even though it was just for a while

Commemorating one of Ran Mouri’s finest moments..

Not for her obvious physical prowess or bashful whole-heartedness, but her perceptive and intuitive nature.

In this case, Ran and Sonoko meet a women who was about to run them over because she fell asleep (after feeling dizzy and weak) while driving. As an apology she takes them to a restaurant where they chat for a while. Later joined by her husband and just when they are ready to part ways, this happens…

It amazing how Ran gave salience to something as minuscule as the husband not warning the wife about the step, unlike Sonoko who without fail alerted Ran to watch her step. 

Later that night she shares her thoughts with her dad (and Conan) during dinner, when her dad dismisses her concerns. Even though, Cone also seemed blasé about the whole situation yet he helps Ran out in her pursuit to investigate.

She goes as far as requesting Sonoko to use her dad’s contacts to get the couple’s house checked for toxicity. Obviously, the tests prove that the house is hospitable, but Ran is still unconvinced. 

With the help of Cone she deduces that her car she uses to commute might have exposed her with toxicity: they prove it by catching the husband red handed.

JUST A STEP. A FUCKING STEP. That’s all it took for Ran Mouri to realise that things were a bit off between the couple. 

Had she not pursued the case there would have been casualties. Fight me on this one, but I feel even Shinichi would not have given salience to the “step” the way she did. 


Peter Parker + “Can you love someone at 15?”

You love him. Your palms get sweaty when he smiles and your heart races when he looks at you. You love him.

You’re fifteen though, do you- can you -even know what love is? You wonder. You’re just a kid and while you can make good decisions like what to eat for lunch- pizza with mushrooms and pepperoni -or what color you’d like to dye your hair- bright in your face magenta -maybe it’s too soon to even entertain the idea of love.

You’re in class with your chin in your palm, looking at him with these big love sick puppy dog eyes because how can you not look at him? He’s beautiful. 

He’s across the room sitting next to Ned Leeds, copying down notes like the good little genius he is. But then he turns his head in your direction and sees you looking at him. Instead of whipping around back to his notes or looking at you oddly because you were just staring at him, he smiles.

His two front teeth peek out from behind his lips and his brown eyes- they’re usually a dark brown color, like dark chocolate, though they’re never bitter like the sweet -have a joyful spark in them that makes the room start spinning.

“Mr. Parker,” the teacher snaps, Peter looks at them slightly startled, “Eyes up front.” Peters’ face turns a light pink color as he nods.

When the teacher turns back around Peter looks at you again and smiles once more before going back to his work.

Yeah, so what if you’re fifteen? You’re in love with Peter Parker.

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Wanna One After Your First Date Together

A/N: I will start doing Wanna One reactions/scenarios!! I hope you all can request what ever you guys want and I’ll work hard to make them great! It might take a while though since there are 11 members in the group! Also some of the reactions scenarios might be like BTS but I hope you guys don’t mind and enjoy it anyways! Thank you for reading! 


Even though you both had been dating for a good while he never had the chance to take you out on a date because of how busy he was. So after your very first date at the nearby cafe just catching up and holding hands across the table, something simple that you both had liked. He walked you home and when you were about to go inside he pulled you back and embraces you in a tight hug. 

“I had a really great time today and I hope we can do this again. I’ll text you later.”

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You both didn’t really think about the importance of dates but once Sungwoon had taken you on a midnight stroll at the beach as your first date you had began to appreciate why dates were so much fun. You both were just casually walking while holding hands. You occasionally caught him looking at you and it was the same the other way around. Once you had reached your home he was holding both of your hands in his while smiling really brightly at you. 

“I know our first date wasn’t anything important but I think we should start doing dates more often, you looked really beautiful tonight.” 

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Minhyun had decided that the right as to spend your very first date together was at a nice restaurant. Not the most expensive and not the cheapest, it was something that you both had been craving for a while but never got around to actually going to it. Through out the whole date he was just complimenting you on how nice you looked and held your hand, stroking your hand while gazing at you softly. Once you guys arrived back to your place he brought you into a hug and kissed the top of your head before leaving you for the night. 

“I think that it was a date well spent. I hope that we can go out like that again, you looked even more stunning underneath those restaurant lights.”

