even though it's all black and white

What is Dark up to?

(In case you didn’t know, some Darky shit happened in Mark’s video Don’t Play This Game)

2:49- The first shifty thing that happens in Mark’s video. Mark says “What happens if I quit the game?” Reality bends, and we hear that creaking that we heard when we first saw Dark again back in February. 

4:43- Mark wrote down what the game was saying and is saying it along with it. Again, we hear the creaking and we see as the facecam zooms in, loses its color, flips, and multiplies. Mark’s voice layers and distorts, eventually becoming so distorted we can’t understand it. There is no center voice that sounds like Mark at all. It’s all Dark.

6:04- Mark says “Bye, bye” as he always does, and he waves at the camera. But as he’s smiling, that 3D effect shows up again. The black and white background with blue and red. Even though it’s Mark, Dark is still there distorting reality, because that’s what he does.

But this shit right here is what got me:

Every time Mark says this, he looks straight at the camera, as if talking to us. But it’s not Mark, is it? That’s not how Mark speaks. He isn’t monotone like that. Distorted reality, layered voice, and that piercing ringing sound are all Dark. So do we understand Dark? 

Let’s be honest, Dark knows we don’t understand. He knows that we have no clue what’s going on and that we’re scrambling to make sense of it. And maybe he wants us to understand. Or maybe he doesn’t. Maybe our confusion makes us easier to control. The more confused we are, the more we theorize, and the more attention he gets.

So, my dear Dark, what are you up to?

(and let’s not forget that Mark was a little shit when he tweeted this)

(Screenshot via booperplier)

His game. Thanks, Mark, for breaking the fandom again.

Distorted Thinking of the Mercury Signs
  • Aries Mercury: The Fortuneteller error (predicting a certain outcome and already treating it as fact)
  • Taurus Mercury: Tradition bias (thinking that that which is old, established, or has tradition is automatically superior or safer)
  • Gemini Mercury: Labeling (putting everything into clearly defined categories, as if life was a lab experiment)
  • Cancer Mercury: Emotional Reasoning (concluding that emotions are reality, that the way you feel reflects the truth of a situation)
  • Leo Mercury: Personalization (interpreting everything as a reaction to or opinion about you, taking opinions personally)
  • Virgo Mercury: Filtering (taking out negative details and magnifying them)
  • Libra Mercury: Fallacy of Fairness (making sure that everything is 'fair and even', even though it's not that logical or fair in a particular situation)
  • Scorpio Mercury: Polarizing (only black and white, good or bad, perfection or failure, no middle ground, all or nothing thinking)
  • Sagittarius Mercury: Overgeneralization (coming to a general conclusion based on a single incident and preaching it without sufficient factual evidence)
  • Capricorn Mercury: "Should" Statements (holding on to dogmas/rules of how things or people should/ought to be, rather than seeing how they are)
  • Aquarius Mercury: Anti tradition bias (thinking that that which is old, established, or has tradition is automatically inferior or outdated)
  • Pisces Mercury: Heaven's Reward fallacy (expecting all your sacrifice and self-denial to pay off, as if somebody was keeping score)

I guess I’m getting nervous because its clear that white supremacists are watching to see who everyone will stand up for and who they’ll turn on. And with all of the demonization of BLM (and therefore black people in general) and lack of support for black people during this tumultuous time I’m worried we are setting a precedent that it’s okay to target people…just not the people liberals see as valuable. And they’re already erasing us from discussions about white supremacy even though we are directly impacted by it in every way. Standing up against this travel ban won’t mean anything if people don’t keep this energy and momentum going and protect every vulnerable group.

okay this dream occurs every few years or so. i walk from my house, all the way to the middle of the desert to get to this cool ass water park (im with my family, but not my real family. its like a dream family and they’re all white even though im black) but when i get there, it’s a fucking dive bar and i cry myself awake.

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Yesterday, I found an article about a white man saying the N word. On the comment section, I posted that it's inappropriate for white people saying the N word given its history. You'd expect people to believe the same thing, right? Wrong. I was down voted into oblivion, and even though I tried to reason with them, all the replies I received asked me why black people were allowed to say the N word but whites can't. I was mad initially, but now I just find the whole thing depressing.

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Do you ever think about redrawing the first few chapters to match your current style a little more? Honestly I like that you've kept them the way they are but it would still be interesting to see the older chapters with your developed style

aaaa. funny you ask that now!

