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i’m obsessed with my own fanfic. send help. updated version of this disgusting thing from four months ago [x].

i colored digitally. i colored digitally. my god it’s been so long since i’ve done anything remotely decent like this digitally.

read final tour[x]

the outsiders in disney world

99.9% this has been done before but whatever

-highkey an adrenaline junkie
-rides space mountain 8282826 times when in magic kingdom
-rock n roller coaster 8282826 times in hollywood studios
-expedition everest 8282826 times in animal kingdom
-test track 8282826 times in epcot
-makes soda go with him
-refuses to ride any of the kiddie rides
-its a small world? forget it.
-won’t watch any of the shows either
-“those are boring no way”

-goes on all the rollercoasters with steve
-gets sick
-eats like 20 mickey premium bars anyway
-goes on kiddie rides by himself bc steve won’t go with
-the characters creep him out
-“chip and dale look shifty, i’m not talking to them”
-did i mention mickey premium bars
-runs from place to place
-goes in like every store
-still doesn’t buy anything

-does not wear appropriate walking shoes
-b l i s t e r s
-buys books tbh
-gets its a small world stuck in his head
-like he’s just standing there
-“it’s a small world after a-…DAMMIT”
-matching mickey ears with johnny slaglahajshshs
-mesmerized by happily ever after at mk/illuminations at epcot/fantasmic at hs/rivers of light at ak

-stressed mom
-mostly spends the whole day walking around and finding the gang to make sure they’re not being dumb
-indulges himself in some foreign cuisine at epcot
-takes power naps on slow rides or during shows
-tries to find a souvenir for each member of the gang
-gives up and gets them all the same cap
-“seven of the same hat?”
-“don’t question it”
-doesn’t bother with wait times over 30 minutes
-makes everyone get a group photo

-v smiley the whole time
-rides e v e r y t h i n g
-kiddie ride or thrill ride, doesn’t matter
-eats so. many. churros.
-like, an unhealthy amount of churros to be consumed in one day.
-“johnny you’ve had like six…”
-gets freaked out riding the haunted mansion
-i said it before but matching mickey ears with pony :’)))))
-thinks the fireworks are pretty and all but has to cover his ears aw

-tries to fight the characters
-or throws shit at them
-is never seen without popcorn
-“how many of those have you eaten dal”
-“none of your business”
-almost punches pony every time he starts singing its a small world
-rides rollercoasters even though he’s lowkey freaked out
-makes obnoxiously loud rude comments during shows
-hits on the princesses
-johnny tries to make him wear mickey ears too and he would eventually give in

-i think it goes without saying that he gets a picture with mickey mouse
-he’s so excited omg my boi
-buys a couple things for his sister
-like johnny, rides every damn ride
-and eats everything he can find
-buys the mickey ear hats
-randomly asks the cast members stupid questions
-the type to ask if he can just stay on the ride and go again instead of having to go back in line
-meets pluto, goofy, donald, minnie, etc. as well as mickey



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‘Doesn’t matter what the masses think about you.
Thrown into a war, you didn’t start one.
They drew first blood, now you draw some.
Follow your calling, listen to your heart drum.’

~JT Machinima “Honor”, Dishonored 2 Rap

This painting is finally complete. (Even though its a small drawing of 9 × 14 cm) Again, many thanks to @konniwa for their AU or I wouldn’t have had the idea of drawing stuff like this. 😅

anonymous asked:

Can we just talk about Sean being part Hispanic or Portuguese. Because even though its a small amount I just had a mental image of Anti speaking Spanish to us and it made me very happy

…that’s a mental image i didnt know i needed until right now

🐝 Good Things About Winnie The Pooh 🐝

🍯 interesting even though its a kid show

🍯 rabbit

🍯 a male character who’s small and pink and feminine and isn’t seen as weird or less male

🍯 a single mom who’s a rlly good mom

🍯 cute animation

🍯 nice music

🍯 rabbit

🍯 good lessons

🍯 healthy friendships

🍯 no romantic subplots

🍯 rabbit

🍯 characters are forgiven

🍯 everyone acts different

🍯 also rabbit

🐝 Bad Things About Winnie The Pooh 🐝

🍯 not enough rabbit

You know what was really interesting about chapter 93? The way Annie was presented in the flashbacks.  My good friend KenKen-chan   made an awesome analysis that basically said that when we see Annie in these flashbacks that Reiner is having, she just has this disinterested face we would expect of her, yet everyone else is smiling and conversing with each other.

