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The irony is not lost on me, coming from Australia and all the deadly creatures we have there, that I am quite specifically anxious about bears and ticks as we head to Yosemite and Sequoia National Parks for the next five nights.

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Shy anon here~ bringing you more cute reaction requests! Can you write one of BTS reacting to you being surprisingly good at ice skating even though its your first time? I just got home from going ice skating for the first time ever myself and i turned out to be really good at it too //i fell only twice!!! *proud* Anyways~ that gave me the idea for this reaction request~ Thanks! ♡♡♡

Hi hi hi my little shy anonnnnn ❤ You’re right, this is definitely a really cute request!! Congrats on your ice skating!! I wish I could go ice skating rn oml it’s 40 something degrees in Australia at the moment (celsius lol idk about fahrenheit… just know that it’s really REALLY hot and I’m dying). So yeah, ice skating would be real nice. But omg good job for only falling twice on your first go! When I first went ice skating I fell 10 times. Not even joking. I was counting. But anywayy thanks so much for the request and I hope you like it!! ❤

BTS Reaction to you being good at ice skating

He’d be trying to show you how to skate backwards or something and would be talking about how difficult it is when you suddenly start doing it and surprise him. He’d be left standing there with his mouth open and amazed.

Wait… you can do it already? And you’re better at it than me???

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He would tell you that he would be totally okay with skating slowly so that you can get used to the ice (or maybe just because he doesn’t want to move much, who knows), but he’d find that you end up dragging him along as you go faster. It’d probably end with you holding his wrist as he slides around after you on his butt.

Y/N, stop, my butt’s getting wet.

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With you and Hoseok you’d probably get into a competition to see who could stay up the longest, and you’d be pushing at each other trying to make the other fall. He’d get really surprised to find that it would be really difficult to make you fall since you were so good.

*shove* Wtf how did you survive that?! *shoves again* Y/N WHY WON’T YOU FALL.

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Rap Monster:

Not wanting to admit that you’re far better at this than him, he’d just skate around after you, trying desperately to keep up with how fast you’re going. But knowing him it wouldn’t really work…

Yeah this is eeeeasy… hehe *trips* *splits ice* *falls into freezing cold water* *becomes ice cube*

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He would definitely be good at ice skating, I can just feel it. He’d be doing spins and twirls and all that shit to impress you. He’d also probably try to run away from you since he’d think you wouldn’t be able to keep up with him, but would be very surprised to find that you can.

*looks back to see you right next to him* Oh. You’re better than I thought…

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Tae ice skating would be like a deer or a giraffe learning to walk. He’d be slipping and sliding around like an idiot, and would eventually give up to contently sit on the ice and watch you skating like a pro instead.


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He would just try and beat you at it because he’s the golden maknae and he’d have to be better than you. The question is, would he succeed like he usually does, or would he fail because he’s a meme?

Option 1:
*eyes widen* Oh wow. You’re… really good… *coughs* I mean- I’m better. *executes perfect triple spin* *smirks* See?

Option 2:
*eyes widen* Oh wow. You’re… really good… *coughs* I mean- I’m better. *tries but falls flat on his face* *coughs again* See?

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Um, Ania? How do you feel about how Camila is acting now?

I’m not on any side as usual. My view is this:
She was talking about a person who has been stealing her work and used a harsh word to describe him however the word she used was considered in most countries (other than hers) however she did not mean it with the definition it was given. Retarded means: less advanced in mental, physical, or social development than is usual for one’s age. Even though she didn’t mean it literally I don’t fully like that she used that specific word but I understand that this individual has given her lots of trouble. However the fans are calling her offensive even though she used the word once

Now here in Australia we use the word ‘cunt’ a lot mostly for jokes but for insults as well. If I were to use it on the internet I realise I might get hated on as well since people are probably not used to hearing that word since it’s forbidden

How to resolve this? Camila should apologise for saying this specific word and explain how she meant to use it not for its definition but because it’s an intense word. This is the first time I’ve seen her use this word so I can’t say that she uses it a lot on the internet so all I recommend for @camilaart is to explain how she is using a word in much more detail and if anyone hates on her to link them that post if she wants to use the word again.

