella

Originally posted by veriloquentmind

Warnings: None

Ch. 1 Ch. 2 Ch. 3 Ch. 4 Ch. 5 Ch. 6 Ch. 7 Ch. 8 Ch. 9 Ch. 10 Ch. 11 Ch. 12 Ch. 13 Ch. 14 Ch. 15(M) Ch. 16 Ch. 17(M) Ch. 18

The next morning it was difficult deciding on what to wear, I didn’t want to over dress, but I didn’t want to underdress, but quite frankly…I had no idea what Taekwoon and I would be doing so that didn’t help the situation. In the end I chose a nice pair of black jeans, a nice sweater, and some hightops. Casual but at the same I still looked night for a cool spring day.

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They’re kind of assholes - Superboy x Reader (Batsis)

This is kind of a part two of “You’re kind of an asshole”, the aftermath of it all. Like now, Conner and the reader (Batman’s daughter) professed their love for each other, and it’s not to everyone’s taste. Not to name anyone but…Bruce and Clark are not ok with this. Anyway, hope you’ll like it : 


My masterlist blog : https://ella-ravenwood-archives.tumblr.com


Batman was not happy. Not happy at all.

Superman either actually. 

They were both sitting at a table in the Watchtower’s common room, sulking and brooding (when Diana asked what was happening to Clark, as she was used to Broody Bruce, he just groaned in return and she kinda just understood that this was about you and the boy). With a scoff and a sip of his coffee, your father says : 

-This isn’t going to work.

-I know, it’s too weird. 

-I caught him in her room a few nights ago, God only know what would have happened if I didn’t came in when I did. 

-Oh please, no details. We’re talking about your daughter, whom I consider my dear niece, and my…clone. It’s just too weird ! 

-Yeah well you would be even more weirded out if you had caught them making out on her desk ! 

-Bruce, stop. Seriously. This is making me uncomfortable. 

-And you think I’m comfortable with this ? Because if you do you’re wrong. I hate it. It’s my little girl we’re talking about ! 

Diana, who was coming back from the coffee machine with a warm cup, cannot help herself and has to say : 

-You are aware that you’re daughter is an adult right ? And that when Dick started to date Barbara you didn’t say anything, even though she’s older than him. Or when Jason or Tim st…

-I know she’s an adult ! That’s the problem ! She’s growing up too fast ! And it’s not the same than with the boys…

Diana loses her amused grin, and with a very serious expression, stare at the Bat and says :

-Oh ? And how is it different ? Because she’s a girl you have to protect her more ? Or she can’t go out because of her sex ? By Hades Bruce I thought you were more open minded than that ! 

Your father just looks away and grumbles an answer no one understands. 

He knows it’s ridiculous. He knows he shouldn’t be worried, as he knows that Conner is a good man. He knows you’re an adult and are capable of taking your own decisions but…you’re also his little girl. And he doesn’t actually have a good excuse as to why he wants to protect you more dating wise than his sons…Even though Dick is the one that always end up falling in love way too fast and having his heart broke ! 

In front of him, Clark doesn’t hold Diana’s gaze either (neither him or Bruce would dare to, and besides, when she was annoyed like that, it was better to just look away and shut up), but he has the same thoughts than his friend. He wants to protect you, and for some reasons, deep down, he just can’t find the strength to trust Conner, even though the boy proved himself worthy multiple times…

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which-does-not-glitter  asked:

Tell me a fairy tale?

(As is only befitting my last response for this meme, this got wildly out of hand. Blame @samyazaz, who recommended I do something with Beauty and the Beast.)

Belle is the first one to speak into the horrified silence, twirling the rose in her hand and giving little care for the way it scratches her palm. “We’ll all go, then.”

Her father stares at her. “He’s a monster, my darling, he won't—”

“He’s a monster with a castle and rose bushes that bloom even in the winter.” She sets her chin, and her sisters and brothers all still look terrified, and she is too, but more than that, she’s angry. If he’s going to overset the life they’re just starting to build for themselves, she’s happy to overset his as well. “He’ll take all of us in, or he won’t take any of us at all.”

“You don’t know what he’s capable of.”

“He wouldn’t have let you go in the first place if he was just going to kill you. If he wants company, he’s going to get it.”

The whole family erupts into an argument, but Belle ignores it and gets up to put the rose in water and give herself a chance to breathe. She’s the only one who doesn’t really mind this quiet house in the country, where she can garden and read her books, but she’ll give it up if it means a chance for her family to be happy and protected and well cared for.