I’ve been going back and forth, asking my friends and myself whether I should or not. Now that there is a3rd reprint of volume 1 and editions happen.

Buckle up, this answer will get a wee bit long. (public post coz I have another ask about redoing the art of old books)

So, the thing is, and those who have been in my streams might have heard about this.

I was thinking of cutting the story into two stories under different names, something like Little Women and Little Men. There won’t be a time skip or a change in style or perspective. Why did I thought of doing it? well it’s exactly because I see how my voice in storytelling became mine in later books, and isn’t the same in vol1. I wanted to start something new with this story that still has some time to go, but with new volume number, so new readers can pick up and if they want, can go back to the older books.

My artist friends, whose opinions I trust, didn’t agree with this idea and that told me I should check the book myself. In all honesty, I never read the first two books as a whole, so on the night of my 31st birthday I sat down and read vol1 not as the writer but as a new reader and all mistakes and text placement aside, I did enjoy reading it. The voice is the same. The writing improved but it has the same style.

What made me happiest is how many things I thought are “useless” when I thought of vol1 before reading it, and what made me hesitant to give it to new readers, made perfect sense when you look at all book as aw hole. I had finished vol6 at the time I read vol1, and I felt like things has come a full circle. Things that were mentioned in vol1, were cleared in vol6. Th way Black and White fight in vol1 is the same way, even the way they scream at each other, in vol6.

That gave a great boost to my lack of confidence in vol1. 

To answer your question, I’ve never thought of redoing the art, because I respect the me from 7 years ago and her efforts, and I also have great respect and appreciation for those who put their trust in me and my art from the start.

I can redo one thing tho; their faces. 

A face is the first thing a reader is attracted to when reading, and in some panels Black and White, especially White, don’t like themselves at all. So without fixing any panelling, text, pacing or anatomy, I’m currently just fixing the faces so they’d look a bit like themselves.

I am not fully set on this editing though. I’m liking the result, but I still need to feel even more convinced, because you know how a sketch loses a lot of its feeling when lined? I found that a lot of the original feeling gets lost when I redraw some expressions. Even though the characters themselves and how much more I know about them now plays a good role in that.

so, this is my answer, and I’m sorry for the “too long please read” answer XD

Thank you for reading 

The Philippian Substance

My grandma rested on the plot of grass
In front of that smooth black granite,
A bouquet of white yarrow in her hand,
In all directions: corn,
Raspberries on the tree line,
And those white flowers in the ditches
On the side of the road.

A road where black goop filled the cracks
As though it could glue scars together
With its stick.
The heat of the summer
Would enrage the goop into little bubbles,
And the bubbles would burst and stick to everything.
Somehow, it even clung to the yarrow petals
Speckling my grandma’s stomach.

She was trying to teach me something,
And, like the black goop,
I don’t know what it was,
But it stuck to my hands, my feet, 
Left its residue for hours,
And clung to everything I touched.

She was trying to teach me something,
And maybe it never left 
- this black film
Sticky on my hands -
It’s still there,
Touching everything I touch.
I’ve just gotten used to it.

The smallest Winchester

One Shot
Summary: Dean, Sam and sister/reader. Reader and Sam finds a kitten and immediately want to bring it home. Dean, is not so convinced.
Reader: 14
Sam: 16
Dean: 18
Warning: FLUFF!!!!


Readers POV

As you and your brothers where walking back to the motel after school, you have your normal every day conversation, which consisted of, when is dad coming back from his case? You liked your new school and all, but you just wanted to go back on the road and hunt, like you do best.

“…I don’t know when dad is coming back, but it looks like he won’t be home for a while.” I hear the end of what Dean was saying and my heart skinks a little, even though I already knew the truth, it’s a lot harder to hear it out loud.
“Why does he have to leave us all the time?” I yell back without even knowing I’m talking out loud, “It’s like he…” I suddenly see something that makes me stop talking almost instantly.

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So since you're going through his other works... how does GRRM do endings? Like, what do you expect from ASOIAF's overall ending based on how he ends other works in terms of tone and such? And, well, is he good at them? I know some authors are said to be iffy at endings (I usually see this directed at Stephen King, though I don't know if it's true and ymmv).

