even though it was maybe like 5

friendly reminder that keith, the second shortest of the team has to bend down to look at pidge

warnette headcanon drafts

i’ve had these in my drafts for literally months maybe years so i’m just gonna post them all even though they’re all inappropriate and dumb and unrealistic so here u go

  • juliette wearing lingerie and warner looks at her for like 5 seconds before being like “this is great and i love it and you look beautiful but i’m going to take it off now”
  • warnette sitting on opposite sides of the bathtub with their legs intertwined just looking at each other while drinking wine from fancy glasses
  • juliette buying body paints and warner is like aw yiss thinking he’s gonna get some but juliette just asks warner to lay on his stomach so she can make landscapes/pictures out of the scars on his back (and then he falls asleep while she paints or something LAME because he is a cINNAMON BUN)
  • james asking juliette if she loves warner and whereas warner was sarcastic and skirting around the truth she doesnt even hesitate before telling him yes 
  • kenji teasing juliette about her sex life and she pins him to the wall by his throat and asks calmly “sorry, what was that?” 
  • kenji finding out warner’s first name and it’s really awkward for like 10 seconds then hes like “im just gonna keep calling you warner” 
  • kenji being super protective of warnette’s kids and always playing with them and teaching them their first swear words 
  • juliette looking in the mirror in the morning and noticing her entire neck and chest is covered in hickey bruises and she’s like “goddamn it” and warner just walks by like ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 
  • warner playing music in their room and asking juliette for a dance and she’s super shy because she doesn’t know how and never has but you know warner is knowledgeable af so he twirls her around and they’re giggling and out of breath and i need to sit down
  • juliette hardly able to walk after a rough night and warner doesnt know whether to be smug or concerned 
  • juliette going with warner the next time he checks on everyone in the compounds and all the citizens are thanking her and wanting to shake her hand and at one point a child the same age as the one she killed holds his arms up for juliette to hold them and she does then looks at warner emotionally and omg
  • juliette getting bath bombs and she saves the glittery one for herself bc she doesnt want warner sparkly and embarrassed but he insists on using it with her and gets glitter stuck to him everywhere anyway and challenges anyone who tries to point out that they’re both literally sparkling the day afterward
  • warner teaching james not to be a fuckboy 
  • kenji being like “you both are so intense. it’s like no one else is in the room when you’re together” and warnette’s like “who said that” “did u hear anything”
  • headcanon: so since juliette can turn her power on and off, can warner feel when it’s on/off? since he can feel the power flow through him when it’s on, do you think they’re ever just snuggling and she lets down her guard and lets it flow through them and he stifles a gasp? her tracing her fingertips down his face and it’s literally electric? 
  • warner chuckling at something juliette says/does and he hides his smile behind his fist shyly but the dimples show and he’s so LAME and BEAUTIFUL
  • do u ever just see inappropriate pictures on tumblr and ur like “awww warnette would do that” bc me 

dedicated to freethepoets​ (check her out!)

Okay, this is basically compiled from maybe 20-30 different sources, so there’s a lot of info here. one hella big masterpost.  Even though there’s so many, I have personally checked each link to make sure it works, so you shouldn’t have to worry about that. Note: if marked with *, it’s digital/tablet art most likely. This is a really long post, so look under the cut. Follow for more master posts and references!

Tutorial for Beginning Photoshoppers
Photoshop help blog (2) (3)
Painting tutorial 
how to shift images using blur
brush stuff (2) (3) (4) (5)
glow in sai 
coloring art (2cloth)(hair)
how to draw clouds 
how to make stars
water fire snow light 
light sparkle 
mountains (2) moon ice
greyscale tutorial 
ps layers 
glitch effect 
download ps (2) (3) 
this tag (ps) (2)
this tag (sai) 

Other Graphic Stuff*
Make multi-page images 
Pixel art (2) (3 eyes)(hair)(fur)(4)
image types (jpeg,etc.)
pattern library 
lots of templates 

Gif to flipbook 
easy toon 
how to make one 
this tag

Google Fonts 
font out of your handwriting 
my tag 
this tag

Colors and Coloring
Color Basics
Color Blender *
Color Palette Generator
Great Color scheme designer 
Get info about a color by its hexcode * 
What colors pair well with others? 
A bunch of color groups/palettes (2)(3) (4)
how to make a color palette
coloring * 
adobe color wheel 
gradients *

Photo Editors/ mess around with art*
gimp (how to use it for shading)
more here and here 
online image editor 

Drawing People/Animals Tutorials/References

How to draw dreadlocks and other black hairstyles (poc)
How to draw wolf/dog ears 

body motion 
hands (2) (3) (4) (5) (6)
feet (2) (3)
faces/ heads  (2) (3-lighting) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10) (11)(12)
kissing (2)
Dragons! (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7)  
clawed hand                                  
 expressions (2) (3)
how to keep variation when drawing faces
comprehensive body refs/tutorials (2) (3) (4)(5) (6) (7 could be slightly nsfw)(8 nsfw-ish)(9) (10) (11) (12)  (13 nsfw)
body ref (you get to create the poses)
skin tone ref

hats on people (2) (hoods)
skin color palette (2 is skin in-depth tutorial) 
more skin helps (2) (3)
butts and thighs 
cool mutant human skeleton refs
male torso (2)
female body
creating creatures 
felines  (paws)
lion head
animals (general) (paws)(fur)(2)
how to draw penises (nsfw i guess)
sitting poses (2)
hair (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10)(11) (12)(13)(14)(15) (braids) (more braids)(braids)
clothing (2) (jeans) (boots) (plaid)(lace) (armor)
horses (2) (3) (hooves)(legs + hooves)
dogs  (2) (3)
cats (big cats) (cats 2)
wolf paw (head) (body)
human wings (2) 
wings (2) (3)
pegasi (is that the plural?)
anime eyes (2)
eyes (2) (3) (4)
cool body visualizer 
ears (2) (3) (4 + noses)
noses (2)
mouth (2) (3) (4)
necks (2)
skull (2) 