“I don’t think he’ll kill us for impudence,” she interrupts after a while. “The worst he can do is send us home. Shouldn’t we try?”


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Waiting For Life To Begin

Author: AvengeSuperWhoLock

Word Count: 3202

Pairing: DeanxSister!Reader (incest)

Summary: You and Dean had been closer than you should have been when you were teenagers. When you’re both caught by John, a fight breaks out and you’re sent away. Dean is forbidden from ever seeing you, and try as he might, he can’t find you. Fifteen years later, he tries to move on with another woman. Then you turn up on his doorstep.

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The Field of Fire

Full offence but

Originally posted by vantablackemo

That looks very much like a ‘the villain has a massive army and the odds are stacked against us’ kind of shot.

Originally posted by 0lennatyrell

Originally posted by mhysaofdragons

‘The singers called it the F i e l d  o f  F i r e

………..D@ny just created the Field of Fire 2.0. That was not an act of defence. That was slaughter.

And I know I’m gonna get backlash because they were Lannister soldiers who just took Highgarden, but… that was two armies. Most of those men probably just wanted to go home. They trained with sword and shield to fight sword and shield, not dragonfire.

Jaime: ‘They didn’t deserve to die.’ You can pin Highgarden on Cersei. We know what she did to the Sept of Baelor, so if she orders them to take the castle, they’re not going to refuse, are they?

Even one of our favourites, Robb, said ‘I will litter the south with Lannister dead.’

Jaime and Robb (no, I can’t believe I’m comparing them, either) both met their enemies on the field of battle in a much more level fight than this. Swords and shields. Both of them fought alongside their men. Both could have died. Even Tyrion on the Blackwater- fighting among the men.

And D@ny brought a bomb.

Did you see D@ny’s face? Every time she said Dracarys…

Originally posted by 0lennatyrell

And then in the preview for 7x05 she says ‘I’m not here to murder.’

But then- ‘Bend the knee or die.’

If D@ny feels it’s justified, she’ll kill anyone. The problem is, her sense of justice is fucked up. She’s not interested in innocence or guilt. ‘Maybe all of you are innocent. Maybe none of you are. Maybe I’ll let the dragons decide.’

It’s very very easy to root for D@ny when she’s roasting slavers, even if her actions are still accompanied by that terrifying sense of her being above the law. She is the law. But I’m willing to bet not all those Astapoori or Yunkai’i or Mereeneese agreed with slavery either. Hizdahr’s father protested the fate of the 163 slave children. They benefitted from the slave trade, yes- but that’s a whole other thing I won’t get into here.

I used to root for her. Her freeing of the slaves, though massively problematic (’I’m going to free them, but I don’t have a plan to stabilise afterward’) was a noble goal, and she clearly cared about those she freed. However… she is not that person anymore.

But you know, tell me how she’s just trying to reclaim her home, what’s hers, how she’s Mhysa, sweet and benevolent and kind. She is a dragon, and she is living up to her words. Fire and Blood.

‘I’m not here to be Queen of the Ashes,’ she says, right before literally turning the Reach to ash.

When Jon finds out what she did, he’s going to be livid. There’s no honour in it.

There’s a reason Jaime and Bronn got the hero shots this episode.

Just… think about that. Bronn and Jaime got the hero shots. Two men who’ve done terrible things in the name of House Lannister. They’re well loved characters, but they’re not good, not by a long shot.

And yet… they were the saviours on this battlefield, and we have to think about why.

A Love She Never Had


More often than not, the Sept of Winterfell was empty.  That was one of the reasons Sansa loved it so much. She could come here for a moment of respite from running the castle.  

That was why she was so surprised when the door swung open and someone walked in.  She turned to face him.  He was tall, and broad of shoulder, but Sansa couldn’t pull her eyes away from his face.  He was handsome by any measure, but it was his eyes that took her.  They were soft, and kind, and she couldn’t help but think there was a sadness behind them as well.

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Diabolik lovers Lost Eden: Ayato Sakamaki [Maniac epilogue]  ~Translation|traducción~

*Esta en español abajo de todo.
Anterior: maniac 10.

???: It’s been a while, Kino.

Kino: Yuuri, how are you? How’s everything going?

Yuuri: Everything goes fine.

Kino: Fufu, I see. However, the Sakamaki and Mukamis families are much simpler than I thought.

Kino: Just as I planed it, make the families quarrel and so separate them.

Kino: At the end, all of them will try to fight with Ayato for the force.