GRRM’s endings are like sitting in a blackened room, and someone suddenly strikes a match. It’s such a tiny light, but amidst all that blackness, it’s precious. Which is to say, his endings are dark, my friend

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My cousin, a 15 y/o white guy, doesn't believe in the gender pay gap and thinks it's made up. Like how?! What??? And me and my friend and sister have repeatedly tried to get him to understand, but he still doesn't believe it, he thinks that is a statistic trick. How can I get him to acknowledge the very blatant reality of it? Thanks!

The pay gap is hard to prove. It’s hard to prove that you’re paying a woman less for unfair reasons. Over all though it is an issue and it becomes even more of an issue when you look at women who are Asian, black, and Native American who on average make less than white women.

Some of the arguments against the idea that there’s a pay gap is that women take jobs that pay less so obviously they’d make less. But I believe that women aren’t always able or encouraged to take jobs that earn more, like those in the maths and sciences (doctors, scientists, architects, etc.) That would allow them to get those jobs. Girls are often led to believe earlier on that they aren’t as good at math and science, aren’t encouraged to go into those fields in college, or are harassed or discriminated against in those fields.

I would be interested in what facts or studies a 15 year old young man is utilizing to form this opinion. Why does he specifically think it’s a lie? Or is that what someone told him so he believes it? If I knew exactly why he thinks that it’d be easier to discuss why he might be wrong.

I’m seeing a lot of discourse where people are complaining about the usage of the term “wlw”. 

The thing that annoys me about the whole “Wlw” thing is that you have a bunch of people taking a term that had specific meaning to black women and applied it to themselves because they felt entitled to it.  And then, of course, they dominated everything about that word and it became the “hot” thing to call themselves for like a few months, and *now* they frame it like its problematic because its “too general” when they’re the ones who generalized it in the first place.  It was intended to be a way for queer black women to identify themselves, it wasn’t meant to be a generalized term for every single woman who’s attracted to other women.  But now that they made that the case they’re acting like using “wlw” is inherently lesbophobic.  

Like what did you all expect?  You thought that was a trendy term that you could use for just white lesbians, and now the dirty trans women and bisexuals got their hands on it (even though we’ve always had it…) so now its going the way of “queer”?  I swear, I’ve seen people frame “wlw” like its lower on the “gay women hierarchy” and are projecting all sorts of meanings on to it which reek of biphobia. 

At least use “wlw” properly before you start complaining about it.  If its too “general” for you than maybe give it back to the women it was created for, since you all aren’t exactly making room for us either way and it would be nice for us to have a term *we* can use to identify without other people decontextualizing it. 

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I recently saw a post on here about "aave" I think it's called?? About certain words and stuff being exclusive to black people?? There was some stuff that made sense, and then obviously slurs but like... apparently the words hella, bae, and even yeet were only allowed to be said by black people and tbh it just seems kinda ridiculous

AAVE = African American Vernacular English (I think)

Basically it’s the idea that these words were developed from black people in America talking amongst themselves and that white people using them is therefore cultural appropriation. I think it’s stupid because no group of people OWNS a language. I mean, American English and British English are quite different even though by the logic presented on that post all the white people in America should be speaking the same as British people.

But the fact of the mater is that black people are still a part of America, they are influencing its social, cultural, and yes, even linguistic development. So the idea that a certain race of people cannot use specific words (except slurs, obviously) is stupid.

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Funny how it's the white people who support Randy Orton and Chris Jericho even though they on some bullshit,funny it's only the white people go silent when black wrestlers win belts,funny how they always go crazy when wrestlers like Alexa wins all these male fanboys got hyped that Alexa won but when Naomi won they bashed her.

Man I love tea.

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Ronan Lynch is definitely autistic. just from the books we know that:

  • he never lies, hates when people lie to him, and takes pride in honesty
  • he chews on his leather bands (stimming)
  • has limited ways of understanding and expressing his own emotions (anger or happy, nothing in between)
  • right from the beginning, ronan communicates in a distinctive way that his friends have learnt to understand. he doesnt respond in the “expected” ways all the time, and he uses meaningful silences to communicate
  • he often says something and hopes his friends know what he really means, and even though he cant express himself in words then, its so great that his friends know him enough to know what he means
  • craving adrenaline rushes, which make him feel more alive
  • frequently displays Black and White thinking throuhgout the books, as is typical of autistics
  • opal also behaves in a very autistic way, and she came from his head
  • latin as a special interest
  • he literally invents calm spaces for himself

i dead been trying to figure out how to do transparent/glass objects for like 2 months now and i can’t. like i’ll try for 2 mins and nothing works and then i give up again until another 2 weeks or so. 

