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★  Dream  [ft. Sugar Relish]

Varian, now 12 years old, ventures into the Fade to keep himself occupied while searching for Solas. There he meets a very persistent Desire Demon who’s very new to the job. 

( even though this was a random thought of mine, thank you @bittersweet-blue-hearts // It’s like 2am I don’t know what I’m doing anymore )

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Do you need fluff prompts? Of course you do: Slater/Braydon - curls, freckles, dimples

(slightly nsfw at the end)

It’s unusual for Braydon to wake up first with Slater still warm in his arms. They’d gone to bed early the night before, Slater passed out with his head in Braydon’s lap halfway through the movie he’d picked. It was still early now, the sun not fully up yet. He squinted at the bedside clock: 6:12. 

Braydon knows Slater needs the sleep, needs to rest up for the playoffs when everything goes 90 miles an hour. But waking up first was a rare gem, one he was not going to let pass by. 

He brushes Slater’s curls off his forehead and presses a soft kiss there, another to his cheek and one more to his neck. He loves him all the time, but soft and sleepy first thing in the morning Slater is one of Braydon’s favorite types. 

Slater huffs and rolls over, tucking himself against Braydon’s chest, fingers wrapping around the collar of Braydon’s undershirt. 

It’s nicer this way, Slater’s whole back on display. Braydon traces the freckles there, across his shoulders and down the ridge of his spine. Slater’s skin is warm from where it was pressed against him most of the night. Braydon pulls the covers up so he doesn’t get cold, plants a kiss in his hair for good measure. 

He tries to fall back to sleep, arm slung over Slater’s waist to keep him close, but it’s no use. His body’s not used to the off-season just yet. And maybe he’s feeling a little selfish.  

“Babe,” he whispers, following the word with a kiss to his temple. “Are you awake?”

He knows the answer is no but it’s polite to ask. 

Slater grumbles. 



“Are you awake?” He drags his fingertips down Slater’s back to the band of his boxers, down further to his ass.

He hums. “No.”

Braydon smiles. “Please?”

“It’s so early.”

“You love morning sex.”

Slater cracks an eye open. “Is the sun even up yet? Can it be called morning sex if the sun isn’t up?”

Braydon’s missed waking up next to Slater so much. “Yes, the sun is mostly up. So your second question is pointless.”

“You’re pointless,” he says under his breath, shoving at Braydon’s chest. 

“You can just lay back.” Braydon rolls them so he’s got Slater on his back, pillow creases on one cheek. “I’ll do all the work.”

“God, your dimple is blinding. Put that thing away.”

Braydon smiles brighter. “Let me make you feel good.”

“Always make me feel good.”

He dips his head to kiss along Slater’s jaw and down his neck, across his collarbone and chest. “Please?”

Slater’s hips arch when he lifts his hands to the headboard, palms flat against the wood. “When you ask so nicely…”

Braydon lifts an eyebrow. 

“Do your worst.”


The sun’s all the way up by the time Slater comes in Braydon’s mouth, shaking and sweaty and red all down his chest. 

“Fuck, I love morning sex,” he sighs, boneless against the pillows. 

Braydon wipes his chin with the back of his hand. “Does it count if we started when the sun wasn’t all the way up?”

“I’d definitely have a good chirp for that if I wasn’t dead.”

“Does that mean I’m on my own here?” He indicates his own, neglected dick. 

“Yup. I’m just gonna lay here and look pretty.”

“Okay,” he agrees, taking himself in hand. “You do that.” 

