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Here are their matching glasses:

But wait, because look:



“Not another movie, Niall,” Harry sighs. The skin over his cheeks feels matte with boredom when he drags a hand across his face, and his hair has gone static where Niall’s fingers have spelled out adoration against his scalp. Fucking winter. “We’ve not left the bunk for hours, we’ll probably stick to the sheets when we finally get to a hotel.”

Niall tilts his head and lets his lips form a matching, crooked smile as he shuts the laptop and pushes it out to the floor of the aisle. “Well, what do you want to do?

“You,” Harry says without consideration. It’s not something to think about – it’s as undeniable as the drop of his stomach in reaction to Niall’s widened eyes, and he knows that he wants to shock Niall with blunt declarations for the rest of his life. “I want to do you.”

Niall snorts to shake himself back on track, suddenly a glowing ember with the way his eyes shine under Harry’s attention. “’Cause that’ll keep us from sticking to the sheets, sure.”

The amusement on Niall’s lips has a way of crawling its way beneath Harry’s skin, brushing up against the veins in his wrists to make his hands grasp for whichever part of Niall is the closest. He’s never been so hooked on someone’s happiness before, but he’s never really been so determined to be the cause of it either. He thinks he’s onto something special, here. An exchange of something great as Niall leans in to press that amusement to Harry’s mouth, always so ready to indulge him.

“Do me, then,” he mutters, smiling, working his hands around Harry’s body to bring him even closer. “Do whatever you want.”

I’ve been seeing a lot of posts on my dash lately about the lack of H/L interaction on stage and I wanted to share my thoughts. 

Leading up to the OTRA Santa Clara concert I posted some pictures of the stage being set up, amongst other things (x).  

One of the pictures I posted was of the setlist from the San Diego concert (the same setlist was used for the Santa Clara show).

On the right side of the setlist, you can see the plan for when to use the lasers/streamers. The left side shows the plan for when it’s 1D’s turn to talk. 

The plan is for Harry to address the crowd a total of five times (four of which are solo), and for Liam to talk five times (only two of which are solo). Louis talks four times either with Niall or Liam, and Niall only talks three times; once with Louis, once with Liam, and once by himself.

Just by looking at the setlist you can see the very obvious ot3 vs. harry separation. There really isn’t any planned time for Harry to interact with his bandmates. Most of the interaction between ot3 happens in between songs, often only between the two people who are supposed to be talking. The concerts don’t allow for much interaction outside of that. 

So, really, until the setlist is changed for Harry and Louis to introduce a song together, I don’t expect to see much more than what we’re already seeing now (small exchanges and glances). The song list has been changed since the Santa Clara show, but from what I’ve seen, the plan for introducing songs has not. If that plan does change this tour, it will probably be after one of the breaks they have. 


LAUGHING SO HARD OMG HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH Larry shippers need to chill ! Do you even know how many pictures HARRY posted of niall ? Like the topless one a few months ago or the vines ??? Or Harry’s obsession with niall in general ??
​how can you say Larry is real even though they denied it hundred times and see how Harry loses his chill around niall ??


30 important pictures of Narry

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Your tags on the narry post hurt. Now I want a fic because narry ;___;

  “… Cause I got my pride; I’m not gonna cry… there won’t be no tears falling from these eyes…”

  Harry followed the sound of Niall’s singing, padding down the hallway silently as he listened to the clatter of pots and pans being shuffled about. Rounding the corner, he peeked into the tiny kitchen, watching the slim figure of his boyfriend meandering about the cramped, tiled room. Sunlight was streaming through the singular window located above the sink, highlighting Niall perfectly as he hummed quietly, and Harry felt a small smile tug at the corner of his lips as the blond began preparing their breakfast.

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Dressing like 1D in ‘Four’ shoot. 

Harry is a bit improvised cos well, those tassels and tan boots and unusual rings and sheer floral shirt with titties out are just too much ‘him’ to pass the opportunity lol. Louis’ shoes and Liam’s scarf are also improvised.. and also couldn’t help but use that shirt for Niall haha ;). But overall I think I managed to use my wardrobe to create the general aesthetic of each boy quite well :D. And I think the Liam one is my fave! (Also damn I need to switch up my posing… 🙈)

Thanks to myfrogsonharold for photos and ideas <3