even though it was just for a while

I had to pause writing a different post because I just got really sad at the idea that Stan’s thought process is how his tombstone is gonna say ‘crooked grifter’ and how no doubt he thought that BEFORE taking Ford’s identity

And consequently did Stan ever in the last 43 years thought of what’d be on a ‘Stanley Pines’ tombstone and not envision ‘crooked grifter’ underneath his name

The Perfect Day

Anne Wheeler x Phillip Carlyle

“When I saw you in that dress, looking so beautiful

I don’t deserve this, darling, you look perfect tonight.”

- Ed Sheeran

Warnings: Unless you can be harmed by fluff I don’t think so?

Wordcount: 2,217

A/N: This story is told third person limited, from mostly Anne’s perspective! I hope you enjoy I actually really love my writing in this one.

Anne Wheeler’s natural curls cascade down her back, half tied up in a braid forming a crown around her head. Pink flowers are placed expertly into that crown, an homage to her synthetic hair she wears while flying high above the crowds.

Today, she’ll be face to face with them. No fancy theatrics or costumes to hide behind. It’s odd, because even though her costume reveals more skin than this dress ever would, she feels more vulnerable in it than ever before. She’s putting herself out there as the center of the show as just herself, and it’s going to be one of the most terrifying things she’s ever done.

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Why do I find Derek pining fics so much sadder than any other fic type. Like the tears just flow down my face without me knowing it. Like I literally have to read one at 3:24 in the morning so no one knows or sees me crying. But seriously Derek pining fics break my heart. Oh my gosh I just love him so much, I just want him to be happy. 😩😫

I think that’s because Derek has already suffered so much in canon and we all associate all that pain with him, it’s something that has been part of his daily life for years and years, so any adicional pain is incredibly hard to handle, even in comparison to pining!stiles. Not that Stiles hasn’t been through a lot - he surely has - it’s just that Stiles always had more people around him to support him and love him (even though sometimes they sucked at it) while Derek kept losing everyone he loved and not a lot of people gave him the benefit of the doubt and let themselves love him back. When we open a fic all we (most of us) want is for Derek to be loved and KNOW that he is loved and be super happy, so when he’s pining instead and being all angsty and self-deprecating, believing this love is something he can’t pursue because in his mind no one would want someone like him, it really fucking hurts. I love pining!derek fics but fuck, do they hurt

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Im probably pretty fucking late to the party but your art honestly warms my heart. I love your round hs stuff but i like how you try out all these different art styles too? It just makes all your work extra unique and im just like, oh look they're still around learning and progressing, it's nice.

ok but real talk? the big ironic thing is that the style i use for TRaM/ReSun has always been the style ive used for my own stuff for YEARS (even though yeah it did improve) while my hs style was just,,, beans. temporary beans

How do you guys feel about a fic where the reader and Jason get trapped in various action/horror games?? Idk this just popped in my head and I’m willing to write it even though I have like, a million stuff to do for school. 😂

And the smut that I’m planning to write is going to take a while. I want to make it reaaalllyyyy long because of the plot. 😏

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I need some fluffy stuff with Us!sans (of course with S/O). Pretty please 🙏

of course!!!!!!!! i lov me some of that blue boi


  • There’s never going to be a moment in time when he isn’t cuddling and clinging onto you.
  • If he’s in the cuddle mood, don’t even try to escape. There’s no hope.
  • He even clings to you while asleep.
  • Expect to wake up to a fresh breakfast every morning.
  • You wake up at 2? Early breakfast.
  • 2 in the afternoon? Late breakfast.
  • I mean come on, breakfast is the most important meal of the day.
  • Contrary to popular depictions; he lets you sleep as much as you want. Though he may accidentally wake you up. He can’t help it! He’s just so excited and hyper to spend the day with you!! He tried to be quiet!!!
  • He’s kinda clingy as his whole life his brother has been the only one to give the time of day, so he’s always going to be near you. Honestly if you leave for most of the day don’t be surprised if you find him excitedly waiting for your return, probably with food prepared in welcome.
  • He invites you to every exercise session he has, cheerfully motivating and cheering you on all along.
  • Ultimate nuzzle-master.
  • He’s sometimes due to lazy days himself, so if your lazy days sync up, then prime cuddle times and Blue excitedly rambling about napstaton’s show today is expected.

