even though it's just an echo


why are you doing this?
it’s an echo. the console room, it’s the safest place on the ship. it can replicate itself any number of times–it’s trying to protect us.

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I guess you've gotten quite a few requests if it's not too much street performer trips and falls on top of /the arms of audience member nalu

It happens too fast to process.

One moment she is spinning, turning ever on and on, an the next the ground is gone beneath her feet, and the world falls off its axis.

Lucy does not have time to consider her course of action, to reach out her hands in automatic defense of the hard ground, because suddenly she is dangling sheepishly in the hold of strong arms, an ice cream cone dripping off her face and into her cleavage.

“What,” she gasps in her confusion, and hears the words echoed almost at the same time by whomever it is who is holding her. And her eyes move upwards and even though there is melting icecream on her breasts and she just made a fool of herself in the middle of a large crowd… she does not think of any of that.

The amused arch of his brows, the cheeky pull of his lips, the eyes that sparkle with mirth as the situation slowly sinks in – it’s all she is able to take in.

A long moment passes before she yelps and awkwardly scrambles to her feet, his eyes never leaving her disheveled form.

“You gonna pay for that icecream?” His gaze is imploring, but without menace, and she vigorously nods her head, hearing herself stammer excuses as her face heats up.

“Good,” he says with a grin and a small nod. “Otherwise I would’ve had to finsh the one on you.”

Something in his expression tells her he is serious – and entirely oblivious of the implication of his words – but she gasps all the same.

“Not like I’d mind.” He shrugs. “Except you’ve heated it all up.”

“I– uh… I’m sorry?” Lucy ceases her stammering, hands balling into fists at her sides. “Sir, I’ll buy you all the ice cream you want!” 

The man snorts, shooting her a stare that is so amused that Lucy is sure she is missing something. Is there more ice cream on her face? She rubs the back of her hand across her nose. 

“Doubt you’d keep your word. I’m hungry.” He grins, and Lucy involuntarily finds herself grinning back, not even quite sure why. “So…What do you say – I’ll buy yours if you buy mine?”

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Hi ! Can you do "Dating Cristiano would include" please ? :)

i hope that’s kinda what you wanted? (it was so much fun writing this that this will be 2 parts lol) 👅💙


Dating Cristiano would include … 

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Anyone else notice that F!Kana looks a lot like Azura but just a younger version? She even has really long hair, its just pulled back in a bun. And that piece of hair that goes down Azuras face? F!Kana kinda has that too, it’ll probably even get longer as she gets older . Even their eye shape is similar… Makes sense I guess, since Fates kinda ships M!Corrin x Azura….

Gets me thinking about Male!Kana though. If F!Kana really was made to look like Corrin’s favored waifu then it’s probably the same for Fem!Corrin’s husband/M!Kana. So, going off that assumption, M!Kana’s design probably echoes his papa’s. It’d probably be someone like Azura, who is important to the story for one. Likely someone that Corrin interacts with often and has a close relationship to. So, that probably means one of the male royals: Xander, Leo, Ryoma or Takumi… Given IS obvious bias toward the Hoshidans, it’s more likely one of them. 

Plus, Kana has spikey hair which is a common trait among the Hoshidan characters it seems (do you guys already see where this is going ›:3) So, that narrows it down to two bachelors: Ryoma and Takumi. Now, looking at Kana’s design…his hair looks A LOT like Ryoma’s w/it’s spikeness and guess what? His eyes also happen to be the same color as the lobster prince. Corrin’s are red so where in the hell did Kana get it from? 

Yes, a few other Hoshidans have grey eyes (Hayato is one that comes to mind) and Azama has very spiked hair but none of them are important to the main story so it’d be kinda weird and out of left field. And out of the siblings, Ryoma and Xander take the most of the spotlight alongside Azura/Corrin, so having one of them in mind when Kana was designed was probably the way it went. Conclusion: BOOM, KANA IS LOBSTER JUNIOR