Inanimate object Tutorials/References
How to draw trees (2) *
Awesome water ref 
clouds * (2)
rose (2) bush*
grass in sai/ps * (2) (3) 
rain * 
water *
3d rooms how to
gun ref (2)
chain how to 
how to draw gems 
gold coins 
how to draw an apple 

Make a comic strip 
Digital sculpting *
Silk art 
art prompt generator (2)
clay figurines 
how to watercolor 
how to add dimensions to your art 
watercolor pencil technique (2)

Other Resources 
Hella tutorials here as well 
this blog 
this page 
art ref blog 
inking masterpost 
art youtube channel 
this site
fashion infographics  
these master posts 
ps blog (2) 
this post *
body ref blog 
master post of art resources 
this art tag (2)

Hello Kakasaku Friends,

Christmas is approaching and we thought a Kaksaku Secret Santa would be a fantastic idea. If you want to join, read carefully:

1. Sign up ends December 1st. Please participate only if you´re sure you can make the deadline. 

2. You can submit your gift any time, but the final deadline is December 31st. (If you can submit before the 24th, that would be wonderful.)

3. When you decide to participate, send us an ask with your e-mail and 3 prompts for your Santa. Shorter, simpler prompts and fills are encouraged so everyone can submit on time. *For more info about rules and how to submit, see our FAQ.*

4. Although it is a Secret Santa exchange, you don’t need to submit your gift anonymously. We´d like you to stay silent about whom you´re gifting until the end, though.

5. A gift can be a fic or art, a playlist or a poem - be creative!

If you have any further questions, we´re happy to answer them. Don´t hesitate to send us an ask here or on our personal blogs. We look forward to your participation!

Kakashis-Porn-Stash and LittleDevil26

(Special thanks to ZatannaZatara06 for providing us with the beautiful graphic above!)

Viktuuri coffee shop AU part 5

- Viktor and Yuuri meet again that night, in Viktors apartment, for dinner

- even though they’ve done that a lot already, Yuuri feels really nervous because Viktor called him cute and that was a first

- Phichit has to stop him from binge eating because ‘You’ll eat over there’ like the angel he is, bless Phichit

- He also escorts Yuuri to Viktors flat to make sure he won’t freak out or something (and maybe to get some pics for instagram of Viktor welcoming Yuuri as well)

- before Viktor opens the door however, Phichit slaps Yuuri on his butt and says something like ‘Go get him, Yu!’

- Yuuri is left to blush when Viktor lets him in

- as soon as they’re reunited, Yuuris nervousness almost vanishes, because he is in Viktors flat and it’s save here

- they move around each other in a coordinated manner, Viktor stealing little touches every now and then while they prepare dinner (it’s Katsudon because Viktor wanted to make Yuuris favorite, he’s so cute!!)

- meanwhile they chat about everything and nothing at all, just like they do most times, but Viktor really wants to be closer to Yuuri again, just like the night before, when they danced, and Viktor has a plan!

- after dinner Viktor casually suggests to watch a movie and they end up on the couch (with Makkachin next to them), watching Lord of the Rings

- when they finish it’s really late and then Yuuri says he’ll have to leave now (while staying put on the couch because he doesn’t want to leave at all) and Viktor wants to slap himself because he wanted to really talk to Yuuri today and get closer to him, but now he missed his chance to do all that

- when Yuuri raises however, Viktor panics and just straight up blurts out a ‘I’m in love with you, Yuuri’ like what, chill man

- Yuuri freezes and doesn’t blush despite what Viktor thought earlier, instead he just stands there in a state of complete shock

- and Viktor is glad that it’s out now, but he also wants to take it back because it wasn’t supposed to happen like that, it was supposed to be perfect??

- but wait, Yuuri is still frozen, maybe he didn’t hear him, so Viktor repeats the words just in case, and then he forces himself to smile, because he actually did it and if he doesn’t smile now, who will

- ‘I’m in love with you, Yuuri’ now hangs between them heavily

- Yuuri on his side really wants to say something, he wants to scream and tell Viktor that; Yes, he’s in love with him too; yes, he wants to go on a date with him; yes, he wants to stay longer and cuddle and maybe even steal a good night kiss; but he needs a second, he’s just too shocked, because is this really happening?

- and just when Viktors smile begins to drop (because Yuuri’s been standing there for quite a while now, what if he doesn’t like him back, what if he fucked up??), Yuuris brain grasps what Viktor just told him, and on his face forms the most beautiful smile and now Viktor can’t breath because holy shit Yuuri is absolutely gorgeous

- ‘That’s good, because I’m in love with you, Viktor’ Yuuri replies like he didn’t just stand there frozen in shock for god knows how long and Viktor melts

- he want’s to kiss Yuuri and hold him and look at him and whisper sweet nothings in his ear and admire him and praise him for the happiness he brought into Viktors life and thank him for making him feel complete in ways he didn’t know were possible until this wonderful man came to his life

- instead he does nothing of that, just sits there, smiling widely at Yuuri like a lovestruck idiot (which he is) and it’s awkward, so very awkward and Yuuri is blushing now because, what do you even do after confessing???

