even though it was raining

Got up at 6am to go to university even though its pouring and rain got through my raincoat. As soon as I get there for my 8am lecture, I’m told I should go home from the severe weather brought by ex tropical Cyclone Debbie, so I catch the bus back home… what a fun early morning adventure. 

And now the news is saying tornadoes are possible in my area….. Tornadoes are literally my worst nightmare. I have fucking dreams about them all the time -_-


Throwing it back to 2012 and 2 bundles of jaguar joy. 😻😻 As jaguar numbers decline, each birth in the Species Survival Plan (SSP) helps to establish an assurance population for animals in danger of becoming extinct. Wild jaguars are in serious trouble. Over 30% of the rain forests they call home have been destroyed—and when the rain forests disappear, jaguars disappear. Even though we’re hard at work at the San Diego Zoo, we’re also busy on the front lines of jaguar conservation. Be a hero for wildlife and support our efforts: http://bit.ly/SDZGWCjag


Stull Cemetery is located in the small Kansas town of Stull. Inside the cemetery stands a small abandoned church and a number of gravestones. Many creepy tales surround this cemetery, which is said to be one of the seven gateways to hell. An article written in 1974 claims that this cemetery is one of the two places on the earth that the devil appears in person twice a year. In fact, it’s said that the abandoned church is his gateway, with many locals claiming that even though the roof has been missing for years, rain does not land inside. Shrouded with tales of witchcraft, devil worship, and Satan himself, this cemetery is on the bucket list for most paranormal chasers. Is is even said that that when Pope John Paul II was flying to Colorado in 1993, he had his pilot divert around the cemetery because even the air surrounding Stull Cemetery is tainted by evil.

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*whispers* pssssst! I'm always game for headcanons about Coran interacting with the team~~~ he needs so much more love 💖💖💖

Yes!!! You’re absolutely right. Coran is such a cool guy let’s be honest, and I would love to see more of his connection to Alfor and Altea as a whole.

