even though it's not on their channel

Wip - Mel’s Cruddy Desk Fan

Tweaked the Fan blades (Actually they’re removed) so that it’s just an image that rotates. It has 3 color channels. Bad news….It’s just a weird object that can’t be assigned anything like joints/bones/anything. So it can’t be placed like a normal object. You can move it around but it won’t sit on any of the table slots. I tried everything and nothing works. So I just raised the mesh to be EA table/desk/end table height. Really annoying. Anyways, if anyone wants to see if they can fix that part while keeping the animation than I’ll be glad to share what I’ve done. @davidmont  I’m staring at you. lol! The mesh is from TS4 Get to Work slightly modified.

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i just watched this video about how korean news websites aren't talking about BTS's win at billboards. Like no mention whatsoever, not even in the entertainment section. It just makes me sad that just because bighit is a small company Korea seems to be sleeping on bangtans success when they literally just made history...

there wasnt even ONE article on naver about bts winning at the bbmas. even though they were on korean news channels and newspapers. they werent also on some big online websites and newspapers…. i wonder why this is :)
dnjdbdhd its the big 3 companies blocking bts in korea cause they cant handle the fact that they won and are more popular than all of their groups (especially yg and jyp)
and this isnt even speculation at all like. there are posts on pann about this. the big 3 companies RLLY blocked them rhdhdudhd
god i cant believe bts are so popular other companies are so threatened by it
and still my boys are getting that recognition and cash anyways !! ☺️

Jojo Fights

Jonathan: Sunny Delight Overdrive!
*one meaty Hamon-infused punch into an exploding zombie face*

Joseph: No, but you see, when you tore off that square of toilet paper, you were not actually destroying my channel of Hamon, but simply bringing the ply that I infused with the Ripple even closer to your face! Now you will say, “But I already wiped my nose with it!”
Pillar Man: But I already wiped my nose with it! *explodes into a pile of molten Aztec god* (Pillar Man, to self: Little does Joestar know that my duodenum has survived his Hamon blow, and shall slip into a Switzerland-bound envelope along with the Red Stone of Aja!)

Jotaro: Yare yare daze…you though your stand, a werewolf that can turn its claws into knives, could defeat my Star Platinum. But you didn’t prepare for this, the Star Kneecap! *Star Platinum’s kneecap flips over and flies into the air, turning into a moon that burns the werewolf with silver light* ORA ORA ORA!!!

Josuke: you thought your broken stand, Blood Sugar Sex Magic, could level this block. But you didn’t count on what I can do with broken things.
*Crazy Diamond reforms a flattened stop sign Josuke is standing on, flinging him directly at the enemy’s face with a hail of punches*
Enemy stand user with a normal but mildly uncommon Japanese name: Alright, I’m your friend now.

*Mista takes a hail of razor tipped leaves to the chest and collapses to the ground.*
Mista: alright, you may have me on all f- threes and another hand, but as soon as I reload, you’re fucked!
*Giorno steps from the shadows*
Giorno: ah, yes, I was also here but decided not to do anything until my friend was eviscerated. *heals Mista* Ah yes, now, Mr. Pischetti N. Meatbalzo, here is another thing my stand can do sometimes.
*Gold Experience punches Pischetti, sending him reeling with sensory overload as he perceives time too fast for his body to handle*
Gold Experience can also do this thing.
*turns one of Mista’s spent shell casings into a scorpion that runs up Pischetti’s trousers. Pischetti then crushes it in a panic, collapsing his own ribcage and killing him instantly.*

Vera Wang: ah, you see, you’ve fallen for my trap. You opened a bottle I left on the floor filled with water that reflected the light of my Stand, All Eyez on Me, and now your stomach is going to fill with Sasquatch hair until you turn into a cryptid.
Jolyne: Yare Yare dawa…how pointless. See, I increased the tensile strength of my stomach’s string and had Anasui shape it into a Klein bottle. Now I can never be filled with any kind of cryptid hair.
*Diver Down retracts from Jolyne’s body*
Anasui: can I smell your hair now?
Jolyne: no, Anasui

Johnny: Yeah, come out and play, you shit head gunslinger! (To self: calm down Johnny…don’t blow all your fingernails in a panic)
Money Cash: Alright there partner, looks like I found you!
*Johnny fires off three of his fingernails in a panic, missing Money Cash completely*
Money Cash: Now, don’t go getting any crazy ideas. My stand, Sorry Ms. Jackson, prevents any kind of injury unless you beat me in a game of Battleship. Also my cousin has the same stand for some reason.
*Johnny panics again, firing off another 4 fingernails.*
Johnny: Gyro, halp. Gyro, pls.

Sato Aparachin: ah, my stand, Rock Around the Clock, cannot be bested. See, I am a rock human. And despite our many glaring weaknesses and no real advantages, I believe myself invincible!
Josuke: ah, see, but my Stand, Soft & Wet, has plundered your ability to win. I have taken its bubble into myself, so now I can double win!
Sato Aparachin: alright, that hardly seems fair.
Josuke: It isn’t. Can you help me find muh memories?
Sato Aparachin: No, I hate you. Stay away from muh fruit
Josuke: Muh memories!
Sato Aparachin: muh fruit

