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My rocky road through recruitment sorority story:

{author's disclaimer: I am not trying to put down any sorority with this story. Everyone has different opinions, and my opinions on certain sororities are my own, not everyone else’s. Chapter names are used primarily for better understanding of my rush experience!}

From day one at Duquesne University, I wanted to be a Delta Zeta.  I wanted to wear pink and green, their wing (we don’t have houses, just wings in a dorm building) was newly renovated and decorated beautifully, all of the girls in DZ were pretty, and it seemed like every guy loved them.  When I began recruitment, I knew two things: DZ was my top, and Alpha Phi was my bottom.  I honestly don’t know why.  Probably for the same silly reasons I liked DZ.  Bordeaux and silver didn’t strike me as the most wonderful color combination, their wing had yet to be renovated so it was dark and older, and I had never heard anybody gush over how cool the Alpha Phis were.  So I went through the first night of recruitment with my closed-minded attitude.  I convinced myself that I loved DZ, and I convinced myself that I hated Alpha Phi.  Despite being forced to look at the ZTA scrapbook for 20 minutes because nobody wanted to talk to me there, I ranked Alpha Phi the lowest, even though my experience there wasn’t as bad as with Zeta.  I knew what I wanted, and I knew what I didn’t want, and I wasn’t going to let myself think otherwise.  

Despite ranking APhi lowest, I was invited back the next day.  I also was invited back to DZ, so I went into their room eager to meet more girls, smiling ear to ear, and I went into the Alpha Phi room and counted down the seconds.  Ranking for that night came and like the night before, DZ was on top, Alpha Phi was on the bottom.  But the next day when my Pi Chis gave me my schedule for where I was visiting, DZ wasn’t on there, but Alpha Phi was.  I burst into tears and asked my Pi Chis what I had done wrong.  Why didn’t DZ want me anymore, and what did Alpha Phi see in me that they kept bringing me back?  That day, as I was lined up for Alpha Phi, I looked longingly at the line of DZ girls, but then I realized that the girls who were in line for DZ weren’t girls I could see myself being friends with.  That’s when I realized that I didn’t like DZ as much as I thought I did.  I liked them for their colors and the silly reasons I had made up in my head before I even started to really get to know them through recruitment.  I had convinced myself that I could see myself being best friends with the girls I was talking to, but now that I thought about it, I knew I didn’t fit in.  I went into recruitment thinking I could convince these girls that I was somebody I wasn’t and thankfully they saw through it!

That day, I went into my remaining sororities and came out with a new favorite.  But it wasn’t Alpha Phi.  Despite my new personal revelation, I still wasn’t breaking down the wall I had built between me and Alpha Phi.  I went in and ranked them lowest for the third night in a row.  I went back for pref round and looked at my schedule to see two sororities, one of them being Alpha Phi.

My Pi Chis had told my group that everything can change during pref round.  I’m going to be honest, the Alpha Phi ceremony was beautiful.  I cried through most of it because the girls were so open, and I could tell they all loved Alpha Phi and each other so much.  But still, when I ranked that day, Alpha Phi went second.  This time though, I went back to my room and instead of complaining to my roommate about how I couldn’t get rid of Alpha Phi and how bad my experience was, I told her “No matter what, I’m going to be either happy, or really happy”.  I was happy with the two sororities that invited me to their preference ceremony, and even though I had my top choice, I would be Ok with either one.

On bid night I went to get my bid.  I had spent all day praying that I would get AST, my top choice.  When I was given my bid card, my name was written on the front of the envelope in green, one of AST’s colors. I tore it open, thinking I had got the AST bid that I wanted.  I pulled the card out of the envelope and saw the Alpha Phi crest staring back at me.  I was disappointed, but I had promised myself I would give it a shot.  After all, there were many girls who didn’t get bids at all, and after everything I had been through with rush week, I was grateful to just have a sorority want me.  I forced a smile as I put on my Alpha Phi bid night shirt and sat with the girls at the Alpha Phi table, talked with them about how excited we were and how their rush experience went. Sitting at that table, I looked around and realized there was no other table I wanted to be at.  I couldn’t see myself with any other pledge class but the one I was in.  That night, I ran down our ballroom steps to a screaming crowd of Alpha Phis chanting my name, holding signs with my name on it, and showering me with Phi bears and love.  

Last week I was officially initiated into Alpha Phi Epsilon Iota chapter, and I couldn’t be happier.  I can’t see myself in any other sorority, especially more former #1 pick.  All of the sororities are great, but APhi is definitely the one for me. Every day, I thank myself for trusting the system like my Pi Chis told me to.  Pledging Alpha Phi is the best decision I ever made in my life, and I can’t imagine having made any other decision.  I make it a point to tell my story as much as possible, which is why I’ve submitted it to sorority sugar because I believe it has such an important lesson.  Keep an open mind during recruitment and be yourself.  Trust what happens, and you will end up in the best place for you!!

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