When I first met Peyton I was a horse. In middle school my best friend Paige and I played horses everyday at recess in an elaborate soap-opera-esque game that involved a prestigious race track that conveniently hid a portal to a magic underworld full of winged Andalusians and fanged Arabians. We were very imaginative children. 
So, when Paige first introduced me to Peyton, a girl she new from her neighborhood, naturally it was in horse form. Peyton, though a year or two younger, was about a foot taller than me with large, excitable eyes and a penchant for loudness. But she too loved horses so she was immediately okay in my books and accepted into the game. Years later she told me that she was afraid of me when we first met, though how anyone could be afraid of someone pretending to be a winged horse in plain day and whose head only comes up to your clavicle, I’ll never know. Or maybe I was one of the fanged horses that day, that would explain it. 
She was hyper and enthusiastic and people-pleasing and I was overly calm and sarcastic and horrendously stubborn and yet somehow despite being each others opposite in almost every way at that age, we became best friends. Attached at the hip, if you will. Regardless of the altitude differences of our respective hips. 
I remember the first time Peyton spent the night at my house. I couldn’t wait to show her all my favourite places; my canyon, my A-frame room above the tack room, to introduce her to my horses. I remember we got home and I took her to meet Cloud and we both got on her bareback to ride out to The Point so I could show Peyton the poppy covered hillsides and view of catalina. And we rode out laughing like hyenas at who knows what and stood on the hill overlooking my home and everything was just so, so good. But the outstanding memory from that day is not the one of us serenely taking in the view and basking in the glow of youthful friendship, it is of standing precariously on stacked cow patties trying to get back on the horse. Peyton gave me a leg up back onto Cloud, but we could not figure out how to remount Peyton. The only remotely mounting block resembling things present being cactus and thorned bushes, and me being unable to preform that Legolas-esque trick of pulling someone onto my horse from the ground (I have noodles for arms) we were left with the only feasible option our 12 year old minds could conjure: stack up the dry cow poop into a stepping stool. (no pun intended)
Cloud being the most patient horse imaginable stood quietly and resiliently (although not without judgment) while we imbeciles tried to make a poop step between bouts of gut wrenching laughter. 
But that’s the kind of friendship I have with Peyton; free to be the stupidest, weirdest versions of ourselves and laugh about it until you physically can’t anymore. And then laugh some more. 
Its over 10 years later now, and not much has changed, even though everything has. We are completely different people than those dissimilar 4th/5th graders, and we’re also not so different from them at all. We’ve grown side by side into the people we are despite often times having hundreds or thousands of miles of physical separation. We’ve held on through the ups and downs in each others lives and can still communicate entire conversations in bird noises or total silence while both devouring respective pints of Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream just as easily as plain english. 
This past year Peyton moved to Thailand. To traveling, to everywhere and no where. She had a hell of a year and instead of throwing in the towel she abandoned her life as she knew it and stepped into the unknown. She’s spent the past few months backpacking around South East Asia living in hostels and meeting new people everyday, and right now she’s honestly the person I’m most proud of in the world. 
A few days ago she asked me to draw this bunch of poppy flowers for her like the ones from The Point so she could get a tattoo of them like we always talked about doing.
She got the tattoo last night and it looks amazing and now I’ve written this long sappy post before properly waking up which is never a good idea, but oh well. I’m embracing the unedited sappy this year. 
I love you Peytes. From gangly, excitable middle schooler to badass world traveler and everything in between and yet to come. 

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Does the US server require more exp to level up then the french server? I have both and on the French server I am lvl 12 with about 6000 points but on the Us Server I am lvl 9 with over 12000 points. I think the US server may use more points because under experience it says 3748 / 4120 so that means that I need like 400 more points to reach lvl 10 even though its not available right now. I was just wondering if you knew anything about this.

If you reach the end of the exp bar then that’s it. It doesn’t add onto your exp anymore. My bars on both versions are all filled and it doesn’t count anymore.

The only ones still counting are points of the month and total points.

Thoughts about my ex

 I gave you every fucking ounce I had in me. I put every stitch of effort I had in me into us and it still wasn’t enough. What would have been enough for you? I hurt myself a million times over to help you and to repay me for that you lie to me. I may not have been as expressive to you about how I felt, but my actions showed it. You, on the other hand, impressed me with words and had me fall hard and fast for you. But, when I was expecting for you to catch me at the bottom I fell face first into concrete. You did it over and over and I sat there bleeding wondering why you would do this to me. How could you say all of these things to me but then go and kiss other girls with the same lips that told me you were mine? I was yours. I was yours always, but I am noticing, a bit late, you were never mine. You aren’t anyone’s, and I hope you can learn to be someday, god I hope you fix yourself someday. I’m not bleeding anymore because of you and that’s a start. My body aches from missing you from time to time, but that’s okay because I am getting better. And even though when its 12 am and I wish my head was asleep on you rather than my pillow I thank god I am not with you because I know by keeping us apart he is doing me a favor. I am no longer drowning because of you and that’s an accomplishment. I care about you always, and I hope you realize what we could’ve been and wonder why you had to go and fuck it up. If I knew that’s where your head was, maybe I could be the one who sleeps at night.
Can you just let me sleep at night?


Some questions regarding :re Chapter 29.

