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Me and my mom were on a sushi date, and my mom was like "so show me a pic of your so called husband" so I grabbed her phone and showed her picture of Jimin and she was like "ew he looks like a girl" and I was so offended and I looked offended and I gasped and said "hOW DARE YOU"

uMMMM EXCUUUUUUUUSE ME??? girl, I FEEL YOU SO BAD RN THOUGH. my mom picked up this chinese magazine and saw luhan on the front cover and was like eW he looks like a girl what’s up with your taste AND I’M NOT EVEN A LUHAN STAN BUT I WAS LIKE MY BOI,,, MY BOI MIGHT LOOK “FEMININE” OR “LIKE A GIRL” ACCORDING TO SOCIETAL NORMS, BUT HE STILL LOOKS DAMN GOOD TO ME. i haven’t shown her anyone from bts yet though bc i don’t want her to diss my baby tae D: i’m glad we can both relate though LMAO 

warm and soft like a fireplace….a heith….


majestically running Kim Jongdae

Peter, You Absolute Dipstick

Prompt: One shot pls, Peter gives the reader hickies (I mean love bites) and when reader comes to Avengers tower, Steve and Thor see the hickies and they ask if someone hurt y\n and she has to admit what happend even though she finds it embarrassing. 
Note: ANOTHER @imagine-being-you request fulfilled. Idk if this is any good but I’ve been in a car for hours and I need something productive to do. From the word ‘trousers’ you can probably tell I’m British lmao. 

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I always heard a common belief that it “should” take 6 months to a year to write a book, even though when I thought about myself doing it I assumed it would realistically be 2-3 years? So I tried to keep myself from being intimidated by reminding myself its SUPPOSED to take a long time so I need 2 chill

But I made the mistake of looking up what other ppl have done and came across a buncha facts like ‘(insert author here) wrote his award winning novel in like 2 weeks’ lmao and i waNNA PUBLISH AN ORIGINAL STORY SO BAD AND TWO WEEKS IS SO C L O S E, I WISH I NEVER SAW THAT BC ITS MAKING ME WANNA HYPERVENTILATE I COULD HAVE iT SO QUICKLY BUT I KNOW FOR A FACT I WONT

            pls remember that even though lone needs to have neutral karma to recruit butch as a companion , butch’s karma is listed as good in the game files . he’s a stupid weeby nerd , and isn’t half as bad as he likes making people think he is . this has been a psa , ur welcome .

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I swear summer is a natural blonde though? so they must have dyed it this red colour for some reason. I'm a nitpicker lmao I guess Hayleys parents were ginger

She may be, but I kinda doubt this color was chosen by TO stylists. And even if it was, if they got it redder than intended, going darker would be a bad idea and re-bleaching a kid’s hair to do it again is kind of not fair to her or her hair health. Especially when it absolutely does look straight medium brown in the majority of lighting.

It just feels weird to me to talk about these things, kinda, like I’m good theorizing and all that about the BTS with other actors’ designs and choices and all, but she’s just a kid, you know? I guess I shouldn’t be throwing around ifs and maybes if I don’t know specifics *and* I don’t particularly care, so I kinda brought it upon myself.

How to explain 


I got really inspired after reading this beautiful little post here and ended up drawing (lmao barely) a basic draft of what I think a conquest Queen Hinoka would look like??? I know it’s bad ahaha–

But personally I feel as though even though she is queen (and most likely will inherit most of Mikoto’s clothes), Hinoka would still find a way to implement her own style into her formal wear. (Like feathers from kinshi knight clothes, and the little sky knight tassels for earrings) This is all design choice wise, by the way, and doesn’t really affect the way she rules Hoshido.

I might color it some time? Not sure tbh

(<color version here>)

I’m sick of talking about darkening skin and whatever, so my last word on it is that “racebending” happens in media all the time, look at ghost in the shell and look at the live action attack on titan film where everyone casted is Japanese even though there are only like two or three canon Japanese characters in the anime?? (rip me tho I stopped watching aot years ago lmao)

It just doesn’t matter if we’re arguing about ‘good racebending’ or ‘bad racebending’ it’s equally useless and it won’t get you anywhere. In the end I’m not harming anyone, I draw for my own benefit not for anyone else and I just don’t care about this long winding discourse any more lmao.

honestly I feel so bad for Natalie. she’s such a sweet person who just wants to have a good time but big brother always gives her bad edits to make her look “ditzy” even though she’s not. to add onto that, Paulie and Corey are sexist and racist and them and their little mayo squad get a good edit. it’s just so unfair how Natalie is such a good person being humiliated on national tv and paulie and corey are such pieces of trash who are constantly being praised

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