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Humans are Weird

As you might’ve noticed, I jumped BIG into the Humans are weird/humans are space orcs tumblr posts. Here’s one I haven’t stumbled upon (though I’m sure it exists already) but fashion. Not even high fashion like Paris but just how general cliques dress and how common make up is.

A color shifting species might see a human apply make up to themselves and think it cute and endearing the human wants to be able to change their colors in certain areas. More interesting it’s noted that some humans do the same makeup everyday (eyeliner + gloss), while others use many different colors and patterns and products (eyeliner, bronzer, blush, highlighter, eyebrows, eyeshadow, mascara, lipstick, etc).

Along with makeup, humans seem to only clothe themselves in certain styles. Now these styles vary wildly between different humans and specialty stores pop up centering around these preferences. It is rare to see a “punk” human enter a “preppy” store. Many humans become offended at the question of why they are so strongly tied to their chosen styles, no explanation given other than that the other styles are not desirable by said human.

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I work at a movie theater, and I have a manager who calls me out no matter what. I had just cleaned the lobby while it was busy and he made me go redo it, even though there was like two pieces of popcorn on the ground. Someone else "cleans" the lobby (they literally swept one piece) and he congratulated them in front of everyone, and lobby was still trashed after they walked away. I'm just so done and seriously wanted to put in my two weeks today. He's the only manager that does this to me.


You and BamBam have been best friends for a while now, he had his first date ever today - even though it was a date set up by his mum, you having feelings for BamBam wanted to know how serious the date was. Jaebum asks you to hang out which makes Bam jealous so he tries to make you jealous which only makes you mad.

Part 1/? 

a/n here is another text series!!! I hope you guys enjoy this one just as much as marks!!! also while I’m at it suggest some idol(s) or artists for other text series :) - don’t be shy!!!

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my tiny cat miniature finally came into my local nerd store so i need to go pick that up despite feeling kinda crummy (less crummy now that i’ve eaten something but meh) and while i’m there i really should pick up a larger brush, too but i kinda don’t want to spend the $8 or whatever for a big brush even though i really kinda need one, and meanwhile all i really want to do is play mass effect but i gotta go pick up my thing because i mean i ordered it and then while i’m there i know i’m gonna get a larger brush becasue i do need it but i just really resent every aspect of this except the part that will come when i finish mass effect and have hobby projects to distract me from the fiction lag so i guess i gotta go but urgh

I need a hug and a shower

Work was a drain today. I sweated out two T-shirts today and felt that incredible vibrating feeling in my whole body that comes sometimes in Shavasana. And nobody else could acknowledge they felt it.

I did manage to demonstrate the bio-electric field in our hands that makes touch screens work, but that’s not the same.

My sleepers were wired. My anxious ones were still. I know what just happened, even they don’t. I can make love to a whole roomful of people while teaching yoga. I can connect people with their bodies one on one without even touching them. It’s pretty empty though when they don’t get it.

I warned them to stay off their phones for an hour, not to give that energy away to people who aren’t even there to appreciate it. Hours up, folks. Hold my hand?


This ship gives my life a new meaning xD So i was listening to the BatB soundtrack while coloring this and i just though that Evermore was kind of fitting to Lefou. So i did two version of this drawing one with and other without lyrics of Evermore. 

Hello everyone i guess i’m new on this Gafou fandom/ship but i have reblog most of everyone’s post for a while now, but this is the first time i post something on the tag. Everyone just have a great talent drawing all this scenarios (and don’t even mention the fanfics!!), so i hope you like this little drawing.Nice to meet you all!!! 

bts deserves more.

and i’m not just saying this b/c of the stupid interview, or the threats against jimin, even though those two things alone make me upset.

but it’s also the sense of entitlement from some fans that shouldn’t even be a thing. while i enjoyed seeing bts in newark, the crowd was weak esp when it came to certain members’ stages. the amount of fans that didn’t know the lyrics to their title songs was embarrassing. the lackluster cheering before they came out for the encore was disappointing. 

we want bts to come here and perform for us. we want them to learn more english. we want them to interact with us more. they work insanely hard to meet our requests so we need to do better and show them that we appreciate them. 

we need to stop making excuses and give bts more. they deserve more. 

One Last Update

Hello, everyone.

First of all, I’d like to apologize for the radio silence that seems to have become a permanent aspect of this blog. There has been so much going on in my life and a lot to keep up with.

