even though it looks bad lmao

warm and soft like a fireplace….a heith….

  • bioware: what do you mEAN you don't like liara
  • bioware: you hear that your LI is jealous because u talked to liara once
  • bioware: aw you rejected her again too bad she's still into you regardless
  • bioware: guess what
  • bioware: in order to advance the plot u have to have mind sex with liara. twice
  • bioware: lol even though shep shut her down and romanced someone else they will continue to talk about how amazing and beautiful she is over the next 3 games
  • bioware: oh look at all this content and scenes specifically for liara
  • bioware: i see you used renegade options to reject her again...
  • bioware: it's ok there's like 9 other chances bc obviously you weren't thinking straight that time lmao
  • bioware: player
  • bioware: pLAYER
  • bioware: DO U LOVE LIARA YET

so @seriouslynotpaul got me into warframe and i cant get over all the stupid weapon names and pun opportunities

“Raise a glass to freedom-”

here’s an “i bet Alex went drinking alone a lot after Laurens’ death” sketch page


majestically running Kim Jongdae

Resume building/career tips
  • List your fav eps of ghost adventures in chronological order.  Employers love to know your views on the paranormal.
  • Sign your name in blood on any and all work documents.  Where to get the blood?  HR departments arn’t called Human Resources for nothing!
  • Leave your velvet ritual cloaks AT HOME.  No interviewer wants to see your evening wear.  Stick to a business casual khaki cloak instead.
  • Keep your fourth eye FIRMLY CLOSED.  Looking across dimensions during an interview is bad manners.  Third eyes are okay though, this shows you have a great work ethic and are a conscientious employee.  

the o5 just chillin like regular kids do

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what are some good Shane and Ryan moments or videos I need it it fuels my soul

See: Literally anything with Shane and Ryan in it. 

Lmao. But, no, for real, all of their interactions are so cute, whether on the test friends or buzzfeed unsolved. They are true #goals. 

Some of my favorites though are: 

The interactions they have in a makeup store  (especially Shane telling Ryan “Hey, I didn’t say they looked bad or anything” when he thinks he’s hurt Ryan’s feelings). 

Getting drunk together (and the wink at the end of that video like what the fuck was that even about?) 

The jealous look Shane has when Ryan mentions Bradley Cooper’s muscles.


Boyfriends just going to the dentist together 

Them trying on lipsticks

And basically all of buzzfeed unsolved, especially when Shane and Ryan make each other laugh. 

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lol i had to face the most hilariously ridiculous show of fatphobia ive ever personally seen before the other day, its so bad i can't help laughing tbh. I went to a new dr who specialized in checking things other drs generally dont to find underlying causes for mental and digestive issues which aren't responding to usual treatment. And so the nurse took vitals that most drs dont usually bother with, like blood sugar and even the acidity of my saliva.

And I told her my saliva would be unusually acidic because i just finished a soda literally minutes before, and she immediately got all hostile and aggressive and was like “soda is so bad for you though, look how acidic your saliva is??? You’re like right on the verge of diabetes (she had not checked anything at this point which indicated that either way, not even blood sugar yet), maybe try having a salad next time.”

Like yes barbara great idea next time I’m thirsty I’ll just DRINK A MOTHERFUCKING SALAD. lmao i was so pissed but i also just cant help laughing because its so fucking ridiculous to me that i drink ONE FUCKING SODA and she loses her shit snd suggests salad as an alternative to soda. Like ? If she had said “water” or “herbal tea” it’d be one thing but ? You dont trade a soda for salad ?? You dont drink a salad ??????? But i just had to share bc its so amusing to me lol

This ask was so funny to me that I seriously had to get a soda and tell my mom about this. And she laughed her ass off and said she bets that doctor smoked a cigarette after this conversation because that’s what happens every time she gets a health lecture from a doctor.

I honestly want to give a response to this but all I can do is laugh because oh god this is funny.

Thank you for sharing this!