That’s my opinion

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More proof that DnP are moving from the latest gaming vid: "The game that almost got our neighbors to call the police and we're back doing it again because we don't care anymore!" They don't have to care because they're moving?!!

If I see anyone denying that they’re moving after this I swear to fucking god… 

For real though, not only have I seen so many people bluntly deny it without looking at the evidence and hints but they’ve also been really aggressive about it, calling those (us) who can see the move happening in front of their very eyes ‘extra’ and saying that they’re ‘reaching’ among other accusations (much like the debate as to whether Phan is real tbh). Not only is the aggression completely uncalled for, but I’m questioning why they’re denying it as they are. Unlike a lot of theories that circulate in the Phandom this one has sufficient evidence: Dan’s last liveshow (him being on the bed with his phone, his mousepad for his computer apparently running out of energy even though he could just replace the batteries, his bedside drawers being completely empty, and Wirrow’s painting being “relocated”), some of their offhand comments (”life things”, being tired and busy, constant complaints about their apartment and/or its location (such as gas leaks, the neighbours drilling and drunkards in the neighbourhood imitating owls), Phil’s calendar being open to May, and Dan asking us to remind him of the March/April period in about August (he said “in five months’ time” but he said that in a March liveshow so that would mean August)), neither of them doing liveshows for another couple of weeks even though their Australia conventions are already completed and realistically speaking I doubt they’ll spend all that time in Singapore (+ they’re uploading loads of pre-recorded videos), and of course what we can see in videos (Phil’s background in AP videos is noticeably emptier, Phil’s pillow/bedsheets in the gaming room, plus their kitchen was completely empty apart from Easter decorations and the baking equipment/ingredients) being the main factors. If it was just one or two of these instances occurring I might consider it reaching, but it’s too much of a coincidence for all of these to not only be happening in the same few months but also to be escalating in validity and significance as time moves on *cough* May gets closer *cough*. Those who are so insistent that they’re not moving either aren’t looking at all the evidence fairly (listed above for reference) or are telling themselves they aren’t moving for whatever weird reasons they may have (if one of you is doing the latter, just why? It’s not your life, it’s DnP’s, so their choices in life shouldn’t affect you this much).

This is my rant on the topic.

(Also I bet those aren’t the only loud noises they made to piss off the neighbours…)

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Oh, no, I the seasons thing, I always laugh bc there are soooo, so many RotG fics where Jack is like, 'oh, yeah, seasonal spirits all get a break for six months and hibernate and stuff,' and I'm like, 'But, but, what about the southern half of the world??'

Oh pfft we all know the southern half of the world doesn’t exist.

Right now I am drifting in the liminal ether and sipping tea and just pretending Australia is a real place but kangaroos are fake and the platypus is a lie and all we have is the Northern Hemisphere.

Michael After Midnight - FernGully: The Last Rainforest

Ahhh, FernGully: The Last Rainforest. This movie is absolutely a guilty pleasure of mine, though one I have very little guilt in admitting I love. This is pretty much the absolute peak of cheesy 90s environmental movies, and it featured Robin Williams AND Tim Curry in its cast, so surely it’s gotta be a blast. AND… it is! I hold it up with Captain Planet as the ultimate in heavy-handed moralizing 90s animation. It’s fun, cheesy, and yeah, it’s kind of a message we need to hear, even if it was delivered in an awkward way.

So what is the story? In a magical fantasy land known as Australia, deep in a rainforest is the kingdom of FernGully, a place where fairies live in harmony with nature. All the fairies think humans are extinct, until one day the super hot fairy Crysta ventures forward and finds a logging operation that seems to only employ non-Australians (as no one has an accent). She accidentally shrinks a human named Zak and then meets an insane fruit bat named Batty Koda, they team up to defeat the evil lord of pollution that was unleashed from his imprisonment: Hexxus. His goal: to turn all the world into a toxic wasteland. Can they stop him in this 90s environmental anti-pollution save-the-Earth movie? Take a wild guess.

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Are These Cryptids Real?