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Seongwoo would probably think of things that would remind you of the things you liked. Even though a lot of what he said was in a joking matter this first date meant a lot to him since he wanted to show you that he really put in a lot of work to make you feel special and happy. You both went to have a moonlight picnic on the hill where you both confessed to each other on You both soon laid down with his arm around you looking at the stars and just casually talking. After the date he would probably give you something special that you can just look at and be happy. 

“I know this isn’t much but I really thought about what you would like and I bought hoping that you would like it. I also enjoyed looking at both you and the stars tonight.”

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Jaehwan would take you guys out on a simple first date. Since you both have really common interests he knew that whatever he wanted to do you would probably end up enjoying it too. With that in mind he brought you to a park and took out his guitar to sing a song that reminded you of when you both first met. He even taught you a little bit about how to play the guitar. After the date he would just give you a long hug and talk about how much he enjoyed today. 

“I know it was simple but I really just enjoyed spending time with you today. Seeing you enjoy my singing means so much to me.”

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Your first date with Daniel would consist of things that he had wanted to teach and show you. He would probably teach you some of his bboying which would cause him to put his hands on you hips and a lot of hands on teaching. You both would probably blush at the contact even though you guy are almost always hugging each other and other stuff. Later you would probably go to his place and you two would play with his cats and he might blurt something out after the date is technically over which would cause the two of you to blush and get all flustered. 

“I can’t wait until we live together and then get another pet that we both can name together.” (pls ignore the beer can HAHA)

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Jihoon wouldn’t really overthink possible date ideas, he would just like to spend some alone time with you as your first date. Since you both like gaming he would invite you over to play some video games and you would end up sitting on his lap while he has his arms around you with the controller and you both are trying to beat each other in game. The date would probably end with him tackling you and then tickling you on the couch because you beat him multiple times at a game he’s really good at. Once you leave to go home he’ll probably hug you and then kiss you on the forehead and tell you that even though it was just like a regular hangout he enjoyed it a lot. 

“Even though we hang out like this often I think I really enjoyed it. I just like spending time with you in general.”

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Woojin might be a little to shy to ask you out on a first date even though you’ve been dating for so long so you would suggest that you would watch him dance and practice and that he could teach some of the moves to you. This would make him overjoyed and he would actively teach you a lot of the dances that he knows. You might end up falling which would cause Woojin to rush over to your side and make sure you are okay. When he walks you home he’ll probably hold you hand and it’ll be a comfortable silence until you reach your house. 

“I thought you looked really pretty while dancing even though you fell over. I hope you feel better! I’ll text you when I get home.”

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Jinyoung would take you out to a place that sells a lot of music since you both really enjoy listening to music together. While you guys are roaming around holding hands and finding music he would often show you certain songs and mention how it reminds him of one of your personality traits for hobbies that you like to do. He would secretly buy a song that reminds him of your guy’s relationship while you were in the bathroom and give it to you when he’s dropping you off. 

“I think this song really reminds me of how our relationship is, you should take a listen and tell me about it later.” 

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Daehwi would want to take you out to a place where you both would have fun. He would take you to a amusement park and would probably buy you a lot of matching things like those cute matching head bands that you were just casually looking at. You would probably ride a bunch of rides together and scream while holding each other’s hands. After the date when he’s dropping you off he’ll take out another couple item that he thought would suit the both of you. 

“Here’s something to put on your bag! I have one too so whenever you look at it, it’ll remind you of me and vice versa for me!”

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Guanlin would take you to a local arcade so that you both could have fun together and that he could also try to get you something from the claw machine. it took him twenty tries and he only got a really small plushie BUT you really appreciated his efforts to make you happy so you both got a lot of tickets and ended up getting something that you could give to him! After the date he would probably smile really big seeing you hold the plushie in your hands and really quickly give you a peck on the cheek before almost running away. He would also probably be so proud that he kissed you on the cheek for the first time that day. 

“I really enjoyed our first ever date and I really love the present you got me from the arcade!” 