-Mod Bella 


Hello everyone~~ I thought I’d make a lil post now that this blog is a year old (actually a year and three months…) As you all know I’m incredibly indecisive and I’ve changed this blog so much over the past year so thank you for sticking around <333 I’m now finally comfortable and happy with the blog and stress free since there’s no weight on my shoulders to post any fics. Thank you all again for the love, even if it’s just a little visit to my page or a like here and there. It means so much <333 

I send love to all my beautiful mutuals and all of ya’ll that follow, LOVE YOU I can’t explain in words how grateful I am <3333

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Some cheesy thank yous and rambles under the cut:

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you have in your about page that you dont care what blogs follow you even if they're furry or kink blogs and i have to ask why? why would you be okay with that? they're gross lmao

….Anon, even putting aside the fact that short of going through my entire follower list and every note on every post I make looking out for Problematic™ people to block or slapping ‘do not interact’ banners on every post on here (all things I’m not going to ever do btw), there’s really very little I can do to control who follows this blog and even less I can do to control who reblogs my posts from other people.

Beyond that, though…there’s nothing about someone being a furry or being into kink that I find to be inherently bad or—like you say—“gross”. What a consenting adult does with other consenting adults is not my business. What a grown person puts on their own blog (provided that it’s not like, criminal, and they properly tag their posts so I can blacklist them if need be) is not my business. Someone being into furry art or straight up into dressing in a fursuit to go out and do NSFW things to other consenting people in fursuits is…not my business.

None of that impacts me.

None of that harms me.

None of that harms anyone else (and when I say harm I mean legitimate material harm, just getting squicked out by something doesn’t count as that).

I don’t like or feel cool about giving people who aren’t hurting anyone shit for what they’re doing simply because “it’s gross!”. Finding something “gross” is not a legit argument for why something is wrong. Finding something “gross” is not a legit argument for why a thing should not be happening or should cease to exist. It’s not a compelling argument, it’s a logical fallacy.

And beyond all this like, I get that 'kinkshaming’ is seen as pretty much a joke on tumblr and all the cool kids are doing it but…it’s literally just sex shaming under a different, more socially acceptable name. There is very little difference between shaming someone for having “too much” sex and shaming someone for the type of sex they’re having, it’s just that on tumblr one of these things will get you called out immediately and the other will get a hundred others agreeing with you while you laugh together at those “gross” people.

So like?? I’m okay with those blogs following me because they’re not hurting me or you or anyone else by doing so and they deserve positivity as much as anyone else. This blog isn’t about singling out groups of people who are considered okay targets for hate and ridicule or judging people for something as small as them liking anthropomorphized animals. That’s literally the opposite of what this blog is about.

It’s Only Eleven in the Morning

Pairing/Characters: Sam Winchester x reader
Word count: .5k (welp)
Warnings: violence [the reader just accidentally punches sam because he surprised them], tiredness, language, sam’s amazing as per usual [yeah. that’s a warning, okay?]
Summary: You fall asleep while researching, and Sam tries to make you go to sleep. 
A/N: Idk. I was just really tired today, so here’s this terrible piece of writing. I mean, it’s not even betaed. lmao 

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I jerked my head up when somebody shook my shoulder gently, swinging my fist. It connected with Sam’s jaw with a hard crack, and my eyes widened as I jumped to my feet. “I’m so sorry. Fuck. Sorry.” I touched his face, biting my lip and smiling sheepishly. “Are you okay?”

He groaned, wincing. “Yeah. It’s not as bad as it sounded.” He laughed as I continued to awkwardly stand there. “Jumpy much…”

“Hey! You know I am,” I snapped, defending myself even though he was right, before going back to feeling kinda guilty.

Sam noticed the look on my face and chuckled again. “Babe, it’s okay. It was my fault… You just managed to fall asleep on your laptop in the five minutes that I went to the kitchen.”

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Something about Todd/@Monotonefair


Another one of these posts ‘cause I’m pissed and if you’re gonna support this weirdo with a holier than thou complex you better know what he’s really like. More under the cut.

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what's the most frustrating thing about art?

For me honestly, I think it’s the fact it takes time. Takes time to get good at something, takes time to get out of a funk, takes time getting back into the groove, takes time to re-learn or practice something, takes time to complete something, takes time to think of an idea or concept or pose, takes time to make edits if need be, takes time to walk away from something and come back to it later, takes time for every aspect of it. 

