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I came walking with the wind to watch the cactus bloom. 🌺 

HBO Warmas → Day 18/25: Disney AU

Eugene Roe as Tiana

“Mama, I don’t have time for dancin’, that’s just gonna have to wait a while.”

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hiya hope! i'm in a bit of a predicament. i've been developing a story & characters for a long time and always saw myself as turning it into a graphic novel but as much as i love comics, i don't love drawing them that much. :( maybe i will grow to enjoy it more as i practice, but its difficult because i love storytelling and drawing and the medium as a whole but sometimes i stress wondering if this is the wrong route for me.

i had this same problem anon, i had so much stories i wanted to tell so bad in middle and highschool but when i’d try to draw comics, i just didn’t enjoy it as much. in college though i ended up taking a graphic novel class and for whatever reason, i dont even really know why but it clicked in there. it might have been that we looked a lot at how there are so many ways to do comics. you don’t have to do it the typical way, you can make it suit for you in a way that you enjoy conveying storytelling. 

something that made me enjoy it was instead of thinking of it as a whole (which can be intimidating), i think of each panel as its own illustration. something i prior didnt like about comics was that i felt like i never got that satisfaction of a fully completed piece, a comic inevitably usually continues..so theres always more to think about, if that makes sense. when i changed my thinking to treat them like mini pieces within each panel, i enjoyed myself more. there may be another page yes, but this page is completed. all these mini pieces are done. 

i suppose that situation is more specific to me, but if there is a way you can make it work for you instead of working against your usual techniques…it can be fun. experimentation would be a great way..challenge yourself to do a daily strip about anything, play up with how u illustrate it, how the narrative works, heck how even the composition is…doesn’t have to be boxes. u know how sometimes i draw those ‘doodle clusters’? theres no boxes or anything, but i like to think of those as comics in their own way. (altho of course, they are difficult for a reader to piece together haha so i only really do those for personal fun. but that is an example of how it doesnt have to be the conventional comic form to tell a story) 


gif/graphic tag game: favorite dw female character + favorite outfit (tagged by cooltennant)
↳ tagging: rundalek and anniviech


Sekai (ik u love it ;) ) Lineart (ik i’m a little too obsessed with lineart) for ch-e-nyeol

Who’s the birthday girl? I think her name is uhh Ma-Mu-Me- oh right Michelle! Thank you for creating the awesome xiuhunet where I met my fab fam! If you ever have time you should create more graphics urs are really pretty ^^ Even though you talk with caps on 90% of the time its really fun getting to know u on the net chat! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! one year closer to ur grave! jkjk i need to stop omfg ;;

hello its me! yes so i am back with my second follow forever :’) i actually wanted to do this but i got my goal of 400 but now this post is to thank all the 500 followers that i have now :’) thankyou everyone for following me even though i don’t edit and gif things well and often ٩ʕ•͡וʔ۶ i am really surprised that i actually got to 500 ;; I LOVE U ALL SO MUCH 

thankyou for always blessing my dash with amazing and top quality posts of svt ((all of you can edit so well i am such trash for your edits tbh)) i really never once regretted stepping into this fandom or should i slipped into it so i am so thankful that i met all of you ʕっ•ᴥ•ʔっ 

also, thankyou @snapbackhoshi for this amazing graphic for my ff! look its mingyu being so cute!!!!!!!!!!1 love u tin (‘∀’●)

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When I Get Home

‘When I Get Home’- The Beatles

Fandom/s: Supernatural

Warning/s: None really, though I suggest if you’re uncomfortable with the military or the war going on in Iraq (I think that’s phrased wrong because I really hope everyone’s uncomfortable with the war, but you know what I mean) then I suggest you don’t read. Also, don’t even bother trying to chronologicalise the events because its not all that canon-compliant (well, it is, just not with times and events and dates and shit)

Rating: Pfft, Teen and Up, there’s really nothing graphic in here

Pairing/s: Dean x Reader, BrOTP with Sam and Cas

Prompt: ’Hiya I was wondering if you could do a deanxreader where she is an army sniper coming home to team free will after her first tour in Iraq for 8 months and fluffy dean moments and bestie moments with Sam and Cas this would be great thanks love your blog’- shadowhunter600

Summary: Basically the prompt: the reader is just returning home to the brothers and Castiel after an eight month tour of Iraq as an Army Sniper. Lots of fluffy Dean x Reader bits and some lovely little BrOTP moments with Sam and Cas

Words: 995 (Yeah, its short, don’t judge me)


“Thanks,” you smiled at the taxi driver, before clambering out of the yellow cab and around to the boot, where you hauled out your suitcases. “Keep the change.”

Turning to face the bunker, you took a deep breath and a wide, fond smile spread across your lips.

You were home.

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