  • Scout Aesthetics: Fresh laundry. Hot dogs for dinner. Cold pizza for breakfast. A really good haircut. A joke so funny that you cry. New shoes. The CRACK! of a baseball on a wooden bat. FOMO. Peppermint chewing gum. Runner's high. Your first crush.
  • Soldier Aesthetics: Pine trees. Cold dew on a summer morning. MRE's that don't taste like paper pulp. Cornfields as far as the eye can see. Screaming at the sky late at night. Turkey with stuffing. White bread in a plastic sleeve. Getting gum on your shoes.
  • Pyro Aesthetics: Scented candles and burnt popcorn. Fresh-cut daisies. Drawing with charcoal. Sun bleached bones. The smell of gasoline. Gel pens. Your favorite animated movie. The scapegoat. Not caring at all.
  • Demoman Aesthetics: Butterscotch and sulfur. Rolling meadows of grass. Sand in your shoes. Fried fish in a greasy newspaper. Fireworks on a warm summer evening. Wool turtleneck sweaters. Being double-dog-dared to swim in the lake during winter. The best hole-in-the-wall pub in the world.
  • Heavy Aesthetics: Dusty old books. Creaking floorboards. Fresh winter snow. A really good sandwich. Finding a new favorite novel. A handmade scarf. Getting a good grade on an assignment. First editions. Going to the natural history museum. Firmly believing why you were put on this earth.
  • Engineer Aesthetics: Breakfast foods. Campfires. The satisfying clicking of clockwork machinery. Reading bedtime stories aloud. T-shirts with math jokes on them. Tuning a guitar. Petting zoos. Knowing your limits. Learning about something that makes you really happy. A cool looking rock.
  • Medic Aesthetics: Antiseptic. Down comforters. Really round fluffy birds. Bad puns. Doing things because you can. Hot tea. Waking up before the sun does. Whistling. Dry cleaning. Fun facts about animals. Really strange nonfiction books. Windy winter days.
  • Sniper Aesthetics: Dirt and black coffee. Climbing a tree. People watching. Road trips. Going to bed and realizing you haven't spoken to anyone all day. Fairy bread. Getting caught in the rain. Really cool scars. Having a story for everything. Polarized lenses.
  • Spy Aesthetic: Vermouth and tobacco. Minimalist cuff links. Playing cards. Hair pomade. Silk ties. Your first love. A passing feeling of emptiness. Heels clicking on polished floors. Crusty dinner rolls with soft warm bread on the inside.
  • Pauling Aesthetics: Lavender hand soap. Gunpowder. Lilac polo shirts. Worn black denim. Staying up late and watching the home shopping channel because you can't sleep. Beat-up firearms catalogs. Telling your mother to return your birthday gift because your workplace has strict dress codes regarding clothing colors, even though you desperately need that new skirt. Finding drawings from when you were a child. Soft wool cardigans. Shiny silver knives. Yogurt with fruit. Hating and loving your job at the same time.
Google made me proud today.

A little while ago, I was on a mission to show a friend of mine the best doggo in the world, Chica. I began to type ‘mark fischbach chica’ and as Google tried to read my mind, as it always does, I froze and tears welled in my eyes.

‘mark fischbach changing the world’ now at this moment I was mid sentence on Skype so my friend started to panic slightly because of my sudden pause. When I finally found my voice again I explained what had caught me off guard. To which my friend replied, “Why did that hit you so hard? The guy does charity work right?”

Years of watching Mark, all the skits, all the let’s plays, all the goofy stuff that falls in the mix as well, even if I didn’t necessarily like the video or find it particularly funny I always watched from beginning to end to show my support for his channel. Not because I was staring at his face [though he his a looker], not because of being his biggest fan [though I’m probably up there], not even just to have background noise [I like to actually watch the videos]. I would watch them in their entirety because maybe the money made from that time watching that particular video would enable him to do his next big event that would save people’s live by giving them the hope they had lost, fund another charity so its research could go on and maybe even find a cure, all of that and more.

Today I watched his PAX East panel, not in person sadly but live on twitch. At the end when it appeared he was going to break down and cry [all while I’m pointing and screaming at my TV for him not to cry over and over again because though I know he’s crying because his heart is full of joy and pride, it makes me tear up too, dang you Mark] His ending remarks both filled me with happiness and sadness.

Mind you now in the Skype call, showing pictures of Chica has fallen to the back burner [sorry Chica-bica] and I had began rambling about all the different charities Mark has helped raise awareness and money for, how his channel has become this massive community full of love and kindness and were only able to what it is today because no matter what video you click on of Marks, be it his oldest videos or one he posted a few hours ago, behind those dick jokes, infectious laugh, screams, two-finger defense strategies, and everything else; he’s still just a man who wants to change the world.

My exact words before the Skype call was ended with my friend saying I’m gonna go check out this guys videos [got you a new subscriber Mark! Woo!] were, “I froze when I saw that come up on the auto-complete search results because it’s amazing. I froze and damn near started crying my ****in eyes out because this man who one a daily basis calls himself a goof and acts exactly like a goof, is changing the world. Whether it’s meeting a sick child who is a fan of his videos, doing a live stream, going out and meeting his fans and doing skits that include them, answering questions at conventions, or just making people like me be able to smile from the comfort of my home and give me the strength to fight impulses that would be damaging. He preaches over and over again that to him we’re the heroes, hell he put it on the sleeves on his charity shirts, he’s too humble to admit that he is the hero or that he’s made his friends: Bob, Wade, Jack, Ethan, Tyler, etc. heroes as well for pushing for the goals with him and all coming up together with new and amazing ways to both entertain and improve the day to day life of everyone who will watch and listen.” 

I sat here for a few minutes minutes, got my screen cap cut down to size, made sure it wasn’t too illegible. As I began to type my post, my Skype rang, it was my same fiend from before. I imagine the time lapse between end of call to now beginning of new call was maybe a total of two hours give or take.

