even though it was only her imagination lol

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In deathly hallow's epilogue they made Draco look so old even though he's only supposed to be around 37? I honestly think Draco would have tons of skincare products bc why not lol and Astoria may roll her eyes as she watches Draco apply an avocado face mask but Draco always says "I'm the reason scorpius has such healthy skin, Astoria. It's the malfoy baby soft skin and you know it." And Astoria rolls her eyes again, laughs, and walks away bc her husband is such a dork

Avocado mask omg. All I’m imagining now is Astoria walking in to find both her husband and her tiny four year old son smothered in the stuff. Scorpius is positively beaming. He’s hanging out with his dad and they’ve got food on their faces. Food! He usually gets in trouble for that but not todaaaay!

(Also, Draco explaining that you can’t talk otherwise the mask will crack and it won’t work and you can see Scorpius is bursting to speak but he doesn’t. If you don’t think Draco uses this tactic for a quiet half hour every so often then you’re wrong.)

This all backfires, of course. Over the next few weeks they find Scorpius trying to put all sorts on his face. Astoria thinks it’s hilarious, Draco just wants to not be on bath duty three times a day. There’s some things not even magic can deal with. Like blueberry stains. Oh his beautiful purple hair…

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Can you imagine if iris does die and barry is like welp gotta travel back in time again to save her and he travels back an entire season which means he'd erase all the westallen we got this season. LOL i die tbh

oh my god!!! don’t even. i would fight him!!! imagine the shit storm it would cause though? like not only is it sooo repetitive (since they did it in the s1 and s2 finales) but like him erasing all of season 3???????????? the season we finally got our otp together? i would honestly just stop watching lmao. like that’s some next level bs. 

“No. Shut up. Go away,” she replies, pushing at it with her hands. That only seems to get it onto her wrists, though, warm tendrils that wrap around her while her heart beats and she thinks of other painted walls, ones that didn’t move, and quiet evenings spent marveling at them from the shadows of the scaffolding.

The wolf just sort of stares at her, and at the Spirit of Love, and then at her again.


Really wishing I drew men much more often, bc then I’d be good at actually drawing them. /ok
Looking at how other ppl approached drawing Pride helped me achieve something decent, at least. I also wasn’t really sure how to approach drawing Love (Spirit forms are an absolute mystery to me lmao) but I think I like what I ended up with!

I don’t usually do fanart for actual people but uh, this is something that I’ve wanted to do for a long time.

This is Rhodes, who is owned by @itsprecioustime, who is a huge inspiration for me. Not only are her characters really amazing, but she is just a phenomenal artist, and someone that I really look up to. Seriously, whenever I feel like I don’t want to draw, I just camp out in her art tag, lol. It always reinvigorates my imagination because her paintings are something that I really strive to match some day.

So anyway, I just wanted to say thank you so much for sharing your art with us, and I’m sure that I speak for many people when I say that every time you post a new piece it really brightens up my day!