even though it looks bad lmao

warm and soft like a fireplace….a heith….

  • bioware: what do you mEAN you don't like liara
  • bioware: you hear that your LI is jealous because u talked to liara once
  • bioware: aw you rejected her again too bad she's still into you regardless
  • bioware: guess what
  • bioware: in order to advance the plot u have to have mind sex with liara. twice
  • bioware: lol even though shep shut her down and romanced someone else they will continue to talk about how amazing and beautiful she is over the next 3 games
  • bioware: oh look at all this content and scenes specifically for liara
  • bioware: i see you used renegade options to reject her again...
  • bioware: it's ok there's like 9 other chances bc obviously you weren't thinking straight that time lmao
  • bioware: player
  • bioware: pLAYER
  • bioware: DO U LOVE LIARA YET

majestically running Kim Jongdae

Resume building/career tips
  • List your fav eps of ghost adventures in chronological order.  Employers love to know your views on the paranormal.
  • Sign your name in blood on any and all work documents.  Where to get the blood?  HR departments arn’t called Human Resources for nothing!
  • Leave your velvet ritual cloaks AT HOME.  No interviewer wants to see your evening wear.  Stick to a business casual khaki cloak instead.
  • Keep your fourth eye FIRMLY CLOSED.  Looking across dimensions during an interview is bad manners.  Third eyes are okay though, this shows you have a great work ethic and are a conscientious employee.  

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what are some good Shane and Ryan moments or videos I need it it fuels my soul

See: Literally anything with Shane and Ryan in it. 

Lmao. But, no, for real, all of their interactions are so cute, whether on the test friends or buzzfeed unsolved. They are true #goals. 

Some of my favorites though are: 

The interactions they have in a makeup store  (especially Shane telling Ryan “Hey, I didn’t say they looked bad or anything” when he thinks he’s hurt Ryan’s feelings). 

Getting drunk together (and the wink at the end of that video like what the fuck was that even about?) 

The jealous look Shane has when Ryan mentions Bradley Cooper’s muscles.


Boyfriends just going to the dentist together 

Them trying on lipsticks

And basically all of buzzfeed unsolved, especially when Shane and Ryan make each other laugh. 

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what's the most frustrating thing about art?

For me honestly, I think it’s the fact it takes time. Takes time to get good at something, takes time to get out of a funk, takes time getting back into the groove, takes time to re-learn or practice something, takes time to complete something, takes time to think of an idea or concept or pose, takes time to make edits if need be, takes time to walk away from something and come back to it later, takes time for every aspect of it. 

It takes time to get to a point where you’re happy with your work, but can also actively see the areas you need/want to work at. I notice lots of stuff I wanna work on, but gathering the energy and patience to sit down and actually work at it gets daunting sometimes and it throws me into a bad mood so I end up just quitting and doing something else for a bit.It’s gotten to a point where simply remembering what I wanted to work on, and how to go about implementing it into my works saps energy out of me that i end up not drawing anything at all because i’m already exhausted LMAO. Even though i’m aware that it takes time, i’m still impatient some days and it’s like I wanna see the results of what my stuff would look like if i did the whole taking my time part RIGHT NOW!! GIVE ME THE IMMEDIATE GRATIFICATION!!!!!!

Which is why breaks are important to do. It’s alright to just drop art and do something else for a change. I usually don’t do anything on the weekends and work as much as I can in one sitting throughout the week so I can still take a day or evening off without feeling too bad!