I answer and all I hear are tears. I am instantly in [who do I need to kill] mode. After they calm down they explain they just searched for emotional play through’s. My mind immediately goes to ‘Presentable Liberty’, ‘That Dragon Cancer’, ‘Anxiety Attack’, among many others I could think of that could be labeled emotional. 

After an awkward silence they asked, “What possessed this man, who has known such great tragedy and loss in his life to do everything he does for others.” I smiled, we were on video chat so they saw and then looked at me with confusion. “The answer to that one is easy, I think he’d agree. He’s seen difficulty, just like all of us, and THAT is why he continues to do it. He strives to make the burdens of this world less heavy on our shoulders, he raises money so that the sick can be mended and go home and play with their friends, he makes personal vlogs looking into each and every one of his fan’s eyes, tears brimming with whatever emotion he’s conveying so we all know he is there for us, he is proud of us, and he will never stop working to change the world.”

My friend nodded at me then told me they were gonna go rest on it, maybe watch a few more videos before laying down. I just made a terrible joke about FNAF [I will spare you the joke, trust me, it was bad] then the Skype call ended once more. 

Now I’m left here with these thoughts in my head. Earlier I mentioned the PAX East stream, one of the things Mark said before leaving the stage was, “When we’re gone, you’re next.” Now this turned into jokes being made and all that because that’s what Mark and his friends do, they cut up and have a good time. It was the way he said it that stuck with me. Like he’s prepping all of us to take this bright, burning torch when he decides to step away from youtube as a career and that brings him almost to a blubbering mess because of all we’ve shown him we can do so far, I think he believes that whenever that time is. Whether it be a year from now, two years from now, or more; he knows that the community that he never dreamed he would have and be part of will continue to do what we do best, because we learned it from the one and only Markiplier.

Change the world.

Practical Magic: Use Your Words

“But then came the Tongues on that terrible day. Steadfast as winter, they entered the fray. And all heard the music of Alduin’s doom. The sweet song of Skyrim, the sky-shattering Thu’um.” ~ “Tale of the Tongues,” by Malukah

One of the things that I really enjoy doing when it comes to my research is looking for patterns that span not just history, but cultures as well. Some tend to be rather archetypal, such as certain gods and spirits. But there’s one pattern that I’m surprised doesn’t get more attention in witchcraft: the power of the voice.

Now don’t get me wrong. There are plenty of witches out there who encourage chanting, singing, and prayer. But more often than not, the emphasis of the magic involved comes from the music or the other aspects of the spell. What I’m talking about is magic from the voice with no other influence.

As I’ve mentioned multiple times in previous articles, when you break magic down to its ultimate basics, it is composed of very simple yet powerful principles. First is intent. Magic is meant to help take a witch’s intent, focus it, and channel it into reality. As such, I’ve often said that as long as your intent is in the right place, you really can’t mess up a spell.

The second is visualization. Many goal-setting tutorials and witches often say that one of the keys to successfully reaching a goal or casting a spell is being able to see the outcome in your mind’s eye. For instance, when I’m working my morning self-improvement coffee spell, I not only have the intent and desire to better myself, but can also see where I want to be by the end of the day (smiling brighter or complimenting more or feeling more confident). The more specific and detailed the visualization and the better that visualization is held (some spells call for holding a visualization for an extended period of time), the more effective it tends to be.

And the third is energy in two forms: the first being the energy put into the spell itself, and the second being the mundane and practical work put into achieving a goal. Being able to feel the energy around you and within you, and then make use of it is a huge key to setting spells in motion. When combined with intent and visualization, it forms a spell. So when working a spell to get a job, it may seem a bit like this: You have the intent, need, and desire to get employment at a place you know you’ll love your job (let’s say cooking). You visualize yourself cooking for a living, being happy as you do so with great coworkers and decent paychecks. You see yourself shaking hands with a manager who is congratulating you on getting the job. Then, you focus your energy toward that goal and light a candle that you may have dressed or set up. You hold the visualization and intent for a while, and then you set of to put in applications and resumes (jobs don’t come out of nowhere).

That particular spell got me a great job in a matter of 48 hours.

So here’s the question. Say you have the visualization, intent, and energy. You know that all of the other components to a spell generally serve to help focus those three concepts, but you don’t want to craft a wand or use a candle or burn incense. Could you cast a spell by simply using your voice?

The answer is a resounding YES. And this is something that has been seen in quite a few cultures. Most prominently those cultures which have valued oral tradition over written. One of the best examples of this would be that of the Irish Celts. Though there was an established writing system (a runic form of writing called Ogham), it was almost never used to record lore or tales. Instead, the stories were passed down from one generation to the next by the druids - or priests. Irish culture held the belief that the voice was powerful in and of itself. Words had the ability to influence a person’s mind if used the right way, were capable of helping one person understand another’s thoughts and emotions, and could weave mental images in the form of stories and poetry and song.

This concept is even held in many religious establishments. Take, for instance, Christianity. Regardless of denomination, the belief is that prayer is a way of speaking to God, either directly or via an intermediary such as a saint or the Virgin Mary. The only requirements of this kind of prayer come down to intent, visualization, and energy focus (prayer often becomes its own way of channeling energy). For most denominations, there is no other ingredient to such a practice than a voice (though some, such as Catholicism may incorporate rosaries and prayer beads). Many witches, including myself, would say that as a result, prayer is a form of casting a spell. It has all the core ingredients of spellcasting, and like paganism may on occasion involve an added ingredient while also appealing to a higher power.