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anonymous asked:

Not sure if this has been asked yet but let's fast forward to the future. GOM are happily married to their SO. And then their kids asked, "how did you meet them?" The couple dread the question because it was an awkward meet. So how did they meet? :D

Kuroko: You’d been assigned to Kuroko as his partner for a group project in class. It didn’t really make sense to him why you were so overly friendly from the moment the two of you started. The bright smiles and nods of understanding weren’t something he’d seen you give any of your other classmates. Of course, it all made sense when you finally asked him.

“So, when did you transfer to Seirin?”

“____-san, I’ve been sitting behind you all year.”

Kise: His girlfriend at the time had been quite the looker, but Kise couldn’t really say he was all that interested in her after a while. Still, the attention was good and the kissing was better, so he didn’t really complain too much. That was, until the day she revealed she could be an absolute bitch. You hadn’t even done anything to her and she’d felt the need to trip you in the hallway.

“Get a hold of your tramp,” you’d spat out immediately.

Nobody had ever retaliated before. He was both embarrassed and turned on.

Aomine: This wasn’t the first time Aomine had tried getting off on the school roof where he often skipped class to nap. What was the point of hiding so many of his magazines up there if he couldn’t use them, right? Still, he was horrified when you suddenly appeared, nonchalantly covering the lower half of his body with his discarded blazer.

“Nobody likes to see something unimpressive,” you commented easily.

His cheeks burned. From anger or embarrassment, he didn’t know.

Midorima: It wasn’t that serious of an injury to his hands, but Midorima still felt the need to go to the infirmary to get the proper care he required. It was going to be a quick visit; get in, get bandaged up, get out. At this point, he’d done it so many times himself that he knew the nurse would allow him to do everything on his own before he could take his leave.

Then he walked in on a shirtless you.

“G-Get out!” Your screech was practically heard throughout the school.

Murasakibara: It certainly wasn’t his proudest moment, literally choking on one of his favorite snacks. It was downright terrifying not being able to breath past the little bite of food. However, Murasakibara felt like he was even more humiliated by the fact such a tiny little person was the one to save him from probably dying right there.

“Lucky you, I know how to handle those kinds of situations,” you laughed.

“Yeah,” he answered, though his heart wasn’t really in it. “Lucky me.”

Akashi: His father had dragged him along on a lunch meeting with a business partner, most likely to brag about achievements Akashi had done. None of it was really interested to the red head at all until you showed up in the room, announcing your presence in a way that would have been looked down upon in the professional world.

“This is my niece.” his father’s business partner introduced you.

From that moment forward, Akashi just couldn’t forget you.

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I was wondering if you could talk about The Phoenix and any Olicity children in the future, if it's not too spoilery (since she's already pregnant)? Your answer to that Firebird ask about Olicity babies destroyed me. I love your replies almost as much as I love your stories!

Actually, it’s something that’s been in my head since I wrote The Phoenix.

Oliver and Felicity, in The Phoenix verse, have two sons and one daughter.

Zachary, Zane, and Zoe.

Felicity’s three little Z’s; Oliver’s perfect trinity - with his precious little angel protected right between her two brothers, who tease her mercilessly but dote upon her.

Zachary - who’s most like their father. He’s got eerie instincts, protectiveness and a silent brand of affection only very few can get out of him, mostly his sister. Even as a baby, he’d been quiet, observant and least reactive to impulses. He’s also the most deceptively stubborn of the three. Always ten steps ahead of everyone around him, he grows up to become one sexy, lethal package of a man you don’t want on your wrong side.

Zane - he has something inside him that he’s never been able to convey to his parents. On the face of it, he’s a goof, the most playful, the one who makes Felicity pull out her hair with his pranks, the one who’s had most “talks” with his father. On the inside, something else roils. Something only his sister knows about. Something he made her promise to never tell anyone. He’s brash and impulsive and always has a smile, even when he cuts you open for hurting the people he loves.

Zoe - she’s the most complex and yet most serene of them all. She’s the one everyone talks to, the one who holds all of their many secrets inside her - none of them her own - and keeping them for so long eats away at her. She knows she’s her dad’s favorite (even though he’d never admit it out loud) and knows her mom dotes upon her; she has Uncle Digg and Roy wrapped around her little fingers and Aunt Thea teaching her how to kick ass in high heels. And she’s got her brothers - her beautiful brothers who’d lay their lives down for her without missing a beat and bring her the moon if she asked.

These three hellions Oliver and Felicity somehow raise into good humans in a bad world. Despite the dark world they live in, the kids have always known they’re loved. As parents, Oliver and Felicity as always given their children the freedom to choose how deeply they want to be involved in the Bratva, if at all.