the alpha is so confusing to me like idk how to make it look like how it’s suppose to. and everyone i’ve asked doesn’t know either though. who knows how to make glass/transparent objectssssss?? if you do i’d love you forever if you can lend a handddddd or maybe some advice pleaseee and thanksss.

bless your heart

I got street-harrassed yesterday, walking with a friend in my quaint, historic southern hometown. on the Disney-looking Main Street, middle of the day. for those who would ask, I was wearing a black chiffon dress with lacy cutouts at the waist. that doesn’t make me prey. that makes me practical. it was 86 degrees out, and even if I’d been stark naked, I’m not here for anyone else’s amusement

and the thing is, the boys around here should really know better. because the girls around here are…well, from around here

some of us grew up with the smoke of long-lost cannon in our breath. Virginia creeper twining around our bones. soldiers in blue or gray asking us for a dance. faceless, nameless spectres plucking at our clothes; playing with our strings. whispering our names down dim halls

I may be spirits’ favorite toy, but I’m sure as hell not yours

you breezed past in your truck, windows down, blaring some song about tits-ass-hey-baby-bend-over at me and asking if I knew it. I couldn’t make out all your words, but I knew the tone as well as any woman does. you’re young and male and you’ll live forever. I’m young and female and occupying your space and I’m your property

you won’t live forever. enough people in this town already know that, and they can see you even if you can’t see them

some of them like me. can you say the same?

didn’t your mama teach you how to talk to a lady? we’re all ladies, every one of us: born or found, white or brown, wearing pretty little Lily Pullitzer sweaters with a monogram or dressed all in black. and around here, ladies have teeth

so keep on taunting me, little boys. you’ll never have a night’s rest again I was born of this place, its bloody streets and its deep magic. I’m the prettiest damn southern belle you wish you never saw


Aaand last one !
Now I will do my graphism… and try to not fall asleep on my desk. That’s such a though week, I don’t even see the end of all the work I have to finish before sunday… and of course that’s when you’re death tired that your nasty inner voice choose its moment to shine… *sigh* Thanks brain.

Anyway ! Hope you all guys are fine ! I gave you all a big smooch ! Have a great day/night/life !

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How would you argue against white privilege? Also nice butt

White privilege is just a lazy, sweeping excuse BLM and pandering white liberals use to explain why black Americans aren’t typically faring as well as white Americans so they don’t have to face their own real issues. 

The concept of white privilege is also a favorite go-to for those who make their living stirring up racial discord because it is based on the supposition that being white in America offers special advantages that people of other races do not enjoy. Said another way, white privilege means that to be anything but white in America is to be economically and politically handicapped.

There’re a few problems we have here though. Think of our fucking president for the past eight years for starters lol. Another factor that tends to undermine white privilege is that poor white people and people of all races face the exact same challenges that poor black people complain of as if having a hard life is exclusive to black people and it’s whites fault. It would be easier to make a case for wealth privilege in America than white privilege.

It would be even easier to make a case for Asian privilege. When applying the socioeconomic indicators its purveyors use to justify their arguments, Asian Americans (and Indian Americans) come out on top, not white Americans, in fact, white Americans aren’t even anywhere near the top. Here’s the important part though, even though Asians are faring far better than whites, blacks and Hispanics, Asians succeed not because of their race (the left love making everything about race) but because of other factors that they and they alone control. Refusing to make excuses is one of them. 

What Asian Americans have proven is that privilege in America is based not on race but on merit. People of any race can succeed in America if they emulate the approach of Asian Americans: take their education seriously, develop a positive work ethic, obey the rules, respect the laws and stay together as families. Blacks have some of the worst numbers when it comes to any of this, taking education seriously, work ethic, crime and violence and nuclear families yet they blame white people for their own refusal to break this detrimental cycle. 

There is no escaping the fact that education and family structure play huge roles in determining the success or failure of various racial and ethnic groups. This plays a greater role in the difference between white and black success than automatically throwing a blanket over the entire white race. You cannot lack education, work ethic, family structure and respect for law and then go on to expect equal success and outcomes, it’s not plausible and it doesn’t make white people “privileged” for being better at sticking to these principles than blacks, it makes them more self-aware and accountable which leads to greater levels of success. It’s why whites are more successful than blacks and Asians and Indians are more successful than whites. Being good citizens isn’t privilege, it’s responsibility. It’s time for them to stop making these lazy, racist excuses.

