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I don’t quite understand why some people get salty about people who love characters who are villainous, antagonistic, or just morally questionable.
They argue that they’re so horrible and give an example of a cinnamon roll, pure character who in their opinion, deserves more love.

It makes me think about how many “problematic” characters I’ve gotten attached to over the years. This will be fun to go through…let’s see…

Literally 10 years ago it was Paul from Pokemon (I was 10). An edgy little 11 year old who treated his Pokemon like tools for battle and pretty much abused Chimchar because it wasn’t performing well enough in battles. He got better…at the very end…but still.

Silver, the rival from Pokemon Gold and Silver and HG/SS. A kid who is just a flat out jerk. Pushes you around. Steals his starter. Treats his Pokemon like tools. Again, he gets better and learns to show love for his Pokemon, but once again, still. (Still a good character though).

James from Team Rocket. Arguably good at heart, but is still a member of Team Rocket.

Zero from Giratina and the Sky Warrior. Oh boy. Just wack. Willing to kill Giratina for his selfish purposes and put peoples’ lives in danger for the sake of his obsession with the Reverse World. In prison. Perhaps implied to be on a path to redemption, but that’s still pretty bad.

Sasuke Uchiha. Obsessed with revenge. Is kind of a jerk at first. Gets worse. Pretty arrogant. Plots to kill every last innocent person living in Konoha after finding out about the truth about Itachi. Goes off the deep end. Tries to kill Team 7. Decides to protect Konoha…but wants to kill Naruto. Finally realized that he was wrong about everything he did, but many people still believe he went too far and didn’t deserve redemption. Probably still my favorite character in Naruto, the edgy guy.

Obito from Naruto as well. Does worse things than Sasuke. I don’t think I need to explain. Almost straight up murdered a newborn. Responsible for so much death. And war. And more death. Turns himself around at the very end, but honestly…it didn’t feel very realistic considering how far gone he was.

Madara Uchiha. Crazy, arrogant, power-hungry. Enough said.

Levi Ackerman. Actually not really a bad guy at all, but has done some some morally questionable things, which has earned his character some criticism and has been labelled problematic and even abusive as a result. Favorite character in Attack on Titan, hands down.

Izaya Orihara. Manipulative. Stirs up trouble. Attempts to kill Shizuo. Messes around with the lives of teenaged kids. An asshole. He’s my trash boy and I love him anyways.

Guzma. Leader of a gang. Aggressive. Violent tendencies. Apparently hit at least one of the Skull grunts. Conspired with Lusamine for his own desires for strength and validation from another person. Kind of jerky, even if he may have a better side. His team steals Pokemon from other people. He’s probably on the road to becoming a better person, but that doesn’t stop some people complaining that people shouldn’t like him like they do.

Awww man, I’m a mess!

sooo… :)

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are you seriously going to delete? please don't i'd miss you too much.

mmmm no i’m not like??? i do plan on moving this blog bc there’s too much negativity (both on here & on the dash. the su discourse is draining & i just need a break from it all.) but i’m not deleting this blog bc i’ve made too many memories on here.

i’ve already made the blog bc i didn’t want to be bombarded with tutorial pop ups (you know the ones you get when you first make a blog?) when i do move, and i was going to plan on moving there after the new year, but if things get even worse i might be moving by the end of next week bc i’m just tired, and i want my blog to be somewhat positive again…

The official SU page on Facebook posted a clip from the episode with this description and, I dunno, I just really like that they did that


“Don’t worry! It’s all part of my master plan.”

“Yes, because crashing into a bunch of asteroids and then nose diving into some random, barren planet was a brilliant idea. Way to go genius.”


(the background is transparent woohoo)

warm and soft like a fireplace….a heith….

  • MC: When you said 'magical in bed' this isn't exactly what I was expecti-
  • 707: [holds up Queen of hearts] was this your card?
  • MC: [softly] Holy shit.