even though it's still like three months away

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I just read Bella's Harpers Baazar interview and I loved it! So cute that she calls Oliver her god sister. She said that her and Olivia lived together for 2 years,and then she wasn't like "I just moved in to my apartment" I didn't think she moved? Thought that was confusing?

Yeah, I think it’s sweet, too. I didn’t even know until a couple months ago that Yolanda was Olivia’s god mother. She lived with Leah first when she moved to NYC but I think its been two years with just Olivia at this point. Back in September they moved into a new apartment together (though it’s literally like a block away from the old one lol) which is what Bella meant, they very much still live in the same apartment. Bella doesn’t seem interested in living alone, imo. It doesn’t make sense for her. I did the math like two or three months ago but she only spends like 45% of her time in NYC because she travels so much, it doesn’t really make sense for her to have her own place.