  • We all know that Lance is probably Coran’s favorite. He probably looks at Lance and all he can see is himself. He works twice as hard in everything he does because he can’t let this kid lose his home like he lost his.
    • He’s always trying to find a planet with rain even though he has no idea what it actually is.
    • When Lance mentions his lack of self-confidence (please do it soon kid) Coran makes sure to always point out the cool stuff he does and he gives him more opportunities to learn and improve.
    • He just takes this kid under his wing and helps him in any way he can.
    • Lance just needed his own bullet point in this compilation because he put Coran’s life before his own in the iconic bomb scene. He’s earned it.
  • While Allura is the one to push the team to be the greatest it can be, Coran is the one that realizes when they need a break (especially Allura). He understands the desperation to defeat Zarkon but he also knows that they’re all so much younger and unexperienced than him. Four of them are still kids.
  • He tries his best to get to know all of them and learns to help them in the way that they need it the most. He knows that while Lance needs that vocal affirmation that he’s worth it, Pidge might need him to trust her to do things others would consider above her skill level. Hunk might need someone to spend time with and a distraction, while Keith needs some time to himself and a reminder to relax.
  • He loves Allura like his own daughter (which she practically is) and he knows her better than anyone else. He knows that she feels as if she can’t show weakness and he knows that she feels like she needs to be the great leader that her father was. Coran is there to assure her that she’s doing a good job.
  • Coran does everything he can to ensure that he won’t lose this family just like he lost the last one.
virginia valley gothic
  • a shifting in the treeline makes you think you are being followed. somewhere, someone dons their camouflage jacket. 
  • you cut through the mountains to go home, but you never feel your car climb at all. it seems like a straight shot even as the air around you begins to thin.
  • when it rains, the air fills with the stench of raw meat, of fresh manure, of a can of dog food being popped open and held under a fan. the locals say you’ll get used to it.
  • some of the farms have no animals on them, no crops in sight, but rows and rows of storage units. you wonder what they could be storing so much of. 
  • the side of the barn has been blown out from the inside, but by who– or what– you don’t know.
  • a lonely confederate flag hangs above a rickety porch door; around the corner, a handwritten sign preaches god’s hatred of man. 
  • in the distance, further south, you hear the low groan of a house’s foundation slowly retreating into the swampy earth.
  • the train crawls slowly along the tracks, blaring its horn, and as you wait to cross you feel eyes watching you from the dark inside the open train cars.
  • downtown, bluegrass and appalachian folk songs blast from every shop, every car radio, every open mouth. the deafening cry is raised to the heavens and as time goes on, you can’t help but find yourself joining in.
  • at your rival school, everyone whispers jefferson’s name under their breath, silent as a prayer. they fervently believe he’ll return for them one day.
  • you’ve begun to be able to tell the difference between towns as you drive; or at least, that’s what you tell yourself. 
  • you’ve never seen the peak of the mountain. always, clouds or mist get in your way. you think one day you’ll climb up there and discover it for yourself.
Costco: N7 Training
  • N1: Realize it is raining. Be determined to go to Costco anyway. A little rain can’t stop you! Even though you don’t have a car. It’ll be okay. You’ll be fine. You’re tough. You’re tougher than this.
  • N2: Arrive. Be firm when people try to steal the cart you’ve been waiting for for several minutes. Be prepared to Renegade interrupt. You probably won’t hurt that old lady too much. Besides, she’s probably a Reaper agent. She’s got a look in her eyes. Don’t let her fool you.
  • N3: Maneuver through the front door. The faint of heart may turn back here. There’s no shame in this. Some people aren’t cut out for the higher N-levels. Walk through a bizarre blast of heat. Begin to sweat.
  • N4: Why, why, why on God’s green earth did you think Costco on a Sunday was going to be anything less than hell?
  • N5: You must survive this. You must go on. Do not become distracted by the people giving out free samples. No tiny square of cheese is worth standing in yet another line 20 people deep. You can do this. Your hunger is meaningless. You are being purified.
  • N6: Just when the end is in sight, the dreaded Line of Doom stretches before you. It is the most intense battlefield you have ever seen. Why is anyone buying so much smoked salmon? What could anyone need that much smoked salmon for? Realize the woman in front of you is already far more advanced that you: she is purchasing a swimsuit without having been able to try it on. Salute her. She is a brave, brave soul.
  • N7: Load your giant backpack. It seemed like such a good idea at home. Bring a backpack. It is huge. It belongs to your 6′3″ husband. This backpack now weighs half what you do. The Hackett in your head urges you on. Gasping, the weight of the universe on your shoulders, breathe, “What do you need me to do?” “Get on the Skytrain. Yes. That means making it up all those stairs,” says Hackett. “Hope that none of your orange juice cartons explode in there on the way home.”
  • Once home, wear your red stripe with pride as you survey your spoils. So many crackers. So many. So. Many. Eat some. With the cheese you fought so hard for.

I am here tonight because Ava told me that I could have my family back.


“Lucy-san … Juvia doesn’t want to hurt her nakama … Although it’s a little presumptuous of me to call you are after all you are my rival in love … Juvia has truly come to love Fairy Tail …it seem so friendly .. so fun…so warm…as though even if it’s raining outside in the guild the sun is always shining…just when Juvia thought she was finally starting to get along with everyone … but it look like Juvia can only bring sadness…” 

“you’re the juvia to my lucy” (´・` )♡

for my dear friend @chikadah


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cynco for the ship ask!

  • who holds the umbrella when it rains
    • Cisco does even though Cindy fights him on it
  • who is the grumpiest in the morning
    • Cisco. He’s not an early riser like that but Cynthia’s Collector training has her on that student athlete mindset (WARRIORS NEVER SLEEP, CISCO)
  • who worries more when the other is sick/hurt
    • Cindy. She’s real worried but she tries to be gruff about it (“Cisco I swear if you die on me I will find you on Earth 2423423 and beat your ass”)
  • who plays pranks on the other
    • Cindy’s not allowed to do pranks anymore after the incident with the fire. She was very sorry. 
  • who is always the first to suggest cuddling on the sofa
    • Cisco, and Cindy’s a lot more open to lovey-dovey stuff when they’re alone, even though she pretends to be affronted. 
  • who insists on creating nicknames for the other
    • Cisco. Cindy actually loves it because she’s never had someone give her nicknames and not suck at it (looks at writers and comic folk). Sometimes he calls her Cyn City which is cool.
  • who drools on the other when they’re asleep
    • Cindy. Cisco chooses not to make fun of it. 
  • who says ‘I love you’ first
    • It’s actually Cindy. Which is not what a lot of people would suspect but she’s just that competitive that she told him when she knew he was about to tell her (she still meant it though)
Essays in Existentialism: Vegas II

Okay, so I just read your Vegas prompt and I’m in love with the story and the characters. Any way you’d maybe do a part two? Like six moths later or something? I don’t know.. just write anything really I love your work. So yeah. Go you mate. 