And by the way, thank you for complimenting mah glutes ;)

How The Systemic Segregation Of Schools Is Maintained By ‘Individual Choices’

Sixty-three years after the Supreme Court’s Brown v. Board of Education ruling mandated the desegregation of American schools, many schools across the country either remain segregated or have re-segregated.

Journalist Nikole Hannah-Jones tells Fresh Air’s Terry Gross that when it comes to school segregation, separate is never truly equal.

“There’s never been a moment in the history of this country where black people who have been isolated from white people have gotten the same resources,” Hannah-Jones says. “They often don’t have the same level of instruction. They often don’t have strong principals. They often don’t have the same technology.”

Still, when it was time for Hannah-Jones’ daughter, Najya, to attend kindergarten, the journalist chose the public school near their home in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, even though its students were almost all poor and black or Latino. Hannah-Jones later wrote about that decision in The New York Times Magazine.

For Hannah-Jones, sending Najya to the neighborhood school was a moral issue. “It is important to understand that the inequality we see, school segregation, is both structural, it is systemic, but it’s also upheld by individual choices,” she says. “As long as individual parents continue to make choices that only benefit their own children … we’re not going to see a change.”

Hannah-Jones adds that her daughter is thriving at school. “I know she’s learning a lot,” she says. “I think it is making her a good citizen. … It is teaching her that children who have less resources than her are not any less intelligent than her or not any less worthy than her.”

Illustration: Michelle Kondrich for NPR

bedrooms of the signs
  • aries: light colours, whites and magnolias, very ironic but imagine sheep's wool (it basically has the aura of being like that), picture of them with friends hung up inframes, most likely a small wardrobe or set of drawers, a standing up mirror, if they have a desk it's clattered.
  • taurus: stuffed toys everywhere, they love their old things so much they didn't wanna throw stuff out. usually reasonably neat, until they need to find something, either a huge wardrobe or a tiny one. they would have a mirror built into the wardrobe, the walls are likely to have bolder colours.
  • gemini: either neat af or a pigsty, chargers everywhere, probably have a tv in their room, several lamps, a desk with a shit ton of unfinished writings on it, big closet, they'd probably be smart and have lighter colours to make the room look bigger.
  • cancer: probably a very dark colour scheme (if not it'll be bold colours anyway), an average sized closet, some piece of art hanging up somewhere, their bed will most likely be single (unless they're old and sleep with their partner), probably has plain block colour curtains.
  • leo: a literal huuuuge ass closet, a picture with meaning hanging on the wall, messy (surprise!!) with clothes everywhere, probably has a few toys somewhere in the room, magnolia walls, a rug, a tv with a huge (like 257) dvds in a rack, a double bed.
  • virgo: white walls with a single wall having patterned wall paper, a single bed with fairy lights, a ceiling fan, clean room (though when it's messy you can't even see the floor), bedding that matches their colour scheme, an average sized wardrobe.
  • libra: they have it all. the tv, the huge wardrobe, the double bed with fairy lights, a huge amount of shit on the floor, a rug. but they don't have any pictures (they're all on their phone).
  • scorpio: not dark or black colour scheme (surprise hoe!!) probably beauty care product all over the room, a larger bed, an average sized wardrobe, a collage wall with funny doodle from friends and old pictures, most likely to have a stereo.
  • sagittarius: they might be one of those hipsters who have a map (studded with places they've been) in their room, darkish walls, a single bed, small closet, definitely will be personal pictures somewhere, probably a pretty normal room.
  • capricorn: a normal sized closet, a little armchair that can be transformed into another bed, a bed that's against the wall, has picture they and their friends drew stuck to the wall, tons of books on a shelf, a clattered desk with more books, a beside table with more books and a lamp.
  • aquarius: most likely has a theme (like space, or nature, etc), unpredictable wall colours, a larger bed with a thick duvet no matter what the weather is, chargers everywhere, a tv with tons of dvds, too many notebooks lying around.
  • pisces: likes their room to be clean, doesn't have a theme but most of the stuff matches, a double bed with fairy lights, a mirror fixed into their wardrobe door, tons of pillows on their bed, also a weird tendencies to have a very symmetrical room.