And that’s why I’m writing this post.

While I was hoping it would never come to this, and even though it breaks my heart to have to do it, I’m shutting this blog down.

I absolutely love writing for you guys. I really, really do. But with school and personal stuff, I just can’t keep up with it consistently anymore, and that isn’t fair to you guys.

So what does this mean?

It means that I will no longer be taking requests or posting with any degree of regularity (which I haven’t been doing for months anyway, so it’s really not going to be that different, I guess). 

I’m not dropping out of the writing world completely. I still plan on posting things on this blog if I write them, but I will only be writing as inspiration strikes and when time permits, not on any sort of schedule or to fulfill any requests in the inbox (though those requests will probably still be used for inspiration at times). If something does get written, it will be posted here, but I can’t tell you when or how often that will happen.

I can’t thank you all enough for how much kindness and love you’ve shown me over the past couple of years. Starting this blog was sort of a spur of the moment thing for me. I never expected it to take off the way it did, and I am so incredibly thankful for the wonderful interactions I’ve had with all of you. I made a lot of friends, learned a lot about myself and my writing, and I had a lot of fun.

You all are so amazing, and wish you the best. Thank you for everything.

Love you all.


STATUS JO (update 2)

((Alright, I still feel really bad that I’ve yet to post any more asks since my last Status Jo update, but things have yet again gotten really busy in my life. I HAVE been working on the art for multiple answers, though I will admit I’ve been jumping back and forth between all of them and doing bits at a time. With so much schoolwork to do - even if it IS just mostly my online class atm - I honestly believe it’s going to take me a little while to get this up and going and posting often again. Maybe a week or two more, unless I decide to post answers with just lineart and not fully colored for a short bit. I’m so sorry about this, I did NOT expect things to go as crazy as they have. please continue to bear with me, and thank you all so much for sticking around still! till next time!!))

I’ve been MIA while I deal with some stuff and also long hours. Plus my laptop dying hasn’t helped… 

So I guess it’s time to focus on some positives:

  • The boy will be home soon. We have the date locked in and it won’t be pushed back, but it may be moved forward. 
  • Whilst I can’t charge my laptop at all and just have to pray it continues to work off the charger and holds the same charge, at least my dead laptop isn’t actually proper dead. Even though it is circling the drain.
  • The medication is awful, but maybe I am more alert…? I’ve definitely had less anxiety in the last week or so.
  • I’ve passed rotation number two. Sad to say goodbye to surgery on Friday, but the easier hours (start and finish times) of psychiatry are going to be adored. 
  • The old housemate may be moving back to Sydney and that is on par with the boy having a return date. 

So there is good in there. Lots of good. It just gets stuck between the bad and is a little camouflaged at times. 

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You know what is some interesting tea? How in larrie land the whole point of this narrative they've created is for Louis and Harry to be under a contract where they have to appear straight and make money, yet you see posts everyday from larries about how bad Louis is doing and how bad his team is and how they never work or promo him. How is he making money under contract if his people are making him not make money in your world?? They closet him to make money off him....but sabotage him 🤔

I think they decided that he’s never going to make enough money to satisfy Simon yet somehow Simon is terrified of him and he’s amazingly powerful but also Simon can force him to stunt while his mother is dying, but anyway, because Simon is scared of him now they’re just trying to “ruin” him even though he’s still working with Sony so that makes very little sense. 

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okay so I JUST matched with someone on tinder and like, something about them made me go "what if we were dating? We could be that overly cute couple that makes everyone jealous while simultaneously making them want to barf." I imagined introducing them to my family.. LIKE WHAT. even though this behavior usually only lasts less than a day when feelings are unreciprocated, how do i stop going from 0 to 100 quicker than any actual vehicle could

i usually picture my entire life with someone before it’s even a match so i don’t think i’m much help on this one bud

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1) How many works in progress to do you currently have in progress? The short answer? Three. The long answer: One I actually intended to finish todaaaay, but that’s clearly not gonna happen because I’m sloooow af even though it’s short. The other two… no idea if I’ll ever even post, and if I do it’ll be in a long time ><

2) Do you/would you write fan fiction? Now that’s a crazy idea *sweats*

3) Do you prefer paper books or ebooks? If I can get my hands on a paper version I will, but I don’t especially mind ebooks. 

4) When did you start writing? Just last year tbh :’) Telling stories though, I’ve loved since I was young. 

