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HBO Warmas → Day 18/25: Disney AU

Eugene Roe as Tiana

“Mama, I don’t have time for dancin’, that’s just gonna have to wait a while.”


Request: Requested by @neverabandonthejeep: One shot pls :) where some other guy at school is trying to hit on you and stiles gets really mad and picks a fight with them even though he knows he’s gonna lose thanks 😘.

Pairing: Stiles Stilinski x Reader.

Warnings: Violence, language, and mentions of blood (not too graphic though).

Fandom: Teen Wolf.

A/N: Sorry this took me so long to post and forgive if it’s bad, I had a serious writer block till now. Also I changed the request a little bit, hope you don’t mind.

(Not my gif, credit to its owner).

The lacrosse team dressing room was packed. There were boys showering, others changing to head out of the school and others were talking about who knows what.

Stiles and Scott were discussing quietly some supernatural issues while gathering their things to finally go home. Everything was fine until Andrew Jones, one of the team Golden Boys and full-time jerk entered the room.

“Damn it, how can someone with just their presence bother everyone’s existence,” Stiles grunted at the sight of Andrew laughing with his gang of brainless friends. Scott turned his head a little to catch what his friend was observing.

“I don’t know why you hate him so much, I mean yeah, he’s a complete idiot but apart from that, he has never done something bad to you,” Stiles let out a fake chuckle to put on a serious face after. “You, my friend are too good to see that he is a complete asshole with a ridiculous personality, and don’t for-” Scott’s laugh interrupted his best friend rambling. To say the Stilinski boy didn’t like Andrew was an understatement, but this whole exposition of reasons just lead to one main argument: Jones had a thing for you, Stiles girlfriend.

“Are you sure, this has nothing to be with the fact that Andrew likes (Y/N)?”

“Maaaybeee, but after all he’s insufferable,” The two mates felt silent as they stared at the boy in question getting closer to them with his group of friends.

“Look what we have here, the athlete and his loser best friend,” Andrew commented earning a killer glare from Stiles and an eye roll from Scott.

“What do you want, Jones?” Stiles fumed, he honestly didn’t have time for this or anything that involved Andrew Jones.

“Nothing, really. Annoying you just gives me satisfaction,” Scott scoffed, this asshole was being beyond ridiculous and yes, he understood why his best friend hated him.

“Oh yeah? You know what causes me satisfaction? Not facing jerks like you who can’t even understand a proper phrase” And with that Stiles turned around to leave, followed by Scott.

“Alright Stilinski, leave but please say hi to (Y/N) for me and don’t forget to mention that I wish I could see that body of hers,” Oh no, that went way too far. Nobody made that kind of comments about you, not if he was there. His body shifted so now he could face the jerk in front of him.

“What did you say little fucker?” Stiles voice came out low and threatening and his eyes were blind by the anger. The smirk Andrew had just got bigger at this reaction.

“I said, that I wish to see your girl in all her magnificence,” That was it. Stiles curled his hands into fists and punched Andrew with a strength he didn’t even know he had. The boy fell from the force, and everyone looked at Stiles amazed; usually he would attack someone verbally, he never punched and kicked his way out of situations, but this time something really took him to the limit.

“Son of a bitch!” Andrew shouted; now the big bad guy was angry. This wasn’t going to end well. Rapidly recomposing himself from the blow, he pushed Stiles making him fall and started to punch him repeatedly. The blood was starting to drip from Stiles‘ nose and he was sure that his face would be dark purple in certain places.

“What the hell is happening here?” Someone gasped, all the boys in the room getting out of their daze to see a feminine figure standing shocked at the view of the other two guys wrestling on the floor.

“Scott! Do something!” You shouted, was he really watching his friend being beaten and doing nothing to stop it?

“Shit! Right,” The werewolf used his muscles to throw Andrew to the other side of the room, probably leaving him unconscious, and his group of friends flew off after witnessing Scott’s strength.

“My gosh, Stiles!” The boy tried to sit straight but his body was in pain, you rushed to his side and helped him. There were bruises starting to form in his beautiful skin and his nose was bleeding, that sure hurt.

“I’m fine (Y/N). It’s alright,” The comment didn’t make things better, this situation was not fine at all.

“No, it’s not alright you dumbass. What were you thinking? I mean look at you!” You stressed. He stared at your face that even with a frown of worry looked beautiful. By now, Scott was helping you to put him on his feet so you could go to the infirmary.

“(Y/N). Love. Calm down, please. It doesn’t hurt because it was for a good reason” Stiles half smiled at you, but hell, you were angry at him for getting himself in this situations.

“And what was that good reason?” You asked, scanning his features.

“I was defending you. He was saying bad things about you. And I-” He was interrupted by the feeling of your hand on his sore cheek.

“Look Stilinski, I love that you wanted to stand up for me, but a bump fight isn’t the solution,” And it was true, you’d rather being called things that watching him get severely hurt.

“She’s right man” Scott agreed with you. Stiles smiled lightly, knowing you cared deeply about him.