Today, the media continues the concept of how powerful words can be. Especially where fantasy gaming comes to play. In games such as Dungeons and Dragons, bards are storytellers and entertainers whose words can become so powerful as to shape reality and work spells (a concept that actually makes sense, as historically bards are the ones who spread news and passed history down through the ages… if a bard were to change the story, history would remember the new version if it caught on).

Or, if we want a game that is more prominently known than D&D, we’ll look at The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. In this installment of the Elder Scrolls series, one of the driving forces of the storyline is the hero’s use of the Thu’um, or Voice. According to the lore, the dragons were capable of waging war simply by having a conversation. The Voice was powerful enough to be a world-shaping force. Seeking to end the dragons’ reign of oppression, the people of Skyrim learned how to harness the Thu’um for themselves and waged war against the dragons using words as weapons instead of relying on steel. Thus Alduin (the leader of the dragons prophesied to consume the world; a spirit powerful enough to arguably be called a deity) was defeated by the Nords until the events of the game.

Originally posted by 2mahoushoujo2die

So there is precedence for using one’s voice or words as a vehicle for spellcasting. This, of course, leads to the question of how a witch can use her voice to work a spell. The easiest and most common method is through affirmations. Part of my coffee spell mentioned above is to say an affirmation that works with my intent: “I am confident in my abilities.”

Say you need to cleanse a space or your home. One of my friends’ grandmothers was known for her ability to clear a home of unwanted or negative energy and spirits simply by walking from room to room and talking to her god out loud. Her intent and her ability to see the energy be pushed away and out of the home, coupled by talking as a focus was a great way of cleansing. This same concept can be done on your own. For instance, when cleansing a home, I could walk from room to room, maintaining visualization and channeling my energy and intent, while using my voice as the vehicle for change. Thus I might say something to the effect of “All darkness and negativity in this room is cleansed and illuminated, for I hold in my heart the light of the fires of Brigid and the strength of the Morrigan. It is my will and desire that this place be cleansed and made pure, and as it is in my heart, so too shall it be in this room.”

Many examples given of vocal spellcasting make use of a relationship between the witch and a deity, but this isn’t required. Using my example in the last paragraph, you could say something such as “All darkness and negativity in this room is cleansed and driven away. I hold in my heart the will and the power of my spirit. It is my will and desire that this place be cleansed, and as it is in my heart, so too shall it be in this room.”

The benefits of working with vocal spellcasting are several-fold. First, it is inexpensive. And by inexpensive, I mean to say free. You don’t need to spend money to talk. Then there’s the fact that it can be discreet. If you have a moment of privacy and work a spell, when someone enters the room later, there’s no residual incense or candle smoke, and no ingredients that may have been forgotten. If you’re talking quietly and someone shows up and asks what you’re doing, you could say that you’re praying and they may leave so as to respect your privacy.

Then there’s the fact that working with your voice is a great way of affirming your personal power and magic. Much of witchcraft today can sometimes be lost in the ingredients to a spell - “I must have rosemary added to this moon water so that it’ll be good for protection.” In truth, the power of that water comes from you. Yes, the rosemary and the moon add to its potency, but most of that energy is from  your intent and visualization. Working with your voice helps further affirm that you are in control of your life and that you are a powerful and beautiful individual.

So consider the magic of your own voice. How can you use it in your day-to-day life to work spells of your own?

Blessed Be! )O(

Witchy Tips!
-When working with your voice for any spell, speak with confidence. Be proud of the work you’re doing and know that you are a force to be reckoned with.
-Don’t limit yourself to just talking. Singing, laughing, crying, and even screaming all add power to your voice!
-When creating new spells that don’t initially involve using your voice, consider incorporating a chant or affirmation that can help you further cement your magic.

“Hey you groovy space squids!“

Do we ever find out Church’s middle name?

He’s Leonard L Church. What’s the L stand for Church? Is it something more embarrassing then Leonard?

Please be something more embarrassing than Leonard.

blisswithvogue  asked:

My new house is located in a park full of birches. Do you know something they might be useful for (for spells, wards, charms, amulets, connection with spiritual, etc)? Have a lovely day and thank you 😊

Birches are incredible trees! There’s a couple of things it’s worth to know about the White Lady of the Woods.

Brittle kindling

Birches are known for their beautiful white bark and whimsical silhouettes. not a lot of people know though they are extremely brittle! Never look for safety under a birch during a storm! They grow in bunches or surrounded by other trees for a reason - they break incredibly fast and because of that rarely live over a 100 years. Because of the same reason they are great for lighting fires. If you want a natural kindle for ceremonial fires then use birch twigs or its bark.

Healing sap

Birches also hold an incredible treasure - their sap (also called birch water). Birch sap is very thin and almost transparent. It has a slightly sweet taste. It’s known for its healing as well as cosmetic properties. Its use is very well known in cultures of eastern Europe. You can even buy it commercially in many countries of the eastern block.

Drinking birch sap helps lower cholesterol. helps in weight loss and supports liver and kidney health. Cleaning your skin makes it clearer and brighter. It works as a great shampoo for greasy hair. It can even help in healing small wounds and cuts!

You don’t have to buy the sap though - you can harvest it yourself. Birch sap has to be collected in early spring before any green leaves have appeared, as in late spring it becomes bitter. The collection period is only about a month per year (Too late this year unfortunately!). You can easily harvest a few liters of sap in a quite fast time without harming the tree.

There are three methods of harvesting the sap. First one is cutting the tree in a V shape. I personally do not recommend this method simply because it leaves a very visible mark. 