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not to trigger anyone (or you for that sake) but you really inspire me to keep going and not kill myself. i know it's haram and especially bad now its Ramadan to still have these kind of thoughts but people like you are who still keep me going and make me push on. im in a really difficult situation right now, which is entirely my own fault, which makes it even worse lmao ... but im glad to have someone to look up to in times like these. thank you. Allah jazake alkheir...

dude. thank you for this message, though I really hope I can convey to you that you are so much more deserving of happiness than what you’ve got right now. Even if things are worse because of mistakes you made yourself, please remember that Allah will forgive you and love you unconditionally still. Beyond just this though, remember that you have to forgive YOURSELF at some point too. People make mistakes, horrible sometimes irreversible mistakes, but (of the few things I know to be 100% true about this world) I know for a fact you can still rebuild and heal and learn to be at peace with yourself again. On top of all of this pain I really hope you are not holding onto guilt of feeling suicidal– there is no reason to feel guilty for being in pain. No matter how unforgivable you think you are, know that Allah will forgive you, even from beyond the grave people can forgive you and, of course, you WILL be strong enough to forgive yourself one day. Take all of this pain one day at a time and just remember there will be a day when you wake up and it will all hurt a little less. You deserve love, you deserve happiness and you deserve peace. I hope you will take care and inshallah be kinder to yourself as Allah would want you to be, and I hope you will reach out to me if you ever think I could help. Please forgive me if this was unwanted. I’ll be thinking of you dude, I’m sending you all the love in the world.

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I can't with people calling Isaak and even Julie islamophobic. They use those classifications so easily and by doing that I think they're taking the power out of what being islamophobic means. It's a serious accusation I hate that people still use it like that because it shows ignorance towards the issue and they're just spreading hate themselves for the sake of it

everyone is islamophobic (racist, homophobic) to some degree. there is ALWAYS a sort of bias, even the teeniest tiniest. it can be extremely covert, but it’s still there. but that doesn’t mean you’re a bad person. im pretty sure everyone has had (albeit really small and insignificant) islamophobic thoughts and it’s almost impossible not to have a bias against minorities or marginalized groups bc of the media and so on.

but it is when you notice yourself having those thoughts you need to process them and realize. WOW i thought this thing and i realize i shouldnt have. why did i think this? and stop yourself. i, myself have had extremely small and (seemingly) insignificant thoughts about different marginalized groups, even though i am a part of a marginalized group even. it’s on a very very small scale, but it’s still there. 

having wrong thoughts about marginalized groups doesn’t make you a bad person, it’s extremely hard not to have them with the news and the media covering marginalized groups as a stereotype. 

we need to look inward and think about why we had those thoughts and be introspective.

hello! i’ve submitted once before, but doing it again in hopes of gaining another friend!

so, i’m emma, soon to be 16 from a quite small town in finland (santa claus himself lives here! imagine that!) and i’m looking for an internet friend/penpal or even both at the same time! (i love to write & decorate snailmail tbh)

i like to think i’m funny (and to myself i am tbh), but in reality my humor is mostly memes, bad puns and sarcasm, so,,, whom truly knows

i love to stay up late and contemplate aliens and theories and watch movies or just walk around outside (it’s calming when no one’s around). also, procrastination. sleep schedule? productivity? self-control? don’t know her

i’m quite interested in drawing and writing even though i’m bad at them lmao, reading, taking pictures (esp polaroids!) and such! i also love to watch tv shows, movies and occasionally enjoy a few episodes of anime every now and then.

my current faves are yuri!!! on ice, attack on titan, sherlock, hannibal and stranger things! as for youtube, dnp, jse & markiplier! (do i sound basic enough yet,,)

i also listen to music quite a lot, so here’s a few of my faves: bangtan, bastille, panic! at the disco (if you’re a panic! fan and have read throam come yell with me about it), twenty one pilots, mamamoo and fall out boy. i’m always up for music recs tho so hmu if you have some

(also, i promise i don’t actually sound as weird as i do here? this text felt p awkward to write for some reason)

all i’m asking that you’re open minded, around my age and would be willing to talk for more than two days :’D

so, yeah, future partner-in-crime, friend and/or penpal, shoot me a message! i’d prefer if you’d message me on tumblr, but anything’s good!