- Viktor though, doesn’t notice the awkwardness and is just so happy he wants to cry, so he does the first thing that comes to his mind and asks Yuuri out on a date while reaching for his hands and intertwining their fingers like he’s been wanting for so long now

- Yuuri accepts with only the tiniest of a stutter and relishes the feeling of Viktors palms agains his own

- Viktor smiles again and kisses Yuuris knuckles before he gets up as well

- he goes to his front door and picks up Yuuris coat then while saying ‘Well then, it’s a date! Now we should go to sleep soon, tomorrow is a big day’ and Yuuri is delighted, because he isn’t ready to spend the night at all and Viktor would totally be able to just assume so, and disappointed at the same time because he really wants to kiss Viktor

- and when Yuuri is fully dressed and about to leave the quiet ‘Wait, can I kiss you?’ leaves him before he can really think about it

- Viktor looks at him a bit surprised before smiling yet again and answering with a casual ‘Of course!’ before leaning down so Yuuri can reach him

- They kiss, and although it’s awkward and they will really need to practise this (not that either of them would mind at all), it is also very sweet and so them that neither would want it any other way

- They kiss again. And again. And again, until they’re positively out of breath, forheads touching, neither Viktor nor Yuuri able to tear their gazes from the other. Not when they’re both relishing the slight blushes and the happiness and love they’re practically oozing with right in this moment

- later, Yuuri doesn’t quite remember how he was able to leave. Viktor doesn’t know how he got into his bed. Both, however, still know that they couldn’t sleep at all that night

Okay guys. This would be it. I hope you didn’t mind me, experimenting with this little thing. Thanks for all the support, all the likes and reblogs, it really meant a lot to me.

I now have two possible ways to go from here. First, I could leave it as it is, I already have some other of these kinds of scenarios in mind and I really want to try them because I’ll regret it if I won’t. Second, I could write a continuation of this AU, it would be made in the same style (because I’m a shitheat who can’t write proper fanfics anymore) and I have some ideas of what I want to do. It would be a bit darker and not quite a ‘coffee shop au’ anymore though.

It would be great if you could let me know what to think about that!

part 1  part 2  part 3  part 4  part 5  part 6

anonymous asked:

I recently got called to the office shortly after my shift began. I started freaking out- since I had just been complaining about how cold it is in the store- but I ended up getting a card. I've been working here for a year... even though the card was a month late. I don't know what I was expecting in the card. Maybe- if I'm still working there for a 5-year anniversary- I'll get, like, a penny with the card. But I'm not holding my breath.

V-ision pt 5 (V x MC)

Fandom: Mystic Messenger
Pairing: V/MC -you
Summary:  V and Mc are bound by the red thread of fate. Part 5 of V-ision series.

V-sion: PT 1  PT2 PT3 PT 4

Author’s Notes
:  This series is in a way a prequel to the Forget me not series.

                    ~Forget me not series (pt 1 and pt 2 )~

This took a long while to be updated, hopefully you like it so far! (︶ω︶) 

“You look like someone I used to know, somewhere, someday; maybe you appeared even in my dream?” He told me in a sing-song voice. He sounded so excited to see me and though I was excited and joyful, the travel seemed to take a toll on me and I felt groggy and dizzy.

So I only nodded absentmindedly at his sweet words, for I thought it indescribably peculiar how easy this turn was. Never before were we able to meet on the first day, never was fate so kind to me. Usually it was right before I died. But now seeing him right in front of me, feeling how our hearts are pulling each other to be closer.

How his eyes seem to yearn for mine to gaze at his. How his hands try to touch mine, if only for a second. I see the distress and intrigue in his eyes, for one he truly wishes to be near me, but at the same time it confuses him.But he seems to be a person driven by emotions, since I couldn’t even say no to his invitation; for his hand took hold of mine and he gently pulled me into his world. I was a part of his world now. Finally. I was now walking at the same pace as he was. Breathing the same air and seeing the things through his eyes.

The whole situation might seem peculiar, but to me the most peculiar of all was he. For this you would have to understand our whole situation. He and I, we never really knew each other. In no world was he mine and in no other world was I to be his. But in one of the worlds or, one of the re-plays which I wanted to escape, I decided to play around with fate and so I met him. Before I was able to meet him, I got to relieve all of these lives, I got to be part of it, but never have I fallen in love with anyone. I was alone and so I perished and relieved everything in a different kind of way.

Until that one day, when I knew, I just knew that he was bound to come to me. He would surely be here. And as I hoped and prayed, he was standing in front of the door, gasping for air, sweaty and a gaze filled with fright. It was then that I knew that this man, without knowing anything about me, would fight heaven and hell if it meant to be able to protect me. And I do understand that this might seem very strange. But you must know that once my eyes met his there was a strong tug at my heart and his tugged at his as well, for at the same time, we held our hands on our chests. We knew at that moment, that our souls were meant to be together. Those days were blissful, the days when he was with me. He felt the need to protect me, to make sure I was safe. Why he felt like that, he did not know. He just wished to stay with me. In those days, all we did was…exist. We were in that small apartment, usually he would take pictures of me and I would draw him. We would chat and just be together.