Zach chooses to be completely involved. With his silent, dangerous demeanor, he trains himself to take over his father’s place and become even more powerful. Zane, on the other hand, chooses to take over Felicity’s little software business and transforms it into an empire unrivaled. And Zoe, precious Zoe, starts working with the women who’ve been affected by the monsters in their world since a young age. She works with them and helps them build new lives from the scratch.

It is then when they’re all more or less settled into their lives, their family, their everything when Zoe meets him.

With a body bigger than any man’s she’s ever seen (and she’s been around big men her whole life), with the rough hands of a fighter and the honed form of a weapon, he hooks her. But it is his eyes - utterly dark, terrifyingly cold, bottomless pits of secrets, secrets she wants to know - and that jagged scar at the corner of his lips that pulls one side of his mouth into a permanent scary frown that scares the shit out of people, that reel her in.

It is then that Zoe - the precious daughter of Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak-Queen, the beloved sister of Zachary Queen and Zane Queen, the princess of Bratva for all intents and purposes - meets Raze, the secret bastard son of Ilyich.

And stuff happens.

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everyone always talks about rfa and babies, but what about rfa and toddlers? i honestly think that toddlers would be more difficult than babies but i'm not a parent, who knows lol

Oh anonny, anything dealing with the Mystic Messenger crew and their children I always go overboard and this request is no exception! These turned out ridiculously long so I’m sorry to everyone in advance! I also want to thank everyone for the name suggestions for the kids, I sincerely liked all of the suggestions and the help is greatly appreciated! Anyways, I loved writing this one so I hope that you enjoy!! ^^


  • Yours and Yoosung’s son Byul was quite a handful to say the least
  • He was a bundle of energy since the day he was born and it was especially shown through his toddler years
  • Byul would run around the house shouting gibberish and when you told Yoosung to discipline his child, he tried but never succeeded as he thought he was a bad father
  • You needed some girl time so you and Jaehee planned a day trip together leaving Byul in the hand’s of Yoosung
  • The second you said your goodbyes to your husband and son, Byul ran to the master bedroom, jumping wildly on the bed
  • “Byul calm down! Just because mommy isn’t here doesn’t mean you can act crazy! You’re going to get hurt!” Yoosung said as he tried to control his crazy son
  • But Byel ended up falling off the bed, crying his little eyes out as Yoosung went into panicked doctor mode
  • After making sure Byul didn’t have any injuries, he told his son in a firm voice that he had to listen to him to which Byul nodded and wrapped his small arms around Yoosung’s neck
  • Yoosung smiled and gently carried his son to his computer chair, sitting him down on his lap and started playing LOLOL - Byul’s eyes widened in wonder and every time Yoosung would beat a monster, Byul’s tiny hands would fly up in the air as he’d exclaim “Daddy’s the best!”
  • Yoosung’s heart soared as he and his son spent the rest of the night playing video games as his son cheered for him
  • You came home, expecting to see the house in ruins, but instead saw Yoosung and Byul laying in bed together surrounded by pillows and stuffed animals
  • From then on, Yoosung became a more strict but still loving parent to Byul, who was still a ball of energy but loved watching his father play video games or reading him bedtime stories with animals in them
  • Yoosung smiled at you, thinking that maybe he really could be a good father to Byul


  • Yours and Zen’s son Jun-Ho was a mini looking Zen but with none of his personality
  • Jun-Ho was an extremely shy and anxious toddler, hating the limelight and attention that he received by being a famous actor’s son
  • Even though Jun-Ho was shy, when it was just you, Zen, and himself he’d become a screamer
  • If Zen tried telling him ‘no’ then Jun-Ho would scream at the top of his little lungs and Jun-Ho’s singing and screaming voice was awful
  • Your son would wake up from his sleep because of a nightmare, screaming while doing so, resulting in a lot of sleepless nights for Zen
  • Zen would lay in bed with his boy as his son would curl into his father’s embrace as Zen said “It’s alright Jun-Ho, daddy’s here. I’ll protect you from the nightmares so don’t worry okay? I’ll even sing to you until you fall asleep.”
  • Jun-Ho was also extremely clingy to both you and Zen, he’d typically need to have one of you by his side or he’d become an anxious crying mess
  • But Zen realized that his son loved dressing up in both your’s and Zen’s clothing, often giggling when he’d see Jun-Hon wearing one of his leather jackets paired with your skirt
  • Zen could see the happiness in Jun-Ho’s eyes when he’d dress up so Zen started to encourage his boy and would even dress up with him at times with
  • Jun-Ho would say “Daddy looks good!” When dressing Zen up and the silver man had to admit, for a toddler his son really knew how fashion worked
  • No matter how shy or clingy your son was, Zen would always make sure that Jun-Ho would feel love from him as he tried to be the best father that he could


