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Do you know how Mafumafu and Soraru met each other and how they became close? Sometime ago on your twitter you mentioned that even before Mafumafu became close with Soraru he was still a really big fan of him and would always fanboy and tweet about his covers in the past???

Yes that’s right!! Years ago when Mafu was still a beginning/growing utaite he was a big Soraru fan, and would excitedly retweet his covers with captions like “this is so good!!! I have goosebumps!!” and “I’ve listened 3 times nonstop already,” stuff that’s, well, typical for a fan :P I also recall something like “I have a cold but listening to soraru-san’s covers will heal me” (don’t quote me on that but I think it was something like that ww)
Somewhere along the way as Mafu got more popular, I think he had an opportunity to meet Soraru and get to talk to him through mutual friends or something like that? From there I think they hit it off and became friends, and I’m sure once they really became acquainted, Mafu would never let them grow out of touch www (I mean how amazing would it be to get to start talking to one of your fave utaite who you really respect?? :O)
And now, well, everyone can see what close friends they’ve become. Mafumafu told a story in a nama last night about a time Soraru really went above and beyond to help Mafu get through a bad experience that he couldn’t get through on his own, and you could hear him getting choked up as he talked about it ;;;; it seriously has to be some kind of miracle or something that they were able to become such close, important friends when you consider their different personalities and how they started!! (sorry I used your ask as an opportunity to talk about what I’ve been thinking about all day ww)


Eddie Vedder’s Voicemail

“This is a voicemail Eddie Vedder left on my friend’s answering machine in June of 1994. When Eddie mentions "enjoying life in a time when life could have brought us down” he’s referring to them all mourning & getting over the death of his friend Kurt Cobain, who died two months before this was recorded. The picture of Vedder I used in the video is a never before seen image of the rockstar taken by my friend with a disposable camera that same summer.“