It takes time to get to a point where you’re happy with your work, but can also actively see the areas you need/want to work at. I notice lots of stuff I wanna work on, but gathering the energy and patience to sit down and actually work at it gets daunting sometimes and it throws me into a bad mood so I end up just quitting and doing something else for a bit.It’s gotten to a point where simply remembering what I wanted to work on, and how to go about implementing it into my works saps energy out of me that i end up not drawing anything at all because i’m already exhausted LMAO. Even though i’m aware that it takes time, i’m still impatient some days and it’s like I wanna see the results of what my stuff would look like if i did the whole taking my time part RIGHT NOW!! GIVE ME THE IMMEDIATE GRATIFICATION!!!!!!

Which is why breaks are important to do. It’s alright to just drop art and do something else for a change. I usually don’t do anything on the weekends and work as much as I can in one sitting throughout the week so I can still take a day or evening off without feeling too bad!

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Omg the brainwashed request was a m a z i n g would it be okay if we got a continuation where they defeat the mind controlling enemy and later when their s/o is in the hospital they say they forgive the members, Headcanons on how the libra members would feel?

i love…. this…. request…..


  • he’s relieved that s/o’s okay, regardless of whether they forgive him or not
  • a lot of tension drains from his frame the moment s/o forgives him though
  • but he still feels so impossibly guilty because he’s the reason they’re here! in the hospital!
  • he works way harder and longer to try and make up for that incident
  • he also visits s/o very often with small little gifts and notes, but he doesn’t stay for long because it almost physically pains him to look at his s/o’s injuries


  • he was frantically pacing outside of his s/o’s room before he was finally allowed in
  • but even once he was allowed in, Steven is suddenly extremely hesitant and scared
  • he knows what his abilities can do - they’re painful, gruesome, and altogether a bad experience
  • s/o can practically sense his worry (even though he’s not in their room lmao) and yells ‘I’m not mad, silly, now get in here!’
  • he comes in, but he hovers uncertainly by the doorway because he’s still unsure and extremely nervous


  • nervously hovers near his s/o until they finally wake up
  • taking one look at them is enough to make him burst into tears
  • apologizes so much, betwixt his soul-shaking, desperate sobs
  • when s/o lightly touches his arm and tells him that they don’t blame him in the slightest, Leo freezes, red-eyed and overwhelmed
  • then he slowly reaches out and softly touches the corner of s/o’s eye, apologizing quietly one last time


  • he avoids visiting his s/o as long as possible he’s not sure if he can look in their eyes, knowing that he did that to them
  • sends Leo in his stead to check in on Zapp’s s/o, making sure that they’re okay and such because Zapp can’t, he can’t
  • the guilt and terror at seeing what he did makes him uncharacteristically quiet and thoughtful
  • when he finally musters up the courage to visit his s/o, he’s nervously shaking (like, so much nervous shaking that Zapp’s not sure how he’s still moving forward)
  • almost breaks down in tears when s/o forgives him because he feels like he doesn’t deserve it at ALL


  • he almost shyly comes into his s/o’s hospital room
  • Zed had to force himself to visit them because he knows that otherwise his nightmares would kill him
  • he’s relieved to see s/o awake and healthy (well, not healthy, but they’re certainly not dead)
  • when s/o informs him that they forgive him, Zed feels a heaviness that he hadn’t even been aware of suddenly be lifted from his shoulders
  • doesn’t say anything - he merely walks up to s/o and gives them a cautious hug


  • she’s significantly more caution and sluggish over the next couple weeks as s/o recovers
  • she clearly isn’t sleeping either because how can she? The image of her s/o, bruised and bloodied, haunts her
  • when she hears that her s/o is finally awake and healing, Chain finally visits her s/o 
  • s/o forgiving her finally makes Chain collapse - the tight string of stress had been cut by those words
  • caution rests her hands on s/o’s hand, wondering if they’re really… real. And okay


  • she’s moving too fast, too busy, too much
  • stops using her gun (even just looking at it makes her feel like she’s going to be violently sick)
  • almost has to be dragged away from yet another case to visit her s/o finally
  • when she sees her s/o awake, she finally takes the time to stop in the first two weeks
  • tears fill her eyes and she slowly sinks to the ground because she does not deserve her s/o’s forgiveness (shhh, K.K., you really do…)