“Okay, Okay. Now, you two fools take me to the infirmary. This hurts like hell” You and his werewolf friend laughed at his sass.

“Alright, princess” You responded jokingly.

Book Review: THE DARK PROPHECY by Rick Riordan (The Trials of Apollo #2)

There are no spoilers until you press ‘Keep Reading’. 

Apollo’s life as a mortal is a little tough when his closest friend (and unfortunately, his supreme master) has been instructed to kill him. The elusive Meg McCaffrey is on a deadly quest ordained by her brainwashing stepfather and abuser, the risen Roman emperor Nero. Meanwhile, Apollo runs into the danger to find her again, accompanied by Leo Valdez, the now-mortal Calypso, and a faulty bronze dragon. 

When they arrive in the heart of the American midwest, their problems really begin. Invited into the mysterious Waystation, a magical house with rooms as shifty and unpredictable as their creator, the trio finds a new home with Josephine and Emmie, two former Hunters of Artemis. Their daughter became insane and went missing after the rise of the second Roman emperor. A looming, dark cave of prophecy might have the answers they need to save the Waystation and themselves (and might just help Apollo finish up his mortal-time and return to godhood), but that’s only if they don’t go insane first.

And when the second emperor of the evil Triumvirate is Apollo’s ex-boyfriend? Yeah. They’re in quite the unfortunate situation.

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Legion of Doom Len gets his hands on the Flash. Barry tries to appeal to a man that doesn't know him to remember a relationship that hasn't happened yet.

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'Wind River' proves that indie filmmakers deserve more recognition.

Wind River tells the true story of an FBI agent who tens with a town’s veteran game tracker to investigate a murder that occurred on a Native American reservation.

A big thank you to the likes of actor, writer, and now director Taylor Sheridan for having two successful scripts with female leads that don’t have sex as a major part of the story. It’s hard, nowadays, to find films and television shows that aren’t stained with this in graphic detail. Even though the film is centred around a rape of a young Native American woman, it doesn’t show the gruesomeness in its full extent.

Wind River takes us into rural America, far away from the world and cities that we’ve become used to seeing on the big screen. Those in rural Wyoming are tough and there’s no mucking around, really showing characters at the edge of darkness. The exhaustiveness of the city doesn’t reach here but it doesn’t mean these people are simple whatsoever – there’s more richness and complexity than the fake attitude and deceitfulness that may come with the supposed “high life” that we’re conditioned to aspire to, though it’s nothing but an empty shell of what it presents itself to be. People here work hard and have been through much, causing their bitter and resentful attitude’s to stir.

It’s really a shame that this film isn’t as widely recognised as Sheridan’s previous work in Hell Or High Water starring Chris Pine, Jeff Bridges, and Ben Foster that was released at the end of last year or even Sicario with Emily Blunt, Benicio Del Toro, and Josh Brolin from 2015. It’s a film worth searching for to see at the cinemas as he’s tension and subtitles make him one of the best filmmakers of our time. There’s something about Sheridan’s films that are just so profound and thrilling as he brings to life an array of diversity in his gripping stories.

What’s disappointing is what it’s such a shame that those like Sheridan and even Jeff Nichols (MudTake ShelterMidnight Special) are overpowered by the bloated, over glorified filmmakers saturating the market today. Hollywood, however, will always look at the ticket sales instead of the work being produced, making it harder for those like Sheridan and Nichols to get their films made and released into the world.

Wind River is a complex and cleverly written thriller that starts out as a typical ‘whodunnit’ but becomes so much more than that. It’s about retribution and the clash between the outsider’s and locals, between the whites and natives, as a level of frustration arises from this murder investigation that brings up all these kinds of cultural suspicions.

In many ways, Elizabeth Olsen proves herself to be a formidable actress and the better actress of the Olsen family. She’s a character out of her element but this could also be a very good vantage point for us to see through. She’s supported by Jeremy Renner, who’s a man of few words but his actions definitely mean more than the little words he speaks. Their dynamic is not something like that of an odd-duo, it’s more the both of them trying to prove themselves in their environments.

It’s been a long time since we had a thriller that was as good as this.

Film-O-Meter: 9/10.

EDIT: It’s been brought to my attention that I’ve used a poster from sgposters and I’d like to credit her as such. Thanks to those who told me otherwise I wouldn’t have know! It wasn’t my intention to steal anyone’s work – when I was searching for the poster on Google images, it was the best one I found so a huge thank you to sgposters for the poster for this review!

*years later*

this looks like shit but i sort of like it (but also not??) 


this is for @ilovechickensofttacos and her fic Brave new World. Its really amazing, you should check it out. 

also, this is fairly inaccurate because i don’t think the landscape looks like this but

it’s almost 3 AM and i have work tomorrow morning. 

p.s: I hope you like it even though it’s shitty

I’m doing Goretober this year!
Most of it will also be inked so it’s kind-of-inktober-but-not-really because I want to use multiple mediums and overall improve. Feel free to use my prompt list as well, you can tag my url, I track the tags for both my main and art blog.