Those moments, though they were simple at most. Were moments I cherished the most. My soul and heartfelt at peace with him and so did he. He told me many times, that he never in his life felt so free. It wasn’t an obsession it was love. We were scared to touch each other. We questioned if by just feeling ones skin we would fall into abyss. For him it was another he had to love. He had to protect, though she was hurting him, though she would probably kill him in the end, he felt the need to be with her and I…I understood. Even though it made me hurt in so many ways, so many indescribable ways, I only hoped for him to be happy. Truthfully, after he told me that he could never love me as much I would deserve it, I felt a pain akin to a thousand tiny needles stabbing at my chest. After that he visited me less, he stayed away, after that he didn’t laugh as he used to, after that the fleeting touches disappeared. We never did anything improper, heck we never even dared to fully touch one another. Until, he said goodbye. That day was a sunny day, a beautiful day actually and it was the only day he allowed us to go out together.

So I packed us some lunches, dressed into a sundress and though I was excited, deep in my heart I knew that today you would leave from my life.This was the day, when you forgot all about those promises, that you would never touch me, that you would never smile at me again, for the first time as you gazed into my eyes..and as you came closer to me, with each of your steps my heart was about to burst in ecstasy, then slowly and with care you stretched out your hand and though I was frightened I gave you mine in an instant. Then as we felt that simple touch, I felt my eyes burn and my tears that were about to be spilled, but all that I could ignore – I couldn’t ignore how electrifying you felt to the touch, how perfect you felt. I tried to ignore it, but your wide smile, how ecstatic you were to hold me, was a sign that this – whatever we had and shared was something I was prepared to fight for. Either it was with your lover or with the gods. This love was beyond anything imaginable and I swore then and there, that you will walk with me arm in arm and in total bliss. I will make you happy.

We spent the day like lovers do, but the whole time, we held each others hands. As we talked, sat on the grass and ate our lunch, as we strolled along and laughed, soon it was time to say our goodbyes. But even at those times I was able to feel happy. You let go of my hand and begged me for forgiveness, you then leaned towards me and kissed my forehead. With your last words, you wished me a wonderful future and simply left.

That was the start of me fighting for you. Because after that, after a couple of days I died. That was something, a small secret I kept from you. I never wanted to influence your decision by telling you about my circumstances, it would have been unfair. And no matter what anyone would do I would have died, either with you loving me or not. I would have died, but I died alone. My time was short on this world. But I knew a way, how to come back and have a life with you. That way was a troublesome one. The wizard was a quirky man, but he seemed to enjoy my company. Maybe that was the reason he helped me so many times. Maybe seeing me cry for you and fight for you after so many times, made him soft. And truly I don’t even know how I haven’t lost my mind yet. But everything seems to be working out and now, after what feels like years and years I am finally in this world with you, where I can finally talk to you eye to eye.

I gazed up at you and you simply smiled, you guided me through the crowds into a small cafe. You pulled me to a small table where you pulled out a chair for me and waited for me to be seated.Then you sat across from me and wore this silly smile on your face.

»Do you find something amusing?« I said in a slightly annoyed and raspy voice. Hm, after not talking for so long I seemed to have gotten quite thirsty.

At that you chuckled and held back your laugh. »Forgive me, I only find you extremely intriguing, you must understand. For a man like me, it is not every day that I get literally hit on, and that by such a vision as yourself.«

And…he used bad puns.

»Well then, even if you yourself look incredibly eye-catching you must have terrible eyesight.«

At that one of his eyes twitched..oh no?! Did I insult him? Then the waiter came and we ordered and while we waited in silence he only stared at me, with that strange look, as though he was in deep thoughts and…as though he tried to read my thoughts.

»Look, I am sorry if I offended you, I just..« before I could finish my sentence  he raised my hand and didn’t let me continue. So we waited for our drinks in silence.Then finally, like a blessing from the gods, came the waiter and brought me my Latte and his black coffee.

With a small cough V tried to get my attention, I looked at him and without missing a beat he said;

»Hey, are you coffee? Because I like you a latte.«

You probably don’t need any visual aids to know what happened next, he actually made me laugh so hard that I snorted and spat out my coffee.

A match made in heaven.

But would we be able to last? Would we be able to remain in each others field of vision?

                                   Will be continued in part 6

maybe the most embarrassing thing i like but i really like the tone and writing in clarence even though everyone i know either has no opinion or thinks it’s the shittiest cartoon of the past 5 years

things that would have emotionally satisfied me more in the ending last night:
1) dennis tries to get mandy to leave by telling her who he really is and she says she doesn’t care and proves she could put up with his shit in the long-term

2) he explains that maybe this change will actually make him feel like he’s accomplished something in his life in the way the bar never did, even though he always tried to act proud abotu it

3) we see him? interact with the child? over the course of the episode? and get the sense that he gives a shit about him before a split-second decision

4) he says goodbye to everyone properly and they have even the slightest bit of individual reaction to his leaving