Jester!Rotis can still perform because Shira keeps being his audience, even though it’s just only one audience

but they can’t help it because they never saw Shira smiling this much all the time whenever she’s with him

yea i gotta do this because it’s sailed for a while but i always forget to draw this oops

Rotis wasn’t expecting anyone to like his shows again so he is surprised Shira loved them

and this happened after the performance :)))))

Art, Rotis, Jestertale AU © @scriblotixsketchex

Shira © @diya-the-skeletonartis-2003

Taysir: “Have I ever told you why I’m so protective when it’s about Bene? Wait, let me show you some pictures instead!

I have 4 projects to prepare at the moment and a couple of other things to do too. Among these 4 projects, the Epilogue of the Cypher event is a top priority; I have almost drawn all the dratfs, I only need to make the lineart now.

Buuuuuuut I am also really excited for another project I had in mind for a while and just like the Epilogue, almost all the linearts are done, I just need to finish some and color others. It’s a project that revolves more around Bene, even though it actually starts with Taysir.

Also, if I’m not answering asks at the moment it’s because:

  • Your gal is sick af
  • I went back to college
  • According to the last part of the comic, both Taysir and Bene are in a coma, so they can’t answer asks and it also means that the blog is in a coma too LOL (despite me doing some memes here and there in oder to have less posts in my drafts)

So techinaclly, this little project will be up on this blog only after I’m done with the Epilogue~

He’s just so perfect in every way and even his flaws are perfect. I love his eyes so much- they’re the perfect shade of brown that shine brightly in light, and his smiles and the way he reacts to things and his little habits he does that he doesn’t even realise.

The way he absentmindedly taps my knee or arm or shoulder when he’s talking and how passionate he can get when he’s talking about things and how excitable he is and how clever and intelligent and deep he can be while both being playful and childish and silly.

God, i just wish I could hold him, or be held by him. I just wish I could be close to him and say how much I love everything about him.

I’m so fucking sorry to him, though, for how much I love him. He’d be so embarrassed if he found out that me, a stupid, fat, ugly, disgusting, unfiltered person could ever like him. I’m so fucking sorry that I like him this much and I don’t even know why.

Well, looks like it’s that time of the month again. Thaddeus is now officially four months old. I can’t believe how fast time flies by. I know we missed his three month update, but we just had too much going on with the holidays and everything, so we decided to skip it and just do his four month update instead.

He is 25,5 inches long and weighs 15,5 pounds. He’s still exclusively fed on formula, even though Majid still tries to feed him real food once in a while 😂 He can now sit up on his own for a few seconds before he tips to the side, and he has no problems with holding his head up by himself. We’ve seen no signs of teething yet, but he has always liked to have something to suck on (preferably a rag of some sort) so it’s pretty hard to tell if that is due to teething or if it’s just a habit of his. And as you can probably tell, Butters is still his best friend in the entire world 😂 That dog just refuses to leave his side! He’s even started sleeping on the floor beneath our bed to be closer to Thad at night. And if Thad starts whining, Butters reacts immediately and tries to comfort him by licking his face 😂

Majid has been working pretty hard to get Thad to speak early. And he does say a few words once in a while. Ah-plllll is apple, Majid taught him to say “Bah” for baby, and he’s said “Mama” for a while actually. These are not very clear words though, sometimes it just sounds like jibberish and typical babytalk, but Majid insists that he’s saying actual words, so I guess that’s what we’re going with 😂

I think that’s pretty much everything that I can update you guys on. He still has the same daily routine, so there’s nothing new to say about that. Guess we’ll talk to you again at his five month update!