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Im kind of in a bad mood can you tell me cute burkie stories

fear not, for i am about to tell you all of the burky stories that i can think of

  • we’ll start with the most iconic burky story: mistaking a stranger’s car for his uber. boy just got into a random-ass car. luckily the people were nice and took him to where he needed to go anyway
  • burky engages in almost constant twitter and instagram chirping with willy and latts
  • he will take any and all opportunities to engage in hugs
  • while tom wilson often claims that he (and occasionally latts) is the one to take care of burky, but really it’s the other way around. burky does all of the cooking (featuring swedish pancakes and swedish meatballs)
  • speaking of cooking: even though burky can make some swedish meatballs, he prefers to get them at ikea
  • when he was living with nicklas backstrom, evidently he acted like such a child that nicky actually called him his son
  • when the three brobeans lived together, burky and willy constantly engaged in wrestling, according to latts
  • once pronounced chipotle really badly
  • one time the brobeans were watching tv at home in the dark and burky spooked the fuck out of latts and willy laughed his ass of
  • he very much enjoys dubsmash (x)(x)
  • as a teen in sweden burky did some modeling (for shampoo i think) and the pictures are so hilarious and awkward and burky is embarrassed by the whole thing
  • when the caps went to joint base andrews they made burky be the dummy for the attack dog
  • burky went vacationing with the carlsons, and in a poolside moment they were having a discussion and gina tried very hard not to say a certain word in her video, but when john asked what they were referring to, andre just immediately stated “VAGINA
  • when the caps had their team bonding dart competition in new york it was around the time when burky was getting scratched, so in ovi’s instagram story you can see andre just drowning his sorrows in beer at eleven am
  • the boy CAN’T SING. at the halloween party he tried to sing abba karaoke and just failed miserably
  • speaking of the halloween party: he and willy went as the step brothers. fun fact: burky had never seen that movie before
  • nicky, mojo, and a swedish interviewer once pranked burky and the poor boy had no clue what was going on
  • he once posted a video of a snake in a cage, and he captioned the video “hate sneaks”
  • when the caps went to six flags in 2015, brooks laich convinced a terrified burky to go on the skydiving swing with him. brooks told andre he’d pull the cord on three but pulled it on one, causing some bloodcurling sceaming from andre and maniacal laughter from brooks
  • in the 2016 canine calendar shoot he was talking about how cute puppies are and how he just ones to take one home and cuddle everyday, AND THEN THE PUPPY CRIED AND HE GAVE IT A KISS
  • once played nhl 17 with willy, schmidty, and chorns; he scored an own goal and his teammate willy yelled at him
  • on swedish heritage night mojo stuffed some sort of cream roll into burky’s nose and burky declared “watch it jojo i’m coming for you”
  • went on a segway tour with nicky, mojo, and brooks laich, and i just….i can’t describe it you just have to watch
  • for picture day this year he fucking. with his hair. i can’t.
  • is the glue that holds the capitals together
  • god there’s so much i’m missing. the boy is so kind and cares so much and tries so hard what a gem

So I had a freetime with no internet for a while, and well, I decided to train a little more…
Seriously, draw on a tablet is waaay more difficult than I thought, but I’m not giving up! Anyways, for you guys, some Gency ♥ (Even though I like Mcgenji better)
Hope you all like it, and forgive me about the ocean of mistakes I still do,  I will improve I promise ♥
(I’m still wanting to make new friends and of course getting new tips, so if you have a free time to help or just want to talk, please DM me!)

Dating Hermione and being a Hufflepuff


I hope it’s okay!\

Dating Hermione but Being in Hufflepuff Would Include:

  • Despite wanting to, the two of you don’t have many classes together.
  • All your Hufflepuff friends being super happy for you.
  • “Y/n’s found love! I can’t believe it! Y/n’s found a soulmate.”
  • Even though it might not seem like it, the two of you are a power couple for the ages.
  • No one wants to mess with you two, even though Hufflepuffs are brushed off as push-overs.
  • Mainly because of Hermione.
  • “That Granger girl, she hit Malfoy once! Yeah, she just smacked him right in the face!”
  • Studying together in the library.
  • Cuddling while you guys study.
  • Bringing Hermione into the Hufflepuff common room.
  • All your friends fawning over her when you do this.
  • Occasionally you’d go to the Gryffindor common room with her.
  • Hermione giving dirty looks to people who treated Hufflepuffs badly.
  • (Especially the Slytherins Malfoy)
  • All the professors think you two are a cute couple.
  • (Well, maybe not Snape. He may have said “intolerable”)
  • Your friends and her friends making a big deal all the time.
  • “Ten points to Y/n and Hermione for being the cutest things ever!”
  • Telling her that her being muggle-born didn’t matter.
  • Holding her when she cried over Malfoy calling her a Mudblood.
  • Loving each other unconditionally.
  • Fighting alongside each other.
  • Holding hands throughout everything, your bond growing stronger.