Mutsuki’s Kagune.

Anon said: I didn’t get mitsuki’s kagune, it’s bikaku right, why does it look so different than the bikakus we’ve got so far 

Anon said: Hi there! I was curious about Mutsuki’s kagune in the latest chapter because the upper half looked detached??? I heard Mutsuki has a bikaku, but it bears no resemblance to a tail for me and I’m just curious where his kagune seems to be coming from. Sorry if this is confusing. Thank you for all your hard work! (Thanks so much for the support!  (^・ω・^ ) )

From what I see, it’s similar to Miza’s; while they are both Bikakus, they have multiple tails:

Miza has 3 tails (or blades)…

…and Mutsuki has 4; however, only one of them is visible on its entirety due to the angle (I could be wrong though, we’ll have to wait to see it from another angle).

Mutsuki and Urie.

Anon said: I don’t understand. What happened exactly in page 12. Did urie stabbed mutsuki? Can you explain in detail what happen between urie and mutsuki after that? Urie rested on mutsuki shoulder?

So, first Urie was going full Berserk…

…then, Big Madam hurted him badly…

…then, upon realising he couldn’t fight anymore (or that he didn’t have enough strength) he started thinking sadly about how unfair everything was, even though he was trying so hard to be strong…

…soon, his thoughts became hateful towards his whole squad…

…and then, when Mutsuki interrupted him, he unwittingly pierced him through with his hand…

…then he realised what he had done…

…but before he could speak, Mutsuki hugged him and told him that the rest of the squad weren’t trying to get in his way, that he was not alone.

Anon said: In the tgre chapter ( idk if you have read it or not so sorry ) why do you think tooru was able to reveal his kagune when it came to embracing urie?

While ghouls can take out their Kagune voluntarily, so far we’ve seen that the first time they take it out is when there’s external stimulus. 

Some examples we’ve seen: 

  • When Touka first used her Kagune was to protect Ayato from ghoul investigators.
  • Likewise, the first time Kaneki used his Kagune was to save Hide.
  • Another similar case is Hinami’s: she used it to save Touka from Mado.
  • However, Banjou’s Kagune manifested after he had been injured by Kaneki.

We could say that a ghoul can only take out their Kagune for the first time when they are desperate or when they are heavily injured.

Mutsuki had been injured a few times before during the Auction, so I don’t see why Urie stabbing him is any different. That leaves us with only one option: comforting Urie. Tooru has experienced loneliness before, even going as far as to mention that he misses his family when he was injured by Kanae:

Mutsuki’s lack of confidence was generated by the feeling of being alone (it has been implied that that’s one of the reasons he couldn’t bring out his Kagune); however, hearing Urie’s thoughts made him realise that he was also alone, probably restoring a bit of his confidence in himself

Tooru most likely knows that words don’t work with Urie, actions do; thus, after Urie injured him badly, Tooru, being desperate as to show Kuki that he cares for him, decided to hug him; as you can see all the factors were added in that very moment, allowing Mutsuki to take out his Kagune while doing so.

Some other stuff.

Anon said: Do you think that now that Hinahi has “saved” Sasaki, will she take him to Aogiri with her?

I highly doubt that; while we don’t know for sure why did she join Aogiri, it seems like Eto “invited her”. However, there’s many reasons why Aogiri would want to hurt and even kill Kaneki (let alone, experiment with him); since Hinami was part of Kaneki’s group, she would know that he wouldn’t like joining Aogiri and that it would be quite dangerous for him.

Anon said: i think i see a number on urie’s forehead (chapter 29, page 6, bottom panel) !!! it looks like I I I V, so i’m guessing that’s a reversed 8 (strength) ? and according to wikipedia: “If inverted, the Querant is in danger of losing control to impulses and desires. Pride and unwarranted anger are also often associated with the inverted card.” i think that fits the scene pretty well, but honestly i can never tell if there’s actually a number or if i’m just seeing things LOL

It does look like a IIIV.