Nothing will be super-duper realistically graphic, but some kinda graphic stuff may find its way on the list, so watch out, even though I’ll be tagging everything appropriately.

Happy Halloween!

hello pls ignore the terrible picture lol graphic design is Not my passion. but anyways, i hit my first hundred followers on this blog so i figured i may as well do a ff! i’ve met some really great people ever since i got into kpop and made this blog! even though i’ve only had it since may, i’ve come to really treasure the friendships i’ve made and i also really appreciate every single one of my mutuals, whether they’ve been following me since the beginning or if they’re brand new!

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Ooh! How about Jack freaking out when Rhys is in labor, like 'We need to get you to the hospital immediately!' And Rhys, totally chill, is like, 'the contractions are super far apart and I'm covered in amniotic fluid, I am taking a shower first.'

hahaha i actually love this idea. mostly because i love anything where jack loses his cool

under a cut since its dealing with a lil more graphic things (though not really that much)

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1000 Picspams Challenge | #4 - Panmund (for @captainsuhura​)

I say I wanna settle down
Build your hopes up like a tower
I’m giving you the run around
I’m just a lost boy
Not ready to be found
Not ready to be found
I’m just a lost boy
Not ready to be found

I’m not sure why 13 Reasons Why is getting all this heat. I don’t think it glorifies suicide at all, I think what it does is show that suicide is REAL, and there are no take-backsies. Maybe recording tapes and handing them out to people and threatening them with it is not a noble thing to do, but it IS fiction you guys. The reason 13 reasons why is the way it is, is to show how people “just protecting themselves” protecting their reputations, their good name, and throwing others under the bus while doing it can affect others dramatically. The show really tried to portray that its not too late to help others even if it was too late to help that person.
Growing up is really hard, teenage brains are not fully developed like adult brains, so all the pain they feel is so much more excruciating and dramatic then what it would feel like if you were 25.
The point is to recognize signs of people who are in danger of suicide, and reach out to them, even though its uncomfortable. Because one moment of protecting yourself, could be the moment that person decides its not worth it anymore.

The show IS graphic, they showed rape and suicide, and I was very surprised, but I watched their special features video and they explained why they did it that way, and it makes sense. And before any of you say “its triggering as fuck”– yes, you are right. It IS triggering. But they put warnings up before the episode even begins. They always do!
For those who aren’t triggered, they feel the pain and suffering the characters are going through, and its incredibly uncomfortable, but its SUPPOSED to be. Not showing it would downplay what happens to teenagers and young adults on a daily basis.

I read the book 5 or 6 years ago and its different from the show, but the way the did the show was good. It was very good, it offered something the book didn’t– which was making all the kids aware of how their actions could affect another person.

Even Clay, who is wonderful and pure (personal opinion), realized how by standing to the side he let Hannah die. I relate to Clay very much, and I did get mad at my friends when they told me they were suicidal, I didnt know! I was young! Young people are not supposed to have it figured out. And all I knew was that I would be devastated if they had made that choice. I thought they being selfish, but it turns out I was being selfish for not realizing how much they were suffering and that by telling me they were suicidal they were reaching out for help.

13 Reasons Why is a very important story to tell. And not everyone will understand its reasoning, but its supposed to spread awareness. Not glorify suicide.

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19, 38, 22. Just out of curiosity 😛

  • 19: A fact about your personality

i’m terrible at interacting with people and i wish i could change but its just who i am, so i feel like i’ve been set up to live the loneliest life possible from the day i was born because i have exactly one (1) friend, and i don’t even talk to them that often because i’m an expendable and forgettable piece of shit that adds nothing to anyone’s life and i always will be.


  • 38: My childhood career choice

i wanted to write fantasy/adventure novels. that hasn’t really changed though? just instead of writing a book, i want to make a graphic novel and collaborate with another writer because my skills in that area are lacking.

  • 22: What I want to be when I get older

i really really REALLY want to do character design for cartoons or even video-games! that would be a dream come true! i’d also like to do story-boarding in animation too~

I came walking with the wind to watch the cactus bloom. 🌺 

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Have you ever read the Mercy Thompson Series by Patricia Briggs? Shapeshifters, werewolves, fae, vamps. Fun times. 
I need to finish the series, but what I’ve read so far was really good.
It is an adult series though, so it gets kinda dark in spots. 

To walk through snow - Illidria - Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood & Manga [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood & Manga, Fullmetal Alchemist - All Media Types
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence
Relationships: Olivier Mira Armstrong/Buccaneer
Characters: Olivier Mira Armstrong, Miles (Fullmetal Alchemist), Buccaneer (Fullmetal Alchemist)
Additional Tags: Torture, Abuse, Angst

General Armstrong imprisoned by drachman forces is a scenario no one in Amestris wanted to think about. Not even when it happend.

Dear @inkuisitivskins

here it is, the next one, way too long for its own good.

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