Megalania Prisca

Megalania Prisca, formerly known as Varanus Priscus, was a prehistoric monitor lizard – several times bigger than the Komodo dragon – that roamed the Australian outback terrorizing the native fauna. Even though science acknowledges Megalania to be extinct, sightings of monitor lizards (or goannas, as they are known in Australia) the size of saltwater crocodiles have been reported during recent times.

In 1939, for example, a train traveling through New South Wales stopped in its tracks after noticing a huge log on the railway. After several minutes, the log started to move and the passengers and train conductor realized that they were looking at a huge lizard estimated to be around 28 feet (8 meters) in length. More recently, in 1979, Australian herpetologist Frank Gordon had an encounter with what he considered a living, breathing Megalania – the huge lizard sprinting in front of his jeep with enormous speed while he was traveling in the mountains of northern New South Wales.

Ri and Ilkai

Ri and Ilkai are the names given by tribes in Papua New Guinea to an elusive species of humanoid sea creature that is said to resemble mermaids. Although the existence of such a creature may be quite preposterous from an evolutionary viewpoint, the large number of reports coming from natives has proven very intriguing.

In 1983, two American scientists, zoologist Richard Greenwell and anthropologist Roy Wagner, set up an expedition into an area rich with Ilkai sightings, hoping to solve the mystery of the fabled sea people. The two men expected the creatures to be dugongs, seals or dolphins, mistaken for sea people by the locals. Nevertheless, after seeing the mysterious creatures terrorize small fish in a bay, Greenwell and Wagner drew the conclusion that Ilkai were indeed an unknown species, and that the natives knew very well the difference between them and other sea mammals. Unfortunately, the remoteness of the area and the lack of funding put an abrupt end to their expedition, and the sea people of Papua New Guinea remain a mystery to this day. 


The agogve of Kenya and Uganda bear some resemblance to the almas, but are smaller in stature and often described as upright walking bonobos with vaguely human features such as long, slender hands. British explorer and hunter J. Cottnay attempted to hunt agogve creatures, only to have the natives persistently refuse to help him. The same thing happened in 1983, when a British team of zoologists was prevented from capturing one by the local people, who hold that the creatures are “the grandfathers of men.” Many cryptozoologists believe that the agogve are remnants of the population of Australopithecus that inhabited Africa roughly four million years ago.


You don’t need to be a cryptozoology buff to have heard about the Yeti and the Bigfoot. China, too, has its own version of an elusive, oversized apelike creature that dwells in deep forests and remote mountain ranges: the yeren.

Unlike the Bigfoot of North America, the yeren has an orange fur and long reddish braids and, according to local reports, is not as shy as its North American cousin. An unusual report comes from 1942, during the bloody war waged between China and Japan. According to eyewitness Liu Jikuan, who was then just a boy, an army regiment passing through his village had captured two yerens, the animals being shackled and dragged wherever the regiment went. What became of the creatures, however, remains a mystery – but sightings of yerens in remote regions of China continue to this day.


The almas are elusive and savage man-beasts that dwell into the mountain ranges of Kazakhstan and Mongolia. Their description somewhat resembles prehistoric man, given their short stature, powerful muscles, hairy bodies and lack of ability to speak. Accounts of the almas go back for hundreds of years, and the natives consider them to be a natural part of their environment.

In 1925, a Red Army cavalry regiment led by general Mikhail Stephanovitch Topilski came across a cave. After the troops fired several rounds into the dark – expecting that enemies might be concealed within – a naked human-like animal ran out screaming, only to die several yards away from gunshot wounds. Topilski documented the animal in detail, mentioning the hairy body, powerful muscles and apelike facial features.

An even more incredible account is that of Zana, a female almas that was captured by the people of a remote village in the Zadan mountains of Georgia. Zana was domesticated by the hunter who trapped her, and strangely enough, bore him three sons, who were almost normal people but with extraordinary strength and notoriously short tempers. Zana died in 1880; the remains of his youngest son were dug up and analyzed by Soviet scientists who subsequently confirmed the fact that his skull indeed exhibited pre-human features. 