  • Your’s and Jaehee’s daughter Min-Ji was a good mix of the two of your’s personality with a huge temper mixed in
  • If Min-Ji didn’t get what she wanted, she would throw a huge temper tantrum causing both you and Jaehee major headaches
  • Min-Ji also had a habit pulling people’s hair, with Jaehee sometimes wishing that she would have kept her hair shorter
  • But Jaehee already had to take care of the RFA boys on her own before, since they’re basically toddlers themselves, so dealing with her little daughter wouldn’t be a big deal
  • Jaehee was always firm but kind towards Min-Ji, scorning her when needed but also showing her plenty of love
  • “It wasn’t very nice to pull mommy’s hair now was it Min-Ji. You should go apologize to her and if you’re truly sorry, then we can do something fun together.” Jaehee would strictly tell her daughter
  • Since your birthday was coming up, Jaehee decided that for apologizing to you, Min-Ji could help her bake a cake
  • Jaehee noticed how much fun her daughter had while making the cake and how calm she was, realizing that maybe baking was her passion
  • She let Min-Ji decorate the cake once it was baked, Jaehee giggled at her messy creation as her daughter exclaimed “Mommy will love it!”
  • You walked into the kitchen, startling the two girls, and complimented Min-Jo’s decorating, giving Jaehee a quick kiss as you noted that she finally found something to calm your daughter down
  • Jaehee lifted Min-Ji into the air and held her close to her as she thought being a mother to Min-Ji was the best feeling in the world


  • Your’s and Jumin’s daughter Nari was the definition of beauty, grace, and sass
  • Nari was typically a good toddler and was very calm, except when it came to Elizabeth the Third
  • Your daughter was obsessed with cats, making Jumin one proud father, but that meant she’d never let Elizabeth out of her sight
  • As she got older, she would take Elizabeth with her everywhere and she ended up ignoring you and Jumin
  • Jumin wanted to spend time with his three favorite girls but Nari seemed to never want to be around him, making Jumin concerned
  • Nari was also a fan of arts and crafts and one day accidentally spilled red paint on Elizabeth’s fur
  • When Jumin went over to clean Elizabeth, Nari looked at him in fear as she started crying, making Jumin realize that she was intimidated by him and that he wasn’t being a good father
  • After cleaning up Elizabeth, Jumin sat down with Nari, who was cuddling her Elizabeth look-a-like plushie, as he apologized to her
  • “I know that I haven’t been around lately to spend time with you and your mother and for that, I’m sorry Nari. Why don’t me, you, your mother, and Elizabeth spend the night together okay? I don’t say it enough it I love you my little Sapphire.” Jumin said as he sat his little girl on his lap with her smiling at her nickname
  • From then on, Jumin cut his work hours down to spend more time with his family, which usually ended up being Nari drawing pictures for Jumin to hang up everywhere
  • You and Jumin would tuck Nari into bed every night with Elizabeth at her side, with Jumin determined to become the best father that he could be


  • Your’s and Seven’s child Sae-yoon was surprisingly a good boy, until you weren’t around
  • Sae-yoon was a huge mama’s boy, he’d constantly be by your side making Seven slightly jealous
  • But when it was just Seven and Sae-yoon, the toddler loved making a mess of things for Seven to clean up after
  • Sae-yoon would smack Seven’s computer screens, tangle the wires, and spill his fruit juice all over his father’s electronics
  • Seven isn’t very good at disciplining Sae-yoon, he doesn’t want to end up like his own parents but you encourage Seven that some firm words were sometimes needed as a father
  • Much to Seven’s shock, every time he’d try to show his son something on the computer, Sae-yoon would yell and throw his little fists at the screen
  • He even tried to make his son some homemade meals but Seven was stunned when his son threw a bag of Honey Buddy Chips at his father
  • Seven was about to give up until he saw his son in his bed, frustrated as he tried to read a storybook to himself
  • Sae-yoon was about to start crying until Seven walked in, laying down next to his son and took the book from him as he dramatically read the story as his son giggled
  • “I see that you’re more interested in books then computer Sae-yoon and that’s alright! I’m still going to teach you about computers when you’re older but for now, you’re going to hear all kinds of crazy stories from me, the great 707 to you, my little 505!” Seven told his son as he lifted him in the air, both boys laughing
  • Every night you would tuck your son into bed and listen to Seven’s insane stories, acting out all of the parts and usually ending up tickling his son at the end to tire him out and Sae-yoon would always say “Daddy tells the best stories!“
  • Seven, tired himself from the crazy story-telling, would thank you for supporting him as he promised that he’d be the greatest father to his son
Loving Insanity pt. 1 {{Jerome x Reader}}