Tarot Major Arcana (VIII) Strength:

  • Upright: Strength, courage, patience, control, compassion 
  • Reversed: Weakness, self-doubt, lack of self-discipline

Anon said: Hey again! Thank you for all that you do ^^ I am caught up on the new chapter of TG and there was one panel before shifting to Kaneki-Seidou’s perspective where a statue of an angel is shown. What do you think this symbolizes? I was thinking maybe salvation like a guardian angel since Hinami came to save Kaneki but I may be totally wrong and maybe there’s a deeper meaning to the forlorn-looking angel

So, I’ve been trying to figure out if it’s a specific Angel for at least 3 hours and I couldn’t find anything (it looks like a cemetery angel, though; that’s all I could find). Since the Angel looks pretty sad and we know how much she’s been through (especially these last years), I’d say it does represent Hinami coming to save Kaneki.

However, there’s this image of the same angel in Chapter 17:

Although it is small and not very clear, it looks like the angel is holding a trumpet. According to the Book of the Apocalypse, when the Seven Angels play the trumpets, the end of the World will come. This might represent the end of Sasaki’s world (just being the ghoul investigator Sasaki Haise, not Kaneki Ken, the dangerous ghoul who went against Aogiri, Kanou, CCG and learnt the truth about the One-Eyed-Owl and V).

Thank you for the support! (-^〇^-)


Season 9 Episode 12: Sharp Teeth

Cas may be the cutest patootie to ever patoot but he’s still a bad ass warrior angel who has better things to do than sit around the bunker waiting for Sam and Dean (and the show in general) to get their shit together. 


This is our way. It is who we are. Remember, daughter, you can never win a battle you might have avoided. 

- Sensation Comics 12

Amazons being written as honorable warriors who desire only peace instead of bloodthirsty, man-hating murderers? I didn’t think DC was even allowed to publish comics like this anymore. 

BEAST - 12:30


The glass bottle that breaks into pieces with a loud noise, is that how we are like

The low sky feels like it’s going to break down soon


You who had asked why I came now, that you had waited for me, you who had welcomed my love

Now you are colder than a person you meet for the first time


Your bright smile, your warm body (your face too)

I’m afraid that I won’t be able to see and touch it anymore


We are like the clock hands at 12:30

we have our backs to each other, looking at different places and trying to let go of everything


We are like the clock hands at 12:30,

walking towards the place where we won’t be able to return to


Feels like the time that had followed us also stopped

More than us I guess we’re now you and I

Feels like all the things that had passed by without much thought has stopped, rather than pass by

Your hands were very warm

I knew that you were being shaken, that’s why I grabbed onto you tigher

I hugged you, I locked you up, my love became more poisonous

Yeah, I know it’s all my fault

But these feelings left behind can’t let go of hope


Your bright smile, your warm body (your face too)

I’m afraid that I won’t be able to see and touch it anymore


We are like the clock hands at 12:30

we have our backs to each other, looking at different places and trying to let go of everything


We are like the clock hands at 12:30,

walking towards the place where we won’t be able to return to


Someday separation


The time that would someday get on its knees in front of me


I believe that it will start flowing again like us, I belieeve that time will come like that


Even though I let go of you now, even though everything has stopped


I believe that the broken clock will move again


Right now we’re like the clock hands at 12:30


We have our backs turned to each other, looking at different places and trying to let go of everything


We are like the clock hands at 12:30,

walking towards the place where we won’t be able to return to

KR - ENG TRANSLATION by. @dreamboys1016

* the lyrics might not be 100% accurate

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Erika, our time has come

Okay it looks like you found the text post I made, so you get the gist that about 10-12 years prior (which would be present show time) the twins both thought each other died, and handled their grief in vastly different ways. Mabel went on living as best as she could without her bro, grew closer to Grunkle Stan, dedicated her life to exploring the supernatural to be close to Dipper in spirit. Bill tricked Dipper into thinking Mabel was dead and then tricked him again into making a bad deal for his sister’s life, which backfired because his sister wasn’t really dead, Dipper just didn’t know that at the time.

Assumedly, Dipper was taken under Bill’s wing and survived through his guidance after the catastrophe happened. Once Dip’s taught how to control his demonic powers, he tries EVERYTHING to bring Mabel back and still nothing works. He doesn’t realize he’s been fooled until he runs into Mabel 10+ years later while they’re both hunting down the same supernatural artifact and it’s like a miracle for them both. Erika and I have kind of been developing this together. We agreed that Mabel would be dressed in typical adventurer clothes (t-shirt, ponytail, combat boots, backpack, etc.), and Dip would be dressed pretty nice in like a button down shirt and loafers, like he just waltzed out of some prestigious college. And as the story progresses and its made more apparent that Dip is not as nice as he seems, he dresses even nicer.

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