even though its crap

Dark Kise: “Who says I’ve gone soft?”   ↳ Dedicated to Annie-chan

I may or may not be working on a vamp chron OC-centred fic which has a working title of ‘Hobo Fangs’ and I think that explains it all

ga + tropes } Natsume Hyuuga

Happy birthday, Natsume!

based on the “ who wears the “if found, please return to [name]” shirt and who wears the “i am [name]” shirt” question

kiryuins get first dibs on everything sorry loser matoi

Ok, so let me clear something up. Now, i havent seen tons of posts shipping maggie/rick. Ive seen a couple, but they have been removed (probs due to richonners lol) so theres almost none now on tumblr. Im sure theres some on facebook and youtube. People are missing my point in my earlier post. These anti richonne people have been literally shipping rick with any white person around. Whether it be jessick, rickyl (that ones been around for awhile so thats no big issue for the most part), jesus and rick, that redhead savior paula, even lori, even though shes dead and their marriage was crap, and its tiring. The issue is that they completely disregard michonne, her feelings and character, and that is not okay. Not to mention they totally ignore ricks feelings and character as well. Keep in mind that this is coming from a white southerner. Racism is still very very strong and present in our country, and it hurts to see my fellow people be such stupid racist asshats. Rick loves michonne, michonne loves rick. End of story. Glenn and maggie have been happy together since season 2. Stop erasing peoples feelings just because of your hurt feelings. Thank you.

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Really want to dye my hair back to its normal rainbow state, but I’m so apathetic since it’s annoyingly bleached to white and takes more time; plus I’ve been moping about my last exam grade from Thursday 😵😩😢😭

Even w/ only 36 hours to study, my lab mates still asked me on exam day why I hadn’t dyed it yet, though the day b4 was a chaotic, all-day/night/next morning cram. Rude; how could I put at least 6 colors in my hair??

Grades >> hair when I’ve only 1 day to study for pre-med credits, ugh 😡💇😧🔬

I have class tomorrow and too many other things 2 do, but I’m sick of these people ugh