Author Note: writing this because my awesome new tumblr friend put it in my mind💙💜 also this is going to start with Jerome and the reader meeting at the circus and this is the start to an emotional joy ride of a series 😉😂 also the reader is related to Jim Gordon but you’ll see how in this part😉😉😉 and I know I have requests to post but I got excited and just had to go ahead and post this
Word count: it’s very long
Requested: sorta kinda is a request/collaboration
Warnings: None for this part

“Come on Daddy!!!”

You held his hand as you ran through the circus. Even though you were only 6 you were fast. And he had a semi hard time keeping up.


Your father stopped and smiled when he saw a friend from work. He walked over to talk to him. His grip on your hand loosened to the point where he let go. You stood beside him just staring off into space when you got bored you decided to wander off.

You kept wandering around and looking at all the side shows. You were fascinated by all the acts and costumes. But something caught your eye.

There was a huge snake in a cage and you felt drawn to it. You leaned forward and looked at the beautiful snake.

“Hey be careful!”

You stepped back quickly and looked over to see a red headed boy with crystal blue eyes that looked around your age.

“I’m sorry!”

“It’s fine, she just gets irritated after a long day of preforming.”


You turned back to look at the snake and the boy walked up and stood beside you.

“What’s her name?”


You nodded and looked back at her.

"I’m Jerome by the way.”

"I’m Y/N!”

You smiled brightly and he smiled brightly back. The two of you continued to talk and walk around the circus. Holding hands in an innocent way. He showed you around and showed you some of the best food stands and side shows. Your father ran to you and hugged you tightly.


You hugged him back tightly and yawned. He sighed.

“I guess it’s time to go home… Say goodbye to your friend.”

You turned around and hugged Jerome tightly. He hugged you back tightly.

“Bye bye.”


Little did you know that at this moment your destiny would be tied to Jerome’s and that he would change your life forever.

12 years later:

It was late in November on a Friday night. You were heading to Haly’s circus because you hadn’t been in a long time. You kept wanting to return but you couldn’t between work, family, friends, and school. But you finally had a free weekend and decided to go.

You gave your money to the ticket booth person and got your ticket. You entered the circus and walked around looking at all the attractions. You saw people entering a huge tent but you wanted to see all the side shows.

You stopped every now and then to watch but nothing really caught your eye. Well except the huge snake in the cage you saw out of the corner of your eye. Ever since you were 5 years old you had loved them. You walked up to the cage and bent over to look into it. The snake stuck it’s tongue out and started to move in its little coiled position.

“Hey be careful.”

You looked up to see a red headed boy who looked to be around the age of 18.

“She gets aggravated after a day of preforming.”

You knew you had heard this from somewhere before but you couldn’t recall from where. The boy walked towards you and smiled while looking down.

“My name is Jerome.”

It clicked.

“OHMYGOSHJEROME?!?! I haven’t seen you in forever!!!”

You tackle hugged him to the ground and he looked at you confused.

“Do I know you?”

“It’s me! Y/N!”


He quickly hugged you back smiling.

“God you’ve changed so much!”

“I could say the same for you.”

You looked down at him and smiled before standing up and brushing yourself off. He did the same. He hugged you again.

“I didn’t think you would ever come back.”

“I guess I just got caught up in school and family and work and friends…”

You laughed and he laughed too. You had never heard his laugh before and honestly you were in love with it. He slowly took your hand in his as he started to lead you away to the ruckus of the circus grounds. The two of you talked about random things and the subject constantly seemed to change. The two of you wove your way through the crowd.

Although there were hundreds of people there all you could focus on was the two of you. To you no one else was there. He led you away from the noise and the crowd and down towards the huge river nearby. He picked up a stone and threw it across. You sat down on the cold grass and he soon joined you.

“You know I never really got to know you. Technically we have only met once before.”

He looked over at you.

“True but I don’t have many friends here or any at all really. You were more of a friend to me that day than anyone here has ever been to me.”

“Do you not like them?”

“It’s not that. There are just some…. Issues between circus families here. Making friends isn’t the easiest thing in the world to do here.”

“Well you got me.”

“Yeah… I guess I do…. Don’t I?”

The two of you continued to sit there in silence. You didn’t know why but you felt comfortable around Jerome. Hell you have only ever met him twice and you feel more comfortable around him rather than you do around most of your friends. You noticed that there were few people left at the circus and sighed.