Annie honestly just looks like she has no interest in the other warrior kids and doesn’t look too happy to be apart of their group. its interesting that while the other warrior kids are smiling and happy, Annie is the only one who looks so desensitize that it looks like she never made an effort to befriend any of them. And tha makes sense considering Annie’s personality and that she doesn’t really make friends easily or just doesn’t want to in general ImeanunlessyourEren

Also one other panel that i thought was pretty foreboding and summed up Annie’s position with the other warrior kids is this one…

We see Reiner’s hand reaching out to Marcel, Gillard, and Bert, yet Annie is positioned to the side and no where near Reiner’s view or reach. And she looks to be far away from from the group and not paying attention to whatever they are talking about. Thats really interesting because even though its a small little detail it gives a broader insight on how what Annie’s standing was to the other eldian children who were training to become a warrior like her. You would guess that with the life they lived and the fact that they were children, all of them would try to form some kind relationship or comradery. Yet Annie doesn’t seem like she cared about any of that and just kind of tolerated working with them without ever trying to form relationships with them. Like I said before, it makes sense why she wouldn’t because of just how antisocial she was and how she never really saw a point in the mission she was assigned to, and how her only main objective was to see her father again.

I also found it interesting that Reiner doesn’t seem like he is reaching out towards Annie like he is with the others. Maybe his view on her as of now is so negative that he doesn’t view her as a comrade or as a friend anymore. He did question her loyalties to the mission and probably had a hard time trusting her when she just so anti social that he could never figure out what she was thinking.

Now i want to see how they’re reunion will be if Annie does decide to jump sides to Eren and the others. I can’ imagine it not being hostile, since he doesn’t seem like he is emotionally or mentally stable as of now.

HNNNGGGG OK I GIVE. This ain’t related to FR at all, but I’ll give the first person to track down this song 10k treasure.

So, there’s this song right? I came across it.. gosh.. woulda been sometime between 2003-2005, so it’s at least 12-15+ years old. I really liked it so much so that I burned it on a CD to listen to it at my leisure (old school amirite). Well, fast forward near a decade later, my dad found that CD and has been listening to it in the car and I have a burning desire to find it and listen to it on my comp. The problem is, I don’t currently have access to the CD, and even if I did, depending on how you burn things, you lose all information on title/artist/etc. and I really want to know where it’s from.

So here’s what I know:

  • The song is of Japanese origin, either from an anime/movie or video game.
  • Over a decade old.
  • I am 80% sure it’s by Yoko Kanno and/or Kenji Kawai. When I heard it for the first time after so long, I thought for sure it was Making of Cyborg from Ghost in the Shell. It wasn’t, but it is very similar. (It even sounds like the same singer, though the echoing effect may also be obfuscating things)
  • The song is a chant, like Making of Cyborg which is why I originally confused the two. This also makes providing or describing lyrics very difficult as it all kind of.. blends together and becomes rather nonsensical (though pretty, it’s ancient Japanese apparently).
  • I’ve been looking through the Ghost in the Shell OST and I can’t seem to find the song in there so there’s a chance it’s in Kanno or Kawai’s other works (there’s also the chance I might have missed it in there, but that’s unlikely).
  • The song itself is more lively than Making of Cyborg, but it’s not as lively as something like HYAKKIN.

Feel free to shoot me likely candidates via PM or on this post. I’ll take a look and if you’ve got it, I’ll send you the treasure.

Being liked by unlikeable animals
Singing along to songs I’ve never heard
Finding perfectly ripe tomatoes
Tripping on flat surfaces
Kissing goodbye out of too many mouths
before anyone knows that it’s over
Second guessing my own happiness
Never coming back.
—  A SMALL LIST by Ashe Vernon (11/30)

i really want to make a whole sideblog for my no game timeline because the aesthetic is so edgy and different from the main tl and i feel weird reblogging it here gjhgdh

i mean working on it now would probably help distract me from the horrible paranoia im dealing with, its not nearly as bad as it was an hour ago, thank GOD, but im still, feeling It and god forbid i turn off my light to sleep ughhjjghufhkd