The second method is simply poking a hole in the tree. You can do it with a nail, a steel or even a wooden pipe. This one is my favorite because it leaves almost no marks at all, it’s easy for the tree to heal and it also help you in harvesting because the pipe can work as a channel for the sap. It also seems to be the fastest method from my experience. 

The third method is the easiest but also the least effective one. Break one of the low hanging twigs and hang a bottle on it. It seems easy but the branch has to be low and the tree wound heals incredibly hast, leaving you often with less than a few sips. The sap is also often more bitter when obtained with this method.

Magic uses

  • The Druid tree symbol for the Bards  - ‘The Goddess Tree’ - ‘The Lady of the Woods’, the Birch tree is the bringer of promise, light and new beginnings. 
  • Because of its properties and the white bark, birch in many cultures is connected with renewal, new beginnings, purification and protection
  • In Wales, the birch is a tree of love. People from that region made wreaths out of the branches and twigs as tokens of love. 
  • In Ukraine, Belarus, Russia and Poland people used to make brooms out of birch twigs to sweep not only dirt but also evil spirits. The famous Baba Yaga actually had a flying birch twig broom with which she swept all of her tracks.
  • The Irish used to create medallions out of birch marked with ogham scripture for protection and as a sign of fertility for the newlyweds.
  • Dried leaves can be crushed and made into birch tea, which even though terrible in taste, is high in vitamin C and works as a laxative and diuretic that helps getting rid of bacteria.
  • To cool down a violent passion sit down under a birch tree or at least hold onto something made of its wood. Be alone and quiet. Birch will channel into you wisdom and calmness.

Birch in the calendar

At Imbolc (Candlemas) in February, the white bark is used to symbolize the return of light along with the candles.

At Beltane (May Day) the birch was first choice as the tree to make the Maypole, cut at dawn to be decorated and danced around in old fertility rituals, later to be burned with ash logs at the Beltane fire.

At Samhain ( All Hallow’s Eve), some of the pagan new year festivities use birch to beat out the old or malign spirits from the hearth,  as the symbol of returning light and rebirth.

I hope that helps you! You’re very lucky to live near birches so use their power wisely and look out for them during storms!

The Happy LGBTQ+ List

Aka “The List of Media Featuring LGBTQ+ Characters That Doesn’t End In Tragedy, People ‘Becoming’ Cishet In The End Because I Have Trouble Finding Comprehensive Lists That Include All Media List”. FEEL FREE TO ADD TO THIS LIST AND/OR CORRECT IT! This is meant to be a resource for everyone in the community, spread this far and wide. ALL MEDIA WELCOME: BOOKS, SONGS, TELEVISION, VIDEO GAMES, MOVIES, PLAYS, MUSICALS, LIVE ACTION, ANIMATED WORKS, SHORT FILMS, ET CETERA AND SO FORTH!!

  • Steven Universe (have to because SU blog)
  • Legend of Korra
  • Persona 4 (WILL ALWAYS ROOT FOR THE LIBRARY LESBIAN AND HER SENPAI and oh yeah most of the main cast is queer, especially if you count that Yosuke had cut content where he was a love interest and the heavy implications of Chie/Yukiko and the Rise/Naoto shipping done in later works)
  • Sasameki Koto
  • Princeless (and its spinoff of Raven: The Pirate Princess)
  • Revolutionary Girl Utena
  • Strawberry Panic
  • Sailor Moon
  • Psycho-Pass
  • Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-Kun (no relationship, but queer character still exists and the jokes don’t focus on the fact she’s gay)
  • Kashimashi: Girl Meets Girl
  • Undertale
  • A Channel (though no relationship happens afaik)
  • Princess Remedy In A World of Hurt
  • Yuru Yuri (even if no relationship forms afaik, though one is implied to already quasi-exist, full disclosure I haven’t read the spin-off which is said to have less subtext and more text)
  • Samurai Flamenco
  • Seduce Me Otome
  • Sakura Trick
  • DDR Song “Secret Rendezvous” (if we’re including shorts)
  • Jade Empire
  • The Sad Story of Emmeline Burns (unfortunate name for this list, but trust me on this one)
  • Written In The Sky
  • Mass Effect as a series
  • Rumble Roses
  • Star Ocean: The Second Story (buried in the inane amount of endings)
  • Star Ocean: Til The End of Time (two side characters, though possible implications with a party member and her leader)
  • Girly (the webcomic, not the song it is named after)
  • Questionable Content
  • Jill Sobule’s “I Kissed A Girl” (I promise you it’s better than Katy Perry’s very different song of the same name)
  • Roommates
  • Santa Olivia by Winter Wolves
  • Kisses & Curses
  • Sunstone
  • We Know The Devil (in at least one ending)
  • Ellen (yes, THAT Ellen. This was before she really REALLY hit it big)
  • Queer As Folk (WARNING: Not for all of them)
  • Buffy (though I don’t know Kennedy’s fate in the comics, so this might have changed)
  • Dragon Age as a series
  • A character on ER, apparently
  • The L Word, I guess
  • Star Wars: The Old Republic
  • carol (2015)
  • the diary of a teenage girl (2015)
  • bound (1996)
  • pariah (2011)
  • with every heartbeat (2011)
  • saving face (2004)
  • but i’m a cheerleader (1999)
  • addicted to fresno (2015)
  • jenny’s wedding (2015)
  • life partners (2014)
  • d.e.b.s. (2004)
  • desert hearts (1985)
  • i can’t think straight (2008)
  • show me love (1998)
  • the incredibly true story of two girls in love (1995)
  • the kids are all right (2010)
  • camp belvidere (2014)
  • me myself and her (2015)
  • appropriate behavior (2014)
  • gray matters (2006)
  • Archie comics
  • Izetta: The Last Witch
  • Yuri On Ice
  • Wandering Son
  • Ao Hana (warning: biphobia abound)
  • Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid (hasn’t ended, but I doubt it’ll end badly)
  • Keijo!!!!!!!!
  • Flip Flappers
  • Once by Julia Heslin (I assume, haven’t read it yet)
  • Brooklynn 99 (hasn’t ended yet, but I doubt it’ll turn awful)
  • Sense 8
  • Better Than Chocolate
  • Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