5) abby is actually his kid from years ago and they’re moving to california

Werewolf!Jungkook Part Two

And now, last but certainly not least is our lovable lil squishy maknae, the second half of the Busan line, Jeon Jungkook aka kookie aka the cutest lil maknae okay ik that Jungkook is all manly and shit and he’s like casually lifting grown men like they’re children I get that part but like to me, kookie will always be our lil bby maknae bc he’s an actual 5 year old who likes playing with rocks and teasing Jimin he’ll always be lil in my eyes even though he’s probably like twice my height that doesn’t matter he’s a tiny lil bean who needs to be protected and loved and wrapped up into a blanket burrito and just snuggled also maybe give him a lil pup to cuddle too bc he deserves one

  • Part one is here, werewolf!kook as a father is here
  • For a more in depth explanation, you can go to Jin’s post (right here) but I’ll do a quick summary here
  • Dating humans isn’t looked down upon, it isn’t forbidden, it isn’t breaking any rules but it’s risky
  • It’s like riding your bike without a helmet, you know there’s a chance that if you fall you could get hurt
  • When werewolves date humans, they know going in there’s a high chance the human may reject them once they find out their lover isn’t human
  • But sometimes, just sometimes, the human is okay with it and they end up having a life long love
  • Werewolves only fall in love once and it’s really really hard for them to move past their first love so most werewolves choose to just date within their comfort zones
  • Jungkook would probably have the least interaction with humans
  • He’s a shy kid
  • He seems to kinda just stick with his group (or in this case pack) and not branch off too far so he’d spend most of his time with the boys
  • Of course he does spend time with humans but that’s just when he’s in school
  • The second school is done he’s walking back home with Tae or Jimin or sometimes Jin
  • He normally just chills out during class, sat in either the very back or the very front depending on which class it is
  • It isn’t like he ignores everyone around him but he also doesn’t try to reach out to them
  • Jungkook is the last to fall in love bc bby
  • You two meet at the beach
  • Jimin is off running around with Tae and Hobi bc kook was whining about wanting ice cream first and made a pit stop to get some 
  • He takes his time eating his lil ice cream cone and he’s sat on a rock overlooking the sea and just swinging his lil feet and being peaceful as fuck
  • The wind starts to pick up and he sees a shirt roll by him so he grabs it
  • He wonders if it belongs to one of the boys since it wouldn’t surprise him if they’d decided to go for a swim despite it being like midnight
  • But he sees you climb onto the rock to run after the lost shirt instead
  • He kinda freezes and is just like shit that’s not Jimin what do I do how do I speak what’s a word
  • You get this really big smile and take the shirt and start thanking him but you soon realize the poor boy is just !!!
  • It’s really cute though ??
  • His jaw’s hanging open and he’s trying to think of something to say bc wait a second you’re cute he should say hi
  • He finally is just like is this shirt yours even though you’d already taken the shirt back
  • You’re just :D bc cuTIE
  • You sit down and introduce yourself and eventually get his name out of him after he takes a minute to calm his heartbeat down
  • You two start talking and he soon relaxes bc wait humans are just like werewolves
  • You’re not as scary as he was thinking and you’re actually really nice to him and you make him laugh and smile and it’s all cute
  • Jimin and Tae are peeking over a rock and just planning to tease the fuck out of kook when they get home
  • But as of rn he’s really enjoying himself like you two have some things in common
  • He’s never really found it easy to talk to a stranger before but for some reason, with you it’s like you’re his best friend
  • He soon sees the tops of the boys heads disappear behind the rock they were using as a wall to cover themselves
  • He takes that as a sign that it’s time to go but then he gets all nervous again bc now he kinda wants to ask for your number so you can keep in touch but how does one do that exactly
  • Is he supposed to just be upfront and be like I wanna keep talking gimme it or is he supposed to subtle and be like hey you have a phone I have a phone what a coincidence !!
  • Tae comes to the rescue and is just like what my bro is trying to say is he likes you and would like your number so he can look up pick up lines, send them to you and eventually get enough courage to ask you out
  • You just get all :D again and give him your number and tell him to text you so you two can set up a date
  • He’d be a bit conflicted about being in a relationship with a human
  • He’s already a bit scared of love in general bc of the chance he could be rejected
  • What would he do if he went through a breakup?? Would he just dust himself off and carry on even though he just wanted to hold his love close and never let go ??
  • He doesn’t want to risk it but he also really genuinely likes you and wants to expand that like into love
  • Despite his mind being like mayday that’s not a smart move what if you or him get hurt, he finds himself going on date after date and the next he knows he’s buying an apartment with you and moving all of his things over
  • He doesn’t regret anything at all but he’s also a bit scared
  • He confesses to you one night that he’s afraid of getting hurt and you’re a bit ?? bc the way he phrases it makes it seem like it’s a bit more than just a typical promise you won’t hurt me type of thing
  • After thinking it over for a moment he tells you he’s a werewolf and that they only really love once and never truly let go of their first love
  • He can already say he’s falling in love so it’s too late to just back out so he’s terrified now that he’s told you
  • Bc this is it, this is the moment where his heart is either broken for the rest of his life or he gets to be in love for rest of it
  • You kinda just give him this soft smile and a gentle lil kiss
  • “Okay?? You’re still you so why does that make a difference??”
  • You know that cute lil bunny smile Jungkook does where it’s like all teeth and eye smiles and sometimes his nose does the thing where it scrunches up
  • That’s the smile he gives you
  • And yes, his nose does scrunch up in that moment
MBTI and sleeping

ENTJ: gets the recommended 8 hours, no more, no less.