“I should probably head home…”


He jumped up quickly at the statement.


His face froze when he realized what he had said.

“I-I’m sorry I just…. It felt like I didn’t get much time with you.”

“I guess time flies.”

You could see sadness in his eyes.

“Would you like to walk me back to my car?”

He looks at you and smiled before nodding. The two of you walked back in silence. You wouldn’t know his reason for not talking but you knew your own. You were trying to figure out what pulled you to Jerome. You were certain it wasn’t normal to become best friends with each other after only meeting twice. You shrugged it off and realized that your feet had taken you to your car while you were lost in thought.

You turned to Jerome to say goodbye and noticed his gloomy expression. You frowned.

“Hey cheer up.”

“What if you don’t come back?”

The question struck you by surprise. You sighed and gave him a half smile.

“I promise I’ll come back. In fact…. I’ll come back tomorrow. Deal?”

If put his finger on his chin as if to think.

“Okay but if your not here tomorrow you’re in trouble missy.”

You both laughed. You hugged him one last time before getting in your car.

“I’ll see you tomorrow!”

You drove off leaving Jerome by himself.

“Yeah… Tomorrow…”

Author’s note: I know it’s kind of a calm start and kinda boring but to start this I have to start with where y'all meet!!!! Things will escalate quickly after this though 😉😉 Anywho I hope y'all enjoy this and I hope it’s good because I worked a lot of today on it💜💜💜🐢🐢🐢 love you babes!!!!

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[Got] 7 Deadly Sins: Gluttony

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“What time is it?” I groan, awaking with the most searing headache I’ve had in ages. The cold tile floor of the bathroom is my only relief from the pain and I realize I must have passed out here the night before.

The last thing I remember is going shot for shot with a hopelessly foolish girl, wanting so badly to convince me that she could hold her liquor as well as me.

She may have been beautiful, but a drinker she was not. It takes time and practice to keep it all down as I have learned to do; I am surely one of the greats with a bottle in my hand.

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Alex and Lena would be such good friends! I hope we get to see them hanging out next season!

She’s been over for dinner so many times it should come naturally to her by now.

But she’s intimidated by the woman who’s life she saved – the woman who saved her life – the woman her girlfriend looks up to more than anyone in the galaxy.

So Lena still trembles a little bit when she knocks on Alex’s door for their weekly double-dinner date.

Alex tugs the door open, gesturing Lena inside with an irritated look on her face and her phone stuck between her cheek and her shoulder. 

Maggie nods at Lena from the kitchen and offers her a small smile, but her face is so grim it comes off more like a grimace.

“It’s not you,” she whispers as Lena crosses into the kitchen, looking worriedly at Alex, wishing Kara was home, too.

“Yes, I’m letting it heal properly, Mom. They got me out before any permanent damage to my – no! No, I don’t need to come home to Midvale, I’m a grown woman, I – it’s my job, Mom, I was protecting Kara, I was – “

“Eliza?” Lena asks Maggie softly as she automatically starts helping her with plates, with napkins, with silverware.

Maggie nods grimly, one eye on her stirfry and the other on her girlfriend.

Her phone chimes and she jumps, and she swears.

“Shit, Lena, it’s work, I – it shouldn’t take long, but do you mind watching the dinner – and, uh, Alex – until I get back?”

“Not at all, go. It’s work, Alex and Kara will understand.”

Maggie grimaces gratefully and gestures an explanation to Alex, who nods distractedly, still walking the line between fighting with her mother and accepting that she’s something that resembles worried about her.

Lena watches Alex pace the apartment quietly while she finishes Maggie’s cooking, poking at red peppers here and there to test their texture, their taste.

She feels oddly gratified – and immensely moved – that Alex doesn’t feel the need to take the conversation into another room. A more private room.

A room away from Lena.

She hangs up with begrudging but real words of love, and she heaves a long, unsteady sigh before turning to Lena.

“Sorry about that, I just – “

“Your mother?” Lena asks softly, because they’ve had this conversation before. 

Because their relationship began over Kara, and evolved over science, over heroism.

And deepened over their mothers.

Lena pours Alex a large glass of wine, shrugs slightly, and takes one for herself. She turns off the burners – Maggie’s better at this sort of thing, anyway – and follows Alex to the couch.

“She gets it, now. A little. I think it really got to her that I was scared to come out to her. I think that really hit her, like if I didn’t know she’d still love me, she must’ve done something wrong, you know?”

Lena nods, silent. Watching. Understanding.