The existence of an alleged Australian version of Bigfoot, the Yowie, is an intriguing prospect compared to the potential existence of its cousins on other continents. This is due to the fact that the Australian environment is deemed to be barely capable of sustaining a population of large omnivorous primates.Nevertheless, sightings of the Yowie still occur – one of the most prominent belonging to former Queensland National Party senator Bill O’Chee. In 1977, when O’Chee was still in school, during a two-day excursion near Springbook, he and his fellow students were apparently harassed by a 10-foot (3 meter) creature with a gorilla-like face, which tore saplings from the ground with incredible ease. The group spotted the creature on several occasions during those two days, and to this day O’Chee has not changed his mind regarding the events he witnessed. To him, and to many Australians who sighted the creature, the fabled Yowie is real- and lives in the remote mountainous regions of Australia’s Gold Coast.Kongamato


 is a cryptid allegedly living in the deep marshes and jungles of Equatorial Africa – an area of special interest for cryptozoology, due to the vast number of cryptids reported there. Kongamato resembles a pterodactyl, with a wingspan of about seven feet (2 meters), and it is supposed to be fiercely territorial. Moreover, it has strong, sharp teeth, which dismisses the possibility of it being a misidentified or unknown species of bird.

In 1932, renowned explorer Ivan Sanderson was engaged in an expedition into the remote regions of Cameroon. One day, he and his team shot down an unusual flying animal that intrigued them – describing it as having a mixture of bat, bird and reptile features. Soon after, the creature’s mate attacked the explorers, who ran away terrified. The local tribes lived in terror of the Kongamato, regarding it as a herald of death – and considerably more dangerous than the lion, leopard, or black mamba snake. Field expeditions in the area are notoriously difficult and the data gathered about the elusive dinosaur-like creatures reported in Equatorial Africa remains scarce.

Orang Pendek

The Sumatran creature that locals call Orang Pendek somewhat resembles a Bigfoot – only that it is not big at all. Dwelling deep in the jungles of the island, it is said to have both apelike and human features: shortness of stature, extreme strength, and a tendency to shy away from human contact. Dutch colonists reported several sightings during the first half of the 20th century: they described a short hairy creature unlike the orang-utan or gibbon, but rather more humanlike, and capable of walking upright.


The nunda, or mngwa, is said to be a great feline lurking in the jungles of Tanzania, its size and strength considerably greater than any lion’s. Interestingly enough, hair samples of the creature were used to confirm the fact that it is indeed a new species of carnivorous mammal.

In 1922, William Hichens, Native Magistrate of Lindi, brought the creature to the attention of the European press for the first time, based on the accounts of several of his subjects whoclaimed to have been attacked by it. Scottish hunter Patrick Bowen attempted to hunt the creature during the 1920s; he failed, but nevertheless he was convinced by the animal’s tracks and hair samples that this was no species known to science. Given the rather large number of attacks on humans in the area, there have been many hunting expeditions since then – none of which has been successful yet.

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Hey Isabella!!! Have a wonderful time in Germany!!! love your blog even though i dont study German, but I hope you can keep us up to date on your adventures! I know youre staying in Dusseldorf, but unlike in Australia its actually really easy to get around in Europe, truly, so i really hope you get to experience more, Germany was wonderful from the few cities i got to see :) enjoy, learn lots, and have a fantastic time :) :)

Thank you anon!!!!!

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Okay. In the last 20 mins, I have seen over 50 posts of Eurovision from just you and only you. What is Eurovision? I'm curious lolol

Uhm, my fellow Europeans must have abandoned me… Well, then. Buckle up, dear! Time for 

The Eurovision Song Contest

Originally posted by itsjusteurovision

Eurovision is a song contest that allows one representative (singer or band) for country. Right now, around 50 European countries take part to it. And Australia.

we don’t know why Australia, nobody really says anything, we just let it play with us

Because of its recent political decisions and the situation with Ukraine, Russia has been disqualified from the event for the year.

The even is divided in two semifinals that lower the number to around 25 participants. After that it’s the final that took place tonight. People from all over Europe can vote for their favorite, which cannot be their own representative; though half of the points comes from the vote of various juries, one per country, which basically vote each other assigning from one to ten points and then the infamous twelve points. That’s where the bloodshed starts, with neighbors turning on each others, indignation at not-returned favors and then long lasting alliances (Malta and Italy, we love Malta). The points are summed to the vote of the public and, voilà, here’s the winner!