I am disappointed. I am disappointed in Disney Channel for not only censoring Girl Meets World from its full potential but also for cancelling it before its last season. I am disappointed in all of the venues that didn’t see the potential in taking over Girl Meets World and creating a show even better than it originally was.

However, I am not disappointed in the fandom. We fought for months, and for those first ten days, it was amazing to see the entire fandom come together even though we usually fight over trivial things such as our ships.

I will never forget this show–just like how I will never forget Boy Meets World. It ended too soon, but I’ll never regret the ship wars, the endless rants, the cries, or the laughter. It was beautiful, but all good things must come to an end.

I haven’t posted fic in a bit, even though I’ve been writing a lot. So…. here’s a thing I typed up because Fuck The Cold.

Familiar!AU random fluff. 

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joshlink99  asked:

So... If you had one video to show someone from your channel (minus the movie combinations of Zelda, CPAU, and Undertale Mob) which one is would you show to people? Even though it was one of your first ones and you have come a long way gaining friends and make better videos, I still love "That's okay" with the conversation between Frisk and Flowey.

I would honestly say game developer peach

I know it’s an odd answer but that was really fun to edit and its been a long time since I’d enjoyed making a video that much, plus I’m really proud of the acting :W:

Car Boys Headcannon: Nick and Griffin are two gods born into the universe of BeamNG.Drive. Nick’s backstory is that he is the first, and received all the physical powers to control the worlds environment. For a long time he was alone, but found some satisfaction in destroying cars. Then Griffin appeared. Griffin has no physical abilities, but is the only other person of god status besides Nick. In order to please his new friend, Nick starts smashing cars together. Griffin is very amused, which encourages Nick to continue. Even though they are born into a vast and beautiful universe to explore, they instead take to the act of destruction. Though, it’s only on a small scale, so not much harm can really be done. At least that’s what they told themselves.

               They then decide to create their first living being. Something sentient, just like them. They named him “Busto 1.0” and even though he was only created by Nick and Griffin as a toy to experiment with as they pleased, he was complacent with that fate. They were his gods, and that was the role he was meant to play. “Busto 2.0” did not see things the same way. He rebelled against his gods, not standing for the torture he was made to endure. He channeled a dark deity, the Blob, and gained a fraction of its power. With it, he challenged them. That is how the first real conflict arises.

               Pretty much every object spawned into the game is either a character or has a very strong symbolic meaning behind it (but that would take way too long to analyze and explain). Just a few examples being: Iron Man, Busto 2.0’s lover. Their love parallels that of Hades and Persephone. Iron man ultimately deciding to stay in the cube prison with Busto 2.0. The Crucifix Plane is another example, being a strongly religious image, and a ominous piece of foreshadowing for Nick and Griffin’s sacrifice at the end of the series.

               When Busto 2.0 corrupts Gridmap, we get to see some character development from Nick and Griffin. They are forced to leave Gridmap behind and begin exploring the many, many worlds that are open to them. They are slowly learning to appreciate the true gift they were given when they came into existence, and don’t simply rely on destruction for entertainment. Once they lost Gridmap, they realized that these worlds are, indeed, precious.

               The truth behind the blob is that it is actually the manifestation of the two’s thirst for destruction. They deny it, try to separate themselves from it, and attempt to eradicate it, but that only causes it to grow. In the end when the two enter the light tunnel, they are followed by the blob, because the blob is a part of them. It will continue to exist as long as they do. This is why they must remain in the time stream forever.

               The ending’s actually very uplifting when you think of it in this context. The whole time Nick and Griffin were really just attempting to seek a sense of satisfaction with their lives, existing in an infinite world with no clear meaning. They went about achieving this all wrong, thinking that continuous destruction would make them happy, but it only made their yearning more intense. Now, they have learned that their world is worth preserving. They have accepted the blobs true identity, and by extension themselves. All they have now is a waterproof car that plays only Candles in the Wind, and each other. That is enough. Because the pre-credit ending demonstrates how scary it would be if they had to spend eternity alone. Finally, they have found their place in the world, and the role they were meant to play. They are finally content. They have found their answer.

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Could you imagine Fake AH fans sending in weapons and shit? And then Ryan having a YT channel that's 50% weapons un-boxing, 20% vlogs, 20% makeup/face paint tutorials and 10% horror game let's plays.

haha i fucking love everything about this, yes. Ryan gets the fucking weirdest shit but then becomes determined to use it even though its impractical. Like Ryan that fucking cross bow is weak as shit, you aren’t going to kill anyone with it. “Not with that attitude, Geoff.” Ryan fucking gets a dart in some dudes neck. And don’t even get me started on the deadpool swords. He fucking wore those on his back everywhere for like a week.

uknownada  asked:

How do you deal with thieves? I've been making little Samurai Jack parody videos (inspired by you), and all of a sudden they got kinda popular. So much so to the point where now I'm starting to see them in Youtube compilations or on tumblr or twitter without permission, credit, or even a link back to where they got it from. It's honestly annoying to me, but I assume that it's something you've gone though yourself in the past. How do you deal with people like this taking your videos?

