even though it isnt me haha

Newt isn’t even dead

It was just another test

And then one day, a flat trans opens up and…

Reunion!! everyone’s happy the end

answering asks!

SOME GOOD QUESTIONS UNDER THE CUT!!! idk how many ppl read these but u def should if wanna kno more abt my goofy ocs >:^)

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anonymous asked:

this is a pretty odd and weird question, but how does it feel like, knowing you have a really famous account? i actually saw it from lauren jauregui's blog, since she reblogged a post of yours. and by the way, i love your account and everything about it, it's amazing 😊

I mean, having a ton of followers on here doesnt really do anything for me otherwise because tumblr isnt as active as before. And its not really about the amount of followers, since tumblr is such a free platform and everything. I dont know how to properly explain myself haha, but having 768k followers on here isnt even the same worth as having maybe even 100k on instagram. But i am grateful and i love to spend time on my blog and talking with you guys. Why doesnt lauren notice my selfies though LMAO just kidding ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

wow, this girl i’m friends with at school.. she’s so funny! pretending to say she’s a lesbian, and that we’re girlfriends?? haha! everyone knows that we’re not actually girlfriends, i’m not gay, she isn’t gay either! even though i don’t like guys and i have all these fantasies about her doesn’t mean that i like her that way haha! i looked up online and it says thinking about liking girls doesn’t mean i’m gay.. sexuality is fluid and i am straight. even if it’s a funny joke. to pretend to be girkfriends with this girl… we both know it isnt real… it’s impossible for me to be gay!

I find it so childish when I can’t look at one tweet from my favorite youtubers without seeing one “fist me” or “daddy” even though they have stated they don’t like it. It’s like “HAHA I’m gonna keep saying these sexual and disgusting things because it’s funny and maybe they will notice me!!!111”

150507 M Countdown! live show fanaccount (BTS, Uniq, Big Bang, Hotshot+many others)

150507 M Countdown! live show fanaccount

oh my so this is going to be a very messy and unorganized mental dump fanaccount. also its REALLY LONG so im sorry but theres stuff in here about BTS’s stage and encore, big bang’s fanservice as well as me briefly meeting timoteo from hotshot in the bathroom and wenhan from uniq and i greeting each other

ill post another one later of the process of lining up but this will just be the hour or so before the show and the show itself.

so hereee we go

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