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Ngl, getting sick and tired of that side of the fandom that freak out every time Clarke or Bellamy interact with literally anyone else 😒


12/25 Happy Birthday Hiiragi Shinoa ! ! !
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Being liked by unlikeable animals
Singing along to songs I’ve never heard
Finding perfectly ripe tomatoes
Tripping on flat surfaces
Kissing goodbye out of too many mouths
before anyone knows that it’s over
Second guessing my own happiness
Never coming back.
—  A SMALL LIST by Ashe Vernon (11/30)
All I Want - Shadowhunters (Alec Lightwood)

Pairing: Alec x Male!reader (finally!)

Requested by: Anonymous

Request: hey love your writing could you do an alec x male reader imagine, where they’re both on a hunt and the reader gets hurt accidentally but even though its a small scratch, alec is totally protective and insists on applying an iratze rune, then alec tells reader how he couldnt bear the thought of letting him get hurt? (bonus points for accidental love confession) thanks!

Warnings: fluff

A/N: Hi! I’m glad you like my writing, anon! It means a lot to hear that~ Anyway, I hope you like this one shot and ENJOY!

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It had all been a tiny slip up really, and he hadn’t been able to move away quickly enough. Resulting in a minor cut on his forearm, nearly bleeding. 

Y/n had been able to kill the demon quickly afterwards though, he himself thought that counted for something at least. With Alec on the other hand, it didn’t sit so well. 

 «You’re hurt.» Alec stated as soon as he came close, already fishing his steele from his pocket. 

 «Alec, there is no need for a iratze on a scratch as little as this one.» Y/n tried, but never the less Alec took his hand, applying the iratze anyway. 

 «Don’t be stupid.» Alec mumbled as he applied it, concentrating on getting it right. When he was done he held Y/n’s hand a little longer than necessary, clearing his throat as he let it go. 

 «I really didn’t need an iratze, Alec.» Y/n pressed on as they began to walk back to the institute. 

 «I couldn’t let you walk around hurt.» Alec just courtly said, avoiding Y/n’s gaze completely, the city around them suddenly holding much interest.

 «Really? We’re shadowhunters. We always get hurt.» Y/n simply said, more as a little remark with no meaning than anything else, than something meaningful. Alec took it another way though. 

 «I can’t bear the thought of you being hurt, okay.» Alec said as he stopped up beside Y/n, actually meeting his gaze as he said the last few words. 

 «You sure you’re okay there, Alec? You don’t sound like yourself. Maybe it was you who got hurt and not me?» Y/n rabbled on, getting very nervous of Alec saying such things to him. It almost made it seem like he had feelings for him. 

«You know what, Y/n? I’m not okay. Because I have to go around every day pretending everything is as I wish it to be, but truth is, it’s not. Because every time I see you I want to hold you in my arms and kiss you, and I absolutely hate it.» Alec bursted out with, luckily Y/n wasn’t the one to get stunned easily and was able to come up with some sort of reply. 

 «Then why don’t you just do it? Kiss me when you see me? Because I would not mind at all.» Y/n winked at Alec, who stood stunned at the response, before he came to his senses and did just what he said he wanted. 

To kiss Y/n.


I’m surprised that I actually finished it despite it Vegas crashing multiple times and losing half of the work I did OTL. Anyway here’s my version of kiki-kit glorious work even though I know its already late ! I even overdid made a small intro to show how much I love it ;v; Enjoy!


so i made a little song thing for @therealjacksepticeye for reaching 15 million subscribers!! (even though he hasnt actually yet but shhhh) 

its just something small but i still hope you like it and it shows my appreciation for jack and all hes done c:

So I did a thing

I put a non profile pic onto Facebook. Literally have never done that before. Now, for most people thats a normal thing. For me, I’ve hated the way i looked forever. I still have some major struggles with it, and even now Im kinda squirmy about having one up right now.
I did it because even though its a seemingly small thing, it says a lot about where I am mentally right now.
ITS OKAY to love yourself..even if you’re not at goal weight. Its absolutely okay to feel like you’re worth the world seeing you, even if you feel like a trashbag.

I used to (and still kinda do) feel like because i was fat..i was invisible, and unattractive and not worth being noticed by men or people. But something happened to me this past weekend. I went to a bar with the girls and got noticed. I made new friends, I even got asked to dance a few times. I took drunk selfies with strangers and loved every minute of it. Why? I realized that as long as I love me, it doesnt matter what other people say or think.

Self love and respect are the magic bullets of weight loss, Im learning. Love yourself enough to not put crap in your body, to move and get your heart going, wear the thing you feel good in. Love you and a lot of things will fall in to place.


ed is literally the most selfless person ever. first, as we all know, he offers to give up anything to save al after losing him; his arm, his leg, his fucking HEART like pretty sure you need that to live ?? and he doesnt even think twice about it. and then on this page when they’re trying to find out what to sacrifice to open the portal and get their bodies back, (though its pretty apparent ed could care less about getting his limbs back) ed is literally thinking about sacrificing even more of himself for al’s sake.

hes just looking at his arm and thinking “ill just sacrifice some more limbs, as long as al gets back to normal it doesnt matter” and i doubt he would hesitate in doing so. the only reason he would never go through with this though is because he made a promise to al and he knows it would hurt al if he did, which just shows even more just how selfless he is.

antonio & lovino would be the type of parents who say “no cookies past 6 PM & take one per day”, but the italian father will see his son look sad, take out two snickerdoodles from the cookie jar & whisper to the child “don’t tell your papa.”

little did he know that antonio a few minutes before gave their boy two sugar cookies & whispered “don’t tell your daddy.”