What makes Eurovision great is: -the memes (so many memes come from this, you have no idea); -the general weirdness (a gorilla dancing on stage, a man with a horse mask on, whipping braids, much stuff) and occasional traditional instruments and clothes; -the GAY (gay dancers, rainbows everywhere, CELEBRATE DIVERSITY, and all). Also Verka Serduchka.

Long story short, Eurovision is European Countries running off their homicidal tendencies by passive-aggressively giving or retaining points from each others while throwing confetti, listening to sassy commentators and then turning every photogram into a meme. Hunger Games much, yes?

It’s really funny, I promise ^-^

So I hear some people saying to just buy the PC or Vita Japanese version of Taiso x Alice and not support the English localization. And while I do agree that we should give the English local the time of day, you need to understand that for alot of people the Japanese version just isn’t an option.

A couple of factors could play into this. the biggest two are Shipping and not understanding Japanese. I don’t know about other countries, but here in Australia its expensive as hell to ship something from Japan, and our options for shipping are pretty limited, Playasia is a great site but god their stuff is expensive and you’ll end up paying double what the game originally is. 

Also while I always encourage learning another language, some people just don’t have the time to do so. Japanese can be pretty demanding for beginners and even though people are saying you don’t need to understand the language to enjoy the story. I honestly think for some people (myself included despite me having a decent understanding of Japanese) it can affect how they enjoy the game, and they’d much rather understand whats going on. 

So yeah, I know it might seem like a good remedy to just say just buy it in Japanese. But for alot of people that simply isn’t an option, and thats why alot of them were banking on this localization despite knowing it would be a huge flop. 

I hope one day, a better version of Taiso x Alice will come out, one where the localize isn’t a total scumbag. But for now it simply is what it is. To those that are disappointed, let me just say there are plenty of other great otomes out there. Steam just released Gakuen Club and The Charming Empire which are decently priced (cheaper than Taiso x Alice was going for), and although I havent played it yet, I’ve heard great things about Nightshade! There’s also a bunch of incredibly great indie titles out there that are even cheaper and just as enjoyable. If you ever need any recs just hit me up and i can send some through! Also if you do have a vita check out Period Cube if you havent already, I’m REALLY enjoying that! Or perhaps save your money up for Hakuouki.

Yeah its disappointing that this game fell through, but it isn’t the end of the world, maybe one day someone will give this game the localization it deserves. But until then there are plenty of other options out there to enjoy. and more coming!


12 Days of Larents - Day 8: Mistletoe

You gotta kiss everybody underneath it, geez Harry.

So I absolutely love Christmas and even when I was little, my absolute favourite part was anticipating the look on everyone’s faces when they opened presents I got them. Unfortunately I can’t send you all a something individually though, so I hope this is an okay substitute?

Brace yourselves  for 12 days of dumb little pictures about the Larents getting ready for Christmas. I’ve been sitting on them for a little while so I’m super excited to see what you all think :D


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RFA and mc go to Australia for Christmas, it is boiling hot, they are dying, all they see is shirtless santa adds but the beaches are nice!



  • it was all his idea
  • Seven told him australia was beautiful this time of year
  • so he was surprised MC with the trip as a christmas present
  • but australia isnt beautiful at all
  • its a big hot desert 
  • Yoosung packed so many coats and jackets…
  • so, so many sweaters...
  • will Yoosung ever stop sweating?
  • as soon as they got there Yoosung and MC went to the nearest surf shop and bought a bunch of clothes better suited for the weather
  • “thats the last time i listen to Seven…”
  • “is it, though?”
  • Yoosung pouts, realizing his gullible ways
  • he wanted to make snow angels and have a snowball fight and drink hot chocolate and sit by a fire place
  • not sit under a giant fire place
  • aka: the sun
  • on their second day there they decide to visit the beach
  • MC lays down a towel
  • “some christmas, huh?”
  • Yoosung flops down on his back in the sand
  • “look, MC!”
  • he starts moving his arms and legs up and down through the sand
  • “we can make sand angels”
  • MC leans down and gives him a quick kiss, then calls him a dork