@unorganized-potato // tumblr

@emma.jt_ // instagram

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Is it me or Ishida's drawing becoming more and more childish! When Haise and Touka were there, Ishida's illustration were somehow mature, Now even though time passed it is like they become kid again! Not im saying that ishidas drawing is bad!But it really does look alike a kids! If we compare characters with their past,Especially kaneki, he is so moe xaxaxa

hahaha 😂 i remember the chapter when they got together for the first time in :re after they came back from cochlea, they looked soooo young and i think everyone was talking about that, comparing them to how haise&touka looked like.. right now they look old again (especially ch125, both look like adults again) so idk what happened with those past chapters lmao 😂 

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headcanons for how guzma and skull team treat guzma's pregnant s/o =w=

- first off, guzma will probably faint when he finds out. him? a father? unbelievable
- once he comes too, he becomes /very/ protective of you. its actually kind of cute
- all the grunts look at you like a student would abt their pregnant teacher…one thought: “they been fuccin”
- the grunts are occasionally posted by guzma to help you out when he’s away. a lot of them act as if you could go into labor any moment (even though you’re nowhere near due……..)
- plumeria helps you shop for clothes and helps you with food cravings+mood swings when you have them…(guzma is soooo bad with moodswings lmao)
- once you start showing, everyone freaks a little!! many grunts want to feel your stomach. guzma doesn’t let them
- yall can’t decide on a name at ALL. all you two do know is that plumeria is the godmother
- the babyshower is…hectic. so many grunts give you gifts its insane…by the end, you have 163641247 baby toys, 5 baby books for guzma, 3 different cribs, and a nicely made baby blanket with an alolan meowth pattern…(its from nanu)
- ok but? once you get near your duedate, guzma almost never leaves. ironically, the one time he does, you go into labor. plumeria has to take you to a care center
- guzma manages to make it in time to see you give birth. this is the most scared he’s ever been in his life, right after the whole lusamine thing
- after you have your baby in your arms, guzma almost cries. almost. there is no way this kid doesn’t have guzma’s hair (which is naturally black-brown)….kid probably has your eyes tho
- good fucking luck

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There are gonna be even more Sia copycat comments after C's Sia-esque performance of CITC. I know she claims to be "healed" and happy now, but to me it doesn't seem like she's doing so well. I don't know. Is it weird that I feel bad for her even though I can't stand her? I wish the girls would get more award show performances, they've only had one so far, and none with new material.

I feel this. The girl actually looks like she hasn’t been sleeping. I can’t stand her, but seeing her this way almost makes me? Worried? Rn I feel like Roger Gold (😷) is overworking her or something? But then I remember how she treated Normani and how she handles Camren and suddenly…I don’t give a shit about her lmao.

Have you guys played king’s tale? It’s actually really fun, and REGIS THOUGH 😤👌, he and his squad are badass (kinda makes Noct’s bros look bad lmao).

They dress real nice, gladio’s pop looks like his thinner clone, and there a lot to the combat system than meets the eye. I totally recommend it.

Plus the dialogue between regis and noct is funny. (Oddly he sounds a bit mature for a kid and they get sassy with each other, Noct was a bit of an asshole even as a kid, but Regis counters it real good. )

Ex. Cacutar appeared and Noct’s like “woah they’re real? Are you sure you’re nor making this up?” And regis is like “look you can let me finish this story or do you wanna go to bed?” And nocts ugh fine fine ok

P.s. Regis is fine and divine and I’d tap that (but you didn’t hear that from me :x )

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So you didn't end up getting to meet Katie? Did a lot of people not get to? Glad it looked like you still had fun though!

i didnt actually get to talk one on one with her, but i was lucky enough to just SQUEEZE in the prints to her as she was about to leave!! she legit was the last person to leave even though everyone was telling her that they had to go 😭

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hello sorry i haven't been on your blog in awhile so i'm not sure but do you play overwatch? if so on what?

aww no i don’t play overwatch! i’m really bad at those types of games even though it looks like a lot of fun LOL ;~; i do play WoW though! so you can always add me on bnet lmao ♥