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(Angst anon) The first time the Ipliers and the Septics had a meeting together, Dark was lowkey proud that his egos are conducting themselves professionally, even the immature ones. Even if the meeting is twice as longer than usual, none of the Iplier's are making a scene, though the Jims and KOTS eyes are starting to glaze over. He trained them well. While the Septics are unused at the formal settings and are barely keeping still and quiet since they're used to casual meetings. XP

dfgdgdgfsd YES omg i can just picture the difference between a meeting with the ipliers and the septics xDD so much chaos in one and less in the other…i wonder who would be the leader for the septics??

I have a friend who is as crazy about traveling as I am. We have traveled all over the globe. She agreed to go to Korea with me in a few months and we just booked tickets this past weekend. Today I see EXO (her bias group even though she isn’t too into kpop) is going to Singapore and she’s always wanted to go there so I guess we’re going there too. Travel while you can, friends. You can always make more money later.


Rosie: I think I want to be with you. I don’t know if I’m just lonely now that Nik is gone, or maybe its me getting older but I don’t want to be alone for the rest of my life. And I think you’d be the perfect remedy.

Umi: So… you wish to become my partner? You wish to form a bond of affection between us?

Rosie: I guess that’s what I’m saying, yeah.  

OH HEY! I posted about this a while back but now I can’t find the post?? Anyway 👀

I just posted Chapter 2/2 of in the golden hour on AO3. If you like Malec/AUs and are scared of WIPS…this one is finished now~

Link for those who want it.


so, for anyone keeping score, my previous plan of action was a total bust.

my dog ending becoming very ill literally the same day i planned to work through most of my drafts, and i’ve been shuttling her between home and the vet ever since. it looked shaky for a while, but she finally started eating tonight, so i think she’ll be ok. i’m still very worried, though she’s taken a turn for the better!

since doing a bunch of drafts clearly didn’t happen, i’m going to focus on clearing out my askbox and maybe sending some asks tonight? just to random people, haha. if you’d like one, feel free to let me know, even if we haven’t interacted yet!

my new plan is to do as many drafts tomorrow as i can, as long as my dog continues improving! maybe i’ll post a picture of her, haha~ <3

Day 3

The sound of applause came from behind. Hector spun to see another black-robed figure emerge from the shadows of one of the tunnels in the cave.

“You didn’t kill the third one on you way in?” Altung hissed.

“And did you really spend all your time infiltrating just sleeping?” Lymsleia said in response, while keeping her eyes forward.

The figure approached, a grey beard poking out from beneath the hood that seemed to hide the other features of his face. “And here I thought that we’d be far away enough from civilization that no vampire hunters would even bother to come out this far. I spent a lot of time and resources on those newbloods, you know.”

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list of random spirits encountered:

- a spirit haunting a lamppost on 3rd street. it asks for the umbrella of anyone passing by in exchange for a temporary alteration in reality

- a spirit haunting people with burdens on their mind. manifests as a pair of wings on their shoulders

For anyone planning any type of school/community/club/activist event or party, the first two nights of Passover this year (2018) are:

Friday night 3/30

Saturday night 3/31

Most Jews won’t be able to attend events on these nights. Passover is one of the most important Jewish holidays, and most Jews will be attending a communal meal with their families or communities on these two nights.

Please avoid scheduling important events then, just as it would be inappropriate to schedule important events on Christmas Eve.

In addition, most Jews avoid products containing wheat, barley, etc during Passover, which begins (as mentioned above) on Friday night 3/30 and ends in the evening of Saturday 4/7. While it is okay (though not ideal) to schedule events during that week, if you are and the main food/drink involves cookies, bread, pasta, flour, cake, beer, etc, please provide an alternate food for Jewish participants.

Please reblog, even if you’re not Jewish yourself! Thank you 💙


sixofcrowsnw challenge: take two ≡ best moment of your otp

kanej + religion