  • he is not okay with these shirtless santa adds
  • “MC, look away”
  • its just indecent alright
  • and he has a way better body and face and hair than any of these random dudes
  • Zen gets so aggravated
  • that he buys his own shirtless santa outfit
  • “MC, come sit on my lap and tell me what you want for christmas”
  • “no”
  • “…please?”
  • “no”
  • “i spent money on this costume”
  • “fine”
  • MC plops down in Zen’s lap, unable to enjoy it due to their current situation
  • “i want it to be less that 100 degrees outside”
  • Zen wraps his arms around MC and pulls them close
  • “is that all you want, baby?”
  • “yes”
  • MC doesnt seem to be in a very good mood :c
  • “what if we go to the beach instead?”
  • “its not very christmasy but alright”
  • Zen gives MC a piggy back ride while they walk down the beach to try and cheer them up
  • it totally works
  • nice


  • Jaehee’s not good in the cold so she thought a trip to australia might be nice
  • yea, it was nice….
  • a little too nice
  • she wanted warm summertime, not the fires of hell
  • she packed for warm weather but Jaehee really feels like she needs to buy something new, so didnt exactly pack for just pure beach time
  • Jaehee goes out and gets a pale yellow sundress, along with a big floppy white sunhat
  • she doesnt look very christmasy, but she’s still cute as heck
  • Jaehee keeps posting on her snapchat story with the temperature filter on in her cute dress
  • “merry christmas, dont freeze to death!”
  • Yoosung will reply to all her snaps like “T_T_T_T_T”
  • she loves making everyone back home jealous
  • “MC, come get in this pic! i’m sending Jumin a snap of us
  • caption: “how’s work, Mr. Han?”
  • Jaehee doesnt even care that the sun is trying to kill her she just loves being warm
  • Jaehee wants to take MC back there next year, too
  • even though its lowkey hell on earth


  • he has to go to australia for business purposes so he decides to take MC and make a cute vacation out of it
  • he wants to go sightseeing with them and hold hands and buy them breakfast, lunch, and dinner everyday
  • but as soon as these two get off the plane
  • all they wanna do is lay down on a tile floor and never get up again
  • once they get to the hotel room MC runs into the shower
  • Jumin strips down to his underwear and sprawls out on the bed
  • oh god, what is this place?
  • why is it so hot??
  • are they being punished?
  • Jumin contemplated these things until MC came out of the shower
  • he wanted to invite them out to do some sight seeing
  • but its so hot outside
  • he doesnt want to go out there
  • MC flops down onto the bed next to him and stares at the ceiling
  • “i saw in the airport…shirtless santa adds”
  • it sounded like MC had been through some sort of traumatic experience
  • “its so hot out there…so…hot”
  • “are we sure it’s december?”
  • Jumin took out his phone, and it in fact read December 9th
  • “i’m sure”
  • Jumin lays on his side to look at MC
  • “where are we? what is this place?”
  • without taking their eyes off the ceiling, MC answers
  • “this is australia, Jumin”
  • “it seems dreadful”
  • “the beaches are nice”
  • “i’m not going out there again
  • “what about your meetings?”
  • “…besides those”


  • Seven was so excited to have a steamy christmas
  • cause like how funny is that, right? lolololol
  • he’s been thinking about sending out holiday cards of him and MC on the beach holding some stalkings, that just say “seasons greetings!”
  • lololololol
  • but Seven forgot about one very important thing that comes with any beach vacation
  • S U N B U R N
  • he was so excited to get the beach on christmas day he totally forgot sunscreen
  • and burned to a crisp
  • he didnt notice until him and MC got back to the hotel
  • “geez, i look like a freakin candy cane!”
  • MC has to run out and get him aloe vera and long sleeve shirts
  • they spend the rest of their vacation taking care of him
  • the burn is so bad he practically gets sick
  • it also makes him very tired and they end up spending half their vacation asleep
  • “Seven, how did you get to be so stupid?”
  • “its your fault for distracting me with how much i love you and wanted to play in the waves with you”
  • “that doesnt make any sense”
  • “you dont make any sense”
  • every time something touches him he says “ow”
  • even if nothing touched his burn
  • “maybe next year we should stay home and play in the snow”
  • “deal”


I would gladly give up Australia’s position to Finland or Latvia… they deserve it so much more, i didn’t like my countries song that much and really didn’t deserve to go though (even though out of all the songs that did qualify, its was my 4th highest ranked song)….