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I'm like soooo scared if the originals doesn't even have a klaroline scene. I have a feeling that the scene Caroline is in is just gonna be her talking to Alaric or someone else that isn't klaus. Honestly I feel like Julie would do something like that.

I feel ya. TBH I wouldn’t put it past Julie to do so b/c everyone and their mothers has crossed paths w. Klaus except Caroline LOL. Even if so… there’s still a chance of her being in future episodes! Though we obviously won’t know what will happen until the premiere or until she wants us too. So, I’m just trying to be happy for a while and you should as well b/c goddammit we deserve to celebrate!!

How Todoroki Enji Died


This is all your fault. Take responsibility (takes place 13-15 years in the future)

“It is my Shouto’s duty to surpass All Might.”

Todoroki Enji stared at the green freckled one pictured in front of him. Though he looked nothing like All Might, his Quirk told all. Enji had suspected it then, at the first sports festival, with the way Midoriya had startled and squeaked in person and the strength of just a flick of his fingers. Blood will out, he had thought then, swiftly followed by, All Might with a secret love-child? Hahaha. While not unheard of heroes hiding their loved ones - the whole reason for using code names - Enji had never heard even a whisper about All Might’s (excepting the more unreliable gossip rags, the kind that made up ludicrous headlines. Like the kind in front of him)

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How do I love Hugh? Let me count the ways:

#9  Poor Hugh is clearly distracted by Genevieve Lemaire (Smith).

So distracted he doesn’t even know what to say to Dorothy (with that suit in a “gorgeous shade of brown”.) 

So distracted that, when they return to the station …

he pulls the doors in  … 

 while he’s checking Genevieve out … 

and just as DI Jack Robinson reaches them … 

closing them on Jack’s fingers. 

Jack response … 

… You might need me, Collins.

Hugh: Sorry Sir

(And even then he’s still distracted by Genevieve.)

You can’t blame Hugh though. Genevieve’s dress did have these little bits that… that sparkled on it when it… when it hit the light. And anyway, I seem to recall Dottie also getting kind of tongue-tied around Gwilym Evans in Ruddy Gore.

#8 Here

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Jonathan Crane and S/O fluffy headcanons? :>

I’m on it like a bonnet, darling! That’ll be $15.99 plus shipping and handling, just kidding, enjoy your fluff and happy reading!)

-Jonathan is usually not a fan of physical contact, though he’s always ready for cuddles.

-He likes to pull you into his lap while reading just because you’re there.

-Anytime you’re even showing the very slightness of any illness, he’ll tend to your every beck and call

-In public he’s not very showy and is slightly awkward about PDA but will always grab your hand to make sure you stay right next to him where he thinks you belong.

-Past his tough exterior there’s a big lovable nerd who is very playful.

-On days when neither of you have to go out, he’ll probably make you breakfast and then you’ll both dance to David Bowie and clean up.

-He loves it when you wear his clothes, and will purposely leave them at your place if you don’t live together.

-Though he’s still more confident around you, his friends in the dork squad somehow manage to embarrass him over his affection for you.

-They’re just playing around, but who’s to say Ed doesn’t find a snake in his room when he gets home. The poor snake.

-He’s the one in the relationship who will constantly remind you of what needs to be done, whether it’s personal care or cleaning.

-“(Y/N), the dishes are piling up and the bathroom needs cleaning, which would you prefer?”

-“I’ll take the dishes, good luck with that bathroom, Jonny boy!”

-Having pet names for each other that change with the weeks

- Late night ‘We both didn’t feel like cooking’ fast food runs.

- Talks that last for hours under the safety of the sheets where you both get existential.

-“Jon, what if the clouds are secretly giant cities?”

-“But do bees feel embarrassed when they run into, like, a window or something?”

A farewell letter.

I’m not trying to scare you with the title. I’m not going anywhere.

 This note is for those who played The Crown and The Flame and feel the same way as I do. Or maybe feel differently. Regardless, this is for you. The Crown and The Flame will be my all-time favourite. 

In a way, this definitely isn’t goodbye. I can replay this story as many times as I’d like. However, I’ll never play it for the first time ever again. It’s melancholic, no doubt.

