even though it's kind of cheesy

A Different Kind of Sickness

¤another lucaya. This is cheesy af. I can’t stop. I’m infected. Its horrible. Send help pls.¤

Maya was sick.

Like really, really, really sick

Monumentally sick.

She had all the symptoms. Sore throat, fever (102 degrees), repetitive sneezing and even extreme headaches.

So as of now, she was curled up on the vivid green sofa in the living room, wrapped in about three blankets, sweating to death. Maya was also alone. Great.

Her mother was currently at the bakery. Unfortunately, she couldnt get time off to take care of her daughter, though it’s not like Maya would have let her. She was fine, she told herself. Just a little cold. Her mother had made her soup and some tea before she had left for her shift, to which Maya was extraordinarily greateful.

Her second source of comfort was also missing. The Matthews, including Riley, were taking a trip down to see Corys’ parents. Which meant that Maya was out of options as to who to pester. So she had gotten out of bed, wrapped herself like a burrito and plopped down on the couch.

The blonde had given in to the sickness and decided to (try to) sleep. Which was why she didn’t hear him come in her bedroom window.

Lucas, had been called apon by Katy, who had seen him come in earlier that day. She forgot, however to supply him with a key, so he used his usual methods of windows. After he saw the sickcase wasn’t in her bedroom, he followed the narrow hallway of her apartment to the living room.

There she was. All 5 feet of her. She was curled up in a ball, her bright hair tied up in a (very) messy bun. He took a few steps and put his bag down at the side of the couch. Then he crept a little closer, kneeling down in front of the small body before him. He could clearly see she was paler than usual, but her cheeks were flushed, tinted with a natural red blush.

For once, she looked at peace. He reached out and put his hand to her forehead, partially to check her fever, and partially to touch the locked up girl.

Fortunately, her temperature didn’t feel to bad.

Unfortunately, she was sort of a light sleeper.

She stirred, her eyes still blurry with sleep. Was that a boy on front of her? Oh god not just any boy. It was Ranger Rick.

Her eyes widened. She sat up too fast, bringing a sudden headache back.

“Whoa Maya slow down! Its me.” He reached his hands up to steady her.

Her mind raced.

What was he doing here.

She probably looked like a mess.

Had he ever seen her without makeup?

Was she even wearing a bra?

Oh shit.

“Maya?” He put a hand on her arm. “Come on, lie back down.”

She wasn’t having any of it.

“Sorry Sundance. I’m afraid I’m a little busy to entertain today.” She croaked.

“Your momma sent me. She said you were home alone, sick.”

She squinted.

“I brought crescent rolls and chocolate.” He bargined.

She layed her head back down, focusing her eyes on his face.

“Now you’ve got me intrested.”

Her voice was extremely hoarse. Great.

“Hold on a sec,” and he was gone.

Her eyes followed him down the hall,  until she couldn’t see him anymore. Not even ten seconds later, he came back, with one of her large pillows in hand.

“Here,” he said. He guided her head up with his hand and placed the pillow under it.

“Look at you Huckleberry, taking care of the sick. Won’t the orphans and the elderly need you?” She questioned.

“It’s my day off from being a by the books Texan,” was his reply.

He got up again to look for any sickness related medicine he could give her. After about 5 minutes of searching, he finally found some Advil. He poured a glass of water, grabbed one pill and went back to the couch.

“Here Maya, take this.” She lifted her head slowly and took the capsule and the water, then procceded to lie back down.

Maybe sometime later, he got her to eat some of her favorite crescents and a little bit of the soup that Ms. Hart had left.

After putting the remnants of the meal in the sink, she called for him.

“Lucas?” Her voice was barely above a wisper.

He rushed back in, kneeling front of her.

“I’m here. What do you need?” His tone was soft and gentle.

“I’m freezing.” She said. “Will you lie with me?”

Here he was, being asked to lie with Maya, the nickname - giving rebel girl herself.

With no hesitation at all, he obliged. She scooted left, to the back of the couch, while he slid on next to her, gathering the small body in his arms. She snuggled herself tightly to his chest, so that her head rested beneth his chin. He didn’t even care about getting sick. He was pretty sure he was already infected with another kind of sickness.

He could feel her slowly falling asleep in his arms. So he tilted his head down, and placed a kiss on her forehead.

Little did he know, that she was concious enough to feel it.

A few hours later, when they had both woken up, but still wrapped in eachothers embrace, he heard:

“If you ever tell anyone about this, I’ll castrate you”

He just laughed and nuzzled her head, with his own some more.

Yeah, he was sick.