INTJ: plans to get 8 hours of sleep, can’t fall asleep on most nights though.

ENTP: sleeps either for like 40 minutes or 15 hours, no inbetween.

INTP: sleeps during the day.

ENFJ: sleeps when they don’t have any plans. 

INFJ: tries to wake up early but can’t fall asleep in the evening.

ENFP: too busy scrolling tumblr to sleep.

INFP: do they ever wake up?

ESTJ: can’t sleep if there’s any noise (also the kid telling everyone else to go to bed during sleepovers).

ISTJ: usually has a good sleeping schedule, tries to sleep 8+ hours.

ESTP: will sleep in the grave.

ISTP: sleeps maybe 5 hours a night, but takes a lot of naps during the day.

ESFJ: goes to bed late, wakes up late.

ISFJ: doesn’t really get out of bed.

ESFP: tries to sleep during the night but actually ends up sleeping whenever they can.

ISFP: the only one with a normal sleeping schedule tbh.

this has probably been mentioned before, but: naps and sleeping habits in the garage

sly, obviously, never naps in the garage. he always gets his 8 hours, sets himself a strict bedtime and alarm (no snooze button ever) and besides when was the last time walter even thought of cleaning that couch 

cabe takes those dad naps, where he’s asleep while sitting straight up on the couch, and wakes up after 5 minutes when his head started tipping forward too fast. sometimes he props his head against his arm and can sleep like that for maybe 20 minutes 

ralph doesn’t “nap” but he does have a tendency to fall asleep either downstairs on the couch or in walter’s loft after a long day and his mom is trying to flirt with walter again oh god we’ll be here forever 

happy tends to fall asleep at her workbench more often than anywhere else in the garage, even though she inevitably wakes up with a sore neck/back and then scowls at toby for letting her sleep there again instead of moving her to the couch or anywhere that is not a wooden table and stool 

toby is the king of power naps. having his ~doctorate~ means he knows how to get the perfect amount of sleep to wake up refreshed and ready to get back at it (one time, such a nap intersected with one of happy’s and wrenches were thrown and dr. rizzuto is definitely hearing about this next appointment and bite me

walter usually avoids sleep in any capacity while on the job, leading to him being up for 72+ hours that ends in him passing out in his loft for ungodly lengths of time (sometimes paige brings ralph over to wake him up to smell of chocolate chip pancakes when she knows he’s been asleep for 15+ hours) 

every now and then, paige will fall asleep cuddling ralph on the couch, especially after really high-risk days that drain her emotionally. they always seem to wake up with the lights having been dimmed and them covered with a blanket, with walter working on something in the back. they’ll come up to him to say their goodnights and maybe she’s imagining it but he always seems calmer and happier the later they stay as if their mere presence is enough to satisfy him

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Once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly, and then send it to ten of your favourite followers!

1. i think i’m a little stylish

2. i think im a good girlfriend

3. i feel like people confide in me and i’m a kinda comforting maybe thats nice

4. i can read pretty fast

5. i can make up some wild stories even though i’m not a stellar writer

Better late than, well you know

@40-plus tagged me in this “5 Things that you like about yourself” a lonnnggg time ago and I saved it up for a day like today, cuz sometimes you need a reminder.

1. I love with my whole heart. There’s no maybe, no sort of, I am all in … or all out.

2. I’m loyal af.

3. I think I’m funny (!) although I’m sure some ppl would disagree! I make my kids laugh and that’s most important.

4. I’m a good mom. My kids are growing into lovely successful people, so even though ASD can sometimes make you feel like you’re failing miserably (and understand I mean the ASD, not my son) when I look at them I feel nothing but pride

5. I’m nice. I’m nice when others are not nice to me. I will be nice and more nice and even nicer. Until I’m not. I’m nice but I’m not stupid.

I might not be doing this right!

Thanks for the tag @40-plus!

I'M BACK! Plus weigh-in!

Hi, everyone!!!

I am SO sorry again for being away so long… my wife finally got well enough to go back to work (if you missed it, she had a ruptured appendix taken out and it was a rough recovery… but she’s alive and I’m SO grateful to medical science) and I’m just now adjusting to regular life again.

Had my first weigh-in since all the emergency medical stress (and stress-eating), and I’m down to 166 lbs. Even though I’m still way behind my goals, I’m happy that I lost 5 more pounds since I thought I was eating like crazy during the stress (puppy chow, cake, chips, all kinds of garbage at random times). I guess maybe the stress kept my metabolism up… 😂

Anyway, I’m back and plan to keep going for my weight loss goals and not give up. Plus I want to be here to inspire all of you!

I’m just 11 lbs away from my first goal weight! I cannot wait!


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can i have a nickname im 5'3 want to draw but i procrastinate i sing and i write songs and act and i cant focus a lot so sometimes i get bad grades and my teachers yell at me even though i have a a or b and i love peter pan i sell papes

That ain’t nice of your teachers. Just soak em next time they yell at you. -Spot

Um, maybe don’t do that. That’s a bad idea. -Davey

Who’s this Peter fella? Anyway, your newsie name is…! -Tommy Boy

“Pan!” After that fella ya like… -Finch

Love Is Not Over Pt.5

You loved me even though it was tragic

  |Part 1||Part 2||Part 3||Part 4||Part 5||Part 6||

Sorry for any mistakes.