 I just played the last chapter and felt quite emotional. I didn’t cry because I knew that like everything, it’s never really the end. Hells, even Dom knows that :)

 Even though I’d love for this story to continue, I’d rather it end while it’s perfectly paced, not continue and become stretched and distorted from the beautiful original.

 I even feel slightly bitter that other books which I’m not quite interested in will get more sequels whereas this on will not.

 But, I will eagerly be waiting for new books to capture my interest.

 So, I’d like so thank @playchoices for creating such an amazing story, one that I will hold dear to my heart. I cannot express how much I really do love this story. I can’t wait to see what you all have in store for your readers! 

And so, these were my thoughts. Usually, I’d feel embarrassed because it’s something so trivial and insignificant that a post like this one may seem overdramatic and quite unnecessary. Though, to each their own. I’ll respect your opinion even if you may not respect mine. 

I’d love it if any of you readers-of-this-post and fellow-TC&TF-nerds would like to talk about anything in the Choices Fandom. Feel free to message :)

 Farewell to the Five Kingdoms and the Iron Empire. Farewell to the original kingdom of Stormholt. Farewell to the lovely, badass, amazing characters.

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goldwerewolf  asked:

What is your favorite species of turtle?!?

oh, oh, i love this question! 

i’m very fond of desert tortoises, particularly the Sonoran Desert Tortoise over my native Mojave just because I adore the bumps on their shells! :) 

look at this bb

my grandpa loved turtles while he was alive. turtles everywhere. all the time. even had one named moe who i played with all the time when I was little. I loved her. She used to follow us around and go everywhere. I was always so sad when she had to fall asleep in the winter time in the bathtub lol

when my grandpa passed away, I picked up loving turtles in his place. Something I can share with him even though he’s been gone all these years. 

(and before anyone starts giving me grief, tortoises can be turtles, but turtles can’t be tortoises lmao.) 

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Do you get anxious about showing other people your writing? I just turned in some potential loglines for a tv writing class and now I'm so anxious while awaiting feedback from my peers that I couldn't sleep last night. I love writing but I don't know how to deal with the anxiety that comes with baring my soul to the universe.

It’s hard, it’s really hard. But if it’s not hard, it’s probably a sign that you’re not digging deep enough. If a story doesn’t feel scary to share with people, then you probably haven’t hit the thread in it that’s personal, and real, and important. If you’re scared, you’re doing it right.

But also, the fear gets easier. And you’ll get more confident. And you’ll get used to the feeling. But it’s never not scary.

fallendeadtech  asked:

So I am curious, in the industry that Lin is in, usually you would think underground doctors wouldn't give two shits about a patient, as long as they were getting paid. Why does Lin seem to care about Dan? He's obviously not paying her. Is she playing the long con; in hopes that he will someday actually pay up on all of those medical bills? Love the comic by the way. <3

Thank you <3

Why Lin bothers with Dan is very much open to interpretation - I certainly wouldn’t want to spoil anything or impose opinions on the reader.

Though from what we have posted so far, Dan has essentialy become Lin’s indentured servant through his debt. Lin’s constantly getting favours out of him - and while the guy’s perpetually broke, having a driver/courier and even just a spare pair of hands around is very useful when you’re bound to your clinic. As Dan can’t get medical help anywhere else, he’s pretty much stuck with Lin as well.

There is more to it, though, but as I said, I’d rather leave it up to the readers to make their own conclusions.

My Thoughts On Dream Daddy

Firstly, I’m excited for the game. I think it looks like a cute and unique dating sim that, while it’s not for everybody, a lot of people will like. Secondly, I know nothing about game development so this is coming from an assuming teenager
Last week, with the first postpone, I was no upset. It was obvious that everyone had been working their asses off and just wanted to release it to the public. Even when they realized it would be late, they still continued the stream because hey, it’s content they promised and they wanted to keep the hype up. I’m glad that they postponed it though, because the team was overworked and if they had put it out with bugs they wouldn’t have been happy. I know what it’s like, putting your whole life into a project and not wanting to put it out there until it’s perfect. I’m happy they took a week and, while they could’ve communicated a little better, they handled it very professionally and apologetically.
Today, when I saw what the release time was (1am Thursday for me, midnight for them) I was a little ticked. The promise a game for Wednesday but put it out when most of the world is already on Thursday? I thought they needed to get their shit together and should have picked a time they could’ve achieved realistically. But then I realized they had just set it to max time for that day or whatever and changed it closer to real release time.
I was one of the people clicking refresh on the Steam page for a good 20 minutes. I was excited! I still am. Based on their tweets, it seems like Steam just needed to reapprove it (even though they already had) before unlocking it. But, in a typical fashion, Steam was being slow and sent the DD team into an anxious mess.