Ah I am sorry you’re having to deal with that! I haven’t had *that* big of an issue with people stealing my videos, but when your channel is growing it can be more of a problem. I know lots of people use watermarks (you’d need to put them where they can’t just be cropped out if the video is cropped into a square). When you see someone stealing your video, contact them and ask them to credit you or just take it down. But otherwise that’s pretty much all I know to do :/ anyone else have better suggestions?

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Elementary School AU prompt: when Henry gets in trouble (for something very smart and possibly heroic), principal Mills has to call in his single mom Emma... Who is a totally different kind of trouble ;)

Thanks for the prompt ;) Hope you like it! ^^

(A03 version) Feedback is appreciated!

The soft afternoon breeze seeped within the room thanks to the open windows and the laughter of playing kids found it way inside in where a brunette teacher graded paper after paper with tired eyes, perfect poise and black rimmed glasses on top of her nose. The wooden desk was overflowing with exams and essays and the pen of the woman moved from one place to another from the paper, red ink interlacing itself with the sentences of the woman’s pupils as she murmured softly every time she finished a new exam.

The left hand of the woman was playing absentmindedly with the gold necklace that was fastened around her neck but her fingers fell when, from between the children’s laughter and warm light, she could make out a quick succession of steps that came from the other side of the closed door of the small office she worked in whenever she wasn’t at her classroom. Narrowing her eyes, she put down the pen and looked at her watch in where the sharp hands of the clock looked back at her.

Pursing her lips Regina threw her head backwards, mentally preparing herself, squaring her shoulders as she did so.

It was always interesting to see the parents of a child for the first time and it didn’t matter how many times that happened; Regina always found in the first impression the quickest way to see if a children’s behavior was linked to how their parents looked or acted. That was why, even if outside she projected the calmest demeanor inside, she felt slightly curious of what kind of woman would be the mother of none other than Henry Swan.

The ten-year-old boy had arrived to Storybrooke four months ago sporting a Bostonian accent and imagination to spare. He had always been kind to everyone around him and, although quiet, he had never seemed to be picked up by the occasional bully that every course seemed to had. Regina had quickly found herself completely smitten with the kid and more often than what she would like she would end up smiling at him whenever he answered to her questions. Something that had already arrived the rumor mill considering how strict Regina was and how impeccable her reputation as being a respected but hated teacher was.

A few hours before, however, when she had seen Henry defending Nicholas Zimmel by punching a few of those damned bullies, she had been forced to intervene. School rules were clear; no fights within its borders and even though Henry insisted that what he had done was merely defending himself Regina hadn’t had other option but send him to detention with the express request that his mother would need to come to talk to her.

And so there they were, Regina thought grimly, licking her bottom lip and taking a deep breath, channeling her stricter look possible. Henry didn’t deserve the detention, that much she knew, but she couldn’t very well tell that to whom had been signed as the only parental contact of the young dark haired boy; that would be inappropriate after all. As much, some inner insidious voice whispered inside her mind, sounding very similar to her mother’s, as the gossips about the mother’s boy; a former bail bondsperson who had taken Graham’s place as a sheriff when the man had decided to move on from the small city into greener pastures. Regina hadn’t come across her once ever since the boy’s arrival but it had been impossible to not hear about the green-eyed beauty that now run the station with enough swagger to have Ruby smirking whenever her name was uttered.

Green eyed beauty that suddenly opened her door and stood in front of her with her hands on her hips and blonde tresses falling to her shoulders as she took a step inside the room. Immediately Regina could feel the temperature in the room rose and so she settled her jaw, standing and offering the woman the chair in front of her desk with one single nod.

“Miss Swan.” Her voice didn’t betray her sudden nerves and for that she found herself thanking the interminable hours her mother had put her through during her teen years in where being proper was always the most important thing of all.

The other woman, however, shot her an angry look scorching enough to probably make a dent on the desk’s glossy surface as she took those last steps between her and Regina, her high boots stomping against the floor as she, too, rose her chin, the muscles on her throat visible as she looked at Regina, as if sizing her.

“You must be Miss Mills.” She replied, not even bothering to shake her hand with the teacher’s as she sat on the small chair with one fluid movement that spoke of strength. Regina, however, could see the small nervous tics, tics that the boy the two of them were there for also shared with the new sheriff; the fidgeting fingers, the tilt on her head, the tightly closed jaw and for those she sat as well, interlacing her fingers after picking her glasses and leaving them on the desk’s surface, between them and on top of the essays she had been marking before. She could see the other woman glance at them briefly but when she looked back at those green eyes Emma was already looking back at her, lips pursed and arms tightly crossed. “Henry told me you wanted to talk with me.”

It was obvious that the sheriff had already formed an opinion about Regina and the brunette teacher swallowed before forcing her eyes to not wander to the other woman’s arms, on display thanks to the tank top she wore, or the general physique of the Bostonian. This, she thought while focusing on the matter at hand while trying her best not to call Ruby Lucas on the spot and demand her to tell her why she hadn’t been told that Emma Swan was as beautiful as she seemed to be infuriating, wasn’t the problem. Henry was and for him she cleared her throat before nodding quickly, composure as perfect as possible, back straight as she crossed her right leg over her left. A movement Emma couldn’t see from her where she was seated at the other side of the table but one that her eyes followed inexplicably when Regina moved.