5) Do you have someone you trust that you share your work with? Ya :D It took a while, but I can’t not (over)share everything I do with @chiruchill sooner or later. And Idk how I earned @sugarplum-senpai‘s trust nor why I possibly deserve it, but since she shares her work with me, I’ve learned to share my WIPs and ideas with her in return ^^

6) Where is your favourite place to write? I’m not too fussed… I guess my desk is my go-to, but I used to write in class if the mood struck, or on the train.

7) Favourite childhood book? Anything by Pierre Bottero. That was early teens really but I can’t remember any book especially standing out before that.

8) Writing for fun or writing for publication? Definitely for fun only!

9) Pen and paper or computer? I used to prefer drafting on paper before typing it up, but suddenly scattered papers started really bugging me, so everything on computer now!

10) Have you ever taken any writing classes? Nupe. Never even considered it, since I never even thought I’d ever write before I suddenly did.

11) What inspires you to write? People. Things they make me feel, things I see. Tbh if I haven’t written in so long it’s probably because my relationships with people got really rocky for a bit (well on top of being busy), so I just wasn’t inspired. I think things are getting better now though n_n

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Of course one thing lead to another and we had sex and he held my hand while we did it, and kept embracing me (it was so sweet) and than he made me fresh squeezed lemonade before I left. And walked me to my car and gave me a hug and a kiss. He offered that if I'm ever in the city I call him so that we can hang out, and even though he was nice and we spoke a lot, perhaps due to my own self esteem or just intuition, I feel the offer might not be "real". Any advice?

I mean I totally get where you’re coming from bc I’m always worried about these things as well! The best thing to do is just try not to get in your head about it. Plus, this mf made your some fresh ass lemonade!!!!!! I don’t think someone that would be playing games would do that. If they were they probably would’ve just bought it from the store.

i want to see alex and maggie in bed together. i want to see alex in reading glasses with her book, and maggie with her messy bun working on paperwork. i want maggie finally snuggling down to go to sleep and alex absentmindedly rubbing her back while she reads some more. i want to see alex already awake some morning, watching maggie sleep because she looks so cute even though she snores a little bit. i want to see maggie coming in extra late when alex is already asleep, crawling into bed and immediately big spooning alex so she can kiss her neck because she’s happy to be home. i just really want those sweet, domestic moments that happen naturally when you’re comfy with someone.


sixofcrowsnw challenge: take two ≡ best moment of your otp

kanej + religion

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Please if you have any headcanons about Keith and Pidge being friends bless us with them

Wow! People sure do love Keith and Pidge’s friendship don’t they? I got the same question yesterday but I have some more headcanons just for you anon!

  • After that visit to the Olkari, Pidge goes to Keith for advice on connecting more with nature because he’s apparently the team’s resident nature guy now.
    • He suggests whatever the alien version of cacti is and they embark on a mission to find such a plant the next time they stop at an alien market or something. 
    • Pidge secretly adores the plant even though she’ll never admit it.
  • Sometimes, Keith will just sit next to Pidge while she’s working on something and listen as she talks about her plans for future projects and robots she wants to work on.
  • Every once in a while they sit around and try to figure out how the cryptids back on Earth are connected to aliens.
    • Advanced Conspiracy Theorists™.
  • Keith is in charge of holding Pidge back whenever she tries to fight someone but it always backfires because if they end up insulting her Keith is immediately ready to fight.
    • Allura just stopped bringing them along on diplomatic missions.
  • If Shiro’s busy, Pidge will sometimes tolerate Keith when he’s ranting about Lance. Otherwise he knows to keep his pining ass 50 feet away from her at all times.
  • They always try and help each other find a way out of stressful situations because they know each other well enough to be able to sense when the other is having a rough time.
  • Pidge convinced Lance to sew ‘my best friend is an alien’ onto a shirt and she wears it all the time. It actually makes Keith really happy because  it reminds him that he has friends that really do care about him.
  • They high five whenever they see each other.

What I love more than anything about Brooklyn Nine-Nine is how nice all the characters are. And we’re always told that nice = boring, but they’re not boring at all, even though they’d do absolutely anything for each other. I mean Gina’s the meanest character on there and she’d still give her friends her own liver if they needed it, she’d just criticise them really inventively while she did it.

Maybe other shows that think they need to make their characters dark and edgy to attract an audience should consider just becoming better writers?