Previously on Vegas

The city was absolutely dripping, soaked through to the bones with the rain that refused to stop after days and days and days. The bay itself seemed wetter than normal, while streets and shoes and welcome mats never got a chance to dry. Instead, the sidewalks and streetlights and window sills remained soggy fixtures in need of a good squeeze and sunshine. 

The water-logged inhabitants didn’t notice after the fourth day, they just seemed to collectively think they’d all fabricated the sunshine, and it never actually existed. Instead, they resigned themselves to becoming aquatic, and perhaps one day even getting gills. 

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Cherry (Part 17)- wolf!jikook story

“My parents are coming home today,” Jimin announces happily, pink umbrella clutched in his hand. A light rain’s been battering down, causing the earth to soften and squish between Jungkook’s bare toes. So silly, his parents kept repeating, for weather like this to occur during winter!

Drops of rain stick to Jimin’s ears, causing him to flick them occasionally. If he stays out here long enough, he could take a mini shower.

“Is Devil Aunt leaving?” Jungkook asks, hiding underneath Jimin’s umbrella. Even though he enjoys the rain, his shirt and jammy pants are completely soaked through.

“Yeah.” Jimin leans on his toes, waiting for his ride. Since his parents are arriving soon he’s been very excited, unable to keep himself still. “It’s good she’s leaving.”

When the bus putters and hisses at the stop, Jimin hugs Jungkook tightly, giggling at his soaked clothing. “Bye bye!”

“Bye.” And Jungkook kisses his chubby cheek before promptly turning, dashing down the sidewalk to his house, heart racing. He can hear Tae screaming something at him, but he can’t hear his friend over the bus.

When the bus finally heads down the street, the rain’s stopped and Jungkook sits on his driveway. The sun’s beginning to show, causing the beads of water to sparkle.

Rain’s nice and pretty, but he likes it best afterwards, when the earth smells fresh and clean. Once he’d had a mud bath with Jimin, mud smeared on their tails and faces. That was more fun than dancing in the rain!

An earthworm squirms on the sidewalk, Jungkook watching it intently. His ears perk when it flops onto its side.

“Cute,” Jungkook smiles, using the tips of his fingers to pick the thing up. It’s so wet and slimy!

Trekking inside his house and showing it to his mom, he’s met with a shudder. “Please take that outside, honey.”

“But he’s my pet,” Jungkook whines, staring at his squirmy earthworm, water from his clothing dripping onto the carpet.

His mother laughs, pointing outside. “Come on, Jungkook. You know the rules.”

Huffing, Jungkook heads outside, allowing the worm to wiggle on his hand. What should he do with it now? If he sets it down, a bird might eat it.

He knows Jimin’s parents like pets. Maybe he should surprise them!

Using Jimin’s window to sneak inside, Jungkook pads down the hallway and into the kitchen. As if on cue, an empty coffee cup sits on the table. Perfect!

“Here you go, wormy,” Jungkook places it into the cup, wiping his dirty hand on his jammies. He’s about to grab some dirt when someone’s footsteps echo down the hallway.

Quickly ducking underneath the table, Jungkook holds back a growl when Devil Aunt enters the room. Shuffling around, a hand hiding her yawn, she clicks the coffee machine on…

…and grabs wormy’s cup.

With horror, Jungkook watches the cup gradually fill with steaming coffee, Devil Aunt humming something catchy. He doesn’t make a peep when she sits and drinks the coffee, flicking open a book or magazine. With every loud sip, Jungkook has a greater urge to bite her leg.

A minute later and the cup suddenly smacks against the table, a scream echoing throughout the house. The chair’s thrown back, Devil Aunt leaving the kitchen in a horrified flurry.

She must’ve found wormy!

Hiding his giggles at her crazy face, he sneaks down the hallway and out of the house. Feet squishing into the dirt, he cross the street onto safe territory, unable to contain his laughter.

Wait ‘till Jimin hears about this!