So I feel so bad for the team, as they’re probably going to get a lot of backlash for “postponing” it again even though it’s really no ones fault. I will continue standing by them and showing my support, giving my honest opinion of the game when it’s out. After it’s finally released, I hope the team relaxes and just chills out for a bit. I’m sending out prayers that nothing else happens so they can rest, but if the game is still delayed, what can you do? It’s just the universe saying it’s not time yet. I’m so proud of them all for going through this and being so kind to their fans.

Stay Strong @dreamdaddygame, we love you!

Unrequited – SakuTema

ok this one is way longer than i was planning whoops i live for awkward tema and mutual pining it’s a modern au setting, kinda funny but also kinda sad, also featuring aroace shika.. bc why not

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please imagine: dismas gets a pet vampire bat which he names quiff cuz he looks fluffy and like his fur is styled in a quiff and he takes quiff everywhere and it boosts everyone's scouting chance


Oh my god, like there’s a party exploring a cave or something and all of a sudden there’s like this tiny like blur flying in out of nowhere and everyone is FREAKING OUT, but then Dismas is like HOLD UP, WAIT A SECOND and slowly approaches where it landed (all while the rest of the party is like ARE YOU STUPID, BE CAREFUL), and when Dismas is finally close enough, he just sees this face 

Of course he takes him all like “This hellscape is no place for someone like you” tries to train him probably, even though the Hamlet is like “You can’t train a bat, you’re wasting your time”

But, jokes on them when Dismas sets his pet out into the dungeons and it comes back with some information ahaha

saintedfury  asked:

♒ If they could choose how to die, how would they want to go?

“Painlessly after being pleasured to death,” Ang said with a grin.

“I’m probably going to have a heart attack at some point, even though Angel here is trying to get me healthy, my family history has me pegged for it. If I had to chose, in my sleep after all everyone else is gone,” Troy said after a moment of thought.

“I refuse to die. My meat space body might rot but I will live on through the cyber world,” Matt declared.

“Alright, so I have a machine gun in both hands shooting everyone while bombs go off around me and while that’s going on, someone’s giving me head, that’s how I go out,” Johnny said with a smile. 

Everyone just looked at him.

Why I Might Delete

People can be real d###s sometimes. Spamming my inbox with hate for my stories under anonymous is not cool. It’s not just for my stories but they attacked me personally calling me an awful person. Three of my AUs in particular: the possession AU, the CisSwap AU, and my Michael’s SQUIP AU were used as “examples” of what a horrible person I was. They said I was ripping off @jam-campasta’s switched AU for the Michael SQUIP one even though I made it a literal month before Jam made their AU. I don’t want to talk about what they said about the other stories because it was mostly personal attacks and they were constantly sending me messages. I honestly think the person from the CisSwap AU incident a while ago came back with a new account just to bother me. The other people I tried not to take seriously (especially the person who said the rip off thing) but it still hurt. The last one I haven’t updated in forever which means they dug through my posts to find something to rag on which is pretty creepy too. I feel kind of proud of my Possession AU since that’s the first AU I ever wrote all the way through but somebody called it poorly written torture smut and they called me a sick f###. That’s probably what hurt the most and like extremely discouraging to my writing in general. I just don’t know Bruhs.

anonymous asked:

hello there! i hope i'm not being a bother, i know you get rare pair asks all the time and that you're already writing things and have other stories set up (can't wait for spideypool!!) so i definitely don't expect anything. i was just wondering if you ever thought about writing Phil Coulson/Tony Stark? i adore your writing and i'm loving long distance!! you've introduced me to so many pairings and AUs i've never thought about! thankyou!

Hi! Not a bother at all!!

While I do enjoy Phil Coulson as a character, I don’t see the amount charm/appeal to him that other people do? I mean he’s adorable, and that dry sense of humour is awesome, but at the same time…. I just don’t see it lol which is he is hardly ever in any of my stories

Even though I have read some clint/Phil stories and I will admit to loving those and being tempted to write one!