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what are some of your favourite songs right now and also what are some oldie but goodie songs? I'm going on a road trip a need to update my music badly haha!!

I’m literally making a travel/road trip playlist as we speak to coincide with an upcoming video! Some of my favourite songs right now though:

  • River by Leon Bridges (thank you so much @strongerjenna)
  • Up On The Roof by James Taylor (fave singer of all time, and this song reminds me of the sweetest moments of my time abroad)
  • Please Don’t Go by Joel Adams (those Mmmms are so nice haha)
  • Amen by Hunter Hayes (I love his faith and this song is such a bop)
  • 1970 by ModSun (gotta shoutout to Meg Hughes for this one)
  • Follow The Sun by Xavier Rudd (if you want to know what Summer in Australia sounds or feels like, this is it)
  • Holocene or Perth by Bon Iver (so beautiful they make you cry?)
  • Nothing Like You by Dan and Shay (because this reminds me of @marissakai and god do I miss that girl also that BUILD, nice)
  • Brand New by Ben Rector (this reminds me so much of camp even though I just found it, it has that kind of feel)
  • Carolina In My Mind by James Taylor (this used to be my favourite JT song and has found its way back into my heart lately)
  • The Hippy Hippy Shake by The Georgia Satellite (if you can tell me what movie and scene this is from, you get 100 points to Hufflepuff)
  • The Way It Goes / Wild At Heart / Are You Over Me Now by Gloriana (these all remind me of 2008-era Taylor Swift and she introduced me to country music that I didn’t hate for the first time with this band)
  • Just Imagine by MKTO (any true dally fans know MKTO has been on repeat this year and we just discovered this song and it is #relevant)
  • Rainy Season by Hunter Hayes (this was waaay too real to a situation in my life recently and it helped me do something I needed to do and then I went off to Indonesia in their rainy season so it was totes appropes lol)

I’ve also started listening to Shawn Mendes whenever I miss camp (which is a lot) and realised I have a crush on an 18 year old. Other gr8 songs that remind me of camp are House Party by Sam Hunt, I Choose U by Timeflies, Sweatshirt by Jacob Satorius and Heartbreak Dream by Betty Who (the song I used in my camp video)

Not going to lie I’ve also been listening to a song that was written about me on repeat since a boy sent it to me haha. It accidentally played out loud when I was on an airplane last week and I didn’t realise #RIP :)

Eurovision 2016: Europe vs. Australia
  • Europe: It's that time of the year again! Let's get crazy together! Jeeey! Let's get all the European countries (and Israël) together! We are one big happy family!
  • Europe: Australia, join us again even though you didn't win last year. We love you. Come and be crazy with us, you cute little outsider. We value you as our equal and a respectable participant.
  • Europe: Oh, haha, Australia. Seems like you didn't get the memo. You're not meant to take this competition serious. Silly Australia, your act is supposed to be crazy just like ours.
  • Europe: Okay Australia you can stop it now. It isn't fun anymore.
  • Europe: Australia! No! AUSTRALIA! What R U doin'? AUSTRALIA? STAPH!
  • Ukraine: Jey, I win!
  • Europe: ...
  • Europe: Well shit. We'd rather had Australia as a winner.

thatfootstoolintheendpentacle  asked:

Hey, so I'm a 14 (nearly 15) year old girl, I'm 5'7 and i have weird thighs where the bottom is thin but the top isnt. I live in Australia so the weather is still really warm (like, 95-104/35-40 degrees warm) even though its autumn (the start of autumn but still), do you have any ideas for just any grung-ish hipster-ish outfits that would draw the focus away from my stupid legs? I have sunkissed-ish skin and shoulder-length, layered ombre hair that i usually wear in braids, a ponytail or out.

you should wear some eye-catching shirts/sweaters with some boyfriend or mom jeans. If it gets hot and you wanna wear some dresses or short pants you could cover your legs with some overknee socks.
Here are some outfit inspirations:
outfit 1
outfit 2
outfit 3
outfit 4
outfit 5
I hope this helps :)