Originally posted by seokjohn

Yoongi chugged down the bottle, having long given up on the small insufficient glass that never seemed to quench his thirst enough to forget, feeling the sting of the alcohol sinking into his throat. It didn’t sting enough anymore.

“ Stop that, hyung ” He remembered that night he had to stop you. Namjoon had taken it as well from his hands like he was hurting himself. Maybe he was, and maybe it was on purpose.

“ You’ve been fine for so long, why are you like this now ?”  Namjoon sighed shaking his head slightly at the state of the elder. Who stopped acting like one a long time ago.

“ Why am I like this ? ” Yoongi laughed bitterly “ Today’s her birthday. Today is the day that we- ” He buried his face in his palms, cursing loudly.

“ It’s been a whole year, hyung, you should mo-”

“ Don’t you dare tell me to move on ” Yoongi snapped at him, more aggressively than he meant to, “ I can’t just move on. Not after what I did ”

“ I know. I really do but you have to think about hana-” He was interrupted when Yoongi hit the table with all his force, the loud sound making the younger flinch.

“ Don’t even mention her name to me right now, not today namjoon-ah” His voice softened at the end, almost on the verge of tears. His life was a mess.

Namjoon just sighed for what felt like the millionth time giving up. He only seemed to aggravate him more so he stood up to leave.

“ I need to get some stuff about the company done. Just … don’t drown yourself”

“ That’s what I’m planning to do. Leave.”

He knew the answers weren’t in that bottle but the again he had no questions, he just wanted to sleep. To make the day end. To make his misery end.

Your phone  rang peeling you away from the wall clock in your room. You had been counting the minutes until the day end, just like him. Just a few more. Before, your birthday would’ve been a happy day per usual but now it’s just a sad reminder. You shrugged; Your life has now became parted into a before and an after.

The ringing started again and you quickly picked up when you saw that it was Namjoon. At this hour, his calling, wouldn’t be good news.

“ Namjoon ?”

“ Hey, Y/N.” He replied, calmer than you expected, much calmer.

“ What’s wrong ?” It still didn’t comfort you. You stood up, heart slightly racing and hand clutching the phone tightly.

“ Uhm … Nothing … I just wanted to know if you’re free tomorrow. I want to talk to you ”

“ That’s it ?”

“ Yep ” He laughed “ were you expecting more ?”

“ You scared the hell out of me !” You sighed sitting back down on the edge of the bed.

“ What ? Why ?” Namjoon stuttered as he finally glanced at the clock to realize it was that late. He smiled to himself. That smug knowing smirk.

“ I thought something happened to yoongi … God, I was-”

“ You were worried ” He cut you off with the same smug tone.

“ Of course I am, he’s my-oh, right ” You felt stupid. If you weren’t sure Namjoon would rub it in your face every chance he got you would have hung up on him.

“ Don’t worry. He’s … well, okay. I guess?”

“ Why did that sound like a question ?” Because it is Namjoon was about to say when the shattering of glass echoed from inside the room and resonated loudly in the phone and in your ear.

“ Namjoon ? What was that ?” You yelled into empty ears as you heard Namjoon open the door violently slamming it against the wall.

“ Shit- Hyung!”  And the call cut off.

You changed out of your pajamas immediately and went out, not knowing where to head first. But you just got into your car and drove away. His studio ? What if he doesn’t go there anymore ? Your house ? You mean his house ? You battled your own thoughts, panic rising at the mere possibility that he was hurt.

You just kept dialing Namjoon’s number over and over again until he finally picked up.


You took his hand in yours, pale and rough, as you sat next to his sleeping body in the soundless hospital room. Pale and rough, just like the rest of his body. He looked tired, drained even, and seemed to have lost a lot of weight from his already small frame. Your heart clenched every time his eyebrows would furrow in pain or in whatever were his dreams were showing him.

You leaned forwards pressing your finger on the harsh lines of his forehead, gently, pushing the damp hairs from it.

“ Y/N … ” He whispered and your heart sunk. Did he remember your touch ? His grip on your hand tightened and he grunted slightly at the stretch in his cuts.

“ Yoongi, are you awake ?” Your hand moved down to his chest patting it lightly as his eyelashes fluttered.

“ How do you feel ?” You felt the prick of tears watching him opening his eyes to look at you. The weight of his gaze heavier than you thought would be.

Yoongi was dreaming, he had to be. You were there in front of his eyes. He didn’t want to wake up from it. His eyes trailed from your face to your hands, still connected together, he could feel your touch. This was too real not to be true, he wished. You, as always, felt soft and reassuring.

Yoongi smiled reaching for your face, it felt natural for him to, like he has done a thousand time before. His hands knowing your features better than he knew his own.

However, something felt cold and wet. He looked up to find the tears streaming down your cheeks as you spoke, words that didn’t reach his ringing ears.

She’s crying again.

He stood in front of the closed bedroom door. Each hitched breath you took, each muffled sob you let out, were like needles in his heart. He felt completely and utterly helpless. It’s not like everything would be magical if he was in there with you since you only seemed to quickly wipe away your tears and put on a broken smile. Feign happiness. For him.

He cursed himself and opted out to staying in his office. But never really slept. Yoongi would just listen to you like a sinner, a guilty one, while swallowing his own tears.

Perhaps that was where he went wrong, perhaps he should’ve been there for you more.