“He was seen punching John Darling.” She started, doing her best not to look at the blonde as she explained herself. “As you probably know that kind of behavior is unacceptable.”

The sheriff hummed before moving forward, uncrossing her own legs and propping her arms over her knees as she did so. Her eyes still gleamed in anger and Regina found herself narrowing hers in an attempt to keep them frozen on those irises instead of start wandering.

“Wasn’t he defending Nicholas?” She said, a smirk touching her lips briefly before that, too, disappeared. “I thought that helping a friend out in one of those… unacceptable situations would be something the school would be more than happy to see.”

“Not if the method used is a punch in the face, Miss Swan”

Both women stared at each other. Emma apparently not wanting to move an inch and Regina knowing full well that she had smiled inwardly when she had seen the normally well-behaved Henry punch John after the boy had insulted Nicholas. Regardless, Henry needed to take in the punishment and she was supposed to explain why to the mother. Mother that had been subjected to rumors ever since she had arrived to Storybrooke and who had been seen frequenting the small gay bar Storybrooke had at the edge of town. A place that Regina knew very well thanks to a particular lanky brunette she could picture laughing her ass off the second Regina told her her first impression with the sheriff.

Growling between pursed lips, Emma moved backwards on her chair, eyeing Regina as she did so. The movement made the woman woke up from her reverie and she found herself looking at Emma with too many inappropriate thoughts on her head.

“I will talk with him.” Emma finally spoke, a mirthless smile on her face. “It’s the best I can do so I don’t add the epithet of bad mother to the list I already have.”

“Miss Swan I assure…”

“On one condition.” Emma stood and looked at Regina while transforming her mirthless smile into a smirk. “Go out with me. Today.”


But Emma was already turning to the door, smirk still intact when she turned and looked at her.

“Until later Miss Mills.”

Regina closed her eyes, propping her own elbows over the desk and growling softly out of desperation. Infuriating indeed.

And gorgeous as well.

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Some1 sent a thing while the ask box was closed, so just in case Im here to request Starish as youtubers 😊 This blog is 💎❤👑 and so are you!~ :3 ♡

Thank you, diamond anon-chan! :3

Together, as a STARISH Group Channel

Originally posted by shizukku

  • Questions that you can ask them if you hadn’t gotten a chance to when they appeared for reality tv shows
  • Backstage moments, trips, tours
  • Music videos
  • Links to the members’ own channels
  • Also some playlists of songs they enjoy individually and as a group


  • Doggo videos. Without hesitation.
  • He runs a video series with Reiji and Natsuki where they comment on idols’ daily life at Shining Agency. It’s titled “Days At Shining Agency
  • He prefers to use Instagram to post his updates but hey, YouTube is good for watching videos too
  • He posts some starish moments too.
  • He mainly uses YouTube to watch and comment on videos
  • He also posts some acoustic guitar covers that he sings and plays along to
  • He listens to Ed Sheeran. A lot


  • YouTube??
  • Oh, that video site thing kids nowadays use. He doesn’t watch much though
  • His YT channel is probably empty except for some starish videos
  • Also lurks around and comments
  • He watches cooking and travel videos when bored
  • He and Jinguji might run a series where they cook food and share recipes
  • He also listens to videos on traditional Japanese music


  • His channel is hoarded with kitty, doggo, animal videos and even videos of cute Syo-chan.
  • He runs a video series in which he cutely educates about animals along with Cecil and Otoya. Its main watchers are preschool children though
  • He also posts some videos of Syo-chan
  • Would occasionally participate in Reiji and Ai’s DIY show
  • He also posts some videos of him playing the viola along with Nagi
  • He always makes sure to comment on Syo’s videos
  • He thought of running a cook show like Masa and Ren but Syo forbade him


  • He prefers to watch videos on YouTube
  • Music videos, travel, cooking, documentaries and informative videos are his thing
  • As for appearing in videos…he appears in some starish ones.
  • And Reiji’s prank videos
  • He runs a series himself where he talks about health and his diet because he’s a health nerd.
  • Might post some videos where he, Masa, Natsuki and Ren try acapella covers of popular songs and their own music
  • Personally, he likes to appear as a guest in his friends’ series


  • Damn. Fangirl killer
  • Pretty active on YouTube. Along with watching and commenting, he runs a few video series himself
  • There’s a Fashion Check one with Camus which stresses on clothing, suggestions, body positivity, what make up works best, hair care etc
  • Also runs a cooking series with Masa
  • He spoke about loving one’s self as step one to good health in Tokiya’s health shows
  • Appears in all of Reiji’s, Natsuki’s and Camus’s series too as a guest
  • He reviews some gadgets that he buys sometimes


  • Prince Of Fighting videos
  • And videos where he performs stunts yo
  • He has a channel dedicated to that series and Hyuuga-sensei alone
  • Hates it when Natsuki posts ‘cute’ videos of him. Always lashes out in the comments
  • He also posts some exercise videos
  • And appears along with Masato and Ai in a series where the three of them explore and try some modern trends
  • He also participates in other’s videos. Sometimes he answers a few questions fans have separately for him


  • He was fascinated with YouTube. Never really seen something like this eh?
  • He watches tv shows, starish videos, things his friends post and makes sure to comment on every video he watches
  • He is Camus’s unofficial cameraman
  • He, Natsuki and Otoya run a video series for children to tell them about animals and how to look after them. In the episode about fish, he refused to come out of his hiding place up a tree
  • As for videos he posts…he talks about work and Agnapalace
  • He also decided to do an “Ask Cecil!” like Syo where he answered individual questions
  • He watches a lot of learn Japanese videos.