“So it’s gotten a bit better. But then my dad, and then that…” She shudders, and Lena knows what’s coming, and she represses her own shudder. “Then that tank. But at least she cares, right?” Alex shakes her head and heaves a sigh. “Mothers, huh?”

Lena smiles softly and clinks her glass to Alex’s. 

“You know when I was away at boarding school, she never wrote to me. Not once, not to see how I was, not… she would come, of course, on parents’ weekends, but more to check up on me, to show off how clever her daughter is. All about appearances.” 

Lena nearly sneers before raising her eyebrows, sipping her wine, and wishing, for a moment, for something harder. “She’s always wanted me to be Lex. Even though I can’t possibly be him. Just like you can’t possibly be Kara. But I wouldn’t want you to be. The world needs Alex Danvers.”

Alex scoffs slightly. 

“Yeah, because Kara Danvers needs me.”

“She does, yes. But so do your friends.” Lena waits for Alex to meet her eyes, burning and intense and sincere. “You’re important, Alex. And your father, that tank… none of that was your fault.”

Alex sighs and grins slightly. “You know you’re pretty sweet. For a Luthor,” she teases, nudging her slightly with her shoulder, and Lena laughs, her heart light at the idea of Alex utterly not meaning her joke. 

Neither of them notice when Kara and Maggie slip back into the apartment, too busy swapping stories of thirteen-year-old crushes and first times and mothers’ disapproval.

“I think your girlfriend and my girlfriend are friends,” Kara muses, beaming, and Maggie watches Alex laugh with tears in her eyes.

“It might be a dangerous combination. Not sure the world’s ready for it.”

Kara’s smile broadens at Maggie’s words. “Yeah. We should definitely come with a warning.”

Snippet: Yugi fights back against his father

Sooo, I’ve been reaeding a book about toxic parents (why would I do that? Pfff….) and then I felt the need to put this together. I named Yugi’s mom Yuka because I can. TW for emotional family fights, I guess?

Takes place some time around DSOD. Includes mentions of puzzleshipping.


Yugi entered the kitchen. His mother was standing at the stove, stirring the steaming contents of a pot.

“I’m home”, he said, causing her to flinch.

“Ah, welcome. Can you set the table please?”, she said over her shoulder. Her voice was shaky.

“Sure. You okay?”, Yugi said, took off his backpack and placed it in a corner.

“Yeah, I’m fine”, his mother said and reached for the pepper shaker but almost knocked it off the surface.

“Where’s grandpa?”, Yugi said, approached the cupboard and opened it. Usually this was his grandfather’s task.

“He decided to eat in town tonight”, his mother said. Yugi furrowed his brows as he took three bowls out.

“Why would he-”

“Yuka, where’s the remote?”, a voice said that almost made Yugi drop the dishes. His father entered the kitchen, his tie loose and the first two buttons of his white shirt open. He glanced at Yugi. “Oh, hello boy.”

Yugi’s body tensed up. They hadn’t seen each other in four months and he acted as if it had been half a day!

“Yuka, where’s the remote?”, his father said again in an annoyed tone, as if it was his family’s duty to keep everything he wanted within his reach.

“On the small table with the telephone, as always”, she said with a nervous smile.

“Uh…right”, he said and returned to the living room.

“Hell no!”, Yugi said and placed the bowls on the table with a clanking sound. He grabbed his backpack and headed for the door. “I’m off to Otogi’s. I’ll be back after school tomorrow! So that’s why grandpa-”

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Across the Divide

TITLE: Across The Divide


AUTHOR: wolfpawn

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki sneaking out of the palace as a youth to see the city and countryside, while out one day, he accidentally gets in trouble for something, but a young girl deals with the situation, allowing him to be left alone and his true identity be kept secret. She is a poor girl who is only in the city to sell goods with her father, so she does not realise it is Loki, even though she sees his face. They form a friendship as she shows him around the city, and tells him the date she comes to the city every month for a particular market.

RATING: Teen and Up 

Ariella stood at the door of her home, she thought at most, the bag was going to contain a piece of silver or two, at most, and a few bronzes, but it was all silver, she looked at them all, there was at least ten, but to her shame, she could not count any higher. She only knew to ten by fluke from listening to people. How could she ever explain that to her father and mother how he ever came to possess them. She thought of how he had acted in front of Fandral, she was embarrassed, certain the young high-born would never want to see her again because of his behaviour.

“Where are you?” She turned around and closed the door, both of her parents glaring at her. “Get your head out of the clouds girl.”

“Sorry, mother.” She looked to the floor.

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