“ Yoongi-ah ” You called snapping him out of his painful flashback. His eyes seemed to focus on you more now. He scanned you more intently this time, fingertips gripping the ends of your hair.

“ You cut it ” Were the first words to come out his mouth, that made you laugh – reassured-

“ I guess you’re okay now ” You smiled, and for the first time in a long time, you smiled.

“ I missed you ” Yoongi sat up, maybe he was still under the effect of the medication maybe even the liquor, but to him, his mind never felt cleared. He didn’t want to blink; fearing you would disappear after that. “ so much” He mumbled against your lips,  his hot breath tickling them.

Yoo-” He crashed his mouth on yours as gently as his craving for them allowed him, brushing your hair behind your ear and bringing you closer.

You thought you would be stronger than this, that you wouldn’t cave in that easily. That you be able to pull away but you didn’t. Instead, you just melted into the kiss. I missed you too.

However, when his cold fingers traced to your neck, you did pull away. Immediately sobering up.

“ We shouldn’t be doing this ” You stood up, pushing your chair back and stepping away, “ You seem better now so I’ll leave.”

“ No, please just wait…Hanah ?” His eyes looked past you at the door. Who ? You thought as you turned around to look at her, standing at the door looking…

Well, looking very pregnant.

“ Hey, Namjoon called me. I didn’t think you have ..” She looked you up and down before shrugging, like she was mocking you, “ guests

You turned back at him, your eyes doing all the questioning you couldn’t voice.

“ Y/N, uhm, this is-” He seemed nervous about it. And for a reason.

“ His fiance ” A reason that both made you happy and heart-broken at the same time.

Thank you for reading, as always.

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yeah and it's not just one step backwards, it's many. dai had more mlm content than mea. me3 had more mlm content than mea. swtor has more mlm content than mea. DRAGON AGE ORIGINS (2009!!!!) has arguably more mlm content than mea, since zevran is a fully fleshed-out companion with more than mea's whopping 8 minutes of romance content for gil (only 5 for reyes). it's pretty bad.

oh and inb4 the incoming “we ran out of time” excuse: didn’t one of the devs respond to an inquiring fan with something like (paraphrasing) “there will be gay alien kisses for guys, yes :)” all the way back in pre-release, before we even had the title of the game?? because if that’s true, that would seem to imply jaal was planned as achillean years ago. can’t find the tweet though so maybe my memory is just bad. still - if they use that excuse for the fifth time, we should fill out a bingo card.


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Any writers you'd like to be friends with?

uhm pretty much everyone? but first of I’d say @strongenoughfoundation because she is not only SO talented she is also so so sweet and she understands excited yelling, which is great because I do that a lot.  Then also @hamilbye who is probably one of the first people I started talking to in my like week-ish of being here (maybe 5 days?) and she is just the cutest person. Next we have @l-nmanuel even though I get very intimidated by her because she is just SO GOOD at what she does and it’s painful. I’d also have to say @ruth-hamilton-delrio OF COURSE because she is super sweet and seems like such a down to earth cool person! @alexanderhamllton definitely belongs here because she is just too awesome, and who doesn’t want a friend like her? because I sure do! @fragmentofmymind just seems like an inspiring girl so yeah. and then last but definitely not least are @hamlltvn and @thegirlonhamilton I haven’t talked to them an awful lot but so far they have been nothing but nice to me.

I am sure I forgot half of the people I had in mind but yeah.. also i am REALLY new so sorry 

Friends after all - Dean Winchester x Reader - Chapter 10 (Fake boyfriend/Neighbour AU)

Title: Friends after all

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Word count: 4,922

Warnings: None

Summary: AU. Dean Winchester. Mechanic. Neighbour. Best friend. Single father. And fake boyfriend? You babysit his daughter. You’ve known him for years and you’ve been really close. Everything will be put to test though when your sister’s wedding approaches and he has the brilliant idea of pretending to be your boyfriend. Nobody would have ever thought of the result. Certainly not you.

Running some erands because the wedding is in a few hours and you just have nothing else to do. Dean has taken quiet seriously to his job and acts like your boyfriend in front of everyone. And by that I mean even some old good friends of yours. Maybe he’s letting his true feelings finally show.

Read: Part 1 l Part 2 l Part 3 l Part 4 l Part 5 l Part 6 l Part 7 l Part 8 l Part 9

You were pulled out of your peaceful sleep as light was casted over your face. You frowned, groaning slightly. You backed slightly, snuggling to the chest that was pressed firmly against your back. You let a content sigh, enjoying the warmth it offered you. The warmth Dean’s body offered you.

A small smile tucked at the thought and it only got bigger when in his sleep Dean let a small groan and scooted closer to you, tightening his hold on your waist. His face was buried at the crook of your neck and his warm breath fanning over it, made pleasant shivers run down your spine. Your eyes slowly opened, your vision slightly blurry as sleep still laced your eyes. You slowly turned, careful so as not to wake Dean.

Your eyes were half open but it was just enough for you to be able to take his features in. A peaceful expression was on his face and you bit your lip as you ran a hand up his chest and then cupped his face. Your thumb rubbed softly over his cheek. You saw a small smile form as a soft sigh left his lips.

You heard him mumble some incoherent things under his breath but it was one in particular that you heard crystal clear and made your eyes widen for a second and your heart leap to your throat.

“(Y/n)…” he sighed.

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